Mom Soothed His Caned Bum - sex story

Mom Soothed His Caned Bum

Christian’s arse was stinging. He’d never done anything like that before. It was just that when he saw the ad on the internet, there was something about it that he couldn’t resist. His cock got well hard when he read the ad.


He’d never been caned before but he’d read so many stories about how it was supposed to make you feel horny and stuff and he just had to try it out. The pain was unbelievable but he stuck with it. His heart was racing but all the time that sadistic ex-headmistress was beating his arse with the cane, all the time she was caning him, he was playing with his stiff cock. When he heard stories about people who got turned on by having their bum spanked and caned he always thought they were a bit weird and he could never get his head round it, why they would get turned on. But now that he was being caned, it was turning him on big time.

She had him bending over, touching his toes, his legs kept nice and straight. His shorts were around his ankles and she caned him on his bare bum. He felt the cane come crashing down on to his bare cheeks. It made him feel horny as fuck and his cock was solid. He wanked himself off as his arse got hotter and hotter. The swishing of the cane through the air got louder as she brought it down harder and harder with each stroke. He was on his toes taking it. His arse felt like it was on fire.

The next day he told his mom all about it. He really got on with his mom. She was more like a mate than a mom. Dad was far too embarrassed to talk to his son about sex. Christian could talk to his mom about absolutely anything, including sex. Neither of them got embarrassed about it. Dad just left them to it whenever he heard them talking about sex. He went out of the room or down the pub for a pint. There was nothing Christian couldn’t talk to mom about.

And now he was telling her about his latest sexual experience. She knew he did kinky stuff. They were both very open-minded about sex. She mentioned it once to his dad, about their son’s fondness for kinky sex but dad didn’t want to hear about it and covered his ears. Christian had told mom that he’d dabbled in a bit of cross-dressing with this girl he was going out with at the time. Mom was cool about it. She casually mentioned it to his dad but he started humming a tune real loud; he just didn’t want to hear about these things. So now she didn’t even bother talking to him about what his son got up to.

“Honestly, mom,” said Christian. “You wouldn’t believe how much it hurt.”

“What? And you just let her carry on beating you?”

“Well yeah, coz at the time I was proper enjoying it.”

“Well, as you know, Christian, I’m pretty open-minded but this seems a bit weird if you ask me. I mean, come on. An ex headmistress for goodness sake. You worry me sometimes, Christian.”

“I worry myself, mom.”

“I can’t get my head round all that M&S stuff.”


“That as well.”

“I was the same as you at first, mom, but once you try it…swear down, it’s awesome.”

“I bet your bum’s well red.”

“It is. Do you want me to show you?”

“Go on then. Let’s have a look. Drop your pants.”

Christian dropped his pants.”

“Oh, Christian!”

“Swear down, mom. Stings like mad. I’m sure she’s scarred me for life."

“Christian, that’s really bad.”

“Feels like I’ve been stung by the biggest starfish in the world.”

“How big’s that then?”


“The biggest starfish in the world?”

“What? I don’t know.”

“Seriously, son. You want to see the marks on this bum.”

“I don’t have to; I can feel the pain.”

“I’ll have to tell your dad about this.”

“No, don’t tell my dad. He’ll think I’m weird.”

“What do you mean, think?”


“Well it’s not normal, Christian.”

Christain was still showing his red bum to mom.

“Don’t tell my dad.”

“All right. Calm down. I won’t tell him. He’ll only cover his ears anyway or hum a tune. He’ll not want to hear about your weird sex life.”

“I’m not weird, mom.”

“Says him with a glowing bum.”

“Just like to try different things, that’s all.”

“Lie down on the sofa, Christian.”


“Just lie down.”

He lay down on the sofa.

“The other way, face down.”

He turned round.

“Don’t move. I’ve got some cream. It’s supposed to be really soothing.”

“You sure you don’t mind?”

“If a mom can’t soothe her son’s stinging bottom…”

“Yeah. Ok. Go get the cream.”

“I’ll be blunt with you though, Christian. I’m not looking forward to it, creaming your bum. But I’m your mom so, well I can’t let you suffer.”

“Cheers, mom. I’ll not forget this.”

She went to the bathroom and returned with the cream, soothed it all over his bum, soothed the cream all over his naked bum with her fingers. It was really soothing, felt well nice for Christian, his mom soothing the pain away with her creamy fingers. And she didn’t only soothe over the cheeks of his arse, she slipped her fingers up and down his crack. It tickled when she did that and Christian gave out a little giggle, squirmed around on the sofa with his mom’s fingers in his bum crack. Why was she doing that? It felt nice but why did she do it? He asked her.



“What’s all that about?”


“In my bum crack like that?”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“What? No, but…”

He looked over his shoulder and saw that his mom was smiling.

“Mom, that was bollocks, that was.”


“You saying you weren’t looking forward to creaming my bum.”

“Yeah, well maybe I’m as weird as you are.”

She gave him a wink then her finger pressed against his arsehole. She started rubbing her wet finger over his arsehole.

“Mom, what are you doing?”

“Taking the pain away. That bitch, she’s made this arse of yours really sore and I’m just taking the pain away, darling.”

This was proper weird. This was mom doing this to him. She’d never done anything like this to him before. What the fuck was she doing? It was proper weird all right but Christian couldn’t help letting mom know how nice it felt.

“Oh mom, that’s well nice. Oooh!”

Mom smiled again.

“So, this is what you like having done to you then, is it?”


“A bit of bumhole play?”

“Well, I do now.”

“Oh, so this is a first, is it?”

“Mom, I’m not as kinky as what you think I am.”

“So your mom’s helped you to discover a new pleasure then?”

“Looks like it, mom.”

She carried on gently rubbing her finger over his bumhole. She was soothing the pain away all right. Mom couldn’t see it but Christian was proper boned up, his hard cock throbbing underneath him. Mom took her finger away from his arsehole then she slapped him on the bum.

“Don’t do that, mom. You’re supposed to be soothing the pain away for me, not making it worse.”

“Sorry, sweetheart. Couldn’t resist it. You have such a cute little bum. I can understand why that nasty headmistress wanted to spank it. It’s a lovely bum, Christian.”

She placed both hands on to her son’s bum, one hand on each cheek, and gave it a nice little squeeze.

“It’s a much nicer bum than your dad’s. Nice and hard and firm yet nice and soft. Mmm. Lovely.”

Christian thought to himself: If mom likes my bum, she’ll love my cock.

So he rolled over and showed it to her.

“Oh Christian.”

“Do you like it, mom?”

Mom pulled his top up to his chest. Christian just lay there stretched out, showing off his fit young body to mom.

“You’ve developed into a fine specimen of a young man, Christian.”

Mom pulled his top off. She pulled his jeans and boxers off along with his trainers and socks. She got her son naked and he just lay there stretched out on the sofa for mom, his hot raw dick throbbing along his tummy. He lay there with his hands behind his head, showing everything to mom, hoping she would do something. He was willing mom to do something.

Play with my dick, mom. Touch it. Hold it. Toss me off, mom. Suck my dick, mom.

All these thoughts went through his head.

He wanted to say it.

But he didn’t have the balls to say it.

If he did then his mom would think he was a proper pervert.

He just lay there with his throbbing dick leaking pre-cum all over his belly. This was better than any sexual experience he had ever had, just lying there showing off his stiff dick to mom like this.

Go on, mom. Just one little touch.

He closed his eyes, hoping his mom would touch his dick whilst his eyes were closed.

He waited.

And waited.


He opened his eyes.


Mom was sitting there with no clothes on. She’d got completely naked whilst Christian had lay there with his eyes closed. Christian’s cock grew an extra inch or so when he saw his mom naked like that.

“Ok, son. Let’s get this thing over with, shall we?”

“Mom, don’t say it like that.”

“I’m only joking, sweetheart.”

“Oh, mom. Is…Is this ok, me and you like this?”

“I can always put my clothes back on if you want me to, honeypie.”

“No, mom. Stay like that. Please.”

Christian was proper drooling over his mom. He reached for his mom’s tits. He played with them, gently pinching and pulling on his mom’s nipples. He gave a little giggle as he pinched mom’s nipples between his fingers.

“Oh mom, your tits are fucking amazing.”

She really did have a magnificent pair of tits, especially for her age. They were so full and firm and Christian was getting a right good handful.

Mom reached for her son’s dick. Christian let out a nice little groan when mom finally took hold of his dick. He stopped playing with her tits for a moment just so he could look at his mom’s hand on his dick.

“Oh mom.”


Mom squeezed his aching cock. She gave her son a nice slow hand job, slowing jacking his ripe young dick.

“It’s such a lovely dick, Christian.”

“Oooh! And you’ve got great tits, mom.”

This was the best wank Christian had ever had and he’d had some great wanks. It was the best wank because it was his mom that was doing it. Mom’s hand went back and to on his tender cock. Christian’s back arched. He lifted his bum off the sofa and fucked his mom’s fist as she jacked him off.

“Oh, mom! Mom!”

Mom could tell he was close to cumming. Although it would be lovely for him to cum all over her tits she wanted something more. She took her hand off her son’s dick.

“Oh, mom.”

Christian lay there with his dick dancing and twitching along his belly, his bell end flared up over the thickness of his shaft. Mom climbed on top of him and the tip of Christian’s cock touched the opening to her pussy.

“Oh, mom.”



Mom pushed herself down on to her son’s cock.

“Mom! Mom!”

Christian’s dick slid into his mom nice and smoothly. It was all so hot and slick. Mom let out a sexy groan as her son’s dick went inside her, son let out a sexy groan as his dick went inside his mom. Mom and son just lay there for a few moments, not moving. They just lay there savouring the special moment, Christian with his cock inside his mom. Mom wasn’t moving but Christian could feel her hot wet pussy squeezing round his dick.
Christian couldn’t hold it back any longer. Even if he didn’t move he would have spunked his load. So he started shagging his mom.

“Oh Christian! Christian!”

“Mom! Mom!”

Christian fucked his mom balls deep. He fucked her hard and deep and fast, his tight balls slapping into her thighs. He fucked his mom with all his youthful energy, banging at his mom’s tight cunt.

“Oooh! Fuck me, son!”

“Fuck you, mom! Oooh!”

“Let it all out, son!”

“Oooh! Mom! Mom!”

Christian squirted the first blast of his cock jizz just as he said the word mom. Saying the word as he spunked his cum was just so intense, another 6, 7, 8 squirts following, his cock exploding deep inside his mom, her pussy going into a spasm, milking the cum from his fucking boner. Christian didn’t stop ramming his cock till it stopped squirting. Then he collapsed underneath her.

They lay together for a while, mom and son, until they both got their breath back. Mom wriggled herself off her son’s dick. Christian’s dick flopped out of his mom’s pussy. She gave her son a nice little kiss on the lips then she got off him.

Mom got dressed but Christian just stayed there naked on the sofa. He didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to get dressed. He just wanted to stay naked for his mom forever.



“Mom, are you going to tell dad about my latest kinky little sex session?”

Mom thought for a moment and then said, “No, son.”

“That’s good.”

“Well, there’s no point really, is there? He’ll only cover his ears or hum a tune.”

Mother and son looked at each other and then burst out laughing.

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