Rhine Waltz part 1 (vintage,rhine,porno,xxx)

Rhine Waltz part 1

18 year old Kyle Adam Martinez has known since he was 12 that he is
bisexual. He never told anyone for fear of rejection. His family and friends
are worried about him because he has withdrawn from them and everything
else. This includes not eating much of anything. His parents got divorced
when he was five. He has a older brother name Jesse and a twin sister named
Julia. Jesse is four years older than him and Julia. Kyle has a girlfriend
named Jody Martin. Kyle is a virgin to both sexes. Jesse recently got married
to Janet Taylor. Julia is single and not seeing anyone. Kyle and Julia
will be starting college in the fall. They graduated high school two weeks ago
Right now Kyle and Julia live with their father Andy. Jesse, Kyle and
Julia's mother Greta secretly got engaged to Robert Mclean the father of Aj
Mclean from backstreet boys two months ago. Aj and his father as well Jesse,
Kyle and Julia knew about each other. Their father secretly got engaged to
Anne Richardson. Same situation. Now present time it's June 14th 2005 which
is a Friday. It's 8 AM. Kyle wakes up in his bed with the blankets off him
when Jesse who came home last night to visit. "We need to talk Kyle."
Jesse said frowning. "I need to shower and get dressed Jesse." Kyle yawned.
"Dad has something to discuss with us this morning, I'll be downstairs waiting
for you." Jesse said forcing a smile then left the room not shutting the
door. Kyle took out his throbbing morning woody out of his black boxers and
started to jack himself off when Jody walked in. She gasped. "I could help
you with that." Jody said smiling. Kyle turned bright red from
embarrassment from being caught pleasuring himself by his girlfriend. "Oh my god, Get
out of here Jody!" Kyle shrieked horrified.
Jody just smiled. She walked to the bed then removed Kyle's left hand
from his throbbing 9 inch long slender cut woody then put her hand on it
and started to jack Kyle off. "Oh god!" Kyle squealed from shock and pleasure
slightly thrashing about. He had to hold on to the bed post so he didn't
fall off the bed. Luckily he didn't kick Jody from his slight thrashing
about. He never had anyone jack him off before. After ten minutes of being
pleasured he shot load after load of his spunk all over Jody's hand and nowhere
else since she made sure her hand is covering it completely so it don't
get everywhere. After his last load five minutes later he softened to his
four inches. Jody removed her hand then walked to the private bathroom and
walked in. She went to the sink then turned on the faucet. She put hand soap
in her hand then washed her hands. She turned off the faucet then walked out
of the bathroom to see Kyle getting out of bed. "Feel better now?" Jody
asked smiling. Kyle turned around still blushing from embarrassment. "There's
nothing to embarrassed about, I'm bound to see you naked someday and I
guess today is it." Jody said now frowning. "Not like this, I didn't want you
to see me masturbate." Kyle said frowning continuing to blush. "Would it
make you feel better if I let you watch me pleasure myself someday?" Jody
asked smiling.
"I have to tell you something that I should of told when we met when I
was 12 and you were 10." Kyle said frowning. "What is it baby?" Jody asked
worried. Neither Kyle nor Jody know that Jesse is now outside the bedroom
eavesdropping so he can figure out what is wrong with his younger brother.
"I'm bisexual." Kyle said frowning worried of how Jody will react. Jody and
Jesse gasped. "Is that all you been hiding?" Jody asked smiling. "You're
not angry with me?" Kyle asked shocked. "I love you and if you decide you
want to date another guy I will always be there for you." Jody said smiling
not wanting to break up but knows that if Kyle decides he wants to date
another guy she will step back and just be his best friend. "I don't know what
I want right now, But I do know that I want you now." Kyle said smiling now
as hard as a rock. Jody smirked. "Already, How can you be erect again!"
Jody exclaimed. "I'm horny." Kyle said laughing. Across town Kevin Richardson
who is sitting on the couch hears noises coming from his and Kristin's room
from the living room in their new blue beach house in Tampa while the
other guys excluding Nick are watching a movie on the floor. "Where's Nicky?"
Kevin asked worried. "He's taking a nap in your bed." Brian Littrell said
smiling. Kevin got off the couch. In Kevin's room. "Get off me Kristin!" Nick
screamed bursting into tears. He had thought he was having a wet dream
about Justin Timberlake but when he woke up Kristin is screwing his brains.

"Kevinnnnnnnnnn!" Nick screamed as he cried trying to break free but
Kristin tied his hands to the bed post. Kevin stormed to the door then
walked in to see his wife raping Nick as he struggled to break free. Kevin
stormed over to Kristin then pulled her off Nick. "Get the fuck out of my house
and out of my life, That baby you're carrying it's not mine is it!" Kevin
shouted. Kristin shivered from fear. "Two of my babies are, The other four
are Nick's." Kristin said frowning shivering from fear. "How many times have
you raped Nicky!" Kevin demanded in a screaming tone. "Just once, The rest
of the time we were naturally together until he learned I was pregnant and
was a prostitute before me and you met." Kristin said honestly frowning.
"If my wife haven't of raped you tonight I don't think I could ever forgive
you nor have anything to do with you Nicholas Gene Carter!" Kevin shouted.
Nick just shivered from fear continuing to cry. He never seen Kevin this
angry with him. Kristin left the room and the house in a hurry. Nick who is
shaking got up and quickly got dressed then left the house in a hurry with
Brian and the other guys including Kevin on his tail. However they were all
too late catching up to Nick since he got in his car then drove off in a
hurry forgetting to put his seat belt on. Five minutes later Kevin and the
other guys hear a car honking then a crashing sound five minutes after that.
Justin Timberlake whom had honked his horn had ram right into Nick head on.
Justin who is hurt but is able to get out of his car to check the other
car that had flipped upside down. When he gets there he is shocked at whom
was at the wheel of the car. "Nicky, Oh my god!" Justin screamed as he took
him out of the car and walked away from it because it's about to explode.
Once in the ditch Justin held the man of his dreams. "Juju, I hurt." Nick
said weakly.
"I know you do, I'm going to call 911 and someone will save us."
Justin said then everything went black. Kevin finds the two injured men in a
ditch. Kevin takes out his cell phone then dialed 911. Two hours later a
doctor who operated on Nick for his spinal injury walked in the waiting room. "
Nick is paralyzed from the waist down, But we are hoping that this is
temporary and that he will be back on his feet as soon as the bruising to his
spinal cord heals and a lot of physical therapy. "Oh my god, Does Nicky know
of his condition!" Kevin shrieked horrified and terrified before the other
guys of his group can say a word "What about Juju?" Jc Chasez asked scared
before the other guys in his group can respond. "Justin has a broken arm
and a mild concussion, My main concern besides Nick being paralyzed is that
he slipped in a coma and we don't know when or if he will ever wake up." Dr.
Taylor said frowning. "Don't you say that, Nicky is a survivor and a
fighter!" Joey Fatone Jr shouted before Kevin can respond to that remark about
maybe not waking up. Two weeks later Nick still haven't waken up from his
coma. Justin has been there every day since he was released from the hospital
four days after the accident. "Please wake up Nicky, I love you so much."
Justin said frowning not knowing about Nick being paralyzed from the waist
down yet. "Care to share something with us Justin?" Kevin and Jc asked
shocked. "I'm gay and in love with Nicky, I wish he wake up Boo." Justin said

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