SCHOOLGIRL'S FIRST DATE (schoolgirl,sexy,stories,free,young,teen)


Exquisitely pretty little twelve-year-old Julie Miller smiled coyly at her new boyfriend as she slowly opened the topmost button on the front of her crisp white blouse.

Billy drooled and watched closely as Julie's delicate fingers moved lower and lower down the front of her tight blouse, lingering tenderly at the button that held the material closed over her sweetly formed young tits.

"Come on, baby!" Billy whispered, his voice quivering with excitement.

"Now, if you're going to get all bothered about this, Billy, I'll just have to button myself right back up!" Julie said, pursing her full wet lips and slipping the button back through the buttonhole.

"Oh, Julie!"

"Then behave yourself! I told you I would give you a look! But that's all! Now stop that drooling and just watch!"

Billy nodded eagerly, wiped his sweaty palms hard over his knees. His eyes dropped to the small bulges of the pre-teen's breasts.

Julie settled herself back against the car seat, wet her lips again, then freed the button once more. She was just as excited as Billy was, sitting here in the back seat of her big brother's car. Jerry, the youngster's brother, had finally been persuaded to take his little sister along to the drive-in. He was not happy with the job and had secretly arranged with his girlfriend that she would drive her car and park in the back row at the far end. Then, after Jerry drove the two little kids into the drive-in, he would leave them alone in his car and hop over to Ellen's. This arrangement had worried Julie at first, because she didn't really know Billy all that well, but when Jerry promised to park only a few cars away and in the same row, she agreed.

And the idea of being alone with Billy, one of the most desirable boys in school, was very exciting to her! Imagine! Little Julie and Big Billy! His reputation was well established among the older girls! Macho man! Hung like a horse! Well, maybe it was true that Julie didn't really understand what "hung like a horse" meant, but the other girls had sure been impressed when Julie had told them that Billy had asked her out for a date!

Donna, one of Julie's best friends, had taken her aside during lunch period and tried to explain about Billy.

"Julie, are you nuts?"

"Huh? What are you talking about, Donna?" Donna clutched at her friend's upper arm, making Julie wince.

"Are you stupid, girl? Billy Powers is a sex maniac!"

Julie yanked her arm out of Donna's hurting grip.

"You're the one who's nuts, Donna!"

"Oh? You better ask Norma whether I'm nuts or not! She can tell you all about him! And I mean ALL!"

Julie pouted her lovely lips and creased her brows in a pretty frown. She whirled away from her friend and sat down on the cement steps leading down toward the football field behind the school.

"Okay," she said. "Tell me about him."

"I don't know," Donna admitted, sitting down beside her young friend, and taking her upper arm in both her hands, and pulling Julie close. "But Norma told me some absolutely terrible things about him."

Julie tried to pull her arm free, but only halfheartedly. She liked Donna a lot, and sometimes she even liked the other girl's gentle caresses, her delicate touches -- but right now all she wanted to do was hear about Billy Powers.

"Are you going to tell me or not?" she insisted, offering her arm in exchange for the secret information.

Donna stroked Julie's bare skin with her fingertips, just barely touching, tickling, loving.

"Norma told me Billy wanted to..."


"Billy wanted her to let him... tie her up!"

Julie's head jerked back, causing her long thick blonde hair to fall down over her pretty face and shoulders.


"Yes! He wanted to tie her up! And you can just imagine the things he wanted to do to her after he had her like that!"

Julie kept the frown on her face, her lips twisted up on her face as she considered what she'd just been told. She wasn't sure she understood it right.

"What's wrong with that?"

"With what?" Donna asked. She was stroking Julie's bare arm with her cheek, now.

"With letting him tie her up?"

Donna pulled her head away from Julie's arm and stared at her friend in open astonishment.

"What's wrong with it? If a girl lets a man tie her up, she'll let him do... anything else he wants, too!"

Julie made a face at Donna.

"Oh, poop! You don't know anything! And Norma is a crazy bitch!"

"Julie!" Donna shrieked. She hated that kind of language. It upset her terribly, and to hear her best friend talk like that was doubly upsetting to the youngster. She leaped up and glared down at Julie.

"I suppose you'd let him tie you up?"

Julie was angry now, too, and without really thinking about her answer, she leaped up and shouted loudly at Donna. "Yes, I would! And a lot of other things, too!"

And Donna turned and ran away, tears running down her cheeks. She hid in the girl's bathroom, and wept her heart out, so terribly afraid for her friend, and afraid that Julie really would let Billy have her virginity. And that was the first time in her life poor little Donna realized she wanted Julie's virginity! That she loved Julie!

She wept harder, and wasn't even aware of the arm encircling her shoulders until a quiet voice whispered in her ear, "Oh, Donna. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Donna twisted and turned until she was fully in the arms of her girlfriend, and she gulped hard and sniffed back her last tears, then slowly and tentatively brought her lips close to Julie's, her young heart pounding wildly in her tiny chest. Julie was confused, but felt a strange sensation growing stronger inside her body, deep inside her heart and even deeper inside her... cunny!

And she moved her head forward the slightest bit, to touch her full lips against Donna's thin lips. The two twelve-year-old girls kissed! But the touch of Donna's burning eager lips frightened Julie, and she jerked her head back, and gasped, "Oh!"

Donna tightened her grip around Julie's back, pulling their small bodies as tightly together as it was possible for them to get with their clothes on!

"Julie!" Donna burst out. "I love you!"

"No!" Julie cried, twisting her body out of Donna's arms and backing away, pressing the back of her arm against her lips, which were still moist with her girlfriend's saliva.

"Yes! I love you!"

Donna took a step forward, forcing Julie back another step. Julie found herself enclosed by the walls of the toilet stall. She glanced around quickly, then stared at the young girl before her. She was scared!

Donna lifted her hands in front of her, imploring her friend to understand her need, her love -- but it was a need and a love that she didn't understand herself! Her hands went up to her face and covered her eyes. She burst into tears.

When she lowered her hands again, Julie was gone.

And now, only a few hours later, here she sat in the back seat of her brother's car, unbuttoning her blouse for Billy.

The evening had gotten off to a very nice start. Julie had dressed in her prettiest Sunday dress, putting on her only pair of real stockings instead of those horrible pantyhose, and wearing a lovely black ribbon in her hair. As she put the black ribbon on, she felt a sharp twinge of pleasure rush over her nipples and she couldn't figure out why! It was a long ribbon, with two very long tails that hung down through her long blonde hair. As she drew it through her slender fingers, she recalled Donna's words about letting Billy tie her up.

And at that moment, she felt her nipples tingle! And she subconsciously rubbed her thighs tightly together between her nubile legs!

But the thought of Donna's words about Billy brought with it the mental image of her best girlfriend standing in the john, weeping, imploring...

Julie wet her lips and frowned. Then she shrugged and let the picture drift from her mind as she finished her preparations for her evening with Billy.

Her outfit consisted of a tight white blouse with a thin ruffle down the buttons and around the collar and wrists. A black skirt, cinched tightly at the waist with a black cloth belt, showed her long slim legs to best advantage. The skirt hung down to just above the little girl's sweetly dimpled knees. She wore her best training bra, the one with the sleek silken cups that fit so nicely over her just-budding mounds. Her panties were plain white cotton. She had not yet had her first period, so the panties had no extra material in the crotch. When she pulled them up tightly over her hairless little puffy pussy, every sweet detail could be seen!

Secretly she purchased a pair of flesh-tone stockings and a pretty white garterbelt. Julie hated pantyhose. She wasn't sure exactly why, but they felt so constricting on her long legs, and when she didn't wear them, the cool air felt so nice against her bare skin.

Julie's heart was pounding hard and wild, her blood racing through her veins, as she pulled the stockings slowly upward over her long strong legs and hooked them to the garterbelt.

She stood up and checked her appearance in the full length mirror on the inside of her bedroom door.

She arched her back and drew her shoulders back to accent the small upthrusting of her just-budding breasts. Wow! she thought.

She pressed her hands firmly against her tight tummy, feeling the taut muscles, then let her palms slide upward to the undersides of her breast-mounds. She moved her thumbs up over her nipples and wiggled them back and forth over the front of her blouse, feeling the sensation even through the material of blouse and bra, feeling the tingling wonderful warmth grow slowly, deep down in the core of her nipples!

Oh! she moaned to herself, closing her eyes and letting her head fall backward. She stood before her mirror, slowly massaging her small but beautifully formed young breasts, her eyes closed and her long hair dangling loosely behind her.

Mmmmmm. Her moan was low and throaty, like that of a full grown woman in heat! She rubbed her thighs together, feeling the moisture come out on her skin down there, and the funny tension grow stronger up inside her virgin cunny.

It felt so nice!

She began to press her palms harder against her breasts. Her tiny nipples were hard under her moving thumbs, and tickled and itched and begged for scratching and touching and pulling and... and... kissing!

She was lost in her own sweet feelings.

"You're one damned sexy little broad!"

Julie screamed, gasped, straightened quickly, and slapped both palms hard over her mouth. It was Jerry!

"How dare you come in here without knocking!?" Julie shouted at her older brother as she whirled toward him, blushing fully and feeling the hot flush of shame sweep over her entire body.

Jerry was leaning casually against the doorframe, smiling in a way that Julie had never seen before. He was staring at her in a new way, too. Julie wasn't too sure she liked it.

But she wasn't sure she didn't like it, either! She pursed her lips in anger at him, cocked her head, but he pushed himself away from the doorframe and stepped fully into the room.

"Damned sexy!"

"Oh, stop it! Jerry! Stop looking at me like that, or I'll... I'll..."

Jerry grinned broadly. "You'll what, little girl? Tell Mom? Tell her what? That you were standing there playing with your little titties?"

Julie blushed again, lowered her eyes.

"Hey, little sister! Maybe I'll be the one to tell! How would you like that, huh? Maybe I'll tell Mom what I just saw you doing to yourself! Shall I do that?"

Jerry moved further into Julie's bedroom, reaching out behind him to push the door shut. "Hey kid! Answer me! Shall I tell Mom what I saw you doing just now?"

Julie was backing away from him. Her eyes grew wide, her mouth dropped open.

"No, Jerry," she said very quietly.

Jerry stopped right in front of her. His lower chest pressed against the front of her blouse. Julie swayed backward a bit to avoid his touch. She kept her eyes lowered.

"'No, Jerry'?" he asked. He put his thumb under his chin and jabbed upward, forcing her face up.

Julie had been trained from birth to obey the men in her life. Her mother never gave her father the slightest hint of backtalk, and often Julie had heard her mother crying in the bedroom after her father had stormed out to the kitchen for another beer. "Jerry, please don't."

Jerry grinned down at the little girl. "Don't what, kid? I haven't done anything to you."

Julie gulped, but it hurt her throat from the position she was being forced to hold. Her eyes wide, she watched her brother's face. He was obviously considering his position with her. Just how much could he get away with, in this situation?

"It's almost time to go, Jerry," she said with difficulty.

He lifted his other hand and checked the time.

"You're right. It is," he said. Then he added, with a snort: "Almost!"

Julie sighed and closed her eyes, turned her head so that her brother's thumb wasn't shoved up under her soft chin flesh.

"You know, Julie, I wasn't too happy about taking you and your boyfriend to the drive-in tonight. I mean, I had some pretty nice plans for Ellen and me. Now you're ruined those plans, and I think you ought to... well... offer some sort of... let's call it 'compensation'... don't you?"

"Hey, I didn't ruin any plans!" the twelve year old complained. "You and Ellen will be all alone in her car, and you can do exactly the same thing you'd have done in your car!"

"Smartass, are you? You know what I mean, Julie. You and your boyfriend are getting a nice free evening, all alone, and all because of me. What do you say? A little compensation?"

He reached out and stroked Julie's pretty hair, fitting it behind her ear.

"What kind of... compensation?" the little girl said quietly.

Jerry shrugged. He bent his lips close exposed ear and whispered, "Let me watch you play with yourself!"

Julie twisted away, shocked.

"No!" she shouted, rushing around to the far side of her bed. "NO!"

Jerry laughed openly at his little sister's shocked expression. He walked over to the door and pulled it open. Rubbing his nose casually, he turned back and looked at the beautiful twelve-year-old girl.

"You better plan on it, baby girl," he said.


Once they found a stall in the back row at the drive-in, Jerry hopped out without a word and walked over the crunchy gravel to Ellen's car, leaving the two young people alone.

They were sitting in the back seat, separated by about two feet of empty space. As soon as Jerry left, Billy slid over next to Julie, slipping his arm around her shoulder and bending his elbow so that his hand hung limply down over the front of the little girl's chest.

Julie felt as though her heart were bursting through her ribcage, but she let Billy keep his hand where it was. She was afraid he would think she was a silly little dope if she made any move to protect her tits from his hands. And yet, she had never let a boy touch her there. She was nervous, excited, frightened, and very, very eager! She couldn't wait for Billy to touch her breasts, even through the material of her bra and blouse!

And she dreaded it!

She had only one recourse -- she grabbed Billy's dangling hand with both of hers!

Billy sighed, let his arm go dead-weight on the girl's shoulder. There was always his other hand. Billy cleared his throat and shifted his weight around, settling his body tightly against the girl's beside him, then placed his free hand on Julie's thigh.

Julie sighed, then bent her head to Billy's shoulder. She kept her legs pressed tightly together. She had no intention of letting him touch her there!

Her breasts were available, but not her cunny!

Not on her first date with the guy.

She felt his fingers trying to slide down between her thighs, pushing at the soft material of her skirt.

"Don't," she whispered.

"Okay," Billy said, removing his hand from her thigh as casually as he'd placed it there.

Julie didn't know whether to be thankful for his co-operation or disappointed by his seeming indifference to her body. His hand hadn't even made a move toward her tits. What was the matter with her? She nestled closer to him, frowning. She let her eyes focus on the huge movie screen outside.

The picture was just coming on.

The noise blared from the hundred speakers around them, but Billy made no move to pull their own speaker into the car.

Julie glanced up at Billy's face.

His eyes were glued to the screen. Julie pursed her lips in annoyance. She pulled his hand downward a little bit, and pressed it lightly against her breast, but he didn't notice. Julie returned her gaze to the movie.

She was getting upset, wondering just what was wrong with her that she couldn't keep Billy's attention, even by letting him touch her breasts, when the title of the flick flashed onto the screen: "SCHOOLGIRLS IN BONDAGE!"

Julie groaned silently, deep in her throat. Maybe Donna was right about this guy! She should have listened. Billy's eyes grew wide as the first part of the film began. Julie shook her head a bit, but decided her best course of action would be to watch the picture carefully and pick up some pointers on what exactly Billy liked.

After all, it was just tying girls up...

Wasn't it?

The pre-teen watched as the young actress on the screen walked slowly down the sidewalk, followed by a black van truck full of ugly men. They were pointing and joking about her sexy body, telling each other the vile things they would do to the girl if they got her alone.

The girl in the movie was wearing one of the shortest skirts Julie had ever seen. With every step, the cheeks of her ass peeped out from under the hem.

Billy was breathing funny.

Julie pressed his palm fully against her small mound of breast, then let her own hands slip down to her lap. She was trying to take his attention away from the events on the screen. His hand rested over her titty, but didn't move, didn't massage.

Suddenly, the girl in the movie was screaming wildly as the four men cut her off with the truck, leaped out and yanked her into the back of the van, and began binding her arms behind her back and stuffing a gag into her mouth.

Billy was almost gasping!

His fingers began subconsciously clutching and clawing Julie's breast. The pressure was more than the pre-teen wanted, and his fingers could really dig in hard, but at least he was doing it to her.

Julie desperately wanted Billy's full and complete attention, not his half-conscious molesting while he watched some young beautiful actress being tied up and -- oh my! -- stripped! The four men were ripping the girl's blouse open, cutting her bra away from her shoulders with an ugly-looking knife, baring her huge breasts!

And Billy was clawing at the buttons on the front of Julie's tight blouse!

"No!" she commanded him. Julie was pissed! She straightened up sharply, jerked her body away from Billy's, curled up tightly in the corner of the car seat, wrapping her arms around her legs and hugging herself hard.

"Hey! You crazy or something?"


"What the hell you pouting about? You're the one who put my hand on your tit, not me!"

"Oh, shut up!"

"Hey, you little creep! What the hell are you pulling?"

Julie glared at him for a moment, then jerked her head at the screen. "Watch your damned movie, creep!"

"Shit, Julie. What's the matter?" Billy's voice grew more gentle as his attention was drawn away from the action on the screen. He seemed to be really concerned about Julie. She relaxed a bit.

"I... I don't know, Billy," Julie remained curled protectively in her corner. She was about to cry, partly from disgust and partly from frustration.

"Hey, Julie. It's okay," Billy said, trying to soothe the girl. He slipped closer to her, encircled her small body with both arms and drew her tightly against him, stroking her soft long hair very tenderly and massaging her upper back.

Julie let her hand slip over to Billy's thighs but she brushed against... what? Something huge and hard in his pants! His... cock! His COCK! Julie gulped hard. His cock!!

Billy quickly shot his hand down to cover hers, to capture her delicate little hand there and press it down hard over his huge dick.

Julie tried to pull her hand away.

"No, do it. Come on, Julie. Do it." Billy slowly relaxed the pressure on the little girl's hand. Julie left her hand where it was, cupping the bulge in Billy's tight pants.

It was a totally new experience for Julie, and one she hadn't been fully prepared for. She had assumed that Billy would try something with her, and she was ready to let him play with her breasts, but she had never dreamed he would want her to play with him!

Her blood pounded madly in her veins. Her mouth and lips were dry, but her body was sweating. She felt so hot.

She gave the bulge a hesitant squeeze.

"Ouch!" Billy cried. He grabbed her hand away. "Bitch!" he shouted at her.

Julie cringed. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you, Billy."

"Well, damn it all, you better learn how to do this the right way, Julie."

Julie nodded. Billy slid back over to the center of the seat, spread his knees wide apart.

"Well, come here."

Julie moved out of her corner, but the baffled look on her sweet face told Billy that he'd have to direct her. It was a nice thought for him. He liked controlling girls. And he could sense that this one liked being controlled!

"Unzip my pants."

Julie frowned at him, but reached out a trembling hand and touched the zipper on Billy's pants.

"It's easy, Julie... just pull it down."

She struggled with the zipper with one hand for a moment, then had to use both hands. But she got the thing down. She could see the whiteness of Billy's underpants through the gaping opening in his pants.


"Huh?" Julie said.

"Take me out."

"Take you out?" Julie whispered.

Billy shook his head and snorted a brief laugh. Boy, was this one stupid!

"Yeah! Take out my prick!"

"Oh," Julie said very quietly. She stared at the whiteness inside Billy's pants. Then, very slowly, she reached down and opened the gap farther, slipping her one hand inside and fumbling around with the material of his underpants until she remembered what a boy's underpants looked like, recalled the slit in front...

She touched his skin!

"Oh!" she said, startled by the feel of Billy's hot, firm dick. Julie had seen a hard cock only once before. She had only seen her brother's cock a few times, mostly by accident -- though over the past few months she suspected he'd given her a few not-so-accidental shots -- and it had always been soft and dangling.

Billy's prick was rigid under the girl's fingers. He moaned as she touched it, fumbling it out through the slit in the underwear and exposing it to the warming air in the car.

My God! Julie gasped in her mind. What an incredible sight! The little girl held for the first time in her life the instrument of all her longing. She recognized it instantly. This was it!

"Wow!" she whispered loudly.

"Nice, huh?" Billy said, pleased with Julie's response to the size of his cock.

He was well hung, that was for sure! And he knew how to use the thing. He'd had six virgins, and he was only fourteen himself! He eyed little Julie's pretty face and puffy blouse front with a critical pleasure. He nodded, then let his head fall back against the seat as Julie began toying with the rod of hot flesh in her delicate hands.

"Do it, baby!" he said.

Julie looked at his face, but his eyes were closed. She was afraid of hurting him again, but something deep inside her told her she'd do all right. She returned her full attention to the prick throbbing in her hands. It was wonderful. So huge and hot, so fat and moist and smooth.

She was stunned to find herself getting into a position from which she could kiss it!


She looked it over closely, inspecting it thoroughly, moaning low to herself as she turned it this way and that in her hands, treating the living thing with the utmost respect.

Her hand seemed to wrap itself automatically around the thick shaft and begin to stroke gently up and down.

"Oh, yeah! Good! Come on, Julie! Do it all the way! Jack me off, baby!"

Jack me off? It was an expression the little girl had never heard before. Still, she understood what the boy wanted her to do for him. She increased her grip pressure and began moving her hand faster up and down along the shaft of Billy's huge prick. He moaned and groaned as his pleasure built steadily toward a magnificent climax. He was young and had not learned to control the rapidity of his coming. It didn't take long!

But Julie was an untutored expert at jacking him off! She released his cock and began playing with the sac of nuts as the base, toying with the skimpy pubic hair, tickling lightly over his soft balls.

Billy reached out blindly and grasped Julie's long blonde hair, dragging her face downward into the crotch of his pants, bumping her cheek against the tip of his cock.

At first, Julie started to protest, to pull away, but suddenly she let it happen, caught her breath as she felt the firmness of the prick against the softness of her unblemished cheek. Billy began thrusting his cock against Julie's face. The pretty pre-teen wet her lips and found herself sticking her tongue out to taste the side of Billy's cockshaft!

It tasted sweet and salty at the same time! Julie began slobbering all over the thing, wetting the hair at the base of Billy's cock, bobbing her beautiful face up and down along the side of the rod, and finally, without even thinking about what she was doing anymore, slipping her face up far enough to take the whole head of the dick into her hot, wet, virgin mouth!

She was sucking on the cock and bobbing wildly, her long hair falling down around the sides of her face, sucking and pulling at the cock head like a pro before she realized what was happening!

I'm sucking cock!


Her body was drenched with sweat inside the hot car, her face rushing madly up and down on the shaft in her mouth, Billy's fists clutched hard and deep into her long hair, and suddenly he shot his hips high, forcing his cock deep into Julie's tight throat, and shot his wad down her throat!

Julie gulped and gasped, struggling to free her face from the huge cylinder spouting thick come into her mouth, gasping for air!

She gagged on the thick gouts of hot, fresh come, but swallowed hard and fast to keep the stuff from spilling out of her mouth and onto her lovely dress!

And it tasted terrific! Julie had learned that she loved the taste of come!

Billy suddenly fell back onto the seat, his cock pulling out of the little girl's tight hot mouth with a loud pop!

"Oh, God!" Billy said, sucking in a deep breath of air.

Julie sat up on the seat, on her knees. She was very pleased with herself. She sat up, smiling at her boyfriend and wiping the last traces of his come from her full lips with her sharp little tongue.

Billy was exhausted. He looked at her and shook his head. "Baby, you are something else!"

Julie grinned. "Thanks!"

Julie watched as Billy's cock shrank back down to a normal size, lying flaccid on his pants.

"Better put it back inside, baby!" he said. Julie eagerly obeyed him, very carefully fitting the soft little thing back inside the underpants, then carefully zipping the pants shut.

"Man, that was great!"

"I'm so glad you liked me!" Julie said, extremely proud of herself.


Billy's head rolled aside and his eyes caught sight of the picture on the big screen again. He sighed deeply in pleasure, his hand reaching out to pat Julie's thigh under her skirt. Julie accepted his pat, like a well-loved dog might accept a pat on the head from its master. She sat staring at Billy's face while he watched the movie.

She noted his full attention to the action up there, his total absorption with the events of the movie. Slowly, she let her own attention drift to the screen, and began taking mental notes, glancing now and then toward Billy when she heard him moan or gasp at something that had just happened in the film. It was a highly enlightening session for the pre-teenager learning what would please her man, as she was beginning to think of Billy.

Only she wasn't certain that she could force herself to let him do to her what the men in the movie were doing to that poor young girl!

Oh, my golly!

SCHOOLGIRLS IN BONDAGE ended with the young girl smiling lustfully into the camera as her face was jerked backward and forward by the motion of the hard assfucking she was getting.

Billy took a deep breath as the screen went dark, and turned his head to look at Julie.

The pre-teen smiled weakly at the boy. Her pretty face was blushing, her whole body felt hot and constricted by her embarrassment at the subject of the film, the bondage and screwing of a young girl like herself!

"Good flick," Billy said.

"I guess so," Julie told him, shrugging a little.

The fourteen-year-old boy reached out casually and began rubbing the back of his hand over Julie's breasts, feeling the silken friction between her blouse and her training bra.

Julie hunched her shoulders, pulling her titties back away from the boy's touch.

"Hey, baby, after that terrific blow job, what's the hassle with a little feel?"

Julie blushed harder and moved again into her corner. She was having second thoughts about what she'd done with Billy's cock, taking it into her mouth and sucking it dry. She was absolutely certain her reputation as a "good" girl had been irrevocably destroyed by her behavior in the back seat of the car. Billy was sure to spread the word about the fine blow job he'd gotten from the little girl, and now it would haunt her for the rest of her life!

Julie felt like crying! What a vile thing she had done!

A few salty tears slipped from her big bright blue eyes and trickled down over her pretty cheeks.

Billy watched her without a word.

He didn't mind watching a pretty girl crying. He felt his prick rising as Julie's tears began to flow more freely down her face, dropping wetly onto the front of her tight white blouse over her little boobie mounds. As her blouse and bra became wet with her tears, Billy could see Julie's dark brown nipples!

Julie let her tears flow for a few more minutes, until she heard all around her the sound of the second movie coming on. Through her hands, she took a peek at Billy. He had turned his attention to the film, ignoring her tears and distress.

Oh, darn it all! she shouted in her mind. Why can't you take me in your arms and comfort me, you creep!

But Julie couldn't understand that Billy was no more familiar with how to deal with girls like her than she was with how to deal with boys like him.

Her tears subsided, she wiped her cheeks with the backs of her wrists, then, pouting very obviously and sighing loud and often, she crossed her arms over her chest and settled down in her corner, determined to watch the movie and totally ignore Billy, no matter what!

If he could treat her like this, she could treat him even worse! She could... well, she could... she didn't know what she could do to get even with him, but she began to think hard about the problem.

If Billy told stories about her behavior here, then she could tell stories about him!

Yes! She could tell the girls that Billy was off his cookies, that he wanted her to suck his cock -- and here she could make such a face of distaste and horror that the girls would simply have to believe her! -- but of course, she refused! And yes, Norma had told the truth, she would tell them. Billy wanted to tie her up and feel her up and make her do all sorts of Disgusting Vile Naughty Filthy Sexy things! But of course, she refused!


But as these thoughts began to take on clearer and clearer form, as her mind began to bring into focus the sharper details of what she could say, she found her nipples growing firm and hard and begin to tingle with such lovely pleasure!

And her little cunny began to leak such a sweet perfume!

She sighed loudly and glanced at Billy, hoping he was watching the sexy shifting of her long legs.

But he was staring wide-eyed at the film. On the screen, an incredibly beautiful young girl was hanging from the overhead beam in a dungeon, stripped to the waist, her lovely large knockers bouncing wildly with each hard blow of the torturer's thick whip!

And Billy was eating it up!

Little Julie could see the bulge throbbing in his pants!

Why wasn't he holding her? Why wasn't he trying to touch her tits or feel up under her skirt or even just kiss her? What the fuck was wrong with her!


She had never said that terrible word before!

But now, she whispered it again, very quietly to herself.


She lifted her right hand up and let her fingers stroke ever so lightly over the swollen little nubbin of her nipple! It sent electric shocks of pure sex ripping through her breast! Pure fucking sex! FUCKING! Come on, you stupid creep! Why the fuck don't you try to fuck my cunthole?

Julie tightened her thighs as hard as she could to feel the sweet sensations coursing into her clit, sensations that were compounded by the stroking and pulling and pinching of her fingers at her own tiny sensitive nipple!

She moaned, very quietly. Her long hair slipped back and forth over her shoulders as the little girl let her head roll from side to side, closed her eyes and brought her other hand up to her left breast and began massaging hard, clutching and cupping and mashing her small mounds hard in a rising frenzy of girlish innocent lust!

As her head turned in its rolling toward Billy, she blinked her eyes open very briefly, just to see if he was watching her yet, and was pleased to see that he was!

She parted her full lips a tiny bit and slipped her tongue out to wet them, keeping her sweet face turned toward Billy.

He was drooling!

It suddenly struck Julie that what she was doing here in the car, for herself and for Billy, was exactly what Jerry wanted to watch her do for him!

And the thought of having Jerry watch her caress her own little boobies -- maybe even her bare boobies! -- brought the little pre-teen to even greater heights of personal pleasure, pleasure that found its focus in both of her burning nipples and her tight seeping clit!

"Go, baby!" Billy whispered harshly. The violent action up on the screen had been completely forgotten by both young people.

"Oh, Billy!" Julie gasped. "This feels so good!"

"Let me!" he said, leaning toward her, reaching out for her breasts with both hands curled like claws!

"No!" she shouted at him. "You just sit there and watch!"

Billy was shaking with desire for this beautiful morsel of masturbating girlhood, but he forced himself to stay back, to only watch.

Julie was extremely pleased that she had taken the boy's attention away from the vicious whipping on the screen. Such painful torture really upset her and she didn't want that to ever happen to her!

She wanted this to happen to her!

Her own hands teasing her own nipples! And Billy, forcing her hands away, taking her tits in his hands and mashing and crushing them into mounds of aching lust!

But Billy was simply watching!

Damn you! Julie cried in her mind. Damn you, Billy! Take me! Make me! Force me!


The word, shouted madly in her brain and echoing loudly through the almost thoughtless haze of her rising sexual pleasure in her own breast massaging, startled the little girl, made her shudder at her own boldness, her blatant tease!

Her breathing was ragged.

Her heart was pounding with excitement!

Her nipples ached to be bared to the clawing scratching relief of the young boy's fingers!

And her tight virgin cunthole was steaming, dripping wet!

Julie felt the moisture seeping down along the bare skin of her thighs above the tops of the stockings, wetting her flesh with sweat and girlish lubrication, sweet smelling and slippery and wonderful!

She moaned, threw her head back against the seat and clutched her titties hard, finding her hard little nipple nubbins through the material of her silken bra and pulling them away from the softer plumpness of her small boobies and rolling them, pulling them, pinching them between her thumbs and forefingers.


Billy was gulping hard and literally drooling on himself with lust to feel his little girlfriend's titties, to see those sweet mounds bared, to suck them into his mouth and bite them and tongue them and tease them...!

But look! What the fuck was the kid doing now?

Julie was slipping her left hand slowly down the front of her tiny tight body, down over her taut tummy to the soft material of her skirt, downward over her firm thigh to the hem of the skirt, and under!

Under the hem of her skirt and rising, lifting the material as her hand moved higher up her thigh over the stocking to touch the hook and the strap of the garterbelt, to feel her own hot skin between the top of the stocking and the leghole of her pretty panties, to trace sweet patterns in the warm stickiness of her own juices that were spilling out of her virgin cunny, dripping and streaming and trickling down between her bare thighs!

She felt herself! She let her knees fall open, and pressed her hand upward against the front of her wet panties!

Her panties were soaked!

"Oh, God!" Julie moaned as her fingers touched the slick wet material over the entrance to her sex channel, touched and teased those two sweet puffy lips of her hairless box!

Julie spread her knees wide open, as far as they would open in the confined space in the back seat of the car, and pressed hard into herself!

Her juices squirted out of her cunt!

Her hand played and tickled at her clit, one finger pushing hard into the spongy softness of her tube, trying to force its way fully inside, but stopped by the net of panties covering her mound.

She shut her eyes tightly and gritted her teeth.

She felt her hips twitching, her spine and back tightening hard, her nipples swell to huge size, to the bursting point!

She was going to come! The little girl was bringing herself off!

She moaned! She gasped and twitched on the seat, flipping her skirt high on her thighs with her wrist as her fingers worked frantically to play her little piping clit to climax!

As the little girl worked herself up, she forgot entirely that she wasn't alone!

But Billy was right there!

He couldn't stop himself! He suddenly reached out and grabbed Julie's hand, yanked it out from under her skirt!

Julie screamed, "NOOOO...!" and she fought like a little hellcat to get her hand back to her trembling clit! She jerked and twisted her wrist out of Billy's tight grip and rammed her hand back under her skirt, her fingers jabbing and rubbing wildly at her cunnylips to get them open enough to feel her clit again!

And Billy was pulling her hand away again!


But Billy wanted that job for himself!

"Julie! Let me do it for you! Let me do it!"

"No! You don't know how!"

"Yes, I do! Let me show you!"

"Get away! I'm almost there! Oh! OH! It feels so fucking great!"

Her thighs were jumping wildly, her hips bouncing off the seat, the hem of her skirt flying up over her tummy, exposing her bare thighs and soaked panties!

Her legs were splayed widely open!

Her fingers were shoved deep into herself, probing the tight hole and pushing the panties inside her body!

Billy took a deep breath, grabbed the girl's shuddering thigh with one hand and her twisting, turning wrist with his other hand. He pulled her hand away.

Julie shuddered all over and opened her eyes wide in anger and frustration and glared at the boy. Her breathing was coming in terrible hard little gasps, her fully lips were pale and dry, her mouth wide open to reveal a straight line of beautiful white teeth.

Billy crushed his full weight down onto her, pushing her back onto the seat into an awkward position from which she couldn't possibly defend herself!

"No! Let me up! Don't touch me, you bastard!" the little girl shouted, struggling violently against the boy's probing, harsh, rough hand between her legs!

"Shut up! You fucking tease! Shut your fucking mouth and let it happen!" Billy shouted right back at her.

Julie gasped as she felt his fingers pulling at the panties that covered her twitching creaming twat!

"Damn you!" she screamed. But her hands clawed their way out from under her body and up over the boy's back to find his hair, and instead of forcing him away from her body, her fingers locked together in his hair and yanked his face down to her breasts.

Billy didn't hesitate for a second, but opened his mouth and took Julie's little breast fully into his mouth and bit down, chewing at the little girl's swollen nipple right through her tight white blouse and her silken cupped training bra!

"Ahhhhhh...!" Julie groaned with pleasure as Billy slid his index finger past the leghole of her panties and into her sticky hole, jabbing hard and painfully against her clit, then beginning to massage the soft nub more gently!

"Oh, yesssss..." she sighed quietly letting her hips take up the same motion as the sweet loving fingers on her pussy, rotating and rocking in time to Billy's firm, knowing touch!

"How did you know?" the girl whispered.

Billy didn't hear her. He was lost in his sucking at her blouse and bra and breast. The material was soaked with his hot saliva as he chewed and gnawed and ate at her boobie right through her clothing!

And his hand moved of its own accord, leading the way into pure bliss as Julie, eager and innocent and willing, followed!

"Do it! OH! OHHHHHHH! YESSSSSS!" the little girl's voice squealed loudly, her head thrown back as her slim hips lifted high off the seat, trembling and shaking, her legs taut and fighting to straighten out and lock her body into the arched position of love!

And Billy fought her back, losing his hand on her pussy, fighting to regain the inside of her panties, bobbing his head all over the front of her blouse to grab her other titty into his mouth, bouncing as she bounced beneath him!

"Damn it, girl! Stop fighting me!"

Julie clenched her jaws, her breathing coming in hard and painful little gulps and gasps as she tightened her whole body, trying so hard for her first boy-made climax!

"I'm not fighting... not... fighting you!" she forced out.

Her body had a will of its own, and it was struggling to get her into the right position!

She released her grip on Billy's head and raised her arms over her head, pressing hard against the side of the car to bring even more pressure to bear on her lust-swollen pussy lips, trying to force Billy's working fingers deep into her love channel!

Her blouse was pulled out of her skirt waist, and this exposed her bare belly. Immediately, Billy found this wide expanse of virgin tummy flesh and ducked his lips down to kiss and suck at the twelve-year-old navel!

It tickled!

"No!" Julie shrieked at him.

But boys will be boys, and Billy was no exception. He wanted her belly button and he would have it. His caressing hand shifted to the wrong position on her twat as he directed his conscious attention to the girl's sweet tasting tummy!

He sucked and slobbered all over her skin, then licked her salty sweat and his own saliva. Shoved his long tongue deep into her belly hole and tickled and tasted and teased her belly until she was groaning and pushing at his head, struggling under his heavy weight to get his hand back to her clit, and moaning and her twisting and grunting pounding at his back with two little feeble fists!

"Make me come! Damn you! MAKE ME COME!"

Julie was in tears now, her eyes flooding her cheeks with hot salt water as she shook her head from side to side in the most terrible burning itching frustration of her entire twelve year old life!


Julie was hysterical!

She wanted it so bad!

"FUCK ME!" she screamed at the top of her lungs!

She was bawling loudly, weeping and wailing her lust and virgin desire to be rammed deep and hard with a big prick!

She bounced and jerked her body all over the back seat of the car, crying and begging for cock, her arms high over her head... until she suddenly realized that Billy wasn't on top of her anymore!

Her body tightened, frozen utterly still. Slowly, she opened her eyes.

"Billy?" she whispered hoarsely.

"Huh?" Billy said casually. He was sitting calmly on the far side of the seat, pretending to watch the picture outside.

Julie struggled up into a sitting position, pushing her skirt back down over her bare thighs, and beginning to tuck her blouse back into the waist of her tight skirt.


"I said, huh? What the fuck do you want?"

Julie was stunned, baffled, hurt, and terribly frustrated. She didn't begin to understand what was happening between them.

"What... what's the... matter? Did I do something... wrong?" she asked, in a very quiet little voice, full of hurt.

Billy only nodded, keeping his eyes on the girl on the screen. She was being gagged with something shaped like Billy's dick! Julie glanced at the picture, frowned, looked back at the boy across from her. She sighed deeply, lowered her pretty, tear-stained face to the back of the seat and began crying.

Her sobs were very quiet.

She heard the car door open and shut. She looked up quickly. Billy stuck his head back inside for a second.

"Want some popcorn?" he asked her. She shook her head.

"Okay," he said, turning away from her. But before he left for the refreshment stand, he looked back at her, considered for a moment, then told her, "When I come back, you better be naked!"

He stood with his head shoved inside the car window, glaring at the little girl hard.

Julie lowered her eyes.

"All right," she whispered.


Poor little twelve year old Julie Miller sat alone in the back seat of her brother's car, in the back row of the drive-in theater. She was whimpering to herself, trying to figure out what she had done wrong. It didn't make the slightest sense to the pre-teen girl.

She was begging for his cock, she was open for him, she was ready -- and then he simply left!


What on earth could she have possibly done... wrong?

Julie shook her head, and sighed.

Her young body still throbbed and shook from her near-climax, still longed and lusted for the filling prick inside her virgin twat. She wanted to feel Billy inside her, wanted his wonderful hard huge cock rubbing up inside her love channel, making her come!

She was feeling very sexy!

Oh, damn! What have I done wrong? the little girl whined to herself, shook her head again, flicking her long hair over her pretty face. She let the thin curtain of blonde hair falling over her eyes, and peered through that lovely veil at the movie out the car window.

The girl was being forced to squat down on something sharp. The picture was a tight close-up of her wincing, agonized, but very beautiful face.

Julie winced with her, suddenly feeling again the terrible sharpness of the sawhorse against her cunny -- that day two years ago, when she had just turned ten years old, when Frank and Sam...

"Bang! Bang! You're dead!"

"I am not! You missed!"

Running and dodging wildly through the trees, Julie outraced the nearest boy and ducked quickly into a tiny grove of bushes that hid her from his sight.

He passed nearby, calling, "Hey, Julie! Where are you? Aw, come on! That ain't fair!"

He was joined by Frank, who stood waving his cap pistol menacingly at waist height. Julie liked Frank a lot. He moved next to Sam and called out, "Come on, Julie! The Indians gotta tie you up so the cowboys can save you!" And since that statement seemed entirely logical to Julie's ten-year-old mind, she simply stood up and waited.

Sam caught sight of her first.

"Okay, paleface! Hands up!"

Julie, who didn't think it was slightly strange that the Indians would have pistols and be wearing cowboy outfits, slowly raised her slender arms straight upward over her head, then stepped timidly out from the center of the bushes.

She was wearing a very short yellow skirt with cowgirl tassels around the hem. Her blouse was red and fitted very tightly over her unformed little chest, clearly outlining her two sweet little nipple nubbins, those small pre-pubescent swellings of dark brown that showed so invitingly through most of her thin blouses. She didn't wear a bra yet, but her mommy had promised her that very soon they would go shopping for her first training bra!

"March!" Frank commanded her, jabbing the barrel of his gun hard into the little girl's back.

"Ouch! Not so hard!" Julie protested.

She marched in the direction Frank had shoved her. As the children neared the huge, weather-beaten double doors at the back of the barn, Julie began to wonder what was going on. Usually, they just wrapped some long clothesline around her waist, pulling her tiny body back against the nearest tree.

She turned and started to ask Frank why he was taking her into the barn. Her daddy had warned her a lot of times about going into this place. It was dark and dangerous, and sometimes people used it for doing awful things! She knew a lot of terrible stories about this dark old barn, and even if none of them were true, the building was very old and unsafe. It could fall down any time at all.

But Frank gave her a stern look that told her not to argue with him, and she was a very good little girl, and she did like Frank so that she turned back to the door and kept her fears to herself.

She trusted Frank completely.

After all, wasn't he the cowboy who saved her most often?

She started to lower her arms because they were hurting from being held so high for so long, but Frank jabbed the small of the pre-teen's back with his gun again, pushing her ahead of him through the doors and into the dusty smelling interior of the scary barn.

"Find something we can tie this cowgirl to, Sam!"

Both boys looked all around, but it was hard to see the objects in the barn until after their eyes got used to the dim light. It was Julie herself who first spotted the sawhorse over in the corner.

"How about that thing?" she asked quietly, lowering one arm long enough to point at it, then raising the arm high again.

"Huh?" Sam said, but Frank was already pushing Julie toward it, and Sam followed, fiddling with the trigger on his pistol, which was threatening to fall off.

"Okay, you!" Frank growled, once again poking Julie's sore back with the barrel of the gun. "Pull that thing out away from the wall so we can tie you up to it!"

"Yes, sir," Julie said calmly, taking hold of one end of the huge wooden sawhorse and trying to pull it around.

"Help her, Sam!"

Sam grunted, started to re-holster his gun, but lost the trigger somewhere in the litter of straw on the wooden floor. He said something nasty and shoved the gun into the leather holster, then grabbed the other end of the horse and easily swung it around so it stood several feet out away from the wall.

"Good," Frank said, obviously satisfied. He was walking over toward a pile of rolled baling twine. Sam dashed over beside his buddy, eager to be of help.

Both boys had to climb up onto a low platform made out of standard cement blocks to reach the twine, and it was then that Frank developed his plan to its fullest. He eyed the rope, the heavy cement blocks, the sawhorse and Julie!

He nodded to himself in the cool darkness of the barn, and smiled a smile that was not that of a little boy!

Julie stood quietly, submissively, while Frank came back over to her, carrying a long length of baling twine.

"Okay!" Frank shouted directly into her lovely face. Julie cringed perfectly. "Turn around!"

Julie turned as ordered.

"Put your hands behind your back and cross your wrists!"

Frank was shouting into her ear, and that hurt!

But Julie dutifully obeyed his orders, and instantly felt the roughness of the twine as Frank somewhat over-eagerly wrapped it around her thin wrists, pulling it so tight it cut deeply into her unblemished skin.

"That's too tight, Frank!" she whimpered in protest.

"Shut your mouth, paleface!"

"Okay," the ten-year-old cowgirl whined, sniffing a little and twisting at the rope with her wrists to ease the slightly painful tightness. But it didn't work.

"Now, get up on that horse!"

Julie tried. She walked around the huge thing several times, trying to find some way up by herself, but she couldn't do it, though she lifted her long leg a couple of times to try it.

The sawhorse was gigantic. It had flat wooden sides that extended halfway to the floor, making a huge inverted vee with the point at the top, level with Julie's chest. The angle of the point was very sharp, and the top edge of the point had been made rough and full of splinters from long years of misuse. There was absolutely no way for the little girl to climb aboard the thing with her hands tied behind her back.

Frank and Sam each took one of her arms and lifted her small lightweight body up and over the end of the horse, then set her down, one long leg on either side, her inner legs resting down along the wooden sides.

"Oh!" she gasped as they released her full weight onto the point of the horse!

The sharp wood dug directly into the pretty little girl's taut little cunny, making her moan with the strange sensation.

"Oh! I don't think I want to do this!" the child gasped down to the watching cowboys.

The whole of her slight weight was resting on the point of the sawhorse, and was being borne by her tender virgin countless! She felt like she was going to be sliced in half! And yet it wasn't pain. It was... well, it was... hummmmmm?


Julie cocked her head to her shoulder and consciously felt her weight on her cunny. She shifted a little and winced. "Ouch!"

But she didn't ask to be taken down. Her legs were held wide apart by the slant of the boards on the sides of the horse, and this gave the point plenty of room in her crotch to move around, from slicing directly into her body between her two puffy little hairless countless to resting over toward the joining of either leg to her hips. She shifted around on top of the thing, trying to find the most comfortable position. But what she found instead was a truly wonderful pleasure growing down there, down there!

And she found that it was not the most comfortable position that gave her the greatest pleasure in her pussy, but the position that brought the sharpest twinges directly between her lips!

She shifted into that position, wiggling a little to help open up her twat for the sharp wooden plane.

Frank was watching her wiggling with intense interest, and was rubbing the front of his pants in a very funny way when Julie finally stopped moving around and looked down at him. He caught her looking at his massaging hand and quickly stopped, glaring up at her.

"We better blindfold her, Sam!"

Sam nodded. He was getting pretty bored with this cowboy stuff. He wanted to play hide-and-seek. He was the best player in the town and was proud of his record as the only one who never got caught. It never entered his mind that the other children might not be seeking him any too hard! But he was Frank's buddy and sidekick, and did what he was told.

"Blindfold her with what, Frank?" he asked, scratching his rear end.

"Let's use her sock! Help me take off her shoes and socks!"

Frank worked one of the pretty girl's feet while Sam worked the other. He unbuckled her black patent leather shoe and slipped it off her foot. Then he rolled her white knee sock down and off her foot. Julie had delicate little feet with cute toes. Frank gave the bottom of her bare foot a quick tickle and grinned as her foot jerked spasmodically away from his touch.

"Climb up there behind her, Sam!"

Sam took the sock from his buddy and climbed up on the sawhorse, trying to balance himself so that he didn't have to sit splayed open like Julie was. He didn't want his nuts busted!

"Blindfold her with one of the socks, and make sure it stays in place! Make it tight!"

Sam got up close behind Julie and placed the sock over her eyes. He fumbled badly with it behind her neck, trying to make a decent knot in the thick material. Finally, he succeeded.

"Can you see out of that?"

"No," Julie said quietly.

She was busy with the nice warm pressure of pleasure building in her tummy, seeping down into her pussy and coming to a focus in her tiny virgin clit. She felt something oozing out of her pussy lips and wetting her cotton panties!

She barely heard Frank tell Sam to gag her.

"Open your mouth, Julie!" Sam said loudly in her ear.

"Huh? Why?"

"We gotta gag you."


Sam shrugged. "Frank says so," he said.

Julie thought about protesting. She didn't particularly want to have something stuffed into her mouth, but then she didn't particularly care if she did, either. She opened her jaws wide, and felt the dry, thickness of her own sweaty smelly sock being pressed between her immaculate teeth, stuffed deep into her mouth.

She almost gagged. She shook her head to indicate to Sam he had put it in deep enough. Then she felt the boy wrap a few turns of twine around her face and over the sock in her mouth to keep it held in place. She sighed through her nose. She sat up on the tall sawhorse, her arms bound behind her back, her wrists beginning to ache a little from the tightness of the rope around them, and her own sock stuffed into her mouth for a gag, her other sock wrapped over her eyes, blindfolding her, but she didn't care.

She was concentrating on that strange new thing happening downstairs in her... Down there...! In her cunny!

It was marvelous! She shifted her tiny tight butt forward, and almost screamed into her gag! Oh! OH, GOD!

It sent thrills of pure sexual ecstasy bursting through her pussy and driving directly upward through her taut flat tummy into her quick-swelling nipples!

And Frank went wide-eyed as he watched those two little girlish buds bloom outward, puffing out the front of Julie's tight red shirt!

His cock rose hard and high!

Somehow, he had to get rid of Sam!

Julie was doing some pretty strange things up there, and Frank wanted to help her out. He had gotten some ideas from one of his father's magazines a few days ago, and he knew Julie was in love with him, and would let him do anything he wanted to with her, or to her!

Then, he remembered his original plan with the heavy cement blocks!

He motioned for Sam to help him, then went over and began pulling one of the huge blocks off the platform, dragging it toward the sawhorse and Julie.

"We'll need two more," he whispered to his sidekick. To hell with getting rid of Sam. Sam could help, and then he could back up any story that Frank might choose to tell afterwards!

Better keep him here, for self-protection. After all, he didn't have any idea of how the little girl would react to his nifty idea!

From her blindfolded perch atop the sawhorse, Julie heard only whispered conversation between the boys, and gagged as she was, she couldn't ask them what they were saying.

But she wasn't worried.

She had been tied up before. Her arms even felt comfortable when they were bound behind her back. She kind of liked it. Being tied up made her feel kind of secure, and anyway, she was always rescued... and almost always it was Frank who did the rescuing!

And right now, her only real concern was the incredible feeling between her widespread young thighs!

She moaned into her sock gag.

She felt the boys tying more twine around her bare ankles, pulling the rope tight around her tender flesh. Then there was more fumbling, more tying, but this time it was to something else, something down a bit lower than the little girl's bare feet. Julie figured they must be tying her physically to the base of the horse, but why that would be necessary, she didn't have the faintest idea.

But she heard Sam say clearly, "I don't get it, Frank."

"You will," Frank replied, his breath sounding a bit strained.

He stepped back away from his handiwork to admire it for a moment.

Julie sat on top of the horse, her long slender legs spread apart by the wooden sides and her feet bare. Around each ankle the boys had tied several windings of the tough scratchy twine, and to the other end of those lengths of twine they had tied a cement block.

But the cement blocks each rested precariously on top of a second block.

And if the boys should kick the bottom block out from under the top block, the top block would have absolutely nowhere to go but straight down to the ground!

And poor Julie would be split in half!


While the beautiful ten year old sat atop her sawhorse, carefully adjusting and readjusting her cunnyhole over the sharp angle of the wood, trying to make the sensations even stronger and better, Frank pulled Sam several paces away and whispered his idea to him.

Sam frowned, not understanding the point of it. But he shrugged his agreement. Frank had always been a little bit rougher than necessary with Julie, anyway, but as far as Sam had ever seen, Julie seemed to tolerate it pretty well. Maybe she even liked being treated like that.

Sam went over to the far side of the sawhorse and waited for Frank's signal.

Frank stood close to Julie's leg, eyeing the pretty pre-teen's well-formed thigh under her tight, short skirt. Sam was out of sight on the other side of the horse, so Frank reached out gently and touched the hem of the little girl's skirt. He lifted the soft yellow material very carefully, hoping Julie wouldn't notice, but in case she did and tried to call out through the gag, Frank began noisily clearing his throat all the while keeping his eyes glued to the pretty bare skin that was being revealed!

Julie either didn't notice the lifting of her skirt or she didn't care, because the only sound that escaped her delicate young throat was a low purring moan of pleasure.

Frank thought perhaps Julie liked having her skirt lifted!

He sucked in his breath as the white cotton underpants came into view under the rising hem of the skirt. He licked his lips.


This was the first time in his life that Frank had ever seen a girl's panties -- while she was wearing them!


Julie shifted her weight forward suddenly, startling the boy, and making him drop the skirt back down. Frank watched closely as the little girl kept shifting her weight forward and backward over the pointed top of the horse. This was very strange! What the hell was she doing to herself? Careful, if she wasn't she get a damned big splinter right up her... CUNT!

But the longer Frank watched the girl's movements, the more he saw how much she liked doing it. He saw her head begin to roll loosely around, her pretty face turning toward the ceiling and her long blonde hair falling down her back and hanging loosely and free, swaying with the slow rotating of her slender neck.

The sounds coming from her throat were not sounds of pain, but sounds of real pleasure!

She wasn't groaning, she was... purring!

And damned if her hip motions didn't remind the boy of that stag film his father kept locked up -- not too securely -- in his office at home. Motions the girl had done when the man had gotten on top of her and stuck his prick into her cunt!

Was Julie... fucking?

Was she somehow fucking the sawhorse?

Frank was astonished at the sensuality, the sweet instinctive well-oiled humping of Julie's tight thighs and hips. The quiet sleek way her body thrust forward, but only from her waist to her knees, then slipped backward, running her cunny slit back and forth along that pointed rail of love!

Then, for the first time, Frank noticed the sweet perfume in the air.

He had no idea of what that smell was, but he knew he liked it! Loved it! And wanted to smell it forever!

He watched her thighs, watched so close that if he hadn't shifted his own weight to one side, little Julie's tummy would have touched his nose!

Damn! That smell! It's so strong right here in front of Julie! Could it be... her?

Frank sniffed as quietly as he could, as close as he could to Julie's slowly undulating pussy.


He threw all caution to the winds and touched the front of Julie's short yellow skirt where it rode the rail of the horse. Sam popped his head up on the other side, giving Frank a look of boredom, but when he saw Frank quickly motion him to keep silent and just watch, Sam shook his head and sighed loudly.

But he watched, his eyes growing wider and wider as Frank carefully lifted up the very front of the girl's skirt, and kept lifting until both boys could duck their heads the slightest bit and look directly under her dress and see her panties!

And what they saw was amazing!

Julie's panties were all wet!

Did she pee herself?

No, that didn't smell like pee under there!

It was some hot perfume!

Even Sam took good notice, sniffing in the pure virgin fragrance and closing his eyes with delight.

Frank held Julie's skirt as high as he could, part of his mind marveling at the lack of protest by the girl, and partially absorbed by the sight of Julie's panties pressing deeply into the pussy groove between her puffy countless!

Both boys stared and stared as the pre-teen rubbed herself wetter and wetter on the wood. Julie was so lost in her own sweet emotions that she never sensed her skirt was raised, exposing her ac

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