Nerd boy (miss,school,nerd,xxx,porn,suck,fuck,teen)

Nerd boy

Description: A teenage nerd-boy spends the next few years on a mission to become popular and find his dream girl. This is the story of his success... sort of...

Chapter 1: Miss Popular


Dude, reality bites.

The utopian world of my imagination was soooo much better than this. In my imagination, everything made a logical, mathematical kind of sense. I envisioned a human race where the fact that I was a foot shorter than most of the boys at school was not an insurmountable obstacle. In my universe, intelligence was rewarded with respect from one's peers, not free trips to the bottom of the nearest trash can, courteousy of the local football jock. I swear I still had someone's old yogurt in my hair.

It was only the first day of school, and two trash cans later I had decided to commit seppuku, or some other archaic form of suicide, as soon as I got home. My backpack must have weighed more than I did, and I could feel my spine bending out of shape already. I would look like Quasimodo by the end of the school term.

I missed my old school already. I had always lived nearby to the local public schools, but my parents had put me through a private school during my formative years. It was only now, in High School, that my dad had seen fit to move me to a public school. It would build character and give me a chance to develop my social skills, he had said.

He never told me exactly HOW I would develop social skills, however. I had a bowl-haircut because my mom thought it a waste of money to take me to a hairdresser when she could do the job herself. My glasses were big, fat, and hideous. I wasn't an ugly kid, by any means. But given a start like that, I might as well actually BE as disfigured as Quasimodo, too.

I sat on a bench by the parking lot, my feet swinging in the air as they did not quite reach the ground. I waited for my carpool classmates and my mom's minivan to arrive, my hyperactive mind already finding new things to occupy itself. Plotting out the most minute detail in my head, I believed that I had found the proper technique for killing myself. But that's when she walked by.

Glittering, bright blue eyes. Silky, shimmering dark hair. Elfin, dainty face. Perfect smile filled with rows of pearly-white teeth. I'd like to say that these were the first things I noticed about her, but they weren't.

To be certain, she possessed all of these amazing attributes, but my eyes had glued onto her FABULOUS breasts.

I wasn't familiar enough with girls to determine cup size, but they seemed pretty damn big on her petite frame. She wore some tight, quarter-sleeved top with a scooped neck to show off those round, perky globes of heaven that gave every male within a hundred yards an instant woody. And as my vision expanded to the people she was with, I nearly passed out from sensory overload. She was walking with a group of upperclassmen cheerleaders, decked out from head to toe in perky school colors. Well, head to ass, I guess, since their skirts really didn't go down very far.

My mouth dropped open, thoughts of suicide quickly vanishing from my mind as I realized my purpose in life. How could I even think of leaving this world when such heavenly creatures attended my school?

Oh, did I mention that my previous private school had been all-male?

"Hey, Jason! Wake up!"

Crap. Was this nothing but a dream? Oh, but to stay asleep forever and dream such wonderful dreams, to have this angel with me for all eternity.

"Dude, you're gonna drool all over yourself."

"Huh?" I turned my head, tearing myself away from the vision before me. My best friend Marcus was waving his hands in front of my eyes, snapping his fingers to get me to come around.

"Man, one would think you'd never seen a girl before."

I looked back at her departing form, her skintight jeans hugging her every curve as she sashayed down the sidewalk, oblivious to my very existence. "That's no girl. She's all woman."

Marcus gaze followed my own. "That's Amanda. She was in a couple of my classes the last few years, but man did she grow up over the summer." His eyes gazing appreciatively at the females, he clapped me on the shoulder and said, "Welcome to public school."


The rest of my freshman year passed by relatively smoothly. Over time, the school bullies found new prey to pick on, although Todd Beckman did saran-wrap me to the flagpole in January.

As we all began to get involved in after school activities, the carpool was pushed back until 4PM every day. I was part of Math and Chess clubs half the days of the week. The other days I found myself gravitating to the basketball courts where most of the other students played pick-up games. I was a late bloomer, and thus a tad underdeveloped (I was vertically-challenged) so I never got to play. But watching the games was more exciting than sitting around doing nothing. I usually had my homework finished in fifteen minutes, so I otherwise had almost two hours of time to kill.

Marcus, on the other hand, was in the exact same clubs as I was, but had hit his growth spurt a bit early for his age. He was as tall as many of the seniors in the school, albeit a skinny and gangly kind of tall. But his height had led to his inclusion in the basketball games, where he proved he at least had some minimal coordination. His full name was Marcus Yao, and he was Chinese, the tallest Chinese the upperclassmen knew. They all just called him "Yao" since it was more fun to say than "Marcus", and they kidded around that someday he'd be a big NBA star.

The third and final member of our carpool was my next-door neighbor, Kendra. Her dad was an immigrant Japanese businessman who found the stereotypically perfect woman to marry, a six-foot tall white woman with beach blonde hair. Kendra had inherited her mom's athleticism and was always in the pick-up basketball games as well. She even played on the girls' Junior Varsity team. As it was, she was a total tomboy, spurning makeup like it was a deadly toxin and dressing in loosely-fitting athletic apparel to hide her figure.

At 3:55 I would be the first one to our carpool location. At 3:59 I would open the doors and wait for the two basketball junkies to get loaded in before I jumped in. My mom taught me to be courteous and chivalrous, although Kendra resented me doing anything special for her "because she was a girl."

Marcus had been my best friend since before time, playing video games and card games and watching Star Trek reruns. Kendra I had been acquainted with, but since I was a kid who never went outside (except to go to school) I never got to know her before. But on our repeated journeys to and from school with nothing to do, Marcus and I found Kendra's inner nerd and we began to develop a comfortable friendship.


By sophomore year the three of us were firmly entrenched in the Nerd cliques. Kendra wasn't completely out of place; we had several female friends who similarly despised anything considered too "girly." By this year I had finally grown up, and had also joined the after-school basketball kids, and found that our little trio had become "orbitals" around the two social groups. On half of the days, we went to Math club and Chess club and did generally nerdy things. The other half we played ball and I was developing a solid 3-point jumper. We were freely accepted in both groups, while not being part of the inner circle of either clique.

Maybe this is what my dad meant when he spoke of learning to socialize. I had considered myself forever destined to be a nerd, but I started to believe that I was a decent social creature. Compared the rest of the nerd group, our trio was pretty popular.

Of course, this little ego-balloon was about to be crushed. I was about to find out just how much farther I had to go to be "popular." My life completely changed second semester. It was biology class, and the teacher assigned us lab partners. When I walked up to the posting outside his office and saw the assignments, my jaw dropped to the floor. My lab partner was Amanda.

To be sure, I knew perfectly well that she was in the class. A girl like that was impossible not to notice. But I never expected to have any actual face-to- face contact with her. Then I smelled a sweet floral perfume next to me, and felt an accidental bump to my side as someone jostled for position to see the assignment sheet in front of us.

Now in my defense, the natural position for my head is always slightly tilted downwards. I never really stand up straight, partly because I want to watch the ground where I'm going and partly because I don't have the self-confidence to walk upright. So when I turned around the first thing my eyes latched onto was Amanda's perfect cleavage a few inches away from me.

She reached her hand out and placed a finger under my jaw, lifting up to click my gaping mouth shut and then pushing higher to get my eyes to meet hers. Dropping her hand, she just smiled at me and asked, "You're Jason, right? I guess we're going to be partners!"

She suggested that we either meet at my place or at school after class for homework purposes, explaining that her home wasn't suitable for studying. The last thing I wanted to do was show my complete model collection of every Starship Enterprise to the prettiest girl in school, so I readily agreed to meet after classes. Things luckily worked around my clubs' schedules. I would have to miss a basketball game here and there, but I couldn't think of a better (or more frightening) way to spend those afternoons than with her.

Amanda turned out to be a very smart girl, but she wasn't above letting me do all the work. But you know, I didn't mind being used. I just enjoyed every minute I had in her presence. She was a natural conversationalist and flirt, with the innate ability to make me feel like I was an important person to her. Senior jocks would pass by when we were studying at the library, trying to hit on her right and left. Amanda just blew them off, getting a little angry at them for interrupting our study time and calling them 'stupid Neanderthals'. She was too good to end up with a brainless gorilla; she deserved a man of intelligence. I half-believed that she shooed them away so she could be alone with me.

Whenever we passed in the hallways, she would always smile and say hello to me. My heart fluttered every time she did that, to the point where I memorized her class schedule so I could be strategically placed outside her classroom door so we would bump into one another. Yeah, it's a little creepy, but I was a kid with a hopeless crush.

Marcus and Kendra continually teased me about her, asking when the wedding was going to be and trying to find out how many kids I wanted to have. I told them to screw off, and would always challenge them with some video game to get them to stop bugging me about her.


By junior year I had grown another inch and started up a job on the weekends. The first things I did with my earnings were getting a new haircut and buying a set of contacts. Meanwhile, I had always been blessed with a good metabolism, and after Kendra's mom bought a set of weightlifting equipment, our trio messed around "lifting" often enough that my body at least took on a decent level of definition. I was no Adonis mind you, but at least I was light years beyond Quasimodo.

I would still bump into Amanda here and there, as we had two classes together this year. She complimented me on my new appearance, and even started to give me tips on updating my wardrobe. I would overhear her friends commenting about me and saying that I was kind of a nerd, but my heart leaped as she always defended me, saying that I was "really sweet."

Meanwhile, my two best friends were also starting to grow up a bit. Marcus got his license and his parents bought him a beat-up sedan. Kendra's and my parents paid his gas so that Marcus could continue our carpool. Kendra had even started to wear a bit of makeup, and every so often would swoon over Brad Pitt and Will Smith, while Marcus and I would counter by drooling over Denise Richards and Jennifer Love Hewitt. And as much as I hated to admit it, Kendra was growing a pair of breasts. Always kind of weird to think of one of your best friends in that way.

The three of us also found ourselves growing apart from our nerd clique as we got involved in more social activities in school. In a way, I felt like we were still nerds in a sense, but we all shared an unspoken ambition to not be nerds anymore. The lure of popularity had hit us, through basketball, non-nerd friends, and the sexual attraction to the opposite sex. It was the thing every High School kid desired above all else, even if we tried to deny it.

We were hanging out with a "cooler" crowd this year, although not quite at the lofty level of the football jocks and the cheerleaders, but several steps up from the nerds and the stoners. Amanda even talked to me more often this year, albeit usually to get some help for homework or to prep for the upcoming exam.

In April we had our Junior Prom. One day, I summoned up all of my courage and approached Amanda outside her classroom. "Hey, Amanda."

"Hi, Jason! How are you?"

"I'm great. I'm great. Uh, I was wondering, uh. You know the Junior Prom is coming up and, uh, well I was thinking that, uh, if you're not already going with anyone then, uh, well, I mean, if you need a date, then, uh..."

She shushed me with a finger to my lips. She grinned, and then tapped the tip of her finger on my nose. "You're cute."

And with a radiant smile, she was gone.


By senior year Marcus, Kendra, and I had bumped ourselves up to higher levels of "popularity" in the school. Marcus and I kept working out until we had trim, athletic bodies. A part of me missed spending that time on Star Trek and video games, but this all-encompassing drive to be popular weighed on us heavily. Kendra had made the Varsity team in both basketball and volleyball, and was something of a school celebrity when she made the game winning shot against our cross-town rival. But the big event that kicked us in the direction of popularity came towards the end of first semester. I was eating lunch with Marcus and Kendra when Amanda came up to me, her perfect teeth dazzling as she smiled at me.

"Hi, Jason! Hey, guys! How are you doing?"

We chit-chatted aimlessly. I could tell the three of us were practicing the art of the small talk while simultaneously working to avoid sticking our foot in our collective mouths. After an appropriate small talk period, Amanda explained that one of the jock's parents was out of town for the whole weekend, and he was throwing a party. All of us were invited, actually. I agreed without looking to my friends for confirmation, anxious for any chance to be near this girl.

The night of the party came, and the three of us immediately felt out of place. So much for having graduated beyond nerd-dom. Compared to the reveling teenagers, we were amateurs among the socialites. Our insecurities and self- consciousness threatened to overwhelm us into muteness.

Well, nothing a little alcohol couldn't cure.

Three shots of tequila later, Marcus was an animal, diving into the backyard pool with all of his clothes on, quickly followed by six other drunken kids. Kendra got quickly plastered and was dancing in the living room with the rest of the crowd. She was more girly and more sexual than I had ever seen her before, her hips grinding erotically to the music as she freaked with the very type of dumb gorilla she usually despised.

I got plastered myself, and while dancing a few feet away from Kendra, I felt like I was seeing her for the first time. Her hair had come loose of its usual ponytail, cascading in a silky wave to frame what I had never realized was a very pretty face. Time and her mom's genes had been kind to her, and her budding breasts were doing a very good job of filling out her bra. Add that on top of her athletically toned body from her basketball and volleyball workouts, and I was beginning to realize that Kendra was a beautiful girl.

She smiled at me, and smiling back, I began to shake my body over towards her. I felt a compliment at the tip of my tongue for her, and for a moment she was the only girl in my universe.

And then my nostrils flared as I scented an all too familiar perfume, and then Amanda was in front of me, sliding a fresh plastic cup of beer into my hand while downing one of her own.

She hiccupped, and grinning at me, shouted a little too loud. "Glad you could come!"

I just smiled back at her, and then made a move to take a swig from my drink.

Apparently forgetting that she had just given it to me, she stopped my hand and pulled my drink away, setting it on a table against the wall. "Drink later. Dance now!"

I was only too happy to oblige. Amanda wore a paper-thin silk camisole that did nothing to contain her bounteous bosom, which bounced and jiggled with her every movement. Her hair was held up to show off a graceful neck and dangling silver earrings, with black miniskirt and high heels to complete the perfect picture. Her eyes bored into mine as we danced together, and when the music changed to something with a slow, solid bass beat she moved in close, until her whole body was rubbing against mine.

Her hand was on my chest, her eyes losing focus every now and again while she stared into my face. Her hips ground against mine, the erotic dance filling my mind with images of what it would be like to have sex with this goddess. My hand had wandered below her waist, and had settled onto a firm ass-cheek. She made no attempt to remove my hand, but only ground herself into me further, her eyes lifting up to capture mine once again.

When the song ended, Amanda complained that her head hurt and she wanted to take a break. I released her, but when she turned to move off the dance floor she took my hand in hers and tugged me after her. Without resistance, I followed wherever she led me.

We went up the stairs, and Amanda muttered that she wanted to lie down. Her movements were anything but fluid by now, and she seemed to have trouble maintaining her balance. I did my best to support her, and every few steps she would collapse against my chest, her arms around my neck. She popped open one of the bedrooms, but I quickly shut the door and backed us out into the hallway once I realized it was already occupied.

Now I'd seen a porn video a time or two with Marcus and Kendra when our parents were out. But I'd never seen a sex act live with my own eyes. A senior cheerleader I recognized was flat on her back getting her pussy drilled by a jock's fat dick, and I felt a flash of arousal stirring past the alcohol in my system. But then I managed to get the door closed, and fought to get my heartbeat under control.

At the next bedroom I knocked first, and when no answer came I cracked the door open and sighed in relief that it was unoccupied. I lifted Amanda into my arms, and then gently lay her down onto the bed. I sat next to her, a tender gaze across this angel half-asleep next to me.

For a moment my mind flashed back to the erotic dancing we had been doing just a few minutes earlier, and to the... fucking... I had witness moments ago. My sight returned to Amanda, lying flat on her back with her legs spread wide, and I felt the blood rushing out of my head and into another appendage as my hyperactive imagination ran wild.

I felt the caress of a hand in my crotch, and I looked down to see Amanda's eyes closed, with a contented smile at what she found between my legs.

Now I knew I was letting my imagination run a little too wild, and I shook my head to clear the cobwebs of alcohol and fantasy from my head. Only in my wildest dreams.

But when her hand dipped underneath my cargo pants, and I felt a cool hand wrapping around my shaft, my eyes bugged out with the realization that this was no dream.

"My, my. You've been hiding a monster inside of here all these years!" Amanda's eyes were wide open now, if a little bleary, and she unzipped me to give her hand freer access to my rock-hard shaft. With her other hand, she pushed me down until I was lying next to her on the bed, then she sat up and straddled me, her hand still down and firmly pumping my rod.

She leaned down and kissed me, and all that was left of logical and rational thought left my mind. If this was only a fantasy, then I was going to dive in and enjoy it. Her tongue trailed out along my lips before darting back in to dance with my own. I had nothing to compare it to, but Amanda was a great kisser.

My arms automatically encircled her, rubbing and caressing her back. I slipped one hand beneath the back of her camisole, stroking her spine. She moaned into my mouth before sitting upright, whipping off her top and then unsnapping her bra.

Those fabulous orbs I had only ever dreamed of spilled out to my hungry gaze, firm and skin tight as drums stretched across perfectly shaped melons ripe with mingled perfume and sweat. Her dainty nipples were turgidly poking out at me, calling me to them. And she leaned down to feed her tits to me, gasping little sighs of pleasure as I instinctively began to suckle. This was heaven.

And it of course had to end. I could feel my dick starting to spasm, and I would lose all control in another minute. My body tensed as it prepared to spew my load all over her hand and my stomach, but then the door burst open and a red- headed cheerleader poked her head in. Her gaze swept across Amanda first, but then her smile vanished when she saw me.

Amanda dismounted me onto the bed, embarrassed for the moment and hiding her tits from the football jock now peering through the open doorway. The red-head looked down to my twitching member, and whistled her appreciation. "Now I know why you like him so much."

Then the red-head pulled the door tightly closed, and we were alone once again. Amanda just giggled and gave me a "sorry about that" look. The moment was gone, the magic broken. She reached over to pull her clothes back on. I ogled her very obviously until heaven was removed from my view, and I stuffed my painfully hard meat back into my pants.

If nothing else, the events of the past half hour had sobered us both up a bit, and Amanda declared that we needed new drinks.


After a few minutes Amanda left to chat up some other friends, and I went to find Marcus and Kendra. Marcus had driven to the party, but he was in no condition to drive us back. Neither was Kendra for that matter. I gave myself another half an hour to make sure I was clear headed, and then loaded my friends into Marcus's car to get us home. I dropped off Marcus, explaining he could pick up his car tomorrow. He staggered into his house, carrying his wet shirt with a "borrowed" towel wrapped around his upper body.

Kendra was a slightly more complicated problem. She was so far gone she was practically unconscious. I parked the car on the street outside our houses, but she had neither the strength nor the awareness to stand up on her own. So I settled for scooping her up into my arms and carrying her up to her house. With her arms about my neck, she pillowed her head on my shoulder, mumbling against my neck which was simultaneously tickling and a little pleasurable.

I had to fish her keys out of her pockets, and for a moment felt a little weird with my hand caressing her hips, albeit with honest intentions. As quietly as I could, so as not to wake her parents, I carried Kendra upstairs to her bedroom.

She seemed to wake up a bit when she realized she was home, and I laid her out across the bed. Exhausted from dancing all night, she merely slid herself underneath the covers without changing, then thought better of it and after a bit of squirming around under the comforter, dropped her skirt out onto the floor.

I knelt down on the floor next to her bed, absently reaching out to draw her hair away from her eyes and then stroked her cheek. "Did you have a good time tonight?"

"Yeah..." she breathed out. "Thanks for getting me home in one piece."


For a moment our faces were just inches apart, her eyes luminous as they stared into mine. Then I got up and went home.

Later that night, as I sunk myself down into my bed, Kendra's sweet face came unbidden to my head. She looked so sweet and peaceful as she slept, and I felt relaxation pooling over me like a warm blanket. But then my memories flashed back to a strange bedroom and a topless Amanda in my arms. And I surrendered myself to a dream world that would return me back to the fantasies of my imagination.


Only a few months later, bids were going out for the Senior Prom. The High School was suddenly abuzz with the latest scuttlebutt and rumor about who was going with whom. And we surprisingly found ourselves in the middle of the rumor mill.

Ever since the house party our trio's stock in popularity had skyrocketed. Even though he didn't remember most of the night, guys had been coming up to Marcus for weeks crowing about how wild he was, and he found himself getting picked automatically at every after-school b-ball game. Kendra was fending off guys left and right, people whose names she didn't even know were trying to flirt with her and invite her to Prom. The rule went that it was better to go with a popular girl you didn't know than a less-popular girl that you did know.

After a few days of this Kendra dragged me off during a break between classes. "Jason, you have to save me from all these horny bastards. Will you take me to the Prom?"

Surprised, it took me a while to fumble for an answer. "Uh, aren't guys supposed to do the asking?"

"Oh, come on. You know I never cared about that male roles/female roles crap."

"Well, it's just that..." I looked over her shoulder, and my eyes found the woman I was looking for. "I was going to ask..."

Kendra turned her head around, seeing Amanda and her big, round, twins leading the way towards us in the middle of a crowd of fellow cheerleaders. Kendra turned back and grabbed my jaw, rotating my head around none too gently to bring my attention back to her.

"Jason, you are such an idiot. I know you've had a crush on her since Day 1 of High School but do you really think she's into you? She's the most popular girl in school and you are nothing compared to her. Don't tie yourself up in delusions of grandeur. I'm your friend. I just don't want to see you get hurt."

My mind rebelled at what she was saying. I was popular now, dammit. I'd worked hard at it. I'd skipped out on doing things that made me happy to do things that would help me socially, things that I needed in the long run. I'd smothered my geeky urges to play Dungeons and Dragons and Warcraft so that I could join the in-crowd. And dammit, I'd made it.

Kendra just looked deep into my eyes, her finger on my lips to forestall any further comment. "Jase, this is me. I know you. And as much as you want to deny it, you're still a geeky nerd-boy. Now that doesn't bother me, but a girl like that would never accept who you are. And is that really the kind of girl you want to be with?"

I took her fingers away from my lips. Amanda had been atop my pedestal for years. She was the one thing I always dreamed about and yearned for. Was that the girl I wanted to be with? "Hell, yeah."

And I walked past my friend, moving to join the gaggle of girls around Amanda. I did look back, just once. Kendra still had her back to me, but her head was turned towards me, and I saw a tear dribble down her cheek. Tomboy Kendra, who used to pride herself on being tough and free from "girly" emotions. It was the first time in four years I'd ever seen her cry, and it was almost enough to get me to stop.

But I turned back and saw Amanda's angelic face, and my heart hardened to what I had to do. Slowing down into the swagger of all the cool guys in school, I slid in and started to chat up the various girls. I maintained the conversation all the way down until we reached Amanda's classroom, where we stopped momentarily outside and I got her attention.

"Hey, I was wondering if you already had a date to Prom."

Her eyes glowed for a second, a happy smile tugging at the corner of her lips. My heart was thudding into my throat, but then I felt it fall into my stomach when her smile drooped into a frown. "Ah, well. I'd love to, Jason. But Tommy Beckman asked me this morning, and I kind of already said 'yes' to him."

Tommy Beckman. I still remembered the day his older brother saran-wrapped me to the flagpole. I fumbled for something to say, but the insecure geek in me rose up and turned anything I could say into a stuttering noise.

"Well, he's the star quarterback, and I'm the head cheerleader and it all just goes so well together. But hey, you can sit at our table and we can still hang out. Wouldn't that be fun?!"

Finally I managed to croak out, "Sure, that would be great."

"Okay then. See you later!" And she skipped into the classroom.

As I turned to watch her leave, I felt a very deliberate squeeze on my ass. Spinning around I saw the red-headed cheerleader from the house party sizing me up. "Hey there Jason. I'm Patrice."

"I know, I remember you." I didn't actually know her well, but I was playing along. Why was she talking to me right now?

"Well, I've had a few others ask me to the Prom, but I was saving myself for the right guy. You taken?"

I paused for a moment to check her out. Killer legs, shapely hips, big tits, wicked smile and flaming red hair. If nothing else, she was going to be entertaining. "No, I'm not taken."

Kendra's face flashed into my vision for a moment, but I'd already said the committing words. "Patrice, would you go to the Prom with me?"

She laughed and leaned into me, planting a fat kiss on my lips. "Of course, honey. This way everything works out, and we can share a table with Amanda."

Her hand reached down to give my balls a squeeze, and then she was disappearing into the classroom. I turned to watch her walk away, a hundred different emotions swirling through my brain.

Guilt, at leaving one of my best friends in Kendra. Disappointment, in getting shot down by Amanda. Pride, in going to the Prom with one of the most popular girls in school. Lust, because from the signals Patrice was sending out at me, I would be losing my virginity in a couple of weeks. Then the school bell was ringing. Crap, I was late for class.


The night of the Prom arrived. I pooled together with Tommy Beckman, Jack, and Greg (more football jocks) to rent a limo so the four of us could pick up our respective dates. We made small talk, and I had to be careful not to use any words with more than two-syllables, lest they go over the guys' heads. Amanda was absolutely stunning. None of the guys said a word when we saw her, including Tommy Beckman. He just made a noise when he was startled by how gorgeous she looked. Patrice was just as stunning, in a low cut dress that showed off amazing cleavage, with slits up the sides so her killer legs could show through.

We arrived at the hotel ballroom where the prom was being held, and went through the usual routine taking photographs, etc. Kendra and Marcus had ended up going together, just as friends. After some begging and cajoling I managed to get the three of us to take a group picture together while Patrice and the girls fluttered off to gossip. I knew they felt a little betrayed that I wasn't sitting at a table with them, but they had some other casual friends to hang out with. Taking the picture with them seemed to warm them over a bit, and I found myself partially regretting not attending with Kendra. It turned out that she cleans up pretty well, and her athletic body let her wear a fabulous, slinky gown. With proper makeup and hair, and the right heels, she was turning heads left and right. For the zillionth time I found myself wondering how I'd managed to go so many years without realizing she was a girl. In the end I wondered if our friendship could ever be the same. Could guys and girls truly be just friends, or would the gender thing get in the way?

Once things got under way I returned to the "in-crowd" table. I did my best to be appropriately social, being raunchy enough to fit in with the guys and simultaneously polite and chivalrous to please the girls. Patrice was flirting quite obviously with me, to the point where I thought I saw a flash of jealousy in Amanda's eyes, much to my delight.

We all stayed just as long as was necessary, but then the guys produced the keys to a suite upstairs. We had eight people, with the three jocks plus me and four hot cheerleaders alone in a hotel suite, and when someone brought out the champagne I knew I was in for a night I would never forget.

I found myself in an overstuffed chair, Patrice in my lap and shoving her tongue down my throat. The champagne kept flowing and the clothes started to come off. Prom was a rite of passage into manhood for every High School male, and a twinge of pride shot through me as I realized I was partying with the highest levels of popularity at my school.

One couple had already paired off into one of the adjoining bedrooms and with the door wide open, they were already fucking like rabbits. Patrice's dress was a puddle on the floor, and my hands were fumbling with the clasp to her bra. At last I got it off and I had bared her tits to my gaze. Not quite as firm as Amanda's, they were still big, round, and soft to my touch. Her areolas were quite a bit larger, and they stood out with long, pointy nipples capping the ends. Meanwhile, my pants were being lowered to the floor as Patrice was desperate to fish out my monster. The turgid, dark flesh was only exposed to the air for a moment before she sank her hot mouth upon me, feeding my rod to her ravenous mouth.

As if the pleasure from this wasn't enough, Tommy and Jack were stripping off the last bits of Amanda's clothing, leaving her fantastic body naked to the world. Jack's date, a blonde named Erika, was also nude, and the two girls cuddled and kissed each other, much to the guys' delight. They stood back a bit, whacking off to watch as Erika snaked a hand down to plunge it into Amanda's dripping wet snatch.

I was never more turned on than in that moment, and when Patrice sucked me down her throat and Erika's lips sucked Amanda's perky tit into her mouth, I exploded for the first time in the presence of another person, crying out my release as I pumped my jizz down Patrice's throat.

She swallowed every last drop like a pro, then licked me clean. Standing up, she looked me in the eye and gave me a warning, "Don't go wasting yourself now. I intend to get that beast inside me before the night is done."

She turned around and shuffled over to Amanda and Erika on the couch. Moving Erika's hand aside and splitting Amanda's legs apart, Patrice knelt before her and lowered her face into Amanda's crotch.

Amanda's eyes flew open when she realized what was happening, but then shut them tight against the pleasure coursing through her body. The couple in the room had apparently finished, and Greg came waltzing out, his limp dick still covered in feminine juices. He nodded at Jack, who disappeared into that room with a grin on his face. The rhythmic pounding on the bed resumed.

Erika moved over to me, kissing me gently as I stared wide eyed at this Scandinavian blonde bombshell. She gave me a pixie wink before dropping her head into my lap, giving my reviving soldier a few long licks. Meanwhile, Tommy Beckman had settled in behind my date, and with a few short thrusts, he had speared his way into Patrice's pussy.

As she was giving me head, I took to analyzing the third pair of tits I had ever seen in the flesh. Erika's were smaller than the first two girls, but they had a pleasant pear shape to them with the tiniest nipples sticking out like goose bumps at the end. After a while, Erika laid me out on the floor and spun around in a sixty-nine position, while I got my first taste of a woman's honey pot.

My body reacted instinctively and in accordance with everything my memory could jog up from a porno. I knew enough to go after her clit and soon had Erika squirming atop me until she dumped a load of her nectar onto my face. We got up a minute later, as Erika dared not bring me off just yet.

As if on cue, Patrice pulled her head out from Amanda's crotch to scream out her orgasm, and then Tommy pulled himself out, still hard, to catch a breath. I got myself back into the chair as Patrice got herself up and turned to fix her sultry gaze upon me.

This was it, the night I'd lose my cherry.

But then another noise started to attract my attention. A girl's plaintive plea of "no."

"Please, Tommy, no. You know I don't want that. Come on, I'll suck you off."

Looking past Patrice's hot body before me, I saw that Tommy was on top of Amanda, his hardness poking against her stomach as he ground his hips in an attempt to get into the right position. But Amanda was squirming away, trying to free her arms from Tommy's much stronger grip.

"Please, please..." her voice was trembling.

"Hell, no, bitch. You've been cockteasing me for months and I aim to pop your cherry tonight. This is Prom night; you knew what you was getting into."

"Hey, Tommy," Erika cut in, her voice pleading. "This isn't right. Get off of her!"

"Tommy!" Amanda's voice had run up to a desperate shriek as he pressed his way down. I got out of my seat.

The next few moments flew by in blur, but then I realized that I was holding a crying Amanda in my arms, and Tommy was sitting on the floor a few feet away with a butt-naked Erika standing between us. My hand hurt from where I'd cuffed him to get him off of her, and for a second I blanched at the thought of pissing off a guy this strong.

Smoke was coming out of Tommy's ears, his face a beet red. "This isn't your business, nerd-boy." He pointed at me, electricity sizzling in his eyes. "Why the fuck are you messing with me?"

My voice trembling almost as much as Amanda's, I managed to sputter out. "This isn't right." I took a deep breath before my next words leaked out. "I won't let you hurt her."

Amanda may not have been my girl. But I couldn't stand by and let such a precious creature be defiled like this. My mom raised me better than that.

Tommy steamed for a minute before realizing the situation he was in. Greg even stepped over to calm him down. "Bitch ain't worth it, dude."

Tommy mulled this over before spitting out, "Yeah. You're a frigid, virgin bitch, Amanda!"

She cringed in my arms, but then Greg moved to block him again. The night was over. Jack came out and the two guys worked the other girls to salvage the situation. Tommy just grabbed his clothes and stalked out of the hotel suite.

I held Amanda's quaking body in my arms as she sobbed, the emotions overwhelming her. Her beautiful almond eyes were pouring out tears, streaking her makeup. She felt like such a fragile little creature and I wanted to protect her against the universe. She was my angel. I even forgot that we were both naked.

After a few minutes, she quieted down. Blinking the last drops of tears from her eyes, she looked up and into my eyes. "I want to go home."

I helped her into her dress, and stole a hotel bathrobe, wrapping it around her shoulders before getting into my own clothes. Patrice was going to stay with the others, and I'm sure Greg and Jack wouldn't mind spending the night with the three hot babes.

Amanda clung onto my arm all the way down to the lobby, and cuddled against me during the cab ride to her home. She seemed somehow smaller, but in a good way. She still had the beauty of an angel, but now she seemed like a human being, someone I could actually reach. I wouldn't have to chase a dream anymore; she was just a scared teenage girl. I walked her up to her front door, and right before she went inside, her arms wrapped around my head and she drew me in for a searing kiss.

I floated on Cloud 9 all the way to my house. And that night when I dreamed, my fantasies didn't seem so far away.


The next day I sought out my dream-girl, wanting to make sure that she was alright. Amanda said that she was fine, and thanked me again for rescuing her, giving me a solid, but chaste hug. She was very specific not to flirt with me, or otherwise lead me on into believing she wanted to progress our friendship into something more. The more we talked the farther and farther away my dreams seemed to get.

For the rest of the school year, Amanda and I started to lay down a solid friendship, sort of. I became her male confidant, the guy she could trust and talk to. She would ask me questions about what guys really wanted and I did my best to answer them truthfully. Every now and again she would join my group for lunch, flirting with Marcus and trying to soften Kendra's icy attitudes towards her and the other cheerleaders. I came to realize that this was probably the best I would ever get with her. I was the "safe" guy. I was the "friend." I was harmless, and she was utterly unconcerned with ever impressing me. Nothing drove this point home any further than when she would ask my advice about other guys she was thinking of dating.

Life passed on, and I enjoyed my social status as a "close friend" of Miss Popular. But apart from the occasional "friend dates" with Amanda, I retreated into spending my time with the close friends who mattered, Marcus and Kendra. High School would be over soon, and there was no point in trying to build friendships with socialites I wouldn't be seeing again after High School. Our trio picked up the latest video games, bought some Anime, and tinkered with our computer systems. In a way I felt comfortable retreating back towards nerd-dom. High School was over, even if finals hadn't come yet. I wouldn't have to worry about popularity again until college.



I got a nice scholarship to attend the state-run University nearby. Marcus and Kendra would also be attending, so I knew I wouldn't be losing my best friends after High School. But the best news I received back in May had been that Amanda would be attending the same University as well.

In some ways, college was just High School "Plus." But in many other ways it was so much better. Intelligence was actually rewarded with a level of prestige. The students were a little more mature. Instead of Math Clubs, we joined the Robotics club and earned some campus-cred building real things.

Marcus and I managed to pair up as roommates, and Kendra's dorm wasn't too far away, and she had a cute roommate to boot. And Amanda called me every other week or so to catch up. But our college life really began to come together towards the end of the year, as Kendra had decided to join a Sorority.

Needless to say, this clashed with the image in our heads of our best buddy Kendra who had always spurned anything remotely girly. The thought of her living with a bunch of GIRLS and obsessing with her hair and clothes just seemed a little too... weird. But she had grown out of her tomboy phase, and was looking to make some closer female friends.

Purely out of coincidence, Amanda had been pledging to the same Sorority. The two of them had never been close friends in High School, but were rapidly developing a "sisterhood" of sorts with each other. As a result, Marcus and I couldn't hang out with Kendra as often, since she was tied up with Sorority business. But to compensate (in my mind) Amanda started to hang out with us as a group more and more. She was still as gorgeous as ever, and only getting prettier as she matured. Best of all, she started to take an interest in me as a man, not just a confidant. We'd flirt and tease each other, taking every opportunity we had for a chaste hug or peck on the cheek. She knew I adored her, and I longed for the day that she would return my affections.


Our second year at University came, and the girls moved into the Sorority House while Marcus and I got an apartment off-campus. This was also the year that everything in our lives turned upside-down.

It was a relatively-warm Saturday night for October. Marcus was going out for the evening, terribly excited and bragging that he had a hot date. After he left (putting on a little too much cologne in my opinion), Kendra called and said she needed to talk to us. I explained that Marcus was out, but she said she was coming over anyways.

When she arrived I was stunned by her appearance. The flat-chested tomboy with the no-nonsense ponytail I had known and been friends with for years was gone. In her place was a beautiful, sensual woman, dressed to impress. An off-the- shoulder dress flowed down her lithe body, low cut enough to show me more cleavage than I had ever seen in my friend. Her face was expertly highlighted, with just the right amount of makeup to make her almond eyes stand out and glow. Her strong cheekbones Kendra had inherited from her mother, while her father's genes gave her the exotic features that set her apart from everyone else I knew. She always had perfect hair: long, razor-straight locks that shimmered in the light and cascaded off her shoulders like a silk curtain. Diamond earrings sparkled in our porch light, dangling down to frame her face and drawing one's attention downwards to her bare shoulders.

"Nerd-boy, are you going to let me in or not?"

Her sharp tongue sliced down through the fog that had been penetrating my brain. I shook my head, startled, then stepped back and let her in. "Wow!" was all I managed to get out.

She just rolled her eyes at me and flopped onto a couch.

I turned and followed her, dropping down onto the seat next to her. I felt wildly underdressed in a T-shirt and jeans. "Got a cute date tonight?"

"Had a date. And he wasn't that cute."

I checked my watch; it wasn't even 8pm yet. "Am I allowed to ask what happened?"

She just sighed... staring out the window. I let her take a few moments to organize her thoughts, then she turned back to me and started off into her narrative at a fast pace. "Danielle wanted to go out with this guy tonight, but her date had a friend of his without a girl to go with. So she asked me to go out with her so we could double date because this guy was really, really cute and she wanted to make him happy by providing a date for him. I told her 'no' because I wouldn't know what to do and besides I had never been on a date before. So she of course had to go and tell everyone that I had never been on a date before. The next thing I knew I had five girls fussing over me and putting this gunk on my face and in my eyes and sprinkling glitter all over the place. I don't know WHERE this dress came from but the earrings are kind of nice and these shoes hurt SO MUCH."

With that she paused to catch her breath and kick off the three-inch stiletto heels. I was fighting to hold back a grin when she glared at me, asking "WHAT?"

It was really hard not to laugh, but the picture in my head just clashed way too much. I imagined Kendra sitting in a chair in front of a giant vanity mirror with five Sorority bimbos dancing around her while she scowled as if threatening to execute every last one of them. "Just that it's hard to picture YOU on a date that's all."

"Ha. Ha. I'm so pleased you enjoy my awkwardness."

"But you didn't go?" It was really early after all.

"No, I went. And I was having a good time. My date was really nice, and he was very patient with talking to me."

"And yet you're in my living room right now."

"Well, we went to dinner, and we were snuggled into these booths. Danielle was already squeezing and kissing her man, oblivious to us on the other side of the table. My date kept talking with me, and his voice was so soothing, so friendly. He slid a little closer, and put his arm around me."

"Oh, so you punched him in the jaw and came home."

"No." She just glared at me. "I'm not a tomboy anymore. I just... kind of let him. I didn't feel like stopping him. I'd never really felt that way before. I think I even leaned into him."

Her voice trailed off, as if she was lost in remembering the feeling.

"Well anyways, the guys were going to take us on this romantic carriage ride through Old Town. All of a sudden I was in the back of this horse-drawn buggy with a strange guy holding me. I could feel him looking me over, and I felt giddy that he was attracted to me. So he leaned into me and that's when it happened."

"You kissed him?" Why was this such a big deal?

"No, I kind of stopped him at the last second. Then I stopped the carriage and got a cab ride here. I called you on the way."

"Why did you stop him? You seemed to be having a good time."

"Jason, I've never kissed a guy before. I got nervous!"

I sat back against the cushion. This had never really occurred to me before.

She just looked at me, the nervous fear she'd felt coming back to her as she thought about the incident. "I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to kiss somebody. I just couldn't get comfortable enough. I didn't want to disappoint him. I just don't really know how."

"Well, it's really not that difficult. You just kinda pucker your lips and press a little bit."

She screwed up her face, giving me a funny look. "It can't be that easy."

"Well... I mean that's basically what you do. But then there's giving the right amount of pressure, and moving your tongue around, and trying not to drool all over them."

"I know THAT. But... it just seems like it takes practice before you get it right. I mean, no one really gets it just right the first time, and that's what I was afraid of."

"Yeah, come to think of it. I was pretty sloppy for a while until I got the hang of it. Practice is the best way, I guess."

Kendra reached out and took my hand into hers. "Show me."


"Kiss me. C'mon, Jase. We're just friends. And I'm comfortable around you. And I've got to practice with someone."

My whole body locked up, and my throat stuttered in trying to get a word out. "Uh... uh... wait a minute."

Kendra just sighed, annoyed. Then she leaned over, grabbed my head in her hands, and planted her lips on mine. The contact was electric, a lightning-bolt shooting through my head and crackling with energy. Her eyes flew wide open when she felt it, but then her eyes were closing and she was kissing me with an intensity I had never expected. And I was kissing her right back.

Her body just melted against me and I felt the soft probe of her tongue entering into my mouth. She turned her head the other way and then her lips were softly massaging the lower pad of my mouth. My mind blanked from everything around us, all my nerves connected to my mouth and the electric pleasure focused there.

I found my strength and then I was pushing myself back at her, turning her over until we fell onto the floor and our lips lost contact. I stared down at her sweet face in amazement, wondering where the hell this passion was coming from. She just giggled and pulled me down to her once again.

We kissed and we kissed and we kissed, her arms holding me tightly to her while mine roamed of their own accord down her body. She shivered in excitement as my palms glided down her sides, and I felt the momentary firm bump as they passed along her tits crushed against my chest. They kept going south until I reached her waistline, and my hands automatically pulled her hips into me, instinctively grinding my hard-on into her pelvis even as my tongue dipped down into her throat.

She felt me bumping against her, and ground herself down against me. But then Kendra's eyes flew open, and she pushed me away from her with a startled shriek. Rolling me off of her, she half-crawled, half-jumped up to the couch next to us, her eyes bugged-out and her hand covering her gaping mouth as she stared at me in pure shock. "Omigod."

I sat up, rubbing my head where it had hit the floor. "Well, I'd say you don't really need much practice."

Once we'd managed to collect ourselves, and I reassured Kendra that she hadn't just ruined our friendship, we sat back and laughed nervously over the incident. I was now sitting on a recliner a good five feet away from her, while Kendra's thoughts were turned inwards, meditative over her first real kiss.

She finally broke the silence. "Well, maybe now I won't be so afraid to kiss another boy."

A thought came unbidden to my head. I didn't really want her to kiss another boy. I stamped that thought out as quickly as it surfaced. It wasn't my decision to make. And how could I possibly be jealous of a best friend's happiness. I just smiled and nodded with her. "Come on. I'll walk you home."

We left, and I took the time now to compliment her on how good she looked. Kendra blushed. She had never been one to "doll up" before. She shuffled along in my sandals, carrying the god-awful heels, and I felt grateful in a way that she shrunk 3 inches and was no longer as tall as me. A guy has his ego after all.

We were coming within sight of her Sorority House when Kendra saw a familiar face. "Hey, that's Marcus."

Indeed it was, he was slowly walking up the last steps to the front door, his arm around a slender brunette in a pretty dress. Then she turned around to bid him goodbye, and I got a good look at her face.

"Amanda..." I breathed out. And to my abject horror, Marcus leaned down to give her a kiss goodnight. She went inside, and Kendra had to tug me out of my stupor to get me to start walking again towards the House. Marcus was whistling as he turned and walked towards our apartment, running into us on the way.

Marcus was all smiles, "Hey! Funny running into you guys here. Kendra, you look fantastic!" Then his eyes caught mine, and his smile vanished.

Kendra just looked back and forth between us, then excused herself to go inside, handing me my sandals back. "You two look like you'll have a lot to talk about."

When she was gone, I just turned around and headed for home, Marcus jogging to catch up to me. I didn't really have any right to be upset. It's not like Amanda was cheating on me or anything.

"Hey, dude. I'm-"

"Don't say you're sorry, because I know you're not," I interrupted.

"No, I'm not sorry." He looked over, giving me a frank and honest glance. "I know you've had a crush on her since Day 1 of High School. But let's be real, Jase. We all knew you were never going to do a thing about it."

I didn't have an answer. My eyes were locked onto the sidewalk in front of me, my concentration now focused onto each and every step I took.

Marcus continued his explanation. "So, we've all been hanging out together, and she seemed friendly and nice. So I just asked her out. And she said 'yes'. We had a good time."



"Just shut up."


It was two days later when the phone to our apartment rang. Marcus picked up the phone, and my heart stopped when he said, "Amanda?"

He nodded, then screwed his face into a grimace and reached over to hand me the phone. I muted the TV, grabbing the receiver. Amanda sounded pretty upset. She had met some friends for dinner, but then her car wouldn't start in the parking lot, and she was freaking out. I told her to calm down, and promised I would get to her as soon as I could. I got her location and then ran to grab my car keys. I turned around to see Marcus watching the TV again. "Want to come?" I asked him.

Without turning around he replied, "Nah. She wants you."

Luckily, she was only ten minutes away. I was mildly surprised to find that she wasn't alone, but in fact was stranded along with three of her Sorority sisters. It turned out to be nothing more insidious than a dead battery. But after helping her into a jump-start and promising to go get a new battery with her, I was the hero of the hour. All four of the girls were thanking me profusely, and for a moment I felt overwhelmed by their attentions.

It was then that one leggy blonde senior sister, Karina, mentioned that the Sorority was having a small party that coming weekend. It was supposed to only be between their House and their "Brother Fraternity," but she could pull a few strings to get myself and Marcus invited, if we wanted to go.

Amanda's eyes immediately lit up at this and she nodded her head agreeably. Once I saw the look on her face, I knew there was no way I could say 'no.'


At first, Marcus didn't want to come. But after a minimal amount of prodding, and a reminder that I was only friends with Amanda, he agreed to attend. Besides, we were going to have to look out for Kendra, and be ready to protect her if needed from drunken frat boys.

Less than ten seconds into entering the party we realized just how little we had come in "shedding our nerd-dom." The chaos of a Greek party was above and beyond that of any High School party we had ever attended. Those had been filled with teenagers drinking a little beer from a keg or two, doing their best to cover up insecurities with false bravado and confidence.

The music was so loud as to drown out all other noises and conversations. The alcohol was MUCH stronger, and much more readily available. One guy stood unsteadily in the center of the foyer pouring a thick bottle of cheap vodka over his head like a shower. A hallway off to the side was filled with a fog of green smoke that I knew didn't come from cigarettes. One Sorority girl was already topless and running screaming around the house, hotly pursued by two drunken guys who could never quite catch her.

Perhaps there was something positive to be said for being a quiet nerd.

Karina swooped in just then, looking stunning in a tight top and thin-skirt. She thanked us for coming and held up two cups of something fizzing. Oh well, might as well dive in. We took up the drinks offered to us and flirted with her for a few minutes. She was fairly tall, almost Marcus's height and maybe an inch taller than even me. Her body was nicely tanned and showed an athletic toning to her muscles. But what really set her apart and kept Marcus's eyes glued at a downwards angle were her D-cup tits trying to spill out of her top. After a while of ogling each other back and forth she excused herself to go mingle with other friends. She walked right between us but before she was gone we both felt her giving us a playful squeeze to our asses.

Turning around I watched her hips sway back and forth as she left. I was going to have to run into her again sometime. Smiling, I grabbed Marcus and we headed off to find the girls.

Kendra was doing her best to avoid getting toasted, while sipping on a wine cooler to be sociable. We stopped to chit-chat while flirting with her friends. The lounge area she was in was a bit farther away from the main room, and so the craziness levels were a bit lower while the music was a bit quieter.

I had just drained my drink when Kendra set down her bottle, standing up and grabbing me by the waist, steering me out towards the dance floor. "You're dancing with me, buddy."

I put up a token resistance, and then we were amidst the blaring music and screaming co-eds. I turned around when we found an open spot and started moving to the music. One song turned into five, and then ten, and I found myself grinning happily as I bounced around with the buzz of alcohol and a solid bass- beat. As the party progressed more and more people arrived, meaning less space on the dance floor. We were working up quite a sweat, and after a few more songs I found myself dancing in quite closely to Kendra as the room got even more packed. Kendra had obviously picked up a few more dance moves to go along with her natural coordination and when she was grinding her hips against me I could almost picture her as just another hot Sorority babe instead of a childhood friend.

Just when I was starting to get comfortable with seeing Kendra as a hot babe, Marcus arrived to mentally remind me of our friendship. He moved in, and Kendra winked at me before sliding over to freak him, teasing me as if trying to arouse my jealousy. I just laughed as Marcus played along, pretending to drool over her like a drunken frat boy before she lightly slapped him.

And then she Amanda appeared out of nowhere at my side. "Hey, Jason. You made it!" she yelled, barely audible over the music. She was absolutely stunning this night. She wore a short, sleek party dress. It was completely backless with a halter tie behind her neck, and showing a generous amount of cleavage. The skirt was barely there, letting me see every inch of her exquisite legs. She started to say a few other things, but they were drowned out with the noise. Then she simply moved in and started to dance with me, really, really closely. One leg was between mine, her chest up against me as she brought her lips right up to my ears. From a distance it looked like we were very intimately dancing quite slowly. "I said I'm glad you made it. I really wanted you to come."

I turned my head to the side, to see Kendra and Marcus both staring at us, their eyes fierce with emotions I didn't quite understand. I pushed my friends from my mind, instead focusing on this heavenly creature pressed up against me. I just closed my eyes and let the whole universe disappear until there was nothing left except her and me.

"I'm glad I came," was the only response I could think of.

"I never really thanked you for helping me out when my car wouldn't start. I felt under all this pressure. The girls were sitting there asking me what was wrong. And I was just panicking! My only thought was of you. I knew you would come and rescue me."

"Really, it was nothing. Anyone could have bailed you out."

"Maybe. But you're the one who did."

We spent the rest of the evening together. We took frequent breaks from dancing to add liquids with more alcohol and frequent breaks to relieve liquids out. Apart from the bathrooms, Amanda never left my side, even excusing herself from conversations with friends to pay more attention to me. That's right, nerd-boy me.

It was the greatest night of my life. The girl of my dreams was paying attention to me. She flirted shamelessly with me, laughing at my stupid jokes and taking every opportunity to touch me or rub herself against me. We got so buzzed we would actually start laughing at anything for that matter.

Finally around 3AM the party wound down, and we were exhausted. I had never danced so much in my life and my legs felt like Jell-O. I started to wonder if I was going to be able to walk all the way home. I sat heavily on a couch, Amanda half in my lap with her arms around me, her head pillowed on my shoulder. Forget home. The last thing I wanted to do was leave her.

Apparently Amanda had the same idea. She got up, wiping sticky sweat from my forehead. "You're a mess," she giggled. Tugging me to a standing position, she started pulling me down a hallway. "Come on."

Wordlessly I let her lead me. After a few turns, I found myself in front of her room. She pulled me inside, and parked me against a wall before staggering towards the bathroom which was shared between her room and her next door neighbor. She locked the door to her neighbor's side, and turned on the shower to get the hot water running. With her back to me, she pulled at the ties behind her neck, dropping the top of her dress to her waist. Then bending over slightly, she pushed it and her panties to the floor.

My jaw joined her clothing on the floor as I gaped at her perfect ass. She stood up, her upper torso turning towards me, a questioning look in her eyes. "Aren't you going to join me?"

Sounded like a pretty good idea through my foggy brain. My shirt came off first, and when my shorts and pants hit the carpet her mouth broke into a wide grin. No amount of alcohol was going to keep my dick down in a situation like this. Amanda slid into the shower spray, her hair being slicked back against her scalp and water droplets running down her chest and dripping off her erect nipples. She opened her arms to welcome me as I joined her, my hand on the glass sliding door to close us in. I leaned in to kiss her, to taste the spicy sweetness of her lips and I never intended to let go.

We didn't move for what felt like an hour, going no farther than just holding each other and probing each other's mouths with our tongues. Eventually, our mouths started to get sore, and our fingers were starting to wrinkle. Amanda poured out a healthy amount of body wash and then handed the bottle to me. She started rubbing it into my chest, and then I gleefully did the same to her. It was unavoidable that my hands would linger on her firm breasts, but then we managed to get each other fairly well cleaned up.

Aided by soap, her hand was jacking me off even as my fingers cleaned out her neatly trimmed pussy, using the soap until her pubes were squeaky clean and she was turned on enough that the pink folds of her cunt were poking out. After Amanda washed my hair, she wanted me to massage her scalp. So to help out, she got down to her knees while I rubbed some Pro-Vitamin something or other into her hair. This of course left my baseball bat waving in the air in front of her, and without further ado she sucked it into her hot little mouth.

My hands locked against her head when she did that, my mind exploding with pleasure as she continued to jack me off towards her open lips. Gradually, she managed to stuff more and more of my meat into her mouth until I felt the tip of my shaft going down her throat. Eventually she had me completely deep-throated and was sucking powerfully along the full length of my rod. I fought like crazy to keep myself from losing it, and was rewarded with my efforts when she finally stood back up ten minutes later. Her hair was cleaned out long ago.

Shutting off the shower spray, she reached outside and began to towel me off, while I did the same to her. Then, still naked, she led me outside to her bed.

All sorts of alarms and nervousness and uncertainties were going off in my head, my mind getting clogged up with the implications of the night's possibilities. When she lay back on top of the bed and pulled me to her, I nearly freaked out and stiffened up like a board (my body that is, as well as my dick).

Amanda sensed my anxiousness, and told me to relax. "Have you ever done this before?"

Slightly ashamed, I shook my head 'no.'

"That's okay. I just know that everything is going to be fine."

We cuddled more closely together, and she leaned up to give me a soft, welcoming kiss. This I had done before, and as we wound ourselves around each other, making out, and my fears started to fall away with the act of something I could handle. Then she finally pulled me around until I was on top of her, her tits still tight and upright (ah, the firmness of youth), the nipples tickling my chest. My cock was rigid and sandwiched between my stomach and the hard mound of her mons. Panic started to set in again. What if I was wasn't as good as she'd had before?

"Jason?" Her hand reached down, taking a firm grip on my erection.


"This time, please take it slowly..."

My heart was racing with all the implications of Amanda saying 'this time.' I could only dream about the next times.

Now it was her turn to look nervous. "... I've never done this before, either."

For a moment my jaw dropped again. She had to be kidding. A gorgeous girl like her?

"I never found a boy I trusted enough before. I've wanted to have sex for so long. But I could never believe any of them really cared about me. But you care about me, don't you?"

"Of course. You know I do."

"That's why I want to give this to you." Then she leaned up to kiss me, and with her hand guiding me forwards, slipped my other head into the folds of her vagina.

I had to fight the urge to just ram my hips forwards as soon as I felt myself lined up. But I let her guide my progress, achingly slowly as my rod penetrated deeper and deeper. She was so tight, those muscles having never been stretched like this before. And then I felt the barrier, and with a hard determination in her eyes Amanda lunged her hips forwards, burying my shaft in until her hips clicked against my pelvis.

She screamed out in mixed pain and pleasure, my own roar accompanying her as I felt the lightning bolts shooting through me. My eyes were wide open in shock at how great this felt, and then raw instinct took its hold over my body as I pulled back only to slam forwards once again.

After a few pumps the tears stopped coming out of Amanda's eyes as her arms wrapped themselves around my back. We stared deeply at each other before coming together in a fierce kiss as my hips continued to pound her supple body beneath me.

She broke for air a few moments later, breathy gasps music to my ears as they began to be mixed with moans of pleasure. Her hips were thrusting back at me as we rode each other to the greatest heights of pleasure either of us had ever experienced.

I lifted my upper body off of her to give her some breathing room, but also to look at the angel laid out before me. Her hair formed a shimmering brown halo around her head, her eyes glowing with lust and energy. Her big tits were bouncing up and down in time with our thrusts, a truly mind-blowingly erotic sight that only spurred me on to make them bounce even faster. All weariness had left my body; I was calling up every reserve of power I had left in me. Energy I had stored for my entire life, waiting for this very moment, was right now coursing through my veins. We were sweating again, this time from a very different kind of dance as my rod pistoned in and out of her with incredible speed and power as she chanted "Fuck me!" over and over and over.

I could feel almost twenty years of sperm storage building up in my balls, waiting for their first chance to be inside of a woman's paradise. When Amanda's eyes tightened as she squealed out her first orgasm, I nearly lost it due to the quaking of her pussy as a fresh wave of her nectar flooded out to meet our coupling. But her hands clamped down on my arms, "Please, wait for me. I can feel another one coming!"

Biting down my teeth I fought to hold back the tidal wave. And I tried to focus my thoughts on anything other than the sensations shooting through my shaft in an effort to relieve some of the pressure on my dick. At first, I contented myself with watching her bouncing tits, but that didn't help a whole lot. Then I watched her face contorting with the ecstasy in her mind, which didn't really help either. I dropped my upper body against hers, pressing myself against her until we were moving together in unison, a rhythmic up and down against the springiness of her bed.

And then her legs were wrapped around my back, pressing me tightly into her even as her arms tugged down around my neck. "Oh, baby! I'm coming!"

And then she let out a wail so loud it must have woken up the whole house, a pitched moan of ecstasy and joy as her hips were bouncing against me faster and harder than they ever had the whole night. There was no way I could hold back any longer against this pleasure onslaught, and then I was firing my cannon again and again until I had pumped out every last drop into her quivering snatch.

I lay beside her, my head against her shoulder as she cradled me to her, cooing corny romantic thoughts in my ear as I stroked her. Eventually she found a wet washcloth and cleaned us both up, before sliding in under the covers with me spooned behind her, one arm under her neck and the pillow and the other wrapped around her shoulder. I admired the smooth arch of her back and her naked body. I could feel the stirrings in my loins just watching her. But she patted my penis and told me to save it 'til the morning. With us both grinning like idiots, we talked and whispered little nothings until we drifted off to sleep.


Chapter 2: Just a Girl Next Door

This could be heaven. Maybe Amanda was the girl I was destined to meet. College sweethearts, married right after graduation. Promising careers. Maybe a few kids and a little suburban home with the white picket fence.

Then she sucked in again and all those thoughts flew right out the window. I just groaned in appreciation that Amanda knew exactly what to do when we woke up with my morning wood poking into her back. We had no sooner exchanged sleepy "g'mornings" than she'd turned around and sort of lazily drew my erection into her mouth.

I'd moved to return the favor but she stubbornly resisted all my efforts, not relaxing until I just sat back and put my hand on her head while she fed on me. She may have been a virgin until just last night, but she knew exactly how to give head.

She brushed her long, dark hair back behind her ears and then told me not to hold it back. The sooner I finished this up the sooner we could get to the main course. So within a few minutes of her expert blowjob, she was jerking my pole off into her waiting mouth as she swallowed and swallowed until all of my jizz had washed down her throat.

She climbed up atop me, her naked body pressed against mine, her heavy tits dragging against my skin as she leaned down to kiss me. I didn't resist, I would still kiss her if her mouth was full of mud. It was a strange, yet not altogether unpleasant salty flavor. But then her hips settled over my crotch, and she began to grind herself against me, leaning forwards to let my outstretched lips give her nipples a tongue-bath.

Amanda was beautiful in High School, and age had only developed her curves until she was all woman. Perfect legs rubbed against mine. Nicely flared hips tapered down to a tiny waist. Not an extra ounce of fat around her trim abs, leading up to her perfectly shaped round bosom. Her tits were actually a little too big to be proportionate, but on her petite body they gave her a comic-book heroine kind of goddess ness. Her skin was flawless and her elfin-beautiful face was now pulled back into an open-mouthed moan as she continued to grind herself against my reviving erection.

I made a move to go down on her. I wanted to please her as much as she had me, but she still resisted my every effort to do anything other than what she wanted to do. I realized that if she'd wanted me down there, she would have moved me down there. I was only too happy to obey her every wish.

At last she was satisfied with my hardness, and prying my stiffness into an upright and locked position, she sank herself down upon me.

My eyes were open, but I felt a veil of light descending over my irises as the tight ring of her cunt descended around my shaft. And when she began to move all I could see were starbursts like fireworks going off in my head. She brought my hands up to clamp down on her heaving breasts, my fingers automatically caressing and rubbing them with vigor.

I had to get closer and I sat up to bury my face in those bouncing orbs as our hips continued to drive against each other. She was just as tight as last night, and the sensations coming from my crotch were phenomenal. When Amanda started streaking towards her first orgasm of the morning, her hips took on an urgent thrusting as she bounced on top of me so fast that I had to relocate my hands to her hips. I lay back watching her throw her head back and wail into the morning daylight the pleasure rushing through her. With her strong legs thrusting and my hands tugging her down to me she set off into her climax.

Three thrusts later she got off of me and moved onto her hands and knees, her steaming wet pussy staring back at me between her legs. "Come and fuck me this way Jay-baby!"

Like I was going to turn down a request like that. I got to my knees and grabbed her ass tightly in my palms. I leaned in forwards, and the instant my other head tucked inside her she threw her body back, sinking me into her in one go. Howling with pleasure we began to rock atop her bed, Amanda taking up the chant of "Fuck me~! Harder~! Come on baby FUCK ME!"

And I was doing my best to comply. My hips were slamming into her ass with a meat-like thud. It was such a precise repetition you could set a metronome to our fuck. Less than twelve hours ago I had been a virgin. And now I was screwing the hottest woman I had ever laid eyes on over and over and over again. This could truly be heaven.

She had two more orgasms this way, with me fingering her clit and my hands on her swaying tits. Then I lost it and blew my load into her trembling pussy. But she wasn't done with me yet.

We were like kids let loose in a toy store for the very first time. We didn't have class until tomorrow, and had all the time in the world to try out every position we had heard of or could think of. It was all so new to us, and Amanda was proving to be quite adventurous. We fucked in the shower, on the floor, on her desk, in her chair, against the wall. We fucked from the side, we fucked wheelbarrow, upside-down, bent over the sink. Neither of us put any clothes on the entire day and paused only to piss, drink some water, and to eat some dry cereal and bread. I'd shot my stuff down her throat, in her cunt, on her tits, in her face and in her hair.

I finally ran out of juice around midnight, having cum more than ten times that day, the last one with her fucking on top of me facing my feet and sucking on my toes as I fingered her ass. She was still sucking on me, but it just wouldn't go up any more. She finally gave up and cuddled against me, her hand on mine as I rubbed her ass-cheeks.

She looked dead on into my eyes. "Hmm, we never did try it in there," she mumbled, guiding my hand back to where my finger had opened up her rosebud hole. "We'll do that next time."

I smiled at the thought of buggering my dream girl up her ass. Amanda grinned and then leaned down to kiss me. Midway through, my stomach grumbled at the lack of real food for the whole day, and she giggled into our kiss when she heard it. When she pulled back, she pecked me on the lips one more time and then sat up. "Okay, one last shower. Then we're going out to find some food."

We got cleaned up and dressed casually. With her hair in a loose ponytail, demure sweater and jeans, Amanda seemed to be just a nineteen-year old girl as scared of the real world as I was. She was still gorgeous to be certain, but now she seemed more like a comfortable girl next door. I wasn't nervous around her anymore.

The only places open were cheap fast-food and your Denny's kind of diners, and we opted for the sit-down restaurant. There was a family run place that catered to the college crowd, and thus was open until four in the morning. We headed out and asked for a booth. The place was packed with students, and I felt a great amount of pride at holding hands with such a gorgeous woman. Let everyone stare at me and see who I was with.

A student waiter came to lead us to our table, and following him through the restaurant I caught sight of Marcus and Kendra, sitting at a booth nearby. They hadn't ordered yet as they still had their menus in front of them and I stopped the waiter for a moment. Looking to Amanda for confirmation, I said hello and asked if we could join them. Marcus scooted around the table and I slid in after him, Amanda next to me on the wing. She said hello as well and we struck up a friendly, if slightly awkward conversation.

The four of us had been out to eat before as a group of friends, but tonight was very different. Amanda didn't let go of my hand, a fact which Marcus took very conscious note of. Kendra's expression was difficult to read, but we managed to keep things cordial. We ordered food and shakes, my stomach still growling. Amanda then excused herself to go to the bathroom, Kendra going with her as girls so often do. I always wondered, do girls spread the need to pee telepathically to all other females within range? How else do they all need to go at the same time?

Marcus and I chatted about nothing for a minute before he screwed up his face into a very serious look. He reached his hand out to me, and I took it, letting him shake my hand firmly. "Congratulations. You finally got your dream."

"Marcus, I'm sorry."

"No need to say you're sorry. That night I took her out, what were the exact words I used? 'I know you've had a crush on her since Day 1 of High School... We all knew you were never going to do a thing about it.' Well, I guess 'we' were wrong."

"Actually, you weren't wrong. She made the first move."

"Either way, you got your dream girl. We knew something like this was up when you didn't come home last night or at all today. What have you two been doing all day, anyways?"

"Uh, no comment."

"Bastard," Marcus grumbled, grinning. "No sordid details?"

"A gentleman does not discuss such matters out of respect for the lady."

"Speaking of which..." he trailed off, glancing behind me. I turned my head; Amanda and a much happier Kendra were walking towards us. They must have had a productive conversation.

Marcus directed his question to Kendra as the girls sat down. "Satisfied?"

Kendra nodded. "I just made her promise not to break Jason's heart."

Amanda just laughed as she wrapped herself around my arm, giving me a peck on the cheek. The food was hot and tasty, and went a long way towards calming my growling stomach. Afterwards we went our separate ways, Marcus and I back to our apartment, and the girls to their Sorority House. Amanda made me promise to call her later.

I was asleep thirty seconds after I my head hit the pillow. My aerobic exercises with Amanda had completely exhausted me. And tonight I didn't need to dream up any fantasies. I had perfectly good memories to replay in my mind all the way until morning.


I had thought that I wouldn't be able to see Amanda again until the weekend. School was a priority for both of us, and it was our midterm exams week. In my head I had already planned out my study schedule, and I didn't have much free time in that schedule.

But when I called her that Monday night to wish her good night, Amanda demanded that I come over to her room. She had already spent most of the day without me fucking her and she wasn't about to let me get away from her for a full 24-hour period. So a few hours after midnight, and several orgasms from both of us later, we finally collapsed onto the bed, this beautiful girl in my arms with my hands on her tits as we drifted off into oblivion.

This became something of a routine. We would wake up groggy and thick-headed and try to just survive through our midterms. We'd retreat back and study for most of the evening before I walked down to her place for a night of fucking and sucking before we passed out. We finally got around to trying anal sex. It was the hottest, tightest thing I had ever felt. But while Amanda enjoyed it well enough, it wasn't something she wanted to do every time.

Neither of us wanted to have sex at my place, because we would feel way too weird screaming and banging against the walls at my apartment with Marcus in the next room. However, screaming and banging against the walls was the norm at her Sorority House, so we felt no such compunctions to restrain ourselves.

And we had tried studying together, but we never got any actual work done. Only by getting a good couple of blocks between us were we able to keep our hands off each other. Amanda was an insatiable nymphomaniac. Years of being the object of lust for every man she met had driven her into a sexual frenzy that she had never felt comfortable unleashing until we got together. And despite my difficulties passing my exams, that week was absolute heaven.

This is why it was such a shock to me when Saturday morning rolled around and Amanda told me she was busy that day. It was the first free day we had without exams or other studious requirements to keep us apart from each other. I had been building up in my head a day-long orgy like we'd had the previous week, and when she said she had other plans I was crushed. No morning blowjob. No between the sheets (and everywhere else in the room) romp to start off our day.

As I trudged my way back to the apartment I shared with Marcus my head flew through every possible reason. She had given me no explanation save that she "had plans." Did she just want to go out with the girls? Did they have some planned Sorority event? Or to my abject horror, was she tired of me?

Once unleashed had she become a sexual predator, no longer satisfied by a low- level nerd-boy like me? Did she want to go out and find the star University quarterback? Or some other "popular" guy?

That morning when I got back Marcus immediately took note of my depressed state. Like a good best buddy, he skipped the petulant inquiries as to how I was feeling, and instead just pulled out his PlayStation 2 and plugged it in. It was the perfect way for me to blow off steam, and we spent the next four hours trying to beat our digital opponents' heads in.

But when Marcus left to go to some meeting for an Engineering project, which left me alone to sulk once again. I became convinced that as a recent virgin, I lacked the experience and the knowledge to properly satisfy my woman. My relationship with Amanda was more or less purely sexual. There was nothing more to it than our previous "Miss Popular and 'Safe' Guy-Friend" relationship plus wild sex. I had made some initial forays into being romantic and building this into a real boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, but Amanda seemed to be comfortable with being fuck-buddies for the time being. And that was all I had to offer her right now. She didn't want me for anything else. And now, if she was tiring of me as a convenient dick, then I was in trouble.

Then I realized that I'd always had two best friends, Marcus AND Kendra. So I headed back to the Sorority house, this time to find Kendra. I wandered the halls, half-expecting to bump into Amanda with some six-five football jock, but I made it to Kendra's door without incident.

She was home, much to my relief, and we sat down on her bed together to exchange the usual small talk and catch up on each others lives. Inevitably, Kendra asked how my relationship with Amanda was going.

I told her that things were well, but explained how Amanda had ditched me that morning, saying she had other plans for the day. Disappointingly, Kendra told me there was no Sorority event that day, but offered that maybe Amanda just wanted to hang out with her friends and Sorority sisters. The past week had been a rough one and with me monopolizing all of her free time, she hadn't seen her friends in a while.

I told her that I hoped so, but then decided to tell her everything. That's what best friends do, and I had always been completely honest with Kendra throughout our relationship.

"The night of the party, Amanda dragged me back to her room and we kinda had sex."

Kendra gave me a withering "duh" look. "I knew that. Hell I passed by her room and I could hear you guys. And the whole house has heard you guys every night for the last week. Congratulations, Jase. You finally lost your virginity!"

"Hey, don't say that so loud."

"What? VIRGINITY!!!"

It was my turn to shoot daggers from my eyes. "But, that's all our relationship has been so far. We're not actually dating or anything. We're just fucking."

"You're a guy. Sounds like a PERFECT relationship."

"Well, maybe. But what if I'm not very good?"

"Believe me, we can hear her. You're not bad."

"But now I'm convinced that she's tired of me. I'm kind of worried that I'll lose her if I don't get better."

"So what, you're asking me for sex advice?" Kendra gave me a funny look.

"No, not necessarily. You've got to be less experienced than me."

"And how do you figure that?"

"Well, you've never had sex before, have you?"


"Whoa, a boyfriend you've never told us about?"

"No. I-"

"One night stand?"


"Well?" I just looked at her expectantly. "I'm here spilling my guts to my 'supposed' best friend and she's been hiding something from me?"

"Well, it's just that I know what a woman wants, how she wants to be touched, that sort of thing. And yes, I'm still a virgin, technically."

"Define 'technically'."

"Oh. Boys are so crude!"


"I broke my hymen already, but I haven't had a real penis in me. Does that spell it out for you enough?"

"Sure. Now how exactly did you break your hymen?"

Kendra was blushing furiously now, and I had a wicked grin on my face. "Well I had a dildo in there, okay?"

The thoughts flooding through my head were all in a jumble and quite confusing. It wasn't proper to interrogate a woman about her sexual activities like this. On the other hand, Kendra was my best friend for years and we'd always shared stupid things, including sexual secrets. And on top of that, the thought of Kendra shoving a dildo into her pussy was getting me a little horny. I'd cum more times in the last week than in the previous nineteen years, but I could still get it up at the thought of a pretty girl's pussy. Then another thought hit me. "Hey, when did you get a dildo?"

"I don't have one."

"Then where did it come from?"

"Uh, well. I, uh, borrowed it from one of the girls."

"You're lying. I can always tell when you're lying." Six years of watching Kendra try to bluff her way past her parents had clued me in.

"Okay damn it. This is a Sorority house. Some of the girls are... into other girls... and experimentation is a very common thing. So one night I got drunk and just, kind of... went for it."

"You had sex with another girl? With dildoes?"

"Well, three other girls. But yes."

Okay, now I was really getting horny. "Who?"

"Hey, do I pry really deeply into yours and Amanda's sex lives?"

"No, no. I'm sorry. I take it back." There was only so far best friendship would go. At some point, you have to respect at least a certain level of privacy. "But you were saying, you know how a girl likes to be touched."

"Well, yeah. I AM a girl after all. And the other girls were very helpful in teaching me. And its not like it was only the one night."

"So are you a lesbian now?"

The pillow caught me just behind my ear. Kendra still had a little of her tomboy strength left after all. "Okay, okay. I take it back!"

"No I'm not! Well, maybe I'm a little bisexual. But I really like guys!"

"Fine, I'm dropping the subject now. But can you tell me? Can you teach me what a girl wants?"

And so she did. She started to explain a woman's body in a clinical sex-ed kind of way before taking things a step further. Kendra wanted to know what ways I'd had sex with Amanda because she'd heard a lot of things from her friends and "experimentation-girlfriends" and what they liked. The more we kept talking the more I realized how horny we were both getting. She was picturing Amanda and me fucking like rabbits and I was picturing Kendra in a four-way lesbian tryst. Kendra finally blurted out "Oh god I'm going to have to masturbate this off once you leave."

She was in the middle of trying to explain the idea of a woman's G-spot and I was having a hard time getting through her description of what it felt like. Kendra finally just threw her hands back and exclaimed, "Oh, fuck it. You're my best friend anyways."

She reached down and unsnapped her shorts, pulling both them and her panties away and leaving her half-naked before me. We had both gone through the "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" thing in High School, but this was something completely different. She grabbed my hand by the wrist and brought it to her steaming cunt. I noticed that she was shaved completely bare, and a questioning look rose into my eyes. She wasn't shaved the last time I'd seen this.

Guessing my question, she informed me, "The other girls kind of like it that way." Then taking a deep breath, she pulled my hand to her and pressed a finger inside of her pussy.

She was so wet, and we were both so turned on. She ordered me to turn and move my finger with her directions, until she finally found that spot she was looking for. It felt like a soft pad, almost indistinguishable from the rest of her soft, velvety cunt. She was slightly out of breath, a pant seeping into her words. "Now try to remember that spot."

I felt around, trying to get my bearings inside of her. Then she pulled my wrist back and then told me to go in and find it again. So with my fingers still coated with her thick honey, I probed my way inside of my friend's folds until I found her G-spot, pressing against it and causing her to whimper with pleasurable excitement.

She pulled me out of her, and then anxiously declared she would show me how to tease a woman's clit. Not too hard, but firm enough to be just right. So with her hand guiding me I was playing with her very hard, very erect little nub. Kendra closed her eyes and leaned her head against my shoulder as I continued to strum the little ball. She would whimper out further instructions, but I learned to read how I was doing in her body language until she clamped a hand over her mouth, her eyes shut tightly and she tried to muffle her moan as she came, dumping a load of Kendra-nectar into my hand.

When she finally came down from her high, she looked at me with slightly fearful eyes, as if only now realizing what we had just done. "Omigawd."

Trying to defuse the tension, I muttered. "Well, I think I'm getting the hang of this." All of my prior sex with Amanda had been mostly fucking or sucking or fingering to orgasm. But Amanda had never stopped to tell me what she wanted or how she wanted it, I pretty much went on instinct. In a way I thought I had learned quite a bit with Kendra spelling it out for me, telling me just where to press and how to press and when to back off. And I knew I could go back to Amanda and please her better now.


Later that night, I got the phone call I had been simultaneously hoping for and dreading. Amanda wanted me to come over. Marcus just waved goodbye, and grabbing my jacket I headed out.

When I knocked on the door I heard Amanda's sweet voice call out. "Who is it?"

"It's Jason," I called back.

Giggling came through before Amanda called out again, "Come on in, baby."

I stepped through the door, slipping through and closing it behind me quickly. My eyes adjusted to the dim light before my heart stopped at the sight before me. Amanda was on the bed dressed in the laciest, sexiest lingerie I could imagine. A sky blue teddy was pressing her tits together to form a deep, thin crevasse between them. Matching panties barely concealed the treasures within. And to top off the ensemble was a sky blue set of garter belt and stockings. She was an angel.

And reclining on the bed behind her was Karina, the blonde senior sister I had met before, similarly undressed in an identical red set of lingerie. I gawked at the two girls as Karina sat up, her D-cup tits straining at the fabric of her teddy and threatening to bust loose. Her long, limber frame stretched out over Amanda and my heart leaped up and out of my throat when she leaned down to nibble on Amanda's ear.

Amanda just looked at me through heavy-lidded eyes. "We went out shopping today to find these. I hope you like them."

I just nodded my head 'yes' and started towards the bed. Karina got off of Amanda, flipping her mane of sun-bleached blonde hair off her shoulder and around to her back. She stopped my forward movement just short of the bed, her hands going to my shirt to lift it over my body.

With Amanda watching our every move, Karina squeezed onto my pecs and then leaned forwards, tasting my lips experimentally. My eyes were wide when Karina kissed me, but Amanda just grinned watching my discomfort. She slid herself to the edge of the bed, and then started to undo the ties going down the back of Karina's teddy, leaning in to nibble at Karina's neck at the same time. I stared in amazement at these two women. Karina with her tanned, fit body, light blonde hair, and long, long legs. Petite Amanda with her creamy white skin, sky blue eyes, and dark hair. They were so different but both beautiful.

My heart had finally returned to me, but was thumping faster and faster and faster as things progressed. Once Amanda got her friend's teddy unlaced, Karina's tits spilled out, big, soft, heavy knockers that sagged slightly downwards but were full and ripe melons that promised to taste so very sweet. She knelt down to tug my pants and boxers off before directing me into a soft chair next to the bed.

I sat down, naked, unconsciously holding my piece in my hand to watch the girls snap each other's garters off the stockings, then lower both the belts and panties down and off each other's legs.

So now with Karina's tall frame completely naked except for a pair of red stockings, Amanda leaned in to briefly kiss her Sorority sister on the lips, before trailing little pecks down to suck a turgid nipple into her mouth. Amanda motioned me over, pointing me towards the other breast as we pressed Karina down onto her back across the bed. I dropped my fingers down to Karina's box, finding that she was already quite wet, and set to practicing the things Kendra had told and shown me about how to please a woman.

Karina squirmed and strained against our dual onslaught as Amanda returned to kissing her, small moans escaping from that end of her body. My fingers teased and titillated her, plunging inside to find her G-spot and rub against it furiously. A thin-layer of sweat was covering her entire body and then she went rigid, the tension rippling across her body outwards from her crotch as she climaxed, filling her hole with a new layer of lubrication.

Amanda parted away long enough to kiss me and tell me to go on and fuck her. My eyes questioned her for a moment, communicating without saying that I didn't really want anyone other than her. She shushed me with a finger to my lips. She grinned, and then tapped the tip of her finger on my nose. "You're cute."

Then she moved to settle her naked crotch over Karina's gaping mouth, lowering herself down to receive some expert girl loving while facing back to watch me. I moved around to the side of the bed, wrapping Karina's red stockinged legs around me before leaning in and sinking my dick into only the second pussy I'd ever had.

She was great, and I couldn't help but compare the two. Amanda's cunt had been so tight and so wet. Karina's was stretched out more, but was much warmer and she definitely had a mastery over her cunt muscles. Even as I began to pump into her I felt those muscles reaching out to me in a rhythmic tensing and flexing that sent shivers of pleasure down my spine. I lifted her legs up and clamped them together, hooking them both over a shoulder as I got a firm grip and really began to drive myself into Karina's cunt.

I watched as Karina's huge tits bounced around with our lovemaking, and especially watched intently as she extended a long tongue to drill up into Amanda's petite body. Amanda's eyes were on fire, the flames of lust burning brightly in her eyes as the ecstasy shot through her body while she watched me fucking her friend. She leaned forwards over Karina's heaving body, completing the 69 by dropping her lips to the juncture where my shaft impaled her friend again and again. The sensations of Karina's velvety cunt and Amanda licking my dick were quickly becoming unbearable. For her part, Karina's tongue was very good, as Amanda lit off into two orgasms within only a few minutes.

Amanda was palming and rubbing Karina's erect nipples and reaching for a third orgasm when Karina's body started to quake again and she screamed out her orgasm, the sound muffled by Amanda's pussy in her mouth. But her hips were shaking like a 10.0 earthquake, the little quakes of her cunt muscles spasming against me more than enough to coax my juice out of my balls. And then I was erupting like a volcano into Karina's inferno of a vagina, my hot seed splashing against her inner walls and mixing things up like a sex-juice cocktail.

I pulled out and let Karina's legs drop down to hang off the end of the bed, my dick still spurting into Amanda's face before she got her lips around it to let the last few jets of cum arc into her mouth. Once finished, I staggered backwards, worn out from the force of my orgasm to flop into the chair once again. Amanda merely leaned forwards with her cunt still on Karina's face, and shoved her tongue down Karina's steaming box to lick our mixed juices out.

A minute later Amanda got that third orgasm and flopped down onto her side to catch a breath. Karina took that time to relieve Amanda of her teddy, leaving the both of them completely naked except for those stockings, a kinky reminder of what they'd been wearing when I first came in. Then Karina sat back against the headboard of Amanda's bed, her pussy still oozing out a little fluid.

"Amanda-honey. Time to return the favor."

So Amanda managed to twist her body around, getting to her knees on the bed and leaning all the way forwards to again start slurping at Karina's cunt. It wasn't long before my dick had revived itself, aided in no small part to the sight before me. I joined the girls on the bed and settled in behind Amanda, gently lifting her hips upwards before slipping my meat into her from behind. I reached one hand around to continue practicing my techniques, manually stimulating Amanda's cunt and clit while my other hand reached forwards to grasp at her tits, swinging in motion with our fucking.

Karina spilled over into another climax and slipped away from our threesome, flopping down with exhaustion next to us on the bed. Amanda cried out to shriek her fourth orgasm of the night before lifting herself up to her hands and focusing on ramming herself back to me. Idly, Karina massaged Amanda's sore neck, the least she could do to repay Amanda's tongue-job.

After a few minutes of banging Amanda ordered me to lie down on my back, and I readily complied. She straddled me while facing back towards the foot of the bed, lowering her spasming cunt down around me while I sat up to take both of her round tits in my palms. Karina meanwhile got down on her knees in front of us, alternately licking at Amanda's clit and sucking my balls into her mouth.

From the tight pressure of Amanda's squeezing pussy around me and Karina's expert tongue lavishing my balls I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. Amanda was screaming out at the top of her lungs for Karina to suck on her clit and for me to fuck her for all I was worth. With an iron grip on Amanda's hips I was yanking her downwards with all of my strength over and over again. Already I could feel myself about to lose it, my balls coiling like overstressed springs and ready to launch my jizz out from them. Karina yanked down harshly on my balls, so painfully that I felt stars shooting into my head as the urge to cum vanished.

And then Amanda's whole body was shaking and she was yelling at me, "Jay-baby, I'm going to cum! Fill me up baby! Come on! Oh I'm cumming!"

And her actions suited her words, her whole body trembled, her pussy muscles squeezing me so tightly. And Karina let me go, letting my cum loose to erupt upwards into this gorgeous creature riding me to the climax as we orgasmed in unison.

At last we were done, and I found myself sandwiched between these two heavenly angels who were caressing my weary body. Karina piped up first. "We are going to have to do this again sometime."


The next week flew by. Karina joined us on more than a couple of nights, and turned out to have a thing for taking it up the ass, much to my delight. But by the next weekend she could see that I only had eyes for Amanda, and moved on try out new guys.

I also saw very little of Kendra during this week, despite the fact she was only a few hallways away from Amanda's room. Once, I did manage to see her on campus, but she hurriedly jogged away and into a classroom building. A part of me believed that she was avoiding me, and I struggled to reason why.

Also by the end of the week, Amanda's nymphomania was starting to fade away. It was a good thing to, because I felt exhausted and dehydrated from our daily fuck sessions. I wanted to take the extra time we had to really get to know her, and start building a relationship. I realized that in the past two weeks since that fateful night of the party, I had not even gone on a date with her.

So Saturday morning, after a particularly vigorous romp that accidentally ended up shattering one of her lamps, we lay in bed cuddling and enjoy the post-coital bliss.

"Hey, why don't we go out today? You know, dinner, dancing. Make a real date of it."

Amanda purred against my chest. "Mmm, food sounds good. Why don't we invite some friends too? You know, bring along Kendra and Marcus. I'll grab a few sisters for Marcus to drool over."

I stroked her hair. "Well, I was hoping I could get that time alone with you."

"Don't we spend enough time alone together? What has it been now, three, four hours every night not to mention you sleeping over?"

"Yeah, but that's different. I've never actually been on a date with you."

"Why do you want to? I thought nerds only ever thought about sex."

"Well, that's true. But seriously."

Amanda must have realized I wasn't going to let this go, so she sat up and fixed me with a serious look. "You really want to start dating?"

"Well, isn't it the logical step? Actually, aren't we supposed to start dating before we get to the fucking?"

"But I like the relationship the way it is. No strings. No real attachments. Just our old friendship with plenty of benefits! Or do I hear you complaining about those benefits?"

"No, of course not. I just thought we might actually have a relationship."

"Jason, I don't want to be your girlfriend."

Reflexively, I pulled my hand away from where it was caressing her back. I had always believed this would take a natural progression, and I would get to truly BE with the woman I adored. Maybe even loved. "Then what do you want to be to me? What am I to you?"

"I don't know. Friends? Fuck-buddies? Jason, I always liked you because you never put any pressure on me. You never asked anything of me, but you were always there for me when I needed you. Don't start pressuring me into something I don't want now."

"Is that all I am to you?"

"Isn't that enough? Tommy Beckman, all the other guys, they never got what you have. I'm happy the way things are, and I thought you were happy to. I don't want to go and mess up a good thing."

"Yeah," I sighed. "I guess you're right."

She didn't love me. She didn't really care about me. I was ever loyal to her, and she took that for granted. Did it mean I would be any less loyal to her? Probably not. She was still the goddess of my dreams. But I thought I had moved to a higher level than that. Instead, I was just her booty-call.

'Don't break my heart' Kendra had warned her. I guess Amanda never could break my heart if we never got close enough to have her risk it. I slid out of bed, getting my clothes together. "I gotta go."

Amanda rolled over to watch me, pulling the sheet over her naked body. "See you tonight?"



I found myself on the couch in my living room, staring off into space while the TV blared in the background. My head was swimming with choices and decisions and questions. Amanda was ever at the center of my thoughts. I pictured her sweet face in my mind, the one from our High School yearbook picture: clear eyes, bright smile, great skin, the perfect nice girl picture. True, I had seen more of the sexual predator version of her face lately, but it was the angel of my dreams that I still remembered her as.

Did I push her for a relationship, which could possibly result in the end of my association with her? The loss of her presence near me. To have my dream girl shoot me down. To lose out on the fabulous sex? Or do I just accept my role as a booty-call, with all the great sex and emotional unattachment that came with it? The choice seemed to be obviously pointing me towards acceptance. No responsibility and fucking a hot babe. I think people stressed out too much and ultimately crushed themselves in the search for "true love and happiness."

Maybe I was that person. I needed to hope beyond all hope that she could love me, and we could be together.

"Funny. I wouldn't have suspected you to be a Food Network viewer."

My head craned around towards the intruding voice. Kendra was halfway through the door, a smirk on her face. "How did you get in here?"

"Door was unlocked. I rang the bell three times and no one answered, but I saw the light and heard the TV, so I assumed someone was home. I guess you were just zoned out a bit."

"Yeah, sorry."

"What's on your mind? No, let me guess. Her name starts and begins with an 'A'?"

"Who else?"

"So what's the news now? She break up with you?" Kendra closed the door and dropped her bag to the floor, flopping down onto the couch next to me.

"No. Well, not exactly. We were never dating, so how could she break up with me?"

"She tell you she didn't want to fuck you anymore?"

"No, she's happy with that. Thanks for your, uh, 'help' on that. She just... doesn't want anything else. She doesn't want a relationship."

"You're just now figuring this out?"

"Hey, are you TRYING to make me feel worse?"

"No, no. Marcus and I just thought it was obvious. I guess when you've been crushing on Amanda for six years your perceptions get a little muddled. But here's what we think: Amanda has the Miss Popular syndrome. Since the day she grew breasts, she's been the center of attention and the most popular girl in school. She knows she could get anything, and any guy, at any time she wants. So every relationship she's ever been a part of has been strictly one-way. The guys will do anything for her, and she doesn't have to give anything back in return."

All of this I knew. Sort of. But I was different. I was special to her, wasn't I? I was the one Amanda said she could trust. The man she chose above all others to give her virginity to. She actually cared about me, right?

"Jason, you're not much different. You're sweet and naïve, the nerd who was just sociable enough to fit in. You're a security blanket for her. You will always be there for Amanda, and she knows it. She's known it since that first Biology class when you followed her around school like a lost puppy. You will always care about her and protect her, and she doesn't have to give anything back in return. Now she gets to have sex whenever the hell the urge strikes her, but she can cancel on you at a moments notice. You have zero power in that relationship. That's not a relationship. That's not even a friendship."

I'm just being used. Is that so bad? How can hot sex be a bad thing?

Kendra kept going, a funny look in her eye, as if realizing something in herself. "One person only sees the other when they need help or advice or to get something else out of them. In this kind of one-way thing, if there's a strong friendship to base this off of, the relationship might survive. But even with friends, there's only so long it can go on before the person being used finally gets fed up with wanting more and never getting it. Then that person leaves, and the relationship is over."

Wait a second, was Kendra talking about Amanda and Me? Or Me and herself? Was it just my imagination that Kendra hoped she and I might become something more? Or just my ego stroking itself?

Kendra just looked at me thoughtfully while the wheels were turning in my brain. "Intellectually, I think I knew all of this," I told her. "I just never really thought about long-term implications. I'm really not surprised by how Amanda sees the relationship, but I believed that I could change her mind." And maybe I still can.

"Well, I know the perfect way to take your mind off of it. Come on, Marcus told me he'd meet me at the courts. I've got a different way for you to work up a sweat."

So I dragged myself out to a pickup game of basketball. I found I was pretty rusty, but by the end of the day I was clawing and digging to get my team to victory. Marcus was a dominating presence in the paint and I managed to find my three-point shot once again. And when I found myself guarding Kendra, she proved her Varsity skills had not gone to waste. There was something about watching her play not two inches away from me, sweating heavily with her hair slicked back into a ponytail, tight sports bra and even tighter shorts that really had my head going. She suffered little in a beauty comparison with Amanda. Kendra was less of a gorgeous princess, and more of a clean girl-next-door beauty. Why had I never paid any attention to this wonderful woman right under my nose?


Over the next couple of months I started to reconnect with my friends. Basketball, studying, lunches, whatever. We would hang out just cracking jokes and playing Jenga. Marcus got over Amanda pretty quickly and started romancing a sweet Chinese girl. Once he came to ME for girl advice, at which I reminded him of my thoroughly unsuccessful track record at romance.

Meanwhile, I kept up my booty call sessions with Amanda, just less often. The sex was as fantastic and physically satisfying as ever. One night we actually broke her chair from an overly zealous session. But I found myself less and less emotionally attached to her. I was accepting my role as her beck-and-call, mostly out of an unwillingness to expend effort to change the status quo. No longer did I come every night. But whenever she called, I packed up my things and left.

I had also begun to notice the look in Kendra's eye whenever I would leave my friends to go attend to Amanda. Thankfully we had built our relationship back to a two-way friendship. But I couldn't help but believe she was a little hurt and jealous of how easily I would drop them to go visit the Prom Queen.

Maybe it was time to ask the hard questions, and stop trying to just float by and hope everything would turn out alright. Maybe I would lose Amanda. Maybe I would have to give up my dream girl. But either I would finally BE with the angel I had always desired, or I would finally let go of my boyhood fantasies.

So one Tuesday night, uninvited, I walked the very familiar route to the Sorority House. I was a well-known face and no one asked any questions when I made my way inside. A few sisters even said "hi" and made coy remarks as I passed. I had to talk to Amanda, sort things out. It was time to get some answers as to what she really wanted, long-term, out of our "arrangement."

I knocked on the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me."

"Hey, Jay-baby! Come on in!"

I slipped in and closed the door behind me, then turned around to see Amanda's smiling face. She was completely naked, a thought that never failed to induce an instant boner. Her soft back had a thin sheen of sweat to it, and with her torso half rotated to face me; I could see the round shape of the side of a naked breast.

But then my rod lost all hardness, my face losing all color when I noticed that she was in some guy's lap. She was straddled over some strong, blonde surfer- type, his dick still buried inside of her. He looked back and forth between Amanda and I, but Amanda just looked at me, her eyes aglow. "Jason, baby! Come and join in! Mmm, I've never been fucked in both holes at once, and I got a bottle of lube just waiting for you!"

Amanda leaned forwards, feeding her ripe melons to Mr. Surfer-boy while simultaneously spreading her ass-cheeks and revealing a puckered asshole to my gaze.

Fantastic body or not. Prospect of fucking her up the ass or not. Lack of a romantic relationship or not. My heart was broken. I couldn't even manage to get a twitch out of my penis. The thought of her ever cheating on me never occurred. Hell, was it even really cheating if we were never together?

I fled the room, slamming the door on the way. Girls dodged as I ran through the hallway, fighting back tears. Three turns later I found that I had stopped running, my head against a doorway and I couldn't stop the flow of tears running down my face. Sobbing, I sank to the floor in the empty hallway, not understanding where this pain came from.

The door my head rested against popped open and for a moment I felt a wave of embarrassment flood through me as I automatically tried to work up an apology and an explanation of why I was at this stranger's door.


That voice. "Kendra?" Some subconscious part of me must have directed my flight from Amanda's to her door.

She reached down and half hauled me into her room and onto her bed. Once I realized I was with a trusted friend, my embarrassment left me and the depression returned. And then I was crying again, even as Kendra held me in her arms. She didn't say a word, just held me in her lap and let me fight my own way to sanity.

God I felt stupid at losing my composure and crying like a baby. But then Kendra was just letting me work it out myself, and when I finally got myself under control, there were no accusations or teasings at the tip of her tongue. Only a look of concern for me. Here was a girl who actually cared about me.

So I told her everything. I told her about the thoughts going through my head. I told her about how I wanted things settled with Amanda one way or another. And things were pretty much settled, although not exactly how I had been anticipating.

Kendra, mercifully, just listened. She asked intelligent questions here and there when my narrative started to slip away from me, but for the most part she was the perfect sounding board. I felt my anger and sorrow melting away from me, and by the time I was done I felt so incredibly exhausted. But it was a good kind of exhaustion; I had let out my emotions so they could not come back and haunt me.

I looked up into her eyes, to see moisture shimmering in their depths. And when a tear rolled down her cheek I felt such gratitude towards her. This was only the second time I had ever seen Kendra cry, and once again it was directly because of me. She had willingly opened herself up to the pain and anguish I was feeling, sharing the burden of my emotions with me, for me. I stared deep into those pretty eyes, and then I leaned forwards to press my lips to hers.

Just like the first time I had ever kissed her, the contact was electric, a lightning-bolt shooting through my head and crackling with energy. Her eyes flew wide open in surprise at my kiss, the sympathy she felt for me being suddenly replaced by something else. But then her eyes were closing and she was kissing me back with all the intensity of that very first kiss, moaning into our joined mouths.

Her body just melted against me and I let my tongue dip down into her mouth. Here was the caring woman I had always longed for. The perfect girl for me was right under my nose all along.

And then I realized a more impartial way of looking at our situation. Boy sleeps with girl. Boy breaks up with girl. Boy goes to beautiful best friend and seduces her on the rebound. This wasn't right.

I pulled back suddenly, so suddenly Kendra nearly fell forwards in trying to maintain our lip lock. Her eyes flew open, wide with shock as I started to apologize and babble nearly incoherently.

I finally managed to spit out, "Uh, uh. Oh, hell. Kendra, I am so sorry. This isn't right. I'm not right in my head, and I'm taking advantage of you."

I started to collect myself together and slid off the bed, determinedly heading for the door. Running away seemed very much the easiest solution right now.

"Jason, don't go."

I stopped in my tracks, half turning around. Kendra crept off the bed with the grace of a panther, sliding up to me quickly and quietly. It was only now that I noticed she was wearing a loose pair of pajama pants and a baby T-shirt, apparently ready for bed before I showed up at her door. Her full tits were pushing at the sheer fabric of her top, nipples clearly poking through. And then her hand was on my jaw and she was pulling my face to hers, planting a juicy kiss on me that sent new lightning bolts down my spine as I stiffened in her arms.

When she finally pulled back, she gave me a satisfied look, and then looked me directly in the eyes. She had never been more beautiful than that moment. Her eyes were so soft. Her face so pure and exotically intoxicating. "Go home. Get a good night's sleep. When you've sorted things out in your head, come back here. I'll be waiting for you."


The hallway was quiet when I knocked on the door. On the second knock it opened up, the door swinging wide with the force of my knock. All of the lights in the room were off, the only illumination coming from the moonlight pouring in through the side window, casting everything in a soft blue/white glow. I slipped inside, and the sight before me took my breath away. Kendra, in all her exotic beauty, lay naked save for a pair of high cut panties that showed off her amazing physique. Wonderfully toned musculature in her limbs and a washboard stomach all pointed inwards towards perfectly firm breasts, solid B-cups. Her silky, jet black hair hung off of one shoulder where she reclined on the bed, a whispered invitation on her lips.

The door closed behind me, but I kept my eyes focused forwards on this gorgeous creature. My feet shuffled forwards towards the bed as Kendra crawled to the edge to meet me, kneeling on the mattress and already tugging my pants off. She looked up into my eyes, the warm glow in them softening her sharp features as she whispered in that same breathy tone, "Jason I have always loved you. And now I can finally show you."

And then Kendra's head descended downwards over my rigid meat pole, and my breath was once again sucked out of me through the pleasure coursing up my dick. And then the rest of my body went rigid as I felt my shirt being tugged upwards by someone behind me. I nearly spun in surprise but Kendra held fast to my hips to prevent me from escaping the paradise inside of her mouth.

Amanda grinned at me, similarly naked save for a pair of lace panties. When she got my shirt off I felt the velvety softness of her breasts against my back. I started to say something, but she pressed her fingers to my lips, smiling widely. "You're cute." Then she leaned in to kiss me with a passion that filled my head with joy.

With Kendra sucking me expertly, her hand pumping my length and trying to coax my seed out, and Amanda's tongue down my throat with her hand squeezing and caressing my balls, I didn't last very long. Soon I felt the tightness in my balls, and then I was blowing my load down Kendra's throat.

She swallowed to the last shot, then opened her mouth to show the pool of my cum she had still in there. Amanda let go of me and dipped her tongue into Kendra's mouth for a moment, pressing her into a searing kiss before backing up and very obviously swallowing that last load of my cum.

I was already hard once again, and Amanda was stretching Kendra's limber body back across the bed, pulling her arms back and tying Kendra's hands to the posts of the headboard with some handkerchiefs and removing Kendra's panties. Kendra merely spread her legs wide open, and I could see her shaved bare pussy already had a layer of girl-juice covering the mound. I stood at the foot of the bed while Amanda tugged me by my member forwards. Kendra panted for me, begging me to make her a woman.

So leaning in, I eased my hips forward and began to slip my dick into Kendra's waiting pussy. She moaned with extreme arousal as she felt herself being split by her first man, and when I finally bottomed out she was already in the throes of her first orgasm. I kissed Kendra tenderly while Amanda feasted on one of Kendra's breasts while masturbating herself furiously. But then when I switched my mouth to Kendra's other breast Amanda hauled herself up, ripped her panties from her body, and planted her wet cunt on Kendra's face.

Amanda was swearing and moaning while Kendra ate her out. Meanwhile my attention had drifted to Amanda's shiny backside poking back at me. The thought of fucking Amanda up the ass again drove me into a frenzy of lust, and I was pounding away at Kendra's pussy like a crazed beast. Amanda came with a gush and toppled off of Kendra, leaving Kendra's face absolutely covered in female honey. I leaned down to kiss Kendra tenderly, licking a bit at Amanda's sweet nectar on her face as she pulled my body tightly against her. And when Kendra cried out her climax I felt myself following her, filling my best friend with my love juices even as I whispered that I loved her so dearly into Kendra's ear.

I finally pulled out of Kendra's sopping wet pussy, but then Amanda roughly shoved Kendra's limp body to the side and off the bed, collapsing in a heap on the floor. And then Amanda turned around, down on all fours with her perfect ass staring back at me. She crooked a finger to beckon me to her, and I felt myself automatically moving towards her. My dick was already fully recovered and I aimed in at Amanda's waiting asshole.

Then Kendra was sitting up, still on the floor with tears in her eyes. Her first act of sex, making love to me and she had been cast off to the side like so much junk. She reached out to me, and I started to reach back for her. But then Amanda was pulling me towards her, and I found I couldn't resist the lure of fucking Amanda's ass. It was too perfect, to rare and wonderful a treasure for me to pass up. It was everything I had always wanted, and I couldn't turn it down for anything, or anyone.

But then Kendra was tugging at my arm, trying to both pull me to her and pull herself up off the ground. And this time I was fighting Amanda's tractor beam on me. And I lifted Kendra up in my powerful arms, holding her body to me once she had settled on the bed, her body wrapped around me. And I leaned in to Amanda once again, grabbing a hold of her ass and positioning myself for the plunge into ecstasy.

Then, like a marionette with its strings cut, I flopped to my side, unable to move, denied the prize I so greatly desired. My eyes were wide open, and I couldn't even close them. My limbs were dead weights that I could barely feel. Amanda was furious, and ranted at me in a language I couldn't understand. She picked up my limp wrist, and finally announced "You belong to me! You will do what I say and what I desire!"

Sure enough, there was a barcode tattooed to my wrist, with Amanda's name stenciled in above it. Kendra was horrified, and was quickly rubbing at the tattoo as if to smear it off and crying in frustration at her lack of success.

And then I woke up.


I didn't go near the Sorority House for the rest of the week. My life consisted of three things: School, playing video games with Marcus, and thinking about the girls. Amanda called me a couple of times, but I apologized and said I was too busy to come over.

The dream (nightmare?) I'd had was vividly fresh in my mind. I couldn't shake the images of making love to Kendra, Amanda's perfect ass, nor the helpless position I was in when Amanda had cut my strings. From the beginning of our relationship, she was playing me like a puppet. And I had just been giving her more strings to manipulate me with.

It wasn't Amanda's fault. She wasn't an evil girl by any means. I had just been naïve and irrational enough to willingly put myself in that position. She was a beautiful girl, accustomed to the control and power that her beauty afforded her. I could blame her for her powers over me no more than I could blame a rose for its thorns pricking my finger if I wasn't careful.

Kendra on the other hand had been ever loyal to me, even when I had treated her poorly, only coming to her when I needed to or at my own convenience. She had shown the signs of affection for me as soon as she had grown over her "boys equal cooties" phase. When she asked me out for Senior Prom I had broken her heart. But always, and even now, she waited patiently for me to stop being such a blockheaded idiot and see her for the woman she had become. The signs were there in High School. The signs were there when she wanted to "practice kissing" and on other occasions. I was just too dense to notice. I had convinced myself they were nothing more than good friendship.

It was a Saturday night. I was all alone at home. Marcus was out with his cute Chinese girlfriend. I stared vacantly at the television and finally something in my mind snapped. Enough of this sullen introspection. Just call her and find out how she really feels about you. I picked up the phone, and dialed her number.

Kendra picked up on the first ring. "Hello?"

"It's me. I guess you're home."

"Yeah, stuck at home without a date on a Saturday night."

"Hey Kendra?"


"Will you go out with me?"

"Love to. Now get your butt over here. I've been waiting for four days."


I was dressed casually, and she was too. No pressure, no need to impress or pick the perfect outfit. No need for an expensive dinner for expensive dinner's sake. We got some pizza and sodas and sat on a park bench watching other people walk by. There was nothing very different about this night from any other night I had just hung out with my friend. Except that Kendra was holding my hand the whole time. And every now and then we would look at each other and smile without meaning to. She was the perfect "Girl Next Door" that I had always liked being around and never saw how much of a beautiful girl she was. But I could see clearly now.

Every time I looked over her eyes would light up with delight, but then we'd return to our scathing critiques of every person and car that went by, talking about nothing, and not needing to talk about anything either. The conversation came easily, but eventually the food was gone and we walked down to the local video store.

We got two DVDs, one a Hong Kong action-flick and the other an archaeological mystery-adventure. No need for date-worthy romantic comedies. Kendra had not completely gone over to the "girly" side. We cuddled on her bed watching the movies until late at night, just comfortably enjoying each other's presence and wallowing in the mindless entertainment.

It was after midnight when the last movie finished. She turned off the television, plunging us into momentary darkness. All of the lights in the room were off, the only illumination coming from the moonlight pouring in through the side window, casting everything in a soft blue/white glow.

Kendra leaned over to me, the soft light casting enticing shadows around her face before her lips pressed against mine. I closed my eyes as I leaned into her kiss. She pressed against my chest until I lay flat on my back, my head resting comfortably against the pillows. Then sitting up, she casually undressed before my hungry eyes and lay down next to me.

Kendra, in all her exotic beauty, laid naked save for a pair of demure panties that showed off her amazing physique. Wonderfully toned musculature in her limbs and a washboard stomach all pointed inwards towards perfectly firm breasts, solid B-cups. Her whole body was almost exactly as I had pictured in my dream. Her silky, jet black hair hung off of one shoulder where she reclined on the bed, whispered words on her lips.

Actually, she looked a little self-conscious and nervous. Her eyes quivered as she asked me, "Do you like what you see?"

"Oh, yes," I breathed out. "I have seen some of the most gorgeous creatures on this planet. But right now you are more beautiful than any of them."

She managed a little smile, and then leaned in to kiss me again. I longed to feel her bare skin against me and pulled my clothes off hurriedly, stripping down to my boxers. Before I could get any farther she tackled me once again, pressing her tits into my chest, locking her lips with mine in a ferocious kiss.

When we broke again for air she had knelt on the mattress next to me and started to tug my boxers off. "Dammit, we should have done this a long time ago!"

I couldn't agree more. But I would settle for finally doing it now. I kicked the offending fabric off from my feet and then Kendra's head descended downwards over my rigid meat pole, and my breath was once again sucked out of me through the pleasure coursing up my dick.

Something banged outside in the hallway, and for a moment I started, half- expecting to see Amanda in the room with us as well. But the two of us were all alone, the only sounds now coming from Kendra slurping happily at my dick. She was pretty good.

"God that's good. Have you done this before?"

"Nope, but Kelsey had me practice on a carrot."

"What else do these Sororities teach you?"

"Oh, you'll find out soon enough." And then her lips were once again wrapped around the head of my twitching rod, her fist pumping the shaft in sync with her tongue's licks around the crown. All of the hype and excitement built up in me from getting physical with my beautiful friend was setting off fireworks in my head and I realized that I was about to cum.

I tried to warn her but then my dick was already spasming, the first jet splashing into the back of her throat. Kendra, not experienced enough to recognize my impeding orgasm, was caught unprepared and she gagged, coughing a bit and letting my still exploding penis out of her mouth. The next three shots splattered against her face and chin before she collected herself and took me into her mouth once again, masturbating the rest of my juice down her throat and into her stomach.

She sat back once I'd finished, satisfied with her work. I lolled my head back, still reeling from the powerful orgasm. She licked up what she could reach with her tongue, and then finally just stepped into the bathroom to rinse off her face. When she returned, she wiggled her hips and grinned at me before dropping her panties to the floor. "Now I get to see firsthand if you were paying attention to my pussy-lessons."

I beckoned her to me and then, with a sudden burst of speed and strength, I grabbed her kicking and giggling and body slammed her into the soft cushions of the bed. I kissed her tenderly first, then dragged my lips downwards and around the full mounds atop her chest, paying special attention to titillate her tits into full hardness. And kissing my way further downwards, I gently blew on her clit before taking the nub between my lips and inserting a finger into Kendra's cunt.

She was so very tight; I had a hard time working in just the one finger for a moment. But then the walls opened up a bit and I set to thrusting inside of her in time with my licks to her pleasure button. Kendra just groaned with the feelings and held my head tightly against her crotch. I fished around to press on that special spot Kendra had pointed out to me, and then had to get a solid grip on her ass when her hips instinctively started to buck against me.

"Gawd... dammit... you're as good as a girl at this."

I'd take that as a complement. And I promised myself I would see that sometime... maybe even bring a video camera. I managed to work a second finger into Kendra's cunt, which was juicing out of control by now, and only a few moments later her legs were clamped so tightly around my head I knew I would suffocate if her orgasm lasted much longer.

After an eternity her body went limp and I sat up, sucking in a deep breath and trying to drain my throat of Kendra's love juices I had been swallowing. She just giggled and leaned up to start licking my face clean. It was my turn to retreat to the bathroom to rinse off mingled sweat and sex juices, and when I returned my dick was more than ready for another round.

Kendra moved me onto my back, making sure I was comfortably positioned against the pillows. My head and shoulders were elevated enough to ensure I would have a wonderful view of what would be happening next.

Kendra started rolling a condom onto my erection, apologizing by saying that she wasn't on the pill yet. I admitted I was curious as to how different it would feel. And then Kendra had straddled my hips, and with her hand firmly guiding me into her, she lowered her body to feel her very first penis.

Once she had gotten me partway inside of her, her eyes locked onto mine, watching the mixed emotions of lust and caring love swirling in my irises. Her mouth was wide open, little gasps and pants escaping her mouth even as her eyes tightened against the sensations I was causing by splitting her open like this. God she was so unbelievably tight, even tighter than Amanda when I had deflowered her. But Kendra was resolute in working herself down on me until she felt my pubic hair brush against her bare pussy, and she let out a sigh of relief at our accomplishment.

The condom felt like an invisible dry wall against my skin. I could still feel the muscles of her pussy pulsing against me, but their effect was somehow muted, lessened. I realized I could probably last a lot longer this way than otherwise. We didn't thrust against each other for a few minutes, just soaking in the little twitches of pleasure as her love box became accustomed to my intrusion. I just wrapped my arms around her, hugging this sweet girl even as she cradled my head to her bosom. Gently, we would rock together, a subtle friction between her clit and my shaft that kept us both aroused enough to continue.

She tilted my chin up to meet hers, and then we were kissing again with all the passion of newfound love. This was quickly consumed by the raw lust of a virgin diving into her first act of sex and then her tongue shoved its way into my mouth and her hips started to drive downwards into my lap. I fell back against the pillows, out of breath from the bolts of pleasure streaking from my lightning rod as my palms reached up to mash Kendra's full tits. Her skin was hot to the touch and pulled tightly over the orbs and she held my hands in hers, pressing them harder against her bosom. Her hips were starting to bounce in my lap as we began to feel the ecstasy of my shaft sliding in and out of her wet cunt. My thighs were tense as I added my own energy to our thrusting motion and bounce on the bed.

And then all pretense of "making love" was gone and all that was left was the raw, animal fucking as instinct took over. My hand were tightly clamped onto her asscheeks now as I jack hammered her light body up and down my shaft, so fast until my forearms were burning with the effort. I was quickly rewarded when she screamed out her climax, adding extra layers of lubrication to our coupling.

I lifted her body off of me mid-orgasm, Kendra helpless to resist. I dropped her on all fours next to me then slid in behind her. With Amanda I had always felt she was the superior one, and I never really took charge of our fuckings. With Kendra I felt more comfortable to act out my urges and desires, and when I nudged her legs apart with my knee she just spread her legs wide and reached her hands back to feel me. With one hand on her ass I guided my rigidity into her overflowing slit and rammed my way back through her tight twat roughly, spearing her in one go. She moaned out in pleasure and started whimpering as I continued to thrust in and out of her. She let her arms collapse and turned her head to the side, all her energy focused on her hip movements and trying to suck more of me into her.

She reached her long arms back to me again and grabbed my butt for a moment, but then I seized her hands and pinned them to her back. Kendra was helpless before me and we both loved every second of it. I continued to saw into her over and over with ruthless force until I drove her to another orgasm, one hand still pinning her hands to the small of her back and the other rubbing furiously at her clit.

Her whole body trembled in my grasp and I let her go to flail about as the wave of ecstasy washed over her. She popped me out and turned around, flopping onto her back.

Then with cooing words until she was nearly begging for me, she beckoned my thick dick back towards her and didn't stop complaining until I had shoved my meet into her body as far as it would go. Condom or no condom I realized I wasn't going to last much longer than this. With her ass scooped up into my palms I was tugging her body against me, faster and faster until my thrusts reached critical velocity and I was filling the condom with my seed. Kendra's eyes lit up when she realized I was coming. And no sooner had I pulled out and dumped the condom into a trash bin than she was sucking away at my wet noodle and reviving it quickly for another round.

She had no sooner rolled another condom onto my newly recharged soldier than we were banging away at each other doggy style, my hands pawing at her swinging tits while she thrust her lithe body back at me over and again.

Quite some time later, Kendra was proving to be just as wild and a heck of a lot more athletic than Amanda, and our fucking time was beginning to take on marathon proportions. We had been screwing each others' brains out for close to two hours now, and neither of us seemed ready to stop. I'd wasted a half-dozen condoms and we'd both lost track of the number of times Kendra had reached orgasm. But I was wearing down. The only thing that would end this act was my final climax.

I was sitting on my ass again, taking a breather and sitting back against the pillows while Kendra sat in my lap, facing away from me and bouncing on my rod. I was licking and kissing at her neck and shoulder before me while I wrapped my arms around her to rub her nipples and watch Kendra fingering her own clit. She had come twice more in this time, and she was reaching for another one as I grunted to her that I was about to lose my control.

Her hips only sped up faster, her whimpered moans accelerating and increasing in pitch. At the moment that I fired both barrels upwards and into her body, she cried out her release, her whole body vibrating in my lap until we were both exhausted and she sagged back against my chest.

After a minute she rolled off me and tossed the spent condom into the trash, collapsing against me once again. We were both hot and tired and soaked with sweat, but lacked the energy to get up and clean ourselves off. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was Kendra gazing into my eyes, whispering "Jason I love you. I have loved you for years. And I'm so happy that I was finally able to tell you that."


Chapter 3: The Right Girl

"Kendra, I'm tired," I whined, but she didn't seem to care.

She just curled around me, sliding her entire body atop me beneath the sheets. She gave me a brief peck on the lips, and then moved to settle her hips just right in my lap. "You don't have to do anything but sit back and enjoy! Besides, we don't have much time before classes start."

It was Monday morning, and I had a class starting within the hour. Neither of us had even left the room for the past two days. It seemed that whenever I started up a new relationship, we always had a "first weekend" together instead of a "first night" together.

Kendra had proven quite the nympho once she'd discovered the pleasures of sex. Years of repressing her urges meant that this beautiful girl had a lot of sexual energy to let out. But after two nights (and the day in the middle) my body was about to give out. We had survived so far on orange juice and ramen, but my stomach was starting to demand real nutrients. And the last thing I wanted was for my stamina to start running out on me.

Not that Kendra was concerned with this in the slightest. Sex first. She elevated my morning wood into an upright and locked position, and then lowered her already damp pussy downwards until we were snugly connected together.

I groaned at the sensations already trickling into my body, but I was still going to have to get to class after this. "I don't know how I'm going to explain why I didn't finish my homework. 'Sorry Mr. Richardson, I was fucking my best friend all weekend.'"



"Shut up."

She began to ride me faster and harder as I complied with her orders. Whenever she was on top this way, Kendra had shown a tendency to display her athleticism and contort her body every which way in an effort to feel my penetration into her in some different fashion. Right now she had her back arched completely backwards, to where her head was resting on my shins, her tits pointing straight up into the air as her hips continued to pound against me.

The blanket was long gone, and now that I was fully awake, I decided to take a more active part in this. Grabbing her hips, I started to really drive her light body down onto my shaft with increasing power, lowering a thumb to tease her love button, causing Kendra to shoot upright, a wail of pleasure escaping her lips. I sat upright to let her wrap her arms around me, my face, lips, and tongue buried amongst her bountiful bosom.

With my teeth nipping at her breasts and my dick ramming up and into her lithe body, Kendra moaned out her climax and I slowed down to give my arms a break. I checked the clock on her nightstand, finding that we were rapidly running out of time. I decided to take matters into my own hands if I was to get my rocks off and still get to class.

I flipped Kendra off of me, letting her naked body flop onto her stomach on the bed. I slid off and stood next to the bed, then grabbed her legs and pulled them off as well. She unsteadily got to her feet and planted them wide for me, her body bent forwards facedown on the mattress. She looked so sexy in that moment, panting with her head rotated in anticipation of my entry. Holding her hips steady, I surged my hips forwards and sheathed my rod in her tight snatch once again.

We fucked roughly for a little more than five minutes; then I pulled out and slapped Kendra's ass twice, the head of my purple monster twitching in the last tremors before eruption. Kendra spun around quickly and sank to her knees. We'd run out of condoms around two in the afternoon the day before, and so had to come up with more creative ways to let me explode.

I couldn't quite hold out long enough and the first jet shot Kendra in the cheek before she got her mouth in line. There were only two shots of cum left in my balls and she took these down her throat, and then lingered with her lips tight around my shaft to give me a few playful licks.

We got cleaned up, both of us wandering around her room naked for as long as possible before getting dressed to start our day. I watched her perfect body meander around the room, wondering for the zillionth time how I ended up like this with a childhood friend.

Kendra hugged me tightly before I left. I started to pull away but she refused to let go, crying just a little. "I don't want you to go. This is the first time I have to say goodbye since we fucked, and I'm afraid you'll never come back."

I laughed lightly. "I'll come back. This isn't just a booty call for me. I want to make US work."

I promised her that I would call, and then left the room. I would have to hurry if I was to make it to class on time. I had just reached the front doors of the Sorority House when I turned a corner and literally bumped into someone, knocking a girl over. I automatically moved to catch her, and wound up with Amanda in my arms.

Startled, I let go as soon as she got her balance. I apologized, but she waved me off saying she was fine. Just surprised, that's all.

"How have you been, Jason?"

"I'm good. Well, I'm great actually. How about you?"

"I'm fine."

Despite her words, I could see wariness in the back of her head. What was I doing in this House, when I obviously didn't go to see her? "Amanda, listen. I know we've had this great, uh, arrangement for a few months. But you told me you didn't want a relationship and--"

Amanda's eyes sparkled for a moment. She shushed me with a finger to my lips. She grinned, and then tapped the tip of her finger on my nose. "I already know. I mean, the whole House knows by now."

But then she lost her smile a second later when she glanced over my shoulder. I craned my head to follow her gaze, and saw Kendra in the hallway, leaning against the wall, her eyes sizzling green fireballs in our general direction. Amanda returned her attention to me. "You should get going."

"Yeah." I turned and gave Kendra a winning smile, then headed out the doors.


Still Monday, I was finally done with boring lectures and lame excuses for missing homework. I had finally returned to my apartment for a fresh set of clothes, but since arriving I had done nothing but count down the minutes until I was allowed to go to Kendra's room.

She had made me promise to stay away until dinnertime so she could finish her studies. Like it our not, we were still college students. Something in there implied education and not just partying and girls... I think.

Marcus had given me some half-hearted rant about how I had all the luck with the women and ended up getting both Amanda AND Kendra. But truthfully he was too wrapped up in his new girlfriend to properly tease and bash on me.

That was when the phone rang. I jumped to it, waiting to hear Kendra's voice. Instead I was welcomed by the silky, seductive tones of Amanda.

She wanted me to come over. I figured that she wanted to continue our conversation from this morning. A lot of things had happened between us, and we really need to talk and air things out. We had spent far too much time together and been so intimately close to each other to not be honest and have a fair conversation. I had some time, and I would have to be seeing Kendra at the Sorority House anyways. Why not? Just because I was starting a relationship with Kendra did not mean that I couldn't be friends with Amanda... Right?

I knocked on the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me."

"Hey, Jason! Come on in!"

I slipped in and closed the door behind me, then turned around to see Amanda's smiling face. She was dressed in some sheer black silk robe that flowed over her body as if it were liquid. Her torso was half rotated to face me, and I could see that underneath the open robe she had a lacey black bra that showed off her feminine assets to full advantage. Kendra had great tits, but Amanda's were simply goddess-like.

I had come to talk, but Amanda's lovely form was still enough to induce a momentary surge of lust in me. It was in that moment when I realized that I'd only assumed she wanted to have a conversation. But her attire and the way she was crawling off the bed towards me led me to believe that she wanted a lengthy discussion with my other head.

Amanda actually purred as she leaned up against me, pressing my back against the door as her mouth came up to capture mine. I returned the kiss with a fervor I had forgotten, and then pushed her away as soon as my brain caught up a little late.

I couldn't do this. I was with Kendra now, and I wanted to make Kendra happy. Kendra. Kendra. I focused on her name.

If Amanda sensed the turmoil in my mind she definitely didn't stop to analyze it. She stared up into my eyes. "Oh, Jay-baby. I've missed you. I've been so lonely for a while and I really need some great no-strings attached screwing."

She moved to kiss me again, her hand rubbing at the bulge in my jeans, but I dodged my head away, and then stalked off to the side of the room to put a little distance between us.

"I can't anymore, Amanda. WE can't do this anymore. I'm trying to build a REAL relationship now."

"You have one. There's nothing fake about the relationship between you and me."

"You KNOW what I mean. I want romance. I want dates. I want LOVE!"

Amanda fixed me with a doubtful gaze. "Uh, huh. That line may help you get girls, but you're a guy at heart. I know what you want: some hard, wild sex. To bang as many girls as you can. Now shut up and let's fuck. I'm getting antsy."

"No, Amanda. Kendra is my gir-, well, we're together now. And I don't think you and I should be seeing each other in that way anymore."

"'Seeing each other in that way?' What the fuck is that?" She was getting angry now. This may have been the first time a guy had ever turned her down. "So you're a player now, Jason? Screw 'em and leave them whenever you want? You're just going to use me for sex and then throw ME away?!? God-dammit! I actually feel used!"

"You feel used? I was your beck and fuck for months. And you even fucked other guys like that blonde surfer boy!"

Amanda turned from pissed off to petulant in a half second. "But you were my first. You were the only one that ever mattered to me. The others I was using for their dicks. You, I actually care about."

"But you don't want a real relationship."

She sighed. "Isn't that easier? No hurt feelings. No emotional attachments. I don't understand. I thought you were happy with our arrangement. I thought you wanted me." Amanda was really hurt. Her eyes were misty and her posture was slumped in near defeat.

"I do. I mean I did. I... that's not the point. The point is that you don't really want me. You just want me for sex. You just said a minute ago you needed some 'no-strings attached sex.' And I need more than that."

"Why?" Two tears rolled down from Amanda's eyes. I wanted so badly to hold her and tell her it would be alright. That would be the chivalrous thing to do. That's exactly what I would have done every day of my life before Saturday. But today I was going to be a jerk.

"I gotta go. I'm meeting Kendra for dinner."


I didn't tell Kendra about my "conversation" with Amanda. I didn't feel the need to make her worry. I had stuck to my guns and made my intentions clear. I was with Kendra now. And I needed to know that she was with me more than ever.

That night, after a quieter bout of lovemaking, I guess I started to get a little too needy with her. "Tell me that this is real. Tell me that this is serious. Tell me that you really care about me."

"Honey, of course."

"But tell me? Please?"

"I really care about you. Now what's going on?"

"Nothing. I just needed to know that."

Kendra rolled over, slipping back into her nightgown. I followed her lead, getting my boxer-shorts back on. I'd picked up a fresh box of condoms, and couldn't wait to work our way through all of them. But that would have to wait. Kendra snuggled in against my body, and I spooned behind her. I slept fitfully all night.


"Forget the fucking condom, honey. Just stick it in me."

"Oh, baby," I moaned into her mouth. My dick was rock hard, and it was screaming out at me to feel bare pussy rubbing against its tender flesh. My tongue dipped into her mouth in the same instant that my rod speared its way into paradise. She was so wet I grooved straight in until our hips clicked together.

She cradled my head to the side of her cheek. I was pressed flat on top of her body, feeling her tits pressing into my chest while I smashed my face into the pillow as I literally threw my hips forwards with all of my strength, pounding her cunt with a ferocious hunger.

Over and over again we thrust against each other, and she was growling and crying out her delight with our fucking until at last we both exploded into orgasm at the same time, my hot juices splashing against her inner walls.

"Yes, Jay-baby, yes!"

And as I heard that voice all joy I felt drained out of me as suddenly as it had arrived. That wasn't Kendra's voice. I bolted upright and looked on in horror to see Amanda's seductive gaze trailing over me, her body literally glowing with post-coital bliss.

"What the-?"

"You see baby, you're still not over me. As for this pretty one..." Amanda gestured to an equally naked Kendra, who sat by the bed wearing a studded dog collar and leash. "She's just a diversion for now. You're not ready for her. You don't deserve her. She's giving you everything, but she's just a toy until I come back."

And Amanda tugged on the end of the leash in her hand, pulling Kendra crawling across the bed until she directed her to lap my oozing white cum out of Amanda's steaming cunt.

My conscience screamed at me with the wrongness of the scene before me. And yet I couldn't help but feel turned on looking at Kendra's gorgeous ass poking back at me, honey already dripping down from her bare mound and the pink petals contained within.

Amanda's voice purred in my head again. "It's only a matter of time..."

And I woke up screaming.

Kendra was quickly awake, holding me tightly and whispering soothing sounds into my ear. After a few minutes, once I'd stopped sweating and calmed down she asked, "What happened? A nightmare?"

"Something like that." Already some of the images were fading from my mind. In a few more minutes, I would remember little more than a pervading sense of dread. But Amanda's last words were etched into my memory. 'It's only a matter of time... '

"Jase, you little baby. Go back to sleep."


I never told Kendra about the subject of my dream. Instead, I focused the next two weeks on driving Amanda out of my mind completely and worshipping my girlfriend. Kendra had been so much to me for six years now, and I was determined to treat her right. We had been together for less than three days, but I knew that I had to move past the old "relationship" with Amanda and get on with the new one.

We went to movies and took walks through the park. We had candlelit dinners and spooned ice cream into each other's mouth for dessert. We stayed up until four in the morning just talking, philosophizing, whatever. Here was the romance, the puppy love of dating that I had always craved.

After those two weeks, Kendra and I shoved the last condoms into a drawer and enjoyed the wildest sex we'd ever had together. The pill was finally effective and she had been given the green light from her doctor, and for the next two days after we were as hungry for each other's bodies as that first weekend when we'd hooked up.

We both had been avoiding Amanda, but apart from that we were both getting more and more comfortable with each other, happily entrenched in our newfound love. During the next week of bliss it seemed like we could finally be "happily ever after."

Kendra had some Sorority House meeting tonight, but she promised me she would come over once it had finished. I took the opportunity to catch up on my studying. I had fallen WAY behind these last few weeks.

There was a knock at my door. Without turning, I yelled, "Marcus, I don't have time for games tonight. I've got to finish this chapter at least."

The knock came again. Sighing, I turned in my chair and called out, "Fine, come in. What's up?"

"I just wanted to talk to you." Amanda stood silhouetted in the doorway. She gestured towards the living room. "Marcus isn't here. No one actually answered the door, but I guess one of you must have left it unlocked."

"Uh, okay. I'll have to talk to him about that. He probably went to go find food. Oh, where are my manners. Please, come in." Memories of that nightmare came flooding back to me. And dammit the only thing I could picture in my mind was Amanda's gloriously naked body, shimmering with sweat and oozing my cum juices from her cunt. Dammit, I had to think of something else.

She managed a slight smile, then crossed the room and leaned onto the bed, right next to where I was sitting in my desk chair, her legs trailing off it to the floor next to her. Even with her serious look of nervous concern, Amanda was as gorgeous as ever. I had done my best to forget it, but her beauty was forever burned into my mind. She had always been the angel of my dreams.

"How have you been?" she asked, working with some effort to break the silence.

"I'm fine. You?" Stall. Think of something other than her firm, succulent breasts.

"I'm doing okay."

Amanda furrowed her brow in concentration, the awkward tension in the room starting to get uncomfortable. This was ridiculous. Amanda wasn't my girlfriend. Our relationship was over. I could handle this like a man. I was devoted to Kendra. I could handle this. So I just started talking. "Amanda, you came here to talk for a reason. We've been through too much together to be afraid of honesty. What's on your mind?"

"Well, us, really."

My chest heaved and sank as I let out a deep breath. Yeah, that topic. "I don't think that there is an 'us' anymore. I'm with Kendra now. A real relationship."

"I know, I know. When you two hooked up, I didn't realize how serious it would be. After all, she was your friend. Most friends don't turn those things into real relationships without risking the loss of the friendship. I figured you would just have some friends-with-benefits sex, but I didn't know that I would lose you."

"You had your chance. I adored you for six years and would have given you the world." Now I just tried very hard to keep my pain and anger away. It wasn't really Amanda's fault. But she had been the source of my desires and frustrations for a long time. "But you didn't want a relationship. And I couldn't wait around forever for you to change your mind."

"I'm changing my mind right now. It just took a little while to figure things out in my head. You're the only one I want. And if taking that risk, to start a real relationship with you, is the only way I can keep you, then I'm willing to give it a try."

A real relationship with my dream girl. Could it be possible? It was the one thing I had wanted for my entire adolescent life. Kendra. Remember Kendra. "Amanda, I just got into a relationship."

"Then break up with her. You'll still be friends."

Maybe I could still be friends with Kendra. Would that be so bad? Everyone knew it was Amanda I had always wanted, desired above all else. "I don't know that. And I don't want to lose Kendra's friendship."

"I'll make it worth it either way." Dammit. If only Amanda wasn't so beautiful.

"And how can I believe that you're serious?"

"Jason." Her eyes burned with an intensity I'd never seen before. Her tone was dead serious and I dared not interrupt her. She leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth with a passion I'd not felt from her since the first night we took each other's virginity. Her taste, so spicy and so addicting I couldn't help but return her kiss with the same fervor. After a minute, she released me, panting slightly and clutching my chest. In that same deep, serious, breathy voice she whispered. "I love you."

My heart stopped. This couldn't be possible. Everything I had dreamed of for six years was becoming a reality. My goal in life had been to break out from my nerdiness, develop social skills, become popular, and find the perfect woman. And the angel of my dreams was holding me and telling me she loved me. And then Amanda was again kissing me forcefully and pulling me to her until she fell back against my bed, dragging me with her.

Familiarity with each other's body came instinctively, and then we were rubbing at each other's skin, gently starting to strip off various pieces of clothing as we collapsed onto my bed. My conscience rebelled at what we were doing. 'Stop It!' it screamed at me. But my body wouldn't listen. My conscience protested and whined, flashing the name 'KENDRA' in my eyes in big neon block-letters.

And then Amanda's pussy was wrapped around my dick, and my conscience was drowned away in a flood of sinful pleasure. I opened my eyes to see flames of lust in Amanda's eyes as she rode me forcefully, her hips slamming down into my lap. Sweat was dribbling down her naked back as I rubbed at her skin, my teeth making little nips at her turgid nipples in my face. Amanda came twice, a victorious roar of ecstasy and triumph as we thrashed on my bed like animals.

Amanda's body was one gigantic erogenous zone. Everywhere I touched her set off bells in her head and caused gasps of pleasure to emerge from her lips. When her cunt contracted for a third orgasm I let loose, filling her box with my hot white cum.

We were so sexually charged into one another that I was hard again within moments. I slammed Amanda face-down on my mattress, her limbs splayed out limply to the sides. I pried her asscheeks apart and Amanda merely reached out to hold onto the headboard rails, growling at me to FUCK HER ASS as my pole penetrated into her backdoor.

My heavy carcass was slumped on top of her, crushing Amanda's petite frame below me into the bed as all of my energy was directed downwards into ravaging the hole between those perky cheeks. Amanda just grunted with me, crying and whimpering and wailing for me to fuck her even harder with what little breath she had.

So fuck her I did. Harder and harder and harder until the sheets were wet both from Amanda's tears and drool, and from the sweet nectar pouring out from her cunt after Amanda's repeated orgasms due to our ass-fucking.

I had lifted my chest off of her and held her ass in my hands between my legs as I thrust and thrust and thrust into her tight ring, the dry heat making me feel like my dick was burning in hell, and I was loving every second of it. This was wrong, but my conscience had been locked away almost an hour ago.

Her whole body shuddered with her latest orgasm, coating my sheets with a new layer of girlcum and I responded, plugging her ass full of my jizz explosion before pulling out and jerking my shots to fall in ribbons along her ass, her back, and even in her hair.

Finally, after we'd recovered, Amanda half turned, an expression of complete and utter satisfaction on her face. Her mouth was slack and open, working to suck air into deprived lungs. Her body was still twitching in the aftershocks of her climaxes. "I have never felt so completely FUCKED..." she breathed.

I managed an evil grin. Forget the chivalrous gentlemen. Forget the weak nerd- boy. I had conquered my greatest treasure. I was a MAN.

And the door suddenly burst open, two people entering my room with horrified expressions on their faces. Marcus just looked at me with mixed confusion and disappointment.

Kendra looked like she was going to kill herself, or me, or both.


I had lost my "real" relationship with Kendra. I had lost my friendships. Marcus was cordial enough, but he didn't interact with me more than was necessary for two roommates. And Kendra wanted nothing to do with me.

I more or less moved into Amanda's room at the Sorority House that day. After the inevitable screaming match, there were no words of explanation or closure with Kendra. She just stopped seeing me. I tried to call her, to talk about things. But she would hang up as soon as she determined it was me on the other end of the line. No matter how long I waited and knocked outside of her door, she refused to let me in.

Through it all, Amanda was true to her word. We started upon a "real" relationship, complete with the dates and the semi-formals and other romantic ideals. She really had missed me and the security she felt in knowing I was around for her. For me the sex was as great as ever, and the idea of truly being "together" with Amanda was almost enough to make me happy again. But I missed Kendra and Marcus.

Amanda was patient. She told me that it was never easy to lose childhood friends the way I did. Somehow, I didn't think that she had ever had to go through what I was going through. But the sentiment from her was nice. I missed the easygoing friendship with Marcus. I missed the close attention from Kendra. But Amanda told me I could drown out my sorrows with alcohol and sex. I clung to that idea like it was the lifeline saving me from certain death.


"Oh, my. Oh... wow... fuck me baby! Oh, dammit! You said he was good! Yes! I had no idea!"

"Glad you're enjoying it." Amanda was reclining in a plush chair next to the bed, watching me drill into this hot little brunette. Amanda wore a see-through chemise, the hem lifted up so she could finger her own pussy.

"Gawd-dammit! I've never felt so full," the cute brunette moaned.

Wordlessly I thrust into her. I didn't know the girl's name. She was just a new cunt to experience and to fill. In a way, I got more turned on watching Amanda masturbating. But from the juices sloshing around inside this girl's box, I was apparently doing a good job despite my distraction. Damn my head hurt. Ugh.

This was becoming a routine. Anytime I felt the slightest bit less than perfectly happy, Amanda's solution had something to do with sex. She would get me all liquored up and wait until I was properly drunk. Then she'd reveal her latest present to me, invariably a hot babe she knew who was looking for a good shagging.

Drunk and horny, I was always more than happy to oblige. And Amanda really got off on watching. The little brunette had perky tits that were gyrating all over the place as I plugged her tight little box, and I had discovered that she loved it when I started to bite down on her nipples. So when I leaned down to take one upright breast into my mouth and started to grind on it with my teeth, the girl screamed out with pleasure and promptly climaxed again. Her whole body went slack for a moment and I stopped my pounding while she fought to catch her breath. "Oh, my... You've trained him well..."

Amanda just smiled at me and then gestured for me to flip the girl over. I lifted her up and placed her back on the bed on all fours before me, and Amanda slid the lingerie off her body to reveal that glorious naked body to our gaze. She slid underneath the brunette, moving into a sixty-nine position and began to suck this girl's nectar out from her cunt while presenting her own pussy within easy reach of the girl's mouth.

With Amanda still slurping she guided my rock hard prick back into this tight pussy, and the three of us were rocking back and forth in a pileup of sex.

By the end of the night I had cum inside of both women, and downed another two shots of tequila, and then passed out. The last thing I remember was watching this cute brunette head slurping my jizz out of Amanda's cunt.


Another night I blew my load into the face of a very pretty red-head and then gave her a pearl necklace before collapsing backwards, hitting my head against a chair and giving myself a bruise that would last for the next week. Amanda, giggling, removed herself from the red-head's pussy and then went to get me some ice.


Two days later I arose from an alcohol-induced coma to find a strange Asian girl asleep in bed with me. For a second I panicked before seeing Amanda curled up on the other side of me, her head pillowed against my shoulder.

The hangovers were getting worse. It had gotten to the point where I couldn't even remember who I was fucking. My head was throbbing, and I needed to pee.


"Jay-baby. Get up."

I mumbled something unintelligible; even I couldn't understand what I was saying. Amanda was picking me up off the floor of the bathroom. I'd passed out next to the toilet. The same Asian girl from this morning was sitting on the can, peeing already and looking at us through bleary eyes. What I was doing to myself could not be healthy. This had to stop.

But I couldn't stop.

Amanda and I fucked each other silly every night, and a few times during the day, often joined by some other beautiful girl. This was usually preceded by me getting totally and completely wasted. Amanda would share a few drinks with me, but left it to me to get so plastered that I would end up reaming her out like a mindless sex machine. She liked things better that way.

My grades were slipping, and despite the fabulous fucking I was sinking into a depression. Amanda never failed to tell me that she loved me. But her idea of a real relationship seemed to consist of large quantities of fucking mixed with token public appearances. She had no interest in my life and never asked how my day was. Yet she automatically assumed I would be her closest emotional confidant.

I had no shred of control in this relationship, and we both knew it. I tried once to talk to her about the imbalance, but she tossed it off with a few quick remarks. She told me not to be a baby. Real men didn't need someone to "help them through" their emotions. But every woman needed a strong man to depend on and share their thoughts with.

I missed Kendra. Kendra telling me that she cared about me held more weight than any "I love you" from Amanda. For Amanda, it was a simple, manipulative catchphrase tossed off the tip of her tongue as easily as a "Hi, what's up?"

The entire academic term was flying by, and by the end of the school year I was more depressed than ever. Amanda was gorgeous, the most beautiful woman I had ever met or could possibly imagine. She was a minx in bed, creative, enthusiastic, and athletic. She had enough lesbian tendencies to excite any red- blooded male, and the female bedmates she shared with me were the highest-grade of quality pussy imaginable. She never once cheated on me again, and yet had let me screw over a dozen different women while she watched. She liked shiny, pretty baubles, yet had her own money and was never a drain on my bank account. She never treated me poorly, or made me feel like a slave (apart from the sex slave fantasies we played out). To an outside observer, I was with the perfect girlfriend. But I wasn't happy.

Amanda gave me no emotional connection. My day began and ended with her. I had no friends outside of our relationship, no one else to confide in or really talk to. Amanda was an angel alright. She was a heavenly-beautiful being whom I could never really touch nor bond with emotionally.

Maybe I had deluded myself with the ideals of two people becoming one person, one soul. Amanda and I were two very separate people, who just came together to share some good sex and have someone to eat dinner with. When you get down to it, I felt alone in the universe.

Many people might have said to just forget about the whining and the stupid "emotions" and enjoy what I had. I was fucking the prom queen, the head cheerleader, and the sorority hottie all in one. I wasn't being abused and she wasn't taking all of my money. I already had more than most guys could ever wish for. I had my dream girl.

And then on the last Friday before Finals Week, I lost my dream girl.


"Jason, can I see you for a minute?"

My Chemical Engineering professor was waving to me, and I separated from the crowd pouring out of the classroom and over to his desk. He gestured for me to wait a moment, and once the entire class had left he closed the door.

"Jason, what is wrong?"

"Excuse me, Mr. Richardson?"

"You haven't turned in your last three homework assignments. You never speak in class anymore. And your last exam was horrible. Now what is wrong with you? I know you're better than this."

"Nothing, sir. I've just been a little distracted."

"A 'little' distracted? Jason, I hate to say this, but you're about to fail this class. You're going to need a 96 on the final just to escape with a 'D-minus.'"

I was already looking at the floor, and now my shoulders slumped even further. I had been the smart nerd my whole life. I had never failed a class in ANYTHING.

When he realized that I had no response forthcoming, the professor cleared his throat. "Ahem, well Jason. I suggest you get through this little distraction and get your head on straight. A 96 is not impossible, and I know you're capable of getting it. Good luck, son."

"Yes sir."

Now would have been a good moment to run into Amanda. Not to break down and cry and have her coo into my ear and tell me I would be alright. I just needed a hug. Just a simple hug from a loved one would do wonders right about now.

So when I exited the classroom my face lit up when I saw Amanda waiting for me. She smiled and gave me the big hug I needed so bad, and a quick peck on the cheek. "Hey, Jay."

I just smiled at her, grateful for what I did have in life. We walked back to the Sorority House, idly chatting about the latest gossip. When we entered her room she very chastely set me in a chair, and then sat on the bed, pulling her legs beneath her skirt.

"How was your day?" I asked, once we had gotten relaxed. She told me she was fine, and complained about how one of her professors was still trying to hit on her. But that was it. I knew better than to expect Amanda to ask how I was doing.

"How are you doing, Jason?"

WHAT? "Uh, fine. I guess." What was going on?

"That's good to know. There's no easy way to say it, so I'm just going to say it. Jason, I want to break up."


She didn't even wait for a response, but kept on talking. "It's not you, it's me. You have been the perfect boyfriend. So generous, and willing, and courteous. You've treated me like an angel for six years, and I love that. I trust you, and I know I can count on you more than anyone in this world. And I don't want to lose that. I really hope we can still be friends."

I finally managed to sputter. "Wait, what? Why?"

"I'm just... feeling kind of trapped. I just want a little more freedom."

"I haven't done anything to hold you back."

"I know, I know. That's what I mean. It's not your fault. It's all me. I'm just getting... bored I guess. I want to date again. I want to meet new and exciting people. I mean look at us. I'm not ready to settle down and get married or anything. And I don't really want to spend my entire college life with one man. It's the end of the year, and it's time for me to move on. But we can still be friends. I mean, you'll still be there for me won't you?"

"I, what? I don't know."

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Jason, honey. I know this must be a huge shock to you. Maybe we could just move to an open relationship or something? We can still fuck every now and then. But I know you've always cared about me. And something that strong can't be broken up entirely. We were good friends once, and I know we can be good friends again. Now is just a good time to break up. We can concentrate on our finals this weekend, and then we'll have the whole summer to make the adjustment to being single again. And when we come back to school in the fall, it will be just like old times."

She pulled me onto the bed with her, rubbing herself against me, her breath hot and wet in my ear. "Come on, now, baby. You don't think I'd let you go away without a good-bye fuck?"

The matter settled as far as she was concerned, she pressed her lips to mine, and for the first time in my life I didn't get a single thrill out of it. No arousal, no reaction, nothing. I just got up and left.

"I'll call you..." Amanda called out through the closing door.

I turned and walked. And walked. And walked. I'd left my book bag in Amanda's room, and just headed away. I walked through the campus, around buildings. I walked up stairs, down empty hallways, through elevators, across the park. I walked anywhere and everywhere, except for the Sorority House or my apartment. Hell, I hadn't even seen my apartment for two weeks.

At first I just tried to make sense of what was going on. How could I lose Amanda? She was my dream. She was the one thing I had pursued ever since I grew hair on my balls. I couldn't live without her. This was just a setback in my dream, right? I would find a way to get her back. We could have the open relationship. I would let her do whatever she wanted, as long as I could still have Amanda. I had to get her back.

Or I could find my friends. I was free again. Surely Marcus would talk to me again over a rousing video game. I would even let him win. And Kendra... Kendra... maybe she would talk to me again. Maybe that close friend who had shared my soul, who had been there for me emotionally as well as physically could be my friend again. Perhaps even something more.

Which of these girls could I live my life without? I couldn't have both. Which girl would make my life perfect and complete? That was all I had to do. Pick the right girl, and then my life would be "happily ever after" and I would never be unhappy again.

Or maybe I needed to grow up. Maybe life wasn't that idealistic bullshit I had been trying to convince myself of. There was no "perfect" solution. I couldn't just be with the right girl and then expect the rest of my life to be calm waters and smooth sailing. Neither Amanda nor Kendra would make my life perfect and complete.

What did I want? Happiness.

What is happiness? I don't know.

So forget the bullshit answer, and what did I want? My dream.

I got my dream. I had my dream girl, and she broke my heart. The dream was an illusion. And now it was gone. The dream was bullshit too. So what did I want? To be popular.

Maybe I needed to stop following this stupid "ideal" of suppressing my inner nerd, trying to be a fake "popular" person and dating the gorgeous Miss Popular.

Maybe I needed to just be me and be happy with who I am. Sounds trite, but it works.

Maybe instead of looking for the perfect girl, I should have been looking for the perfect girl FOR ME. No angel to be put upon a pedestal. But a real human being who would accept me for who I was, inner nerd and all, and who would share my emotions. A girl I could become 'one' with.

Maybe I needed to find a way to win back the one girl who really cared about me.

So I went home. Marcus was surprised to see me, but he didn't ask any stupid questions. He just turned on the Playstation.


Finals were over. I didn't know if I passed Chemical Engineering, but I did my best and it just might have been enough. Even if I failed, life would go on. I was home. Summer vacation. I sat on my own bed, in my own room, having just finished the best meal I'd had in ages. Nothing beats my mom's home cooking.

For two weeks I stayed up every night looking out my window. The bedroom light would always be on in Kendra's bedroom, but her curtains were always closed. Every night I stared at her window, trying desperately to drum up the nerve to go over and talk to her.

I had committed the ultimate betrayal. Once a cheater, always a cheater they said. How could she ever see me as anything else? Marcus had accepted me back. We had just finished off an Anime series and played a few videogames. But Kendra was still avoiding me.

Every night, when the light went off in her room, I lay down and closed my eyes against the world.

Tonight was no different. I fought for the strength to do something. But then the light went out in Kendra's bedroom and I let out a long sigh. I lay down on top of the covers and closed my eyes.

There was a knock at the door. Every now and again one parent or another would come in to ask how my day was. "Come in."

And Kendra walked in. I thought for sure that I was dreaming, but then she closed the door and sat down on the bed next to me, her hand on my leg. "Hey, Jase." Her tone was easy going, just like old friends. But there was a tension in her voice.

"Hey Kendra. Haven't seen you in awhile."

"Oh it's only been what... four, almost five months? I had to think."

"That's a lot of thinking."

"Yeah, it is. How have you been?"

"Not good."

"Why not?"

"Because you're avoiding me."

Kendra screwed up her face at that. "Not because Amanda dumped you?"

"Fact is, I've had some time to think too."


I sighed, a long, drawn out breath under which I felt all of my anxiety and nervousness flowing out from me. It really was now or never. I had nothing left to lose. "The only person I miss is you, Kendra. I miss what we had together. And I wish every day that we can find a way to be friends again."

Kendra smiled. "No more dream girl?"

I smirked at that. "Been there. Done that."

"So when you see Amanda in the fall..."

"I don't know if I can be friends with her or not. Maybe I'll still talk to her. But I do know that the crush is over. The dream is gone. I'd like to think I've grown beyond it. Dreams are just dreams. The reality is that she's not right for me."

"I told you that three years ago."

I held my hands up. "Okay, okay. You were right. I was wrong."

"And don't you forget it."

"So can we be friends again?" My eyes lit up with hope.

Kendra didn't answer for a long while. She just turned and looked out my window, fidgeting a little in a very unladylike manner. The longer she sat there, staring out the window the more nervous I got. With every passing second I felt my heart twisting itself deeper into a knot. At last she spoke.

"I'm not perfect and I never will be. And you already know that. You have to accept me flaws and all. There is no easy 'happily ever after.' I'm just real."

"I know."

Kendra turned and scooted closer to me. Her face was right in front of me, her eyes a hard glare deep into the back of my skull as if she could extract the truth of my words directly from my brain. Then at last her expression softened. "The answer is 'no'."

"No, what?"

"No, we can't be friends again."

My heart flipped over, threatening to sink into my stomach. But she wasn't finished. Kendra leaned in, pressing her lips softly against mine. It wasn't a lightning bolt or a sudden shock into my head, but there was a definite electrical buzz that passed between us as our kiss deepened, and then her whole body was on the bed pressed against me. This was one of those moments when two people became one. Her heartbeat matched mine. I felt her inside of my head. Kendra wasn't my dream girl. She wasn't perfect. But she really cared about me. She wanted to get inside of my head. And she was more real than any dream.

When we finally broke for air. Kendra just looked at me through heavy-lidded eyes. "I don't want you to only be a best friend. Let's give this love thing another chance."

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