Riana's blackmailed into sex with a gross neighbor (doctor,porn,xxx)

Riana's blackmailed into sex with a gross neighbor

Riana was disgusted with herself. She was standing in front of Mr. Barnaby's door and she was already wet. It had been more than a year that he'd been blackmailing her with the pictures of her snorting cocaine - a habit that she had now quit, not wanting to risk any more trouble, but still something that could make her lose her scholarship, and her parents would flip... but that didn't mean that she had to already be turned on when she went over. Not that it mattered either way to him, he'd fuck her anyway, and he'd keep her there, playing with her, until she came. Just for the added humiliation.

As if having her gorgeous 23 year old body violated by a fat 45 year old wasn't bad enough. His potbelly disgusted her, the flabby man boobs were revolting, and she wanted to throw up whenever she looked at his back hair. But lately she'd been getting off more and more on the visits, sometimes he'd gotten her off three times before she left, without even trying, just while he was taking his own pleasure. It disgusted her, but it was even more horrifying to realize that she was wet and ready for him before he'd even started manipulating her body.

Mr. Barnaby opened the door, already naked with his huge paunch almost covering his rampant cock, it kept hitting the underside of his belly and if it hadn't been for the situation Riana would have found it hysterically funny. Instead she just remained stone-face as she stepped inside and he began to paw her body as she stripped. Immediately she walked into the living room, as always with him following her and groping her body, and she lay on her back on the floor with her legs spread.

"Good, good," he muttered, eyeing her gorgeous body. Tanned, long, muscular but feminine with gorgeous curves... totally wasted on this fat slob. He was the kind of guy that would only see something as good as her naked if he watched expensive porn... and yet here she was ready to be taken by him, "But get on all fours... I want to do you from behind."

Riana winced, knowing that this meant he would eventually end up in her ass, something that she found disgusting anyway, but even more so because it was him. She felt his presence behind her, the heavy breathing that disgusted her, and she shuddered as he ran his hands over the fabulous curves of her ass. As always he took this to be arousal.

"Oh... my sexy little slut wants it..." his breath was heavy and she wanted to throw up just listening to him. Fingers pushed into her pussy, feeling the wetness, and she hated herself for being aroused in this situation. Especially because it only encouraged him, "Oh, slut's so wet... she wants my big fat dick."

That was the worst part of the situation, he really did have a big fat dick. Angry and purpled, veiny, not a great specimen to look at, but it was big. If it had been small maybe this wouldn't be so bad, maybe she wouldn't cum so often... but she did. It felt good inside her, even though she despised the man it was attached to, even though she wished she'd never seen it.

His fingers pumped in and out of her, claiming her pussy as his own. When he pulled them out he wiped the juices across her lower back, then rested his hands on her hips, pushing his dick up against her wet pussy. Riana bit back a moan as he pushed in, his dick stretching her obscenely, her pussy sucking him into her body... it felt good. It felt hot and big inside her... pushing deeper... when he was about halfway in he had to pause for a moment to lift his belly up, resting it on top of her ass. More nausea that had to be swallowed and ignored, feeling him on top of her like that. He leaned forward as he began fucking her in earnest, reaching around to grope her breasts, tugging on her nipples and making them hard as he rolled them between his fingers.

As always, Riana tried to ignore the pleasure in her pussy, the way her nipples tingled as they were toyed with, she fought the arousal that was building inside of her. It helped that his breath was gross and hot on her neck, his weight heavy on her arms, the disgusting noises he made as he violated her. But he'd been fucking her for awhile now and he knew exactly how to play her body, pushing one way and then another, rubbing up against her pussy lips, twisting her nipples and squeezing her whole breasts...

When he felt her pushing back against him slightly he began really fucking her hard, slamming into her body and almost pushing her towards the ground. The upper half of Riana's body collapsed, her forearms holding her up with her ass in the air, while the older man wheezed and thrust behind her. She almost felt like sobbing as her orgasm began to build, knowing that he could feel it.

A cry of pure despair as he pulled out of her pussy and began forcing his way into her ass... she hated it when he made her cum while he violated her asshole, the most grotesque thing that he ever did to her.

"So hot... So tight..." he grunted, making her feel sick to her stomach as his dick lunged into her tighter hole, filling her uncomfortably. One of his hands latched onto her pussy, rubbing against her clit so that her oncoming orgasm couldn't subside. Riana moaned, her ass clenching pleasurably around his dick.

It was like beauty being fucked and violated by a beast, she was so young and gorgeous... she could see it in her mind's eye as she was raped, her ass plundered by an old, fat, pervert. Sobbing, she threw her head back and cried out her orgasm, her hair flowing over her shoulders as she shuddered and came. Mr. Barnaby felt her ass ripple around his dick, excited he made a sick squealing noise and fucked her ass even harder, knowing she was cumming with his dick up her ass. When he came, it flowed into her asshole, his deposit of perversion into her body.

When Riana left, it was with his cum dripping out of her asshole. As always he made her give him a passionate kiss before she went, pretending that she liked his slobbery lips and thick tongue, submitting to his hands running over her body and under her clothes, finger wiggling in her pussy as his tongue pushed down her throat.

Shuddering, she ran from the hated house, her ass burning with its violation. Fortunately he hadn't been able to do more than that to her today... it was a much shorter visit than usual. She had to visit the shower... her pussy was burning with the need for another orgasm. There was something wrong with her... there had to be.

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