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Silver Fox

Not far from Wynterton lay a small yet ancient grove of woods, where passersby rarely ventured. In the olden times it had been thought to be the home of witches and elves, but the truth of the matter was that people rarely had any business in these woods. They were strangely devoid of game to hunt and while the scenery was quite beautiful, it was nothing exceptional for this part of the country.

Ruth knew of the woods, since she had lived most of her life near here, but she did not remember if she even had ever gone any deeper than to the very edge of the trees as a little girl. This was just a little forest, and not all that interesting despite the old stories. There were many other similar groves in the area, and there had been even more of them until they had started building more houses and roads here in the recent years.

"Are you sure this is the place, gran?" Julie hollered from ahead. Julie was Ruth's granddaughter, who was studying to be an anthropologist. She had read an old article about an ancient runestone of the druids in the forest. She had wanted to see it herself, even though Ruth had insisted that no-one who lived around here had heard of such a thing in these woods.

"Yes, yes. This is the right grove," Ruth answered. Where else would something like that be than in these old witch-woods?

"This is a strange forest," Julie said. She was glancing around so energetically her braided red hair was swishing from side to side.

Ruth brushed some twigs out of her own hair, which was gray and frizzy because she was seventy-two, and its style was short and practical. She understood what the girl meant. "It's certainly very quiet in here."

"The new highway they built must have made this place inaccessible for animals." Julie sounded uncertain. She wasn't a biologist, after all. She could not see or hear any birds, either, even though they surely could have flown here despite the road. Perhaps the noise of the traffic kept them away from here.

Ruth explained: "In any case, like I said, this grove isn't actually all that big. If that stone of yours is as impressive as the article claimed, people would surely know about it."

"Perhaps, perhaps..." Julie pondered and wandered further ahead.

"Where did you read about it anyway?"

"In a book. It was a collection of studies about druids and the legends connected with them." Julie had always been a bookworm. Ruth had wondered for a long time if she had been dating anybody even after she had gone to the university, but then she had found Jack, and they were now engaged to be married. Such happiness filled Ruth's heart with warmth.

The forest strangely seemed as if it was much larger than it had looked like from the outside. Ruth remembered they had seen the entire outline of the wooded area when they were walking here, but now that they were inside it, it the edges of the woods were nowhere in sight. The trees must have been really dense to create that effect.

Julie had found a path and started following it. It looked like a walking path rather than a natural one. Perhaps people here for walks after all, and why wouldn't they have? This was practically a natural park just outside the city limits.

Ruth was just about to point out that surely the mythical stone would not be anywhere near a well-trodden path, when she head Julie shout from ahead.

"Wow, come look at this!" The girl's voice said, although she was nowhere to be seen.

Ruth soon noticed the reason as she followed her granddaughter's voice and found a nice open glade. It was close to the path, but it was still hard to notice because of the density of the trees. Bright sunlight was shining through the foliage from above, and there was a small pond by the side of the glade.

"It's so pretty in here..." Ruth sighed out loud.

Julie seemed to agree. Her red braid swished around as she was appreciating the sights around her. Then she kneeled by the pool and studied her pretty freckled face in the reflection. She turned her head and spoke to her grandmother: "It was called a druid-stone in the article, but that was an old text. Not much is known about the druids. Stonehenge, for example, has nothing to do with them, unlike what people think. It's older than the whole druid religion. Who knows what this stone actually might be? I want to study it."

"Sure, if we can find it," Ruthie said, brushing more branches off her sweater. She was certain the stone did not even exist, and that the story Julie had read had been a piece of fiction. She still humored her, because it was a nice day to go for a walk with her granddaughter.

"Druids or not, you have to agree these woods seem kind of weird," Julie said, looking into the pool of dark water again.

Ruth moved beside her. "Well, this pond surely looks surprisingly deep. I can't see the bottom even though it's so small."

"Yeah, I noticed the same thing." Julie reached out, cupped her hand, and took a sip of the water. "This tastes strange," she said.

Ruth shook her head. Julie had always been inquisitive like that. "There's probably peat or mud in the water, but remember the city is not far, so who knows what else there might be in it. We can't know how clean it is. I don't think you should drink it."

Julie shrugged and said: "I'm thirsty. It can't kill me, or it would kill these plants too." She took a couple more sips of the dark water. Then she sat on a rock by the pond and took off her shoes. "This place is very peaceful. I want to relax here for a while."

"That's a good idea," Ruth concurred. She took off her shoes too. The grass felt soft against her feet. She drew a deep breath and looked up at the sunny sky which was visible between the treetops.

Then Ruth felt Julie touch her shoulder. The girl was looking at her with sparkling green eyes, and she said: "Grandma, have I ever told you you're my favorite person in the whole world?"

Ruth smiled. "Oh, you have, when you were little. Not so much recently, after you went to the university."

She had turned to look at the scenery again, but the girl gently touched her arm and said: "Grandma, can I try one thing, real quickly? It's very important for me."

Ruth heard the serious tone in her granddaughter's voice. She looked the girl in the eyes and answered: "Of course, Julie. You know I have always supported you. What is it?"

Julie bit her lip nervously and said: "This." Then she kissed her grandmother, much to her surprise.

> The first kiss was just a friendly one. That was unusual enough on its own, but on the second one Ruth felt the girl's tongue slip into her mouth and play a little with hers. The feeling was bizarre, but Julie's tongue was vigorous and teasing. Ruth soon found out her own tongue was responding to her granddaughter's, first slowly and then more enthusiastically.

When they broke the kiss and embraced, Ruth whispered into the girl's ear: "There must have been something weird in that water, Julie."

Julie whispered back, just as silently: "Maybe so... But this feels good so good. Doesn't it, granny? Besides, you didn't even drink from the pond."

"Well, that's true, but this is... highly unusual." Ruth swallowed nervously and pulled back a little, but her hands were still resting on her red-headed granddaughter's shoulders.

Julie bit her lip and looked Ruth in the eyes. "Come on, grandma. It's pretty and calm and safe here. No-one will ever know about this. Let's undress." Her hands moved underneath the old woman's sweater and slowly started pulling it over her head.

Ruth did not resist her granddaughter's hands. Instead she raised her arms so that the girl could get the sweater of more easily. Ruth's bra was not very pretty, it was meant to be supportive for her sagging breasts.

Julie still seemed to like looking at it. She started unbuttoning her own shirt and said: "Take your bra off, grandma."

Ruth reached behind her back and did so. Without the support her flat and veiny breasts sagged down to her stomach.

Julie's own bra was lacy and seductive, although she surely must have put it on for Jack and not her own grandma. After taking off her shirt she kissed granny on the mouth again, and at the same time she felt her gnarled hands opening the latch of the bra behind her back. Julie's own hands moved downwards and started to remove granny's pants.

Granny had angular and rough features, and since she was seventy-two, her naked skin and breasts were saggy and liver-spotted. She had a thin tuft of gray hair between her legs, and the mound of her labia was visible through it.

Julie was perky and freckled and cute all over. Jack surely was a lucky guy. However, right now the girl's green eyes were only looking between her elderly grandmother's thighs.

After they had slowly removed all of each other's garments, they lay down on the soft and pleasant grass. Then they tenderly kissed once again and hugged each other close.

Soon Julie started moving downwards, kissing her grandmother's wrinkly skin and her flat and saggy breasts. "Open your legs, grandma," she softly whispered.

Ruth spread her thighs as Julie went down, and she watched as the girl's adorable freckled face moved between them. The girl's green eyes were alternating between looking down there and looking her in the eyes.

The skin of grandma's thighs and buttocks was loose and liver-spotted, and her vagina was hairy and wide open. Julie bent down and gave it a tender kiss. It was quite different from kissing a boy. She raised her head and whispered: "I love it so much, grandma." Then she bent down and kissed it again.

"Use your tongue," Ruth instructed the girl.

"Mm-hmm," Julie answered, respecting her grandmother's wisdom. Grandma's vagina was warm and wide, and Julie's tongue made was making slurping sounds inside it. Her nose was rubbing against granny's pubic mound, and her shiny green eyes were keeping contact with her grandparent.

Ruth wrinkly, liver-spotted thighs shuddered a little. Julie's energetic and very girly tongue was causing grandma to feel some very special emotions.

Julie's own tight and shapely ass moved with the motions of her head. She knew she had to be patient. She had no experience in anything like this, and it was highly unlikely granny did either. Julie knew she would just have to learn how to naturally express her emotions with her tongue. Every time granny's thighs or hips moved, she knew she was getting closer to succeeding in it. When Julie felt granny's vagina contracting around her tongue, she made a girlish sound: "Mm-hm?"

Ruth's deep sighs were the only sound which could be heard in the peaceful glade in addition to the sloppy sounds made by a girl's tongue and her grandmother's vagina.

When Ruth's thighs started shivering, she raised her head a little so she could look her freckled and flame-haired granddaughter in the eyes as she sighed deep: "Don't stop now, Julie..."

The girl's tongue started rapidly pistoning in and out, and her green eyes were attentively looking from between her grandmother's thighs. Ruth propped herself to her elbows as her own eyes widened.

Their gazes were locked together when granny came. She started breathing deep and fast and then the breaths turned into deep moans as her hips and thighs rapidly shuddered. They suddenly jerked so hard it made her shout out loud, filling the peace of the forest glade with the beauty of ecstasy.

Julie could feel the warmth of her grandma's orgasm contract and pulsate around her tongue. She kept going on, rapidly moving the tongue in and out until grandma's shivers had finally passed and she laid her head down, breaking the eye contact they had shared throughout.

Julie gave a few more tender kisses to her granny's warm vagina, and then she laid her head down on Ruth's belly, resting her nose against the bush of gray hair on her mound. Cuddling with grandma in the afterglow of her long and warm orgasm was the best for Julie. She wanted nothing more than that.

They laid silent for a long time, until Julie said: "We should come here more often, whenever I'm visiting from the university."

Ruth could only caress Julie's braided red hair and say: "Yes. Yes we should."

Then they kissed lovingly one more time and then cuddled, until it was the time to get dressed again.

Julie went to take a last sip of the pond water. She shrugged and said: "I don't think there's anything special about this, actually."

"I think the special things are in our hearts," Ruth said and caressed her granddaughter's ass, and they shared a long and tender final kiss.

They were already out of the woods and heading home, when Ruth pointed out: "We never found that druid stone of yours."

"Well, that's true, but we found another secret," Julie said and smiled. "And it's very precious to me."

Ruth could only say: "Isn't that the truth..."

Then they walked home.

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