She Came out (lesbian,college,porn,fuck)

She Came out

It was December and I had just got home from school to start my month long
Christmas break. Winter time in Chicago is no joke I had just got off the
Greyhound bus waiting for my ride and I was already freezing. Times like
these made me wish I had a car or either a reliable ride. After my hands
and face were completely numb my aunt decided to pull up.

At home I went straight to my room. I didn't feel like being bothered for
some reason. I laid there for awhile before my friend sent me a text asking
had I made it home yet. Instead of answering her text I just called her.

"Hey what's up? Are you here for the whole break she asked?"

I told her yes.

She got quiet for awhile before asking me to guess who was spending winter
break at her house. I gave up before she told it was Ellen- a girl we went
to high school with. I should have known. She continued well she called me

"Ok" I say trying to figure out where this was going.

"She was telling me about someone she had sort of just met and how they had
went on a few dates."

"So she likes him I ask?"

"That's kind of the same thing I asked. Then she said well he is a she.

"So are you telling me that the person she's been seeing is a girl?


"Stop lying" I said in disbelief.

"I mean it really isn't that surprising- I always thought she was bi at the
very least."

"I did too." Well at least I hoped she was because I had a crush on her I

"Yeah she said her family didn't take it bad like she thought."

"What about you?"

"I didn't care like I said I thought she was anyway."

I wondered how she would feel if I told her best friend was gay.

Anyway she will be here tomorrow you have to hang out with us. You don't
mind do you?

"Please I don't care." I mean how could I?

"Alright. I have to go I told her so I get off the phone.

A week later my mother and I went out shopping and decided to stop by a
restaurant to get drinks and appetizers. I loved hanging out with my
mother. She was really cool. However I didn't know how cool she would be if
I told her I liked girls and none of those nice young men she tried to set
me up with. Come to think I hadn't dated a boy in like forever. They were
such an afterthought. To keep my mother's questions at bay I simply told
her I would be focusing on my studies and that dating wouldn't be one of my
priorities. She seemed to accept it but added that soon after I should
consider finding a husband while I was young and beautiful. Yeah whatever

Later that night I end up over Deon's house chilling with her and Ellen. We
were just watching movies and eating pizza. Before I knew it- it was
midnight and I was going to head home.

"I'm about to go" I told Ellen. We both look over at Deon who was passed
out across her bed. She was always the first one to go to sleep.

"Um are you tired?" She asked.

"No, but if I stayed any longer I might as well spend the night."

"You can- well if you want to. I have the guest room you could sleep in
there with me."

I hesitated.

"We could catch up, probably watch a movie." She looks over the DVDs we
have yet to watch and grabs one.

"Why not?" Truthfully I wanted to stay. I really didn't need any coaxing.

I follow her to the guest room and she closes the door behind me.

"Mind if I get a little comfy?"

"No." I go over and sit on the bed before slipping off my shoes and letting
them hit the floor. To stop myself from staring at her undress I busy
myself by putting the movie in. Out the corner of my eye I see her pull her
shirt over her head. Then she unhooks her black bra. I was enjoying my side
view of her breasts. I manage to put the movie in before going back to the
bed just in time to catch a glimpse of her pulling up her shorts. Her eyes
caught mine and she smiled.

"You see something you like?"


"Yeah?" She says smiling again.

"Those pajamas are cute."

"Thank you." She goes over and turns off the light before joining me on the

Man I really was loving pink right now. I made myself comfortable.

"Its kind of cold" she announced.

"I see" I say smiling and looking her shirt.

She looks down at her erect nipples piercing though her shirt. Maybe she
was a little turned from me watching her change into her pajamas.

"Shut up" she says playfully before getting under the covers.

Since it really was kind of cold I did the same.

"You don't have to be that far away."

I then noticed I was near the edge of the bed.

"I don't bite."

Hell I don't care if she did. She could do whatever she wanted to do to me.

I moved right next to her.

"You have on all your clothes- you want me to get you some shorts and a

"I'm fine for now I like to sleep naked anyway."

"For real?"

"No I'm just messing with you."

"I mean I don't mind."

"I bet you don't" I teased

She stared at me for a moment. "Deon told you huh?"


"You don't mind?"

Not at all. I scoot over right next to her and rest my head on her breasts.

"Damn are you comfortable" she teased.

"Very." I take her hand and wrap it around my neck. I really feel
comfortable lying this close to her.

"You know something?"

"What?" She asked.

"I was kind of happy when Deon told me."


"Mm hmm" I say running my hand over her flat stomach. "I had a crush on you
in high school."

"What!" she says in disbelief. She sits up on her elbows looking down at
me. "Are you and Deon playing some mean ass joke on me?"

"Sweetheart I'm not playing with you yet," I say moving in closer to her
mouth. I plant a soft kiss on her lips. We stared at each for a moment
before she places her hand on the back of my head bringing me into her
mouth we fell softly on the bed in a very passionate kiss.

When we finally broke our kiss -- "I guess you are serious she tells me."

I shake my head then start kissing her neck then back to those soft full
lips. I caressed her breast from under her shirt before just slipping it
over her head. While I'm at it I pulled off her shorts and those high cut
panties I spied her in earlier.

Damn she was sexy I admired her for a moment then she helped me out of my

I lowered my body unto hers the sensation from my pussy touching hers was
enough to me shudder. I wanted her so badly.

I kissed her from her mouth to her neck to her breast while my fingers
parted her lips and I fingered her wetness. Her breathing was ragged and I
could feel her body shake as I went faster and faster. She was close.

Still stroking her I parted her lips again this time with my tongue- it
didn't take long before she was over the edge.

"Oooh my god Ke-ana shit."

I loved the way she called out my name in ecstasy.

I took my fingers out and tasted her cum. She was sweet.

I guess this isn't your time with a girl she said catching her breath, "are
you gay?

"We can talk later."

"Yeah" she agreed and covered her mouth with mine while climbing on top of
me. She explored my body just I did hers. She took my nipple in her mouth
and a moan escaped my mouth.

She continued placing wet kisses down my stomach and then stopped and
looked at me. She had to see how bad I wanted her in my eyes.

She stopped playing with me and used her tongue to work me over. I had
already cum in her mouth twice and I still wanted more. I had never felt
this way. It was never this intense with anybody.

She came up and lowered her clit on mine and once again it made my body


She started to grind on me slowly at first. Her thrusts went faster and
faster and so did mine. I matched her thrust for thrust. I couldn't take it
any longer I felt like I exploded I came so hard.

She rolled over next to me with a dazed look on her face.

I turned over and kissed her forehead. And that just the beginning.

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