Oral sex in car park (Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Male/Female, Oral Sex)

Oral sex in car park

I've never truly considered myself a ladies man. Don't get me wrong I was no virgin and was experienced in the art of pleasing a woman. However since my twenty fifth birthday a few weeks ago, the attention and almost luck with woman has been more than ever.

I have been pretty blessed in my life time on earth. As I said I've just turned twenty five, I've looked after my body by eating healthy and regularly going to the gym so I'm in pretty good shape. Managed to get myself a six pack which I'm proud of. I'm just over six foot, one inch in height with short brown hair which is always a faded crew cut and hazel eyes. I can proudly say that my piece is a very decent size as well. I haven't measured it but... ah who am I kidding course I have and hard it measures just over 8inches, which myself nor the girls I've slept with, have any complaints about.
My father helped me land on my feet with a job with his firm when I was just sixteen. It hasn't been easy but over the years I've worked my way to the top. I'm now my father's right hand man. I got a very nice pay package each month and to be honest, I don't actually do that much work now. I'm in the office, maybe once a week only to make sure all the affairs are in order and all the clients are well looked after. This also means I travel as well, going over see to make sure our international affairs and clients are kept happy.
I don't really see my father that much apart from major meetings, new clients or family birthdays. Ever since my mum died when I was fourteen, he became a changed man. Put all his efforts into running the company but he always looked after my brother and I. David, my brother, isn't part of the family company. He didn't want to be part of it. David was always a mummy's boy and being the younger brother I knew he was always favourite. David hasn't done to be for himself either, he's married to his childhood sweetheart, Anna. Only 23 as well, I've heard that Anna is now pregnant so he's gonna be a dad. Bit of a work contrast between us, me the big company man and him working his way up the chefs ladder.

Anyway back to reality and my new apparent allure to woman. Maybe it was that I was naive before but recently I have certainly noticed the lingering eyes of the woman I encounter in my everyday life. I thought to myself that maybe I should start to take advantage of this and enjoy my life that bit more.


Beep beep beep, my alarm woke me up, I punched it off and lay there for a second.

"What day is it?" I asked myself. I reached over onto my bed side table and grabbed my phone.

"Monday! Great!" I tossed my phone down onto my bed as I continued too lay there. I don't know what I was so bothered about. Mondays to me weren't the same as Mondays to everybody else. I didn't have any work today and the only strenuous activity I have to do is go to the gym, which I've grown to love.

I lay in my bed for a little longer, drifting in and out of a nap. I sort of came too and checked my phone again, half past nine,

"Suppose I better get up."

I stretched out as much as I could and got up. I headed into the bathroom and carried out my usual morning business. Since I was heading to the gym today, I didn't bother with a shower. I just threw on some gym shorts, a loose vest and a hoodie before heading down to my kitchen.

With having some money, I managed to bag myself thee nicest penthouse in the centre of town. It was two stories with the big bedroom and bathroom on the second level and all the other rooms down below. The main reason I went for this place was the view. With the wrap around balcony the view of the city was incredible, worth every cent I paid for it. I grabbed a couple of bananas and a protein shake from the fridge and headed out the door.

I took the lift down to the underground car park, which was full of expensive and classy cars. My pride and joy was a BMW M2, jet black and of course private reg. I just love it and it was the best birthday present from me to me, anyone could ask for.

It doesn't take long to drive to the gym and I was there in about a quarter of an hour. I like hitting the gym at this time on a Monday because it it normally pretty quiet. A few regulars kick about and the usual gym staff are on.

"Hiya Joey! How are things?" Samantha the receptionist smiled at me from behind the welcome desk.

"Ah no complaints Sammy, how was your weekend?" I returned the smile.

"It was ok, my boyfriend took for dinner Friday night but drank all day Saturday with his mates!" She replied, quite visibly annoyed.

"A mixed weekend then? At least he took you out!" I joked

"Yeah I suppose!" She gave out a soft laugh. "Anyway I let you get in there."

"Thanks Sammy!" I smiled as I headed into the locker room.

The locker room was empty as I headed to my normal locker. I stuffed my gear inside and got my headphones out. I always had to gym with music, it helped me keep focus.

I got my headphones connected up to my iPod and headed into the gym. The gym was split into two sections, one for cardio and one for weights, that included free weights and machines. The only cardio I do is a 10 minute run on the treadmill to warm my body up. I come off the treadmill and head through to the other side. There's not many people in today and that suits me perfect. I nod to a couple of the regular guys and smile at a newbie who is getting some technique lessons from one of the PTs.

I get on with my workout and start to work up a sweat. I'm feeling good and must admit looking good. Cause who doesn't check themselves out in the mirror.

I train for a about a half hour, forty-five minutes and coming near the end of my session. It always goes quicker when the gym is empty, hate when people hog the machines or hang about on the benches. I've just finished my heavy set weights about to start my cool down and again checking myself out in the mirror. However this time I realise I'm not the only one checking me out.

I clock a pair of these grey eyes looking me up and down. I don't think she has even realised that I've now noticed her watching me.

I finished my cool down, all the while I keep a sly look on her and she was still watching me. Occasionally she did work out but I could always feel those grey eyes on me.

I put away the weights I was working with and made sure to give an extra flex in the mirror. Knowing she was still watching me I walked out of the gym passed where she was working and got a better look at her body.

She had one cracking body. She wore tight yoga pants that made her small peachy ass look incredible. Her dark dirty blonde hair was in a high pony tail with a pink hair band on. I'm guessing she was about a 34c chest, a nice size from what I could see as they were hugged by her gym tank top. That stomach though, toned and well looked after. Incredible physique. I gave her a lingering smile as I walked passed her and she shyly smiled back.

I headed down to the locker room chucking my headphones and iPod into my bag. Pulling off my vest and trainers, I grabbed my towel and headed through to the pool area. Again it was dead, a couple of people and a young lifeguard sitting in the corner.

After a gym session I always want to relax in the steam room and then the jacuzzis. I sat in the steam room for about 10 minutes, just enjoying the heat and humidity. I then jumped into one of the jacuzzis and relaxed to the feeling of the jets massaging my muscles.

Not long after that, there she was. The blonde from upstairs. She had a pink bikini on and her body looked even better. Her athletic toned build was some sight to look at. She walked right over to the jacuzzi I was in.

"Hi... mind if I join you?" She asked. A little weird that there was two other free jacuzzis but who am I to deny her.

"Yeah sure, be my guest!" I smile back to her.

She slips into the jacuzzi and sits just a few feet away from me. "I'm Alexis by the way" she said edging a little closer to me, extending her hand out.

"I'm Joey, pleasure to meet you Alexis!" I shook her hand.

"Pleasures all mine" she cooed as she lingered her hand before breaking off the handshake.

Not to let an awkward silence set in "are you new here? Haven't seen you around and I know I would remember you!" I coyly said.

Alexis turned away a little trying to hide her blush. "Yeah I kinda am, joined last week."

"Ah ok, welcome then." I cheerfully said "enjoying it?"

"Yeah it's much better than the last gym i was at!"

"This is the best gym in the city." I joked

"I can see" she replied "also my dick head of an ex doesn't train here."

"Always a great benefit." I laughed

"Plus there's guys like you here!" She grinned slightly as she edged closer to me.

"An even better benefit" I smugly said.

"What other benefits are there?" She cooed, sliding right up next to me and placing her hand on my leg.

I sat silent for a second as she looked into my eyes and I went for it. I leaned towards her and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Parting slightly as I softly kissed her. She returned the kiss, her hand squeezed my leg as the other hand came up to cup my face. Our lips partly gently as the kiss become more tender.

She broke it off "mmmmm" she moaned with her eyes shut. "Very nice benefits here!" She moaned as she grabbed my crotch with her hand. Her hand instantly began to rub at my crotch as she lunged back forward into the kiss. This time it was a lot more heated and the lips parted a lot sooner as her tongue tried to invade my mouth. I was more than happy to let her in though as our tongues clashed.

It didn't take long for my dick to become hard and Alexis noticed this too as she moaned more into my mouth. Again she broke the kiss off to whisper "slip your shorts down!"

Fuck this was hot and in the open public as well. The pool was quiet enough that I thought 'fuck it' may as well go for it! I lifted my hips and pulled my shorts down to my knees.

Alexis returned to kissing me as she now stroked my full length under the water. God it felt good, a little weird under the water but still good.

"Work with me here" was all she said with a wink as she climbed onto my crotch. I could feel her reach down between her legs and pull her bikini bottom to the side. She then lifted herself up and searching with her hand guided the head of my cock to the entrance of her pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto me, her head fell back in pleasure as she gasped when she hit the bottom. "Fuck it's huge!" She groaned, "give me a sec!"

I just smiled and reached my hands around to cup her ass. It felt tender and firm in my hands. I couldn't help but squeeze her cheeks together. Alexis moaned softly as she slowly began to grind against me. Her pussy was quite loose but there was still enough tightness for it to hug my cock as she continued to grind against it. "Yesss feels so good" she whispered in my ear as she lay her head on my shoulder.

Alexis began to grind harder against me as her breathing became deeper and more laboured. Her head was still on my shoulder so I kissed her on the neck, which gained louder moans from her.

I looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was about and still there wasn't anybody near us. Think there was a couple of people in the pool and then I noticed the life guard. He was totally oblivious to what was happening so I took my chance. I lifted my hips and began to slowly fuck Alexis. Pulling myself out of her by a few inches before thrusting back up. I kept it slow to avoid the water splashing everywhere and drawing attention. Alexis held her mouth into my neck and I could feel her moaning harder.

I kept my slow fucking for several minutes and her legs began to tighten around me. She matched my thrusting and bounced down onto me. The water began to splash about but I didn't care, I knew she was close. She held herself down on me as her orgasm washed over her. She bit down on my neck as she tried to hold in her screams. Her whole body was tense and she held me close as she rode the last of her orgasm out.

Alexis didn't say anything, she just looked at me with fire in her eyes and kissed me. There was a lot more passion this time, she didn't wait for an invite to invade my mouth with her tongue, she forced her way in. I pulled her ass into me as she slowly ground against me. Breaking the kiss "come with me!!" She got up, quickly fixing her bikini bottoms and grabbed my hand pulling me with her.

She dragged me into the girls locker room and quickly snuck into one of the shower bays, closing the door behind us. She forced me back up against the wall and re launched her attack in kisses. Passionately we kissed as I grabbed a handful of her ass. Squeezing it in my hands and pulling her into me. Our tongues fighting against each other.

Alexis then dropped to her knees and grabbed at my shorts, yanking them down. My still rock hard cock sprang free and she wasted no time wrapping her lips around my shaft. I leant my head back against the wall. Alexis knew how to suck cock that was for sure. She was taking half my length with ease into her mouth as she sucked expertly. Her head was bobbing up and down and she was taking more of my shaft into her mouth every time.

Her hands were holding onto my thighs as she eased her head further down my shaft. She nearly got the whole length into her mouth before she gaged and pulled off.

"Uuuhh fuck" she gasped. "You have a lovely cock" she smiled up to me. Working my shaft with her right hand.

"Thanks" was all I could think of and with a grin she went back to sucking on my cock. I took her hair by the ponytail and worked her head onto my shaft. She went back to holding my thighs as I fucked her mouth. She was taking my cock like an expert and it felt amazing. I wanted more though.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and pulled her up to her feet. I turned her around to face the wall and pulled her hips back towards me. "Mmmm yes please!" She moaned as she knew what I was doing. I grabbed her bikini bottoms and pulled them to the floor. I positioned her hips backwards as I lined my cock up with her pussy. I didn't hang about as I guided my length inside her. Alexis groaned loudly as I forced almost my full length inside her. I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her with force. Our bodies slammed against each other as I fucked her hard from behind. My balls were slapping against her clit every time I bottomed out in her. She was taking my full shaft and was loving every inch of it.

I grabbed her by the ass and fucked her faster. Alexis loved this as she leant her head against the wall for balance as she moaned loudly. There was the loud sloppy sound as our wet bodies collided together. Alexis worked with me and pushed her ass back every time I fucked her. It was feeling good, too good. My balls started to tingle and I knew I was close.

I held her by the hips and fucked her faster and harder, pulling her into me. My orgasm was building big and I couldn't hold it in anymore.

"Fuucckkk" I groaned loudly as I exploded shot after shot of cum all over her ass.

"Uuhhh mmmmmm" she moaned as she turned to look at me and admire her cum covered ass. "Fuck that was hot" she said giving me a naughty grin.

"Nice little post work out" I panted.

"Glad I joined this gym" she said turning around and stuck the shower on.

We quickly showered together before I snuck out and got back into the guys locker room. I got dressed and headed outside, saying goodbye to Sammy on the way out.

As I got to my car and had just dumped my bag into the back, I could hear foot steps running up to me.

"Joey!" Alexis said as she jogged up to me. "I'm not looking for anything but here's my number!" She grabbed my hand and wrote her number down. Giving me a tender kiss on the lips "can't wait for our next work out!" She winked and headed off to her car.

"Me and you both!" I smiled getting into my car. "Not a bad start to a Monday!" I chuckled to myself as I pulled out of the gym car park.

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