Photo Shoot: Pregnant slutwife - sex story

Photo Shoot: Pregnant slutwife

My head spun and my mind raced a thousand miles an hour
to catch up the events that had brought me to this
narrow street. A street in the arts district, a row of
quaint frozen in time buildings in this small coastal
town I had come to call home.

I glanced at the crumpled paper in my left hand one more
time to confirm it was the correct address. Sure enough,
the numbers I had scratched onto the paper matched those
on the face of the restored old building. Once a
beautiful home of a wealthy part time snowbird, it was
now renovated and converted into a beautiful apartment
house. I hesitated for just a moment as I pondered how
quickly I could be subjected to ridicule and
embarrassment, how only seconds from now I could be
standing in her doorway being humiliated by the mere fact
of my presents.

You see I had come here today as a result of a series of
E-mails exchanged over the past two weeks.

I had opened my E-mail one night to find a message from
Nichole, a former employee. She had been my personal
assistant at my last place of employment. We had been
close there and kept in touch since I had moved on,
mostly through E-mail. I had looked upon her as a
daughter, at least I had tried to, since Nichole was a
gorgeous young woman about 21 or 23, I never did keep
track of that very well.

At any rate she was almost thirty years my junior. I had
trouble keeping my eyes off of her when she worked for
me, and I think she knew it, although nothing was ever
said. She was a thin girl, about 5'6" or 7," maybe 105
Lbs., with olive skin and tight body she kept in tone
with morning jogging or walks before coming to work. She
had short straight brown hair with a few blonde streaks
in it, and the most hypnotizing brown eyes I had ever
seen. Her figure was fantastic! She was small breasted,
but for her petite frame they were perfect. Her waist was
so slim she looked fragile and her hips, well they flared
out a bit lower than average with a little spread to
them. In the old west, it would have been said, "she was
built for having babies." The way they spread out low
from her waist gave her the most erotic look I had ever
seen when she bent down to do filing, or other office

She had come from money so her wardrobe was top dollar
category. She worked a second job in a very upscale
ladies store and used her discount to stay on the "best
dressed" list for this town. It would have been
impossible for any man I know not to fanaticize about a
few minutes alone with Nichole, and I was no exception. I
had worked very hard to be protective of her because she
was so young, instead of for wanting her myself. It had
worked and our relationship had blossomed because of it I
thing. We had stayed friendly and she would often ask me
for advice, in the area of work every time she thought of
a job change or opportunity.

So when the first E-mail message arrived I was kind of
stunned. The message said she wanted to know if I would
use the digital camera to help her expand her portfolio.
Now, I figured a beauty like Nichole would do at least
some modeling, but I never expected her to ask me help
with a portfolio, so she could keep it on the computer,
or E-mail it. I knew she had a long distance boyfriend of
some kind, and maybe she wanted to keep him updated, so I
sent back a message that I would gladly scan the photos
if she wanted, but advised that I was not qualified to do
portfolio quality digital work.

That is when Nichole blew my mind. She replied to my E-
mail with a message that said that would be great, but
she still wanted me to use the digital camera because she
wanted some nudes, and was too shy to go a photographer
she did not know. She went on to explain that not only
did she know that I had the equipment, but that I was the
only one she could think of that she trusted for the job.
She said that she was afraid that any other man might get
touchy/feely, or even worse if she was nude in front of
them the way she wanted for these photos. I was both
flattered and deflated by this comment, but replied that
if this is what she really wanted, that I would be glad
to help her.

Over the next few days, Nichole had asked, VIA E-mail,
about where she could find the type of photos on the
Internet that she could use as a sample or guide for her
portfolio. I sent her a few newsgroup addresses and WWW
addresses I knew of that featured nude women. She advised
that she had looked with some luck, but would want us to
schedule the entire day of the photo shoot so I could use
her computer to go out there and find the samples she
could as a guide that day. I agreed, and she set the date
for this day.

I had not spoken to her on the phone or in person and was
worried that maybe somebody had set me up, and I was
about to be made out as a fool. I had rented some light
stands, and other professional photographer stuff and had
it all loaded up in back of the Jeep. I had relied upon
her E-mail and the address headers to be truly her, and
now was sweating as I began to unload the stuff. I had
told her I would bring my 35mm camera, and a camcorder as
well to make sure she had everything she wanted.

She agreed only after I assured her I would develop to
film myself and nobody would see it but her, and she
would get the negatives, and that I would leave the Video
there with her when I left. That all of this was for her
eyes only, except of course what mine would see as I did
the original photo shoot. This was my fantasy come true,
at least mostly. To see Nichole naked, even though I
could not touch was truly a dream come to life.

If someone had set me up I was about to find out, as I
pushed my fear aside and hauled the Digital Camera, 35mm,
the camcorder, and my scanner up the apartment steps,
into the hallway and stood knocking on Nichole's door at
exactly the appointed hour of 9:00 am.

My heart skipped a beat as the door opened and there
stood Nichole, then it raced into high gear as she smiled
and said, "right on time, come in." Boy, was I relieved,
and frightened all at the same time. I had not been made
a fool of, and yes, this was really happening! I set the
cameras down and made two more trips to the Jeep to haul
in the tripods and the light we needed for a really good
photo session. Nichole had turned on the computer and
arranged the couch for the session. The apartment was
small, a living room, a kitchen and the bedroom was all
it had. We set up so I could use the entire living room,
focusing on the couch in the center.

Nichole had turned on the computer and looking at some
pictures she had downloaded over the last couple weeks.
She had found one of the places I had given her and was
checking out the photos there. It was kind of mild nude
shots, as I had sent her alt.binaries.celebrities, but I
had figured that is what she wanted to have, Nichole was
conservative, and I had assumed she wanted her photos
that way as well. She told me she was only able to get
about fifteen shots and that she thought there was better
stuff out there on the net.

I told her there was everything you could imagine on the
net, and asked her what it was she exactly wanted. She
was not sure but wanted me to show her some things. After
a while it became obvious to me that Nichole really
wanted to see a wide range to decide what she wanted to
do. I clicked a few times and stopped at
alt.binaris.pictures, there I knew would be a wide range,
and with any luck at all she would not be exposed to any,
or at least not too much hard core porn. I hit the
jackpot quickly.

I found a string of posts that were from a URL I
recognized as having high quality, high resolution
pictures and the series was all women's names, with only
a few breaks in the string of posts. I clicked on the
first and the screen scrolled down a shot of a beautiful
woman naked and smiling at us, then a second and third
when Nichole said this was more like what she had in
mind. We decided to download about fifty or so and began
the process.

After about fifteen downloads we hit one that was more
than just a nude. I tried to act shocked but Nichole just
smiled as the screen scrolled down the image of a
beautiful woman, with her lip inches away from an erect
penis. She looked like she was about to kiss the huge
thing. The next was again a nude lady then two more then
we hit one with a woman's face contorted in pleasure and
as the screen scrolled down it showed her astride her
partner, legs held up, her eyes out of focus and his
organ buried half way into her. I click it closed
quickly, but knew Nichole had seen it before I closed.
Five more nudes and Nichole suggested we use these as a
guide to start, we could download other stuff as a
further guide, later in the day. I agreed and began.

I was nervous and I think Nichole was too as I turned on
the lights and set her up sitting on the couch fully
dressed in the business type suit she had on when I
arrived. I had her begin unbuttoning the jacket, then the
blouse. I was in Heaven, as this day became more
interesting with each passing minute. By the time Nichole
had gotten down to her bra with her skirt still on, I had
taken half a roll of 35mm and needed to download the
digital camera. We had decided on high resolution and I
had explained to her that we would have to stop and
download ever 16 shots. This seemed fine to Nichole.

As we began again it was obvious that she would soon be
topless. I was nervous, but was busy with the two cameras
and camcorder, Nichole was nervous and I tried to
reassure her. She smiled directly at me and reached
around to unsnap her bra. I had my face in the camera but
still was awestruck at the first sight of Nichole naked
breasts. There was hardly a sign of a tan line, and the
digital camera would have difficulty detecting it for
sure. Her nipples were smallish, much better than I could
have ever imagined in my dreams, with tight circles
outlining the dark buds that topped her perfectly shaped
small tits.

Nichole smiled at the camera and at me as she watched me
have to make a few adjustments to both the lens and my
pants. Soon, this nervous stage passed and we were into
some serious photo work. At the point we needed to
download the camera again, Nichole was wearing only
garter belt, hose and panties. She leaned over me now
seemingly comfortable with her topless state as were
watched the new set of images download into the computer.
We compared them with the images we had gotten from
alt.binary.pictures and felt we doing a great job.

Nichole hesitated only for a split second when it was
time to remove her panties, again smiling at my need to
make adjustments in my trousers, as her nakedness became
all but total. There was a noticeable tan line on her
olive skin this time, but it was erotic, not much more
than noticeable. Her soft brown pubic hair was trimmed
short and she had shaved it to a small triangle so she
could wear a slim bikini if she chose to go to one of our
great beaches. Several rear and then frontal shots and we
needed to download again. This time we took time to
really study the images and make comments to each other
about how to do it better. This was really becoming a fun
project, for more reasons than being alone with Nichole
while she was naked.

She wanted to know how those models in the images managed
to keep such erect nipples with that fresh look to them.
I told her I had read an article years ago about a
Playboy, or Penthouse photographer and then asked is she
had a spray bottle around. She did, in fact, for her
plants. I emptied it out and filled it with chilled water
from the refrigerator. She looked suspicious for the
first time, so I told her to sit on the couch and just as
I was about to click a photo, I sprayed a fine mist of
the cool water on her nipples. They stood out at
attention far more than I had expected, bring a huge
smile to Nichole's beautiful face. She held her chest out
and I took several very close up shots for her, then
moved back to savor the fantastic look. I told her looked
like a lady in heat and about ready to explode with
passion. "That is the look I am after," she replied.

At the next download, she wanted to get more images from
the Internet, so we took a break for an early lunch and
sat at the computer downloading as we ate. We continued
from the last time in alt.binaries.pictures and found
more of the same high quality images.

This time Nichole was clicking the mouse and I could not
quickly enough close any images that came up if they were
not the same types as the high-resolution nudes. Soon she
hit a series I had earlier, and pretty quickly the screen
filled with images of men and women in several positions
of intercourse. Where I had click on the cancel or closed
the images while they downloaded, Nichole let them open
just like the plain nude shots. I was a little surprised,
but said nothing as she moved through about a dozen
before getting back into a string of high-resolution
nudes again. These were a little raunchy as the women
were shown more open and several were masturbating for
the lens.

Nichole had set up a series of the shots and said she
wanted to do hers' just the same, she told me as I came
back from setting a new tape in the camcorder and fresh
film in the 35mm. I nodded my head in acknowledgement and
she returned to the couch. I was a little shocked as I
looked over at the monitor with the slide show she had
set up, and as I looked back to Nichole, I knew she was
serious. This set was of her, splayed wide open, in
several very revealing positions, including her on her
knees in the doggie position, looking back like she was
about to take a mate. She was very good at her facial
expressions and made a great model.

When this series was finished, and we downloaded the
camera, Nichole clicked on few more shots and then showed
me what she wanted to do next. Nichole was deadly serious
and I was in shock as the screen scrolled down and the
image of a woman with her lips wrapped around the shaft
of a man's erect penis. I said no, and she looked at me
with a smile and told me I could focus the camera for a
close up and that nobody would be able to see that it was
me. I still said no. It took several minutes for Nichole
to convince me that it was Ok and she really wanted to
see what she looked like in this pose.

I agreed and set her up on her knees in front of the
couch, the camera a foot from her beautiful face. Then I
set the timer and moved in front of her. Nervously I
undid my belt, and just like the pose she had showed me,
I leaned forward jutting my throbbing erection out to

With little time to spare before the flash was to go off,
Nichole leaned forward, took my shaft in one hand, lifted
my testicles with the other and wrapped her lips around
my penis. I thought I was going to ejaculate instantly,
but the flash went off distracting me from the pleasure
of Nichole's warm mouth on my swollen manhood. I pulled
back and Nichole asked for one more shot like that. We
did one repeat before I pulled my trouser up and Nichole
began another series of open, masturbation shots, then it
was time to download the camera again.

As I finished downloading the camera, Nichole pointed to
three images she had on the monitor and said this was the
next series. I immediately said No, as I looked at the
screen showing a close up of woman with a man penetrating
her. I did not want to go that far, I told her. But
Nichole was very sure of herself, and wanted this shot. I
told her I did not have any condoms with me and besides
that, I might loose control. She insisted and we debated
for about fifteen minutes. Finally, as I knew it would
be, she won the debate.

She wanted one from behind, balls deep inside of her, one
from the side, and one taken from above looking down at
the parted legs with the shaft half way buried inside of
her, and she did not want the shot ruined by the sigh of
a condom anyway. I set the side shot up first. Nichole
got into position and masturbated to get wet enough of
penetration, as I got all of my clothes off and moved
close. The process was very mechanical as I slid the
throbbing head past her moist vulva and parted her pussy
lips for the shot, as the timer set off the camera and
the flash.

We set up the shot from above next. I would have to
operate the camera as she held us in position with me
inside of her. Nichole parted her legs and I moved
between her thighs as she took my now throbbing cock and
positioned me for the entry. I thrust slowly sending
about half of myself inside of her; we both let out a low
moan as our bodies connected. As I positioned the camera,
I asked Nichole if she was on the pill, just in case I
slipped, explaining that it had been a long, long time
since I was inside of a woman. She told me "No, she was
not and to be careful," with a smile. I asked her about
what time of her month it was and she looked puzzled for
a second, and said the middle, in fact she said it was
day 13 or 14. I click off two quick shots and pulled out
of her, leaving her a little startled.

The next shot needed the tripod again. As I set it up I
told Nichole that I hoped my precum did not have any very
active sperms in it as this next shot she wanted was the
one that would place the dangerous head of my penis close
to her womb. "I trust you," she said.
I told her was more a matter of physics that trust, as I
finished the set up.

Two shots quick, I said, I don't want to loose control."

"Ok," Nichole said as she lay down positioning herself so
I could make the final lens adjustment. It was then that
Nichole told me she had never had a man inside of her
without a condom before. I set the timer and quickly
pressed the pulsing head of my throbbing cock into
Nichole's tight vaginal tunnel.

The flash went off immediately and I pulled out reset the
timer and re-entered Nichole bring a low moan form her
just at the flash flooded the room. I pulled out, and
moved away quickly not wanting Nichole's first condomless
penetration to bring on a month of worry, or even worse.
Nichole had no idea what she was doing to me, yet I was
so deep into realizing my fantasy that I made no mention.

I took the camera over to the computer to download the
images, even though there was more room left in storage.
We reviewed the images and Nichole told me she was very
pleased with how they came out. She asked if these were
on the other camera too, and I told her no, only digital
and the video if she wanted it. In fact I sent her to put
a new tape in the camcorder. I needed her to move away
from me at that moment anyway.

Once that was done, I had no idea what Nichole wanted
next, so I asked her if we were finished. No, she advised
me she came over to the computer and clicked on a few
images and asked me if men really liked that, as she
pointed to a hairless pussy on the screen.

"Yes, I guess it is a bit erotic," was my answer.

"Then shave me and take pictures of me bald," was her

Within seconds Nichole had gone into the bathroom and
fetched a new razor, shaving cream, and a towel. She
spread the towel on the couch as she lay down and opened
her legs for me to begin removing the last of her pubic
hair. Although I had never shaved a lady like this
before, I knew pretty much what needed to be done how
careful to be.

After a few minutes, Nichole was bare as a newborn, and
just as tender. I looked at her lying there spread open
and shaved. I told her to stay there and made my way to
the bathroom, where I found a small bottle of baby lotion
in the medicine cabinet. Upon my return I sat down
between her open legs and poured a small amount on my
hand, and began to rub the lotion into her now exposed

Nichole seemed to softly moan and relax as I began to
apply the lotion, she may have forgotten all about the
photo shoot as she pressed her mound against my gentle
massage of her tender flesh. I myself lost all sense of
the photo shoot and leaned over and kissed her moist slit
just below her hooded clit. This brought a low moan from
Nichole and she seemed the part her legs farther.

I accepted this as a sign and lowered myself slightly so
I could slip the tip of my tongue just inside the moist
vulva and moved slowly upward through her now convulsing
cunt until the tip of my tongue slipped across her now
exposed clit. Nichole shook as though she had been struck
by lightening. Her back arched and her legs quivered as
she gasp for air.

"Ooohhh! She cried out, nobody has ever done that to me,"
As she seemed to be exploding into orgasm at this very
little attention to her swollen clit. "I'm Cummming she
moaned as the electric bolts of her orgasm reached her
brain and then rocket out to her extremities. I continued
to massage her clit with the tip of my tongue as she
convulsed uncontrollably on the couch.

I reached up, around her legs and for the first time, I
massaged her soft breast meat, then rolled her swollen
nipples between my forefinger and thumbs. Nichole seemed
to come down once from her orgasmic state, only to
immediately arch her back, contract every muscle in her
body and explode into a second mind blowing orgasm.

I kissed all around her pulsing cunt as she returned to
reality, then gently sucked her over stimulated clit
between my lips and flicked my tongue over the tender
bud, sending her off on another series of explosive
orgasms. When Nichole returned to some level of reality
she seemed totally exhausted. Her pussy was soaked both
from my saliva and the massive flow of her own orgasmic

I had been naked since the penetration shots, and was so
hard I was in pain from this exposure to the woman of
dreams over the last year or so. I lifted myself so I
could move up Nichole's body, leaving a trail of tiny
kisses from her dripping cunt over her tight, flat
stomach to her perfect breasts, with the most beautiful
erect nipples I had ever seen.

I circle one with the tip of my tongue before sucking the
hard bud into my mouth. As I did this my throbbing
erection brushed against Nichole's pulsing pussy lips.
Before I really knew what I should do next, Nichole
reached down and guided my throbbing cock to the center
of waiting slit.

Subconsciously, I pushed forward, splitting Nichole's
outer lips and drawing a nice low moan from deep in her
throat. In one fluid motion I sent the entire length of
my throbbing manhood deep into Nichole as she lifted her
legs and accepted the intrusion willingly. When I felt
the base of my cock surrounded in a warm wet vice grip,
and my testicles bounce on her tight ass, I stopped and
held perfectly still.

I did not know if I was going to loose control and cum
right then and there or if I could hold out longer and
savor the fantastic feeling of Nichole wrapped around my
throbbing organ. I was prepared to pull back quickly if I
lost control, and hoping against all hope I could wait,
just a little while.

I looked up into Nichole's eyes as she looked back into
mine and remained still as I settled down to decide just
how to proceed with this situation I found myself in, and
unprepared for. Time seemed to stand still with me, until
Nichole decided to speak. Smiling up at me she whispered,
"We are now exploring virgin territory together."

Puzzled, I looked down at her and she continued, "I have
never had sperm inside of me before.... and you've never
fathered a child before"

Stuttering my response through the pleasure intensified
senses of my body; I told her I would be careful.

"No, she whispered, I want to feel you cum inside of me"

"But Nichole, I began to protest this is your most
fertile time of the month, I will surely impregnate you
if I cum."

"I know, was her reply. I have always wondered what kind
of life would create together, and now with you cock so
warm, and alive inside of me, I know this is what I

"That is just lust talking," I grunted back.

"No, I want it, I want it more than anything I have ever
wanted. This is your one chance, she smiled up at me.
Seed me, my love, send you sperm inside of me, flooding
me and impregnating me with your baby, I really want

I was lost and I knew it. I pulled my cock almost all the
way out of her and saw her tighten, perhaps thinking I
was going to withdraw. Then as the head of my throbbing
cock felt the cool air of the room, I plunged my pulsing
poll deep inside of Nichole' tight cunt, sending a
rippling wave of pleasure through both of us. Nichole
groaned out at the sudden assault. I had expected to
loose my control and explode already, but her words just
brought more manhood out of me than I thought I had.
Repeatedly I plunged my full length into her, pounding
the pulsing head off her cervix with each powerful

It had been much more than a year since I had been with a
woman and I knew I had stored a large load of my virile
sperm up for this one time opportunity to see fantasy
come to life. Nichole smiled up at me as she took each
thrust like it was all she lived for. I brought my right
hand over her mound and with my thumb, I began to massage
her exposed clit. I had heard that a woman was more
likely to conceive if she was in orgasm when the flood
came, so I worked to get Nichole as close as I was.

"Oh God yes, was her immediate cry. I'M CUUUMMMING, she
called out as I thrust hard into her, bring a low grunt
from her ravaged body. With one more mighty lung I
planted the head of my throbbing cock tight against
Nichole's cervix and began a loud groan to announce to
her that, I too, was cumming! The entire muscle structure
of my body stiffened at the same instant Nichole arched
her back, driving her cunt harder onto my exploding shaft
in her attempt to make this a perfect mating.

The thick semen blasted through my throbbing cock and I
looked into Nichole's eyes as she looked expectantly into
mine and I pumped the first long stream of my sperm laden
liquid offering into her. She grunted and gasp, then
drove her hips upward just in time to receive the second
pulsing blast of my cum flooding her virgin cervix. A
third followed before I could begin to thrust again as
instinct now drove us both into the frenzy that is
reserved for this one moment in time.

My thrusting deep into her lasted until I was sure
Nichole had completed her orgasm, and that my job of
sending every drop of hot liquid seed into the deepest
part of her cunt was over. Then I collapsed on top of her
exhausted and spent.

I few minutes later between slow passionate kisses,
Nichole declared that to be the best fuck she had ever
had. I agreed as hugged her tight to my moist and
exhausted body.

She wanted a photographic record, of her shaven, well-
filled pussy, and I finished the last of the 16 images
before downloading the camera. Nichole retrieved the
videocassette from the camcorder, announcing that we were
probably one of very few couples that had the conception
of their first child on tape. I agreed as I began to
breakdown the lights and tripods. We had each had a drink
of Pepsi and relaxed without another word of the events
of the day as I made the first two trips to the Jeep with
all but the digital, and 35mm cameras. It had been almost
two hours now since we had done the "Thing" and she was
standing by the door in her terrycloth robe watching me
prepare to leave. I stopped and gave her a big hug, to
say good-bye.

"Thank you," Nichole whispered as I held her.

"No, thank you," I replied.

"This was your day" she smiled, as she said it.

"Then I have to thank you for my one time chance with
you," I whispered back to her.

"The day, was for you she said, to have all you could
get. I planned this for a long time."

With that, I interpreted that I had the day, not just the
once. I slowly slipped the robe off Nichole's shoulders
and kissed her neck and then her breasts, once on each
nipple. She seemed to respond, so I stepped back one pace
and began to unbuckle my belt.

Nichole smiled and slowly moved back until she sat down
in the one large armchair she had in her apartment. When
I was completely naked again, I began to move to her, and
Nichole lifted her legs over the arms of the chair,
completely opening herself to me, and offering the still
moist slit of her womanhood to me. I lifted each of her
legs over my shoulders and watched as Nichole took my
throbbing cock in her tiny hand and guided me back into

We both gasp at the sensation of my throbbing cock
splitting her opening once more, and I drove hard into
her as she thrust her hips up to meet my thrust whit an
eagerness that told me she wanted this one more time,

Knowing I was not going to last very long and wanting her
in orgasm as I sent one more load into her waiting womb,
I placed my thumb over her exposed clit, and began the
gentle massage that had work so well the first time. It
was the right move, with a long low groan, the smiling
Nichole looked up into my eyes as her body went rigid,
her back arched and she called for me to "plant my seed
one more time." It was all I could take.

I felt her cunt clasp my aching cock as her convulsing
body drove the warm, wet cunt down until I could feel the
end of her tunnel dead end at her cervix. I grunted with
her delightful moaning and ejaculated another full load
of my sperm as deep as I could get into this beautiful
woman that so willing gave herself to me.

My body tensed three times as stream after stream of my
semen rocketed from my aching testicles, through my
throbbing shaft into her tight clasping cunt and out to
flood her vagina with the life inducing liquid. I
collapsed in a sweaty heap as Nichole finished her
orgasmic convulsing, and without another work, I stood
up, dressed and kissed her softly on the lips and left,
knowing I had received the best gift a man could ever
hope for.

It has been about a month since that unforgettable day
and this morning I received my weekly E-mail message from
Nichole. Here is a clip from it:

Keys: xxx pregnant wife

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The legend of the sex maidens

I was excited, it was a glorious June day, sunny and warm, I was getting married in three weeks, and my friends were throwing me a bridal shower. They'd been planning it for quite a while, and it had been like a state secret. No one was giving me any ..continue reading

Cucked and Fucked Sissy

My wife and I were out getting groceries and she wanted to stop at the liquor store to get some beer. I had plenty at home so she just went in while I stayed in the truck. A little later she comes walking out with a nice-looking black guy. They are b ..continue reading

My Daughter Fucking Her Horse

It is really hot today, so I am sitting on the back porch watching my daughter Krissy washing her horse “Brute” over by the barn. She gets him nice and wet then applies soap and brushes him good. Brute turns all white for a while then she hoses h ..continue reading

Laura's Story, bisexunal feelings

A prequel to "It Happened One Night". Young Laura has been struggling with her bisexual feelings for years. One night she acts upon her feelings for her best friend Cindy, who is drunk enough to surrender to the passion of the moment. Author's Note: ..continue reading

Young black paralegal

Taylor pressed her security badge against the electronic panel. She heard the lock click and opened the door into the law firm where she worked. It was just a little past six in the morning and as usual, she was the first one at work. She walked dow ..continue reading