My wife in holiday (wife,cuckold,xxx,porn story,fuck)

My wife in holiday

It all came about when a friends married daughter living overseas needed someone to look after her dog while she and her hubby along with their 2 kids went for a 2 week holiday.

It just so happened that I had some holidays due but a lack of money to go anywhere too far, they offered me the use of their car and home and also the plane fare if I would come up and look after him for them.

The day arrived and I headed off before dawn to the airport only to experience delay after delay after delay so finally arrived late in the evening minus my luggage.
It took ages to finally get a taxi only to cop a parting shot by the weather and got thoroughly saturated by a heavy thunderstorm on the run from the taxi to the front door of the house.

Sue answered the door, took one look at the bedraggled figure standing at the door and threw her arms around me despite the wetness; at last something good had finally happened on a mostly disappointing day as I felt her nipples harden on her firm full breasts unencumbered by a bra.

'happy to see me!' I quipped as she stepped back revealing the now see through white shirt covering her awesome breasts.
I had always been amazed that she kept her 'before kids' breasts shape but her mum had assured me they were fully natural, just lucky I guess.

Sue punched me on the arm and invited me in to meet another couple who had dropped in to wish Sue and Rob a safe trip, the kids had already gone to bed by this time.

As we walked into the lounge Michelle looked up and blurted out 'nice tits' so Stan whacked her and said 'oi, stop perving!!' getting a laugh out of everyone.

Michelle just turned round and said to Stan 'you just wish you had a set like that to play with!' so Sue walked across to Stan, grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts and said 'there ya go' with a huge grin.

Not to be outdone Michelle stood up and whipped of the bra struggling to hold up her huge breasts and wrapped Robs head in them who yelled out 'oh no I've gone completely deaf!'

Everyone cracked up laughing but I think the empty bottles littering the table might have something to do with it.

I tried to join in the fun but was just too tired and my bed for the night was the couch plus I was getting cold from the wet clothes so I had a word to Sue and she took me into their bedroom and told me to grab a shower and have a lie down on their bed until their guests left then she would wake me up.

I did remind her of the loss of my bag so she grabbed a big T shirt out of her drawer and held it up, it was on of my old racing team shirts, 'I use it as a nightdress so it should be big enough to cover you' she smiled.

I smiled back and headed for the shower to grab a towel then threw my clothes in the washing machine getting a whistle from the guys as I walked through the lounge.

After my shower and dressed in only a T shirt I walked back through the lounge to put my clothes in the dryer and Sue flipped up my shirt at the back exposing my bare bum to her while Michelle reached out, grabbed my cock, leaned down and kissed my knob.

My shocked look caused everyone to piss themselves laughing and I soon joined in.
Michelle still had hold of my cock but I was now covered, the warmth of her hand was causing me to start to harden up so I had to say 'careful or he's going to spit at you, I better get to bed before he does'

Michelle leaned over, lifted my half hard cock up and gave it an exaggerated long tongue kiss goodnight causing me to harden right up then covered my cock with my T shirt and said 'Gnite,sleep TIGHT'

Once again everyone burst out laughing seeing my cock pointing straight out so I had to play along and swung round towards Sue and acted like my cock was dragging me off to bed.

I'm at least double there ages at a bit over 50 and Sue just stared at the tent in front of my T shirt as if she didn't realise old blokes could still get erections so I wriggled my hips and swung my cock into her bare thigh below her short shorts causing her to scream and jump out of the way.

Luckily the guys were laughing at all the antics going on so I bid them all goodnight and let my cock lead me off to bed.

I was asleep before my cock went soft and it only felt like I blinked before I felt Rob shaking me and calling my name, I struggled to wake up and really didn't have the energy to react when Sue tried to wake me as well.

Rob just said 'well we may as well just let him sleep cos I don't think a bomb would wake him'

Sue agreed and headed for the shower.
With the light from the open door starting to get through to me as Rob went in to have his shower I managed to prise one eye open to a small slit just in time to see Sue drop a large T shirt down over her bare bum; very nice it was too!

Sue slid in beside me and Rob jumped in a couple of minutes later, there was a fair bit of whispering and 'no' noises for a while then the unmistakeable sloshing and grunting, they were having sex beside me and the thought had my cock reaching skywards.

I tried extra hard to get it to go down but to no available so concentrated on sounding like I was still sound asleep.

The light was still on in the shower lighting me up a fair bit more than the others and Sue spotted my erection and froze with lots of frenzied whispering and movement and it sounded like Sue had pushed Rob of her.

Rob said 'its normal Sue, blokes get on average 9 erections per night in their sleep and Shamus is still sound asleep, look!'
I felt a big shake but made no reaction at all and kept my breathing steady so Sue finally said 'all right then' and the bed moved again as they got back into it.

After a minute or so Sue said she wanted to get on top so a bit of shuffling around ensued and the sheet was nearly dragged off me.

After a bit more time I heard Rob giggle and say ' you keep looking over so why don't you have a proper look!'
'no no, I couldn't' she said

'here, I'll do it' said Rob as I felt the sheet get dragged down around my knees .
'go on, lift his shirt up and have a look' said Rob laughing
'oh nooo, do you think I should?' giggled Sue
'go on you know you want to!' laughed Rob again 'you missed out in the lounge'

I felt the shirt move and a giggle then the bed started moving again for a bit then stopped again.
'woo, that’s looks weird' said Sue
'why's that' said Rob
'its all different at the top!'

'Haven't you ever seen a circumcised cock before? Asked Rob
'oh, is that what they look like … it’s the first hard one I've seen in the light … cute' giggled Sue

'go on, touch it' urged Rob
'nooo, I couldn't'

I felt a very light touch, then a bit firmer push and finally her hand wrapped around my knob and quickly pulled away with a giggle.

'wait wait, I'll grab a video' said Rob reaching for his phone

'but … I shouldn't' said Sue
'no one will ever know' said Rob
'do you promise? said Sue
'you can hide the video with the video of your gangbang' said Rob

My ears pricked up when I heard that and I got even harder.

'cmon Rob, it wasn't MY gangbang … I didn't even know about it until you showed me the video' said Sue

'I know you were drugged at the time but you can't deny you were really really enjoying it' laughed Rob

'I'm just glad you stole the SD card out of the video camera even if it was only because your girlfriend was on it' said Sue

'I tell ya what … walking into a room to see some girls on the floor taking on multiple guys one after the other only to find one was my virgin girlfriend was such a huge shock I just ran down the street crying …. But then I calmed down and thought … no way was Monica acting normally …. We were saving ourselves until we got married … so when I walked back in and forced my way past the guys to see you both having multiple orgasms and begging guys to fuck you I was pretty sure you both had been drugged … Monica didn't even recognise me when I dragged her outside and took her home' said Rob

A fair bit of talking, cajoling and reassuring ensued and after a bit I felt her hand wrap around my knob again
'OK'said Rob, 'move your hand up and down a bit'

Sue started to lightly wank me then I felt the bed move as she started moving up and down on Robs cock beside me.
'I thinks he's cum' said Sue, 'I can see it on his knob'
'nah, that’s just precum … its to help with lubrication' said Rob

'Touch it with your tongue' said Rob, 'tell me if it tastes different'

I'm sure I must have gasped when I heard that.

'Was it because of that party that you broke up with her? … cmon, tell me … please' said Sue

'you know I don't want to talk about it but she changed into a sex mad chick after that … she wanted it all the time' said Rob

'That’s a bad thing?' said Sue

'well, it was awesome at first but one night I had snuck into her house again and had just finished a great sex session and we both headed to the toilet together, her younger brother must have been listening to us because as we passed his open door he was lying on his bed wanking and didn't notice us … Monica just watched for a second and we saw he was just about to shoot so she walked over and straddled him and plunged straight down on his cock before he even realised what was happening … he looked completely shocked, nearly as shocked as I was but she was pounding up and down and he couldn't do anything about it and he came anyway … she just hopped off him and walked back to me like nothing had happened … she pretty much just raped her brother then tried to get me to fuck her again but I could hardly believe my eyes and ran home' said Rob

'Her brother came round next morning and asked me what the hell was going on … she had crawled into bed with him again that morning and tried to get him to fuck her again but when he refused she used his deodorant bottle right in front of him and stuck it up herself then when his mate Jimmy from next door came over she pushed him down on the floor in the hallway and rubbed him until he got hard then fucked him right there in front of him … she just ignored me and kept humping until I dragged her off.
Jimmy had already cum and was only half hard but that didn't seem to matter…

I though someone must have drugged her again so I went over to find out but she knew what she was doing and told me if I wanted to still be her boyfriend I had to accept she wanted an open relationship and would be fucking different guys every day when ever she felt horny, I asked if she had been with anyone else since that night and she said yeh, 1 or 2 a day since… I never went back' said Rob

'But now you want me to touch another guy?' said Sue

'This is different, I'm here and a part of the action' said Rob 'it’s a lot of fun and I like the idea of sharing you just as long as I know about it … that why that party video turns me on so much, I loved seeing you enjoying other guys so much but because I didn't know you back then you weren't cheating on me'

All was quiet for probably a minute or so then something lightly touched my knob

'Not much taste at all' said Sue laughing
'Let me Video you tasting it' said Rob his voice croaking 'OK, go'

'I dunno' said Sue, it just doesn't seem right, like I'm going to far'

'Well how about pretending to suck him off then' laughed Rob

'OK but I'm not touching it' laughed Sue

I squinted my eyes a bit to try and see through the tiny slit in my eyelids and watched as Sue held my Cock at the base and slowly moved her face closer before sticking out her tongue and moving her face slowly up behind my cock while Rob held the camera across my body.

After a few goes Rob again asked her to blow me so she laughed and opened her mouth wide and without touching my cock slid her mouth up and down over it several times …

'Move you hand away' said Rob so Sue changed angle and once again moved her mouth up and down.

I felt the bed move again and Rob said 'fuck that is so hot, do it for real!'

'Stop thrusting, its too hard to not touch it' laughed Sue

Sue went down again and Rob thrust harder making Sues mouth touch as she slid her mouth up, after several more times with Rob getting harder and faster Sue was finding it impossible to not touch me, Rob grunted out 'Damn that’s hot, sorry babe'

'Damn it Rob, I was getting close' sulked Sue

'All this playing around will get me hard again in no time' said Rob back.

> 'Jump off and I'll go round the other side with the camera' said Rob

'OK but you better get it up quick, I'm so damn horny' croaked Sue

'OK, since you've already touched it how about running your tongue up for real, make it look like your really loving it' pleaded Rob

'Damn you Rob, promise no one will ever see this!!'
'I promise babe'

OMG … her hand wrapped around the base of my cock and her tongue ran slowly up the full length of my cock for real, she moaned and ran her tongue around my knob before wrapping her lips around my cock and sliding up and down a few times.

Her hot mouth had me almost ready to cum so it was lucky she stopped to ask 'how was that?'

'Awesomely hot' said Rob 'how about squatting over it for some pics?'

Sues voice was full of lust as she agreed 'but its not going inside me, you know I'm not on the pill and I want your baby not his'

I was so tempted to open my eyes but I knew that would put a stop to the fun so I concentrated on my regular breathing.

The bed moved as she stepped over me and squatted down on the other side of the camera and held my cock against her pussy.

'we need some movement … rub it on your clit or something?' said Rob

Sue rubbed but it didn't move much so Rob said it needed some lube, 'rub it between your lips'

Sue slowly slid my knob down along her slit to her entrance then back up to her clit and round and round again then repeated over and over getting more vocal each time.

'do it without holding it' said Rob

When she let go my cock lay down almost on my belly so Sue started sliding her lips along my length but Rob couldn't get much video so he asked her to hold it straight up with her slit, my cock kept sliding along her slit and back to my belly so he told her to just hook it in her entrance.

'I told you I'm not putting it in me' said Sue

'It wont be in you, just against you' said Rob

Sue knelt up a bit and placed my knob at the entrance to her pussy and slid down until it held there in place.

'now move your hips around and back and forth etc' said Rob

Sue started moving but kept losing my cock and had to let it poke up a bit more, her pussy was so slippery it was really hard for her to try and keep it out of her and a few times when she was moving in a straight line from one side to the other the head of my cock popped inside her for a brief second.

'Make it look real as if you are enjoying it' said Rob

'if it was any more real I would be cumming … I'm so damn close I can hardly stand it' moaned Sue.

I was so close to coming myself that I could feel my cock throbbing in anticipation.

'lean right back on to your arms' instructed Rob

When Sue fell back to land on her arms her pussy pivoted forward and my cock poked about half way inside her

'oh fuuuuuck, nghhhhahh' groaned Sue and her pussy started to spasm so she froze in position impaled on me, my cock was twitching and throbbing and I knew as soon as she moved I was going to cum.

'take it, take it' groaned Rob hoarsely

' oh fuck, I can't stand it anymore' breathed Sue as she slowly started to slide her pussy down the full length of my cock then let go with a few deep hard thrusts and started cumming loudly.

By the time she had hit bottom the second time my cock started erupting shot after shot after shot of a huge load deep up inside her.

Rob moaned then climbed up to straddle me and poked his dick at her cock filled pussy, he lodged the tip in beside my cock and started beating off.

Sue was still cumming and I could feel her pushing her pussy back to try and get his cock inside her as well.

My cock lost its hardness pretty quick but was still quite long and still deep inside her, Sue had stopped cumming but now there was enough room so Rob pushed inside her as deep as he could.

Sue just kept saying 'Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God' and started to move back up towards her orgasm.
It was too much for Rob and I felt his cock start pumping his load in to mix with mine.

'Don't stop, don't you dare stop, just a little longer' moaned Sue as she thrust against our cocks but ended up spitting Robs cock out.

Before she could complain Rob stepped off the bed and leaned back in with his face and started tonguing her pussy.

When I felt his stubble on my shaft my cock quickly shrank and plopped out and down between her cheeks allowing him much better access.

Rob went to town licking, sucking and slurping deep inside her cum filled pussy, you could tell he was really getting off on it, his enthusiasm soon had Sue cumming hard and amazingly he jumped back on, thrust his hard cock in to the hilt and exploded inside her again.

'My God, did you just cum again?' breathed Sue as she came down from her own orgasm.

Rob didn't answer, just kept panting then moved over to the other side of the bed with Sue following leaving my cock all soft and exposed with a covering of sticky juices.

Rob calmed down enough to whisper hoarsely 'yeh I did'

Sue cuddled up to Rob and whispered 'I think he came inside me just after I came'
'yeh he did, I watched the cum surging up his cock when you lifted up a bit after you hit bottom' said Rob

'So you knew it wasn't just your load you were slurping up when you went down on me?' asked Sue

Rob nodded but didn't say anything

'Oh My God … it was you wasn't it ?' said Sue sitting up in surprise

'What?' said Rob perplexed.

'At that party, when I first started to remember things after the drug wore off I vaguely remember someone licking me out just like you did just then … I thought it was my boyfriend James but fell asleep and when I woke up again I was all alone and sticky, my pussy was sore as hell.
I rang James, he just abused me and spat out that after he saw me riding some guys cock while sucking on another guys cock in the middle of the lounge room while a heap of people stood around and watched he just stormed out adding that he never wanted to speak to me again … ever … and hung up on me.
At the time I thought he had raped me while I was drunk and was too ashamed to face me.
I was a virgin up until that night and when I checked myself I knew I was no longer.
I was so mad at him I never wanted to speak to him either.

Then when you showed me that video a few months later I was too ashamed to ever face him.

Now its starting to make sense … were you were one of the guys I fucked that night?'

All was quiet


'Is that why you won't show me the rest of that video? Not because of the parts with Monica in them but because of the bits with you in it?'

Rob stammered a bit then said meekly 'umm yeh'

Silence for a bit.

'well I guess no one knew Monica and I had been drugged so I can't blame anyone: Everyone must have though we were just a couple of horny sluts …I am a bit disappointed in you cheating on your girlfriend though, so what really happened?'

'well you know all the details up until I took Monica home.
When I put her into bed she kept feeling me up like she had all the way home, I couldn't help myself, I was super horny and still a virgin so when she stripped off and lay back all spread and begged me to 'put it in' I gave in and quickly peeled my pants down and got between her legs.
Monica grabbed my stiff cock and pulled me in to her but I blew my load before I had even reached bottom, I was so embarrassed I started to crawl backwards off her.
When my head was level with her pussy she grabbed my hair and slammed my head into her pussy and demanded that I lick her out.
I was sort of disgusted but still horny, Monica was pushing her pussy at my face so I tried to not think about it and started licking her out.
The taste wasn't bad and the smell was awesome, the more I thought about all those other guys cum in her the hornier I got so pretty soon I crawled up and fucked her again then went back down on her. After about 10 more minutes I realised she had gone to sleep and I could hear noises in the house.
I was scared of getting caught so I slipped out and headed back towards the party still as horny as anything.
When I got back you were still on the floor fucking three guys, that’s when I heard the humming of the video camera up on the shelf but didn't really notice it at the time.
When the guys finished the place was pretty quiet, most people were asleep.
You looked around then spotted me, turned your legs towards me, spread your legs and smiled.
You were covered in cum, it was everywhere, there was a virtual river of cum leaking out of your pussy and I was so damn horny.
I walked over unzipped and pulled down my pants but kept staring at your pussy while you ran your fingers around in all that cum.
I was just about to shoot off again without even touching you so I pushed inside you and spurted a few seconds later then before you could say anything I went down on you and licked and sucked up every bit of cum I could find.
I must have fucked you at least 3 times in between cleaning you up, I just couldn't get enough.
I was still licking you out when you fell asleep but I was done anyway so I pulled your dress back down and lifted you up on the couch.
When I walked past and heard the humming I looked up and spotted the camera on the shelf so I pinched the SD card out of it before I left.
I think it was only those last three guys who even saw me come back to the party as it was dawn by then.
You didn't even recognise me the next day which I though was quite weird as Monica didn't remember anything either so that’s why I told you about the video and you know everything from there on' said Rob.

'I want you to give me that Video then, I'd feel much better with them in my possession' said Sue

Rob looked across and laughed 'look, Shamus has another erection'

'No way… no more … not tonight … we have to get up early for the trip so we better clean up a bit' said Sue

Sue went in for a shower then came back out with a warm wet cloth and cleaned the juices off me while Rob took his shower, Sue was facing away from me on her side with her long T Shirt on so when Rob came out dressed again he rolled me on my side, 'scoot back a bit' said Rob
Sue sighed and moved back and Rob placed my hardon firmly in between her cheeks under her T shirt trapping my cock there then laughed … 'can't wait to see the expression on his face when he wakes up'
Sue giggled and they both drifted off to sleep in each others arms leaving me with my hardon snuggled up between her soft warm cheeks.
She was dry and so was I so I couldn't even slide out, my cock was trapped so I laid awake for ages before I finally drifted off my cock still firmly stuck.

When I woke up at first light I was half on my back and so was Sue, my cock was hard and still between her cheeks, the juices had leaked out of her pussy and coated her ass crack, I couldn't pull away but could push forward into the goo.
After several small movements it was slippy enough to pull away but by then it felt too good to stop.

Monica hadn't budged yet so I picked up the pace slightly and quietly dumped a load up against her bumhole.

Smiling broadly I slipped out and into the bathroom for a piss and a shower.

I made a coffee and woke the kids up sending them in to wake Rob and Sue up.

Rob soon came out and grabbed a coffee with Sue following.

'you should have woke me up when your mates went home' I said

'We tried' they both said laughing, 'you'd sleep through a bomb attack' said Rob.

Rob headed in to the office while Sue grabbed a shower then when he came out he gave something to Sue and headed in for his shower.

I kept a close eye on Sue without facing her and watched as she slipped into the laundry where I heard some tinny banging before she walked back into the bedroom empty handed.

I fed the kids breakfast and made some breakfast for the adults before driving them to the airport.

I could hardly wait to get back and search the Laundry.

It was a matter of seconds before I put my hand up behind the front panel of the laundry cabinet and felt a pocket glued to it, the 2 DVD's were just sitting there so I grabbed my laptop and copied the DVD's on to my computer before carefully putting them back exactly as I found them.

Now I had some good wanking material for the duration as well as some great memories of last night, I was set !!

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