My husband fucked his mother (inc,sex,porn,family)

My husband fucked his mother

Ricks mother Helen called and said she was coming to visit for a few days. She has been single since Ricks dad ran of with another woman 5 years ago. She arrived Friday morning while Rick was at work. Helen is 44 years old with big breast and a plump ass. She still takes good care of herself, she has long pretty brown hair and deep blue eyes.

I fixed us both a strong drink and we began loosning up and she said she has been so lonely lately. I asked
when was the last time she went out on a date. She said all the men where she lives ar all married or bums.
She asked how me and Rick was doing. I said we get along great and we have a good marriage.

She said she hasent been with a man sexually in over a year. I said she must be horny all the time and said
I didn't know how she kept from going crazy. She said she tries not to think about it but it is starting to make
her crazy.
She asked me if Rick and I were going to have kids some day. I told her we talked about it and maybe in a
few more years. She said when Rick was born the doctor told her she wouldn't be able to have anymore.
She jokingly said if she ever had sex she didn't have to worry about getting preagnent.

She asked if I had a computer she could use to find a site a friend told her about. She said it has information
about single moms and things they can do with their sons.
I said that sounds cool and went and got my laptop and handed it to her.

She looked around the internet for a while and said she might as well give up because she couldn't remember
the name of the site. I said well just start putting in mothers and sons and stuff like that.
She looked for a while longer and then she said OH my goodness they are actually doing it.
I sat down beside her and said doing what and she pointed at the clip that was playing.
The title said mothers and sons and there was a younger man fucking a older woman. I reached over and turned on the sound. The woman was saying fuck me son fuck me good.

Helen looked at me with a red face and we both started laughing. I said dam he's really giving it to his mom good isn't he. I said well if it feels good why not, Just as I said that the woman screemed and said oh son
your going to make me cum. The young man said oh yes mom cum on my dick I want to make you cum so hard.

There was hundreds of clips of sons fucking their moms and Helen said she couldn't believe so many people were doing that. She asked me what I thought about it. I said well I didn't think there was nothing wrong with
it. And to be honest it was making me horny and laughed. I asked Helen to tell me what she thought and to be honest. Helen said it took her by surprise but it had made her horny also.

I said it made me so horny that Rick was going to get it to night. Helen said go for it honey good for you if I
had a man he would get it good to.

I jokingly said well you do if you do what those wemon are doing. Helen said you got to be kidding I couldn't
screw my son and besides he's married to you. I said well I don't see anything wrong with it and I wouldn't care as long as I could watch. Helen said lets turn this off and get another drink.

We made another drink and went out on the back pattio and sat down. I said I cant stop thinking about
it now. Helen said you mean the moms and sons doing it. I said yes but mainly of you and Rick doing it.
Helen said I was a notty girl and I need to stop thinking about it.

I said I said I haven't got so hot before and I think it will help me and Rick have a better sex life. Helen said you mean you are going to show Rick the clips we seen. I said yes and if it turns him on like me and you
then even better. Helen said she hoped it turned him on if it would help.

I aksed Helen if he got turned on by it would she think about maybe doing it. She said the clips turned her on
because it was so taboo but she never thought of her own son like that before.

It wasn't long before Rick came home, as soon as he was out of the shower I called him in the bedroom.
I said I found this by accident today when I was looking for a site about things a mother and son can do togather. Rick sat next to me on the bed and I started a clip. There was a young man fucking a older woman.
He had her legs on his shoulders and was slamming his cock in her hard. The woman was begging for him to give it to her. She was saying fuck me son fuck your mom's pussy good baby.

Rick said he's fucking his own mom? I showed him severel more of son fucking theire mom's. I looked down
and seen Rick's dick was rock hard and poking out like a tent in the jogging pants he had on. I reached down
and slid my hand down his pants. I slowly stroked his dick whitch was harder than I ever felt it before.

I said dam baby that thing's so hard it feels like steel. I said it made me hornier than I ever been to. I asked what he thought about those sons and mothers fucking each other like that.
He said he didn't know what to think but it was so different and taboo it really turned him on. He said he was
clad I got hot from watching it to. I said yes I do get hot watching it but what makes my pussy soaking wet
is the thought of you doing it to your mom.

Rick asked me if I showed his mom this? I said yes as a matter of fact she told me it made her horny as ever to. Rick asked if I told his mom about how horny I got thinking about him fucking her.
I said yes I told her and she said she never thought of you like that before. I said but I think she is thinking
of you like that now but she is to embarresed to admit it.

I showed Rick a lot more clips and puled out his dick and jacked him off as we watched them. Every time he said I was going to make him cum I would stop. I done that four or five times until he was going crazy.
He said he wanted to fuck me but I said I didn't think it was me he wanted to fuck and I winked at him.
He said he needed some pussy so bad he didn't care if it was his mom. I felt my pussy tingle and throb when
he said that. I told him that his mom said she hasn't been with a man in over a year.

He said he didn't think he could do it and she wouldn't let him anyway. I said well lets just see where the night takes us ok. I said I wanted for him to come and sit on the patio with me and get some fresh air.
I made him a real strong drink and we went out back. I told him I was going back in for only a moment to fix
me and Helen another drink. I handed Helen her drink and said if you want you can take a hot shower.

She said that was a good idea and I showed her where it was. I went and got a nghtight gown I have that was
pretty short. I told Helen I have something for her to wear and layed it in the bathroom counter.

I quickly went into the bedroom and got my laptop and pluged it in to the big tv in the living room.
I turned on the mothers and sons porn clicked on it then I turned the tv off. I went back out to where Rick was.
I said I cant think of anything but what we talked about.

I said I never thought I could get so horny from watching people fucking but when I see those guys fucking
their mom's it drives me crazy. I kept talking about how the moms were cuming so much and how the sons.
were slamming their dicks in their moms pussies so hard.

I slid my hand down Ricks pants and his dick was rock hard again. I said as soon as Helen got out of the shower that I was going to take one. I herd the bathroom door close and knew Helen was out. I wanted Rick
to see her in the night gown so I said lets go back in. Helen was sitting on the sofa so I sat down and so did Rick.

I went and made them both another strong drink and said I was going to take a shower. Right before I left I
turned on the tv and said tell me what happens.

I went in and turned on the shower I soaped up and rinsed off pretty fast and left the water running. I wrapped a towel around me
and quetly krept in the hall and peeked around the corner. Rick and Hellen was watching the porn I setup.
I noticed Rick slowly turn and look at his mom. He would stare at her big tit's that was barly coverd and then he would look down at her legs. the gown I give her was barly covering her pussy.

Helen would turn and look at Ricks crotch he had a small sofa pillow on his lap trying to hide his hard dick.
Rick leaned next to his mom and said weird porn huh. Helen said its different allright.
I waited for seems like forever for something to happen and was fixing to give up.
I was fixing to go turn off the shower when Rick slid close to his mom .
He started kissing her neck and slid a hand between her legs. I seen Ricks hand sliding up and down his mothers pussy.

Helen moaned and Rick bent down and started sucking on her nipples. Rick pulled his pants down far enough
to let his hard cock free. He took Helens hand and put it on his cock. She started jacking him off as he pulled
down her panties. Rick started finger fucking his mom making her squirm.

It turned me on so much that I squirted cum down my legs. Then I heard Helen say Rick we cant I cant do this
with my own son. Rick pressed his lips firmly on hers and started kissing her. He finger fucked her faster
and pushed her on her back. When he stopped kissing her she said we have to stop son.

I knew he was going to stop if I didn't do something. I went in where they were and Helen looked at me and said we cant do this. I said its ok you both need it and slid her panties off. I pulled off Ricks pants and slid
Helens gown over her head and off. I took her leg and pulled it toward me and Rick was were he needed to be.
He quickly pushed his face in his moms pussy making her jerk her hipps. He started lapping at her clit and sucking on it.
Helen lost it she grabbed the sides of his head and humped her pussy at him. In only a few seconds she
said she was going to cum. I patted Rick on the head and said don't make her cum befor you fuck her.

Helen looked at me and said I shouldn't let my own son fuck me. Rick already had the tip of his dick pressed
against her cunt. Before Helen could say anything else Rick give a push. His cock slid half way in his mom's
cunt she screemed out loud and said OH MY GOD MY SON'S DICK IS IN MEEE. Rick pulled back and pushed again sinking his hard cock deeper in his mothers fuck hole. Helen turned into a different woman

She grabbed Rick by the head and smashed her lips on his. I could tell she was running her toung over his
as she moened in his mouth. Rick started fucking her faster and harder. I knew he was finely all the way in her when I heard his nuts smack her ass loudly.

I slid a finger deep in my pussy and squirted cum instantly. I moved behind them and watched as Ricks cock
slammed deep inside his mother's pussy. He fucked her hard for a few minutes then she started bucking and squeeling. She said OH MY GOD MY SON IS MAKING MEEE FUCKING CUUUUMMMM AAOOHH FUCK YES FUCK ME SON IM CUUMMINNNG. I could hear her wet pussy making splashing sounds as Rick slamed in her. Suddenly Helen pushed Rick off she told him to lay down on the floor.

Whene Rick lay down Helen straddeld over him and slid all the way down his dick. She started talking
dirty to him. She said OH MAMA IS GIONG TO FUCK YOU GOOD NOW. She had all of his dick deep in her pussy. She started jerking her hips back and forth. Rick was moaning out loud now saying OH MOM RIDE

I straddled over Ricks mouth and as soon as he stuck his toung in my pussy I squirted cum all over his face.
Helen leaned down on rick and started bringing her ass up and slam back down. Her ass was moving so fast
that it jiggled. Rick grabbed one of her big tit's to keep it from bouncing and started sucking the nipple.

Helen was fucking him like a mad woman. Rick was grunting out loud and humpping up at her pussy as she
fucked him. Helen said will you give your mom a big hot blast of your cumm son huh will you.

Helen said oh baby Im not going to stop until I feel you shoot your cum in me. She really wet wild saying
do it son cum for me baby. She slammed down on him hard and jerked her hips faster and faster. Suddenly
Rick let out a loud moan and said MOM FUCK YOUR MAKING MEEE CUUUUUMMMMM INN YOUUU OOOHHH SHHIITT YYEESS MOM HERE IT COMES. Helen screemed real loud when she felt
Rick's hot cumm blasting in her pussy. She said IM CUMMING TO SON and she stopped moving. She rolled off Rick as they both caught their breath.

She looked at me and said I want to fuck him a lot more befor I leave if its ok.
I said you are the best mother in law in the world. I said she could fuck him as much as she wanted as long
as I could watch

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