My Tribute to The Groupie - sex story

My Tribute to The Groupie

The event that I'm depicting here happened quite a long time
ago, when I was in college. I went to a small private college in
northeastern Pennsylvania in the early '80s. I was not a virgin when I
got to school, but when I look back, I was really an idiot when it
came to sex. I was into it only for my satisfaction and if I came then
we were done.

In my second year at school, I met me eventual roommate, John.
I mention him for a couple of reasons. The first is actually another
story, which I will post at another time. The other reason is that he
taught me how to play the guitar. All through my second year I learned
from him. The summer between my second and third years I practiced my
ass off. I didn't get any good for a couple of years, but I got good
enough to play the bass guitar in a band with John, his friend Jeff
and a string of singers, we finally landed on 'Captain Video' - Dave.

During the first year of the band we became an instant hit on
campus. Everyone wanted to hang out with us, listen to us practice,
etc. I thought I was really hot shit, then came an event that I knew
WE were hot shit.

One day I was at lunch with Jeff (the drummer) before an
Accounting class. These two girls came to sit down with us, I'll call
them Dawn and Ginny. We talked for a while and eventually went back to
my room to hang out for the hour before my class. When we got back to
my room we kind of paired off - at this point I had no idea what was
about to happen. The really interesting this is that Ginny had just
spent the night with the guy next door to me, fucked his brains out
(we heard them) and met us at lunch a short while later.

Before I continue, let me describe these two girls. Dawn was a
thin, very attractive girl with small tits, but a nice face, ass and
legs. She was also known to be a real slut. I was formally introduced
to her about 25 seconds after a friend of mine was tit-fucking her and
shot a load all over her face, and then he let us into his room while
she still had come all over her (and naked). Basically, a "really nice
girl". Ginny was a tad chunky - not by any stretch fat, but maybe 5
or 10 pounds too much, but she had HUGE tits. I thought she had a
fantastic personality and a really blast to be around.

Anyway, we paired up with Jeff and Dawn in my roommates bed
(John), which was the top bunk in bunk beds. I was with Ginny on the
bottom bunk. All I remember is that Ginny and I started to kiss and to
feel each other up. I have no idea what was going on above us at this
point, I really didn't care because Ginny had her hand in my pants
rubbing and stoking my cock. At 10 minutes to 1PM Jeff jumped off the
bed, pulled Dawn down and stated that he had to go to class. I
couldn't believe it, I was just thinking how we could finish fucking
one and then switch to fuck the other one, but that wasn't to be. Dawn
and Jeff left.

As they were walking out the door, Ginny said, 'Are they
stupid? We could have had a long fantastic afternoon', as she was
closing and locking the door. I was in the process of ripping what
little was left of my clothes, then started on hers. I couldn't
believe my luck when I saw her tits. I love big tits, and she had
some. I started having a second lunch, feasting on her nipples, licking
and kissing all over them. The whole time she was playing with my cock
which was as stiff as a board and pointing straight up. After about 10
minutes of this she bent over to suck my cock. At this point in my
life I had only a couple of blow jobs and they were all less than
memorable. This one was memorable - as a matter of fact, she's the
only one that has ever been able to make me come from a blow job (not
even my wife). In the first stroke of the BJ she engulfed my entire
cock down her throat, I guess she was as horny as I was at this point.
She started sucking on the head of my cock, licking up and down the
shaft. Now I'm no John Holmes, I'm an average 7", which I guess is
alright for a guy of 6' 4". She was really going to town on me, but
she wanted to drink my come. She started pistoning her head up and
down on my cock, taking in all 7", then letting all but the tip of the
head out, then back down. I couldn't believe how long she kept this
up, I think that she had done this before. She finally tickled me
right under my balls. That was it. I came so hard that I thought that
my ass hole was going to squirt out the head of my cock. I filled her
mouth, but she didn't miss a drop, she swallowed the entire load. I
was totally spent by this time. I couldn't move from what she just
did to me.

Now it was my turn. I practically threw her onto her back and
immediately went down on her. She was soaking wet. I stuck my tongue
into her slit and started licking up and down, until I finally
realized how good she thought it felt. I concentrated quite a bit of
attention on her clitoris. She really loved it when I took both hands,
spread her cunt lips apart at the top near her clit which made it
stick out like a pencil eraser. I went back down and started sucking
as hard as I could on it. I then took my right hand and stuck two
fingers into her cunt up to the knuckle. When I did this, she bucked so
hard that she sent the back of my head into the bed above us.
Fortunately she didn't knock me out, so I continued. The muscles in
her legs started to quiver from the orgasms that she was having. I
then started to jab in a third, then a fourth finger which sent her
over the edge again. She bucked up and down for a couple of minutes. I
eased my fingers out and shoved in my thumb. She looked down to see
what the hell I was doing, when I jammed my middle finger up her ass.
This was good for another 5 minutes of orgasm - me fingering her ass
and cunt while I licked her clitoris. After nearly a half hour of this
she told me that we had to fuck now or she wouldn't be able to.

I never really got that soft after I came from the blow job so
I was ready to go. One of my biggest turnons is to see how I can
control a woman by making her come for a half hour or so. By then
they're usually ready for anything, so fuck we did. She was so wet
from me eating her out that there was a wet mark on the bed about 2
feet around. Needless to say, I slipped in pretty easily. We started
to fuck like we hadn't fucked in months (I hadn't, she did a few hours
earlier). I came again almost immediately upon sliding in, but didn't
miss a beat and kept on fucking her. She was really digging it,
yelling and screaming how good it felt. We were rolling around so much
that we almost fell off the bed a couple of times. I wanted to try a
few things out, since I didn't know when an opportunity like this
would come around again (see next story). I stood her up and bent her
over the side of my bass amp (the practice setup was in my room - drum
set, bass amp, guitar amp and speakers for the singer). She really
loved this, so I stuck it in from behind. A was fucking her with all
my strength, rocking the amp almost knocking it over a few times. I
finally pulled out and stuck it in her ass - a first for me. This was
really tight and she cried out in pain at first so I stopped to let
her get used to this situation (which was also new to her). When she
finally got comfortable I resumed, slowly. She really got into it,
screaming to fuck her slut asshole. She then told me to come in her
ass, she wanted to see what it felt like. Her ass muscles started to
pull on my cock like she was trying to hold in a piece of shit. When I
came up her ass, it felt like her asshole was sucking my come out of

We were totally spent. I played basketball my two years in
college and I was never this tired, even after one of our 4 1/2 hour
practices. I was completed fucked by this girl. I will always be
grateful to Ginny for giving me the fucks of my life. She got dressed
to go to a class and left soon after we were done. This was at about
3:00, so we fucked for a solid two hours. At about 5 after 3, John
walked into our room all pissed at me for not going to class (he
always copied from me) and making him sit there by himself. Then he
took a deep breath and realized that I had something better to do. We
then took out our guitar and bass and got ready for practice. I gave
Jeff a whole load of grief for leaving when he did and missing out on
what probably would have been 4 or 5 hours of non stop sex.

My Tribute to the Groupie
Part II

Two days after fucking Ginny all afternoon, I ran into her on
a pathway between two classroom buildings. I was teasing her about
something, then she said to me 'I really wish you weren't as good a
fuck as you are, you can be suck a dick.' It was then that I invited
her to our rehearsal that afternoon. At that point she knew that she
made the Legacy hall of fame. We normally didn't invite many people to
our practices, so she knew this would be something to remember.

She got to my room at about 4:00, right after General
Hospital, our interest and sensitivity towards the show was a real
turn-on for a bunch of the women in town and on campus. We didn't
usually smoke any pot before rehearsal but today we were just going to
have some fun. We smoked a few joints during GH so we were pretty
stoned when Ginny arrived. I was hoping that she'd bring Dawn so we
could have a big orgy but she showed up alone. She sat down on my bed
while we got set up and warmed up. We played a few songs (pretty
poorly because of the hooch), but Ginny didn't care, she was in our
inner circle and having a great time. We started playing the Van Halen
version of 'You Really Got Me', which was a always a big crowd
favorite when we'd play. When VH recorded this song, there is a break
in the middle of the song, where they hired some hookers to moan in
the back ground. I usually took care of the backing vocals on this
section, so I started in on the moaning. I was always terrified when I
sang, so I sang with my eyes closed. At one point, I opened my eyes
and looked into Ginny's eyes - they said one thing; I'm fuckin horny
and I want to get fucked. She jumped up and started to sing with me.
This was tough because my microphone was set up for a 6' 4" singer,
not a 5'1" groupie.

Ginny started to grab onto my cock to help boost her up to the
mike. When we were finished with the song, and my many mistakes, she
announced that she was going to reward all of us for playing so well.
She pulled down my zipper and started to give me a blow job. We
started playing American Band (Grand Funk) to me getting some great
head from Ginny. I lasted to the guitar solo and came. She took every
drop right down her throat. She quickly zipped me up and went over to
the singer, 'Captain Video'. She did the same thing to him. He had a
real hard time singing while he was getting head. He could not believe
the blow job that she was giving him. He finally sat down in the easy
chair to finish the next song that we played. Video really sucked on
that song (pardon the pun). Just as the song ended, Video came. Video
was a real freak of nature, he never jerked off, and had had sex only
a few times to that point. It took Video about 3 minutes to shoot his
load and another 4 or 5 minutes to stop shaking. As he came, he
started to groan into the microphone. Ginny couldn't help herself and
pulled her panties off so she could finger herself.

She sat up on our table and put on a little show for us. She
frigged herself to orgasm in about 30 seconds. It was truly amazing. I
guess practice does make perfect. Jeff (the drummer) was next. This
was going to be interesting. We made life really hard on him, we
decided to play some Rush, which he always loved to play because it
was pretty tough to play for him. He always wore shorts to play, so it
was pretty easy for her to get at his cock. She started to piston on
his cock like she did to me the day before. It took him a long time to
come because he was trying to play the song (I think it was 2112).
When we got to the third section of the song, the drummer takes a
break so he could concentrate on Ginny's blow job mastery. He grabbed
her head and started shoving it down on his cock. Jeff was usually a
pretty mellow guy, but not now. When he finally shot his load a couple
minutes later, he pulled her head all the way down onto his cock. She
couldn't swallow in this position so it started to come out the sides
of her mouth.

After he finished coming, he gave her a drum stick and told
her to give us another show. She Sat back down on the table and
started to shove the drum stick into her pussy (she still had her
skirt and top on so this was really a turn on for me. The drum stick
was a little thin for her so she really didn't get off until Video
started to rub her clit. It was finally John's turn.

John has a pretty big cock, 6" when soft and it grows to about
9" when hard. She was really psyched when she saw that schlong sticking
out from his jeans. At first she couldn't get it all the way in, but
after a few minutes, she finally did. That was too much for me. I
almost came in my pants. I declared that practice was over for the
day, turned off my amp and put my bass away. As soon as I did this, I
took my jeans off and picked up Ginny from her knees (never
disengaging herself from worshipping Johns cock) and started to fuck
her from behind. I lasted exactly 6 strokes and dumped a load of cum
into her cunt. I never got soft so I continued to fuck her like that.
I blew my third load of the afternoon about 5 minutes later.

We followed the same order fucking Ginny as she followed
blowing us; Video was next then Jeff took his turn fucking her. John
had long since come down her throat when she finished fucking Jeff.
John sat on the easy chair pulling on his cock until he got hard
again. She just straddled him in the chair and started fucking his
cock like a woman possessed of some demonic fuck machine. She pulled a
wall-fixture light off of the wall in her lust. John sent a huge load
up her cunt, some running down the sides of his cock as she fucked

We were all hard again and ready to fuck her some more, but
Ginny was a little tired, so she curled up on my bed and took a nap.

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