Practice make perfect (groups sex,gangbang)

Practice make perfect

It all started at the first day of wrestling practice, we started out the day with a 1 mile warm-up run then we come into the wrestling room and there they were the cheerleaders they were very hot with there little half skirts. So they ended up leaving going into the gym to practise there chears while we stuck in this hell. First we worked the moves, then we ran, the we lifted so then it was all over. We were all entering the boys locker room then i heard a c'mon lets go i was dumbfounded well it just so happens that the cheerleades had just gotten done with there practise also we snuck into one of the wresters vans and the cheerleaders came also we (all 9 wrestlers and 15 Cheerleaders) went to a old run-off building then it happend all of the girls removed their clothes then were running into the building i was then peaking to errection i was very thrilled i could guess what we were doing now the wrestlers came into the building following the cheerleaders we removed our gym shorts and shirts the girls were getting anxius now one them ( didnt' even know her) yanked me down to the dusty floor and it began. First i sucked one tit then the other she was giving me a hand job i had never felt so good. After my errection i decided to repay the favor and began to fuck her she climaxed all over my arm and i loved it then right as we were getting really into it.The captian of the team yelled SWITCH, and quickly another girl came now i had two it must have been the best ever the new girl quickly gave me a blow job while the same girl i had before got her pussy in my face and i began to eat it i had the best time i quiickly errect in the new girls mouth and the same girl did errect in my face to the aroma never felt so good. So finally we got our clothes back on and left the building i was at home and returned when my dad asked me how the first day went i was shocked so i just said great. I went to my room and turned on the T.V. and then the phone rang i aswered it and guess who it was tonya the girl who climaxed in my face. We quickly began talking then she thanked me for the afternoon and said cant wait for tommorow. So at school the next day i could hardly wait to talk to tonya she was in my thrid peroid class as soon as she walked into class in a skanky shirt followed by her skirt i was in heaven let me tell you she walked right passed me like nothing ever happend oh well i thought to myself i could hardly wait for practise to start so after school i took the activity bus over to the wrestling room and after it got over it happend all 9 wrestlers and 15 cheerleaders got in the van and went over to the Run down building there was tonya i quickly danced over to her and asked her she said no I was like ?!?!?!?!?!? she then told me about a month later that well she was having a baby.N0000 onlly time we ever didnt use protection was the first day.

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