Mother fights with her daughter (M/f-teen, Ff, reluc, inc, oral, ws)

Mother fights with her daughter

Bonnie walked in on a dream and a nightmare, hard to
tell, for lying nude on her dining table was her very
sexy sixteen-year-old daughter, wearing only Sony
Walkman head phones, grooving while Bonnie's brand new
husband sat in a chair and ate a beaver like a famished
beaver hunter with beaver thighs clamped to his ears,
out hunting beaver with no clothes on. Looked like a
dream, but this was her worst nightmare.

Neither could hear her nor see her. Her daughter Debbie
had her eyes closed and Greg had a face full of damn
fine pussy. Bonnie came right up to stand beside Greg
and just stood there watching a most amazing sight. Sure
looked good, and the stuff needed to shave that beaver
was off to the side, no longer needed. Bonnie looked to
his crotch and saw a wet, limp dick. Fucked her, too -
damn! Shaved her, fucked her, and now he was eating her.
She looked like a girl lying in teenage girl Heaven.
There was nothing on that girl that didn't belong in
Heaven. Greg never stood a chance.

Bonnie watched several minutes, then had enough, and
turned off the radio. That got the little bitch's
attention. She didn't freak. She turned it back on and
settled back for more. Bonnie thought she might and had
thought ahead to her next action, which was unplugging
it and throwing it into the fireplace. Had it actually
gone in, that would have been great theater, but she was
way off and threw it into a window that would cost ten
times more than the radio - damn!

That got Greg's and the beaver's attention. He popped
out and went wide-eyed at seeing his wife. No husband
was ever more busted. The girl took the headset off,
laid it aside, and got up on her elbows with her beaver
as wide as she could make it. Both heels were at her
butt, knees flat, making a beaver that commanded eyes
and held them. This was another one of her god damn
sexual power plays, and she had some nerve pulling one

Bonnie had nothing prepared for a bold, vulgar,
effective, sexual power play like that. Debbie hit the
fireplace with that one, right dead in the ashes - slam
dunk. Bonnie had to admit, that when it came to sexual
power plays, the mother was hopelessly out-matched. She
and Debbie had always had a love/hate relationship based
on power struggles that became sexual when Debbie became
sexually powerful. At sixteen, she was now awesome, knew
what her strength was, and knew how to use her strength.

This whole scene was staged to be the final showdown in
a long war with no winners, with the little adversary
losing all the battles and seemingly growing stronger
each year, and the bigger more powerful adversary
winning every battle but growing war weary, losing the
will to fight battles and wage war.

The ally she signed on to help wage this war with looked
whipped and no match for that adversary. He'd be more
hindrance than help. No battlefield commander needs help
shaving the enemy. This was the Vietnam War waged on the
home front - in a home - on the dining table battlefield
where so many battles had been fought.

There was the battle to say fuck at the dinner table.

There was the battle to eat naked at the dinner table.

There was the battle to eat naked while masturbating at
the dinner table.

There was the battle to eat naked while masturbating
with bare feet on the table at the dinner table.

There was the battle to eat naked while masturbating
with food with bare feet on the table at the dinner

There was the battle to sit on a stepfather's lap and
nurse him at the dinner table.

There was the battle to get under the table and suck off
a stepfather under the dinner table while naked and
masturbating with food.

These battles were all won by the mother, but not
without the battle taking its toll or the victory
accomplishing anything, not when the defeated returns
the next night and does it again only adding something
else to fight over and be grounded for eternity for.

Poor Greg was one battle weary ally after just a few
family dinners. The call to arms, "Dinner is ready,"
always gave him an erection. He brought his gun with a
full basic load, but when that sexy naked kid sucked his
gun off with her mother yelling at her to stop doing
that to her husband, he knew the war was a hopeless
cause, a battle of attrition.

He sat there and pumped the enemy full of cum. That'll
show 'em, and she got grounded for life again. In
response, her mother got a very nasty kiss, apparently
French and vulgar. Greg thought Debbie swallowed his
load, evidently not - not by the look on the Supreme
Allied Commander's face held in strong enemy hands.

The enemy sure could kiss, and the commander sure could
make great disgusted faces while getting her teeth and
gums white-washed. That girl was in a lot of trouble.
There would be no dessert for that enemy bitch - not
after that three-minute kiss.

Not only did she get no dessert, she was sent straight
to bed. She went straight to the master bed and
masturbated in the master bed with the master looking on
and furious, mostly at the husband looking on with
another loaded gun at the ready like a second-string
lineman saying, "Send me in, Coach."

This all happened the night before, and that battle was
never decided. She would not get out of the bed, and the
wise allied commander wisely decided not to fight any
battles on the enemy terms with the enemy holding all
the high ground. No, that commander was not that stupid.
Her ally was. He was very stupid, and the enemy did make
that battlefield look awfully inviting.

With the widest beaver she could get into, and while
playing with her heavy weapon, Debbie teased, "Let's not
fight. Come to bed. I want you both. Mother, I love the
way you kiss. I want you to kiss me here...right here,
right where I pee, above the place where I shit...not
this hole, and not the one right above it, but right
here, at this tiny hole. You can nurse on me there while
your hubby nurses on my perky breasts. I want you both
to love me. Come to bed."

Greg said while stroking his gun, "Bonnie, what she says
makes sense. I mean, it's foolish for the three of us to
be fighting. We should all get along and learn to love
one another. We're family. We should get in the bed and
love her."

Bonnie was not about to fall for the old "love me" ploy,
but she could see that her comrade had. Bonnie
disengaged and called out from the door, "Come, Greg...
Greg... GREG! God damnit, Gregory! You get your ass out
of there, right god damn now! I MEAN IT!"

They left, but this battle was not over. The enemy was
waiting for a response and Greg was wondering what it
might be, but that pussy sure looked good like that.
Together they studied that pussy. That was one very sexy
pussy. The commander had to agree.

Bonnie finally said, "All right, Debbie, you've made
your point. We all know who has the lovelier pussy, the
sexier pussy, the younger pussy, the tighter pussy, and
now the pussy with the fewest pubic hairs to hide it's
near pussy perfection appearance. You do have a very
lovely pussy between two very sexy legs.

"I am not up to any more sexual power plays. I cannot
compete with pussy that young and that sexy. I'm sure
that is the point you want to get across. You did. Now,
please put it away and get down off my dining table.
Let's all sit down like mature adults and talk peace."

She smiled and said, "I would like that, but before we
talk peace, I would like to explore this pussy issue in
greater depth. I wanted a second opinion, and you did
back up everything your husband said about this pussy.
There is one thing you neglected to mention. I'd like a
second opinion on that."

Bonnie took a deep breath of air and let it out as slow
frustration, then folded her arms and said, "What?"

"You never said how my pussy tastes. Your husband says
this is the ultimate in eating pussy, pussy that is fit
to eat - eating pussy. I'd like to know what you think."

"Debrah, please don't do this. I do not want to fight
with you anymore. I know he had sex with you, and I know
he will have sex with you any time you offer him this
far superior pussy. Greg would be a fool not to, and I
know he is no fool. I am waving the white flag. I will
not stand in his way, nor yours. Honey, you mother is
whipped. I am symbolically kissing your ass on my knees.
Please don't make me lick your pussy, too."

"You can sit and do it. [Greg got up and offered Bonnie
his seat] I don't want you to kneel. I don't want you to
symbolically kiss anything on me - not symbolically.
When we talk peace, we can discuss how and what you will
lick and kiss. Right now, all I want is a second opinion
on how my pussy tastes."

Bonnie plopped down in the seat, because she needed a
seat. Now, she had to talk right over the subject pussy
as she said, "Debbie, why must you humiliate me this

"Humiliate you! Mom, I'm shocked. Humiliate? Do you
think my pussy is so revolting and disgusting that
placing your face in it is an act of humiliation? Do you
think this is some sort of sexual power play intended to
put you in your place once and for all so that we can
get along like the best of friends as we really are and
should be, each knowing her place, happy in her place,
loving her place, because in the absence of all
conflict, there will be nothing but love and affection
between us, mother and daughter, best friends, lovers,
soul mates.

"Is that what you're thinking, Mom, that I have to be
the lover on top, and that you must be the lover on her
knees kissing what I please. Are you seeing some sort of
grand power play when you look into my wide open cunt."

It was after she used her hands to make it one. That
spelled out the surrender terms nicely, much like the
French kiss after a blowjob. That took some mulling
over, but Debbie did paint a pleasant picture of the two
of them getting along in peace and harmony, and what was
there on Debbie that Bonnie wouldn't kneel and kiss to
please her - certainly nothing within the lips of her
cunt. Even the asshole looked pretty damn good. The
full-of-herself bitch did not have a nasty place on her.

So, with that in mind, Bonnie came in and delivered a
series of pussy licks and one good, three-minute, deep,
face-full-in-the-cunt, pressing hard and grinding,
French-kiss in the fuck hole for good measure, then sat
back with a wet smile and said, "That is a very tasty
pussy, a good eating pussy."

"If you really mean that, you must want to suck on it."

Bonnie half expected she might want to get off after a
French-kiss like that, so she came in and took a big
mouthful of clit and began doing the sucking and clit-
tongue wrestle thing. She thought she was doing great
until her mouth filled with warm piss.

That froze her in mid-suck with a bug-eyed expression

"Mother, you now have a mouthful of your pride in liquid
form, and you have two choices. That bulging mouthful of
my piss symbolically represents all of your pride, every
drop you got, all in your mouth. Now, you can
demonstrate your pride by spitting it all in my face and
slapping my impudent cunt, which will start World War
III... OR, you can opt for peace with honor by simply
swallowing your pride, every ounce, every drop while the
world looks on.

"I am assuming that Greg and I are your world. Any pride
will only get in the way of our continued relations from
here on. We are looking on to see what you will do with
a mouthful of my piss. Well, what's it gonna be -
pleasant peace or TOTAL ALL-OUT WAR?"

She did have a way with words, and her piss wasn't all
that bad, so with the world looking on, the great and
mighty United States of America gulped down several
swallows of Ho Che Minh piss, and the whole world went,
"WOW! I thought for sure Lady Liberty was going to nuke
that little sandal-shuffling, rice-propelled, paddy-
plodding, pig farmer and turn his country into a toxic
waste dump for the free world. Fuck! Now, what are we
going to do with all of this toxic waste. Shit, may as
well give it to Uncle Sam. That prideless motherfucker
will eat anything."

Yes, Debbie and Greg were astonished, but she did
swallow all of her pride, and with all of that out of
the way, Debbie felt free to relax and enjoy a leisurely
piss in her mother's mouth while enjoying a good suck
job. Too bad the radio was broke...but, maybe it wasn't.
The curtain absorbed much of the impact and kept the
radio indoors. Debbie said, "Hey, Greg, get the radio
and let me see if it still works. If it don't, put it up
her ass."

Damn thing didn't work, but he did manage to get it all
up his wife's ass. Bonnie was so glad she went for the
ultra-compact Sony Walkman instead of the Toshiba
Bombastic Boom Box. That would have really hurt, but
don't you know she would have still pulled her cheeks
apart for it, because that woman had no pride, only
peace with honor.

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