Nicolette's dog club (MM, anal, orgy, beast, enzo)

Nicolette's dog club

It was a night much the same as many others. I was
sitting home, lonely, horny, and wondering what to do
about it. There was no one to call and nowhere to
really go, so I decided maybe a nice long walk might
help. It was a quite hot night so I just threw on a
tee shirt and some loose shorts. There is a park
fairly close by me that I decided to go to and walk
around for a while. I made it to the park in about 15
minutes and began walking around there. The park had
a track which went around the perimeter and I started
walking around it.

The park actually closed at dark, but it was easy
enough to just park in a parking lot nearby and walk
past the gate. I walked around the park for a while,
but I was still just as damn horny. Finally I decided
to just jerk myself off. It was a nice night and no
one was around. Why not. I pulled my shorts down
exposing my rock hard cock. I began stroking myself
and closed my eyes, letting my imagination take me
where it would. I stroked harder and harder but then
suddenly I heard something. I quickly moved to the
bushes, tripping and almost falling on the shorts
around my ankles.

I managed to get hidden before they came by, and was
quite annoyed to see it was a pack of dogs. Damn... I
looked at them for a second to see if they looked
dangerous, but quickly realized it was a bitch in
heat being followed by about 6 or 7 horny males. One
jumped on her and started fucking her hard. He was
ramming himself all around her but he was quite a bit
bigger and kept missing his target because he was too
tall. The bitch seemed frustrated, whining and
walking around the others.

"I know how you feel," I said softly, still nursing
my cock and quite blue balls. I'd been hoping maybe
my 'disturber' was human. I was bi and the thought of
a guy who was also horny and might want to get some
relief in my aching ass was certainly a good thought.
But it wasn't male or even female... just dogs.

I watched as another mounted her, trying to get his
cock into her. His red cock was easily visible even
in this dimly lit park. I'd never paid attention to
dogs before, but for some reason seeing these dogs
trying to get a good fuck from the bitch was a turn
on. It was probably because I was so damn horny
anyway, but I realized I was just absently stroking
my cock as I watched then hump and slide off her. She
was a smaller dog... marked like a hound with the
short hair and coloration, but the size of a small
lab or maybe mid-size collie.

Most of the males were large. I saw one rottie, one
german shep, and 4 or 5 mutts of size from medium to
quite large. I wondered if there were only large dogs
around here or if maybe the smaller ones had already
hit the target and, being finished, had wandered back

Another male was on her, hammering away and missing
his mark also. The more I watched the hornier I got.
I decided I wanted to watch closer if they would let
me. I kicked my shorts on off of my feet so I
wouldn't trip again and slowly walked out toward
them. Happily they didn't seem to mind. I got about
10 feet from her where I could really see and sat
down. I could see the bitch as she let each one on
her. I could also sense her frustration as dog after
dog rubbed his cock on her back for several strokes
before hopping off her. Her hind legs and back were
completely wet and the smell of her heat and their
attempts were very musky and strong.

One of the males came up to me sniffing. I held
still, not wanting to agitate them. I didn't want
them to run off and I certainly didn't want to be
bit. He sniffed me for a while till he found my cock,
which he licked. It was both the complete surprise of
him doing that and the electric shock of ecstasy it
sent up my spine that made me jump away with a grunt.
Immediately he jumped back too, growling a bit.

"Sorry boy... good boy..." I said softly, "You just
surprised me." He looked at me for a second, and then
walked back to the bitch to try again. I could see
his cock pistoning out and could even see he was
spurting liquid on her back and he rubbed his cock,
looking for a hole.

"At least you have some cocks wanting you even if
they are doing more teasing than pleasing," I said to
her, returning to my stroking. My cock was still rock
hard and I knew I'd cum soon. Suddenly one of the
smaller dogs found the mark. I watched his cock
piston in and out of her with a speed I was
absolutely amazed at and turned on by. He pounded his
cock into her deeper and deeper till soon it was
impossible to see anymore. It was just him shoving
against her and her holding herself still and getting
a good fuck.

Wanting to get a closer look, but still not wanting
to agitate or frighten them, I went forward onto my
hands and knees and slowly crawled toward them.
Suddenly and with no warning one of the other dogs
licked me right up my crack from balls to backbone. I
had been rimmed before and I like it a lot, but it
was far far superior to that. The rough hot tongue
brought chill bumps to my whole body.

Before I could even look it happened again. "Holy
fuck," I half said half moaned in pleasure. This felt
incredible. Before I knew it 2 more tongues joined in
and I was in such bliss that I couldn't have moved if
I'd wanted to. The ecstasy, the bliss, the total
pleasure they were giving me was indescribable. I
felt so good my arms went weak and I laid my chest
and head down on my arms, keeping my ass up for fear
of even missing one of those wonderful licks.

I had not even imagined I'd encounter anything this
good when I came here near them. I'd just wanted a
bit of a look as I jacked off. Now I felt so good I
couldn't even move a muscle. I was on fire. Suddenly
one of them was on my back humping and squirting hot
liquid on my asshole and cheeks. In about a second I
felt his hot wet cock sliding between my cheeks and
into my ass. The bliss I was feeling, coupled with
the total shock of suddenly being fucked made me very
slow to react. This was all he needed. I tried to
jerk forward but he had a grip on my hips like a vice
and his belly was slapping my ass, his cock totally
buried inside me and moving back and forth to his

As I moved, so did he, and he was pounding for all it
was worth. Also it was hot, wet, and felt very very
good inside me. It felt too good in fact, and my
passion and need for the feelings quickly outweighed
my shock and thought of it being dirty and wrong. It
felt so incredibly beyond wonderful that quite soon I
went from trying to pull away to trying to push back
and meet his thrusts. I was truly enjoying the fuck
he was giving me more than I had ever enjoyed one.

Maybe it was the heat of the situation... maybe it
was because I needed it so bad... maybe it was
something else... I just know his hot spurting cock
felt so good hammering into me deeper and deeper that
all I could think of was "more, harder, deeper." I
wanted to get hold of my cock but he was ramming me
so hard that it took all I had to hold myself up, try
to match him, and try not to not let him shove me
forward on my face.

"Fuck me harddd," I half moaned as his burning
spurting cock went deeper and deeper into me. His
balls were slapping me in the sensitive area between
my balls and asshole. He humped with all his
strength, seeming to somehow go just a bit deeper
with every thrust. Then I felt his cock getting
bigger inside me. It was also spurting hard into me.
That feeling was all I could stand as he slowed just
a bit and I was able to finally get hold of my cock.

The fucking I had just gotten was so damn intense
that I was on the edge anyway. Within a few strokes I
could feel my orgasm starting. Unfortunately he was
slowing down a lot. I could feel his cock in me and I
wanted to keep it there at least till I finished
cumming. I squeezed my ass hard as I stroked and my
cum started coming out of my cock like a geyser.

I came and came, his cock making me keep cumming
longer than normal. When I finally finished, I was
spent and dropped my head and chest back to the
ground. My friend was lying on my back, relaxing
after his hard fuck (or so I thought).

I could feel his massive cock in me, throbbing and
spurting and seeming to get even bigger by the
second. Finally some part of my brain kicked in and I
remembered how they got stuck in the bitch. I glanced
up at the bitch in front of me to see her standing
ass to ass with the mutt that had finally gotten her.
Fuck did he have me? I pulled forward and felt
something damned large pull against the inside of my

As if to reinforce the fact, my lover hopped off and
swung his leg over my ass and suddenly we were ass to
ass. I could feel his cock inside me pulling my
insides as he pulled against me. It wasn't a hard
pull, more of a stand still and get bred bitch pull.
Damn it felt so fucking good. It was gigantic, but it
felt so damn good. I realized I was stroking my cock
again, which was already partially hard.

His cock stretched me as it pulled and I had never
felt anything so extremely big in me. It was just
throbbing and squirting. I wasn't sure if it was
really as big as it could get or just whether I had
stretched to the limit, but either way we were locked
tight together and he was filling me inside. Suddenly
he seemed to stop squirting and I thought he was
finished cumming, then he started squirting long hard
loads into me. I had no idea what he had been doing,
but obviously he was now cumming.

I could feel his hot cum pooling inside me and
running deeper and deeper. I looked up again and
could see the other dogs circling both me and the
other bitch, waiting their turn. Somehow this made me
even more horny and in impassioned. I've never been
fucked like this before or felt this good. We stayed
there for a long time before I heard something in
front of me.

I looked up again and saw the dog pull his cock free
of the bitch. Damn, it was big even half erect like
that. Quickly the other dogs were licking her and
then soon one was on her humping again. As he humped
her, I could see his cock poking around on her back
clearly. Suddenly he hit the mark and started humping
crazy hard. Unfortunately for him he only humped hard
for 4 or 5 seconds before he accidentally slipped

He kept humping for a few moments, his cock rubbing
on her back. Then he hopped off. He was only half
hard but he looked like he had a knot on his cock the
size of a baseball. Damn, he was smaller than the one
in me... I wondered how big this one was. I looked
back at my lover and he was standing proudly, his
tail bouncing up and down with the squirts going into
me. It was big enough to hurt a bit, but it felt so
good that the small hurt just made it better.

I found myself wanting to see one of the cocks
closer. I stopped stroking myself and just let myself
bask in this wonderful feeling. I reached out and
rubbed my hand on the side of the dogs as they
passed. Their powerful muscles could be easily felt
under their soft coat of fur.

I reached out a bit further and touched the sheath of
one of them. He stopped and stood still, waiting to
see what I was doing I think. I rubbed his sheath,
feeling a cock inside that must have been 8 inches
and a knot about the size of a lemon and he was
obviously only half swelled. As I rubbed, he began
humping, his cock poking out and shooting liquid on
my hand and arm.

Curiosity made me lick it. It was metallic...
coppery. It had the musky cum taste, but more
metallic and like copper and... wilder. That's the
only way I know to describe it. I felt the one in my
ass shrinking. In a very short time, he shrank enough
that he pulled free of my ass. It hurt some coming
out as he was still half swelled when he pulled free,
but I quickly looked back to see him. Half swelled he
was easily 8 inches and his knot looked like a

He immediately turned and licked me a few times, even
getting his tongue inside my well opened asshole.
This feeling sent me almost to the moon and I wanted
another orgasm. I dropped my head and chest to the
ground, reaching back to pull my ass as open as I
could for him with one hand and stroke my rock hard
cock with the other.

Before the licking was over I felt another furry
weight on my back. As soon as he hopped on me, he
wrapped his forepaws around my waist. He managed
accidentally but very conveniently (for him) to trap
my hand against my hip as he thrusted. I pulled at my
arm, not sure I wanted another fuck, but he weighed
too much to push myself up with one arm and it took a
few seconds to pull my other arm free of the vice
like hold he had around my waist.

While pulling at my arm, I was apparently laid out
perfectly and I felt his hot cock go into my already
open asshole. He wasted no time, but as soon as he
felt my insides, he almost leapt forward, driving his
whole length into me and only stopping because his
belly hit my ass. I swear he went forward so hard
that my head went forward in the dirt and I'm sure
part of his sheath went in too.

Once my hand was free I was already feeling his hot
cock deep inside and working back and forth as it
swelled. Fuck it felt far too good to even think
about stopping and as soon as I could get myself onto
all 4's and off the ground I was again begging for
the fuck as I met his thrusts with my ass, helping
him drive his wonderful cock as deep as we could make
it go.

Again I abandoned myself to the total bliss of this
hard fuck, moaning and humping back hard. Soon I felt
the swelling and knew I was his till he was done. I
pushed back, wanting his cock as deep as I could get
it before it locked inside. We humped against each
other as he swelled and stretched me. He kept getting
bigger and bigger.

Soon I realized he was a much better hung dog than
the last and wondered if I had made a bad mistake by
not stopping while I was ahead. I was stroking my
cock and the fear of his continued swelling, the
stretching of my ass... it all was somehow pushing me
toward another orgasm despite anything.

I stopped stroking. I was sure my closeness to
cumming was all that was keeping this from really not
feeling good and I certainly did not want to cum now
and suffer for 30 minutes. Finally he stopped humping
and was content to lie on me as he swelled a bit
more. The inside of my ass was stretched tight like a
guitar string.

Then all of a sudden he hopped off, turning and
spinning my insides with him. I worked my ass up and
down, trying to get his knot loose enough to let it
spin. Finally it did spin, giving me feelings both
bad and good. Then we settled in this position for a

Shortly I felt him seem to pulse and get just a bit
bigger, then his cum started going into me. As he
came, his pulsing seemed to settle him a bit and soon
the hugeness felt less bad and became more of a turn
on to me. I began wriggling my ass on his cock,
enjoying him in every way I could. His pulsing inside
me was incredible, as was his massive hot loads.
"That feels so good boy," I said as I worked my ass
on him.

My whole body was on fire and trembling. I worked my
ass and hips more and more and he pulled hard against
me and filled me with loads of cum. Soon I could
control myself no longer and just began pulling,
working up and down, moaning, and cumming so hard I
almost passed out.

I literally just locked... my whole body locked in a
continuous spasm of cumming. I spurted so hard I felt
like I was drilling a hole in the ground. Then as it
subsided I dropped down to my chest, exhausted and
basking in the afterglow of the most intense orgasm
I'd ever had.

"Well, with all that moaning and cumming I'd
certainly say you like having a nasty dog cock buried
in your ass," I looked up just a bit to see 2 boots
standing in front of me. If it was possible I would
have dug a hole, crawled in, and pulled the dirt in
on top of me. Oh fuck. My whole body was red from
embarrassment and I could feel it glowing. And the
dog's cock was still well swelled and cumming so I
couldn't even move.

"What's wrong? Nothing to say pervert?" I heard the
voice say. I literally wished I was dead... no...
that I'd never been born. I felt a hand grab my hair
and pull my face up. I had very little choice but to
comply. As I rose up I saw the guy smiling.

He said, "You know, I'd say your ass is far too
stretched to be any good but I think you might be
able to suck a good cock. At least you better be able
to. Look up here at me," He let go of my hair and I
looked up only to realize I was looking into a camera
phone. 'CLICK'

"Fuck," I thought to myself. All the dogs walking
around had made such noise that I had not heard his
footsteps at all.

"Well now bitch, Looks like you're gonna give me the
best blow of my life... unless you want this photo to
follow you everywhere," he said pulling his pants
down to reveal an already half hard and huge cock. I
was too embarrassed to be horny anymore, but he
grabbed my hair and pushed his cock in my face and
for fear I opened my mouth and took him deep. I
sucked him, but this guy must have been 11 inches
uncut and thick as hell. He pushed his cock down my
throat and I took what I could.

Also this whole time the dog had still been pulling
and cumming in my ass and despite myself I was
getting turned on again. The guy with the huge cock
was moaning a bit when suddenly he lunged forward
almost gagging me. I could see the dog behind him was
licking his ass and he was trying to get away.

I took a breath, reached up with both hands, grabbed
his hips and pushed/swallowed his cock all the way
down my throat. I also pulled his ass cheeks open.
Damn his cock was truly massive. The dog went back to
licking and he had nowhere to go. I could only keep
him there so long before I had to let him out. I
think he was getting confused. I don't think he
wanted the dog to lick, but now he knew how damn good
it felt.

As I sucked, I could feel the dog in my ass
shrinking. The part of me that was turned on again...
ok... most of me... hated to feel it going and I felt
truly empty as it slid out. I moaned a whine of
disappointment as it left me without meaning to.
"Damn, you are a dog cock lover, eh?" he said in
response to my accidental whine. "I think I'll just
put something back in that asshole for you," he said
pulling free of my mouth. I have to admit despite his
'blackmail' I was enjoying myself again and the
thought of that huge cock turned me on a lot.

I stayed still as he went around me and suddenly I
felt it ram into me to the balls. That hurt my
asshole, but the inside was well stretched and
accommodated him fine. He was quickly hammering his
cock into me and as soon as the burn from the sudden
entry wore off I truly enjoyed it. I think he was
surprised how easily he fit.

I was surprised but happy. I felt him jerk and first
thought he might be cumming but then I realized from
his comments that the dog had found his ass and was
tonguing him again. I began fucking him harder. I
then had an idea. I was not sure if it would work but
I certainly wanted to try.

As he fucked my ass, I picked up my feet and rotated
them to lie over his thighs and at the same time I
dropped my chest to the ground and reached back and
grabbed his hips and pulled him into me hard. I felt
him fall forward onto me as I knew he would as he was
propped on my back with his hands. I shoved my ass
back and up as I pulled him into me hard as I could.
This put him on almost all 4's.

Considering there was a horny dog licking his ass
already I was hoping they would get the idea. I don't
think he realized that my pulling him into me as hard
as I could also pulled his ass cheeks open. He
thought I was cumming.

"So you like my cock, eh bitch?" I heard him say as
he pushed it in me hard, "That's fine. Cum for me. Be
truly my little bitch." I could feel the dog's tongue
hit my fingertip occasionally so I knew he was being
licked well, but I think he was so pleased with
himself to make me cum that he was just pushing his
cock in deep. I hoped the dog would do something
soon. I pretended to cum, moaning and jerking my hips
while holding hard.

I felt a sudden weight increase along with a paw on
top of each of my hands. Immediately he started
trying to move, but I held my ass fast against him
keeping him up and the dog was very effective at
holding my hands. I felt him pushing on my back to
get up, but I was quite sweaty so he slipped right
back down. I was moaning and pulling his ass.

"Stop Dammit!! What the fuck. Get off MEEEEEE!" I
heard the "EEEE" get loud and knew the dog had hit
the mark. I could feel the dog humping him, making
his cock fuck me. It felt fucking good and I had to
concentrate to not just let go and enjoy it. "Dammit,
make him STOP! Oh fuck!! Oh Hell! FUCK! Oh shit! Oh
damn what a cock!" I heard all kinds of things from
him but I made sure I kept his ass up there.

He kept moaning and moving and I tried to shove him
back as the dog shoved forward. Then I felt something
completely unexpected. "I'm cummmminggggg!!," I heard
him say. At first i wondered if he was lying but no,
I could feel his hot loads shooting into my ass. Fuck
it felt good. I rammed my ass against his belly
enjoying his cum and making sure I got every drop.
When I finally knew he was done, I slowly crawled out
from under him, feeling his long cock slowly pull
free of my ass as I moved.

Once free of him, I turned around to see him now on
all 4's and a dog impaled inside him. I could see he
was still in a bit of heaven from cumming so hard.
"I'm not the only pervert who likes a dog cock I
see," I said to him.

"No, you're not," he said. I was a bit surprised by
his answer.

I watched him for a moment working his hips up and
down. "I see that I'm not," I said fascinated. I
crawled so I could see his ass closely. It was
swelled out with the dog cock and I could tell by the
dog's tail that he was cumming and filling this guy

With no warning a large furry weight landed on top of
my back and his cock was immediately probing between
my cheeks. For a second I didn't move, deciding
whether or not to let him have me. You quickly learn
that no response means yes as the third quick poke of
his cock slid up my ass. Just like with the others,
as soon as it started, he almost leapt forward,
immediately sinking it into me up to the hilt.

"Oh FUCK YES!" I said pushing myself back against his
thrusting and almost shaking with the ecstasy of
feeling his hot cock slide deeper and deeper as it
quickly started swelling. Fuck I didn't care what was
happening as long as he kept sinking that scalding
spurting rod into me. Soon I could feel the knot
growing big enough to lock inside me.

My body was quivering with pleasure and need.
Nothing, not even being ripped apart, could have made
me do anything except try to match his thrusts and
help him in. No words can or will ever describe the
total waves or complete joy and satisfaction and
desire and passion and absolute ecstasy I was feeling
as he humped and swelled.

The entire world was gone and all I had or wanted was
this feeling of this slick nasty spurting veiny
growing swelling cock and knot that was moving all my
insides as it planted itself inside, impaling me and
becoming one with me, owing me and making me it's
complete slave till it was done.

I hoped it would never be done. If he had never been
done fucking me, I would have willingly and wantingly
stayed right there feeling that and loving that and
having all I need forever, knowing nothing will ever
be as good.

I'll do my best to describe the details:

Imagine something the size of a pencil, but is well
padded, very slick, hot to the touch, and spurting a
liquid that makes it even slicker. This object pokes
around on you till it hits and starts in your ass. As
soon as it starts in, it is quickly shoved in all the
way, but it is so small and slick that there is no
pain what so ever, just the sudden shock of it shoved
in quickly and deeply.

This tends to surprise/shock you just a bit which
makes it even more intense. Now in less than a second
it's in all the way and you feel the dog's hot belly
slapping you on your ass while his soft fur is
rubbing your back. You can also occasionally feel his
shaft with the hard fur on the tip hitting your
asshole on the outside.

He humps you hard, holding your hips as he rams
himself in. he humps hard and very fast... maybe 2
strokes per second... maybe 3... fast enough that you
cannot keep up. you can only push back and maybe try
to push yourself back against his thrusts every other
time. imagine if someone had a small dildo in their
hand and was ramming it into you as fast as they
could... no keeping up, just enjoy the intense speed
and let it happen.

Now, a dog has a higher temperature than a human and
his cock is usually inside his body so the
description 'hot' isn't just because of the moment...
his cock literally feels like it was heated before it
went in... It stays with the 'hot' feeling from start
to finish as well.

So, it's in and because he's humping, it's going from
'in' to 'in deep' to 'in' to 'in deep'. Now, it's
just bouncing in and back and in and back, but it
starts swelling. First the base starts swelling into
a knot, so now the small dildo turns into a ball with
a small dildo on the front. The ball grows and grows
till within 3 or 4 seconds you can start feeling it
hitting the inside of your asshole each time he

I call it release because he isn't really pushing in
and pulling out like a human. His cock is soft behind
the ball. So, it's like he flexes and shoves it as
deep as he can, then relaxes and it slides back on
its own, then he flexes and shoves again, then it
slides back, etc etc.

So, he pushes and releases for a while. All this time
it's swelling so obviously each time it goes forward,
it comes back a bit bigger so it cannot come back as
far. This keeps up till it swells so much it locks in
place and starts stretching you. (note... dogs with
medium size cocks often swell no more than this and
never swell so much that you get stretched, though
they still feel huge and tremendous inside).

About this time you feel the throbbing. Each of his
heartbeats sends a pulse of blood through all the
veins on it and in it which makes it kind of throb
and pulse inside you. It keeps swelling till it's
stretched you well and settled into a place. By this
time the shaft is almost fully inflated, though it
will get about ten to 20% longer, feeling as though
it is snaking it's way deeper and deeper into your
bowels, spurting pre-cum all the time.

Back to where we were...

So here I was reeling from pure pleasure, him lying
on my back and his cock throbbing. My cock standing
hard at attention and throbbing. I look back over at
the guy and see how his ass is so full it's stretched
with the dog's cock hung in it and the cum going into
him also. Suddenly he hopped off and turned, sliding
me a bit sideways to help him and when he was done, I
was against the side of the guy. As my senses came
back to me, though still really turned on, I said,
"You've done this before?"

"Often," he said, "And looks like you have also."

I felt myself a bit embarrassed, "No, first time
tonight. So why the hell the insults and the camera?"

"Sorry, just wanting to make sure you didn't run
away. You're the first other person I've met into it
and wanted to make sure you stayed. Really just
wanting to have some fun with you."

I felt him pulling my leg up. I kind of readjusted my
weight so I was on both hands and one knee. He pulled
the other up and out sideways, then slid under me so
my leg was resting on his back. Then he moved
sideways under me and slid my cock into his mouth.
Holy shit I'd been fighting to have enough control to
talk and I lost it. It felt so good.

I pulled his leg up and slid under him also, sliding
his cock into my mouth. He started cumming almost
immediately. I started swallowing his cum, but this
pushed me over the edge and I felt him swallowing my
cum as well. After cumming for a while, I felt the
last of my cum flow out. He was still cumming and
despite how tired I was right now I managed to keep
his cock in my mouth till I had every drop. Once he
finished I dropped down to my chest on the ground,
his leg still on my back.

I just lie there for a while enjoying the huge cock
still filling my ass with cum. Suddenly I heard a
moan and looked up in time to see the half swelled
cock pull from his ass, followed by a lot of cum,
which came out and ran down his balls and splattered
all on the ground and on my face. Part hit me in the
mouth and I swallowed it.

Almost immediately another dog was trying to mount
him, but with his leg on top of me, the dog missed a
lot. Somehow this was a turn on as it sprayed me in
the face. The dog missed a few more times, then
hopped off him. He laid down and rolled out from
under my leg, then got on all 4's again and a huge
dog hopped on him. It looked like a big st bernard.
He dropped to the ground and let it hump air for a
moment. I guess it was too heavy.

Then he went back up and a german shep was on him. In
moments I saw the move forward and heard the slapping
of belly to ass and knew he had the cock inside. He
moaned and pushed back toward the dog, getting him
deep. The dog fucked him hard for a few seconds and
he began to moan, then it slowed and stopped on his
back and I knew he was tied. In not time the dog had
stepped off him and turned around.

Soon the ball in my ass started to shrink. He pulled
it free of me, releasing tons of his load which ran
down my legs and balls. My ass was getting sore, but
it felt so good I wanted at least one more nice cock
in me. I did not wait long. The furry weight on my
back was the wonderful sign the hot cock would soon
enter, and enter it did. He seemed to have the best
aim of any of them as he pushed his whole cock into
me hard at the first jab.

Again I felt him start hammering it in deeply as it
swelled and spurted. Again all thought of my sore ass
and everything left me and I was just caught up in
bliss. I could feel his cock now too big to leave my
ass, but humping it inside with every stroke just
before he shoved it in deep and hard. Damn I felt
like I was about to explode with cum and I almost did
just before he stopped humping. I started to reach
back and stroke my cock, but decided to instead tease
myself by just holding still and enjoying the cock
and cum filling.

He stepped off me and turned, a feeling I was finally
getting more able to handle without the chill bumps,
then settled into a good pull and soon started
cumming inside me. Damn the ever continuous spurting
of that hot seed felt good. I wondered if as much as
I had in me and with it all swimming, if it had made
it to my stomach yet? Somehow this nasty thought
turned me on even more. He pulled on me and came into
me, keeping me in a most pleasant physical and
emotional state. I just stayed there enjoying the
feeling and letting his cock spurt and tease me
toward my own orgasm.

I came closer and closer before I felt him shrinking
and then popping out. I was surrounded by dogs and in
no time another one was on me. He had some difficulty
finding my hole, but when he did, he had no problem
pile driving his cock as deep as possible, holding me
in a death grip and he rammed it deeper and deeper.

My body shook from the wonderful feeling. Soon he was
swelled to his max size, which told me that dogs vary
just like us humans. His knot and cock slid around
inside me and as he stepped off to turn he popped
out. He was not nearly as big as the others, but his
knot was big enough to hurt and the burning sensation
in my asshole immediately put a damper on the orgasm
I was close to having. Another mounted me so quickly
I didn't have time to react and I tried to drop but
he had such a grip on my hips that I could not easily
move and before I managed anything he managed to find
and enter my burning anus.

I was completely out of my mind. One part of me was
feeling the burning pain of the cock that was jerked
out of me and wanted to stop everything and another
was turned on like hell from this one's pounding.
Soon though I began to stop burning and just enjoy
the wonderful pounding. It wasn't like I had a choice
as his knot was well swelled in me now and still
growing. Unfortunately as it got bigger and bigger it
did make me burn again. So I was feeling good and
being driven insane, but also it kept hurting enough
to stop me from cumming which was very frustrating.

Soon he reached his huge maximum size, stretching me
completely back out. Fuck it burned and felt great at
the same time. I've never had pain and pleasure
together before and it somehow mixed into a damned
tease that kept me crazy but no more. Then he stepped
off me and turned and the burn took over again. That
hurt like hell and definitely stopped any progress
toward cumming. I might have expected a lot of
things, but damn it felt like someone had rubbed some
very powerful hot sauce in my asshole. He was far too
big to come out though so all I could do was grit my
teeth and hope the sensation would pass soon.

I stayed there for about 5 LONG minutes just being as
still as possible, trying to ignore that burn, trying
to enjoy the other feelings. Finally the good
sexually stimulating feelings were getting more
powerful than the burning and it was starting to feel
good again. I slowly tentatively moved my ass up and
down a little and it did hurt just a bit, but mainly
felt better. The more I moved the better it felt. I
stroked my cock as I moved my ass on his huge knot,
feeling him cum deep in me.

I stroked myself hard as I worked my ass up and down.
I could feel that my orgasm would come now... I was
getting back to that pleasurable feeling all over.
Damn his cock felt so good inside me. I heard a sound
and looked up to see my friend get a quickly
shrinking cock pulled from him. It was so hot to see
it hanging under the dog's belly. *I could see he was
stroking himself also.

I saw the huge dog mount him, but he dropped down
quickly as he mounted him. I wondered if it was
because this dog weighed so much or if he was
avoiding him for some reason. I really didn't care
that much as I was feeling better and better. The
burn in my ass was almost gone and was just making me
super sensitive to his pulsing right now and I was
being filled well.

Another dog mounted him and I watched with a kind of
'floating in limbo' fascination as he sunk his cock
into him, ramming into him hard and fast. His moaning
and jerking told me he was cumming as the dog tied
with him. I stroked myself more and more, loving the
whole sexy scene. It is hard to put into words where
I seemed to be. It was like I was floating and
completely just a feeling. Almost like I was high,
but no drugs. Damn I felt so good.

Then without warning I felt his cock shrinking. I
knew it hadn't been that long. Maybe he had fucked a
few times already and was tired. Anyway, for whatever
reason he was pulling free of me and soon his cock
slid out with a warm wet nasty feeling of cum running
out and down my balls and thighs.

I kept stroking, waiting for another to mount me. I
so wanted to go back to that feeling I just had... so
wanted to cum. Another mounted me but was far off,
poking my right butt cheek. I moved a bit but he
moved with me and kept poking till he gave up and
hopped off. Soon another mounted me but also far off.
Damn what a tease. I kept stroking and waiting for
one to do it right again.

Suddenly there was a massive weight on top of me. It
knocked me down on my face on the ground because I
had only been on one hand (stroking with the other),
but my ass stayed up. I realized it was the big dog
and knew he had to be dying for some because he had
tried a lot but hadn't tied once all night that I had
seen. He had a grip on my hips but was a bit high. I
pushed myself back up using both hands and hoping I'd
help him aim. I made it back up and felt him hitting
my tailbone. Then he hit and slid down but missed.
Then he hit and slid down but missed again. Then he
hit and slid down and his cock slid into my willing
and in heat asshole.

Holy shit when he felt that he knew he wasn't letting
his chance go. He gripped me with his paws so hard it
hurt, ramming his cock all the way in with 2 steps
forward on me. "Don't let him!! Fall away from
him!!," I heard the guy say. Fuck that. I was so
close to cumming and needed it worse than a crack
addict needed a hit. Suddenly he humped me hard and I
felt his already partially expanded knot go in. Damn
he was long. He shoved it deep, gripping me so hard
and ramming me so hard that my whole body was going
forward and back despite anything I could do.

His cock very quickly expanded inside me, locking me
to him. I wanted to cum badly. It felt so good to
feel him in me. I managed to support myself on one
hand, grabbing my cock and stroking as he pounded his
tremendously hot long cock deep into my bowels. Soon
it swelled tight and locked inside me, just moving my
guts forward and back with his humping. I stroked my
cock as I felt it grow more and more. It soon got so
big it hurt and was still getting bigger but somehow
this just felt good as I stroked myself.

His spurting head was now going beyond the others and
deep into my bowels, far beyond the others of
tonight. I felt like I might rip apart and it hurt so
good I wanted to as I stroked. His cock swelled more
and more till I had to open my knees more just to
accommodate him. I could feel the head of his cock
just behind my belly button spurting. Damn he was so
huge. Suddenly I started cumming uncontrollably, my
body spasming to his humps.

It seemed like a blissful eternity that he humped and
my cum came out with his movements. Finally and
dreadfully I slowed, then stopped. He pretty much
stopped humping at the same time and was just
standing over me, his cock holding my ass against his
belly. Fuck he was so huge. I felt like a balloon
that was stretched over a bowling ball and was just
hoping no one had a pin. I moaned uncontrollably
trying to stretch enough to accommodate his mammoth
size as it continued to grow just a bit bigger and
longer. "Tried to warn you," I heard him say.

"I - ugh - thought you just - ooh - fell because his
weight knocked you downnnn," I managed.

"Nope, just know my limits," he said back.

"Ooohhh damn!! Is he the size of a bowling ball!?" I

"Don't know. Never saw it fully swelled. Saw him make
a Great Dane bitch whine like hell tho... that was
enough for me."

All I could do was try to mentally deal with it. It
was TOO big. I had played with inflatable butt plugs
before. I'd pumped one up to about 12 pumps to see
how that would feel and it was so big I could only
stand it for a few seconds before I had to let go. He
was about 20 pumps I think. My body cramped trying to
push him out but only managed to make a cramping push
and ease off.

"Fuckkkk," I moaned. I reached back and could feel
his massive ball through the flesh of my ass. I tried
to move a bit to help the fit and suddenly he humped
me a few more times, making it even bigger. He was so
tight in me that our flesh was one. I could feel his
knot lodged behind and under my tailbone. I could
feel every spurt of his pre-cum going through his
long cock and out into my belly.

Then I felt him cumming harder and knew he had went
from pre-cum to cumming in me. He was so tight that I
could feel every hot nasty sticky load as it went
into my ass, up into my bowels, and splattered inside
me in my lower belly. It felt good. It felt really
good. Suddenly I realized just how he had me. The
lower part of his cock was lying hard against my

Every spurt forced its way through his cock, running
along my prostate as it did. My balls were already
tingling and my hips felt tight. Suddenly I felt
myself sliding over the edge and cumming again. I
pulled against his cock as I came. He seemed to like
this and it definitely made his cock draw even more
from me.

Soon I was spent and stopped. He was far from spent.
His long orgasm was only beginning. Again I tried to
relax and let his massive cock stay inside me but my
body again pushed against it. Obviously it was not
moving, but it did not feel good at all. Then it did
feel good again. Again spurt after spurt massaged my
prostate to a level I had no control over and my
balls started drawing as my hips tightened.

Again I began cumming. I came for a while before
winding down again. As I wound down, I had no
strength left and let my head and chest down to the
cool earth. My ass was not moving unless he decided
to move it.

I lay there for a short while feeling way too full
and way too uncomfortable before I felt again my
orgasm coming on. Soon I felt myself spurting my seed
again, my cock jerking. It felt good but completely
used me up. I finally stopped and just lay there. I
could feel my prostate... push, push, push, with his
cum shooting across it. I knew I'd cum again soon. I
really didn't want to, but I really had little to say
about it.

In a short while I again started cumming. It felt
good but hurt also. I looked under at my cock, which
was jerking but almost nothing was cumming out of it.
I have no words to describe it. I mean, I was cumming
and how can that not feel anything but good, but also
I was almost dry-heaving from my balls and it didn't
feel good.

It subsided again and again I relaxed as best I
could. I realized I was going to go from feeling too
full to being made to cum over and over till he was
finished. I rested for a short while before I started
orgasming again, jerking and moving though now
nothing came from me at all. My stomach muscles were
hurting from both trying to push him out when relaxed
and from being so tight during my repeating orgasm.
Again I was brought to orgasm and dry humped the air
for a while before relaxing again.

By the time he finally shrank I had lost count of my
orgasms and really lost control of my body in
general. I was his fuck doll bitch and he used me for
everything I could be used for. As he finally stopped
cumming, then shrank enough to pull free from me, I
just fell forward onto the ground in a puddle of my
cum, dog cum, and dog pre-cum.

I must have been so exhausted that I completely fell
asleep. I only remember waking up stuck to the
ground. I pulled myself loose from the weeds and
grass I was stuck to and looked around. The dogs and
my friend were long gone. My clothes were nicely
folded and in the fork of a nearby tree. As I got
them I saw a note which read:

"I am glad you enjoyed the night and the sex. I am
sorry you got nailed by the big one, but I have to
say I've never seen so many orgasms from one human
being. I do have the video of you, but it's for my
private viewing pleasure so you need not worry. I
come here on every other Thursday. Maybe we'll meet
again. Len."

I managed to get dressed with much pain from my sore
abdomen and ass. I also with my share of pain managed
to get home, showered, and in bed. When I got up, I
needed badly to shit and about 5 gallon of doggie cum
ran out of me. I was so sore I knew I would never be
going back there. I hurt everywhere.

But a week can heal a lot and now that Thursday is
coming up again...

Keys: MM anal orgy beast enzo

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