Office Turnaround (orgy,office,anal,hard anal)

Office Turnaround

Nadine heard the intercom come on.

"Nadine when Kate gets here, send her to my office
immediately." Mrs. Jackson voice rang out. "In the
meantime, prepare a check for her for the rest of this
week. I don't think we'll need her services anymore
around here."

Nadine smiled as the intercom went off. It was only a
small design office run by Mrs. June Jackson, Nadine
boss and a true real bitch, but the thought of Kate
getting fired was really exciting news. She and Kate
didn't get along at all from the start and half the
time the black girl was off running around shopping or
chasing guys instead of working. She deserved it. She
thought. The pay was above average and Nadine knew it
was going to hurt Kate to lose it.

It was several minutes before Kate finally showed up as
Nadine smiled at her and told her that Mrs. Jackson
wanted to see her immediately. She grabbed her purse
and decided to get some lunch while the young bitch
gets her ass booted out by the old hag inside. She
smiled as she watched Kate enter the room as she
continued out the front door. This is going to be a
nice day after all she thought heading to the nearby

After dinner, Nadine returned to her office to finish
her normal daily work expecting to see Kate desk empty.
Instead her purse was still sitting on it. She took
her seat wondering what was taking so long. Surely it
didn't take an hour to fire someone. She was startled
as the intercom came on.

"Nadine, you are to come into my office immediately,"
she heard June voice slightly stained.

Nadine stood up and tried to regain her composure.
That's bitch must have told something on me, she
thought. Well she'll set it straight. She opened the
door to Mrs. Jackson office and almost fainted as she
stared in disbelief in front of her.

June was totally naked and bent over grabbing her
ankles with her large ass pointed out toward Nadine
view. There were several red marks all across the white
globes and Kate was sitting in her chair beside her
with a large ruler in her hand smiling. She watched as
Kate pulled the ruler back and slammed it hard on June
big butt.


June wiggled her ass wildly to the side and yell back.
"Thank you mistress."

"Spank my big bobo again please."

Nadine would have laughed at the sight if it was anyone
else other than Kate. A chill ran down her spine as she
watched her slap June wide ass again with the ruler
with the same result.

"Natty dear," she heard Kate say as she turned toward
her. "We've had a change of management here. I'm your
new boss and the slut here is your new coworker." She
watched as Kate put the ruler down and grabbed a pencil
from the desk. She slapped June red marked ass with her
other palm.

"Spread you big bobo, dearie." She demanded. "I need a
pencil holder."

June reached back and grabbing her round globes spread
her cheeks wide apart as Nadine saw her asshole
stretched between the mounds. The pencil quickly made
its way two thirds up her shit hole.

Nadine was getting excited herself at the sight of June
humiliation but at the same time feared what Kate may
be planning next. She didn't' know what she must have
gotten on June; but whatever is was, it must have been
a whopper.

"Let me explain the new rules," Kate said turning back
to face Nadine like a queen on a new throne. "From now
on, I am your new boss and you will do exactly what I
tell you and whatever I tell you. Otherwise, you can go
home and never come back." She smiled as she made the
last point.

Nadine stood there stunned by the turn of events but
her own cunt was running from the sight she had just
witness. Only, if it wasn't Kate she kept thinking.

"Well bitch," Kate yelled. "Strip for your new boss or
get your butt out of my office."

Nadine couldn't afford to lose this job. She had too
many bills at present and creditors lining up at her
door. She decided to play along for now till she could
figure something else. Besides her cunt was itching to
be rubbed. She slowing removed her blouse and shirt.
Next she lowered her bra and panties as stood in front
of Kate with her hands over her cunt.

"Not to bad for whore such as you," she heard Kate say,
as she turned red in humiliation. "Now come over her
and fuck the slut ass with the pencil."

Nadine didn't have to be told twice as her hands was
already rubbing her cunt from being naked in front of
Kate and humiliated that way. She walked over to the
bent over June and grabbing the pencil starting pushing
it in and out her asshole.

"Slut thank whore for fucking your worthless butt,"
Kate said.

"Yes, yes, thank you whore. Fuck my big bobo," June
yelled in a strained voice.

Nadine noticed the wet stains down the side of her legs
and new the old bitch was getting off on this as much
as she was. She felt Kate hand grabbed her ass in back
and then a finger started working its way up her own
asshole as she pushed back to give it free access. When
it was fully inserted in her ass, she felt Kate grabbed
her hair roughly in back pulling her head back.

"Whose ass is this whore," she shouted at Nadine.

Nadine was close to cumming as the finger was wiggling
deep in her own butt. She was pushing the pencil
faster and faster in June big ass as she watched June
pushing back to receive more and more.

"Yours mistress," she yelled back at Kate.

She felt the finger roughly withdraw from her asshole
and a quick slap on her right cheek.

"Get on your hands and knees whore." Kate demanded.

Nadine quickly got down on her hands and knees as she
watched Kate return to the boss's chair at the desk and
slowly spread her legs wide revealing her wet and hairy
pussy to her view.

"Come hear whore and please your new boss," Kate

Nadine quickly crawled forward. She had always wanted
to know how another woman would taste. It had always
been a fantasy and now it was coming true. She pushed
her head between Kate middle sized thighs and started
working her tongue up and down on the wet clit.

"Slut," she heard Kate yell from above, "I need some
entertainment while I enjoy whore pussy tongue. Walk
around and wiggle that big butt of your for me." "And
be sure to get fucking it with your butt fucker."

Nadine started lapping faster and harder at Kate cunt
at the thought of June and her own humiliation. She
felt Kate hand rubbing her hair as you would pet a dog.

"That my whore," Kate yelled. "Make me cum."

Kate came all over her face as Nadine was so excited
herself that she kept licking in and out her cunt lips.

"That's it for now whore," she felt Kate pushing her
head back. "I think its time for your punishment for
always telling on me." Nadine felt her hand reached
down and pinched her face cheek like child being
punished. "Crawl under the desk and put your face to
the floor so I can enjoy that tight ass of yours."

Nadine immediately crawled under the desk upon her

"Slut!" Kate yelled at June. "Get dressed in your dress
only and go to that adult store on the corner of eight
street. You are to buy four nice big butt plugs for
your big ass and whore tight ass. Also, a couple of
large paddles so when you are bad, some cuffs, and
anything else that may please me. Use your credit card
and I better be please when you get back. If the guy
behind the counter wants to fuck you, tell him you are
expensive and it will cost him $5 for whichever hole he

Nadine could heard a quick plea from June only to be
hushed quickly by something she didn't understand. Her
own situation at present was her only worry. She hadn't
been spanked since she was a child. It was exciting as
well as fearful of the marks she had seen on June large
butt. She shivered as she felt Kate hand rub and
squeeze her ass mounds.

"I going to spank you tight little butt now," she heard
Kate say. "You are going to thank me and ask me to
spank your whore butt with each spank. Is that
understood?" Swat.

"Ow!" The bitch had hit her ass with a full swing and
it stung like hell. She tried to reach back and grab
her ass as the next swat landed.

"Oeeeww!" She screamed.

"I didn't hear you whore," Kate yelled. "Unless you
want me to continue all day you better do as I say."

"Ow! Thank you mistress," Nadine murmured half in
tears. "Please spank whore ass again."

"Please no more, OW! Thank you mistress." She yelled
out. "Please spank my whore ass again. Please nooooo,
OWW!" Nadine was screaming now as her ass was starting
to glow and instead of pleasure it was starting to hurt
as hell. Finally when she thought she couldn't take
anymore, Kate stopped.

"Does my new whore need more attention or is she ready
to obey now," Kate said from above her glowing mounds.

"Yes mistress," Nadine replied. "Whore is ready to
obey. Oww!"

"Spread your ass whore. I need somewhere to rest my
foot," Kate commanded.

Nadine painfully reached back and spread her ass globes
as Kate requested only to feel the heel of Kate shoe at
the entry of her asshole. Anticipating the worst, she
started to plea with Kate not to do what she expected
as she screamed out in pain as the shoe heel roughly
pushed its way through the entrance and she gasped in

"Be still whore while I study my new paycheck," Kate
commanded roughly grinding her shoe heel and sole on
her ass. "By the way whore, your paycheck will have a
new charge for personal services which you will be
paying me."

Nadine didn't know what hurt worst. The heel up her
asshole or her pride. She squirmed to try to remain
still with the pain in her asshole increasing with each
minute. Even with the pain, her cunt was dripping
wildly as she was becoming more and more excited at her
own humiliation. Hell she would pay her anything she
wanted at present to keep it abusing her. She tried to
relax her asshole so she could cum. She needed to bad.
Reaching between her legs, she started to stroke her
cunt lip.

Ohhh. She screamed. The bitch had kicked her cunt with
her other foot.

"Did I tell you that you could play with yourself
whore?" Kate asked loudly.

"No mistress," Nadine replied trying to shake off the
pain in her hand and cunt.

"Good." She continued. "Now be still. You'll be
punished for that later."

Nadine remained in position for what seem to be hours.
Her asshole was extremely sore as the hell never left
its mark. Her need to cum had subsided as the pain
became harder and harder to endure back there.

She heard a voice above the desk.

"Did you get what I asked?" Kate asked from behind.

"Yes Mistress," Nadine could hear June voice as it
sounded strained above.

"Did you collect your $5 for your butt fuck," Kate

"No mistress," June whined. "The man said my ass wasn't
worth 5 dollars."

Nadine could hear the strain of June voice to keep from

"I guess it isn't," Kate continued. "Pour the bag on
the table so I can examine them. They better be good."

Nadine was getting excited again at the thought as she
could hear the bag pouring on the table and Kate
playing and toying with the items above.

"Oh yes," Kate exclaimed. "This plug has a big head and
is just right for your big butt to wear. Why don't you
try it on for me?"

"Yes mistress," June replied.

Nadine felt Kate heel being withdrawn from her asshole
as she relaxed from the pain. Her sole was still on her
butt in back keeping her pinned. She could hear June
gasping from above and knew she must have gotten the
plug fully in her ass.

"See prefect fit for you big bobo," Kate exclaimed.
"Come over her and turn around so I can see how well it
fits. Oh yes. Perfect. Now wiggly that butt of yours so
I can try out this nice new paddle you brought me."

Nadine could hear loud swats above her and moans and
begs from June requesting Kate to continue. She was
starting to drip at the thought of seeing June big ass
swaying back and forth as Kate swatted it.

"Perfect fit bitch," Kate exclaimed putting the paddle
back down on the table.

"The plug didn't even come out. I think you should wear
it all the time."

"Yes mistress," June voice cried back.

"Now put your leash on and crawl over to that floor
plant over there and put you head in the dirt till I
call you," Kate commanded.

Nadine could tell by the sounds above that June was
doing as requested and then the sound of her knees and
elbows on the floor. She was waiting to hear what the
noise above was when she fell something cold at her
puckered sore asshole.

"Nooo mistress," she begged. "Ow!"

The plug was shoved in roughly as Nadine squirmed to
relax what she could.

"I so sorry your ass is not big enough for the king
size model," Kate called down. "But this will have to
do for a whore ass as yours. Now back up so I can put
your collar on."

Nadine slowly backed up on her knees and elbows as she
felt the cold strap being connected around her neck.
The chain quickly followed.

"Now we are going to have some fun," Kate continued.
"You are going to crawl around the room while I beat
your butt with this nice pretty black paddle when I
feel like it. When you pass the bitch over there be
sure to kiss her big white ass like you normally do.
Now move."

Nadine started crawling as the first swat landed on
both ass cheeks driving the plug deep in her asshole.
Her ass almost jumped higher than her head as she
struggled to keep crawling. She was grateful that she
didn't feel it again as she finally came to June big
butt sticking out and immediately crawl forward and
kiss it.

"Oww!" The pain of the plug being driven deep in her
asshole had pushed her face deep between the cheeks of
June ass to the plastic of her plug.

"That's better," Kate said. "I like it better when your
nose is so far up her ass that you can't breathe. Now
get moving."

Nadine backed her face out of the massive globes as she
heard June gasped in disappointment and continued her
circle of the room. By the time she had made the third
trip, her ass was red in back from all the paddling and
she wished she could kick June ass each time instead of
kissing it, June was pushing her ass back harder and
harder on her face. She was totally exhausted.

Kate finally allowed Nadine to quit crawling. Her knees
and palms were raw as the dropped her head to the floor
gasping for air and trying to relaxed. She heard the
leash chain drop by her side but she was too exhausted
to do anything by just lay there head to the floor and
ass up. She finally passed out not thinking about what
was going on around her anymore. She was as content as
she had ever been in the past.

Nadine didn't know how long she had slept but a shoe
toe in her ass crack woke her up.

"Wake up whore," she heard Kate voice from above. "We
have to go somewhere. Here's a pull over shift for you
to wear."

Nadine glanced at the plain dress on the floor beside
her and weakly got up on her heels and started to throw
the dress over her head. She saw June had the same type
of dress on by her side and as she moved she felt the
butt plug was till in her asshole which was now very

"Hurry up," Kate said, shoving her shoe toe in her butt

Nadine finally got the dress on and stood up. She
watched Kate slap June big ass and told her to get
moving and then felt her own ass spanked with the same
command. As they passed out the entrance of the store,
Nadine could see it was dark outside and they must have
been here late into the night. She heard Kate yelling
at them where to go as they finally arrived at Kate car
and watched Kate open the truck in back. Both ladies
watched nervously expecting the worst.

"I don't have all day and I'm not going to let cunts
like ya ride in my car." Kate stared at now. "Now crawl
in both of you or I'll take out my paddle and blister
those asses so either of your won't be able to sit for

Nadine watched June immediately try to crawl into the
trunk and wondered how in the world both of them was
going to fit in such a tight space when a sharp pain on
her ass cheek woke her up and she tried to crawl in by
June's side. It took forever to get in as both women
moaned and scurried around trying to get any kind of
comfort they could.

There butts were poking out towards the back as Kate
kept slapping them demanding they hurry. Cussing and
screaming at each other both women were finally in
enough so Kate could close the trunk lid pushing there
butts down flat on their thighs. They heard Kate thump
the lid and yell at them that no talking was allowed or
she would stop the car and spank their butts so anyone
passing by could watch.

As the car started driving both women groaned in agony
of their cramp are and constant bouncing. They couldn't
do anything but lay there and take it. It was the most
uncomfortable position Nadine could ever had imagined
she could be in. For what seen like an hour they drove
around before they finally stopped. They heard the lid
of the trunk open and Kate talking to someone in back.

"These are the two white women you were talking about."
They heard Kate voice from behind.

"Yes, I want them fully shaved in bottom both cunt and
ass." Kate continued. "A pussy leash attached to their
cunts will rings on their tits as well in case I want
to use them for something. Add the trainer gag too."
Kate added. "I'll pay you the normal costs and you get
to keep both of them for the night for your own use but
make sure they are at work by 9 am tomorrow. Oh by the
way, that cushion seat you sell with the pins that
stick up as someone sits on it. I want two of those
two. There's nothing like a lazy worker who wants to
sit on the job all day and those cushions will remind
these two of their duty."

"No problem," another woman said. "This is going to be
a good paycheck this week. Boys," she yelled loud.
"Come over here and get these white trash inside. We
have work to do tonight. You are allowed a blowjob and
a good ass fuck each if you like but they had better be
inside in 30 minutes and begging to please me if you
want your money."

Nadine and June both started screaming in panic but
neither could move from their present position. They
felt their dress being lifted in back and heard one of
the black men tell the other they just as well get
their ass fuck in now will the bitches couldn't do
anything about it. The plugs were roughly pulled out by
the men as both Nadine and June both begged for Kate to
help them.

The only reply they heard was Kate and the other lady
going inside to transfer the funds. They screamed in
agony as the big black cocks shoved up their assholes
without mercy and pleading with their tormentors to go
slow. They could only hear the laughing from above.
After the men had cum in their ass, they helped the
women out of the trunk as both fell to the pavement
unable to move their arms or legs from the cramps.
Their assholes were raw from the brutal assault.

"Suck and clean these cocks," the men yelled grabbing
each by the hair forcing them to their knees. They
drove their ass dirty cocks deep in their mouths. They
saw Kate passing by going to the car and disappearing
inside despite their desperate attempt to signal her.
The car sped away leaving them at the mercy of their

"Okay boys, 10 more minutes and I expect to have those
cunts in here and dosed down good with the hose for
their preparation." The woman voice yelled out.

"Good." One of the men yelled. "We got time for one
more ass fuck."

"Ow!" Female voices yelled out.

Just a fantasy, how was yours?

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