Mother in the Kitchen (cons,mf,incest,blowjob,mother)

Mother in the Kitchen

The following story is a piece of fiction and is to be
treated as such. I don't have any problems with you sharing
this story or any other story that I'll be writing, in fact
I'd love it if you do.
I entered the house that day, shouting as soon as I put a
foot inside the warmth of the living room.

"Mom! I'm home." I went, not knowing exactly where she would
be. It was around six in the evening and getting quite dark
outside. I dumped my books and stuff on the dining table in
the living room and started looking around for my mom.

She was in the kitchen making me a snack. I peeked into the
kitchen from outside, wanting to surprise her. There she was,
wearing one-piece summer dress and bunny slippers. Her dress
really accentuated her figure. She's about five feet four, in
her early forties but her looks don't betray that. She looks
probably late twenties at best of times and early thirties at
worst. I won't say she's slim but she definitely isn't what
you'd call plump. Yeah, she has got full thighs and her legs
are slightly heavier than those of a ramp model but then
c'mon, she's a mother of a twenty one year old guy. What do
you expect?

Her tits are a nice handful at 38C and God; she fills out her
sweaters nicely. But what turns me on the most is her
wiggling ass. I'm obsessed by it. God knows how many gallons
of cum I've spent jerking off thinking about her ass. She's
got a lovely round ass, which I love to pinch, caress, knead
and of course fuck!

Yes, I fuck my mom. That makes me a motherfucker and yes
that's how she addresses me when I'm ramming my hard cock in
her love tunnel and guess what, that's exactly what turns me
on the most.

It all started when my mother caught me jacking off with her
panties hanging around my cock, but that's another story.
Right now let me tell you this one.

So there she was, unsuspecting in the kitchen. Obviously she
hadn't heard me earlier and that worked out quite well for
me. Her dress, ohh yes, her dress. Let me tell you about her
dress. Her clothing too obsesses me. All her clothes excite
me, no matter what she wears. This particular dress was a
gift I got her for her last birthday. It's a cotton dress,
quite sheer, which buttons up from the front. The dress is
navy blue, which happens to be my mom's favourite colour.
It's half sleeved and from a tightish waist falls down to
about her calves into a freely flowing skirt.

Enough already, I was beginning to get hard just by spying on
her. Time for some action now. I removed my sneakers as
stealthily as possible and then tip toed behind her, and in
one swift motion, reached around her, grabbing her breasts.

"Ohh my God!!," she went, jumping at the unexpected

"Gotcha mom! Gotcha good." I laughed out, not letting go of
her breasts.

She recognized my touch and relaxed in my arms.

"Ohh baby! Next time you do that, you'll get your cute ass
spanked." she warned me, "I almost had a heart attack."

"C'mon mom, you love it when I do this," I shot back,
kneading her breasts through her dress.

She moaned now, as my fingers gripped her tits, toying with
her nipples. Together, we swayed, as I pressed my hard-on
into the crack of her hot, hot ass. She pushed it back at my
cock with enthusiasm that betrayed her needs.

I continued to play with her breasts as I dry humped her ass
from behind. She started to tremble a bit and covered my
hands with hers before tilting her head upward and moaning.
Her long neck looked so lovely, stretched like that, I just
had to bend and kiss. I laved the base of her neck, making
wet slurping licks and started to unbutton her dress.

She moaned louder in approval and started humping back with
her ass.

"God Prateek, you're so hard." she sighed, as she moved her
hands down and grabbed my butt from behind me, pulling me
tighter onto her.

"Ohhh mom! I need you so much." I whispered into her ear
before shoving my tongue into it.

She giggled uncontrollably as she always does whenever I do
that, and wriggled out of my embrace. I let her go and we
broke up the intimate embrace, laughing gaily. The dress had
all but one button undone, and her tits had spilt out of its
confines. She never wears undergarments unless when I ask her
to. That's when we role-play, but then she wears only
undergarments. So it's always an extreme!

I tenderly reached over and sort of slid the dress down from
her shoulders. The undone button didn't matter and my mother
shrugged the dress off, letting it fall at her feet.

There she was, my mother, my own mother standing there
totally nude except for her slippers. She thrust her breasts
out proudly at my face, as she stood with her hands akimbo on
her flaring hips, her dress in a crumpled bundle at her feet.
For me, looking at my mother without a stitch of clothing on,
is always a sight to behold. I gasped for air, as my hard
cock just got harder.

Her cunt was covered with thick black pubic hair, which I
won't let her shave off. I could see that I wasn't the only
one turned on in the room. She was dripping too. I could see
dewdrops glistening on her cunt hair. Looking at me with
slitted eyes, my mom purred at me, very sexily, before
pivoting on her toes, turning around, and presenting her ass
at me.

"Ohhhh god mom, sexy piece of ass," I moaned!

She let out a cute laugh and wiggled her ass for me as I
whistled in appreciation. Then she turned around to face me

"That's right. It's OK to get your mother all nude to her
slippers, as you, the prince of Arabia stand there, gawking,
in your jeans." She grumbled as she stepped out of her dress
daintily, with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.

"Aww mom, ladies first you know." I went.

"Ohh! The prince obviously has manners," she said, rolling
her eyes.

She stepped up to me and started to work on my jeans in such
a hurry, it was comical. She was trying to undo the Levi-
Strauss button with one hand and the same time trying to
unzip the damn jeans. All was being done with the choicest
obscenities on her lips and a big frown on her head.

"Here mom, let me help," I offered, as I slapped her
impatient hands off, and started to remove my Levi's myself.

"About time." she humphed, before getting on her toes to take
my face in her hands.

She then kissed me full on my lips. I was startled, not
expecting the kiss, and I parted my lips trying to ward her
off, but she just shoved her tongue into my mouth, almost
gagging me with it. By then the jeans were undone and I was
trying to slide it down but my mom had thrown herself onto
me. She let go off my face and then we both started pushing
my jeans down. She wouldn't stop kissing me, and well, it was
crazy, you'll have to try it yourself to appreciate the
situation, kissing your mom or your son, whatever the case
might be, and removing your/his Levi's at the same time.

Anyway, we somehow managed to do that, and ended up on the
carpet in the living room. I was now in my T-Shirt and

"Off with your shirt, young man," my mom ordered me sternly.

I quickly complied, not wanting to 'irritate' her; you know
what I mean?

"And those pathetic jockeys too, off with it." she went on,
pointing a twirling finger at my groin.

I pushed my fingers into the band of my jockeys and tugged
them down my hips, letting my raging hard-on free. My mother
gasped at the sight of my cock. I knew from past experience
that she couldn't wait to get her hands, then her mouth and
then her cunt on my dick, and I let out a chuckle.

"Ohh! So now you'll chuckle at Mother, make fun of your old
lady. I must have messed up somewhere, bringing you up. First
you strip your own mother and then you chuckle at her."

"Aww mom! You started the whole thing," I reminded her,
playing out our favourite argument, as I finally removed my
underwear and hastily kicked it aside to where the rest of my
clothes were.

"Yes, yes, that's just the way, blame it all on poor mother
like always." she pouted.

"Well you did start it, you raped me that day mom." I

"OH! I raped you?? I RAPED you?? OH! Why you bastard, you
were dying it. I don't remember you ever trying to stop me."

I cringed at the 'bastard' but then what can a motherfucker

"You threw yourself upon me mom, what could I do?" I
persisted, as I absent-mindedly played with my cock.

My mom was eying my cock from the corner of her eyes and she
licked her lips as she saw me pull at my hard on.

"So I threw myself at you huh? What should have I done? Taken
your permission??," she countered threateningly.

"Well, if you had, it wouldn't have been rape, but you
didn't, so rape it was!" I concluded triumphantly. I always
win these arguments.

"That's that. If I can rape you once, I can rape you again!"
she concluded triumphantly. She always wins these arguments.

And saying that she reached out tenderly at my cock. We were
both gazing into each other's eyes, both in love with each
other, deep in love. She held my cock in her warm hand, and
we snuggled closer, sitting next to each other, naked, on the

"I love you mom!" I whispered.

"I know my love," she whispered back.

And then we kissed again. She pressed her naked hot body on
mine, crushing her pendulous tits with their hard, pointing
nipples on my chest. I hugged her, running my hands along her
back, trying to warm her in my embrace as we both kissed
hotly and passionately. All the while she just held my
swollen cock in her hand, gently squeezing it, as our tongues
wrapped around themselves wetly.

She pushed me down on by back and lay atop me, never breaking
the French kiss. Now we were sucking at our lips and my hands
went straight for her ass. As usual I pinched both her ass
cheeks simultaneously. She squealed into my mouth and
horribly twisted my cock. I almost bit her tongue off.

I was now kneading her ass, massaging the buns firmly with my
fingers, pushing them deep into her crack. She helped out by
parting her legs and dropping them to the side as she let go
off my cock and placed her hands on my shoulders.

Finally breaking the kiss, my mother sat up on me, looking
down at me with a beatific smile on her face.

"Fuck your mother now baby!" she whispered.

"Yes ma'am," I happily obeyed. I'm an obedient son; I've
always been, except when we're in the middle of a D/s
session. Then she's the obedient one, but again, that's
another set of stories. Don't let me digress.

She held my rod up for her as she crouched upon it. Looking
deep into my eyes, her lips parted, her brow in a frown with
concentration and her whole body, dripping with sweat, she
placed the helmet head of my hard cock on the entrance to her
hot, wet cunt. Then she lowered herself, inch by inch,
letting my cock go from her hand, but by God, gripping it
with her cunt.

"Ohhh babyyyyy yesssss. I'm so empty without you inside of

"Mommmm," I moaned, as she had all my six inches inside her

She was now sitting on me with my whole cock stuffed well
into her still tight cunt. I reached out for her breasts,
pulling at the nipples, and then rolling the hardened nubbins
with my thumb and fingers.

She started humping, lifting up and letting herself down
again and then rubbing her crotch sexily on my cock, making
her clit slide on my cock. She had shut her eyes tight, and
her mouth was open in a silent scream, as she started working
a nice rhythm.

I started to push my hips back at her now, and soon we were
fucking together, mother and son, in the most forbidden of
embraces between a mother and her son. But I never saw it
that way. To me, it was the purest of all embraces, only
possible thanks to the deep bond of love and trust we shared.
This cynical society frowns on people like my mother and me
but they don't understand the depth of our relationship. They
don't understand that our relationship has taken a turn for
the better, it has flourished further, become even more
beautiful than it ever was.

My hands now found her madly humping ass and I gripped it,
pressing my fingers on her hips, as mine left the rug
repeatedly to meet her thrusts. She moaned continuously, and
then let herself fall on my chest, kissing me madly as she
tried to keep working her cunt on my cock.

I rolled her over at this point and took over.

"Yesss babby. Fuck me, fuckkkk your mother silly, fuck her
till she cums, fuck meeeeee you mother fucker!!," she

"Take my cock mom! Take it deep, ohh god take it deeep!" I
joined in, as she goaded me.

Whenever she calls me a motherfucker, it turns me on so much.
I was now throwing myself at her every thrust. My cock was
reaming her cunt, making dirty, squishy noises as my thighs
slapped against hers. Her cunt juice was smeared all over our
connected groins.

My mom was now beginning to reach her peak. She was thrashing
beneath me, throwing her hips at me as her head whipped
around from side to side. Her eyes were tightly shut and she
was emitting one continuous moan like wail. Her hands were
on my back, as she hugged me tightly, her fingernails sinking
into my flesh, as she scratched my back in her mad frenzy.

"Fuck me, fuck me, oh god, oh my god, oh ma oh my oh, oh god
yes yesss yess!" she wailed suddenly.

I could feel my own cum boil deep in my balls. The tell tale
hardening of my balls conveyed to me that my own orgasm was
impending even though I wanted to fuck my sexy mother

"Ohh mommm, I'm gonna shoot my load," I screamed.

She went crazy, thrashing about like a mad woman, and then
she hit the ceiling. My mother must be the loudest cummer in
the whole states. It starts with a throaty gurgle from deep
down, and slowly and shrilly, peaks into an ear hurting high-
pitched wail.

"Its cummming, mother is cummming on your cock, your
beautiful, mother fucking cock. Aaaaieeeeeeeeee," I roared
as her cunt contracted around my pistoning cock. Her juices
boiled within her love tunnel as she went over the edge,
which prompted the same reaction in me.

"I'm coming too mom! Take my sperm mom!" I bellowed as I shot
my sperm into her.

It was great, like usual with my mother, my orgasm. I sprayed
my cum in at least three powerful jets in her cunt. My mother
was sobbing by then, as she held onto me gingerly. Her cunt
was still contracting around my cock, which was still hard
and lodged deep within her.

I had laid atop my mother as soon I'd cum in her. She always
mentions how she likes that afterwards. She tells me that she
likes to feel my heartbeat next to hers after the sex. Her
theory is that the heart pounds real loud right after sex and
if two lovers lie down like we do after making love, their
bonds only become stronger.

Her legs were wrapped around mine and I kissed her gently. We
had now rolled so that we were on our sides. My cock had slid
out of her cunt after one of her contractions. She returned
the kiss tenderly and then kissed me all over my face, all
the time whispering how she loved me, and was so lucky to
have me.

I ended the incessant kissing as I pushed her, making her lie
down on her back. Then I slid down her sweat soaked body,
making a wet trail with my tongue, over her shoulder, to her
breasts, quickly licking her nipples, then to her tummy. I
laved her belly button, nibbling at it. She lifted her ass
reflexively off the rug when I pushed my tongue into her
belly button.

"Ohh that tickles!" she giggled, as she ruffled my hair,
before pushing my head further down.

I continued on my merry way, tonguing her abdomen and then
reached her wet pussy. Our juices had leaked out and run down
her thighs.

"Mmmmm love juice!" I sighed, as I licked it up, savouring
the taste of our juices. I licked up all that was there, from
her thighs, her inner thighs before I started to lick at her

My mom was squirming now at the wet contact and I pushed my
tongue deep into her cunt. She squealed as I explored her
love tunnel with my tongue. Her fingers were playing with my
hair, as her legs were wrapped around my shoulders in a death

"Ohhh baby suck it out, suck it all out, yesss, make me cum
again!" she squealed.

I removed my tongue and replaced it with one, then two and
then three fingers. I started finger fucking her, pumping my
digits in her, as I found her clit with my tongue. She
thrashed wildly at that, and pulled my face harder into her.
I was tonguing her clit wildly and finger fucking her hard.
I then took her clit between my lips and sucked on it, before
flipping it with the tip of my tongue as my fingers
continually fucked her slick passage.

"Yess baby yessss, it's close," she moaned between sobs.

My pumping got faster and deeper and I really started to give
her clit a working. I was laving it freely, lapping at it
like a dog, lapping up all she had to offer. My fingers had
built a nice steady rhythm to go with the cunt lapping that I
was giving to my mother.

"Ohhh godddd yessss, I'm cummmin, I'm cummming again,
aaaaieeee." she screamed again, as she tried to stuff my
whole face into her cunt.

She exploded. Her crotch was whipping around the rug, making
it almost impossible for me to keep up with her. Somehow I
managed to keep sucking her, and through my mom's orgasm I
kept it going. Finally she couldn't take it any more and
pushed my face away.

My whole face was covered with her gooey juice and some of my
own juice too

I guess. I looked at her with a lewd grin on my face. She
gave me a tired smile, and then winked at me. All this cunt
lapping had my cock back in its hard hot state.

My mom rolled over onto her stomach before getting on her
knees, doggy style, as she presented her ass to me. I
groaned, looking at that delightful piece of hot, fuckable
ass. Precum had started to leak from my cock, and it was
starting to pain.

She then lowered her chest on the floor, crushing her tits on
the carpet, and with her hands, opened her ass crack, and in
the lewdest way possible, offered it to me.

"Go on baby! It's all yours, do it baby, stick your mother
fucking cock up your mother's ass, do it you motherfucker!"
she goaded.

I growled at her goading as I just sat there, staring at her
ass. She wiggled it delightfully, teasing me with her

"What's the matter, big boy? Scared to back door mamma? Do
it you mother fucker, do it, fuck your mom's asshole"

She continued with her verbal assault on me and then started
playing with her asshole. She started toying with her ass
ring, opening it up with her finger, and then pushing it in.

"Ohhh my shit chute is so tight, look, my finger won't go
in." she gasped.

I just sat there, stroking my cock, as she started to frig
her asshole with her finger. She was right, the shitter
wouldn't take her finger. She removed it from her asshole and
then pushed her finger in her cunt.

"Baby spit on my shitter. It needs some lube!"

I bent forward and spit some saliva onto my palm before
smearing it nicely on her asshole. Then she replaced her
slick finger on her backdoor.

"Mmmm it's loosening a little now. My finger is going all the
way in. can you see it, you motherfucker, you nasty boy," my
mom goaded on.

Then she pushed another finger in her asshole, pushing both
the fingers deep, and pumping them. I couldn't stand any
longer. I growled again, slapping her hand off and started to
tongue her asshole.

She squealed when my tongue touched her ass ring. I pushed my
tongue as deep as I could into her ass, and then pulled out
and started to rim her in earnest. Her ass ring loosened up
considerably thanks to my analingus.

"Yes babyyyy," she wailed, "tongue mommy's shitter for her.
It's itching so bad, tongue it and then fuck it deep."

I'd had enough of the rimming and my cock couldn't wait
anymore. Quickly I got up and knelt behind her. I placed my
cock at the entrance of her asshole.

"Ohhhhh its so hot, I'm gonna hurt" I gasped at the

Slowly and carefully, I eased an inch of my rock hard cock
into her shitter. She moaned into the carpet, and goaded me

"What's the matter, you got only an inch? Fuck me damnit!"

Her teasing started to get to me, and my hormones didn't
help either.

"Ok you bitch! You asked for it and you're gonna get it!" I
roared, as I fucked the whole length of my cock in one neat
stroke into her asshole.

It must have pained her, but I don't think she cared.


"Ohhhh mommmmmm"

I pulled my cock almost all the way out before stroking it
deep again. It was so tight and hot in my mother's asshole. I
love to fuck her asshole. We don't do it very often as it
gets sore afterwards, but when we do have anal sex, its
always great.

"Fuck mommmys asshole!" she screamed now.

I started to ram my cock home. Her shitter had loosened
enough, for me to do that by then. My cock was going deep
into her as she wriggled and writhed beneath me like a bitch
in heat, always keeping her ass raised high and even pushing
back at me. Her arms lay limp by her side as she gripped the
rug hard with her fists.

I grabbed her by her hips and rammed into her full ass,
pushing my cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. She
just took it like a rag doll but with a dirty mouth,
moaning and squealing underneath me, goading me on. I
threw my head back with sheer ecstasy, which I always
experienced when I fucked my mom's hot, tight asshole, "Fuck
meeeeee, fuck my ass, babyyyyy! Oh yes, ram it in!"

"Take it mommy, take my hard cock all the way in your ass"
Even though I had already cum, the tight ass tunnel was too
pleasuresome for me to last long.

"I'm gonna dump it mom!" I gasped in midstroke.

She humped back harder, "YESSSSS YESS FUCKKKKKKKK IT," she
screamed. "CUM


I fucked into her hot ass but soon my orgasm hit me. I pushed
deep and hard one last time before emptying my balls, this
time in her asshole.

"Oohhh mommy!" was all I could manage as I came and
collapsed over her.

"Yes baby, you're flooding my shitter sooo goood," sobbed my
mom and collapsed on the carpet under me.

She then contracted her asshole to release my cock. Even
though I was dog-tired, I couldn't pass up the opportunity
and got up to lap all the cum off her asshole as well. I
cleaned her up like a cat does her kittens and only when I
was fully satisfied, I laid down beside her.

She lovingly kissed me before going down on me and cleaning
my cock. It was stained a bit, thanks to the anal route, but
my mom cleaned it up and enjoyed herself, moaning on my cock
as she sucked on it, nursing on my soft spent cock. I played
with her hair as she sucked me clean, and when she finished,
she gave me a quick peck and we just rolled over and fell
asleep right there in each other's loving arms.

Our love life has been so beautiful that I just had to share
it with all of you. This was just one day in our rare,
different but beautiful mother son relationship, there were
many more and there are many more to come which my mother and
I would love to share with all of you.

Drop me a line at keetarp@hotmail.com
P.S: Once again, this story is fiction. It's fantasy, pure
fantasy. I couldn't stand it anymore and just had to pen it
down. I enjoyed the experience so much that I want to go on.
That's why I kept dropping hints of more to come within the
story itself. I'll try my best to pen those fantasies I have
and if the response to this one is good, then I'll definitely
post them on the net too.

The fantasies do exist in my head; I have to find the time
and energy to pen them down, that's all. These days, I'm
really pressed for time, so I won't promise anything.

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