Mother and Son (Fiction, Authoritarian, Blowjob, Cheating)

Mother and Son

Kirsten was a forty-four-year-old housewife who spent all of her time at her home, tending to the various chores. She was a part of a small happy family of three. There was she, her husband and her teenage son. Outwards, the family might seem happy and Kirsten a dutiful wife, but the truth was that the marriage had lost all flavor for her. When she had married her high school sweetheart, they had not touched each other at all by that point. Needless to say, it was a very disappointing first night that awaited her. But that was understandable, they were both young and inexperienced. The real problem started afterward. She tried her best to understand her husband’s desires and how to please him but he returned no such favor. Within a year, she had grown frustrated with the boring sex life. If it wasn’t for her son that was born, she might have left the man that she once loved.

From that point onwards, she turned all attention to her new boy. All the frustration and anger that she felt that her husband’s subpar performance was turned into love and affection for her only child. She made no other attempt at pregnancy, even when her husband floated the idea of a second child. The only thing she was interested in was her fast-growing boy.

Regardless to say, both the son and mother had grown extremely close. They were affectionate with each other. Especially Kirsten wouldn’t let go of any chance to hug her growing son or peck him on the check. They had regular movie nights in which both mother and son would snuggle on the comfy couch. Sometimes, Chris, her son, would be leaning against one of her mother’s large tits. Sometimes, he would be lying in her lap while she lovingly ruffled his hair. Sometimes, it would be Kirsten that would be snuggled into Chris while sighing contently. One could say that they had grown uncomfortably close. Her husband had once given voice to that thought. What followed was the coldest treatment that Kirsten had ever given her husband. He had to sleep on the couch for a whole week. Had to make his food all the while his wife refused to talk to her. Chris sided with his mother without knowing the reasons. It took multiple apologies before the status quo was restored. From then on, he avoided any mention of their growing intimacy, just dismissing it as Kirsten being overly protective.

All of that changed one day when Chris caught his mother stepping out of the shower nude. She was busy slowly and sensuously cleaning her body, thinking that she was alone in the house but Chris had returned from school earlier due to headache. As soon as he saw his mother in all of her natural glory, his jaw hit the floor. He was still in the early teenage years so his experience with naked women was limited to a few pornos that he had watched on his computer. Therefore, to see a woman nude right in front of him barely three meters away was enough to shut his brain functions down.

Kirsten was no Miss Universe but she did keep herself in shape. She was on the tall side, standing at 170cm. She wore her hair long, reaching the swell of hips. Her face was angular and attractive. Her breasts while sagging a little bit still defied gravity. They were an amazing 34C that Kirsten was proud of and considered one of her best features. Her ass was no joke in that department either. But the best part of her was her long legs that stretched for miles and miles.

Chris’s eyes roved all over his mother’s body. He had strange reactions to his mother’s affections before. But never before he had considered that he might be horny for his mother. However, as he saw his mother slowly turning her attention towards, his dick exploded in his pants and he gave a loud squeak.

“Chris?” Kirsten hastily moved to cover herself. “What are you doing back home?”

Instead of answering her, Chris shot upstairs and she heard his bedroom door slam.

Kirsten was feeling pretty embarrassed, having exposed herself like that to her son. But she had also noticed something interesting. Chris might have been quick but he wasn’t quick enough that his mother couldn’t see the large patch that has formed in front of his pants.

Feeling concerned for his only son, she threw on a night robe that was lying nearby and went on to check on her son.

“Honey?” she knocked at the door. “Can I come in?”

When she heard no answer, she opened the door and walked in. Chris was standing in the middle of the room with a shocked expression on his face.

“Darling, I was knocking, you should have…” Kirsten trailed off as she finally noticed the state Chris was in. His pants were around his ankles, his dick was semi-hard.

My god that’s the only semi-hard, Kirsten thought. And it was covered in a thick white gooey substance that she had trouble relating to the watery substance her husband generally poured out.

“Sorry, Honey.” She had gone beet red in the face and hastily closed the door. In a trance, she walked back to her room and sat down on her bed. In the front of her eyes was the vision of that gorgeous cock. Oh god, how long has it been since she had been properly plowed by an actual cock and not the thing that her husband carried in his pants?

Too long she decided, as her thighs became completely drenched. She hadn’t bothered to put on any underwear as she was too concerned about her son. Kirsten couldn’t help but snake a hand down to her nether regions. A light moan came out of her lips as it made contact with her pussy. She circled her pussy, enflaming her passion. The image of her son’s cock flashed through her mind and she jerked her fingers insider her pussy. Next moment she was cumming. Her whole body had gone rigid, her mouth opened as she blissfully stared into nothing. Her pussy was spasming around her long slender fingers, each spasm bringing a new wave of pleasure to her.

Once she had finished cumming, a wave of guilt hit her. Had she just masturbated to her own son’s cock? Her mind wouldn’t accept that. It was just a cock, she rationalized. I have never had a proper cock inside since that affair years ago, she thought. That’s why I came so hard.

Having satisfied her subconscious, she turned towards the task of ***********ing the outfit for the day. Soon she had to prepare lunch for her ever ravenous boy and then dinner for when her husband would come home. The life of a housewife was ever busy.

Generally, Kirsten didn’t wear revealing clothes inside her home. She was dressed in a loose T-shirt and a pair of baggy jeans that she felt comfortable in. But for some reason, she brought out a V-neck shirt that plunged deep into her cleavage and a form-fitting jean that she had not had to wear yet. She might have been over forty but she still had the body of a twenty-five-year-old and today she was in the mood of showing it off, even if it was only her husband and son to see it.

The thought of her son brought a twinge of guilt and a spasm of pleasure within her cunt, but she ignored both of them and went to the kitchen to prepare a good meal for her son, having entirely forgotten about the episode that had just happened.

She prepared some Turkey sandwiches that her son loved so much, humming to herself. She brought out the bread, slather it in sauce, put some turkey in it. Make it the way he loved. After making a few for herself and her son. She called out to him.

“Chris!” she called out loudly. “Darling, your lunch’s ready.”

A few minutes, there was an abounding of the steps which suddenly came to a halt. Curious, she turned around to see her son standing there stock still, his eyes glued to his mother’s figure.

Kirsten gave a slight giggle. “Honey, stop staring at me like that. Come on, eat your sandwich. You have to finish your homework; remember we have a movie night tonight.”

Chris blushed deep red and nodded his head. Usually, he would sit with his mother and eat lunch slowly. But today, he just wolfed it down and made a beeline for his room.

Kirsten felt a bit hurt as Chris generally helped her with dishes but it was understandable. He is still young, she told herself. Still embarrassed at seeing his mother naked. While she was embarrassed herself, a large part of her was quite pleased that she could have this effect on a guy as young as her son. It was a perverted vindication of how hot she still was.

Maybe she’ll wear clothes like these in the future too. Kirsten smirked to herself. She didn’t realize how fun teasing her son could be.

During dinner, Kirsten had a naughty idea as she saw her son trying to sneak peeks at her cleavage. After washing the dishes, she changed into simply a nightgown. At first, she was going to wear her underwear, but she thought it would be more fun wearing nothing underneath. The thought of sitting with her son, watching an innocent movie, while being practically naked sent waves of pleasures into her pussy. It’s not like she was trying to seduce her son, she was just having some innocent fun with him. It's not like they don’t joke around each other already. It had nothing to do with the fact that she was randy for her own son’s cock.

“Mum, we aren’t watching a movie tonight?” Chris asked, curious after seeing his mother’s attire.

“Of course we are honey,” Kirsten exclaimed. “I just decided to change early. Have you picked a movie yet?”

Seeing that the mother and son were getting ready for their movie, her husband as usual retired to his room to sleep.

After her husband was gone, her son went to Netflix and picked an action movie. A typical teenager. It didn’t matter to her what movie they were watching. She just wanted to spend time with her son. However, she did notice that her son was sitting farther away from her than usual.

“Why are you so far?” She pouted. “Don’t you like Mommy anymore?”

Chris rolled his eyes. “Ugh Mom, I haven’t called you that in ages.” But it did have the required effect as he sidled closer to her till they were touching.

“Well, I liked it more when you called me Mommy.” She pushed herself into his side.

“Sure. Let me watch a movie now.” His eyes were already glued to the screen.

While the screen was full of blasts and half-naked girls running around, Kirsten was getting pretty bored. That’s when she got a naughty idea. For some reason, her mind had turned a lot more sexual since that encounter. Maybe it was because her son had seen her forbidden place or maybe because she had not had such a thrill in ages. Whatever the cause maybe she felt freer with her son. So, she decided to place her leg on her son’s in a manner that the robe fell away completely revealing the white milky skin of her thighs.

Her son, noticing the weight on his legs, looked down only to see the heavenly vision of those beautiful legs completely naked, lying dangerously close to his rapidly hardening dick. He glanced towards his mother but she was busy concentrating on the screen. At first, he tried to ignore it, but the weight on his legs was a constant reminder that there was a beautiful, unimaginably hot woman sitting right next to him, and those amazing legs were on top of him. With that thought, came the vision of his mother riding him, her hands placed on his chest, as she bounced herself on his deck, constantly chanting his name. Her body was shining with sweat as she arched her back to take him as deep as she could.

That was too much for Chris.

“Sorry Mom, I think I’ll go to sleep now.” With that, he extracted himself from his mother’s grasp and ran to his room.

Kirsten saw his son running to his room with concern. Maybe she had gone too far for him. Well, that couldn’t stand. With her newfound freedom, she decided to confront the issue. Resetting her gown, she made her way to her son’s room and knocked.

“Mom?” Came Chris muffled voice through the door.

“Yes Darling, Can I come in?”

After a few seconds, he replied, “Yeah.”

Opening the door, she found that Chris was getting ready to go to bed. His sheets were thrown back and he was sitting on the bed in just shorts and a t-shirt.

“You okay son?” She asked with concern in her voice.

“Yeah, just a bit tired Mom. He replied, settling fully in his bed. “Sorry, I couldn’t finish the movie.”

Kirsten locked the room behind her and waved his concerns. “Its okay darling. Your health comes first.” She moved up to the beds and pulled his sheets over him. After that, she sat down on the bed.

“Look, Chris.” She began. “Is it because you saw me naked today?”

“Mom!! Why would you bring that up?”

She ruffled his hair affectionately. “Because you have been awkward around me all day honey, and I don’t want that.”

“Duh Mom, your tits were right in my face.”

She was not expecting her son to be that free. Maybe it was the darkened room that emboldened him.

Or maybe he is thinking with his dick right now.

Whatever it was, it sure made her pussy wet. She decided to be even bolder.

She gave a short laugh. “So what. That’s not the first time you have seen Mommy’s tits. You sucked on them for years remember.”

“Ugh, I told you I haven’t called you that in years.”

“So,” She laid down right beside her son, making sure that her breasts were fully glued to his side. “Why would these tiny things make you awkward around mommy. Is it because you like them?”

“Tiny?” it was Chris’s turn to laugh. “Have you seen them?”

Kirsten giggled. She was liking this conversation with her son. “So why did you run away from the movie? Hmmm. Mommy was just getting comfortable.”

“I told you, I was tired and you were teasing me.”

Kirsten gave a little pout, though in the darkness her son couldn’t hear her, so she made her voice a bit sultry. “Was it because you were tired or horny?”

Kirsten was sure she head a slight gulp from her son before he answered. “Ugh Mom, you are such a pervert. Now let me sleep.”

With that, Chris rolled away from Kirsten. Kirsten gave a small smile and got up from the bed. “Good night honey.”

“Good night Mom.”

She went to the bathroom and opened her bathrobe. Her thighs were slick with her girl cum. She couldn’t believe how wet she had gotten by just talking like that with her son. That was another thing. Where had she gotten the courage to be so naughty with her son. Her pussy was once more flooded when she thought about that conversation. She brought her hand down to pussy. All it took was one touch and her knees were buckling with the sheer pleasure of the orgasm. Oh god, she might become addicted to this.

After cleaning up she returned to her room, where her husband lay sound asleep, unaware of what had begun between his wife and his son.

The next day was a weekend so Chris was home all day. Her husband owned a small store so he worked the weekends too. Not that Kirsten minded. All she needed was her son and he was right there.

The events of all last night had enflamed her desires. She felt sexier and bolder. She decided to show that in her attire. Once her husband had left. She changed into tiny shorts that nearly showed her ass. If she bent down, then they did. She giggled thinking of the reaction that Chris would have. She paired it with a sleeveless top that was a size too small for her. It showed her navel and was tight around her chest. She decided to forego a bra as she was in the mood to tease Chris as much as possible. The ramifications of these actions never entered her mind, or if they did she chose to ignore them, confident that everything was under control and it was a little bit of harmless fun.

When she heard Chris coming down for breakfast. She decided to move backward from the counter and bent a little so that her ass was accentuated.

Chris had the whole night to think about his Mom’s behavior. When he had run from her mother during the movie, it was because he was panicking after seeing so much of his mother in a single day. But once he had calmed, he realized that his mother must be teasing him. They had always been close and it was easy for his teenage mind to rationalize her mother’s behavior as taking the shit out of him for what had happened earlier. Oh, he had become hard after that. Once his mom had left, he had thought about their conversation. The flirting felt good, he had to admit. He was still young and virgin, and if his Mom didn’t see anything wrong then why should he. He would take it as far as his mother would let him. His dick certainly liked that thought.

And that is what he did.

“I didn’t realize my mother was such a slut.”

For a moment he thought he might have taken it too far.

Kirsten was a bit shocked at first hearing her son call her a slut but then she felt tingling in her pussy. She decided to play along. It was harmless fun after all.

She shoved her ass a little bit farther. “Language son. Is that any way to talk to your innocent Mommy?”

“Innocent?” Chris sat down on the table where he could have the full view of his mother’s delicious ass. The way it filled out those shorts was hypnotic. “Is that any way to dress in front of your son. Your ass is practically falling out of those shorts.”

Kirsten nearly moaned out at those words. She didn’t realize it would feel this good. “But it’s so hot honey. Do you want your mother to die of heat?”

‘Go masturbate then, if you are feeling that hot.” Kirsten giggled and turned to carry his breakfast to him.

“Would you look at your breasts. Your nipples are showing.” His son smirked. His eyes were glued to those jiggling orbs as she placed his breakfast in front of him.

“It’s the sweet honey.” She whispered in his ear. Glancing down, she could see a tent forming there.

“Are you eyeing your son’s cock?” Chris asked while lathering his toast.

Kirsten was sure that her panties were soaked through by now but she continued. “Just seeing whether my boy is growing up properly or not.

“You got an eyeful yesterday.”

“You are a growing boy. She ruffled his hair. She liked doing that. “I need to make sure you are growing up properly every day.”

“Really?” A thoughtful look had come across Chris’s face. Next moment he put down the toast and stood. Kirsten looked at her son wondering what he was going to do. In a flash, his short was off and she was staring at his penis pointing straight upward proudly. It was thick, she had to admit, thicker than she thought when she saw a flash yesterday. So thick that it made her pussy quiver. His balls were massive. Not hanging down but fully tight. They made her mouth water. But she pushed those thoughts away.

“You naughty boy.” She smiled at him. “You just wanted to show your cock to Mommy.”

His dick gave a twitch when she mentioned it. It was leaking precum already. “Go wipe that before it falls on the floor.” She smirked at him before turning away to do the dishes.

Once Chris was done with his breakfast, she heard the scrape of his chair as he got up. She turned around to take the dishes from him when she stopped. He was still naked from the waist down and his dick was still hard, throbbing and pulsing as it flapped around when he walked up to her.

“I’ll help you, Mom.” Chris was groaning broadly. He moved to put the dishes in the washer and in the process his dick grazed her thighs. It was like an electric jolt through her.

“Honey!” Kirsten exclaimed. “I told you to wipe that. You’ll get my clothes dirty.”

Chris just smirked at her and started wiping the dishes. She lost track of how many times she bumped into his cock. The feeling of hugging him with his cock pressing into her shorts was simply exhilarating. Soon though, he retreated to his room. As soon as he disappeared into his room. Kirsten made a beeline for the washroom. Her orgasm was even more intense than last night.

During that night’s move, she decided to once more wear her night robe. This time, the movie that Chris had picked was much dirtier. As soon as her husband retired for the night. Chris smirked and took off her shorts. His dick wasn’t hard yet but it was still mesmerizing for Kirsten.

She rolled her eyes at him. “Boys. They see a pretty girl and their dicks are out in an instant.” She assumed the position from last night with her leg draped over his thighs, mere centimeters away from his cock. Her robe was hiked up even further, revealing the swell of her ass. She wasn’t sure that her pussy was properly hidden but she didn’t care. She was too busy feeling good clinging to her son.

As the movie progressed with several topless scenes. Chris’s cock became harder until it was at full mast. It was a little curved towards his body, which made it even more enticing for Kirsten. As his dick got harder. She pushed her leg further up till she was sure she could feel the heat radiating off it. Her pussy wasn’t in a much better state.

When Chris looked at her she just gave him a wicked grin. “Aren’t those girls hot?” She asked.

“Mom I am rock hard. Do you need any more evidence?” Chris rolled his eyes at her, “I can’t wait to masturbate.”

Her breath hitched in her throat when Chris mentioned masturbating. “Why don’t you then? Or are you shy around Mommy?”

Chris took a moment before answering. “Nah I’d rather watch proper porn while masturbating.”

“Your pervert.” She giggled merrily.

“Says the slut who is draped over her son.” There was a moment of silence following that conversation as they enjoyed a steamy sex scene on the screen.

“Hey, Mom.”

“Hmm?” Kirsten tore her eyes from the glistening sweaty male body as it pushed into the blonde girl on the screen and turned to her son.

“You wanna watch a porno with me?”

“Really?” She teased. “Inviting your mother to watch porn with you? How perverted can you be.”

Chris shrugged. “Well I am really hard but we gotta finish a movie. Seeing this, we might as well watch porn don’t you think.”

Kirsten took a moment before answering. She had come this far and she was enjoying it. Might as well push it even further.

“Alright. Let’s go to your room.”

In Chris’ room, they laid down on his bed and Chris pulled his laptop. It wasn’t long before he had pulled a video with a young guy fucking his stepmom. There was a short intro before they got right into sucking and fucking.

Kirsten’s breath hitched as she saw the massive tool that the guy had. It looked humongous on his tiny. Even more so when the busty actress was riding him, cowgirl, with the camera right on their conjoined genitals.

By now Chris was furiously masturbating. But instead of focusing on the screen, his eyes were focused on the cleavage that Kirsten was showing.

“Aww. Do you like Mommy’s boobies?” Kirsten giggled.

But Chris ignored her and instead asked. “Aren’t you horny Mom?”

She stopped for a bit before answering. “A little bit honey.”

“Then why don’t you masturbate too?”

“You wanna see Mommy’s pussy?”

“I wanna see you masturbate. You have seen enough of my dick. Its time I get to see yours.”

By now Kirsten’s mind was clouded over. She reached down and opened her robe, intentionally revealing her body to her son. That act alone got her hornier than the depraved act they were watching on screen.

Slowly, she snaked her down to her lips, while staring at her son’s cock. She was aware of his hot breath and his eyes that were glued on her glistening body. She couldn’t take her eyes off his cock and how his hand went up and down, up and down, then rub its head and then go up and down again. She pushed one finger inside, feeling the pleasure well up inside her. She looked up and saw her son staring back at him, his eyes clouded over. The slapping sound of his hand against his dick increased as she pushed another finger in.

“I am coming to Mom.”

She saw the cum exploding out of his dick in slow motion, transfixed as shot after shot came out first landing on her son’s stomach and then slowly dribbling out as his dick twitched to release all that was within his balls. The scene was too much for her and she came. Her eyes closed in pleasure as bright colors erupted all around her. Her hips were lifted off the bed as if by some invisible force and the cum started splashing out of her pussy. Her orgasm lasted for hours before she finally came down.

Breathing hard, she stared at her son who was still looking at her with lust.

“Happy now, you pervert.”

Her son didn’t answer instead just kept ogling her body.

“Well, I should get back to my bed. It’s getting late. She got up and turned around thrusting her ass at her son. Despite cumming so hard she was still feeling unimaginably horny. She bent down slowly to pick up the discarded night robe and picked it up gradually bringing it up rubbing against her legs, her hips, her stomach, the side of her boobs. Before she opened it, flicking her hair back as she brought it to her back. She gave a naughty smile to her son and brought it over her shoulder.

“Goodnight son.” Just like that without closing her robe, she started to walk out of the room.

Before she could walk. She heard the creak of the bed. Before she could turn around, she was pinned to the door. She moaned loudly as she felt her son’s cock pushing into her ass.

“You pervert, what do you want with your Mommy?”

“You think you can just walk out after stuttering like a slut?” His lips were right next to her ears and she felt a shiver as his hot breath tickled her earlobe.

“Uhuh, what are you gonna do about it? Are you going to fuck your Mommy like the slut she is?”

There was no answer, instead, she felt the silky robe being lifted around her waist. Chris pushed his leg within her thighs and roughly pushed them apart.

“Ohh you sick fuck. You are going to rape your mother.” She moaned through by now she knew it wasn’t rape. She wanted that cock as much her son wanted her pussy, maybe more.

His son’s breathing increased as she felt him lining up his dick with her pussy. The next moment it was inside her making her blackout in pleasure.

And then it started, push and pull, push and pull. Every thrust was enough to bring her to orgasm, and every time he would pull out his dick her cunt would follow it desperately wanting it back inside her.

“Fuck. Oh, what are you doing to your mother.”

“Only what she wanted,” Chris replied tugging her hair her head was pulled back. He brought his head down putting open-mouthed kisses against her neck. Kirsten moaned and shuddered as she came on her son’s cock.

Her own son’s cock. The thought sent her into overdrive once more and she came again. Two orgasms so close were enough to nearly black her out. She was dimly aware of her son pulling his cock out and throwing her back on the bad. She moaned pushing her hands out, silently begging him to enter her once more. Her son was quick to comply and she gasped out in pleasure as his dick once again penetrated her.

This time he fucked her hard and fast in short thrust. Her tits were flying all over as she tried to find the bedrest to stop her head from banging into it. All thoughts of her husband were out of her brain as her son fucked her into the mattress.

“Fuck yes, Make Mommy feel good.” Kirsten moaned wrapping her arms and legs around her son. Who knew her son could fuck this good. She would have jumped his bones ages ago.

“I-I am cumming Mommy.” The fact that he called her Mommy pushed Kirsten over the edge once more as she came. If there was a rational thought left in her mind, it was gone now as she chanted for her son to fill her up.

“Fill me up, baby. I want your seed deep inside me.” She tightened her grip so that he couldn’t pull out. Not that Chris wanted to. His mother’s pussy was too tight too warm for him to pull out.

The next second, he was shooting his cum deep insider her as Kirsten chanted “Yes, Yes, Yes. Fill me up. Fill your Mommy up with your Cum. Oh gooooood!”

Kirsten groaned as she felt his son’s balls empty inside her. Then he fell upon her completely exhausted and spent.

By the time Kirsten found the energy to move, Her son had already gone to sleep slowly snoring away on top of her right tit. Kristen gave an affectionate smile as she extracted herself from her son and got up. She didn’t even think about what she did was wrong.

The next morning, as soon as her husband left for his work, her son was upon her. She was caught completely off guard as she busy preparing the food as her son came up behind her and hugged her tightly, placing his hand right underneath her boobs.

Kirsten gave a short laugh when she realized who it was. “Didn’t you get enough to last night son?”

“No way,” Chris replied, bringing his hand up and cupping her boob. “No way can I ever get enough of this body.”

Kirsten pushed him away with her ass and waved her hand at him playfully. “Let me make breakfast for your first darling.”

Instead, Chris pulled her in, his hand clamping down on her large buttocks as he buried himself in her cleavage. Kirsten moaned at her son’s antics, she was getting indescribably pleasure just from her son sucking her tits over her top. He kept it up for a few minutes till her shirt was completely soaked through revealing her pink nipples and then he let go and sat down.

When Kirsten placed his food in front of him, Chris pushed his chair out and turned towards his mother expectantly. That’s when Kirsten noticed that he had taken his short off.

“What’s this you pervert?” She cocked her eyebrow.

“Your breakfast slut.” Her son smirked at him.

Kirsten just shook her head. “Well aren’t you a good boy today.” She slowly sat down and her hands reached out to cradle his balls. They felt so heavy. And to think they had emptied such a gigantic load inside of her just last night.

She caressed them lovingly, eliciting a moan from her son. He was eating his food but his eyes were stuck to his mom sitting demurely in front of his caressing his thick rod and balls. His dick gave a twitch at that thought.

Kirsten stared at that beautiful cock. She had given birth to that. The most perfect penis ever. And to think it was within her just last night. She shuddered at the thought. Her hand moved up to grab his shaft. It was so thick and warm. It was like her hand would get burned by just holding it. She was getting so wet already.

Not being able to handle it anymore, she brought her head down slowly and took his mushroom-like head in. She looked up at her son who was staring transfixed at his mother taking his cock in.

She let it go and slowly started jerking it off.

“You want me to suck you off?” She gave him a jerk.

“Yes please, Mom?” Her son begged. He was so dominating last night when he fucked her raw and she loved it. But sometimes it felt good to know the power she had over men, especially her son.

“Mom?” She glared at him. “What did I told you to call me?”

Her son was hesitant before saying “Mommy.”

She gave a sharp tug at that, eliciting a painful moan from her son. “Uhuh not like that.”

“Suck my cock please Mommy.”

The next moment, his cock was down her throat as she gagged on him, salivating on his thick shaft, rubbing it with her tongue. Her hands cradled his thick balls and massaged them, coaxing the cum out of them. She came up for a breath for a second before plunging herself back on his meaty pole. While one of her weighed his ball. Her other hand snaked into her skirt and was frigging her pussy as she gave head to her son.

She knew her son wouldn’t last long and she felt his cum moving from his balls to his shaft. She tried to brace herself for his son’s cum, determined to swallow all of it. Her son grabbed her hair and pushed his cock even deeper inside of her as he came. One, two, three, four times and it kept going. Kirsten’s eyes went wide as she nearly choked on her own son’s cum as it filled her mouth. Good thing she had only kept its head inside her otherwise she would have passed out. But her son wouldn’t stop cumming in her mouth. He came so much that it started dribbling out of her mouth. Kirsten went wide-eyed at the amount of cum she was receiving. Combined with her rubbing her clit she came as she tried to swallow her son’s cum.

“Boy, that was a big load.” Kirsten smiled at her son as she wiped the cum from the corners of her mouth.

“Well, you needed a big breakfast after last night.” Her son remarked. His cock was still at full mast even after he had come so hard. Kirsten was amazed at her son’s stamina. He had come three times and they were massive loads, since last night, and he was still raring to go.

“You wanna ride mom?”

“Fuck Yes.” Kirsten breathed as she placed herself over her son. Her tits were at just the right level for her son to suck. Sometimes, it paid off to be tall.

She thrust her chest into his face as she slowly descended on his cock, her love hole opening to accommodate her son’s thick meaty shaft. It plunged deep into her, hitting her cervix, bringing a jolt of pain and pleasure to her.

Her son had started sucking on her tits, lathering them in his saliva. He would alternate between both tits, sucking them deep and hard, licking her nipple, biting them, and pulling on them till she was reeling in pleasure. For her part, she was fucking him as good as she could. Lifting her hips hard and fast on his thick cock. It was a bit hard at first to accommodate such a giant cock insider of her after she had gone so long without one, but she adjusted quickly and was riding him for all he was worth.

Chris’s hands were on her ass, helping her to fuck him as hard as possible. She had lost count of how many times her son’s dick had brought her over the edge. She knew her son was coming close to cumming. She felt him growing harder inside of her as her pussy walls clamped around his dick, refusing to let it go. It wouldn’t be long before he would explode inside of her. But she didn’t care. Last night, she had let him cum inside of her in the heat of the moment, but today she was going to fill her up with full control of her mind, or as much control as she could be in with her son drilling her cunt.

She grabbed her face, lowering her lips and gave him a long open-mouthed kiss. Her tongue sneaking into his mouth wrapping itself around his tongue, She pushed herself into his mouth, making sure her tongue was fully exploring the inside of her son’s mouth. She pulled her tongue back instead of forcing her lips into his moth to seek out his tongue. She brought it back into her mouth and sucked it deeply. She felt her son going even harder inside of her as she slammed her hips down. The chair was creaking with the ferocity of their fucking. Her eyes were flaming with lust and desire when she let him go.

“Mommy, Can I come inside you?”

She slammed her hips one last time on his cock, screaming out her answer. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” as she came hard on his cock once more.

Her son was soon to follow her, his cock exploding as a deep insider of her as possible. His cum was enough to trigger another orgasm within her as she blacked out with the sheer pleasure.

When she came to she was lying on the table as his son fucked her. Her legs on his shoulder as he concentrated on ravaging her pussy. She smiled brightly at him and brought him close for a kiss.

She loved this new relationship with her son.

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