My best story to date about meeting a couple for the first time in a 3-way. - sex story

My best story to date about meeting a couple for the first time in a 3-way.

It was one of those "weaker" moments. I had been broken up with
an abusive (verbally) boyfriend and it had been awhile since....
well, since I had had "any".

I was playing On Line and a couple made contact with me. I had
been chatting with them off and on over a 2 or 3 month period and
since they were located near me, I decided it would be fun to
exchange pics, etc.

One night while on line, "Fred" had contacted me and, more or less,
said he and his wife Jeannie would be interested in giving me a
massage....no strings.

Well I live with my Aunt in a rather "safe haven" atmosphere. She
watches over me rather closely and tries to make sure I'm safe,
happy, and not contacted in any way by my former boyfriend who has
made some real, serious threats.

Fred has sent me pictures of him and Jeannie and I felt that they
might be "OK" and that maybe there would be no harm in opening my
circle of friends a little.

I should admit here that I have always been bi curious and with
only one minor experience, I was more curious than ever. Still,
with disease and such, I wasn't anxious to get out much.

Fred sent me 2 pictures of Jeannie that caught my eye and I was
curious to meet and chat with them. Just being on line wasn't
really enough so I got their phone number and happened to call
when Fred was at work and Jeannie was at home.


"Ah, Hi...this is Jennifer....y'know...your on line friend you
guys have been talkin' to.."

"Oh Hi!...this is Jeannie..how are you?"

"Well, this is a bit awkward for me....."

"Hey, no problem...we have been anxious to meet you..."

Most of the insueing conversation covered our location to each
other...likes/dislikes and I expanded a little on my current
situation. I was pleasantly surprised that Jeannie was not in
the least bit pushy but acted intrigued at the thought of her and
Fred meeting me.

After an hour long phone call, I was interested in meeting them
too but felt I still had to be very careful.

We made a luncheon date (Jeannie and I) and agreed to meet at a
restaurant near one of the malls. Did anyone suggest shopping!?

Once again, Jeannie turned out to be even nicer in person and quite
attractive. We spent a fun afternoon and she said I would have to
come over to their house for that "complimentary" massage.

Fred followed up with some E-Mail and re-assured me that their
would be no pressure if I decided not to take them up on their

I really didn't know quite how to respond. Most of the married
couples I had met didn't have this kind of open relationship and
seemed, for the most part, at odds with one another rather than
open to a "stranger" coming into their home.

After more E-mail and calls a "date" was set to go to their house.
The idea of spending a nice quiet night with newfound friends was
appealing and I convinced my Auntie not to worry and that I would
call her that night to keep her posted.

I am 25 but am very greatful to my Aunt's caring for me and I
respect her greatly.

I dressed casually for that night and chose to wear shorts and
casual top with no fancy underwear. Since it was a hot summer
night, I wasn't too keen on doing a dressup thing.

Thankfully Fred and Jeannie greeted me in casual attire too and,
for the first time, I noticed Fred's bulge in his shorts/swimming
trunks he was wearing.

Jeannie was dressed in a light "spring" dress that was sexy because
of her body in it.

She is built well...not too big, not too small but nice legs and
a round, firm butt (as near as I could tell). They offered me
something to drink when I arrived and I later found out it was

It was very tasty for an alcoholic drink and I wasn't sure what
it was until I felt a little tipsy as the night wore on. We all
got pretty giggly and told some pretty ribald jokes and stories.

Later, Fred and Jeannie were making small chat with how they met
and what their marriage had been like, their fears, etc. When I
complained of my neck being tense and stiff (from running a
computer all day!), Jeannie quickly stepped up behind me to
massage it for me.

Fred got up to put on some great CD's of Kenny G and Sade in a
mix of music that was very relaxing and mellow. I was surprised
that Jeannie's hands were so strong yet soothing to my neck.
I nearly melted from her touch on my neck and after about 20-25
minutes, she suggested that I lay down on their futon and get
more comfortable.

I was a little relieved when Fred excused himself from the room.
He didn't return for another 15 or 20 minutes and I hardly noticed
when he did because Jeannie's hands were sending me into another
dimension. By now, I was comfortable in my bra and shorts and
Jeannie was rubbing some kind of lotion that was warm and cool
at the same time. I don't know what it was but it sure felt good!

Between the music, the mai tais, and Jeannie's hands, I was
relaxed to the point of almost going to sleep! Just when I thought
I would, I felt another set of hands on my foot and more lotion
being applied. Jeannie was working on my shoulders and back while
Fred took up the task of relieving my feet and hands of every bit
of tension they may have had.

I found out that night that there is something very intimate about
a foot and hand massage. It's almost more sensual than any other
body parts but this wasn't supposed to be arousing. However, I
felt a warmth in my pussy that I hadn't experienced in quite some

I didn't really want to feel sexy, it just happened. I guess my
hips were giving me away because when Fred was doing each hand
individually, Jeannie had begun to massage the backs of my legs
and was now working her way up my thighs.

I could feel her fingertips soothing every inch of my legs as they
worked ankles, then calves, backs of my knees and then on up to my
thighs. She barely scratched (or more like a tickle) with her
nails as she continued to massage me. Her firmness now gave way
to more of a caress and I sure wasn't used to this kind of intimacy
from another woman.

My hips must have started to writhe on their own against the pillowy
futon and I could feel my pussy heating up more. Jeannie's fingers
continued rubbing the backs of my legs and I let out more moans than
I care to admit to as she coaxed them out of me.

Fred seemed content to watch and "play" with each finger of my hands
as he added more lotion. When I looked through the slits of my eyes,
I could see that he had changed into a robe and that he had nothing
on underneath it. In the shadows of his robe I could see his long
(but still flaccid) cock laying over a nice set of balls that rested
on his calf and ankle as he continued to administer to me.

Meanwhile, my moans became louder and I think Jeannie took that as a
sign to enter her fingers just inside my shorts and touch that sen-
sitive area on the inside of my thighs.

"Okay...we're going to roll you over Jenn....ever so gently!"

As they rolled me over, I realized that my bra was undone but I
didn't care. It was still draped across my titties and I maintained
some modesty by keeping them covered even though I was in this very
relaxed state.

Jeannie went to join Fred at my head and began to rub my shoulders
from the front as Fred continued on my other hand. From the slurping
sounds I could tell they were madly kissing each other while they
didn't miss a beat with me.

I glanced up at them to see them in a deep french kiss and Fred was
giving Jeannies breasts a nice squeeze and mild nipple pinch. Do you
know how erotic it can be to see two people french kissing and feeling
each other up close!!?

I just lazily smiled and sighed and tried not to notice Fred's
hardening dick right near my left ear as I lay my head back down on
the futon. They broke their kiss with giggles and Jeannie then con-
centrated in earnest on my "front". Without disturbing my bra covered
titties, she massaged my entire upper torso.

Normally I would have been laughing out load from being "tickled" but
I somehow knew this wasn't that kind of a touch from her. Although
light, her hands were like electric charges on my skin by now and I
wanted her to touch me everywhere and I wouldn't have stopped her!

Her hands moved to under my "C" sized breasts and I simply succumbed
to whatever she wanted to do. So when she pulled my bra off, I offered
no resistance and looked through my slitted eyes to see Fred's smile
and nod of approval at the sight of my bare breasts.

Jeannie wasted no time in massaging them too and her fingers on my
nipples were more than I could take. My hips came off of the futon
in an air fucking motion that gave me away. I moaned at the same time
and Jeannie then proceeded to unbutton my shorts at the top buttons so
she could work her hands and fingers from my breasts across my flat
belly to the top of my panty waistband.

My knees came up together involuntarily and Fred repositioned himself
at my feet. With Jeannie steadily administering to my upper body, he
started at my ankles and worked up.

This was a bold move on his part but one that I had to admit, I
welcomed. The two of them "played me" like a musical instrument and
I responded. By now, my pussy was good and wet and Jeannie continued
to work over me toward it with her hands.

I felt her fingers under my panties and she massaged my pubic mound
but avoided going further down to my wet pussy. I was glad I had
re-trimmed my bikini cut so my hair wouldn't get in the way of the
tingles she was sending down my body.

At one point they touched fingers under my shorts legs but again
avoided contact with my wet pussy even though they had me writhing
in anticipation and wanting it. They met over me again in a long,
lingering kiss that I truly envied.

As Fred leaned up over my legs and thighs to continue his massage,
I could feel his hard cock as it grazed my foot. It felt enormous
and I dared not look!

Jeannie's haltered breasts were just above mine and I could see the
bottom swell of each one as she moved and leaned over me working her
hands down tomy pussy.

I couldn't hardly stand any more! Just when I thought I was going
to get up and run, I felt Jeannies slim fingers surrounding my wet
pussy along the sides. I shuddered out a mild climax in response and
opened my legs to allow her access. I knew Fred could see my pussy
hair with my shorts and panties pulled down a little but it just
didn't seem to matter now. I was using my foot to massage his hard
dick and the tops of my other toes were buried under his big balls.

Fred gingerly grabbed my shorts and pulled them down in one motion
just as Jeannie's fingers insinuated themselves between my pussy
lips. I knew my clitoris was sticking out from under its hood and
Fred pulled Jeannies dress over her head and me to reveal her
beautiful swinging breasts and shaved pussy above me.

I was fascinated with the sight of her shaved pussy...and it was so
close...just above me.

Fred removed his robe and Jeannie could now see that I had both my
feet around his engorged cock. He was stroking it in between them
and again kissed her and whispered something I couldn't hear to her.

In a few short moments, I felt the softest, hottest mouth cover my
pussy and knew it had to be Jeannie's. That was all it took. I came
in her mouth and shuddered out a long pent up climax as she sucked
on my clit like it was a mini cock. While still in the throes of an
orgasm I looked up and grabbed her hips and ass and sucked on her
pussy for all I was worth. It tasted like I knew it would...of
perfume, honey, and wetness and she opened her legs to allow me
better access.

As she licked me I started to writhe out of control and hung on to
her for dear life. My legs were splayed like a whore as I raised my
pelvis up to meet her mouth. On one of my up strokes, a pillow went
under my hips making it easier for Jeannie to lick me from the top of
my slit to that extremely sensitive area between my pussy and anal

I felt Fred kneel in between my legs and Jeannie started to suck on
him leaving me just short of another orgasm.

It felt so strange to be licking another woman! I was totally fas-
cinated with her pussy and its different tastes, moisture, and heat.
I felt the weight of Fred's cock laying across my pussy's length and
could feel Jeannie licking the head of it while her tongue simul-
taneously touched the top area of my slit. It felt like a big
sausage laying on me! I wanted him to fuck me and I think he wanted
to also but it was Jeannie who was in control right now (except for
me licking her and making her moan in passion!)

She took hold of his cock and rubbed the head of it around the out-
side of my wet opening. I swear she was teasing me with it! She
would not put it in and Fred kept "missing" when he tried to enter
me. She would move him out of the way and teasing us both!

Finally she let him "in" and I welcomed the full feeling of that
huge, hard dick ....oh but it felt good to be fucked again!

Fred was good for about 6 strokes and complained that I was too
tight as he pulled out and shot into Jeannie's mouth with a long,
loud groan. "Damn!!" he was pissed that he came right away but
Jeannie turned around and kissed me full on the mouth with his cum
all over her face. I had never kissed another woman!..much less
one with cum on her face but it tasted good and I lapped it up!

Fred got up to fix more drinks and the both of us assured him that
the night was young and he could get it up again. As he paused to
watch Jeannie laying on top of me and sucking my breasts, he stroked
himself and was almost hard again right then and there! Reluctantly,
and while I was feeling Jeannies spongy titties for the first time,
he went to the kitchen.

Jeannie whispered in my ear that she had something she had wanted
to share with me since we met and left me alone in the room (aching
to cum again!) When she returned, she had a two ended rubber cock
that seemed 2 feet long! She had us sit up and face each other and
then she "sucked" one end in a most sensuous way to wet it. She
inserted that end and then stood up to have me suck "her cock" and
wet the end that I was to get.

She entered me like a man and tongue kissed me at the moment she put
it in me. I was so wet that it slid in like a real cock and I felt
myself meeting her every thrust just like I was fucking a hung guy!

It was a bit strange to feel cushy breasts against mine but the
friction was perfect with her riding me "high" on my clit urging me
to another climax. Just as we were both about to cum together,
Fred waltzed in with a tray of fresh mai tais and was sporting a new,
hard erection.

He placed the tray on the coffee table and carefully edged his way
over to us and placed his cock between both our lips. I heard Jeannie
say "Mmmmm you taste good on him..." as we both tongue-laved his cock
to his sighs and delight.

Jeannie and I didn't miss a stroke as we continued to fuck with
the big dildo between us and we came together with loud sighs
and moans of our own. Moments later the dildo slipped out of our
pussies from the "bend" and the wetness we both generated during
cumming and Fred moved himself between our legs. I felt him enter
Jeannie as her smooth pussy pressed into mine from his pressure
on her. Our clits were gnashed together and I knew she could
cum like that as I felt I could too.

Fred stroked a dozen or so times then pulled out and entered me
just below Jeannie's puss. I wasn't expecting it but--- gawd---
it felt good! Jeannie turned her head around and kissed Fred who
came down in a three-way tongue fest that I won't soon forget
while he continued to fuck me. Again he stroked me a dozen or
so more then pulled out and went back into Jeannie's.

I guess it was a game to see who would get his cum. Since I
missed out when he pulled out from the first time, I was deter-
mined to "suck" his cum out with a little bit of cleverness on
my part. You see, I have a "clamper"....my pussy muscles are
developed to where I can squeeze with them. The next time Fred
entered me, I clamped down on his dick so he didn't know what
grabbed him! He stroked about 3 times and came right inside me
and I wasn't going to let go of his spurter this time!

We took a short drink and potty break and I called my Auntie
to tell her not to worry that I was going to spend the night
with my friends since I had had some "wine" to drink.

l had Jeannie and Fred both talk to her just so she would know
they were "nice" people and wouldn't cause her to be alarmed.
I didn't tell her that I was going to be fucked and sucked all
night long!

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