Modern Housewife (anal,3some,wife)

Modern Housewife

When I first met her she had been divorced for several years and was different from any women I had ever met. She was a throwback to an earlier time. A very gentile southern woman with beauty, charm and warmth not common in women today. She was never vulgar always dressed appropriate and was a calm, kind and loving woman. I wondered when we first met if this was part of her act.

Women in America quickly learn that disclosing they had sex with any man can quickly spread even if the disclosure is made to their best friend. So, women learn not to tell. Unless you are having sex before you are married usually men do not have any idea of what his wife really wants in bed. Some couples go years before they learn what their partner really wants because they are embarrassed to discuss the matter.

When my wife learned that not only was I not jealous of her past but that I was actually turned on by her stories she slowly opened that secret part of her life to me just as she had open her legs for other men. Some stories she would share in detail but others she did not and no man will ever really know the total count.

Her earliest sexual experience happened when she about nine years old. She told me that she was a hard sleeper and waking up in the morning even in her later working life usually required two alarm clocks. But she woke up one night on her side to find her stepfather behind her with his dick running between her thighs. At nine-years old she was simply unaware of what he was doing but had an instinctive feeling it was wrong and a personal feeling of being scared. She couldn’t decide to jump out of bed or call for her mother but the decision was made for her when she felt him grab her by her small hips and shove his dick hard between her closed thighs. She heard him grunting with pleasure and felt his dick jumping followed by a wetness running down her leg.

When she was fifteen she started having sex with a boy who in a few months broke up with her when he joined the Navy. He was her first. She said that having sex was embarrassing to her and that throughout the act she would be blushing red. Her boyfriend, who was two years older than her was not very experienced and after sex she felt only pain and embarrassment.

When she was sixteen and still in high school her breasts had grown and she had filled out her hips and now with a rather tall young body was drawing attention from boys her age to men much older. She enjoyed the attention very much and would often accept dates for a movie or driving around date which both eventually led to parking in a lover’s lane for a make out session. In that same year she was date raped by the manager of a drive-in where she worked part time after school. He was an older married man who talked her into going for a ride with him to talk about his problems at home. She was still wearing her uniform from work that came down to mid thighs when standing and much higher when she sat.

She like many girls and women didn’t report the rape as she said any girl at that time reporting a date rate would not be believed. She said she was also very embarrassed because when she was raped it was the first time she had an orgasm. She was very confused about that. She admitted that she was not a virgin when she married her first husband at seventeen and felt that she was more sexually advanced than he as she said many times she was the one who had to initiate sex.

She told me her life with her second husband was one argument after another and that an argument could start over anything at all. Many small disagreements but two large and reoccurring problems was his jealousy of her and his tendency to not come home after work and staying out after mid night. She was indeed beautiful and coupled with her body I’m sure she received just as much attention then as now.

After three years of marriage she found out that he was having an affair by hearing two ladies talking in the restroom at the American Legion where her husband was on the board. Both women were describing his dick and laughing because it was shaped like a banana. This was the beginning of the end for their marriage.

She said one night he wanted to go to the American legion but she didn’t, so they argued. She gave in and changed from her work clothes into a skirt and top. In those days her breasts were like a teenager’s as they stood out without support an effect was often the fabric would rub against her nipples making them stand out. She knew she was a flirt but it made her feel good to be wanted by other men especially when her husband was such an ass. When she came back out of the bathroom ready to go he said he no longer wanted to go. This upset her more and she told him she was going with or without him, and she left him fuming on the couch. By the time she got to the club she had decided she was going to stay out as late as she could to punish him for the many nights he would come home well after midnight and not tell her where he had been. She wanted him to feel as bad as she had. He had a bad case of jealousy and she knew this would stoke his fire.

So sitting at the bar at the Legion she sipped at her mixed drink and listened to music from the juke box but it was not long before one of her husband’s friends Jimmy, decided to join her. When he asked where her husband was she told him what happened earlier and how angry she was with him. They talked and drinked until the club closed at midnight’ Jimmy asked her if she wanted to go to another place that was still open. Not ready to go home she agreed and they went to another bar. That bar closed at one o’clock and they started out of the bar to return to the American Legion to pick up her car.

When they were leaving the bar she said she was slightly intoxicated and when she swayed he was just behind her so he reached out to steady her but reached around and cupped her breast. She said he let his hand linger longer than necessary and even gave her nipple a small squeeze before he let it slowly slid down to her waist. His hand cupping her breasts and pinching her nipple sent a signal to her pussy and she could feel her vagina begin to swell with desire and feel the wetness seeping from her vagina.

That was not an accident she thought and after helping her in his car they went back to the Legion. She was still angry at her husband and not wanting to go home she delayed by staying in Jimmy’s car. She said as she sat beside Jimmy who had listened to her complain all night, he began to make his move on her by at first patting her on the thigh as he spoke softly to her. Her skirt was a mini so when he touched her it was on the bare skin on her upper thigh. The fact that she didn’t object embolden him to move closer to her and soon he was able to trap her left arm behind his shoulder. When she tried to push him back he caught her right hand and pulled it up until he could hold her right wrist with his right hand thus giving him a free left hand to start exploring her body.

Being intoxicated and already turned on with her inhibitions far gone she said she did not fight him aggressively and soon he had her blouse unbuttoned. He softly whistled when instead of a bra he saw only too round globes of flesh with pink nipples sitting on top. He started by gently rolling her nipples with his thumb and finger, slightly pulling them out only to see them spring back into position. She told me that all her life when a man pinched, pulled or sucked on her nipples it was like an electrical current that went straight to her pussy and as her pussy lips began to swell she would begin to lubricate and desire would cause her to lift her hips as if a dick was already fucking her.

She admitted that since no man other than her husband had touched her breasts in years she hesitated to tell him to stop. Many a night her husband would grab and twist her breasts but was always in a rush to fulfil his needs in that way he still made love like a boy instead of a man. Whether or not Jimmy knew how to make love to a woman or not he was taking it slow so as not to startle her. It was nice. Now her breasts, she said were on fire and her pussy was gushing and she felt more turned on then she had in years. Because she was not fighting back Jimmy became bolder, he turned loose of her breast with his hand and leaned in to take her nipple in his mouth and as he sucked he would put her nipple between his teeth and pulls out sending waves of pain and pleasure racing through her body. She said she through her head back against the seat as the pain and pleasure radiating from her nipple Jimmy reached down and ran his hand up under her skirt directly to her pussy. He held his fingers against her pussy and began to softly rub up and down on the outside of her panties. She knew he could feel the heat from her cunt and the wetness from her soaked panties and he knew that in a few minutes he was going to fuck the woman he had dreamed of fucking.

Bobbie was intoxicated, relaxed and highly aroused. She said that she could feel her cunt opening and closing when Jimmy pulled her panties aside and thrust a large calloused finger deep into her pussy. She grunted at the suddenness but he continued to thrust his finger deep into her as he sucked hard on her pink nipple. Urged on by the moans coming from the woman he most wanted to fuck and her pussy gushing he quickly added two more fingers and they slid in with little effort he could feel her pussy muscles clamp down on his fingers as her body shook from an orgasm. Her pussy was gushing and her wetness ran down his fingers and dripped onto the palm of his hand as he worked his finger in and out of her at a faster rate. Suddenly he withdrew his fingers and she felt the sudden emptiness inside her and whimpered from the loss. He rolled over on top of her and pulled the handle that reclined her seat until his large frame lay between her legs nearly covering her body he reaching down took his dick and filled her emptiness with his large, hard throbbing dick. Her short skirt was now pushed up to her waist and her breasts were exposed and her nipples enlarged and hard.

When he was fully inserted in her pussy she voluntary tightened the muscles of her cunt around his dick and she could hear him moan with pleasure. She was whimpering softly as he worked his cock back and forth in her and all the time she was tightening her pussy around his dick. It was not long before she needed to meet his thrusts so she began to raise her hips to meet each thrust trying to get as much dick in her as possible. She was burning now and was beginning to climb toward a much needed climax she could feel her face and chest getting hot and knew she was turning red. She could feel each inch of his dick and knew her orgasm was imminent. She raised her feet up and dug her heels into his naked butt wanting and needing more dick in her. Suddenly she became stiff; her stomach cramping into a knot, her legs shot up automatically spreading her pussy and she screamed “Oh My God” as the pleasure of her orgasm shot through her body. Midway through her orgasm she felt Jimmy’s dick grow larger and suddenly he was shooting load after load of cum into her gaping pussy. With each spurt she would utter “Oh My God, OH My God as she could feel his cum hitting the back of her vagina. His groan of pleasure was nearly as loud as hers. Finished, He lay on her his face resting on her chest as the both recovered their breath. She felt his dick slip out of her wet and sloppy cunt.

Suddenly her lust fulfilled and nearly sober she realized that Jimmy was the last man she would ever consider having sex with. She started crying tears running down her face madder at herself than at him. He tried to console her as she pulled her clothes back around her and when she was free of him she jumped out of the car. He followed her to her car begging her not to tell her husband all the while his fly was unzipped and his wrinkle dick swinging. She knew that Jimmy would be afraid to say anything to her husband but she also knew many of the people would be teasing her husband about seeing her with Jimmy at the bar and them leaving together.

Her thoughts driving away was what a wimp Jimmy is but also thought what a good fuck he had giving her. She drove until she found a place to pull over and park. There she took her panties off and threw them out the window. She used Kleenex to wipe and clean the mixed cum that continue to drain from her still swollen pussy. She took a handful and stuffed them up in her pussy. Her lip stick was worn off even though she never kissed Jimmy so she left it as it was.

She deliberately did not button her top correctly or fix her hair or makeup so when she got home she appeared drunk and disheveled and looked like she had been fucked. Her husband was pacing the floor when she got home, mad and cussing he accusing her of fucking another man. She went into the bathroom and looked at herself in a large mirror. Her hair was a mess, her clothes wrinkled and what make up she still had on was smeared and it pleased her that her husband knew for sure she had been fucked that night. No matter how many times he asked her after that night she never admitted to doing anything wrong yet his biggest interest was who she fucked. Jimmy never told and her husband never found out, although based on the way other men teased him about her being out with Jimmy, he just couldn’t believe that she would ever fuck Jimmy.

All that happened years ago.

Her physical beauty is still breathtaking at the age of forty-four. She has always looked ten to twenty years younger because in addition to looking younger naturally she exercised relentlessly to keep her body looking like a twenty-year-old. She is tall for a woman at 5’7 with breasts that are high, round, and soft to the touch. She is a C-cup but looks larger because of her long slender waist. Her hips are wide perhaps wider than she likes but not out of proportion. She is slender and is a natural blonde who wears her hair short. Her eyes are blue and she has very light skin. She like many beautiful women is a natural tease, very subtle and never obvious. When this incident occurred I had long noticed that all the men in the neighborhood wanted to be near her. She loved to garden and did it all including mowing, planting and caring for her many plants. Whenever she was out in the yard or garden any of the men in the neighborhood would come out or stop by and talk with her. When we met she was a hugger, all her family did it so once she knew the men in the neighborhood she would give them a hello and goodbye hug. I knew she delighted in getting a man hot. I would tease her about her men and how much they wanted to fuck her but she would only laugh it off but I could tell she was enjoying the attention. I was not jealous of the way men looked at her as I would never want a wife other men didn’t want and I did trust her.

Our next door neighbors owned and operated a restaurant and both husband and wife became our good friends but the husband liked Bobbie so much that it became embarrassing when he fussed over her when his wife was present. Rob, another good friend lived just down our street. He was about thirty-two and divorced. He was caught having an affair with Effie a black woman who also lived nearby. Effie’s husband was nearing fifty and was suddenly fired from a long term job in the middle of the day. His day only became worse when he walked in his house to see his nude wife bent over the arm of their sofa, trying to muffle her screams in a pillow as a big wide white man was driving his large dick in her little black pussy. His timing was also bad because when he walked in on Rob and Effie, Rob was just reaching an orgasm and even with her husband watching he could not stop but continued fucking Effie hard. Effie was screaming loud, muffled by the pillow she had her face in. The husband stood frozen in shock watching as Rob humped his wife’s ass shooting load after load of cum into his screaming wife.

The news rocked the neighborhood for several weeks and both Rob and Effie were divorced over the incident. Effie was in her mid-thirties and had two children just entering their teens. She was attractive and small and proportioned with a small round butt that always drew my attention. Whenever I saw her I would picture her body disappearing under Robs large frame with him grabbing her round butt with both hands and slamming his big dick into her cunt. Rob was a large man tall and wide but not overweight. He worked as a housing contractor and was one of the few blue collar families in the development. We would often meet him at the country club for dinner and drinks as we did many of our friends and he has been at our house several times.

Rob called me on Thursday and asked if Bobbie and I would meet him at the club house on Saturday night. There was a dance that night and he had asked a young divorcee to go with him. He told me that she was reluctant but finely agreed to meet him there. He wanted us to go for moral support so we agreed and did meet him at the club. He was a bit nervous which was not his style as he always seemed so self-assured. He explained the woman was twenty-three and had been divorced for six months. When she joined our table it was evident that she was uncomfortable. Personally I thought it was just too soon for her to be dating as often it looked like she was withholding tears. We stumbled through conservation and a couple of dances and she soon decided to go home. Rob was not crushed by her going and agreed with us that she was not ready to date. We had wine and we both danced with Bobbie a couple of times and then decided to go back to our place

So we arrived at home and Rob and I had another beer and Bobbie had her third white wine. A third glass of wine was unusual for her but great for me as it usually meant that I would be having great sex later. She is one of those rare women who was far from being adventuress in bed but from her daily behavior you would not guess that. when she has alcohol she became more like the lady in bed. I have always though that when drinking alcohol men and women don’t lose their inhibitions as much as they revert back to their natural instincts. So with the music low and the talk entertaining Bobbie decided to push our two sofas further apart and move the coffee table to make room for a dance floor. So I danced with Bobbie and she gazed into my eyes with her soft dreamy look, her blue eyes were bright and wet, a sign that she was hot and ready at that moment. A look that is so intimate. so hot, so inviting that it causes a tingling in my groin and tells me that she was ready to fuck now. I thought something special is about to happen.

She noticed my hardness pressing against her stomach and pushed back against my dick and whispered I love you in my ear. I pulled her closer and gently kissed her on the lips. Bobbie loved to dance even more than most women it was as if she could feel the music inside her. Dancing was also an aphrodisiac to her. When dancing she could get a man hard in no time flat. A lady friend of hers told me that there was one man at a club they would often go dancing who actually had an orgasm while dancing with her. When she pointed this out to Bobbie she said he just spilled something on his leg. But the same woman told me that when Bobbie was high on alcohol and dancing that she danced with her once and felt a rush of sexual heat that caused her to start lubricating. She said. Here I was a woman over thirty who is being turned on my best friend.

Tonight she was wearing a long skirt that came almost to her feet and black 4 inch heels. Her blouse was one designed to hang free just long enough to cover the top of her skirt. It looked great on her because after crossing her braless breasts it hung free and showed just how large her breasts are and extenuated the sway of her breasts when she walked.

We sat and talked and sipped our drinks and when Rob asked her to dance she offered her hand. Bobbie had kicked off her high heels when we came home so she seemed much smaller next to Rob. While they danced I took the opportunity to relieve myself in the powder room. When I came back they were still dancing and they made a good team seeming to glide over the floor as if they had danced together forever. When the dance ended Bobbie sat next to me on one sofa and Rob on the other.

After finishing her third wine Bobbie suddenly announced that she needed to get out of her long skirt so she left for the bedroom. Rob took the opportunity to relieve himself in the powder room and I got myself and Rob another Beer. Not accustomed to drinking so much I could tell the alcohol was having an effect on me but it was not unpleasant and the promise that lay ahead was exciting.

Rob and I sat waiting on Bobbie and we were both surprised to see her come out in a long white silk robe. Underneath the robe I knew she was wearing a matching white nightgown that came just above her knees. I could see a slight blush on her cheeks as she came back in the room and I detected a noticeable unsteadiness in her walk. Rob practically jumped up to ask her to dance and Bobbie taking his hand joined him on the floor. I could see her breasts bouncing and swaying and quickly realized that underneath her gown she was nude. It was her habit to come to bed without underwear when we were going to have sex but she had never come out in front of other people dressed so sexy as she did this night and I suddenly realized just how hot she was to be fucked. Bobbie is a woman that never carries teasing this far. So I sat there my dick growing harder but I also felt a shiver of dread as I watched her breasts being crushed against his chest.

I have read many stories in the archives about men who share their wives and I have found them to be more stimulating than any other stories and I need to admit that when Bobbie was giving me a blowjob I would often fantasize that she was fucking another man and pictured her having an orgasm just as I unloaded between her hot lips. I also wondered if she also had a fantasy and what it was especially when we had sex with her on her back with me by her side. She would lift one leg and I would slide one leg between her legs and moved so that my dick was touching her pussy before I hunched forward and entered into her cunt. It offered me a chance to watch my dick disappear into her blonde hair covered cunt and to watch her facial expressions. I could also watch her reach down and start rubbing her clitoris as I fucked her steady and gentle until she orgasmed. I often wondered who she was fucking behind her closed eyes.

I noticed Rob had a bulge in his slacks that must have been rubbing Bobbie on her stomach. I wondered if that dick could reach that high inside her. Thinking these thought just increased my excitement. I had been aroused for some time now.
When she came back from the dance she was flushed and when she leaned down and kissed me her lips were burning hot and this was another sign that she was very aroused. After sitting beside, me for a couple of minutes finishing her wine she stood up and said I need another drink. She went over to the bar and poured herself another glass of wine and took a long drink. Facing us with her back to the bar she opened her gown and let it slide to the floor.” I’m burning up” she said.

She stood there her back to the bar sipping her wine and allowed us to appreciate her body. The light behind her made her nightgown almost transparent. Her eyes were wide and dark blue; her gown was held up by two small straps that showed a lot of cleavage and even exposed the top roundness of her each breast. The outline of her breasts could be seen through the nightgown and her nipples large and pointed pushed out against her nightgown as if our eyes had had drawn them out. Her waist was slender and went down to show just a tiny bubble of belly and lower her pelvic bone caused the gown to push out just above her pussy. The gown was above her knees and she widened her stance slightly so we could see her slender well-formed thighs clearly outlined through the material as they ended at her crotch. Rob and I stared at her our eyes ranging up and down her body. She would later say the way we looked at her made her fell as if hands were caressing her all over. She slowly finished her wine. She was blushing as she came back toward me embarrassed by her willingness to display her body and her bold intention to be seductive. When she sat down by my side her short nightgown rose to mid-thigh. Rob sat motionless his eyes open wide as he stared at the small opening between her knees seeing her white inner thigh and perhaps a trace of blonde hair covering her pussy.

I knew that she was deliberately seducing both of us and my dick was as hard as a rock. I knew that she had showed us what she wanted but was waiting for my approval. So I gave her my approval by turning to her and began to kiss her lovingly. She sighed deeply when I slipped one strip of cloth holding her gown off her shoulder allowing her white breast to be exposed. I kissed her lips as I gently caressed her breast and when I started to pinch and pull on her nipple she moaned loudly and passionately returning my kiss. Rob beside himself with lust came over and dropping to his knees in front of her he pushing her legs apart and stuck his face into her crouch. Bobbie showed no sign of resistance just twisted a little and opened her legs wider giving Rob easy access to her pussy. I could tell when his tongue touched her pussy she shuttered, kissed me harder and gripped me so that her nails were digging into my arms. She began to moan a deep guttural sound. The sound of her moaning and Rob sucking and licking her pussy filled the room. Bobbie was reacting to the tongue probing inside the lips of her pussy by grabbing both my shoulders and pushing her cunt into Rob’s face. Bobbie was already in orgasm, her mouth went slack under my lips and her body was jerking. This went on until her arms began trembling when she quietly said.

“let’s go to the bedroom.”

Rob and I helped her to her feet and as she walked unsteady toward the bedroom she stripped off her short gown dropping it to the floor and walked nude to the bed placing herself directly in the middle. Rob was behind her and he moved to the foot of the bed and for a moment we both eyed this beautiful mature woman with large breasts lying on the bed breathing heavily eagerly waiting to be taken. I can still see her image today. Her face was flushed, her short blonde hair slightly messed up her eyes bright and staring at Rob as he began to disrobe. Her breasts were slightly rounder as they lay against her chest. The nipples were hard and pointed. Her auroras pink and crinkled. I could see her ribs below her breasts leading down to her waist and flat stomach. Below her stomach there was a slight rise to the place where her blonde hair began and to the top of her mound where her pelvic bone rose above her pussy. Her hipbones were prominent creating a saddle between her thighs a man could move into. Her legs long and slender were tightly closed as if trying to hide the magnificent opening to her cunt.

Rob moved and taking hold off both her ankles he pulled her down to the edge of the bed. He pushed her legs up and to the side so her pussy was exposed completely. There was wetness around the lips of her pussy where Rob had been licking and I could see beads of moisture clinging to the blonde hair surrounding the lips of her cunt. Inside her lips the folds were pink, damp and open like a flower. The inside folds of her pussy were fully exposed to Rob and he moaned with desire as he sank his face directly into her pussy. She reacted with a loud grown as his tongue slid into her cunt. He was licking her pussy from top to bottom sometimes pausing to stab his tongue inside her. When he took her clitoris in his lips and began to suck hard the room was filled with moans, grunts, and the wet slurping sound coming from his mouth and her pussy. She was arching her back her eyes were closed, her face distorted with desire and pleasure and her mouth was open as she worked her hips into his face. I was the odd man out and I knew that neither Rob or Bobbie were aware of me. So I sat in the bedroom chair near the foot of the bed and watched.

I had never seen two people have sex before and I was excited as I had ever been but added to the scene of another man eating my wife’s pussy were the sounds coming from her mouth, sounds that I was so accustomed to hearing when we made love was doing things to my entire body. When we had sex Bobbie would moan and grunt with every stroke of my dick or lick of my tongue. When making love she reacted not like the gentle southern woman I married but like a woman consumed with lust and unaware of anything but her own desire.

When she reached down and pulled on Rob’s shoulder he quickly responded. He was almost out of his clothes by this time but he stood up at the foot of the bed while he finished removing his remaining clothes. I had already removed mine and was in my briefs. Bobbie was looking at Robs watching as he pulled down his briefs. Upon seeing how his dick hung halfway to his knees her eyes became larger. I had heard that Rob was a big man with a big cock and it was true. I am a decent six inches long but big around. I don’t know how long his dick was but he was longer and bigger than mine.

As he finished undressing I took a long look at Bobbies pussy. Because she still had her legs spread wide just as he had left her I saw her pussy as never before. Her high pelvic bone might make you think she had a large pussy and it was on the outside but because she had never had a child her vagina was considerably tighter than other women I had been with. Her pussy was covered with light blonde hair that she kept neatly trimmed. I could see the lips of her pussy were red and slightly swollen, her pussy hair was wet and I could see a trickle of moisture running down to her ass. My balls were aching and my dick was hard and pushing against my briefs.

Rob came around beside the bed as Bobbie pushed herself up higher in the bed. Her eyes were large and wide and she did not take them away from his formidable dick. He moved between her legs and leaning forward took her pink nipple in his mouth. He sucked and licked one nipple while he pinched and pulled her other nipple as Bobbie moaned with pleasure and pain. He would pinch her nipple hard and pull it out and then let it pop back in place. Bobbie never indicated any pain but began to raise her hips in a fucking motion her legs already drawn up ready for entry. He then placed his lips on hers and I can only imagine what he felt as I knew they would be on fire. After a minute or so he reached down and took his dick with one hand and started searching for her entrance. I almost came when I saw Bobbie’s hand reach down and take his dick and guide it to her entrance. I watched closely as he pushed into her slowly his dick was big and too wide for her opening and I could see her pubic hair being pushed into her cunt as ever so slowly his dick slid just inside her pussy and stopped. Bobbie’s face was distorted with pain as his dick penetrated just inside her pussy. As Ron slowly pushed more meat into her I could see her expression change to pleasure and her head roll back and her chin stick up in the air. It appeared to me that when he entered she was holding her breath and when he began to slide into her I could hear her suck air through her teeth. He continued to slide into her and I was surprised at how easy she took his oversized organ. That reminded me that my wife had fucked many men in her life and you the reader should consider how many dicks have been in your wife. His dick was large and round and to me it looked like he was pushing a roll of salami into her. Even the head of his dick was large it seemed to be the same girth from head to groin. After gaining entrance in one slow push he buried his dick deep inside my wife until their pelvis’s met and his balls slapped against her ass. Bobbie’s head was thrown back and she was making sounds that I had never heard as they were somewhere between a groan of pleasure and a whimper of pain and that combined with a loud gasp of pain when he was fully inserted overcame me as I had to jerk my briefs down quickly as I shot a load of cum far out into the room.

I had moved over so I could see her face and it appeared she was holding her breath as his dick slid into her. There was no doubt that he was stretching the limits of her cunt. He pulled his dick out until just the head was still inserted. Her pussy seemed to be holding on to his dick when he pulled back as I could see part of her insides come out as if not wanting to let go. He moved to stab into her again and I heard the rush of air coming from her and the loud grunt of pain when he filled her cunt again.

Included with her now moans and grunts whenever he was moving back and forth each time he dick was fully inserted she would say “OH MY GOD” words that I had never heard from her. He was deeper inside her than anyone else had ever been. And so they began a dance of lust as he plunged into her she would respond loudly. After a few minutes of bracing himself over her where he could see her face and what his dick was doing to her as he continued to fuck into her hard he then took hold of each of her hands and spreading them out toward each side of the bed placing his full weight on top of her body. His large body and large buttocks practically covered her so I could only see her legs drawn up on each side of his ass.

Since he was blocking most of my view I moved to the side of the bed where I could see her face and part of his dick that he was pumping into her. He was only fucking her with his hips now and he was fucking her as fast as he could he was withdrawing half his dick before pushing his hips back down against her pelvic. Back and forth he went, keeping his dick imbedded well into her cunt. Rob was telling her how beautiful she was and that she had a tight pussy.

“Good pussy” he would keep repeating. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a long time. Every time I saw you I would think about stretching that little tight pussy”

Bobbie was not a talker during sex but his words acted to spur her on as she raises her hips to meet his thrusts. He shifted his weight slightly until he was completely between her legs and when he did she wrapped her legs around his back and crossed her ankles. This gave her more power to attack his dick. Bobbie was now building to a climax as her moans become a constant sound. She was now mumbling incoherently between grunts and moans. They had been fucking hard for fifteen or twenty minutes.

The sounds she was making begin to get higher as she began to become irregular and uncoordinated in her movements and like any experienced lover Rob practically kept his dick buried deep in her cunt as she fucked his dick. He was experienced with women and knew that women often needed to establish a rhythm of their own in order to reach orgasm so she pumped against his dick until she was overwhelmed by her orgasm. Bobbie was jerking as she began to orgasm her body always graceful was now out of control as her orgasm took over and she began a chant of “oh my God, oh my God her legs came off his back and she used them to push against him and then the words she always used when her orgasm was in full spasms she chanted “OOOH shit OOOH Shit. She was trembling and jerking as each orgasmic wave tore through her body.

As her orgasm peaked Rob who had slowed down while she was in full orgasm now took one cheek of her ass in each hand and began slamming hard into her even as she was still in orgasm. While Bobbie hung on to him with her arms and legs I looked closely at her face. There were beads of sweat on her forehead and her blue eyes were half open and glazed. Her mouth was open, her face was flushed red and to me she looked radiant, soft and sated. Suddenly Rob’s butt muscles tensed as he pushed his cock as far as possible into my wife’s cunt she lifted her butt off the bed to meet and accept the coming load as he began to empty a young man’s heavy load of sperm into her. I looked again at her face and she had her head thrown back her chin up her jaws were locked and she was visibly shaking with each spurt of cum that spewing from his dick and splashing against her womb. She was I knew in orgasmic bliss.

He laid on top of her savoring the feelings and small aftershocks that hit them both. Each moving as spasms shook their bodies like lovers they lay together wrapped in each other’s arms. Occasional Rob would slightly lift his butt only to press back inside her. I was cleaning myself and pulled on some sleeping shorts.

I knew that once Bobbie had an orgasm she no longer wanted to fuck. We could stay locked together and cuddle and kiss but she was no longer interested in fucking after her orgasm. whenever I moved off her she would gather her clothes and disappear into the bathroom. Rob slowly pulled out of her allowing cum to start running from her cunt. I was astonished that his dick was still hard and big as ever. He rolled off the bed and came back to the foot of the bed and before Bobbie could recover and move he grabbed her feet and pulled her down to the foot of the bed and flipped her over. She was now on the bed but bent forward over the foot of the bed. She suddenly realized what he was going to do and struggled to get away but could not. Laying that way, I could see her pussy it was large and red the lips seemed to be swollen to twice their size and cum was leaking out her she cried out.

“No Don’t Rob, don’t!’

Rob shoved his dick back into her pussy pushing more cum out of her causing it to run down her leg. Like Ellie bent over the sofa Bobbie was impaled on Robs long dick.
I suddenly understood that when Rob went to the bathroom he had already figured out what was happening and had taken a Viagra. With her pussy facing us I saw him begin to feed his salami shaped cock into her pussy again. Bobbie groaned not in pleasure but knowing that he would not stop.

As he pushed more cock into her, cum was being forced out around his dick and dripping off her matted blonde hair. Rob was almost snorting wanting more of her tight pussy. Bobbie, who had at first wanted to get away stopped fighting and relaxed and when she relaxed Rob plunged the full length of his cock back into her stretched pussy. At this point the sounds coming from their mating were not only their grunting and moaning but squishing sounds as he pushed his dick back and forth through her sloppy wet pussy. They were both talking incoherently.

Rob was not trying to make love to her this time, now he was just trying to have another orgasm. He was giving her a hard fuck no longer interested in her pleasure. He would bend his knees and drive his dick further into her body. The sound of his hips slapping her butt was hypnotic. He had been holding her by the hips for a long time but as they both heated up and the grunts, moans and sounds grew louder he switched his hands from her hips to her shoulders so as to give him more power to drive into her. I could see her face and it looked as if she was transformed from this gentle lover I knew into a woman being used only for a man’s pleasure and I believe the fact that she was being taken by force rekindled a burning desire in her. Her face was sweating and flushed her mouth was partially open as if she was being forced to breathe through her mouth. Her body shook with the violence of his attack. When he grabbed her shoulders he used his large leg muscles to drive his dick far into Bobbie. When his dick reached the end of her vagina her head snapped back and she screamed.

“too long!” ‘too long!” “it hurts!”

I knew he was hitting her cervix as he continued to drive his dick into her wet and swollen cunt. Hitting her cervix with each stab it was if he was trying to break through to her womb. Rob was far beyond feeling sympathy for Bobbie as he continued his assault and punish her large red and swollen pussy. Bobbie reacted loudly each time he bottomed out.

There came a point when her passion soared as never before. Feeling his dick ripping into her swollen pussy the head pushing against her womb awakened a side of her she had never known. Tears were coming from her eyes, her head was turning from one side to the other and she was crying out loudly each time he drove his oversized cock into her red and stretched pussy but she was not trying to stop him. Rob was sweating profusely as he continues to sink the full length of his dick into her time after time.

Suddenly Bobbie speaking clearly said “Fuck me, hurt me, tear my pussy up like you did Effie’s!”

She chanted to him now raising her hips up to meet each long thrust.

They continued to fuck. Bobbie was still grunting and crying out loudly with each thrust of his dick. Her cries for more seemed to cause Rob to punish her pussy harder. Her pussy was being hammered and foam and cum was dripping out of her with each thrust. Bobbie became quiet she now seemed limb and malleable willing to do anything to keep that giant dick pounding on her womb. She was just a fuck doll crying, pleading and screaming with pleasure and pain as he continued to punish her cervix.

Suddenly Bobbie reached the beginning of her climax as she was making sounds like an animal, her face was contorted, her eyes open but glazed, her arms straight out in front of her as he kept ramming his dick deep into her body. Her legs began jerking her eyes were closed and she was trembling as each thrust of his dick hit the bottom of her vagina. Her orgasm was long and hard and as she peaked she yelled out “OOOOOH Shit” Oh God” “Oh Shit’ as she clawed at the sheets with both hands. She continued to orgasm as long as he continues to ram his staff up her cunt. Her body jerked and spammed as she tried to claw herself away from his dick. In minutes she could feel his orgasm coming on as she could feel the entire length of his dick expand inside her she raised her hips high and pushed back toward him to meet the onslaught as Rob again buried his dick far into her cunt. I could see his large hip muscles flex each time he pumped a load of cum into her receptive body. Each time she felt his cum hit her womb she would lift her head back and cry out “Oh My God.” I watched her muscles contract and her body shutter as he pumped each load into her. Rob was practically laying on her back by the time he had emptied his balls. They lay there half on half off the bed until Rob’s dick slid out of her cunt like a snake sliding over the ground and behind it a flood of cum gushed out like a dam breaking running down over her ass and falling to the floor in a steam.

He pulled himself off her and Bobbie slowly moved around and off the bed. She was a nasty sight. The little makeup that was left was smeared, her short hair was in tangles and wet with sweat. Her legs were weak and trembling and slightly spread for balance. She was soaked with sweat and cum from her stomach to her thighs. The hair around her pussy was matted with cum. Her faced was red and sweaty as if she had worked out in her garden. She looked like she had been the center piece in a gang bang. Her eyes were bright and angry. She took a stumbling step and slapped Rob’s the face so hard his head turned to the side. She gathered up her gown from the floor and went into the bathroom.

“What was that” he asked me?

“You forced her the second time” I told him. She always wants to be in control. You have pissed her off I think you need to get your clothes and leave before she comes back. I led him out the front door and he kept mumbling tell her I’m sorry’. Tell her I’m sorry.

Bobbie it appears had planned all of this at some point because the bed had been stripped down to just a fitted sheet. I changed the dirty sheet, made up the bed and sat on the bed until Bobbie came out of the bathroom. She had taken a shower and looked scrubbed and clean. She was wearing a light blue nightgown. She walked over to me and dropping to her knees she looked me in the eye and said “Thank You” as she pulled my briefs off in one movement. My dick was still hard and my balls were aching, Bobbie still looking me in the eye lowered her hot soft lips to my dick and slowly took most of my dick in her mouth. She would tighten her lips then raise her head slowly letting only her lips touch my dick and used her tongue to circle around the head. She held my balls in the palm of her hand to help force my dick down her throat. A move she seldom made. In less than a minute I began to shoot spurt after spurt of hot cum into her mouth. I came so hard it hurt and I fell back on the bed. She took it all and only stopped when she knew that I was completely finished. It was not a blowjob of passion but a tender loving blowjob that only a loving wife can deliver.

My wife gives me a loving kiss and we go to bed. Both of us were still riding a high from the alcohol and sex so we cuddled and talked. I reassured her I was not upset or jealous and she replied:

“I would never have an affair with anyone” she said, but tonight I felt that you would be willing to share. I have noticed how excited you get when I tell you stories about other men I have been with and how hard your dick gets.”

Eventually I asked her when did she decide to include Rob. She answered,

“He got me hot at the club tonight but I didn’t decide until after we came home and I first danced with you and then with Rob. Both of you had a hard-on’s that was rubbing against my stomach and I could feel the swelling in my vagina as it lengthened and started lubricating getting ready for sex. My pussy was tingling and I realized my panties were soaked and I could feel my juices soaking my entire bottom. I was also very curious about the size of Rob dick after talking with Effie. As you know, I have been sexually active since I was fifteen but with-out exception all the men seemed about the same size. Some were fatter others longer but really only a little difference.

After their affair was over Effie would share everything with me and I would encourage her. She told me that her and Rob had first met when he came over to fix a garbage disposal in her kitchen. She told me the way he looked at me had made me clumsy and I felt like a school girl almost tipsy from his compliments and after he left I had to change my panties.

After that day, she said I would have him come over in the afternoon to check something or other and he always complimented me on how I looked so often I dressing just for him and dressed to entice him. I was never a good tease and didn’t know what to do to get him to make a pass so I would wear tops that I would never wear out in public and bend over so he could see everything I had below the top. One day I wore a type of tee shirt that cut low in front and under the arms. I was so horny that my nipples were pushing out against the shirt. That day he came up behind me and reached around and took a breast in each hand and was pinching my nipples and whispered in my ear

“Effie I’m going to fuck you.”

I was so weak that my knees almost buckled as he half led half dragged me into our bedroom. He lay me on the bed and lifted my shirt exposing my big breasts and kissed me hard on the mouth. At the same time, he was practically mauling my breasts I could feel my nipples growing and my pussy tingling. He stopped and looked at me and asked me.

” Effie what do you want me to do to you”?

I must have looked confused so he asked again.

” Effie what do you want me to do to you?”

As he asked his hands were unbuttoning my shorts.

“Fuck me Rob, Oh God, please fuck me”

Now he was nipping and biting my nipples and I was half out of my mind with desire.

“Fuck me Rob, I want you to fuck me now.” I pleaded with him. He pulled my shorts and panties down at the same time as I slipped out of my shirt.

When he dropped his boxer short to the floor I saw the biggest longest and thickest dick I have ever seen. He crawled up on the bed between my legs and his dick was so hard it went directly to the opening of my pussy. He took one hand and quickly inserted it inside my wet cunt. He began to push slowly and I could see that large white dick slide into my black pussy. It continued to slide in and I could feel it pressing against the inside of my vagina as he continues to plow into the depths 0f my cunt.

He had such a big dick that he stretched me out so much my husband later complained that something was different down there. A woman vagina is very elastic and will not stretch she said, unless it is to accommodate a large man who is a regular lover. She said no man had ever filled her up like Rob and no man had ever made her have so many orgasms. She said after having sex in the bed he would pick her up and carried her back into the living room and lay her face down over the arm of the sofa. She said that he would push his large dick about half way into her and then drive his dick hard and fast inside her until his dick plowed into her cervix. It hurt her so much she said I fainted, but Rob kept pile driving his dick into me until the pleasure was so immense I was crying and begging him to fuck me harder.

She said after that she would do anything he wanted her to do. Anything at all, but his size was too big for anal and while she could suck the end of his dick she could not get much in her mouth. We had been having sex for about a year before we were caught she said and her pussy must have stretched out both in length and depth as it grew easier to handle his size but she said he stretched her pussy so much that she was no longer interested in having sex with her husband. She said my husband who once seemed to adore me has in the last few years simply ignored me.

After Effie told me about having sex with Rob I often found myself looking for his dick.
When I danced with him tonight at the club I could feel the bulge of his dick rubbing against me and I remembered what Effie had told me. Thinking about his big dick I started getting hot, I could feel my vagina swelling and feel moisture soaking my panties. My knees became weak so I began to lean on him for support and he drew my body into him until my breasts were being crushed. I also knew he was effected as I could feel his dick growing bigger as we danced. Even before tonight I knew he was interested in me as I would often catch him looking at my breasts and at my pubic bone when I wore levis

I kept thinking what Effie said about his dick. When we danced at home each time we turned away from you he would slid his hand down to my butt and press me in on his dick. I almost had an orgasm just dancing with him. When you went to the bathroom he kissed me grabbed my butt with both hands and began to grind his dick against my pubic bone. He kissed me deep and hard his tongue practically licking my lips. He could have fucked me at that point as by then I really needed sex and wanted to speed thing up. I went to change and while in there I cleaned myself and stripped the bed and decided to put on my gown. I was embarrassed when I first came out but I saw the look on both of your faces and knew everything was okay. It was hard for me to take off my outer gown in front of both of you but I wanted you to know what I was doing. I know I blushed and I have always hated myself for blushing.

The reason I slapped Rob afterwards was because after the experience I wanted him to know it was over I was finished and wanted him to understand this was a onetime thing. But I must tell you that I loved every minute of it and when he turned me over and forced his dick in me I flashed back to being raped and that excited me even more.

The night I was raped I was in a car with an older man we had started like teenagers do, after all I was sixteen. I allowed him to take me into the back seat. We did A lot of kissing and foreplay consisted of him rubbing and sucking on my small breasts and me trying to keep his hand away from my pussy. With other boys I could control the situation simply by saying no when it was getting to serious. But unlike other boys I believe he had already decided he was going to take my pussy and when I realized he was not going to stop I got scared. My breasts were exposed and he was pinching and sucking my nipples until the nipples were extended out from my breasts red hot and hard. The short skirt was already at my waist and when I told him to stop he only laughed. I started to cry and scream out but he just flipped me over with my face in the corner of the back seat with my butt in the air. He got behind me and pulled my panties aside and pushed his hard dick into my opening. The foreplay had made my pussy slick so he just slides it in me. I caught my breath when he went past where I had been stretched by my boyfriend and yelled for him to stop again. He paid me no attention just twisted my ass over a little and drove his dick fully into the depths of my cunt and for the first time a man’s dick hit my cervix.

The sweet pain that swept through my body was so delicious that I stopped screaming and started shuttering from that magnificent feeling radiating from my belly. I remember thinking so this is what real sex feels like. He continued pushing against my womb and suddenly I didn’t want him to quit I was now being swept up in my first real fuck. He lasted much longer that my boyfriend and I was nearing the point of orgasm arching my back and moaning even pushing back. I could feel my orgasm gathering in my belly even though I really didn’t know what it was. He knew that I would not fight him anymore because I was ready to cum so he made me humiliate myself by stopping and holding his dick just inside the lips of my pussy. I cried out

“No, No, don’t stop now!

“What do you want me to do too you little girl” he asked wanting me to beg for it. So I begged!

“Please, please fuck me”. I said to him crying again. He drove hard into me trying to punish me driving my head into the seat but I didn’t care because I was going out of my mind screaming, crying and begging for more. I had no shame as my body was rocked by my orgasm.

But back to tonight Effie was right I felt like Robs dick was tearing me apart but I was loving it. I had two major earth shaking orgasms but I also seemed to be in orgasm all night. It seemed to me that I started cumin when we first danced at home and never stopped. Actually the best part of tonight for me was when we were on the sofa and you were kissing me and pinching my nipples and Rob came over and pushed my legs apart and started sucking on my clitoris. I started coming the minute his tongue touched my clitoris I never felt more loved or more desired in my life and I wish I could have fucked you both there on the couch. I never dreamed what two men could do to a woman.

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