Pornstar Audition (Fantasy, Anal, Cheating)

Pornstar Audition

The summer had just started and I just turned 19. I began thinking to get into a porn industry. I applied online to an agency. I received response for an audition. The day of my interview arrived and I bathed, painted my nails and toes cherry red and shaved my pussy. I was as smooth as glass. I wore extra makeup, glitter lip gloss, diamond earrings and curled my hair. Wearing a cute skirt, closed toe heels and a tight white blouse to show off my toned body, I was off to my audition.

I entered the building as my nervousness and excitement were fighting with each other. Within ten minutes, one gentleman in his thirties came out and introduced himself, "Hi. You must be Taneesha? You are pretty. I'm Shane, nice to meet you." I thanked him, shook his hand and he asked me to follow him to a casting room where they hold auditions. There was a hand held video camera on the desk along with two more sitting on tripods.

Shane calmly instructed, "Don't be nervous Taneesha. Please have a seat on the couch. Before we do anything, I'm going to ask you a series of questions. It's called the initial interview process and I video it. We are an internet adult entertainment company now, I will ask you some questions and you just answer as honestly as you can. It will be no big deal. Ok?"

I was nervous but ready when Shane began the interview, "Today we have this beautiful blonde young lady with us today. Hello. What is your name and how old are you?"

I smiled and responded, "Hi. I'm Taneesha and I recently turned 19years old."

"Wow you are so young. Have you ever done anything like this before?" Shane asked.

I responded, "No, this is my first time. Thank you for having me."

"The pleasure is all ours. So tell us, what brings you here today?" Shane continued the interview.

I thought, hesitated, then answered, "I really like sex and want to experiment and have some fun."

"That's cool. You told me earlier that you have only been with one guy and you are still with him now?" Shane asked.

"Yes. He is my first serious boyfriend and the first and only guy I have been with. My boyfriend is very sweet I just want to try something new," I smiled.

"Do you like to give blowjobs?" Shane asked.

"Of course. What girl doesn't?" I responded.

Shane laughed, "Well, there are many girls who don't, so that makes you wonderful. Do you swallow?"

"Of course. What girl doesn't?" I responded again, making fun of my previous answer before continuing, "I do swallow. I have always liked the taste of cum and it turns me on when a guy does it in my mouth. I get so horny when it happens."

Shane laughed again, "Now you just jumped from wonderful to flat out amazing. Ok, so you say you love when a guy cums in your mouth, but how about when a guy cums in your pussy? Do you like that too?"

I smiled, "It has only happened once and that was by accident. My boyfriend's condom slipped off one time when we were having sex and when I felt it squirt inside me, I started having one of my best orgasms ever. Just feeling it twitch and release made me...um....cum like crazy."

Shane smiled, "And that's another reason why you're here today. You want to audition so you can feel many dicks cum inside you, is that correct?"

I giggled, "Definitely. It is a huge fantasy of mine and I think it would be so hot to try it."

"Have you ever had one shoot off inside your ass?" Shane asked.

"No, but I really want to but my boyfriend thinks anal sex is dirty," I pouted.

"Luckily we don't. With us, you can have all the dicks in your ass that you can take," Shane chuckled again.

Shane continued the interview, "Hopefully, the company picks you up and you get an opportunity to make all that a reality. Could you do me a favor? I want you to take off your clothes so we can see that tight little body of yours. You can leave your high heels on."

Shane continued the interview, "Hopefully, the company picks you up and you get an opportunity to make all that a reality. Could you do me a favor? I want you to take off your clothes so we can see that tight little body of yours. You can leave your high heels on."

I stood up, crossed my arms and pulled my shirt up over my head as my hair flopped back in place. Then I reached behind me and unhooked my bra and dropped it on the floor beside my shirt while my 34c boobs were exposed to Shane and the cameras. Using my thumbs, I hooked the sides of my skirt, sliding it down to my ankles before doing the same with my thong. When all my clothes were lying in a pile, I sat back down on the cold leather couch.

"You have amazing body so sexy. Your tits are so perky and nice. Would you mind spreading your legs and showing us that beautiful pussy of yours?" Shane first complimented then requested before grabbing the hand held camera to get a closer shot.

I leaned back, hiked my legs up and spread them wide. The cool air felt good against my lips and the thought of the camera showing my most private part caused the excitement inside of me to rise. It validated that I had an exhibition side to my sexuality. I even took two fingers and spread my lips so that Shane could get a close up shot of my inner vagina.

"I don't just say this to anyone, but that is one sweet looking pussy," Shane mumbled while he videoed.

I thanked him before he asked for more, "Can you masturbate a little for me? Maybe even finger yourself while you do it?"

I knew I was in the right place because as we continued, I was getting more turned on and wetter. I rubbed my clit in a circular motion with my middle finger as I would moan and keep eye contact with the camera. It felt good to expose my myself and with Shane zooming in, I slid my finger deep inside myself and cooed, "Oh, I'm so wet. I'm going to make myself cum," right before I pulled it out and stuck it in my mouth like I was licking a lollipop.

When I began to run my finger in and out of my mouth like I was giving it a blowjob, Shane deeply groaned, "Ohhh fuck. You are so naughty. I'm gonna give you something to suck on."

Shane was already unbuckling his pants and allowing them to fall as he said those words. His fat hairy cock plopped out in front of me. He kicked his pants off to the side before moving toward me and straddling my knees. As he stood, looking down, I leaned in and took hold of his thick dick before wrapping my mouth around the bulbous head much to the delight of a gurgling Shane.

"That's it baby, suck it. Mmmm, suck that dick like a good girl. Yea, just like that. Look up here at the camera while you do it," Shane panted as I deep throated his meat while cupping his balls.

When my eyes focused upward, Shane was capturing every moment on video with the hand held camera. I just smiled and continued to slurp away. He moaned a little louder when I spit on it and slathered a few good strokes with my hand before continuing his blowjob.

"Oh honey, you better stop before I unload in your mouth. I need to get some of that sweet innocent pussy," Shane desperately exclaimed while helping me up and walking me to the desk with camera still in hand.

While still wearing my heels, the added height made it even easier to jump up and sit on the edge of the desk. Shane sat the camera down and got on his knees between my legs. Taking me by my calves, Shane lifted my legs before planting his tongue right between my slit. It struck me how warm his mouth was as he began to lick. I noticed he would lick from a distance so the side cameras could capture the action. Shane would swirl his tongue around my nub before parting my lips again.

Now it was my turn I gently put one hand on the back of his head while tilting my own skyward, "Oh yes. Oh yes! You like that smooth, young pussy don't you, Shane? Your tongue feels so good against my eighteen year old pussy. Do I taste good? Keep eating it."

I wanted to really put on a verbal show because I know how much that excites guys but I was turning myself on just as much. I was emphasizing how young I was to give myself an advantage. After about 10 minutes of feasting on my twat, Shane stood up with precum dripping from his tip, stuck his hand out to help me off the desk before turning me around and bending me over it.

My nipples were hard and became harder when they touched the cool smooth surface. I just prepared myself when Shane put his slimy mushroom just inside my labia before moving it around. As he wiggled, he walked closer until I felt his manhood easing inside me. I didn't realize how wet I was until his girth slid in without much trouble. I was ready and needed to be pounded.

Shane took hold of my hips and began fucking me. It felt so good to be taking a strange man's cock. His pubic hair kept mashing into my ass cheeks with every thrust. I could feel myself about to cum and the thought of it being videoed only fueled my lust. He stopped fucking long enough to put the camera on the desk facing me before starting back up.

"Oh baby. You're pussy is so tight. I want you to look into the camera while you enjoy it," huffed Shane.

With that camera in my face, I gave it back to him, "Fuck me Shane. Harder. Pound my tight little hole. You know you want it. Give me your big dick. Give it to me."

When Shane began to speed up, it sent me into an amazing orgasm as I squealed, "Oh! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Yeeesss!"

Before my twitching vagina even stopped, Shane pulled his cum covered cock out of my hole and for the next few minutes, nothing was happening. That is when I felt him put the head flat up against my anus.

"Ok baby, it's time. You said even though you had never done anal, you would like to try it. Well, that time is now. Take a deep breath," he warned before pushing just a little.

I winced and clenched my teeth as his head began spreading my sphincter until it popped inside. My breathing was a little labored but not near as bad as I anticipated. Shane slowly pressed until each inch had lodged itself up my rectum. Only using my cum as lube, he acted very gentlemanly, allowing me to get acclimated to its size before moving it in and out. After the initial pressure and pain subsided, it began to feel good.

"I thought your pussy was tight but your ass feels just like a fucking love. Oh, shit. I love this ass of yours," Shane gasped as he slowly pumped.

His cock was vibrating something inside my vagina and I felt as though I might cum again. As I approached that orgasm, Shane stopped and moved me over to the couch and had me lay down on my back with my head propped up on the arm. Shane was still wearing his shirt and shoes but that didn't prevent him from climbing on top of me. With no extra room to move, he lifted my legs up and back, creating a perfect angle to reinsert himself back into my butt.

Once his dick was reinserted back into my ass and my high heels dangling over his shoulders, Shane wasted no time fucking it once again. I never knew how enjoyable anal sex could be but feeling him do his thing, I knew right then and there that I would be doing it a lot more after that day. We continued to exchange dirty talk. Shane was getting closer to shooting his load. With the cameras still rolling Shane's pumping became irregular.

"Can I have your cum? Please? Cum on my face. I need your hot load all over my face," I begged.

Shane kept humping and pumping, "You got it baby. Get ready. Oh, shit, here it co..."

In a flash, Shane pulled his dick out of my ass and pinched it off. He quickly scooted forward, over top my chest, aiming it directly to my face before yelling, "Open your mouth. Fuck! Open it up! Ahhhh!"

By then, he was beating his meat like a monkey at a zoo. Cum flew from the tip and plopped me in the eye before the rest of this thick sperm splattered on my nose, tongue and forehead. I could even feel droplets landing in my hair. I can still remember to this day, how warm and thick it was. I was just hoping it would look good on camera and viewers would like it.

When Shane had finished giving me a facial, he quickly got up and directed, "Just wait right there baby. Leave it on so I can take some pictures. So with one eye closed and the other looking through a sea of blurriness, Shane snapped pictures from all angles. I would periodically use my finger to drag a glob of cum to my mouth for swallowing and tell him how delicious it was. When the photo shoot had ended, he handed me a towel and after wiping my face, I got dressed. He told me that I did a great job and he would contact me very soon.

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