Punishment Homework (mf,cons,mdom,oral,college)

Punishment Homework

I met Nancy the first week of college. She had light
red hair, small breasts and green eyes. The first time
I saw her I wanted her more than anything else, but it
took me four years to get into her pants.

Though we were friends, Nancy never let it get further
than that. We stayed "just friends," and I had to
suffer through her descriptions of one jerk boyfriend
after another. She seemed to go for a certain tough-
guy type that just wasn't me.

By my senior year I had pretty much given up the
chase. I'd even almost stopped fantasizing about
fucking her. Almost.

I was an art major, and my senior project was a large
metal sculpture. I hadn't mentioned it to Nancy, but
she'd heard about it from a mutual friend and asked to
see it. So I invited her over.

I was sitting outside my front door when she arrived.
I explained that to fully appreciate my sculpture, she
would have to be blindfolded first. That way, I could
present it with the proper amount of dramatic flair.
She giggled and said, "Okay."

I blindfolded her with a handkerchief, making sure that
she couldn't see a thing. As I led her into my apart-
ment, she said, "It's a good thing I trust you."

I responded by asking, "Are you sure you can?"

She seemed just a little nervous by my answer and said,
"I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't."

We stopped in the middle of the living room and I
kissed her. She was definitely surprised, but not
displeased. I kissed her again, for a little longer
this time. When she opened her mouth me, and I sank
my tongue into it, and our tongues finally stopped
talking and met properly.

When we came up for air, she asked, "Why did you kiss

"I should've done it four years ago," I said. She said
she wanted to take the blindfold off, but I told her to
wait, and led her to my bedroom, then my bed, and lay
beside her.

After several minutes of passionate necking, I realized
that she was no longer asking me if she could take her
blindfold off, but instead she seemed very turned on.

I took both her wrists in one hand and held her arms
over her head. She gasped with excitement.

With my free hand I shook a pillow free of its case. I
straddled her breasts and used the pillowcase to tie
her wrists to the bed frame. She was shaking as I un-
buttoned her blouse, but she never asked me to stop.

When I ran my hands over her breasts, she arched her
back so I could unhook her bra. I unzipped her jeans
and started to pull them down over her now soaking-wet
panties. She tried kicking her legs to help me, but
that only made it more difficult. I stood up, grabbed
each pant leg at the bottom and pulled them off.

She was sweating and almost naked -- her panties had a
dark spot where the wetness of her excitement showed
through. The stained glass window I'd installed in my
bedroom let in red streams of light that fell on her
nearly nude body, giving her a magical glow.

I knelt over the bed, with my mouth pressed against her
panties, and blew worm air onto her cunt lips.

She moaned and wiggled beneath me, saying, "Fuck me."

I laughed and pulled off her panties.

I ate her pussy like a starving man, occasionally
tickling her clit with my tongue.

A few minutes later she pleaded, "Please fuck me now.
I want to feel your dick inside me."

"You've made me wait for four years," I said with a
nasty chuckle. "Four years of frustration. Well, what
goes around comes around."

With that, I left the room and got myself a beer.

When I came back a few minutes later, Nancy was writh-
ing on the bed, trying to loosen the tight knot around
her wrists.

"Are you ready to be fucked now?" I asked.

"I told you before, I'm dying to fuck you," Nancy said.
Her voice sounded angry, but there was no mistaking the
excitement in her hard nipples, or in the way the juice
was dripping from her tight little cunt.

I realized in that instant that my approach to Nancy
had been wrong all along. I was always a nice guy,
sensitive to her needs and unwilling to do anything she
might not like. But here I had her tied to my bed,
blindfolded, and all she could think about was my cock.

"Beg me," I said.

"Please give it to me," Nancy said breathlessly.

"It doesn't sound to me like you really want my dick.
I'm going to get another beer."

"No, wait!" Nancy cried. "I want to taste your cock.
I want to bathe it with my tongue. I want you to fuck
my mouth and let me swallow your come."

"That's more like it," I said. It was time to let
Nancy know what she'd been missing all these years. I
pulled down my pants and straddled her chest. Then I
positioned my dick at her mouth and rubbed the head
against her lips.

She opened them wide for me, and I pushed in my cock
and fucked her mouth vigorously.

"Suck it!" I said. She feasted on my organ, her tongue
moving all over my shaft like a paintbrush. I was so
worked up that I came in less than a minute, filling
her mouth with the thickest, most enormous load of
spunk I'd ever shot.

"Swallow it," I ordered. "Every drop."

Nancy did as she was told, gulping my sperm until my
cock was dry as a bone and totally soft.

"Ready to get fucked?" I asked.

"I want it so bad!" Nancy sighed. "I want your hard
cock between my legs. I want you to make me come with
your long prick."

"Beg for it," I ordered.

"Please fuck me! Please!" Nancy chimed. She lifted
her legs and bent her knees, offering up her steaming
cunt. I was almost ready to give her what she wanted
-- but first I got my camera and took a few pictures
of Nancy. I instructed her to keep her legs up high
so I could get good pictures of her juice-dripping cunt

After I'd shot an entire roll of film, my cock was
ready to burst. So I plunged it into her soaking pussy
and she wailed with delight. Nancy's fist-tight hole
milked my cock like no other pussy ever had. I pounded
one last time deep into her and we both came.

Afterward, I untied her and took off her blindfold,
then lay beside her and stroked her sweat-soaked

"Was there really film in that camera?" she asked,
somewhat anxiously.

When I answered that indeed there was, she asked if she
could see the pictures when they were developed.

"We have three years of sex to catch up on," I explain-
ed. "You've made me wait all these years, and now we
have to make up for lost time. When I think you
deserve it, I'll show you those pictures."

The next day I took the film to be developed at one of
those one-hour labs. While the film was being pro-
cessed, I went to Nancy's apartment and tied her up
again, giving her another great fuck -- this time up
the ass. As soon as I blasted her rear full of come,
I headed off to the lab -- leaving her tied, face down,
to her bed--and picked up the film.

I've since showed her the pictures, and they got her so
horny she is now more willing than ever to do exactly
what I want. All I can say is that it was worth the

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