School sex (Fiction, Male/Female, Mature, Oral Sex, Romance)

School sex

Senior year, prom is right around the corner and here I was, the new guy, my dad was relocated...Well, because of me, I try hard not to make it difficult for him,you know my mom left when I was six and it always been him and me. We had to move because I got in this huge fight against two black kids and since none of them was the principal’s nephew, well you can guess.

My dad didn't congratulate me in front of the principal, but he wasn't mad at me since those two suckers were bullying an asian freshmen, and since I can't stand it, well I just prevented them to put the poor kid’s head in the toilet and I basically just threw a punch to one and shove the other to get to the scared kid.

Then after some threats, we ended up in the principal's office and the nephew said I called him a “nigger” which I never used and it escalated from there. After an exchange of harsh insult between dad and the principal, my dad decided we’d move. The funny thing is that my godfather, is as black as the night. Go figure, maybe he should have come instead of my dad, who knows.

So, like I said, here I was sitting, alone, on a table drinking a soda in the lunch area looking at people with my shade on, diverting my attention away from a book I had to read for my history class. I was alone by choice, I mean in less than a month it’s gonna be summer and then, college so why bother trying to get in a clique?

When I noticed the douche squad, I returned my attention to my book. The usual posse, a quarterback, a wide receiver and the dumb linebacker, funny thing is I am probably better than them, but I hate the concept of football, I'm a baseball chump. Of course, among them you have the cheerleading squad following like they were gods.

That is when my heart stopped, there was this blond girl again, she was so...it's hard to explain she is gorgeous and looks sweet and innocent, I’ve seen her a few time in the hallways or near the lockers and we have a few classes together. She always smiled nicely to me. I saw QB grabbing her ass and kiss her. I say kiss but it looked more like he was sucking her up, nope she didn’t seem to enjoy it either.

Our eyes meet and she quickly looked down at her feet, and I returned my attention to my book, then someone flipped my book, I sighed and looked up. It was Mr QB putting his face right at mine, our nose almost touching. I raised a brow and sighed again.

QB: “Dafuq you looking at faggot?”

Nice vocabulary I thought.

Me: “Right now? your ugly face champ.”

The oohs, and the aaahs emanates from the crowd surrounding us. Didn't take much to attract a crowd, it was a boring small town after all.

QB: “You're looking at my girl fag?” Wow much intelligence in that one I thought.

Me: “If I am a fag, why do you care if I looked at her, shouldn't you be worrying that I am looking at cha now?”

Some people laughed some chicks giggled but for the first time I hear her voice.

Girl: “Kevin, stop, leave him alone ok? Let's just go eat.”

Her voice was soft and sweet, hard to describe but I could listen to her all day and night long. Of course QB Kevin didn't want that.

Kevin: “Shut up Becky, I’m talking to him, I'm not done with you, imma bust your ass for lurking at my girl like a fuckin pervert.”

Words and threats, wow, things never changed all I was doing, was reading a book, why does trouble always finds me?

I slid down from the table and shook my head ignoring him, I bent down to grab my book but his girlfriend did it and handed it to me.

Becky: “Here, sorry about him”

She smiled and I couldn't stop looking at her piercing blue eyes, that girl was perfection, why was she with that dumbass? Probably a strong case of opposite attracted. Before I know it, Mr Linebacker tackles me to the ground, well I think that's what he had planned but I just ended up a few feet away on my two feet looking at him and shaking my head.

Me: “Seriously? Big mistake really big big mistake.”

I was seriously pissed off, because when he pushed me away I bounced on Becky and she fell down hard, so seeing that his dumbass boyfriend wasn't helping her, I did, I extended my hand and she took it and I helped her up, saying I was really sorry. And then the LB and WR grabbed me. I lost it.

I know I promised my dad that I wouldn’t get in trouble, I will not let them morons fuck me up, I guess I will go easy on them, and by easy I mean fast. When I was ready to strike my gaze crossed the Becky girl and I sighed, ok, I guess she made me go all soft, so I was ready just to block or dodge whatever they had in store for me.

Anyway, to make a long story short, a teacher came by and dispersed everyone as the bell rang. QB Kevin was looking at me with fire in his eyes, probably because him and his buddies couldn’t scare me or bully me. I looked at him and shook my head with a slight grin.

When his posse and him were inside, I felt a hand taking mine and when I looked up from the hand, There she was, the beautiful Becky. She smiled and whispered “come”. I was more than happy to oblige. we ran away to a park, a few street from the school building. she sat down on a swing. and I took one next to hers. I was all silent because obviously I was intimidated, I mean, I never felt like that for a girl before, never felt something close to that either.

“You are a total mystery to me.”

She said chuckling. I had no idea why she made me come here and I was also clueless about what the hell she meant.


That was it, bravo Scott, you won the prize for the best pick up line in the history of dating. I sighed.

“I know, you’re wondering what am I am doing with a jerk like that, hell I kept asking myself the same question, but it’s over now, I broke up with last week but I guess he didn’t get the memo.”

She said, swinging slightly, looking at her own feet. I don’t know why but we both seemed to be too shy to say anything, me I especially didn’t want to say something corny or out of line.

God she is beautiful, she wasn’t wearing anything special she didn’t need to, no matter what she would be wearing, she was the one who made the clothes sexy, not the other way around. She was wearing a green and blue skirt, you know, those that looks scottish, and a white blouse where you could see a little bit of cleavage, nothing major, just sexy as fuck.

We did some idle chat for about forty-five minutes speaking mostly about why I was here and it switched to our college choices and i had a huge smile when she told me that she was accepted to Harvard in law because I was going there in medicine.

“wow, I can’t believe it, I didn’t picture you as the studying type.”

she said giggling while twisting her hair around her fingers. she smiled to me and noded. I shrugged and shook my head, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

“Is your boyfriend going there as well?”

It was a stupid question but I asked, I wanted to know why she was still hanging with him and his posse, I knew I should've asked directly but in a way I wanted her to confirm it.

“look, I told you that we were over me and Kevin, he keeps following me around acting like I was his property, and it’s freaking me out.” She looked kind of sad after stating that, and I placed a hand on her lap, just on top of her hands.

“I Don't mean to sound arrogant, but you can hang out with me if you want. I doubt that he will like it, but, contrary to popular belief, I can defend myself.”

I told her calmly, and she smiled and nodded, I sure am glad that I didn’t say that I would destroy them if they try anything, but, then again, not my style, I don't pick on people but they sure seem to like picking on me.

The sky was grey and the air seemed heavy, and after about fifteen minutes, it started raining, and I mean pouring. Becky took my hand again and started running towards some houses.

“Let’s go to my house, it’s right over there.”

With the rain pouring down, her blouse was now transparent, and since I have been having fantasies about her, I was starting to feel bit aroused.

We arrived on her porch a few minutes after, a little bit out of breath and a big lot of wet. She grabbed her keys and unlocked the door, she motioned for me to get in, and I obliged, and she came in right after me, locking the door behind me.

Instincts took over and I moved to her, placing my hands on her hips and pulling her against me. My hand slowly sliding to her belly which made her tilt her head to the side. I jumped on the occasion and I started to gently and softly kiss the side of her neck. She moaned softly as her hands moved on top of mine, pushing them down a bit.

As one of my hand reach for the helm of her skirt, I started to nibble on her ear. She moaned again, a little bit louder, my right hand was now under her skirt, pressing against her mound, rubbing against it. Her left hand reached behind my head while I kept kissing her neck more hungrily.

Her right hand was pressed against my crotch and my now fully erected dick. Both of my hands moved to cup and massage her breast for a few seconds and that was when she turned around and smirked. She seemed as hungry as I was.

She jumped in my arms and I caught her, her legs were wrapped around my waist and her arms around my neck. She kissed me tenderly, and I was returning it as tenderly, nothing feral, it felt like, like love, like two long time lover that hadn't seen each other for a long time.

I held her with my hands under her butt, being careful to not break my first kiss with her. She giggled at my attempt while I walked aimlessly to find a spot to lay her down. While still giggling, we broke the kiss and she pointed upstairs and pressed her lips on mine again. I walked up the stairs slowly, trying not to drop her or fall back. I was happy to be strong enough to carry her, but I must admit she was as light as a feather.

Since I was as clever as Sherlock Holmes, I assumed that the door with her name on it was her room, I struggled a bit to entered and closed the door with my foot after I was in. She let go of me before I could lay her down. She smiled softly, god her smile was so hypnotic.

I sat down on her bed and she came between my legs and took my face in her hands and she gave me the softest, sweetest, most lovingly kiss I ever had in my life. She moved a bit and managed to sit on my lap, breaking the kiss a few seconds to grab some air, only to return her lips to mine as quickly as she could.

I started to undo her blouse and kiss my way from her lips to her throat, moving my lips to the side of her neck and to her shoulder blade when I removed her blouse. She wasted no time and moved her hands to unclasped her bra. I took the opportunity to remove my shirt and threw it on the floor.

She stood up and looked at me teasingly as she removed her skirt and panties simultaneously. I was in awe, her body was perfection, her stomach was firm, her breast weren't gigantic melons, no they were perfectly perky. She has a small tattoo of a cross on her left hip.

I looked up and she was blushing, chewing on the corner of her bottom lip. Now my cock was straight up throbbing, if I didn't knew better it would be close to exploding. She pulled me up by grabbing my belt and she undid it and unzipped my jeans. She looked down at my cock, and her eyes were roaming all over my body.

One thing I must mention, when I was six, I was caught in the crossfire of two rivals gang and I received two bullets to my left side. So there are two scars that has the shape of an X. Also genetic was good to me, I have an athletic built, abs and all, and I am quick on my feet and strong. My dick is not 12 inches but a solid 7, can't have it all now can I.

She slightly ran her fingertips on my scars, and then moved closer to kiss me. My hand were roaming slowly on her back and on her perfect ass as well. My cock was pressed against her stomach and one of her hand reach down to stroke it slowly, every movement of ups and downs sent a bolt of pleasure through my body.

She broke the kiss and pushed me on de bed, so I was now sitting on the edge of the bed and she came back on my lap, pressing on my shoulder to make me lay down, which I did. She positioned herself to straddle me and she took my cock in her hand and she rubbed the tip against her entrance, and I could feel she was as eager as I was. She then lower herself on my cock and putted her hands on my chest, moving her hips slowly and teasingly up and down tightening her vaginal muscle, making me go crazy.

I didn't want to pound her, I wanted to make love to her longer and slower than a quick bang, but the way things were going, I would cum in seconds. I moved myself so I was now sitting and moved my hands on her ass to help her move up and down. We were both moaning, on the edge of cumming.

“Oh Scott! Don't stop, please don't cum yet!”

Her moan became longer and her hips were moving faster, her hands that were on my back, started to claw against my skin, not painfully, but it was a hint that she was close, not that I was an expert, but I felt it, and I was about to cum too.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuck!”

She bit the side of my neck while she was cumming, and then kissed me hungrily moaning against my lips as she climaxed. She stopped moving, her body shivering of pleasure against mine and that's when I came, and I came hard as never before.

“Ahh Becky, I’m sorry….so...sorry!!”

She giggled as she rested in my arms, her head on my shoulder kissing my neck or my cheek every now and then.

“Sorry? Wow, it...it’s the first time a guy made me cum, you are only my second one but still….wow I loved it, I think I could get hooked on that, and I am already hooked on you.”

I closed my eyes and held her tight against me. When I opened them, There was Kevin, his face red of rage and that's when he pulled up a 9mm gun.

Keys: Fiction Male/Female Mature Oral Sex Romance

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