One Black Night - sex story

One Black Night

One night I took my wife Debby to a local highway rest
stop and fucked her in one of the stalls in the ladies
room. It was pretty cool, especially with other women
coming in and out of the restroom the whole time. We
could hear them doing their business and talking to
each other.

I thought about those other women with their panties
down and how easy it would be to look under the divider
between the stalls and see their pussies without them
knowing. It was really exciting thinking about all the
other pussies in there and fucking my wife's pussy at
the same time. I wondered if they could hear us, if any
of them knew...

After we were finished, Debby went out first and, when
the coast was clear, I followed her and we went back to
our car. We both like being naughty like that - it
makes us really hot. So even though we had just
finished fucking, we were both still sexually aroused
and very, very horny. She remembered some of our
previous rest-stop episodes as well as I did so she
agreed when I suggested we hang around awhile, boy am I
ever glad we did.

Guys in cars and trucks were coming in there right and
left. I stayed in the car and she strolled by the
comfort station, pausing to study the big map board
like she was lost and looking for the right road. She
was wearing a tight tank top, with no bra that really
emphasized her nipples and big breasts. She also had on
some sexy come fuck me pumps, with a short little skirt
that barely covered her ass, without panties of course.
She basically looked like a truck-stop whore looking
for action.

Guys were giving her the eye and offering to help
almost immediately. She started flirting with some of
them. I couldn't hear what she was saying but after a
few minutes, she came back asked me if I wanted her to
bring somebody to the car. We had fantasized about this
before, picking up a stranger at a rest stop and
letting him have his way with her. I agreed immediately
and my dick got rock hard as soon as she said it. She
had talked to several different guys and I wondered
which one she was talking about so I asked her. She
gave me that look and said, "you know!"

Only one of the men she flirted with was black and she
knew how that turned me on so I figured it was him and
that only made my dick harder. I looked around but I
didn't see him anywhere. "Which one?" I asked again.
"He already left," she giggled, getting back in the

"Already left...?" I said, not understanding.

"I told him I was with somebody - somebody that liked
to watch and he said that was okay with him." she
replied, giving my cock a squeeze. "In fact, I think it
turned him on. He's waiting for us right now."

My cock swelled in my pants and my heart was hammering
a mile a minute. The rest stop on the other side of the
interstate where he went to wait for us is larger and
more secluded. Its a lot better place to be naughty and
the look in my Debby's eyes told me she was ready to be
really naughty.

"Well, let's go get him," I said, already thinking
about her in the back seat with a black dick in her

When we got to the other side, my heart sank. There
weren't many cars at all and I was afraid he had
chickened out. Some guys are big talkers and really
don't have the nerve to take this kind of chance with
complete strangers in the middle of the night.

I cruised almost all the way thru and stopped at the
far end in the shadows, away from the well-lighted
restrooms and vending machines. "Where is he?" I asked,
fearing the worst.

"Don't you see him?" Debby teased, enjoying my anxiety.
She squeezed my erection playfully. "He's right there,"
she said, indicating several picnic tables on a little
knoll across the lot from us.

A guy was sitting at one of the tables but I couldn't
tell if he was black or white or young or old. There
were trees near the tables up there and the whole area
was bathed in shadows. He stood up when she got out of
the car. "Are you coming?" she asked.

"Not yet, baby," I joked, squeezing my dick
suggestively, "but I will be in a minute."

"Very funny," she said, blowing me a kiss. But she
didn't move. Instead, she suggested we go together.
"Its dark enough nobody can see. Maybe we'll just do it
on the ground."

I grabbed a blanket from the trunk and we walked over
there. Just a man and his woman taking a break from the
road. Nobody watching us would have thought anything
else. When we reached the tables, the guy was nowhere
to be seen. My wife giggled. She likes playing games.
"Come out, come out where ever you are?" Debby said

A voice behind one of the trees said "Why don't you
come and get me."

"What about my husband?" she teased, still giggling.

"He can watch if he wants. I'm not shy!" the voice

My dick was about to bust out of my pants as we walked
around the trees. The guy was leaning against the
backside of a large tree. His hands were at his sides,
his fly was open and what looked like a foot of thick
black cock out like a flagpole.

The only words spoken were a barely audible, "Oh my
God!" from Debby, and a "Holy shit," from me as we both
were mesmerized by this guys huge black cock. Debby of
course isn't shy, especially when she's hot to trot.
She looked around to make sure we couldn't be seen and
then she just dropped to her knees in front of him and
started sucking on that big black monster cock of his.

He put his hands on her head and started moving her
head back and forth. When I unzipped my pants, he just
smiled. And when our eyes met, he winked at me and
smiled again. Then he looked down at my Debby, watching
her suck on his big black snake like she had known him
her whole life. It was as sexy as anything I ever saw.

"That's it, suck it good, white girl," he said, moving
his hips, trying to get it deeper into her mouth. He
looked at me with a challenge in his eyes, but all I
could do was watch Debby's lips glide up and down his
big black stalk rapidly, amazed at how much of him she
already had in her mouth. She looked so damn hot down
on her knees like that. I was jerking my own cock as
fast as she was sucking his. I was already close to
dropping my cookies. My greatest fantasy was to see her
on her knees sucking a big black dick, and she knew it.

I was wondering how close he when he asked, "This your
wife or your girl, man?"

"My wife," I said, meeting his eyes.

"She's one hot sexy white bitch," he said, forcing even
more of his dick into her mouth. "Who taught her to
suck dick like this? You?"

I just smiled, my eyes glued to my Debby's bobbing
head. "You want to watch me fuck her hot little pussy
don't you?" he said, motioning for me to put the
blanket down.

"Yes, that's what I want," I said. As I replied the
only sound Debby made was a satisfied sounding low moan
of approval. As she continued to suck and lick his big
cock, she furiously worked her wet slit with her free
hand. I knew she was close to coming herself when he
pulled her head off of his cock.

He looked her straight in the eye and said, "You want
to fuck my big black dick don't you baby?"

Looking up into his eyes, all she could say was, "Yes.
Right here, right now."

He then pushed roughly her down on the blanket. She
bunched her short little skirt up around her waist
exposing her hairy wet little pussy to him. When he set
himself between her thighs, I shot off all over the
place before he even got it in. I couldn't believe this
was really happening. It was just too HOT to be real.
One minute I was riding down the road and the next
minute, I was watching a strange black man with a huge
cock about to fuck my wife on the ground right before
my eyes. And my wife was more than ready for him too.

Debby grabbed his big dick and helped him get it in,
lifting her hips, softly urging him to fuck her with
that big black dick of his. It's a good thing that
Debby's a big girl and was as wet as she was, because
it only took him a few strokes to bury that monster
cock of his inside her. Sticking it all the way in
clear to the balls, all but taking her breath away with
the size of it.

"Oh my god!" she gasped as he buried it between her
legs. "I've never had such a big cock?" Then she
wrapped her legs around him and locked her ankles so he
wouldn't slip out. "Fuck my pussy!" she moaned, "Fuck
me like you said you would!"

His black ass was moving like a piston between her
creamy white thighs and he was jamming it balls deep
with every thrust. Debby screamed out as orgasm after
orgasm overtook her, and I didn't care who heard. Just
before he stiffened and flooded her insides with thick,
creamy cumjuice, he winked at me. "I love white pussy,"
he said "and your wife's got a good one on her!"

She moaned and squirmed and quivered when she felt him
going off inside her. "I'm cumming again too, baby,"
she whimpered as another wave of pleasure engulfed her
whole body. "Fuck my white pussy with that big black
dick," she panted, "Fuck it, ohhh...fuck it! Fuck it

When their orgasms subsided, he stayed on top of her
with his dick still buried in her pussy. For what
seemed like an eternity, neither of them moved and all
I could hear was the sound of their breathing. When he
finally pulled out and raised up off of her, Debby
looked up at me with sheer delight and total
satisfaction written all over her face. "Can we take
him home with us honey?" she teased, reaching up to
fondle his softening cock in the darkness.

I just laughed and rubbed the fresh hard-on rising up
between my own legs. "Why don't we go down to the car
first and get a drink?" I suggested, "I myself could
use a cold beer after that."

"Sounds good to me," the black man said. Debby just
laid there with her legs still spread wide open and
what looked like a quart of cum running out of her
ravaged pussy. I leaned down kissed her on the lips,
told her how much I loved her, and used the blanket to
help try and clean her up a bit. We all fixed our
clothes, adjusted our hard-ons and walked down the hill

"What's your name?" I asked, still wrestling with the
image of him fucking my wife's pussy.

"Henry Minor," he replied, sticking out his hand.

"I'm Jack and this hot female over here is my wife
Debby!" I said, taking his hand.

"Pleased to meet you." he said, "And you too," he went
on, winking at Debby with a smile as big as Texas on
his face.

I couldn't resist the next question. "Just how big is
that dick of yours, Henry? If you don't mind my asking,
that is?"

"By the looks of her, it's bigger then yours," he
taunted, smiling, patting my wife's ass as he spoke. My
dick jumped in my pants, anticipating what was to come.
This guy Henry was really something. Maybe taking him
home wasn't such a bad idea.

When we got back to the car, I opened the trunk and got
3 beers from the cooler. They disappeared immediately
so I got 3 fresh ones and we all climbed in the car to
catch our breath and get better acquainted. My recently
fucked and obviously horny again wife got in back with
Henry, of course. I stood outside, talking thru the
open window.

After a few sips of beer, I said, "Well what do you
think, Henry?"

He answered by putting his hand under her skirt. "I
think I need some more white pussy," he grinned,
slipping a long finger into her pussy as his mouth
found hers and they tongued passionately.

I stood there watching him finger fuck my wife, knowing
how hot that made her and knowing that she was going to
give him some more pussy right there in the backseat. I
couldn't very well wank myself out there in the public
view, so I climbed into the front seat and watched them
over the seatback.

Debby again pulled her skirt above her ass and spread
her legs. He was still finger-fucking her pussy and
working her clit with his long black fingers to beat
the band. Debby tensed up, grabbed his hand and
screamed out in orgasm, spraying his hand with her cum.
Henry looked over and me smiled, and said, "She is one
hot white bitch isn't she?"

Debby then pulled at his pants, trying to free that big
cock of his. I've never seen her that hot. She wanted
it bad! Finally she freed his cock and started
squeezing and stroking it up and down. "Fuck me again,
Henry, fuck me with your big black cock," she pleaded,
spreading out on the seat. By putting one of her legs
in the floor and the other over the seatback, Henry was
able to get between her legs.

I saw him stick it in her pussy and drive it deep and
then all I could see was his black ass moving between
her parted thighs. Every time the muscles in his ass
tightened, I could envision his large black prick
invading my wife's pussy. I can't explain it but
nothing and I do mean nothing arouses me like watching
a well-hung black man stick it to my sexy wife.

I was cumming all over the front seat in no time at
all. And Debby was again coming all over the back seat.
But Henry didn't cum. He just kept pushing his big cock
in and out and in and out until she was in a continuous
state of orgasmic delight.

"Don't stop!" she urged him. "Don't ever stop! It's so
damn good!! Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhhhhh!"

Henry responded to her enthusiasm with some enthusiasm
of his own. "Get this big dick, baby. Take it all. Fuck
my black dick good you horny little white slut!"

And no matter how many times she got off, which was
plenty, Henry wouldn't stop. He just kept ramming it to
her until I actually thought she might pass out. But
she didn't. All she did was scream aloud when Henry
started cumming inside her, so loud others at the rest
stop looked toward our car. But she didn't care, nor
did I.

Henry's spurting cock was taking her to another level
and she clung to him like a whore in heat, lifting her
hips and panting uncontrollably. When the orgasm
finally subsided, Henry threw in the towel.

He raised up off her and parked himself on the seat,
breathing rapidly. "God damn, baby," he exclaimed.
"You'll fuck a nigger's dick off." Then he looked at me
and shook his head as if he couldn't believe her pussy
was really that damn good. "Do you know how good that
white pussy is?" he asked me. I winked and smiled as my
wife answered him. She thought he was asking her.

"Did you like my white pussy, Henry?" she giggled. "Did
you like fucking me again with my husband watching you?
Did you like him watching me come all over your big
nigger dick?"

Henry raised his eyebrows, smiled and rubbed his
forehead. "Nigger dick? You are a nasty little white
slut aren't you? Did I like it?" he repeated. "Damn
straight, I liked it! I could fuck that hot pussy of
your all night!"

I couldn't believe how hot it made me when my cum
loving wife smiled and held out her arms. "You can,"
she said, accepting Henry's embrace and the deep tongue
kiss he gave her.

"I'd love to baby, but I gotta be somewhere, and I'm
late. Maybe we can do this again real soon," he said.

Debby looked me in the eye and said, "I'd like that

When Henry left, amid assurances that we would look for
him if we ever decided to do something like this again,
my wife gave me her best freshly fucked wicked smile,
and proclaimed. "You know I'm going to have to have him
again don't you?" she said, fixing her clothes and
climbing back into the front seat with me. I told her
"yes, I know that now baby." We pretended not to notice
the "knowing" looks some of the other parkers threw our
way as we drove out.

All the way home, all I could think was that this event
may have started something that either of us could
stop." I told her it was gonna be great. "We can do
this whenever you want now..."

She said she was going to need "that" from time to
time, that his dick did "things" to her that she didn't
know anyone could. There must be some truth to the old
adage about "once you go black, you never go back."

Debby and I have contacted Henry, and become good
friends with him. We've relived the rest-stop event out
again a number of times, and it only seems to get
better each time. Debby has become a slave to Henry's
big black dick, proclaiming that she'd do "anything" he
wanted sexually, and has. Including fucking both he and
one of his black buddies he brought along with him

Although his friend's (Leon) dick wasn't as long as
Henry's, it was much thicker, with a huge head that
stretched her pussy like it had never been stretched
before. I have never seen her cum more then when she
was riding Leon, she soaked his crotch and entire back
seat. Even Henry was impressed as we both watched her
ride his fat-dicked friend. She went wild that night
fucking them both, telling them both, as well as me,
that she was their white fuck slut.

She most certainly was, and still is a complete whore
for their big black dicks. On our last meeting, she
took Henry's big black dick up her ass for the first
time, riding Leon's fat black dick while Henry
introduced her ass to his long black dick. It took him
a long time to work that big black monster into her
tight asshole, but when he finally did, she freaked out
experiencing her first double black penetration.

Henry has promised her that someday he and Leon will
show up with even more of their black friends. He told
her that her mouth, pussy, and ass were his, anytime he
wanted, and with anyone he wanted. All she did was look
him in the eye, took his long black cock out of her
mouth for a moment and a said, "I know."

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