Sharri and Char (sex,porn,nopko,porno)

Sharri and Char

It was February 16, 1994, just three days after my
fifteenth birthday. I was sitting in the food court of
the local mall, all my friends were smoking cigarettes,
and I didn't have one.

As I sat there with my school friends, a lady walked up
to me. She looked like she was in her early twenty's,
(later I found out she was in her early thirty's) she
was stunning, and statuesque. She had wavy, brown hair
that hung to waist length, and deep blue eyes.

I just stared for a second at her amazing body. She had
nice, full, perky breasts, and an ass to kill for. I
couldn't help but blush as she offered me a smoke.

I took it and offered her a seat at our table. She sat,
and I stared. We made small talk, but I couldn't help
but be completely turned on by her.

I tried to hide is, she smiled, and chatted. Once she
reached across the table to shake my friend's hand, and
her arm brushed across my tit. My nipples perked up,
and I became increasingly wet.

I heard her introduce herself as Sharri. It had not
occurred to me until that moment, that I didn't know
her name.

I offered my name, and she smiled, "Charlotte? That is
a lovely name."

I glanced at the table, blushing again; god I wanted
her and I wanted her bad.

So, I devised a plan to get her know. "Do you think my
breasts are too large? People always tell me that they
are fake, and they aren't. I am all natural."

She smiled and said bluntly, "I really can't comment
on them. I haven't seen them. All I see is what appears
to be nice, big breasts, but how would I know it isn't
just tissue in a big bra?"

Seeing as how I was so proud of my 36DD breasts. I
decided that she had to see them for herself, so that
she could give me an opinion.

So I took her by the hand and lead her down a corridor
to the restroom. There I lifted my shirt, and unhooked
my bra, and my young, tender breasts popped out at her.

"They look fine to me... but they still might be
'bought and paid for'." She smiled again, half knowing
my next move.

I stepped up to her. And took her hand. "Feel them and
tell me what you think." She did as requested. And I
arched my back, pressing my breasts into the palms of
her hands.

She smiled. And pinched my right nipple. I touched her
breast through her shirt. And leaned in for what was to
become the first of many kisses.

We went into a stall in that public restroom and un-
dressed each other. She showed my pleasures I had only
dreamt about. I had been with other girl, but none had
ever done for me what she did.

We fucked in the restroom for what felt like hours. I
came more than I thought physically possible, and then
she dressed me, then she dressed herself. She asked
for my phone number. I gave it to her. And she left.


She called me that night, and slowly recounted every-
thing we had done to each other at the mall. In her
soft, sexy, breathy voice she recounted every little
thing. Every time her finger entered one of my holes.
Every kiss she had planted on my body. And every
thought she had while doing it.

We ended up having phone sex that night. And she asked
me out for the following weekend. We were soon a steady
couple. And within a month, I gave up all control, and
let her be my 'mommy' and let her take care of me.

Almost a year after we met, my real mother gave up
parental rights to me, and allowed me to move in with
Sharri. I have lived with her now, for over two years.
And I have never had to go a whole day without cumming.
We are in Love, and we have a terrific sex life.

What more could a little slut want?


Sharri and I play some pretty kinky games now. I had
never played sex games until I met her. We played our
first 'game' on our third date, before I had given up

Sharri had always wanted to play the submissive female,
in all her past relationships; there were never any
clearly defined submissive and dominant parties. So,
she wanted to be completely submissive, like I am now.

Our first game was the only game where I was "Mistress"
and she was "Gimp". She did nothing without asking me.
I had been planning for a while to make sure she had a
good time.

I had rented a storage space at a storage complex just
outside of town, and very rarely were there any people
there. And we drove to the spot and got out of the car.

"Now, Gimp, you must strip." I said.

And she did as she was told; she was still standing
outside. After she was nude I allowed her to enter the
small dark space. She took two steps inside, and I
blindfolded her, then I lead her to the middle of the
room. Where above her there were two chains, and at
the end of those chains two locks.

I lowered the chains and she raised her hands. I wrap-
ped a chain around each wrist, and then locked it in to
place. Then I pulled the chains on the pulley, and she
was raised about five feet off of the ground. Her feet
dangling, and her body open, and bare for my pleasure.

The chains must have been tugging tightly, because she
was groaning. "Hush Gimp." and she did. I knew that I
had total control, and that I could do anything I
wanted to her. So I picked up a broom, and held it pole
side up. Then slowly and carefully I raised it above my
head. And it slowly and painfully entered Sharri's hot

She gasped, and I smiled. I moved it in and out of her.
And let her hang with it for a few minutes. I started
to notice the creamy beads of juice rolling out of her
and down the broom handle. I liked that. I waited with
my hands on the broom until her cunt honey touched my
hands. And I licked them clean.

"Speak" I barked up to her.

"Yes, Mistress, what is inside of me?"

"You don't need to know... what do you want?"

"May I fuck it Mistress, I like the way it feels."

"Go ahead, but make it last."

"Thank you mistress." And slowly her body started to
writhe above me. And I complimented her every move with
a lunge of the stick. She was fucking that thing,
almost as furiously as a ravished animal would eat.
She fucked, and fucked.... And wiggled and moaned.

Before she could cum, I removed the stick from her
snatch. And lowered her just a bit. Then I licked the
handle, and slid it easily into her tight ass.

She cried out, but I persisted and fucked her wildly
with the broomstick. She began to enjoy it, and started
moving with my move. Just before she came, I again
slipped the stick from her body.

I lowered her completely to the ground. Her feet firm
and her wrists bruised, I told her to stand still, and
not to move. I kneeled below her and began to tease her
clit with my tongue.

She wanted to move, but she didn't. I decided it would
be too easy for her to move, when I was pleasing her
orally, so I stopped, and picked up a small length of
rope, and bound her hands behind her back.

Then I knelt yet again, and began to finger fuck her,
while I teased her clit with my tongue. Then I tongue
fucked her and teased with my fingers.

I told her not to cum, but she did anyway. She came
furiously, and hard. She gasped, and moaned.... Aching
for relief.

I was upset and felt she should be punished. So I bent
her over. And spanked her lightly, then increasingly
harder. After having been tortured for some time, I
only softy spanked her. Then I let her fall asleep.
She slept on the cold cement floor beside me her hands
still bound.

Soon after this night, I gave up control; I would
rather be 'gimp' than 'mistress' anyway.

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