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Paul the gay

In just about an hour he would be here I was so excited, finally I was gonna get this guy alone. Just me and him for a few hours alone without the worry of interruptions. I'm a very submissive white gay bottom, I'm 5'4' weight about 115 lbs. With a small frame I'm real feminine and totally passable as a female, I'm a crossdresser with this insatiable craving for black men with really big cocks 10 inches or bigger and are very thick are my favorite, I took a long time getting myself ready for him I wanted everything to be just right, I looked really sexy my hair and makeup were perfect, I was dressed in a light blue see through baby doll with dark blue backless lace panties with matching thigh high nylons I wore my hair up in two pigtails like a school girl my whole body was hair free shaved clean, I have this small tattoo on my left ass cheek of a heart in red with a black spade symbol inside the heart and with the word ' bitch ' written under it in cursive. I was running around my apartment making sure everything was perfect glancing at the clock, thinking he's gonna be here anytime soon, so I went into the bathroom and quickly removed the butt plug a had in my ass most of the day I wanted to be prepared for his big cock using my anal syringe I injected a large amount of wild cherry scented lubricant coating the walls of my ass pussy hole really good, I clean my cock hole up and washed my hands as I stated to apply a lil more perfume I heard a knock on my door I froze up standing there looking at myself in the mirror like I was paralyzed I made myself relax for a few seconds turning around i walked to the front door as I reached for the knob I said 'ok, I can do this' and opened the door.

My knees felt a bit wobbly. I couldn't believe it but my fantasy was about to come true I said ' hi come in' he moved inside and leaned forward and gave me a big kiss on my lips, standing next to him I looked so small he had a thin muscular build real tall about 6'7' 185 lbs. With a really deep dark skin tone, he was dressed in a tight pair of faded blue jeans and a football type button up Jersey buttoned to about his waist I could easily see his stomach and muscular chest it really got me turned on I took him by the hand a walked to the living room I couldn't help noticing the huge bulge in his tight pants I motioned to the couch and said ' have a set and get comfortable and asked him if he would like a drink, I told him I had some run and vodka he said sure either one will be fine, I had a couple of joints of good weed on the coffee table and sparked one up took a hit a passed it to him before going to the kitchen to make our drinks, I could feel him looking at me as I walked away so I walked with a lil more sex appeal I got a great ass I been told that many times, coming back with the drinks and handed him his I sat on the floor just in front of him I grab the remote a turned on the DVD player and t.v. this video started to play about mid way into the movie showing this little white guy giving head to this black guy with a big cock we smoked and drank while watching the movie, I moved closer to him getting in between his legs he began rubbing my back moving his hands downward slowly till reaching my ass which he squeezed and caressed my ass with one hand while he worked one than two then three of his long fingers inside my tight pussy and gently finger banged me for a while I moaned softly with pleasure he pulled out his fingers when I turned to face him, I started rubbing his cock through his pants as I traced the huge online of his cock with my fingers I keep thinking wow it's so big, I undid his pants and slowly unzipped zipped them and opened up his pants in front. He was wearing grey silk boxers I slid my hand inside his boxers a firmly grasped his cock and pulled out his fat cock, this was the first time I seen it up close he was fully erect rock fucking hard it was, the long beautiful shaft it color was deep n rich and covered with big pulsing veins and was uncut mmmm I moaned I slid the sweet dark foreskin down exposing this huge perfectly shaped mushroom head that was a couple of shades lighter than the rest of his cock with a huge hole and slit on it it was without a doubt the nicest cock I've ever seen and for a while it was all mine I started at it for a little while in awe and began to stroke it up and down its entire length which produced this large clear pearl drop of his pre-cum to form on the head of his cock that grew bigger and bigger as I stroked his cock I leaned forward stickin out my tounge and caught the sweet nectar just as it began to run down his cock licking it all up I rolled around inside my mouth some before swallowing it, looking up at him I said to him' may I suck your cock now master?

He said ' I wanna hear you beg for it first' oh master can I please, please suck your cock now master, please can I suck your big black nigger cock sir? Yes you lil bitch thank you and opened my mouth and took the huge head of his cock into my mouth and tightened my lips around it my eye closed as a skillfully ran my tounge all over it as I gently sucked it at the same time it felt and tasted so good in my mouth I sucked it like this for a good while but the more and more I got lost with in myself I took more and more of it into my mouth all the time by now my spit mixed with his pre-cum formed lil rivers of the warm white mixture ran down his cock I didn't realize it but I was taking well over half of his cock in my mouth at that point he took control of my mouth he put a hand on the back of my head firmly grasping a big handful of my hair a began to fuck my mouth like a pussy, pumped my face while pushing my head down as he fucked my face I gagged a few times on his big cock tears ran down my face causing my mascara to run my loving blow job turned rough I could feel his big black 10 inch cock deep in my throat he had worked his entire cock into my throat with relatively handly no resistance at all my first deep throat, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began slapping it hard against my face while talked to me well is this what you wanted bitch being my cum slut do you like that bitch he yanked me up by my hair on to the couch turn over on your back you fucking whore as he climbed of the couch he slid his pants down around his ankles before getting into position between my legs I gonna fuck your brains out bitch and filed my panties off of me that scared me some I said please don't hurt me shut the fuck up bitch, putting his hands on my legs he pushed my thighs down onto my chest were my knees were up on my shoulders folding me in two firmly pinning me down I felt helpless I was scared but also kinda turned on by this I began to cry a little bit for him he placed the head of his fat cock against my boi ass cunt hole and pushed forward I felt the pressure of his cock trying to push it's way in but didn't stop there, he pushed it in balls deep and said you ready bitch I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you I'm gonna show you what it feels like being fucked by a big black cock, he fucked me hard and deep with all of that huge cock slamming it in and out of me non stop for I'd say a least 35 40 minutes the loud slapping sound his balls made as they slammed into the cheeks of my ass I felt like I was being spanked not fuck that noise mixed with my crying and moaning filled the room all of a sudden he let out a roar and unload it seemed like it anyway about a gallon of cum in my ass he kept pumping away until his limp cock slid out of my sore pussy he grabbed my hair again leaning forward he cleaned off his cock with my hair and stood up, pulled up his pants thanks bitch he said that was a good piece of ass, turned around and walked out the door and just like that it was over. May asshole was kinda tender for the next few days leaking cum the whole time, I never saw him again, but from that day forward he owned my ass, it's seems I now only enjoy having sex when I'm being gangbanged or being treated like dirt during sex most all my sexual enjoyment is from sucking a stranger's cock through a glory hole, waiting hoping or wishing someday he'll come back to regain his property.
Xoxoxo master. Paul from California.

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