My Sister Paid the Price (incest,family,sister,brother,car)

My Sister Paid the Price

When I turned 18 I had saved enough money to but my
first car. It was a 96 Olds, 2 door, but it had a big
powerful engine in it. That's what I wanted. Anyway my
sister Kelly got to thinking I was only put on this
earth to drive her and her friends to the mall and the
movies to do their bidding. Okay, so my sisters is a
blonde blue eyed beauty, so what. What good was that to
me, I pissed off with being like her servant or

One day I told Kelly, "One of these days I'm going to
drop off down to 'nigertown' and leave you there. Just
think about all those black cocks fucking every hole you
got! They'll maybe even pimp you out to their friends."

She replied snottily, "You wouldn't dare, dad would kill
you if you did that. I know you've got the hots for me
you perv. I see the way you look at me. I ought to tell
dad on you." She gave me her sexy little smile and
batting her eyes at me.

I just told her if she acted like a slut I'd use her as
a slut.

She told me to fuck off and die.

So anyway, one day I had plans with my buddies when
Kelly comes up to me and says, "I need you to take me to
Judie's and then over to Kim's place. Then we need a
ride to the mall."

I told her that I had plans myself and to fuck off and
walked away. But of course she went to dad and told him
what I'd said to her... So like always what Kelly wants
Kelly gets.

Dad just about threatened my with taking my car away, so
what choice did I have. I told Kelly to get in the
fucking car and as she did I notice her skirt only came
down to about 3 inches below her cunt. So I said, "I see
you're dressed like a hooker again today." As I backed
out of our driveway, Kelly said, "Just do what dad told
you to do!"

That's when I realized that I'd had enough bullshit from
her. The passenger side door doesn't open on my car and
the only way to get out was out through my side. I
decided to scare her a little and turned the car around
and headed for nigertown.

Kelly looked at me with concern, "What are you doing?
This isn't the way to Judy's place."

I replied with a smirk, "I know that, I'm taking you to
nigertown to be pimped out. If you want to act and dress
like a hooker I'm sure the blacks can use you and your
talents. And maybe I can get a cut of what you make
fucking all those black cocks!"

Kelly looked at me wide-eyed, "This isn't funny! You
can't do this, I'm your little sister, you're supposed
to protect me, not to get me fucked!" and started to

I was half way there when she said, "What if I give you
a blowjob? Will you stop this and take me home?"

I came up to a red light and looked over at her. "See,
and said I knew you were a slut, but what the hell,
it's a deal, as long as you sallow all that I shoot in
your mouth. And you don't tell


What could she say, it was either my cock in her mouth
or who knew how many black cocks in every orifice she
had. She nodded her head, and I drove into a deserted
industrial area where no one was around and parked on a
dead end street. Then I turned to her and said, "This'll
makes up for telling on me to dad, but if you pull the
shit again, I'll take you to nigertown and leave you
there." She nodded her head defeat as I pulled my cock
out into the air for her to suck off.

It took he a bit before she looked at my stiff quivering
cock. Finally she leaned over and took it in her mouth.
She wasn't very good at first but the more she worked on
me and with my coaching, the better it felt. Finally she
seemed to get more into it. I then put my hand under her
and groped a tit through her top.

She did protest at my touching her tit so I pulled up
her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her silk panties.
Soon she started moaning around my cock as she sucked me
even harder. I think she was really getting into this.

I was about ready to cum she pulled her mouth off me and
said, "Do you really hate me?"

I said that I didn't hate her, but that she just pissed
me off the way she acted and used me for whatever she
wanted. Then I got a shock when she kissed me hard on
the lips and give me her tongue. It was not the way a
sister should be kissing her brother, but then, after
all, I had made her suck my cock so...

Anyway, Kelly asked, "Have you ever gone down on a girl
before?" Then she said, "This is making me so fuck hot
brother. I could fuck you right now and I'd love for you
to eat me."

I said, "Kelly you know we're brother and sister and
that's what you want is what they call incest and that's
wrong." Although my dick was still as hard as rock with
her saliva cooling it in the breeze.

She looked at me and smiled, "And making you sister suck
your cock isn't incest and isn't wrong?" She then said,
"I've played with myself at night thinking about you and
me making love to you, but I didn't know how to bring it
up before this," she squeeze my throbber and leaned over
giving it a big long kiss on its tip. It looks like you
want me cause it's not getting soft and it's starting to
leak it's love juice for me," and she gave it a few
licks cleaning all my pre-cum up.

I'd like to say that I fucked Kelly then and there,
after all she was asking for it, but this was all so
fucking hot that when she put her mouth on my cock again
I blew my load down her throat with a loud shot. She did
swallow it all, making a nasty show of doing it.

Even though I still could have fucked her, the car
wasn't really the place to do it and the fact that she'd
just made me cum in her mouth gave me the ability to
hold off until another time, is a better place, where we
wouldn't be disturbed.

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