Seducing The School Janitor (First Time, School)

Seducing The School Janitor

My name is Kayla. This all happened when I was a senior in high school. I had just celebrated my eighteenth birthday a couple of months before. I had three goals in my life back then. First, was to get out of the house and be on my own. The second to get lined up in a college program, and the third was to lose my virginity, not necessarily in that order.

I was still living at home with my mom and her new live-in boyfriend Doug. He was such a fucking pervert. I just had to get the hell out of there. I got along really great with my mother, but mom had put on weight since her divorce from my dad, and she was nearing forty.

The only things she had going for her was her own house and a steady job. She met Doug maybe six months earlier, and I think he really just pushed his way into our lives. He was of course unemployed, but got disability checks for some supposed injury he got a while back. It never seemed to be a problem for him around us though. He is the main reason I had to get on my own. He was such a loser and mom just didn’t see that yet.

I really doubted that he even loved my mom. He just saw a better situation than he had, and horned his way in.

Truly, I was not jealous in case that is what you’re thinking. I wanted mom to be happy, but this guy was no good and she would eventually find that out. I had already figured it out, but then again I wasn’t a desperate overweight middle-aged woman.

When I say Doug was a pervert I know what I’m talking about. I had gotten up a couple times late at night and secretly caught him out in our living room on mom’s computer looking at porn. Mom always went to bed early because she had to get up early for work. This douchbag was laying on our couch playing with his cock, while the rest of us had to get up early the next day.

The reason I needed to get out of there was because I knew he was thinking he was going to have a shot at fucking me. I wasn’t just being paranoid either. Doug would always pretended to act all lovey and such towards mom, but I always got a weird feeling when she wasn’t around. The way Doug always looked me over was unsettling. He always found some excuse to hug me. He tried to pretend he was just being all warm and fuzzy, but I knew by the way he pressed against me that he was copping a feel. I had turned around several times and caught him checking me out from behind. If we were alone together he would always be making some pretty suggestive remarks or telling me some off-color joke. Mom just didn’t see it, but I did.

The creepiest part started happening about two months after he had moved in with us. One morning I went to the dirty laundry basket to retrieve an ear ring from the pocket of a top I had worn the day before. I noticed my panties lying in the basket under my top were all wet. I had just taken them off the night before when I showered. When I had thrown them into the laundry basket they were totally dry.

I picked them up and could see the outlines of yellowish stains on them. Lately I had been noticing the same thing happening to my bras. I had thought it might be the hard water we had in the area, but this was not a water stain. As I lifted the panties to look closer I could smell the unmistakable scent of a guy’s cum. That fucker Doug was jacking off into my underwear, and then washing it off before putting them back in the laundry.
Eww, what a scumbag!

I knew then for sure that Doug had been fanaticizing about fucking me. I wasn’t about to let that happen. I had not said anything about any of this to mom yet. I didn’t want to be the one to break her heart. I kind of figured it would only be a matter of time before she would catch on to the scumbag and throw him out.

During my junior year at school I had joined a committee to do the decorations and set-up for the dances. This often required me to get with the school janitor Mr. Garcia to see about ladders and borrow tools and such.

Mr. Garcia was really nice to me. We would often chat a little before and after I borrowed something. Our small town was rather hick, and he really stood out being Hispanic and all. He was probably in his mid- thirties. He was always smiling and willing to help me anytime I needed something. I found out by talking with him that he was in this country on a work permit. He was hoping one day to send for his wife and two children. Until then, they remained in some little town in Mexico.

Most students didn’t pay any attention to him. He was real quiet and polite. He kept to himself unless you started the conversation. Mr. Garcia spoke very broken English, but always a quick smile would come across his face when he spoke to you. He was always so cheery. Each and every day was wonderful thing to him. Given his situation and separation from his family, I found this simply inspiring.

I always liked seeing Mr. G. I would go out of my way just to greet him in the hallway at least some time during the day. He was not like the rest of the staff at school. The teachers were all stuck on themselves, and the administration staff was even worse. They were trying to run a strict place and they kept their distance from the students. Mr. G. wasn’t one of them, and they had little to do with him either.

Over the summer between junior-senior years, I had broken up with my boyfriend. Boys at that age were so stupid. It wasn’t over the sex or anything like that. He just spent more time with his friends than me. Besides he wasn’t going anywhere. He was a local farm boy and would spend his life there. I wanted to get out like most of the girls and see the rest of the world.

I had at least a new boyfriend every year or so since I started dating. Even though I was technically still a virgin, I wasn’t against giving a guy a good time. Small town living doesn’t leave much to do outside of school and sports.

I had spent many Fridays and Saturday evenings at the old quarry just outside of town. Everyone went there to swim, party and make out. No telling how many girls got pregnant there over the years. That is how our small town still survived.

The farm boys would get some girl pregnant and she was stuck. Eventually they would get married. She would stay and become a farmer’s wife, and the cycle would repeat itself.

That was not the life I wanted. But I wasn’t against sucking a guy’s cock. I had more than my share by senior year, but no one was going to stick an unprotected cock into me.

Condoms were something you would have to go to the next town over to get. Here everyone knew everybody and all their business. There were only a couple places in town to buy something like that and someone who knew you would tell. I figured if the guy wasn’t carrying one, he wasn’t sticking it in me. I wasn’t about to get pregnant by any local kid and end up stuck here all my life.

You know, I probably would have lost my virginity with any number of guys had they come prepared. Really, guys what the fuck is the matter with you all.

A girl friend of mine once told me the joke about men being born with two heads and only enough blood to operate one at a time. It’s a true thing.

The guys must have all thought it was the girl’s responsibility to protect herself. I guess they figured that it was my job to carry around condoms just in case. Yeah right!

Mom would have gone nuts if she had caught me with any. Besides, I figured if a guy wanted me bad enough he should go get them himself. If not, then he’d have to settle for a blow job.

That’s another thing while I’m at it, can’t guys shut the fuck up about stuff like this? If I even touched a guy’s wiener, it was all over the place by the next day. Then I had to put up with all the guy’s looser friends making comments about when is it their turn. Really?

So, when I broke up with Chad I really wasn’t all that upset. I had a reputation already for at least giving good blow-jobs, and I knew that another guy was just a weekend or two away.

Weeks before school would restart I started waking up from some really wild dreams. I never did this and thought it might just be the stress of starting my last year in school. At first I didn’t remember much of them, but after a while I began to have the same ones over and over.

This wasn’t willful on my part and I had never even considered it, but I began to realize I was having dreams involving Mr. Garcia. At first, I think they were innocent. Some had me back in Mexico with him and his family. Then they started to focus on just him and me. Some started to be sexual. I dreamt he was making love to me in a secluded beautiful place. Tropical at first, then in places I was familiar with.

One very vivid dream had me vigorously bouncing against him in an effort to reach my orgasm. I think I actually had a cum as I slept. I woke so suddenly that I could almost feel him still inside of me. I felt myself and I was completely wet. This had never happened to me before.

It was about this time that I began to actually look forward to getting back to school. I knew it was about seeing Mr. Garcia again.

I was tempted and actually did go out to the campus to see if he was even still with us. I knew his work permit was only temporary, and I guess I just had to know if he had been hired back on for another year. Under some other excuses, some friends and I cruised out to the school campus. While the others were scoping out new changes and stuff, I was scanning the place for Mr. Garcia.

There was no sign of him around the buildings. The other girls were ready to move on and head back into town. Just as we were leaving the school property near the highway I spotted Mr. G. He was out along the frontage road mowing grass. The car I was riding in was full of girls, so I knew he probably wouldn’t even see me. He was focused on the path ahead, and steering the mower. As we passed by, my heart skipped a beat.

It was really hot outside, and I had never seen Mr. Garcia do this while school was in session. But he had taken his shirt off and was wearing just khaki shorts and a panama hat. I had to take a hard look to make sure it was really him. His physique was incredible. Even though he wasn’t all that tall, I was shocked to see the ripped stomach muscles and massive chest. His powerful thigh muscles and calves were like those of a young football player. His upper arms and shoulders were huge.

Even a couple of the other girls in the car gasped and hooted. I’m pretty sure they didn’t even recognize who that was. They probably thought he was some nameless young worker hired for the summer. None had ever even paid enough attention to Mr. Garcia to recognize him out of his normal work clothes.

I was speechless and said nothing the entire way back to town.

Needless to say my dreams now took on an overtly sexual tone. I swore the intensity of my dreams were leaving me hornier than I had ever been before. I even started masturbating just after I woke up. I knew this wasn’t a good idea because Doug was always around then. But I couldn’t just walk around horny all day long either.

One of the perks of senior year was the option of having a study hall either just after lunch or for last period one day a week. If you chose last period you got out of school early one day a week. Since mom needed our car for work, I still would have to stay around anyway and ride the bus home, or wait for other friends to give me a lift. The only other option would for be for Doug to come pick me up. Being alone in a car with that creep was not going to happen, not for all the money in the world.

I made the choice of having study hall just after lunch. No one cared where you went or where you hung out during study hall. You just couldn’t leave campus or disturb other classes. It was just fifty extra minutes of free time after lunch. Through random chance draw I was assigned Wednesday as my extended lunch break.

When school resumed everything got back to normal rather quickly. Same old faces same old teachers. Not much ever really changed that much around there.

I went out of my way to find and say hello to my buddy Mr. G. I never mentioned anything to him about seeing him that day when my friends and I drove out.

I think I did actually start to imagine myself with him about then. I tried to ignore the fact that he was married and probably a good husband. But, he was a man in every sense of the word too. I tried to look past his loose fitting clothes and remember that five second glimpse I had gotten while he was on that mower. All this was floating around in my head when we met for the first time again.

Then I did something really stupid. He and I were standing in a small offset in an empty hall talking. As our casual conversation ended some impulse just came over me. I know I caught Mr. G off-guard too, but I reached for him with my only free arm and gave him a huge hug. As my head came to rest on his chest I realized what I was doing and I quickly pulled away. I didn’t have the nerve to look him in the face and I quickly walked away.

All the way to my next class I could feel my face flushed. Stupid! Stupid! was all I could mutter as I walked. God, what an idiotic thing to do!

I was so embarrassed I think I avoided where he might be for the next couple days. Then I ran into him accidentally coming at me down the hall. As we approached each other I quickly decided to just pretend the whole thing never happened. I smiled and said “Hi” like nothing else had happened. Mr. G smiled back politely and raised his hand in a friendly way. We passed without another word exchanged.

That night I had one of my most intense dreams yet. I don’t remember all of it but it was Mr. G and me again and we were passionately going at it somewhere and I must have been moaning or something. A hand suddenly touched me, and I awoke startled. It was my mom. She was asking if I was alright. As my eyes cleared, I could see Doug standing in the doorway behind her wearing just his boxers.

I must have wakened them with my noises. The creepy stare Doug was giving me snapped me out of my wondrous state immediately. I just know the scumbag had followed mom and wanted to see me having an orgasm as I slept. I brushed mom off and assured her I was just having a bad dream. That asshole Doug put his arm around my mom, and as they turned to leave he looked back over his shoulder at me with a fucking smirk on his face.

I just couldn’t go on like this. The next day I knew I would have to face my issues. I really didn’t even consider that Mr. G might just completely blow me off. We were friends yes, but maybe that was all it would ever be.

I planned to at least attempt a move on Mr. G, but exactly how and where I didn’t have a clue. The next day was my Wednesday long lunch. I had to at least find out. I felt like if I made a complete ass of myself at least Mr. G was not likely to say anything about this to anyone else. I hardly ate any lunch. I knew I was either going to make a damn fool out of myself or something. I left the lunch hall early. The hallways were empty as I made my way to the utility room were Mr. G always hung out. He would likely be eating his lunch about now.

Sure enough, he was there just finishing a sandwich. He heard me coming and a warm smile came across his face as I entered the small room. I didn’t even have a plan or script or anything. In fact I hadn’t even thought of an excuse to even be there. I just hadn’t thought this through at all.

I sorta nervously stood looking around. The small room was cluttered with cleaning supplies. Two large tanks lined one wall. Mr. G had a small busted up little couch sitting against the wall by the door. I guess he need a place to sit and cool off after out-side work. Along the opposite wall was a workbench covered with tools and such.

Mr. G. was sort of expecting some sort of request and I didn’t have any. He stood up wiping his mouth with a napkin and stood square in front of me.

A clear thought would even form in my head. I couldn’t have even strung enough words together to form an intelligent sentence. Mr. G. was looking at me kind of funny and the smile was drifting from his face.

“Is something wrong?” He finally asked.

“I missed you,” I said.
It sorta just popped right out of my mouth.

I could feel a tear forming on the edge of my eye as I just stood there. I blinked several times trying to avoid having it run down my cheek. It didn’t work. The tear started trailing down my cheek. Mr. G. was still holding his napkin and gently reached for my face to wipe away the tear. As his hand neared my face, my hand moved all on its own. I caught him by his forearm and I wouldn’t let go.

I remember just standing there looking into his dark eyes hoping for some sort of connection. I didn’t care if it was only friendship, just lust or something in between. I just wanted to know if there was anything he felt for me.

I can’t really tell you exactly who moved first he or I, but the next thing I knew I had my lips pressed up against his. His arms enveloped me and practically lifted me off the floor. Somehow my hand found his shirt button and I couldn’t believe I was actually tugging at it. Just then his hand came up and caught mine. Our mouths were inches apart and I could feel the heat from his body through his clothing.

Both of his hands cradled my face and as he pressed against me I felt my body being pushed across the floor. I moved backwards just a little before coming up against the back of the door. As he flattened me out I felt “it”. At first I thought it was his arm, and then I realized he was still cupping my face. My God, it was his cock. It was pressing against my stomach. I couldn’t believe the thing could really be that damn big.

In my dreams, of having sex with a full grown man it had never occurred to me as to the size of him being an issue.

The guys my age were all relatively about the same. Most acted like they were hot shit and hung like a stud race horse. All of them overrated themselves.

Suddenly Mr. G stopped. He realized that what we were doing was visible to anyone coming this direction. Anyone could just walk in on us.

He released his grip on me and pulled me away from the door and swung it closed. He turned the lock on the knob. There was a small throw bolt latch on the inside of the door and he slid it to lock the door from the inside. A wide push broom was standing by the door and he moved it over to block the light at the bottom crack of the door. I assumed he did this whenever he didn’t want anyone to know he was in the tiny shop.

He turned to me and without words our lips met again.

Mr. G’s. sensual touch penetrated me to my very soul. I could feel my heart racing and my breaths quicken as he leaned in to me. I felt my knees start to weaken and suddenly he clasp my arms and firmly pulled me up against him.

I was kinda in unfamiliar territory right now, and I knew things were going to move fast. I felt uneasy as to how to control things, so I fell back on to what I knew worked.

All guys enjoyed my mouth on their cocks. I knew blow-jobs. I sort of instinctively fell to my knees and began tugging at his zipper. I fumbled at the release on his belt buckle. The bulge in his crotch was noticeable and I should have been somewhat prepared for what was next.

His loose work pants dropped away easily. He was wearing dark colored boxers and I slid them down toward his knees. I could not believe my eyes. The length of his cock was bigger than any I had ever encountered. The real shock was he was natural. Uncut, I mean. I had heard about this but had never actually seen one close up. I figured this was a cultural thing maybe.

His cock hung at least half the length of my forearm and the natural end made it seem even longer yet. I could tell that he was only half hard too.

I gripped his shaft and pointed it straight out. Mr. G. had the kind of cock that a girl could wrap both of her fists around like a baseball bat and still have enough poking out to play with. Its size and heft was simply awesome.

I had done blow-jobs before mostly because the guys liked them. But this time “I” was going to enjoy doing this. Hoo-boy, was I going to make this bad boy stand up and sing for me.

I was pretty familiar with what turned young guys on, and after a little adjustment because of the size, I was on my way to giving him a racked out blow.

I worked my tongue up and down the shaft and I probed more places than I had ever encountered before. Damn, I was having fun playing with all this.

My knees sort of began to distract me so I got up for a second and reached over to the small couch. I threw one cushion on the floor. I was going to be at this awhile and I intended to be comfortable.

I knelt back down in front of him and continued slobbering all over that thing. I knew guys liked their ball involved, and I sucked Mr. G’s paying particular attention to the tender spot just beneath his shaft.

Mr. G was standing near the center of the little room. As I continued working on him he began to sway a little. He sort of scooted over next to his workbench and grabbed for the edge. I felt him steady himself by pressing one hand on the top of my head.

I was now kind of sideways and I kept up my effort by dragging my tongue back and forth along the bottom of his shaft. A couple guys in the past had really gotten off on this, so I figured to give Mr. G the full treatment.

By now Mr. G’s cock was hanging just about level. I had enough spit on it to give it a very nice shine. I happened to glance forward toward his workbench and there on the bench was a picture of his wife and kids. I kinda felt a little guilty looking at the little smiling faces, but hey I didn’t plan on taking him away for good or anything. Besides, his wife didn’t look all that attractive anyway.

I justified it by figuring I was just making daddy happy for right now. I felt like I was just filling in for wifey in a way. Surely she wanted him to be happy.

I know she wouldn’t have wanted him going to a hooker or anything like that. I was clean, no diseases or anything. What the fuck! I had this cock going and I was going to give it something to be happy about. By the time I was done, I wanted Mr. G to know just what a truly great blowjob was like.

I figured by the size of his balls that he was carrying a sizeable load. Many times if I wasn’t particularly turned on by a guy, I would just let his cum shoot out and go where ever. But if a guy seemed like he really wanted me to and I liked him, I’d keep my mouth on him and down his cum.

I had no idea just how much cum a grown mature guy like Mr. G. would produce, but I was going to give it my best shot at getting it all down.

I had been working G’s cock for maybe fifteen minutes or so and by now anyone I had ever been with would have cum already.

I could sense he was close. I even looked up to him and told him I wanted it in my mouth. He was kind of in that state where guys don’t talk that much. He sorta nodded.

I think my telling him that was what triggered his orgasm. He had both hands on my head now guiding my strokes. I was really appreciative of the fact he wasn’t trying to jam it down my throat. Some guys do that and wonder why you gag. He allowed me to control just how deep I felt ok with. A true gentleman.

I knew the taste of pre-cum and could feel his intensity increasing. I reached for his ball sack and cupped it in one hand. I gave both nuts a very gentle squeeze trying to encourage them let go of their juices. That was all it took.

The first spurt rocketed off the back of my mouth. A second and third did the same. Mr. G was astonishingly reserved in his groans. Of course, it probably wouldn’t have been a good thing to be roaring about the place, since we were trying to be a little quiet about all this.

His cum load continued to pour into my mouth. I did the best I could to keep swallowing. Finally, I had to hold the shaft and sorta pull back on the foreskin. The flow of cum kept me swallowing in gulps. I continued teasing the tip with my tongue by flicking at it. I could feel each spurt as it left the slit. I had swallowed maybe five or six times before he seemed done.

I was so proud of myself. I hadn’t wasted a drop.

This is where it would normally end with the guys I had been with. Once they got their nut off they wanted nothing more to do with you.

Pay attention guys! This man knew how to treat a girl. As I stood up I noticed his lunch soda cup on the workbench. I drew in a long swig to flush my mouth. As I finished he cupped my face again and laid on me the most sensuous kiss. He bent down and picked up the cushion and flipped it back on the couch.

Mr. G. walked over near the door and turned off the main room lights. The fluorescent light over the worktable was now the only light on in the room. It wasn’t what I would exactly call romantic or anything, but it helped with what went on next.

G. reached down and drew up on my top. I know I was trembling as I raised my arms to help him. I was wearing the only bra that Doug had not crapped in, still pure white. He unclasped it masterfully and guided me back onto the couch. I wasn’t exactly sure was next, but so far so good. G motioned for me to remove my jeans which I did. I was kinda nervous as I wiggled out of my panties. The darkened room helped lessen my embarrassment.

Before I even had a chance to feel uncomfortable Mr. G. sat down on the bare floor just in front of me. He gently parted my legs.

Using a firm hand he kind of pushed me back slowly into a semi-prone position and leaned his face right into my navel. I felt Mr. G’s tongue touch my stomach and he began working his way downward.

When he got to my clit his tongue began the most amazing manipulation of my sex as I had ever dreamt possible. His tongue darted in and out of places I had yet to even explore. He used his tongue, his lips, even his breath to stimulate my body.

The redneck boys my age thought they were giving a girl a real thrill by grabbing, pawing and slobbering all over her tits. This man truly knew how to awaken every part of a girl’s body.

As I lay there with his head buried in my lap, I kept one hand gently resting on top of his head. I couldn’t keep from grabbing a tuff of his hair now and then when he got on to a particularly sensitive spot. This was absolutely my idea of a Latin lover.

My thoughts drifted in and out of reality. I almost started to laugh aloud when a silly though entered my mind. Everyone seemed to ignore Mr. G. during the day. This man ought to be teaching a class on this. God Damn it, other men should know how to do this shit!

In just a little bit he had me at my first orgasm, and then when right on after another, and still more. I almost lost all control. More than once he reached up to cover my mouth as I must have been moaning maybe too loud. I remember panting like a bitch in heat.

I swear if he had stopped right then, I would have gone right to the flagpole in the student center and in front of anyone there, would have been grinding myself against it for relief.

Mr. G. left me wanting nothing. As this first encounter ended I whispered to him that I would be anxiously looking forward to our next time alone. He smiled at me.

I left that little room and tried to somehow focus on the remainder of my day’s class schedule.

When I saw Mr. G in the building the next day, I was tempted to give him a subtle little hip bump, but there were just too damn many people around. I knew we had to be discrete and so all he got from me was some serious eye contact and a little wink.

Waiting an entire week was like living without air. My imagination constantly drug me back to the incredible height of sexual arousal that he had taken me to. Fuck Doug being around, I had to bring myself “off” several times before the weekend had even started.

The size of Mr. G’s cock did worry me some. I needed to try and figure a way to stretch myself or at lease prepare for it.

I felt as perverted as Doug as I scoured the house looking for some object which I thought I could use to practice with.

Maybe it was just me, but I felt like that scumbag Doug was somehow sensing my hornyness. He seemed to just be there every time I turned around. I guess like a male dog knows a female is in heat, maybe I was putting off some kind of scent. Anyway it didn’t matter; Doug was never getting anything from me willingly.

By Saturday, I had discovered that a big round handle of one of my hair brushes would fit inside me just nicely. That brush and I spent several long sessions together.

It almost seemed like Mr. G had turned on some kind of switch inside me. Sex up till then was something I just kinda just did for the guys. They kept you around if you kept them happy. And the social part of being with the group meant you had to “put-out” some to stay in the crowd.

Mr.G. had changed all of that. His bringing me off like that had triggered a deep need within me. Within a couple days I found I could manipulate myself to several orgasms in a row using the brush handle and some manual help.

I thought Wednesday would never come. I left for school knowing that that day would be the day a cock would enter me for the first time.

I was so nervous by lunch that I really didn’t feel like eating anything. I settled for an apple and bottle of water. Fifteen minutes into the lunch period, and I was already heading towards Mr. G’s little room.

Mr.G’s eyes lit up as he saw me approaching. I kinda remember looking around to make sure no one was directly behind me. I had no sooner entered his room when he quietly closed the door and bolted it again. This time he turned out the main light and drew near me. He held my face so gently and we kissed passionately I tried to take the lead again this time but Mr. G held me firmly and I got the message that this time he was going to set the pace.

He led me to the little couch and we sat down. I leaned back and raised my top and bra. I felt completely at ease with him. He gently cupped my breasts and gingerly began pecking soft little kisses all over them. He had me in such a state of arousal that I willingly began unbuckling my jeans. I didn’t know exactly what would happen this time, but I knew I needed to have his tongue between my legs again.

Damn, if he didn’t start in right where he had left off the week before. After maybe my second or third orgasm he stood up and began removing his pants. Suddenly I started to panic. I loved where this was going, but that fear of pregnancy always prevented me from actually fucking someone. Mr. G. was already stiff and ready. I remember thinking “O God” what will I do now. I couldn’t tell him I wasn’t on any birth control.

Mr. G. suddenly reached back for his work pants and fumbled in a pocket for a moment. “By God” he pulled out a condom. Truly, this was a guy who knew what the hell he was doing. My whole mood changed. I was “ON” for this now.

My body was aching for fulfillment. The masturbation sessions had prepared me for his initial penetration, but nothing would ever feel as wondrous as the sensation of having that thick beast pushing its way into my body.

G. was gentle but firm. I think he might have figured I was unsure about doing this, but he didn’t waste time letting me think it over either.

I held my legs apart and tried to breathe. Pressure and then more until I thought I would split. He had spit on the end of the condom, so I spit on my fingers and began rubbing myself trying to help it in too.

I began to worry that maybe we might just not fit together. I guess it has happened. Surely there are guys that are possibly too big to fuck. God, hopefully this wouldn’t be how this would end.

At some level of pressure something gave and I could feel the monster forcing its way up inside me. Mr. G. was exceptionally gentle. He held steady allowing me to get adjusted to his size. He was considerate enough to wait until I began cautiously thrusting back against him. He held completely still as I became accustomed to the entire experience. I spit more on my fingers and began massaging my clit. At some point he picked up on my rhythm and together we found our pace.

My hair brush handle had been really nice, but nothing could ever compare with having a live pulsing cock lodged so wonderfully in my belly. I was going to go absolutely nuts on this thing. My hips stayed in sync with G’s thrusting. I began to groan as it slid further and further into me. G’s strong hands held my hips and steadily guided me back and forth against him. His solid thrusts against me were like sitting astride some powerful engine. His methodical thrusting both stretched and released sensations within me.

As G’s pace increased I could feel another orgasm only moments away. I knew I would be loud so I buried my face right into his chest. I pressed my lips right against his chest. I could taste the salty flavor of his skin. Even my nose flattened out restricting my breathing. I wrapped my arms around him and held on for dear life. My orgasm came so hard that I was bubbling spit out my mouth. I left a slobber spot right in the center of his chest.

Mr. G’s methodical stroking never let up. Each time he withdrew his cock he seemed to deliberately lift and drag it against the top inside of my belly. This was driving me insane with lust.

I think Mr. G was surprised to see me push him away. I pushed him back and I whispered that I wanted on top. G obliged and I got up and he sat back down on the couch. His cock was waving around like a spring. I straddled him and lowered myself down as far as I could.

No way was all of it going in, but I had enough in me to give me a serious ride. I bucked and bounced against that thing till I couldn’t stand anymore. I knew Mr. G wouldn’t let me down, and he didn’t.

His moan and sudden jolts drove that cock against me so wonderfully that I followed his orgasm with another of my own. The warmth and feeling of having something so big and powerful skewered into my body like that has never been topped.

You know they say you always remember your first time. It is true, and that is why this story is so important to me. I knew right then that I was being ruined. Ruined, because I would always compare every sexual encounter to this man. He absolutely was, and has been the best I would ever have.

The tiny cocks I’ve had to put up with and the self-centered lousy lovers that would follow couldn’t hold a candle to the skills this man possessed. It wasn’t just the size of his cock it was what he did to me with it.

I know I was pretty clueless back then. Mr. G. was not what I would be looking for in a long term relationship. I knew too that he would never leave his family for someone as young as me. This wasn’t about any of that. We found each other, made a connection and would just be fuck–buddies for as long as it lasted and then move on. I was OK with that, and I guess he was too.

Eventually Mr. G. and I would go on with our separate lives. I would graduate and move on. He was able to eventually to bring his family here. Our lives would continue on separately, but mine was with some wonderful memories of my last year in high school.

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