Piece of niece (hardcore,sex,xxx,porn,masturbate)

Piece of niece

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on an individual basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually this is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is necessarily advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, many people harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices.

Judith is a young girl who has been brought up in a stifling, puritanical environment. Fortunately for her, Judith's uncle is able to rescue her from her unhappy surroundings, and, in the process, teaches his niece much about life and love. Through him, Judith learns to accept her sexuality, and to enjoy it. But how many other young girls are not so fortunate as Judith?

A story of the coming of age of one American teen-ager. An insight into our restless, ever changing society.

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Judith knew she'd get her ass in a sling if she got caught, but she couldn't resist making that trip to the attic of the old stone farmhouse that had been her home since the day she was born, just over eighteen years before.

As she crept cautiously up the back stairs, careful to avoid making even the smallest sound, Judith felt certain she was on the verge of making some thrilling discovery in the attic.

Her suspicions had been born earlier that day, when Uncle Pete came to visit. Uncle Pete was her father's younger brother. Unlike her father, who scratched out a bare living cutting timber, laboring at the sawmill, or doing other grubby jobs as he could find them, Uncle Pete was a sharp dresser, a good-looking man in his early thirties and he was also a traveler, having just returned from more than a year in South America.

Judith liked her Uncle Pete. She admired him and envied him his life away from the squalor of the farm, the hard work, dirt and poor food. But there was more than that.

There had been something in the looks Uncle Pete and her mother had exchanged when he arrived at the farm. It could have had something to do with sex, she sensed, but that was a foreign area to her. Sex was never mentioned in her family. She knew it had something to do with her and with the making of babies, but that was all she knew on the subject and, as far as her parents were concerned, that was all she was going to learn.

Judith felt her breath catch in her throat as she felt the smooth boards of the attic floor under her bare feet. Her heart pounded so loudly that she was afraid it could be heard all over the attic, yet she couldn't stop then, couldn't turn around and go back down the stairs without finding out what was going on with her mother and uncle. Judith almost gasped aloud when she heard her mother's voice. It sounded so close.

"God, Pete," she said, her voice sounding strangely raw, rough, yet with a warmth Judith had never heard in it before, "you sure do know how to kiss. When you get your tongue in my mouth and lick around like that while you kiss me and feel me up, I can feel it right down in my cunt."

"That's the way kisses should be, Ruthie Baby," he told her as Judith crept closer until she was able to look through the piled rubble of generations and see her mother and uncle as they sat on the old brass bed. "When I kissed a woman on the mouth, I want her to feel it in her tits and her cunt and everywhere. Did that kiss make your hot cunt tinge and feel juicy? Tell me, Ruth, and then we'll share some more sexy kisses."

"Oh, yes, Pete, you know damn well it did. God, even the way you talk makes me get all hot and bothered. Come on; give me another kiss like that. Oh, Pete, I thought I was never gonna see you again. Kiss me and make me horny all over."

They moved into another embrace and their mouths met, open and mashing wetly together. Judith didn't understand all the words, but what she felt sweeping through her body, through her entire being, told her that what the two were doing had to be the most exciting thing in the world.

As the kiss continued, the hem of her mother's skirt was dragged high up her thighs. One of Uncle Pete's big hands was even higher up, out of sight under the skirt as it did something between the big, smooth, white thighs of her mother, something that made her squirm and groan like she was dying, Judith thought.

Still the sexy kiss went on, and then the couple fell back on the bed. As they did, Judith saw her mother's big legs fly apart and she almost gasped again as she saw that Uncle Pete was rubbing right on the crotch of her mother's white panties. Instinctively, Judith's hand went into her own crotch and rubbed and caused excitement to flare, as it had never done for her. If rubbing her own pussy felt so good, she reasoned, it sure had to be something to let a man do it, especially a nice man like her Uncle Pete.

And then Uncle Pete's other hand was moving, opening the buttons at the top of her mother's faded cotton dress. As the buttons opened, Judith saw that her mother wore no bra and told herself that she shouldn't look, that it was wrong, that she should turn her eyes away. But there was no way she could.

"Jesus, what a beautiful pair of tits," Pete said, panting as he pulled the dress wide open and stared as he licked his lips like a man preparing to eat a tasty meal. "It's been so long since I've seen them. Sit up and give me a real show. Let me see those big boobs swinging in front of my eyes and then I'll suck on them the way you like. I haven't forgotten how you like to have those big tits sucked and rubbed. Come on."

Panting, her eyes flashing as her daughter had never seen them flash, Ruth sat up, pulling the top of her dress down to her waist as she did. Bodies were hidden things in Judith's home. She had never seen her mother's tits, and as she stared, she felt her body trembling with excitement and with a strange desire she couldn't begin to understand.

Judith understood why her uncle had called them a beautiful pair of tits. They were so big that she was unable to believe what she was seeing. Judith knew of breasts to the extent that she knew her own young tits were firm and smooth and jutted boldly, but she was so young, just eighteen, and all of her body was so firm.

Her mother, on the other hand was middle-aged, as she saw it, thirty-three. Besides, she couldn't grasp the fact that tits so big could jut out as firmly as a girl's.

Each tit was as big as a melon, she thought. Her heart kept pounding as she watched her uncle fondling, squeezing the lush tits, panting just like a dog. The nipples were big, like thumbs, she thought, but not as pink as Judith's nipples. Instead, there was a darker hue to them, a brownish pink, and they kept growing and getting harder-looking as Pete squeezed and rubbed, and then he was licking one while he tweaked the other with a finger and thumb.

"Suck, Baby, suck," the woman panted, reaching to hold Pete's head from behind as she held a big tit out to him. "Come on and suck Mummy's nice big tits."

Judith couldn't understand why a grown man would want to suck a woman's tits like a baby, but she saw Pete's mouth open wide, and then her mother was pushing a big boob into it. She watched him sucking; saw how his jaws seemed to strain in an effort to get more and more of the lush tit into his mouth. And Judith heard, too, heard the mingled groans and labored breathing which told her how much they were both enjoying the exciting tit-sucking.

"Oh, God! Stop, Pete, stop!" the woman panted after he had sucked her second nipple for a long time. "My tits feel raw."

"Are you sure you don't want a little more sucking?" he asked as both his hands rubbed the shining-wet nipples.

"Later, Pete, later -- after you give me what I need. You know what I need. I can see it making your pants bulge. Let me see it, Pete. Show it to me and then ram it up my snatch."

"I like the way you talk, Ruth. It makes my cock throb."

"I never talked like this before you showed me. You know that. I never knew the words."

"Keep talking, Ruthie Baby," he said as he got off the bed and stood, smiling down at Ruth, whose big tits rose and fell with her labored breathing. "Say all the words and I'll show you my big prick and then I'll stick it up your hot cunt and fuck your ass off. Talk, Baby," he told her as he began to unbutton his shirt.

"Oh, yes, Pete," Ruth said, a whine in her tone, one of her hands going into her crotch to rub her cunt through her panties as he had done, "let me see that beautiful big cock, those big hairy balls. Show me what you're going to fuck me with. Let me see how it's going to stretch my cunt when you screw me and stuff my cunt full of stiff prick."

Pete's shirt was off then, and Judith trembled all over as she looked at the smooth, clean chest, the tangled black hair against the tanned skin. She wanted to touch, wanted to run to him and throw herself at him, wanted to run her fingers through the hair on his chest, wanted to press her face against his broad chest and rub her cheeks there. She wanted it so badly that she had to remind herself that all it would take was one sound to alert her mother to the fact that she was spying, and then she would be screaming in pain as her mother laced her bare ass and legs with a long, stinging switch.

Pete's smile widened as he opened the top of his slacks, expensive-looking slacks, Judith thought, then she forgot all about clothing as he pushed the pants down and she saw the big bulge in the black briefs he wore. As he pushed the slacks down, Judith held her breath, waiting for her first sight of a cock. Judith's body felt weak, so weak that she was afraid she was going to faint, but she determined not to let that happen until she saw that cock. After that, she didn't care what happened, whether or not her mother beat her with a switch or even killed her. She was going to see a man's cock. Something in her mind told her it was going to be great. Something churning inside her cunt told her it was going to be greater still.

With a little chuckle, Pete jerked his briefs down so that his cock seemed to leap out and fill the spacious room. Judith had expected that it would hang down, like a dog's, but instead it stood up strongly. The skin was drawn back so that a big, reddish purple head stood out. Everything about his dick was so big, so strong-looking. Her mother had spoken about his cock being rammed into her cunt, but Judith was positive that no cunt could take such a thing. It would break a woman in two, she told herself, it would tear up everything inside her belly.

At the sight of the big, throbbing prick, Judith had heard a loud gasp. She saw the man's eyes fuck in her direction and she froze in terror, sensing that he knew she was there, watching them.

But if he knew she was there, her mother didn't as she stared hungrily at his massive, throbbing cock with something in her eyes that Judith had never seen before.

"Oh, God, Pete, give it to me," Judith's mother said, moaning as though in pain. "You got my cunt all hot and hungry for it. Fuck me, Pete, or I'll go out of my mind! Let me feel it. Give it to me, Pete, give me that great big prick."

"Sure, Baby," he told her as he stepped out of his briefs and moved to her, his cock swaying like a branch in a high wind, Judith thought. "Open your mouth nice and wide. Show me you remember how to suck on my cock."

Pausing before the half-naked woman, he took the long prick in his hand and waved it at her, but as he did, he was looking beyond her and smiling, a smile Judith felt sure was aimed at her. Uncle Pete knew she was there and that she was watching. If he told her mother, then Judith knew she would be skinned alive.

Judith watched her mother hold the massive cock like a giant's ice-cream cone, her mouth opened wide, then went to the swollen head which looked like velvet to Judith, and she felt herself trembling violently again. Although Ruth opened her mouth wide, she seemed to have to strain to get the velvet head of Pete's prick into her mouth. Then there were muffled moaning sounds as she seemed to suck on it and her hands played with the long, slim shaft while Pete stood, hands on hips, urging her on but looking at the spot where Judith stood in mingled passion and tenor.

Judith knew that dogs fucked, that a cock went into a cunt and worked in and out. She guessed that people also fucked, but the thought of a woman sucking a man's prick was a whole new thing to her. What, she wondered, if Pete were to start pissing while his cock was in her mother's mouth?

"You still know how to suck cock, Baby," Pete said as he took the prick out of her mouth. "I'll let you suck me off later. I'll give you all the cream you can drink, but first I want to get this up your cunt and go off in your belly."

"Oh, yes, Pete. I want that, too. I haven't had a good fuck since the last time with you."

"Get up, Baby, and I'll get you out of those clothes," Pete told her, and she got to her feet, her big tits swaying. "I want to see that big, beautiful body bare naked. I want to get my hands on that big, smooth ass and squeeze it before I get my cock up your hot, horny cunt."

As he spoke, Pete tugged her skirt down over her hips. Catching her breath, Judith saw how her mother's big ass stretched her little white panties, panties so small that they covered only a little of the massive, white cheeks. And then the panties were being dragged down slowly, and Judith felt her heart hammering again as she watched the unveiling of butt cheeks that were too big to be believed and of a crack that looked deep and strangely exciting.

Pete held Ruth by the hips as she stepped out of her panties, then the attic rang with the sound of one of his big hands smacking a cheek. Judith saw the marks of his fingers, red on the white cheek. Instead of making any protest, her mother only jerked her body, as though she liked it, as though she wanted more. Judith had been spanked, strapped and switched too often to understand how a spank like that could feel good, but that only added to her confusion. With his other hand, Uncle Pete slapped the other cheek and it joggled a little, but the groan the woman made contained no hint of protest or pain.

"Oh, Pete," she groaned. "Give it to me. Fuck me now. I'm almost coming. Don't make me wait for it. Fuck me up my cunt."

"You're going to get your fucking right now," he told her and eased her down onto the old bed. "Open your horny crotch nice and wide and let us have a look at your snatch."

Judith watched Pete position her mother so that he had her wide-open crotch aimed right at her daughter. Her cunt was a hot, pink slash below the heavy cluster of curly hairs, the cheeks of her ass were on display, too, as Ruth's legs raised high and spread wide apart.

Crouching over the squirming woman, Pete used the tips of his fingers to part the soft-looking cuntlips, and then they were wide apart and Judith stared right into the very warm, wet-looking interior of the first cunt she had ever really seen. Holding the twat open, Pete looked toward the girl, added a wink to his broad smile and Judith knew for sure that he was aware of her presence there. What that meant, Judith wasn't sure, but there would be time enough later for worrying, she told herself.

"Take a deep breath, honey," Pete told Ruth as he got onto the bed and began to lower himself toward her big, naked body. "Here comes that fuck you've been waiting for. Take this cock, Baby. Take your fucking."

Judith stared in continuing fascination as his prick found the slit of her mother's big cunt and then he gasped loudly as he rammed down at her. Judith saw his hip muscles bunch and tighten, then there was a groan from her mother as the big cock rammed right into her cunt.

Her mother's big arms tightened around his nude body, her ass tried to jerk up off the bed and then he went on ramming prick up her cunt, turning what had been a slit into a big circle which seemed to grip his thrusting cock as it kept ramming into her sweating, heaving box while her big legs kicked madly in the air.

Uncle Pete paused when his cock was buried to the hilt in the soft-looking cunt, but it was only a brief pause and then he was panting like a dog as he fucked her. Her body trembling, sweat trickling inside her clothes, Judith kept staring as the big prick pumped in and out of her mother's cunt. It had become wet and shiny with cunt juice as the fuck went on, and Judith, though she felt terror, felt some new sensation sweeping over her body. She knew that what was happening had to be the most exciting thing that could happen to a woman, knew with certainty that as soon as she could, she would be bare naked with a naked man, would see and feel his big, hard prick, would open her legs wide and open her cunt for him and that she would get fucked.

Judith had no idea how long a people fuck would last, but then she heard her mother crying out as though in pain, in a death agony, but Pete went on fucking her until a new motion was introduced. Instead of fucking with the long, slow strokes he had been using, his body jerked strongly, all his muscles seemed to tense and then she saw his white ass jerking as strong legs wrapped around him. Uncle Pete joined Ruth in filling the attic with grunts and groans, and instinct told Judith that the man was going off inside her mother's cunt, was shooting his juice deep in her big twat and that the fuck was just about over.

That was confirmed as the pair lay silently, only the sounds of their deep breathing to be heard in the silence of the big room.

Judith snapped back to some form of reality and told herself she should escape from the attic before her mother caught her, but that was out of the question. It was much too quiet, and her mother would hear even the faintest sound. All the trembling girl could do was wait and hope. Even that was made more difficult by the strange feeling inside the crotch of her panties. Everything there felt so warm and moist. Inside her cunt, the feeling was even stranger. It was an odd kind of churning, like a hunger. She had not experienced that feeling before, yet Judith sensed that the only thing that could feed such a hunger was a cock, a big, hard cock like Uncle Pete's.

As she waited, holding a hand to her mouth so that the sounds of her breathing would not give her away, Judith was aware of something else. As of that moment, she sensed, it was goodbye to girlhood and hello to womanhood.

All she needed to make the transition complete was a man, a man with a cock and balls, a great big, hard cock, just like Uncle Pete's.


Judith watched Uncle Pete roll off her mother with a tired sigh and a grin. She couldn't believe the change she saw in his spent cock. It looked so small and limp and helpless, totally unlike the massive, threatening-looking weapon he had rammed into her mother's cunt. She noticed that he didn't look sad about it or in pain, though, so she decided his condition must be normal and that it was just another thing about screwing she didn't know.

As she crouched in her hiding place, waiting for the couple on the bed to leave so that she could make good her escape, Judith had a lot of time to think about all the things she didn't know and about the few things she did.

The one thing of which she was sure was that she was far behind other girls her age in knowledge of the world around her, of the basic facts of life, but that was not really surprising.

Years ago, when her family had lived in town, Judith had attended school, all the way through grade six. Then there had been the move out to the old house in the country and the end of her formal education.

She had cried a lot then, cried about her lost friends, about the school where she had learned the magic of reading and writing and drawing pictures and talking to boys and girls and laughing and playing.

Instead, she learned a new way of life, one of working in the house, of living in silence. For a long times, the silence had been hard to bear, but then she realized that it was a lot better than the sounds her mother made, the scolding, the loud screams of anger, the monologues on the ugliness of life and marriage and men and poverty. The silence was better than that, because it gave her an opportunity to think and to dream her limited dreams, dreams, which had to be limited by her very small experience and knowledge.

From time to time, Uncle Pete would send a package of books and magazines from wherever he happened to be. Each was devoured totally by the isolated girl with the hunger to see and know about life. But even those were censored by her mother who checked them first to see which of them were suitable for a decent Christian girl to look at.

She added to her reading supply on those infrequent times when her mother sent her into town on an errand. It meant walking a mile to the county road and waiting for a bus which made four trips a day. From there, a bumpy, forty-minute ride took her to the little town. It was a little town, but after the total isolation of the bush country, it was more than that, it was a big city with well-dressed, laughing people, stores, traffic and so many other things to see and hear. Each time she made the trip, she would carefully collect the papers and magazines she found on the bus, on the streets and, if she could be sure she wasn't being watched, in the litter cans.

Always, there was the vague hope that someday she would be able to go out into the world like other people, and tat the more she learned about it in advance, the easier it would be to cope with. But the papers and magazines didn't tell her anything about sex, about the functions of her body that she didn't understand. She had peen young couples kissing and holding each other on the bus. It always looked exciting and never failed to send strange feelings shooting through her body, but she didn't really know what they meant or what to do about them.

Once, when she had been about thirteen, she discovered a strange sensation of pleasure when she stroked her cunt after having a bath. Her mother caught her at it, and the doubled leather belt, which lashed her ass and legs, taught her that the pleasure, confusing as it was, wasn't enough to compensate for the pain of a strapping, so she stopped. She never learned about finger-fucking.

And then her thoughts were interrupted as the couple on the bed began to move around and her eyes and attention returned to them.

"Kneel up and let me play with that nice big ass now," Uncle Pete told her mother and gave her a stinging smack on one cheek.

Laughing, Ruth knelt with her head down and her ass up, pointed right at the hiding girl. Crouching beside her, the man winked at Judith as he played with the big white cheeks, then his fingers went into the crack between them and began probing there, stroking, pushing. He drew the cheeks wide apart as he gave Judith another wink, showing her what her mother's asshole looked like.

Judith couldn't believe it when she saw him probe with a finger, then slowly push it up the little bung and work it in and out. She couldn't believe he would want to push her finger up a hole through which a person pooped, but he was doing it and seemed to enjoy it.

"Does he still like to fuck you up the ass?" Pete asked as he kept working the long finger in and out of her shifter.

"Yes, damn him. He hardly ever gets it in my cunt. When he does, he just gets it in and then he shoots and pulls out."

"You like my fucking better, Baby?" he asked as he reached under her ass and began to stroke her cunt, making her big behind wriggle.

"Oh, yes, Pete, you know it. I wish you could fuck me five times a day, every day."

"You'd turn me into a midget, you horny bitch. How about some nice cocksucking now? Get me hard and I'll give you a nice big drink of warm cream. You still like to suck my cock, don't you?"

"Christ, yes! I like that as much as fucking. If I suck you off, will you be able to get a hard-on to fuck me again later?"

"I'll give it a good try, Ruthie. Suck me of, Baby, and really drain my balls. I'm really in the mood to coat your throat with cream."

As he talked, he knelt up and waved his cock at Judith, then he gave it to her mother and the woman took it eagerly. Judith noted that her mother handled his prick gently, as though it were very delicate. As she held his rod, she kissed and licked the cockhead, then licked her way down the shaft until she was kissing and licking his balls. While she did, Pete rubbed her face and head and kept smiling at Judith as she stared in fascination and excitement and fear.

"That's the way to suck, Baby," Pete told her. "Feel my cock getting nice and hard again. Try to take it all in your mouth."

"You gotta be kidding. It's too big," Ruth, told him as she took the prick out of her mouth and rubbed it with both hands.

"No it's not, Baby. It's only ten inches. I watched a movie called Deep Throat. The gal could swallow a cock just as long as mine. Come on, Baby, give it a good try."

Ruth began to say something, but her words became muffled as she stuffed the growing cock back into her mouth and resumed sucking on it. As she did, her head moved up and down so that the cock went in and out. Watching, Judith saw that the action was much like fucking, except that the stiff cock worked in and out of her mouth instead of her cunt.

Judith wondered what cock cream tasted like. Would it be like milk cream, she wondered, or would it taste of pee because it came out of his cock? Whatever it tasted like, it was obvious that her mother had done it before and that she liked it. Judith wondered if she would like to suck a man's prick. As she watched, she stopped wondering and wished she were in her mother's place, wished she had Uncle Pete's lovely big cock in her mouth and that she was sucking it so that she could taste his cream. Looking up, she caught his eye, and it was as though he had read her mind and was telling her he'd love to let her try taking his cock in her mouth and in her cunt. She began to tremble again, and when she looked down, Judith saw that her hand had found its way under her skirt and was rubbing her tingling little cunt through her panties. It felt so good, and then the feeling got so strong that she had to stop.

"Keep sucking, Baby," Pete panted as he rubbed both hands on Ruth's face and mussed her hair. "I'm almost there. Suck, Baby, suck... suck... suck!"

Judith saw her mother's head bob up and down faster and then she saw Pete throw his head back and heard him groan as his voice broke and his body began to jerk. Ruth held his cock with both hands and seemed to be drinking greedily as the naked man's body kept jerking and groans and grunts broke from his throat.

"Jesus, that was great, Ruthie. I've had my cock sucked by experts all over the world, but you're the best there is," Pete told her as he took his wet, soft cock out of her mouth.

"Don't go away today, Pete. Stay a few days and I'll go down on you whenever you want."

"I don't think brother Paul would like that," Pete said, grinning as he patted her ass. "Besides, I really have to."

"Damn, Pete. You'll leave me all worked up."

"You'll get over it, honey. Besides, I'll get back just as soon as I can."

"Sure. I'll get over it, but the kid won't like it."

"You mean Judith? What the hell has she got to do with it?" Pete asked.

"I can't help it. When I get horny and frustrated, I take it out on her."

"What do you mean? Do you mean you beat her for kicks?"

"I don't think about it like that, but I guess that's how it is."

"Judith is kind of grown up for that. You mean you take her over your lap and spank her bare ass like a little girl?"

"Sometimes. It depends on my mood. If I'm really mad," Ruth went on, "I make her strip bare naked and give it to her with a leather belt or a switch. I can really make her dance and yell."

"And then," Pete said and grinned, "do you go to your room and finger your cunt until you have a couple of comes?"

"How in hell did you know?"

"I've been around. I've met a lot of people with a lot of different tastes. Why doesn't Judith run away?" Pete asked and looked at Judith as though asking her the question.

"Are you kidding? Where would she go? We kept her dumb to make sure she'd stay home. This is the only life she knows."

"But you can't keep her here forever."

"Why not? She don't know nothing about life. She'll stay and take her medicine."

"And do all the work, too," Pete suggested.

"Sure. What else are kids for?"

"Poor Judith," Pete said as he looked at the girl, and this time there was no smile. "If she's as smart as I think she is, one of these days she's going to say fuck you. She'll just take off running and not stop until she gets to some city where she can lose herself."

"Not her. She ain't got the brains. She'll stay here and do as she's told. You'll see. Come on, Pete. Stay around for a few days and give me a nice dose of good old-fashioned fucking."

"I really wish I could, Ruthie, but I have to get on my way today. I drove more than three hundred miles to see you. If I could stay longer, I really would."

"You won't even do it to save Judith's ass from my switch?"

"I wish I could. I feel very sorry for that poor kid, but I have to go. I just don't have any choice."

"Damn you, Pete. Oh well, what the hell. I'll get dressed and go cut me a nice switch. A nice long one. Want to stay and watch her dance while I stripe her pretty ass? She got a lovely ass and a nice pair of tits, too. They really bounce when she's dancing and crying."

"Thanks, honey, but I wouldn't enjoy that. She's a sweet kid and I like her. I don't want to see that. I'd love to see her ass and tits and all that, her little cunt, too, for that matter, but not that way."

"Shit. Got time for another fuck before you go?"

"Let's get dressed and I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll take your panties off just before I leave. Maybe I'll bend you over the car and slip it to you dog-style."

"That sounds great. I'll get Judith out of the way, but not too far. As soon as you drive off, I'm gonna cut me a switch."


Judith felt only terror as she listened to the words and saw the cruel light shining in her mother's eyes. What she'd heard had opened a new door to her, a door which led into a black, world which stretched out indefinitely ahead, all the way to the end of her life.

The screaming and the hard work and the beatings had been a way of life to Judith, but always there had been the vague thought that one day it would all end and she would go away somewhere to begin a life of her own. But that hope was gone, killed by the words her mother had spoken so easily, almost jokingly. The beatings were not punishment at all; they were just something for her mother's pleasure, things that would go on and on forever and ever amen.

Her mind raced as she watched the couple getting their clothes on. Sex meant nothing to her then, there was no room in her for excitement. Escape was the only thing that mattered. But what escape? To where? When? How? She didn't even have the bus fare to get into town.

The couple was dressed at last and walked toward the front stairs, but then they stopped. Ruth wanted another kiss and as Pete gave it to her, he reached to pull the back of her dress high so that he could play with her big ass through and around her panties. It seemed to go on forever, and then they broke their embrace and went downstairs.

Judith went down the stairs, too, running, not caring how much noise she made. She emerged in the kitchen and hurried out the door, through the yard and into the bushes. She was usually able to run long distances without tiring, but there was something different this time. She had trouble breathing and her heart kept pounding hard. She had to think of something, had to find some means of escape. She just had to.

Pausing to take one final look at the house, Judith silently told herself she was never going to see it again, then she turned and began running through the woods toward the road where the bus ran.

As she approached it, she realized again that she didn't have money for the fare. Leaning against a big maple tree, she tried to get her mind into order while her breathing gradually returned to normal.

Perhaps she could talk the bus driver into taking her to town, Judith reasoned, but what then? There was nothing for her to do there and before long, her mother or father would come looking for her and take her home. Beyond that, she didn't want to think. There had to be something else.

And then she recalled what Uncle Pete had said about how she should run away and lose herself in some big city. She thought, too, of how he had been looking right at her when he said it, as though talking to her rather than to her mother. At first, she didn't dare believe what she was thinking, but the thought kept burning in her mind until she was sure that Pete had indeed been giving her a message. If that was the case, her reasoning went on, then perhaps he would help her. Her eyes lit up with excitement as she became sure that was the case.

But it was too late? He had been getting ready to leave when she ran from the house. Had he already left? Should she have been waiting for him along the road? Excitement quickly turned to dread at the thought that he had given her a chance to escape and she had blown it.

Turning to her left, she looked down the dirt road which ran by her house. It was empty as far as she could see. She tried to will his car to appear, but knew that wouldn't work. Convinced, then, that he had already left and had taken her one chance for escape with him, she felt tears coming into her eyes.

Judith had seen people thumbing rides along the road to town, but that wasn't for her. The world out there was just too big and frightening for her, as her mother had told Pete. She couldn't face it alone. She fought for other ideas, but there weren't any.

The tears came a little more freely as Judith told herself that her mother was right, that she wasn't bright enough to get away from home and work and beatings. That being the case, she moved away from the tree and began walking down the dirt road toward home and the next beating. It would be a rough one, she knew, but she had taken other bad beatings and, after what she had heard her mother tell Uncle Pete, there would be many more, for the rest of her life, probably. She was surprised to feel a strange calm settling over her then as she began walking back to meet her painful fate. She told herself that the dream of escape had been a mistake. Life for her would go on as it always had.

Judith didn't see the dust cloud coming toward her on the narrow, dirt road. She didn't see the car either, not until it was slowing down to a stop just a few feet ahead.

"Aren't you walking in the wrong direction?" the man asked as he got out of the car, smiling broadly.

"Uncle Pete! I thought you were gone."

"I wouldn't leave without you, Judith," he told her, the warmth in his tone causing her to tremble deliciously.

"But... I mean, how did you know I'd be running away?"

"Your mother is wrong about a lot of things, darling, especially about you. You're a very bright young woman."

"What do you mean, Uncle Pete?"

"I knew you'd get the message I gave you in the attic. I figured you'd be waiting at the end of the road."

"I was, but then I decided you'd gone, so I was on my way back home."

"You don't really want to go back, do you, Judith?" he asked and moved a step closer.

"No, never."

Judith started to say something else, but the tears took over, and as her shoulders sagged, Pete caught her and held her in a more than comforting embrace, his arms strong, a hand gentle as it rubbed her head and the back of her neck while he waited for her crying to abate.

"Everything's going to be all right, Baby," he told her. "Do you want to talk now, or later?"

"Not now. Let's get out of here before she catches us."

"Get in the car then," Pete told her as he held the front door open for her. "As for her catching you, forget about it. I'm taking you a long way from here and she'll never find you. Your whole life has changed as of this moment."

Judith's knees felt terribly weak as she got into the car; he closed the door behind her, then hurried around to the other side and got behind the wheel. Looking down, Judith noticed that the hem of her dress had ridden high above her knees, and she saw a smile on her uncle's face as he looked at her bare thighs. She reached to pull the dress down.

"Uh-uh, don't touch that dress," he told her and smiled. "You have very beautiful legs and thighs. Don't be ashamed to show them, especially to me."

His hand moved toward her and he slowly raised the hem of her dress a little higher up her thighs. Judith saw excitement in his eyes and began to recall all the things she had watched him do with her mother. She sensed that before long, he would be doing the same things with her, sensed she would be naked and that he would be, too, that she would see and feel a cock, a big, long, hard cock with a big velvet head, would feel it in her hand and in her cunt as well.

"You're not afraid, are you, Judith?" Uncle Pete asked.

"Oh, no," she replied quickly, eagerly. "I know you'll teach me everything and I'll be good."

"Do you want to learn, dear?" he asked and his right hand rested easily on her left thigh, squeezing very gently so that tremors of excitement raced through her body, then settled in her crotch where she could feel her cunt tingling hotly.

"Yes. I don't know anything about sex. What you did in the attic was so exciting. I want to do it all with you. Do you want to take me in the woods and do it to me right now?"

"No, but thanks. We'll get well away from here and then we'll find a nice motel. We'll have a good meal and then I'm going to be in heaven while I undress you and see your naked body. I think it will be the most beautiful I've ever seen, and I'll be very gentle. It will be more exciting than anything you ye ever experienced. You'll love sex, darling."

"I know I will with you, Uncle Pete. Do you want me to pull my dress up higher so you can see more? I don't mind. I like the way you look at my legs. It makes me feel grown up -- you know, like a woman."

"You are a woman now, Judith, a very beautiful woman," he told her and turned the key in the ignition. "Yes, pull your dress higher and show me more."

Her eyes shining with excitement, hands trembling, she raised her butt off the seat and jerked the hem of her dress high up her thighs so that she and he could see the crotch of her panties.

"How's that?" she asked proudly.

"Beautiful. More than beautiful. You don't seem afraid at all and that's beautiful, too."

"I'm not afraid of anything when I'm with you, Uncle Pete."

"That's as it should be, darling. I'll never hurt you. By the way, you must drop the word 'uncle'. When we book into the motel, I'm going to sign you in as my wife. Just call me Pete and get used to doing it."

"Your wife? Oh, uhh, I mean, Pete. That's so exciting! Imagine me being your wife. I just can't believe it. I'll try to be so good for you, even though I don't know about sex like, you know, her."

"Believe me, it's better this way. Teaching you is going to be pure joy. There's no hurry, we'll take our time and make it last and last. We'll make each minute more lovely than the one before, for both of us."

"Oh, yes, Pete. I'm already happier than I've ever been in my whole life. Let's get away from this place as fast as we can."

"Good thinking, darling. First, though, there's just one thing I want to do, just to tease myself a little. My cock is already hard, just thinking of all the things we're going to do, but I want to make it harder and feel it throb."

"Sure, what is it?" Judith asked eagerly.

"Move your knees wide apart. Now that I've seen the crotch of your panties, I want to have a little feel. I want to feel your tender little cunt through your panties. I'm sure it will feel soft and warm."

Judith hurriedly spread her knees apart, looked down at her wide-open crotch, then saw his hand moving slowly toward the target. It paused to feel a silken thigh, moved to the inside of it, then she heard him catch his breath as he put the hand very gently on the crotch of the clinging, white panties. As he pressed gently, they both sighed. The hand rubbed up and down as he felt the soft warmth of her cunt through the thin, fabric while she squirmed her ass on the seat.

"What a sweet, tasty cunt that's going to be, my angel," Pete told her.

"What do you mean, tasty?"

"A tender young cunt like yours deserves more than just a fucking, dear. I've never done this to your mother, but I plan on kissing and licking and sucking that sweet cunt when I get you naked. I'll keep sucking and licking until you can't come again. Only after that will I slip my cock up that tight little slit and show you what fucking is."

"Oh, Pete," she said, her voice quavering, "I feel like I'm going to faint."

"You're not going to faint," he told her as he took his hand out of her crotch and started the car. "What you feel is horny, and that's a beautiful thing for a young woman to feel when she's getting ready for her very first fuck. That should give you something to think about while we drive."

It did.


While the promise of fucking simmered strongly in her mind, Judith was content to talk about other things as Pete drove the big, powerful car through the scrub brush country where Judith had lived, then through the lush rolling hills of rich farming and horse-breeding country.

She asked questions and he told her of his travels, but when her questioning about his work became specific, he shrugged it off, telling her he never talked about work and that it was better she didn't know. She wondered if he was a spy or a C.I.A. agent, but decided against asking.

"I guess you've had sex with lots of women," she commented as she saw him glancing at her thighs and exposed panties.

"More than I could ever count," he told her. "To me, sex is what makes the world go round, and I intend to keep it going around."

"Oh, Pete, I'm dying to see your big cock. I want to touch it and squeeze it and hold it and feel it in my cunt, fucking me. I want you to fuck me, Pete."

"I'm glad to hear that, angel. I'm dying to fuck you."

"Will your big cock hurt my cunt?"

"Only the first time. Do you know about the hymen and all that?"

"No. I'm sorry. I really am dumb I guess."

"No you're not, Judith. Your parents kept you in the dark about everything. That wasn't your fault. I'll soon teach you everything you need to know."

"What's a hymen, Pete?"

"It's also called a cherry. It's a little membrane in the cunt, like a door. The first time a girl fucks, it has to be broken. I have to admit it does hurt, but once it's been broken, fucking should never hurt again. It should always be pleasant and exciting, if the man knows how to handle a woman, how to get her horny and juicy and how to fuck her right."

"How soon is that going to happen, Pete? I'm really dying for it."

"Another couple of hours, dear. I know a really good motel. They have a nice dining room, beautiful food and a view that's really sensational. It will be the perfect place for your first fuck. Are you really as horny as you sound?"

"Yes. It feels like my cunt is on fire."

"Then I'll tell you what to do. Put a hand inside your panties and slip a finger between the lips of your cunt. Have you ever fingered your cunt?"

"It's fun and it'll make you feel good when you come. It'll be fun for me to watch, too. I love to watch while a woman fingers her cunt or fucks herself with a candle or something like that."

Nervously, Judith worked a hand into her panties and, following his instructions, she was soon fingering her hot little cunt. She was amazed and delighted at finding what a thrill it was when her finger rubbed over her sensitized clit and she was soon panting and squirming while Pete was obviously enjoying her finger-fucking.

When she came, she went wild and filled the car with excited sounds. Sighing, she took her hand out of her panties and, when Pete asked for it, she gave him the finger she had used.

Judith trembled again when he took the finger in his mouth and sucked on it while keeping the Lincoln at a steady fifty-five. It was obvious that he liked the taste of her cunt, and it reminded her of his promise that he was going to suck there, that he would suck and lick her cunt and make her keep coming. Judith went on trembling as she sat closer to him. She added to her excitement and his when she felt the front of his pants and discovered that his big cock was very hard. She wanted to take it out and play with it, but he told her he was afraid his prick would go off and spoil the glorious time he had planned for them when they reached the motel.

They stopped in a small town where Pete left Judith in the care of a woman who operated a dress shop. He found a bar that looked shabby enough to match the rest of the town, had a drink, decided a second would do no harm, then he returned to the shop to find Judith beaming. She was wearing a pretty new dress, and there were two big bags on the counter, which contained more new dresses, lingerie, nylons and a couple of very short and sexy nighties.

As Pete peeled off the bills to pay for the clothes, she wondered how any man could look happy about spending so much money. Back in the car, when she pulled up the hem of her dress, she showed him sheer nylons, black suspenders and a pair of black nylon panties, which snuggled warmly against a very warm, virginal cunt. As Pete stroked the crotch of her panties, her cunt became ever warmer and before long, she felt that her nice new panties had gotten wet, but she didn't mind. Her twat felt hot and tingly and there was a glow there which spread out to envelop her entire body, her whole being.

It was just after six when Pete wheeled the Lincoln to a stop at the motel. It looked like a palace to Judith, and she stared wide-eyed at the scenery, which was strictly picture postcard.

They got a table at the window, and as they ate food so good that Judith felt she had never eaten before, they both felt a warm glow building. After the meal, they had coffee with Benedictine and brandy, and as she sipped the liqueur, Judith felt the glow getting deliciously warmer.

Pete held Judith's hand as they walked to their room. The touch they shared was an exciting promise of what they would be sharing later, when they were both naked, and that made her knees get very weak. When she told him, she emitted a little shriek as he easily picked her up and she squirmed excitedly in his arms as he carried her to their room, managing to open the door without putting her down.

He stood her by the window and stood beside her with an arm around her waist as they drank in the scenery. As he pulled the cord to close the drapes, Judith shuddered.

"Frightened, darling?" he asked.

"Oh, no, Pete. If you saw me trembling, it's because I'm so excited. I want to be bare-naked with you. I want you to fuck me and kiss me and do all kinds of things to me. I feel so good. Is it possible for me to feel better?"

"I think so. Let's find out."

She moved naturally into his arms, and then his mouth was on hers. His tongue parted her lips and then they were sharing an open-mouthed kiss that was wet and hot and wildly exciting. The kiss carried Judith high onto a fluffy pink cloud, and there was no danger of her falling off as Pete's left arm held her high around her back while his right hand fondled the cheeks of her lovely ass as he hungered to bare it so that it could be appropriately kissed and licked and fondled. He thought of how cruelly those cheeks had been beaten by her mother and felt a pang of hatred for his brother's wife, then he turned the thought off, released Judith and took a step back.

"Are you going to strip bare naked?" she asked as he took his jacket off and tossed it onto a chair.

"Yes dear. Once I begin unveiling your beautiful body, I won't want to waste time taking my clothes off. I'm going to strip you very slowly."

"Wouldn't it save time if I took my clothes off while you undress?"

"Time? What's time? Your pretty clothes are covering the most beautiful sculpture ever known to man. When I'm ready, I'm going to unveil it."

"Oh, my God, Pete. You say such beautiful things. I can feel my head swimming."

"We're only beginning, angel," he told her as he took his shirt off and she blinked, fighting to focus her eyes as she looked at his beautiful chest, muscular and just hairy enough. His arms looked strong, too, and she longed to feel them holding her naked body in a strong embrace, wondering how it would feel with her tits mashing against his chest, his big, strong cock pressing hard against her bare belly.

Pete opened the top of his pants, and as be pushed them down, she saw the strong-looking bulge in his briefs. When she realized that in a little while, that bulge would be in her little cunt, stretching it and making her a woman, heat flared anew, and Pete read raw lust in her innocent eyes and thought again of how lucky he was to be the man who was to lead her into the wonderful world of sexuality.

Understanding how she felt and counting his blessings, Pete stepped out of his briefs, tossed them aside, then he had her in his arms again and while they kissed, he played with her pretty ass while she felt his cock throbbing against her belly and allowed him to feel her firm young tits stabbing his naked chest.

Before the kiss ended, Pete had opened the top of her dress and Judith was panting with the realization that she was about to be stripped naked, kissed, played with and fucked. When she remembered that he was also going to suck and lick her cunt and make her come with his face in her hot crotch, she began to tremble again.

"Pete, shouldn't I have a bath first so I'll be clean for you? I had a bath this morning, but I want to be really fresh."

"No, darling. Later, I'll give you a bath and I think you are going to enjoy it. For this time, I want you just as you are. If there's a little perspiration between your beautiful thighs, it will add a touch of spice to the taste of your hot little cunt. Let's have another kiss now and then I'll start unveiling my precious work of art."

Before they kissed, he turned her so that her back was to the mirror, then he raised the hem of her skirt to her waist. Through a long, sexy kiss, he looked at the reflection of his hands as they explored the magnificent ass which was only partially covered by the little black nylon panties, and he loved the way she rubbed her firm body against his stiff prick, obviously hungry for it, wanting to feel it not just on her belly, but ramming inside it, through her hot snatch in her first fuck.

"I'm glad you like my ass, Pete," Judith told him after their kiss. "I know Mom enjoyed beating it. If you like, you can beat me and I won't mind. It might be fun to lie over your lap and feel your cock under my belly while you spank me and make me cry and kick my legs and everything."

"No thanks, darling. I've enjoyed spanking a few nice bare asses, but it really isn't my thing. Besides, I don't want to do anything that will remind you of the old days at home. When I want to do something to that lovely butt," he fold her as he squeezed both cheeks, "I'll kiss and lick these beautiful cheeks and get my tongue in the crack between them and really make you squirm. Think of how it will feel when I'm licking the crack of your ass and curling my tongue right up your little bung."

"Oh, Pete," she moaned and he felt her body trembling in his arms, "please do something, anything. I feel like I'm going to explode."

"Yes, my horny little angel, I'll do a lot of things," he told her as he pulled the top of her dress down to her waist and his eyes shone as he feasted them on the lovely young tits which more than amply filled the black bra and showed the smooth white valley between.

His strong hands were so gentle as they fondled the black satin cups, then he bent and pressed his face into the warmth between her tits. He heard her broken cry of lust as he inhaled the delicate fragrance of her body.

Crouching before her, he worked the dress down over her hips and then it was his turn to tremble as he gazed at the beauty of her young body. The panties were glued to her body, an exciting triangle of black against white, pure, pristine, virginal white. The mound of her little cunt bush was dearly visible through the sheer nylon to add to the excitement of the picture.

Eagerly, she parted her legs for him and as his hand stroked the crotch of her panties, he found them very wet; thrilling evidence that her little cunt was dripping with passion. He licked his lips at the thought of the flavor of her cunt juice and of how he would soon be lapping it up, driving the passionate young virgin wild through come after come until she couldn't stand another one, until she begged him to fuck her and take the baffler of her cherry away for all time.

"You naughty little girl," he teased as his hand moved gently over the crotch of her panties. "You've wet your pretty little panties."

"Oh, yes, Pete," she panted. "My cunt has never felt like this. It's so hot and tingly. I can feel the juice oozing out of it. I can't make it stop."

"That's nice, darling, but I can't let you catch cold with wet panties. I'll have to suck that juice out of them."

Pete felt her trembling as he picked her up and carried her to the bed. Laying her across it, he raised her legs high and bent them back over her body, parting them wide so that her panty-sheathed crotch was wide open, an exciting contrast of wet black nylon and pure white skin. A few black, curly hairs peeked out around the edges of her panties to add to his excitement.

"See how horny you look, angel," he told her and then heard her moan again as she raised her head a little to look at the mirror.

The sight of her open crotch, wet panties snugging against her hot cunt was the most exciting thing she had ever seen, so exciting that all she could do was moan, but it told Pete exactly how she felt, how deliciously horny she was in those, her final minutes of virginity as she hungered for hard cock in the tight slit of her churning young cunt.

Her moans became louder and turned to broken cries when be held her gently by the hips and began licking and kissing her inner thighs, his tongue moving closer and closer to the warm, wet nylon, and then she cried out loudly as she felt an excitingly warm mouth close over the crotch of her panties.

"Oh... oh... ooohhhh," she groaned as he began sucking cunt juice through body-warmed nylon. Her pussy juice was just as tasty as he had known it would be, and as he sucked, she kept pushing back against him, massaging his face with her moist, warm crotch, her silken thighs rubbing against his cheeks in eager invitation to his excitingly invading face.

"Mmmmm, that's delicious," he told her, raising his face from her crotch and licking his lips. "I'm afraid I've sucked all the juice out of your panties, though. I'll have to give you some more. Listen, darling. Listen to some nice, juicy crotch-sucking."

While Judith kept moaning, he returned his open mouth to her crotch and she felt him pouring warm saliva onto her warm panties, then he began sucking and making wet, slurping sounds, sounds more exciting than the most beautiful music she'd ever heard.

"Have some more juice, darling," he told her as he raised his face again and saw lust flaming hotly in her eyes. "Have some more and flavor it with your precious little cunt."

His open mouth returned to her crotch, spilled more warm saliva there and then he was slurping it up again while Judith moaned her hymn of ecstasy as her lush thighs caressed his face and she stared in awe at the erotic picture in the wall mirror, the picture of a handsome, gentle, naked man slurping hot juice from the chalice of her generous, warm crotch.

Pete sucked until his jaws ached, then he got up, licked his lips and helped her sit up. When he kissed her mouth, she tasted a faint flavor of cunt. It was unlike anything she had ever tasted and it made her wish she could suck her own cunt, but then she told herself that as long as she had Pete to do that for her, she didn't need to. She hoped that later he would give her his cock to taste so that she could feel the big velvet prickhead deep in her mouth, could feel it shooting cream for her to swallow the way she had watched her mother do when she had sucked Pete's big, beautiful cock.

"Oh, yes, Pete," she panted as she felt him unhooking her bra. "Take my bra off. I want to give you my tits. I hope you enjoy them. Please like my tits, Pete. Are you going to suck my tits? Oh, Pete, I'm going out of my mind!"

"I'm going out of my mind, too, angel, and yes I am going to suck your beautiful tits. Oh, Jesus, sweet Jesus," he panted as he pulled the bra off and her lush tits jutted boldly, firmly, in youthful beauty, hard pink nipples mounted on creamy white cones. "I never dreamed that tits could be so beautiful. Oh, my darling angel, what a sweet sucking I'm going to give them," he added as he claimed one with each hand and felt the nipples respond instantly as he rubbed them with his palms while Judith squirmed and pressed firmly against him in her loving act of giving.

He fondled the incredibly beautiful boobs for a long, lovely time. Then she saw his mouth open wide as he gently lifted one to his mouth and paused to lick the nipple with a tongue that was just rough enough. His mouth opened wider she felt a blast of warm breath and then his mouth was filled with tit and he was sucking greedily while a hand fondled the other lush jug which waited patiently for its turn in his mouth.

Pete sucked and tongue-lashed the nipple until the sound of her moaning changed, and he sensed that her nipple felt raw. He took the tit out of his mouth, fondled it as he gazed lovingly at it, then she fed the other into his open mouth in an act as old as life itself, girl-woman-mother feeding her man-child, feeding love through a warm breast as a prelude to feeding love through a hot, churning, juicy cunt.

"There, my beautiful angel," he said, his tone low and warm and vibrant, "did you enjoy having your lovely breasts sucked?"

"Oh, Pete. I can't describe how it felt! Look, you've made them bigger and harder and prettier. Please call them tits. I love the way it sounds when you say words like tit and cunt and fuck. Oh, darling, I can still feel your mouth on my tits," she said, panting and then she was rubbing one with each hand, moaning softly, her panty-clad ass squirming on the bed.

"Are you ready for me to take your panties off now?" he asked, and she saw his big cock throbbing with hunger.

"Oh, yes, my wonderful lover. I'm ready for anything."

"Lie down on your belly. I'll peel your panties down very slowly and feast my eyes on your beautiful ass, then I'll turn you over and see that sweet little cunt that my whole body is hungering for."

Panting with eagerness, Judith lay face down and she groaned again as his hands closed over the firm cheeks in their filmy nylon cover. He squeezed, rubbed and then he began pulling her panties down. Judith raised her body a little to help him, and she felt her heart pounding as his labored breathing told her how excited he was by what she was showing him, giving him.

Until then, her ass had been just something for her mother to beat with a brush, a belt, or a switch, a thing to absorb pain, but suddenly she felt that it was a new, exciting thing, something beautiful, something that made her experienced lover wildly excited, even though he had bared and seen so many women's asses before, she knew.

And then her panties were stretched across her bare thighs and his hands were again on the firm, satiny ass, rubbing and squeezing the cheeks, parting them to expose a smooth little pink bung.

Judith tried to lie still, but she couldn't and her belly kept rubbing on the bed, the heat in her crotch so intense that it fanned out through her entire body. His face moved down closer, she felt warm breath bathe naked buttcheeks, and then his lips were coursing over her round smooth buns, kissing where she had never dreamed there could be kisses.

While she moaned in passion, Pete covered her round cheeks with wet kisses. He brought his tongue into play, licking not only her cheeks, but deeply in a warm, hairless crack. When the tip of his tongue paused to do thrilling things to her tight little asshole, Judith let out a loud cry, but Pete understood and, putting his hands under her nicely fleshed hips, he pulled her ass up firmly and buried his face in the secret warmth of her beautiful young behind, probing and sucking, driving the panting virgin out of her mind wit desire like she had never known or even imagined.

Judith felt her panties being stripped down her legs, then they were gone and, except for her garter belt and nylons, she was naked for her beautiful man, her lover.

He just touched her left hip, and Judith responded by throwing herself over onto her back, her legs spreading wide for him in a silent, erotic offering of the gift of sweet young flesh.

Between her lush white thighs, he saw tender pink cuntlips and his mouth hungered to taste them, but that had to wait. Smiling as he knelt between her legs, his stiff cock rampant, he lowered himself onto her and allowed her to feel his weight on tits and belly. His mouth found her mouth, and the kiss they shared was a distillation of all the passion the world had ever known. His tongue probed her mouth and she sent hers out to play with it, instinct telling her what a woman could and should do to delight her lover. His prick throbbed strongly in her hot crotch, adding to the delight of their kiss as it promised even more, a promise that was to be kept when the swollen head would part the soft young lips of her virginal cunt for her very first fuck.

But that promise was to be kept waiting in the wings. There were other wildly exciting things to be done, and as his lips began kissing their way down her naked, heaving body, it became clear to her that he was on his way down to her crotch to keep an earlier promise. The thought of having his tongue licking over and inside her box made her groan loudly.

"Yes, darling," he told her after he had tongued wetly in her belly button, "I'm almost there. I'm going to kiss and lick and suck your sweet little cunt until you can't stand it. You're going to love having your cunt lapped."

There was nothing she could say. His lips were close, so close that they grazed in the curly black hair of her cunt bush and already she could feel his breath igniting new fires in her crotch as it laved her churning snatch.

"Oh, Pete, Pete," she panted as her plump ass raised from the bed in eagerness, "You're going to kiss my cunt. I can't believe it."

"Yes, angel, believe it. Do you want me to kiss and lick and suck your cunt and make you have a great big come?"

"Oh, yes... yes... yes! Do it to me, Pete! Eat my cunt all up!" she told him, a cry of ecstasy in her voice.

Her back was arched, her tits jutted boldly, her lovely ass inches above the bed, then she felt hands moving under to grab her buns. They held firmly, then the breath in her crotch was warmer, moister and his lips touched the lips of her cunt and her cry of lust was a high-pitched, quavering wail.

While his gentle hands held and rubbed, Pete feasted on her virginal cunt as his cock throbbed with desire that grew to demand, but he willed it to be quiet. He was eating that sweet cunt; the most tender, sweetest young cunt he had ever sucked and he had no intention of hurrying his meal. The fuck, when it happened, would be ecstasy, but it would have to wait.

He sucked the tender pussylips into his mouth and worked with them, keeping cries of delight breaking from her throat. She found her hands on her ma, squeezing them until they pained, but it was exquisite pain and she gave herself some more while her ass kept jerking upward, rubbing her box wetly back over his sweetly invading face, cunt-kissing him while he sucked.

And then his skilled tongue parted the tender pussylips with an easy fuck. She cried out more loudly as it pushed all the way up her slit and became as long, she thought, as that long lovely prick that was soon going to fuck her the way it had fucked her mother earlier that day. Was it really the same day? She couldn't believe it. Beautiful, exciting years had passed since that incident in the attic. But it didn't matter. They were naked together, he had stripped her, had done wonderful things to her body. He was sucking inside her cunt, was lapping up her juices and the

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Miles Stendahl was very proud of his dog Caesar. He was a pedigree Boxer and had won quite a few ribbons at local shows. Their closest rival was Sheba, another dog of the same breed, owned by the beautiful and sophisticated Zarah Parkes. The two own ..continue reading

Sleeping Natasha

I only ever screwed Natasha once, but boy was it a doozy. She was 19, short, slim with strawberry blonde hair, a pretty face, not much in the chest area but an arse you could crack walnuts on. I got to know Natasha through mutual friends, and got ..continue reading

Gay experience

Hello, My name is Austin and I am a closeted gay man who is also a virgin. I always had the biggest crush on my roommate and also best friend Anthony. We met freshmen year in college and hit it off ever since. Anthony however is straight and just rec ..continue reading

Sex stories : double penetration

Time for my yearly check up with Dr. Woods. I love my doctor, I have been seeing him for several years. There has never been anything sexual with us, but I have caught him staring at me at times. Any woman would know how that is when a man looks at t ..continue reading

Pissing six in the garage

"If you aren't here for sex, then why are you here?" Lacey asked. It was a reasonable question, given that we were sitting in the bar area of a brothel. "I have some very specific fantasies, things that I would never ask a civilian to do," I said. ..continue reading