My Latina Stepmom (Fiction, Hardcore, Latina)

My Latina Stepmom

So my stepmom is 32 years old I am 19 I've known her for 6 years and I have to mention after my 2nd year when I was 16 and my hormones were going crazy I started seeing my stepmom in a different way. She is about 5'5 of cuban decent, light tan skin, black long hair, b cup breasts, small waist, nice thick legs not fat but it matched her curvy body, a bomb ass that made me horny if I saw it in jeans or leggings or a bathing suit bottom it's my favorite feature on her and I want it so badly and her eyes are hazel. Ever since I was 15 I knew I had a strong lustful desire for her, each time we go shopping I'd stay behind her as she walked because her butt had a cute jiggle each time she took a step and I'd enjoy that view and think of the unholy things I'd do to this woman, I'd always try to cop a feel of her butt whenever I got the chance and it seemed like either she didn't care or she was too stupid to notice. My dad worked alot so he was never home and on weekends would be great because I'd be alone with her in the house and watch her clean in her yoga pants which literally showed the complete shape and curve of her ass, sometimes I'd sneak a look while she would shower and that was a lovely scene, you don't understand I want her badly I want her to be all mine that body should belong to me but alas it did not. So I remember one day me and her went to the beach she was wearing a black bikini which looked really sexy on her and we were there for a few hours while my dad was working a double. She had me put tanning oil on her and we'd just chill on the sand and sunbathed for a little then we left home, as we got home I was behind her and she had dropped something so you know I was enjoying the view of her ass as she bent over with a bathing suit bottom on.. eventually I went along my day just doing whatever I had to do then that same night I walked in the room and she was wearing a pink thong and no shirt so of course she freaked out and I bolted to my room because I didn't know what to think.. that same night while she was sleeping I was up laying in my bed with a massive boner because I was imagining the great sex me and her would have and I had already jerked off so I just sat there thinking. Finally I had went to sleep around one and then out of nowhere I find myself in the kitchen getting a bite and I hear my name called, it was my stepmom she needed a towel so I got the towel and just as I hand it she says "come here" so I walk in and shes just standing there naked. I wasn't sure what was going on so I asked "what do you need?" she then told me to join her and I went nuts inside my stepmom who I fantasize about all the time is asking me to shower with her how could I pass on such a glorious opportunity? So without hesitating I stripped and jumped in the shower and she just starts conversating. "So I notice you staring at me all the time is there something you want to tell me while I'm here wet and naked?" All I could manage to say was "I need you" so in a blink of an eye she said "well I know you want me so come get me" I immediately grab her wrap my arms around and kiss her holding her close as the warm shower water was hitting us my hands were rubbing her back as we passionately make out in the shower, at this point I'm rock hard and ready for my dreams to be fulfilled she got on her knees and put my hard cock in her mouth and started to swirl her tongue around my head and shaft I moan in please and she looks up and smiles then keeps sucking "oh god" i keep saying after all I was feeling great and I was extremely horny. After she had given me a great bj she shuts the shower and walks out so I dry off and follow behind... then there she was with only a thong on she stood there and said "show me what you got big boy" I approach her kissing her neck feeling up on her ass and thats when she turnt around. As soon as that happened I had her bend over where the bed was a latin girl with an ass like hers is meant to be pounded doggy style which is what I longed for, so I remove the thong as she spread her legs and bent over I sunk my cock into her warm wet pussy and from there I lost control I started going at it thrusting really hard holding her hips as her ass clapped on my crotch that soft warm ass was clapping and bouncing on my crotch and I was loving it each thrust was just wonderful and she stood there moaning and looking back at me once in a while I could tell she was enjoying me pounding her from behind. Then she decided to be a little freak and wanted to get on all fours and try anal doggy so I did her up her ass the way that big soft ass swallowed my dick each time I penetrated that hole was like heaven for me so we had a really rough intense sex session that lasted nearly 20 minutes by then I was getting ready to cum. "I'm gonna cum" I said, she told me to bust all on her back so after doing her standing doggy and regular pulling her hair and all... 5 bursts of sticky cum shot all over her back then I woke up with a sticky sensation in my underwear.. moral of this story is that was the greatest wet dream I ever had hope it comes true some day

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