Sara and Kim, lesbian perversion story (bizarre,lesbian,dirty,pee,pissing)

Sara and Kim, lesbian perversion story

Sara raised her head sleepily from her chest. She had come home from
work, made herself a quick sandwich and her a couple of glasses of wine and
collapsed, not having bothered to change out of her work clothes onto the
sofa. She could feel her silk blouse gathered up under her armpits and the
under-wire of her bra pressing into her substantial chest. Her short
pleated skirt had risen up her thighs, exposing her stockings and
suspenders with a hint of her white panties just visible. What was that
noise she thought to herself. It sounded like a scratching noise on the
door to the apartment she shared with Kim. She sat upright, wiped a strand
of hair away from her face and made to straighten out her clothes in case
it was Kim returning with company. Abruptly, the door to the apartment
flew open and her flatmate staggered in, obviously the worse for wear from
drink, waved hello to Sara and lurched across the sitting room in the
general direction of the bathroom. Sara grinned to herself. Both she and
her flatmate were secretaries, working for rival law firms and she knew
that Kim had had to stay late at work and help out with a company function.
It looked like it had gotton out of hand. As she saw Kim stagger across
the floor she gave an adoring glance again at her flatmates figure. Both
women were divorcees in there mid-thirties who were possessed of a fuller
figure. Where Sara had dyed her light brown hair blond years ago, Kim had
the natural flame red hair of her youth, which was mirrored with silky
white skin As Sara watched Kim enter the bathroom, she saw her raise her
short skirt and start to lower her panties in preparation for sitting on
the loo. As she tried to lift one leg out of her panties, she stumbled and
fell forward across and into the large bath which was on the far side of
the bathroom wall and struck her head a glancing blow on the tiled wall.
She gave a grunt and collapsed with her upper body face down in the bath
leaving her buttocks and legs obscenely perched on the edge of the bath,
presenting Sara with a view of Jim's exposed vagina and anus, framed by a
white suspender belt on the top and white lace stocking tops underneath.
She noticed that her friend a few wisps of red pubic visible on her labia,
the outer part of which had two rings on either side and a stud in her
clitoris. As her eyes travelled up to Kim's anus she was staggered to see
that her friend had inserted in her hole a flesh coloured butt-plug. She
could see that as her friend relaxed in her predicament, it was starting to
ease its way out and as it gradually down she could see brown shit stains
along its sides. Even as Sara had run over to help her friend she could
help but be stimulated by the sight as it was what she had dreamed of for
six months, ever since they had moved in together. Sara had thought that
she had always preferred men, except for one incident a long time ago when
she was at school, but the sight of Kim had always aroused erotic thoughts
in her and it had coincided with her starting to read adult fiction on
line. The more she read the more she had turned to exploring the fetish
lesbian fiction to be found and had imagined her and Kim doing some of the
wilder sexual acts together. Sara knelt behind her friend with the intent
of first untangling the knickers which were caught around her feet so that
she could help her to get upright. As her knees hit the ground she became
aware that her face was directly behind Kin's vagina, which she could see
was starting to leak some white fluid. My God she exclaimed to herself
'was it semen, what on earth has she been up to'? She called out to her
friend, 'Are you okay sweetie', only to receive two grunts in reply that
sound like 'my head hurts' and 'need a pee'. As she looked down to see if
she could help remove her friends panties from her feet, a spurt of bright
yellow pee suddenly flew out of Kim's crack and hit her full on the face,
cascading down her white blouse and soaking through to her bra. The action
so astounded Sara that her immediate reaction on feeling moisture on her
lips was to was to licks them. She became aware that rather than tasting
disgusting as she had expected, she found the taste rather compelling, just
like in the stories she had read. She felt herself getting moist and hoped
for more. She became conscious of another moan and scrambled to her feet
to examine Kim. It was clear that she hadn't lost consciousness but that
she was very drunk and would have a huge bruise on her forehead in the
morning. As she stroked Kim and asked if she was okay, she saw that Kim
was about to throw up. She stood behind her and grasped her by her stomach
so as to lift her out of the bath but it was no good. Kim was a dead
weight, probably around 160 lbs, and although likely to be uncomfortable
was not in necessarily the wrong place for what she needed to do. 'Bowl'
she heard Kim mumble. 'I'm going to Pee' Sara dashed to the kitchen, found
a bowl and had just got to her knees underneath Kim's vagina when she let
go another stream of pee, which this one again hitting Sara right between
the eyes. Sara gasped and opened her mouth and as the stream continued,
drank a whole mouthful. As she saw Kim's labia move for another stream,
she moved forward to placed her mouth almost upon her friends cunt and go
the full blast of pee in the back of her throat. She swallowed as quickly
as she could, conscious of the fact that it could dry up soon. She could
feel the sexual excitement rise in her at what she was doing and she tore
off her blouse so as to mop up any surplus drops for later. She noticed
through her white lace bra that her large nipples were rock hard erect and
starting to lactate, a sure sign for her of her arousal. As she noticed
the pee decline she saw Kim's buttocks tense and a loud fart erupted from
her anus which spat out the butt plug onto Kim's lap. At the other end,
Sara heard Kim vomit a little into the bath and give another moan.
Thinking that Kim would be preoccupied, Sara leant forward and gave her
cunt a lick. She had seen some big globules of semen attached to Kim's
pubic hair and was determined to not let them go to waste. As she withdrew
she had another dirty thought and raised her mouth up to Kim's anus. She
saw that Kim had a bright ring of brown fluid around her ring which had
probably just been farted out she thought as she stroked her tongue over
the dirt box. As with the pee, she found the scat taste strangely
attractive and found herself inserting her tongue into Kim's anus for more.
She was swiftly rewarded as Kim suddenly opened up her anus and eased out a
large brown log into Sara's waiting mouth. Sara had seen girls do this on
the internet and had opened her mouth wide so as to take the whole load in.
As it filled her mouth, Sara started to chew quickly and found the taste
not as bad as she had imagined but also very erotic. As she chewed and
swallowed, she massaged one of her breasts, spraying milk over Kim's anus
and started to stroke her pussy through her panties. As she inserted a
couple of fingers into herself she allowed a little pee to escape from her
hole onto the bathroom floor. As she hit her orgasm, she stuffed part of
her blouse into her mouth so as to stifle the scream she would otherwise
have made. As the waves of sensation began to subside she used her blouse
to dry off her vagina and breasts and, mischievously, wiped it also over
Kim's anus and vagina so as to smear her fluids over it as well.

Sara spent the rest of the evening putting Kim to bed; she had to wait
an hour or so for her friend to recover sufficiently for her to be able to
haul herself out of the bath and be helped into her bedroom where she let
Sara help her take off her top garments, leaving her in her stockings,
suspenders, panties and bra. As she stood there in her underwear, Sara
couldn't but marvel at her friends figure. Kim was blessed with being
sufficiently tall to be able to take a fuller figure and still look
incredibly attractive. She had large breasts (around 42 J or K Sara
judged), very full areola with large nipples that Sara longed to suck, full
hips with little cellulite and a stomach that had only started to get a
minor line of fat around it's middle. Her face was angular with large eyes
set above a little upturned nose and wide mouth with big fat lips. Given
their similarities, it was not surprising that the women were often
mistaken as being sisters. As Sara reached behind Kim so as to undo her
bra she gave a moan and lurched against Sara, squashing there two sets of
tits together in the process. As both women were just dressed in their
underwear (Sara had taken off her skirt in the bathroom as it was drenched
in pee), Sara felt Kim nipples press hard into her own and became aware of
Kims face only a couple of inches away from her own. 'Come on, let's get
you into bed' she gasped and by grasping Kim around the waist, and pressing
her own body against hers, she manhandled Kim so that her back was to the
end of her bed and she then pushed back so that Kim fell straight onto the
covers. She went round to the side of the bed, pulled Kim up to her
pillows and as she leant across Kim to pull the covers over her, felt Kim
turn over toward her and was conscious of Kims mouth being only a couple of
inches away from her breasts which were swaying below her in her loose
fitting bra. What the hell she thought and lowered herself down a little
so that her breasts made contact with the side of Kim's face and her
nipples were near Kim's mouth. She could already hear Kim snoring and so
moved her hand to her breast and lowered the bra cup of each breast so that
her nipples were exposed and gently guided the right one to Kim's mouth,
which was slightly open, on account of her snoring. As she rubbed it over
Kim's mouth, she felt Kim automatically purse her lips over the nipple and
start to suckle like a baby, being rewarded fairly quickly with a strong
stream of milk. Sara had been lactating for just over a year, ever since
the birth of her baby son who had died shortly afterwards from pneumonia.
Sara had continued encouraging her lactate with a breast pump; she had felt
it made her still feel like a mother but she had never breast fed her child
as he had only survived for a few hours. Now, as Kim suckled away she felt
a deep warm feeling inside her and an eroticism which yesterday she could
only had dreamt about. As she felt her milk subside, she raised herself
and saw Kim turn over again to lie on her back. Sara felt herself going
wet again and reached down to her cunt to smear her fingers with some of
her own juice. Rather than raise it to her own mouth, which had been her
initial intention, Sara suddenly had another idea. She moved her damp hand
to Kim's mouth and gently smeared it over her lips. Kim automatically
licked her lips, drawing Sara's thick cream into her mouth. Sara repeated
this until she felt herself go dry and made sure that she smeared some over
Kim's top lip where she didn't naturally lick herself. She was excited at
the thought that Kim may get subliminal messages about liking the smell of
Sara's love juice and Sara intended to ensure that over the next few days
that Kim would get ample chance to smell her juices throughout the day.
Sara returned to the bathroom and took the damp and stained blouse into her
own room to dry off in her own bathroom; she had plans as top how to use
the blouse in the future. She returned back to the main bathroom and
cleaned up the rest of the mess and made her way back to Kim's room where,
on seeing that there was space in Kim's large bed for her, laid beside Kim
and snuggled up to her. She wasn't worried about Kim finding her there;
she planned to explain that she was worried about Kim and felt that she
should be with her throughout the night. Sara woke up early, just as the
dawn chorus was beginning to subside and returned to her room to take the
now dry blouse off her towel rail and put it in her dirty linen basket.
Before she did, she could help but note the aroma's coming from the garment
and she caught a sight of herself in her full length mirror. Her panties
were pushed to one side and she could see her bushy pubic hair cascading
out, with just a faint outline of her labia visible. Her large 42J breasts
swayed against her bra and she reache up and squeezed them together,
getting excited herself by the side of the enormous cleavage that was
displayed. She let one hand fall to her side and moved her fingers across
until they could stroke her clitoris through her panties. She felt it rise
up under her touch and pretty soon was putting first one ,then two anf then
three fingers inside herself as she masturbated. She sat on the end of her
bed and spread her legs wide so that she could place her fist inside
herself, until she came with a frenzy. As she gathered her breath, she had
a dirty thought and walked over to her linen basket and, retrieving her
blouse from last night, used it to wipe herself off. This could be my
wank-rag she thought to herself as she laid on her bed, closed her eyes and
sank into a deep sleep.

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