My Granny, her friend and I (Fiction, Anal, Incest, Male / Female)

My Granny, her friend and I

It was one of those days home alone watching a few rap videos on BET and after a while the half naked women gyrating and shaking their voluptuous ass sent blood rushing to my dick. It was hard and ready for action but the only way to vent my desire was with my hand.
Sliding my hands down my pants I began to rub around my head. The sensation forced me to arch my back. It was a little too much for me so I just wrapped my hand along the length of my meat and stroked it slowly, tilting my head back and closing my eyes. Mouth open and subtle moans erupting like the cum about to from my shaft I closed my eyes and that’s when I heard the knock on the door.
On the verge of cumming I pulled my hands from my pants and swore under my breath making for the door.
It was my grandmother’s friend Janice.
“Hi Ms. Walker,” I said opening the door letting her in.
She had a bag with her probably something to drop off so I figured her gift would be quick. I knew she wasn’t planning to wait on my grandmother who was still at least an hour from coming home.
“Hi John, I brought this for your grandmother. Be a dear and rest it in her room.”
Obeyed I figured it would be easier plus quicker in get her out the house so I could finish myself off.
When I returned she was sitting in the living room the television still playing videos but her gaze wasn’t on the television it was on me.
“I saw what you were doing through the window,” she said nodding towards the curtains.
I frowned. I wasn’t sure if you could see through them but I wasn’t sure so I had to take her word for it.
“You don’t want your Granny knowing what you do when she’s at work do you.”
My heart rate increased. No I didn’t want my grandmother to know but at the same time I could believe this fifty something year old woman, with curly black hair was black mailing me of all people.
She smiled. “Take your clothes off.”
I obeyed dropping my pants and stripping my shirt off.
She uncrossed her legs. “You a little limp. Come suck my pussy.”
I think I got even limper.
“I don’t think my grandmother would be happy knowing what you just asked me to do.”
“Who do you think she’ll believe? We’ve been friends for longer than you have been alive.”
She was right.
I imagine lifting her skirt to find a pussy hairy and un-kept with saggy lips and wrinkled thighs. I was close, her lips were large and her thighs were wrinkled but she was shaved and it surprised me. Before I had time to take in the sight I felt her hands on my head pushing me down to her lips.
A salty taste greeted my tongue.
“Lick me good John. Really good.”
Hands on her legs I began searching for her clit with my tongue occasionally teasing it before slithering it into her pussy. It was getting wet. It was warm inside almost hot. With each pass of my tongue against her clit she moaned. I enjoyed that moan in spite of the situation I was in, on my knees in front of my blackmailer.
Eventually two fingers ended up in her pussy while my mouth wrapped around her clit and while I sucked it like a lollipop I pumped her with my fingers until she came once and again soon after because of a sudden desire not to stop fingering her.
Leaning back on my feet I saw I was hard again.
“Lick you fingers clean.” She said.
I did as I was told not out of fear but rather because I wanted to and the taste wasn’t bad either.
“See you have a problem there. You want some of this?” She put both her legs up on each arm of the chair revealing more of her body. Her pussy was red and very wet.
I stood. Moving towards her she reached for my head and pulled me down to kiss her as I went between her legs.
“I taste good on you.” She said as my head rubbed against her hole.
Her hands went down my back to my butt. She squeezed it slide her hand between my crack occasionally.
I felt my shaft stiffen as I entered her.
She wasn’t tight but she was hot and the meat was soft.
My eyes closed and my mouth locked with hers I began to stroke her slowly.
I felt her hand move between us. She was touching her breast but before long I felt her breast rubbing against my chest. No doubt it was a saggy breast but it was soft against my skin and the nipple was firm.
Together we moaned for I don’t know how long before she whispered in my ear, “Hard. Fuck me harder.”
The request was granted I began to pound her pussy faster feeling my balls slap against her and my shaft slide all the way into her each time hitting her sweet spot that send a gasp erupting from her. Her gasps and moans grew in a crescendo that culminated in a long satisfied sigh.
I felt two contractions of my shaft and cum oozed from it into her. As I pulled out I felt another and more cum oozed onto her mound.
“You’re grandmother must be proud.”
“Yes I am.”
My head turned sharply. Knowing the woman was always quiet I didn’t think she was that quiet. I didn’t even here her come in but then again between Janice’s moaning and my own I don’t think I would have heard much I didn’t even hear when the music had stopped on the television.
I stood unsure of what to say until I saw what was in my grandmother’s hand and then I definitely didn’t know what too say.
In one hand was the bag I’d put in the room and in the other was a strap on dildo. It was black and about nine inches long and thick. Longer than mine I was still young, fourteen and had time to grow so I felt another two or so inches would come my way.
My grandmother sat down and said, “If you can tongue fuck her you can do me.”
Hearing the word ‘fuck’ from my Granny was weird it sent a chill through me but also a twitch to my dick which though it was lip was still somewhat hard.
Janice followed.
Granny shed her work dress panties and bra. I’d caught glimpse of her nude from behind before so I’d seen her somewhat wrinkled back and butt but from the front she wasn’t too bad. Her breasts were pale and sagging and her stomach could do with some crunches. Her pussy was not hairy but well trimmed, in fact trimmed in the shape of a triangle above her mound not what I expected.
Kneeling between her legs I put my hands on her thighs.
They were soft and as I leaned forward n began to lap at her it came to me that I was no sucking on my grandmother and was starting to get around by it and even more so by the woman behind me kissing my butt and exploring my butt crack with her tongue.
It wasn’t before long my fingers were in Granny’s pussy and my tongue was working overtime flicking against her clit inspiring tremors of pleasure across her body that like a volcano ended in an eruption.
Warm fluids oozed from inside her.
Without asking as I pulled back I licked my fingers.
Janice was kissing my back.
Granny looked down at me and smiled at the sight of me licking my fingers.
I wanted the old woman, and with her long black hair and deep brown eyes in her wrinkled face I couldn’t resist.
She spread her legs as Janice did and I entered her.
Janice stopped kissing my back as I stroked her slowly my shaft not quiet as hard since I’d cum already. I wished it was harder but Granny didn’t seem to mind as she licked my lips and inside of my mouth tasting herself mingled with the previous taste of Janice.
Janice’s hands were on me again on my back and my butt groping and searching and that’s when I discovered what her quest was.
I felt the head of the dildo against the pouted lips of my ass.
My eyes opened in surprise but before I could react, it was in me filling my ass lubed and sliding it easily. I suspected she lubed it with her own juices.
My erection already inside of my Granny stiffened.
Granny moaned enjoying the sensation of me getting harder inside her.
Janice stroked me moaning as she did.
Soon it got to the point that it didn’t matter that I was being fucked in the ass. All of us were moaning and making the sounds associated with sweet hot sex.
Janice mirrored my speed and vigor as I went faster in my grandmother so did she in my ass until I shared a sweet climax with my grandmother.
The three of us stayed locked together for sometime before Janice relieved my ass of the sweet intruder that had heightened my arousal and my climax. In actually liked taking it in the ass from her and that wouldn’t be the last time though the next time it wasn’t she who rode me it was my grandmother who after Janice was gone let me take her again in the shower. It’s also when it became clear why Janice and Granny were such good friends and for better or worse I was now part of that friendship.

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