New neighbor woman meets young girl (lesbian,old and young,mom and young)

New neighbor woman meets young girl

My husband and I moved to our first house when we were
both 28. It was a nice neighborhood with modest homes and
nice people. The couple next door were older and had two
daughters - Ellen, away at college, and Sue, a freshman
at the local high school. Sue was a popular girl with
lots of friends coming over. We didn't know her other
than that she was really attractive. She was maybe five
foot five, blonde and slender.

Bob and I both worked so we didn't see much of any of the
neighbors. In June, however, I took a week off and
decided to just hang around the house and get projects
done. One of them was cleaning up the back yard and
starting a garden. I was happy to put on my bikini top
with some cut-offs and head out back to work.

As I started working in the yard, I noticed Sue was
tanning on a blanket in her backyard. She was lying on
her back in a light blue bikini. Her tan was already deep
and she looked beautiful. I couldn't help but stare at
her young breasts. They were small but very sexy - I had
a hard time not looking at them.

As I worked, I found myself continuously looking up at
Sue. Eventually she looked up and caught my eye. She just
smiled and waved at me. Then she rolled over onto her
stomach. I watched as she reached around to undo her
bikini top from behind so as to get an even tan on her
back. As she settled back down, I thought I noticed her
glancing back up at me to see if I was looking.

I continued my work, but I kept glancing her way. I
couldn't help myself - she was so young, so attractive.
As I was lifting a big bag of debris, I suddenly heard
her voice asking, "Can I give you a hand with that?" I
looked towards her, expecting myself to respond, when I
saw that she was propped on one elbow sideways, her
little breasts exposed to me. I was stopped silent. I was
shocked but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. As she
watched me stare, she shifted on the blanket slightly to
give me an even better view of her chest.

"No, but thanks" I finally stammered. "I can handle it."
But instead of lying back down on her blanket as I
expected, she sat up and said "Are you sure? That looks
like it's heavy." Before I could respond she was standing
up and walking towards me. All she had on was the skimpy
bottom to her light blue bikini. Her breasts were so firm
that they hardly bounced as she walked. Her nipples stood
out straight. Her tummy was tan, flat and seemed to melt
into her bikini bottoms. She looked like a young goddess
coming towards me. She had all the confidence in the

There was no point in trying not to stare. Sue had my
number and she was pushing my button. Instead of worrying
about being obvious, I started wondering if my cutoffs
were showing the wet stain in my crotch that I was
certain was beginning to appear. How could this fifteen-
year old act like this? Where did she get the gumption to
walk through her yard into mine almost completely naked?
How could she just walk right up to me with her young
tits staring directly at me? She was in control, and both
of us knew it.

She walked right up to me and gave me a kiss. It was
feather light and very sweet. Then she stood back and
reached up to my left breast with her right hand. Right
there in my backyard she started working my tit while she
stood in her bikini bottoms. I was so hot I thought I
might faint.

Then she brought her other hand up to my left breast and
started working it at the same time. Before I knew it,
she was massaging my nipples between her fingers so that
they became hard, very hard. Then she suddenly yanked on
my bikini top and stripped it from me. I stood bare
breasted, just like her, in my yard.

She then unsnapped my cutoffs and pulled the zipper down.
She grabbed my hand and put it into my pants. Sue looked
around for my lawn chairs and pulled two of them over.
She pushed me down into one and rubbed my crotch,
directing my hand inside my panties to work my cunt
effectively. Then she dropped her bikini bottoms on the
ground and sat in the other chair directly in front of
me, completely naked.

Sue opened her legs wide and showed me all of her cunt.
Her hands went to work spreading her lips, massaging her
clit and fucking her hole. She looked at me and commanded
"Masturbate!" My hand was already on my cunt lips and her
command made me push two fingers inside. As Sue raised
her hips up to give her hands more access, I stared and
started fucking myself harder.

We watched each other masturbate. I came first and
thought I might stop breathing. My obvious contortions
were what Sue wanted and she took herself into a deep
orgasm that lasted maybe two minutes.

Afterwards we just laid in the chairs, exhausted with our
legs wide open. Eventually Sue got up, gave me another
light kiss and put her bikini bottoms back on. Then she
walked back into her yard, still topless, and laid back
down on her blanket to continue getting a tan.

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