Sister and Brother wrestling (inc,teen sex,xxx) (Fiction, Consensual Sex, Incest, Oral Sex, Teen Female/Teen Female)

Sister and Brother wrestling (inc,teen sex,xxx)

He got up angry with himself and went to the kitchen for a drink of water. As he passed through the common room of the hotel suite he saw her profiled against the lights of the city, the curtains were pulled apart, she was looking down 12 stories to the streets below. He paused to look at her in the dim light that filtered through the window. It had to be his sister, she was too slender to be his mother. The room was dark but he could make out that she was wearing a knee length night gown, it clung to her intimately, the soft light from outside shown through the thin material revealing the swell of her breasts, the firm roundness of her butt. She was a more interesting view than the lights she was looking at.

He stepped up next to her, “Hey.”

She startled “Oh!” and looked up at him, “You scared me.”

“What are you doing here?” he wanted to know.

“I can’t sleep. I’m excited for you, I want you to win tomorrow and I keep thinking how cool it will be to have your name and picture in the display case at school. I can point it out to all my friends because they all think you’re like totally hot.”

He laughed lightly, “I am totally hot, I don’t need to see my picture to know that, I have mirrors.”

She snickered at him, “Your gonna lose tomorrow because your head is too big to hold up straight. I came out to get some hot chocolate, maybe that will make me sleepy.”

“What’s mom doing?” His sister was sharing the 2nd suite bedroom with their mother.

“Snoring, that’s why I’m out here, it’s a lot quieter. Why are you here, you should be resting?”

“Can’t sleep.”

“You want some cocoa too, I can make you some?” She didn’t wait for an answer as she stepped away toward the small kitchenette. He followed her, admiring the shape of her back from neck to legs, she had a kicking body and if she wasn’t his sister he would have been tempted to throw a few passes at her.

Hot mug in hand he went back to his room and sat on the bed cross legged, looking out the window and thought about the next day. He had watched several videos of his opponents, knew their favorite moves and holds and was thinking of counter-moves and leverage when the bed jostled. He looked up to see his sister settling down beside him, sitting on her heels, also facing the window. A quick glance at the clock told him 1:07 AM.

She had joined him for several reasons. She wasn’t tired, she knew he wasn’t sleepy, she knew he would be thinking about the match so with female intuition she sensed she needed to divert his thoughts, his focus. The air around him vibrated with tension and she wondered what she could do to calm him.

It came to her as a dawning, the growing of an idea, she knew what she could do to help her brother relax. If his mind was not on the upcoming match, he might get some needed sleep. Her stomach fluttered and her back shivered as if someone had traced down her spine with a fingertip. She settled on a goal, a mission, so she started, “Do you remember that time we went snorkeling in Florida?”

“Huh? Of course I do, that was just last year. Why, what made you think of that right now?”

She looked at him and made a confession, “When we were diving, snorkeling on the reefs, I always stayed behind you. I looked more at you than the fish.”

“Why? Were you scared I’d drown or something?”

Even under the veil of dark he could see her shade red as she explained “I liked watching you swim, how your back and legs moved and sometimes I could see the bulge in your trunks. I kind of got buzzed looking at you like that. Until then only one other boy ever made me feel like that, made me tingle, and that was Rick Mattson.”

He turned to face her, she had his full attention, “You got turned on watching me swim?”

She dropped her eyes and admitted her secret, the loose ends of her hair whisked across her shoulders when she gave a soft nod of her head. She murmured, “It wasn’t just the swimming part, it was the whole trip. We were always doing something together, you were always near, sometimes in just swim trunks or shorts and I liked watching your chest and butt too.” She lifted her eyes and looked into his, “I felt like a girl on a new date the whole six days, I kept thinking we made a cute couple.”

He studied his sister’s face, the large gray eyes, pixie nose and full lips as she talked, he felt his nuts twitch, his dick tingled. What the hell was she saying?

“Yeah, well you weren’t exactly a troll yourself. I got up every morning wondering which bikini you would wear, the red, black, or the striped one. I like the black one the best, it covered about half your boobs and the cleavage shot was hot. I wondered why dad didn’t tell you not to wear it.”

She smiled, “Maybe he liked looking at me too.”

“Ugh, that’s so gross.”

“But it’s not gross that you were looking at me?” She was loosening up, becoming less tense as they bantered.

He too was becoming more comfortable as she led the direction of the conversation. “Not only no, but hell no. I liked the distraction, I kept looking for pubes around your crotch and didn’t see any so my mind played freely, imagining how you might shave, what you look like there.”

Again she blushed then slapped him lightly on the shoulder, “Fucking perv, there’s more to girl than what’s between her legs.”

His cock had been gradually increasing in length and girth as he and his sister parried words. He uncrossed his legs, set the half full cup of chocolate on the side table and laid back on the large bed, propped against two of the four pillows. She moved off her knees then flopped down on her side, facing him, there were several inches of space between them. She grabbed the other two pillows and laid her head on them. She glanced across his profile and saw the outline of his swelling prick against the background of light through the window. He looked down her body from face, over the rise of her breasts to the legs protruding from the hem of the night gown. His heart picked up it’s pace. She lie facing him for a few moments then rolled to her stomach, rested her cheek on her arms crossed over the pillows, “Can you sleep now?” she wanted to know.

Of all the things on his mind just then, sleep was at the very bottom of a long list, his sister was at the very top of that same list. Her presence even dominated any thoughts of the coming wrestling contest. “I still have too much on my mind to sleep.”

“Like what, tell me what is running around in your dim little brain.”

His eyes slalomed down her back, up and over the rise of her ass then down her legs, “Like shouldn’t you go back to bed? I can’t sleep if you keep yakking at me.”

“I am in bed” she boldly stated.

“With mom, not here.” His cock had reached maximum strength.

She could see the effect her nearness was having on him, against the background of city lights his erection was evident. The shiver in her back turned to a sensuous vibration. She paused, caressing his eyes with hers, judging the next words she wanted to say, to continue the mission she was on; her heart wavered with uncertainty as her mind was busy formulating the proposal. Once the thought was formed, her heart under control, her mind made up, she asked straight out, “You want to have sex with me?”

His eyes grew wide with surprise, his heart thumped, his chest froze, he couldn’t breathe for a few seconds as he searched her face for any hidden meaning or if she was teasing him. He saw nothing but honesty looking back at him, “You want;” quick shudder, “uh, I can fuck you?”

She didn’t answer him verbally; she sat up next to him and peeled off her night gown. In less than a few moments she was lying next to him wearing just a white thong. His eyes magnetized to her breasts, they were shaking lightly, her chest moving with nervous breaths. He sat up and pulled his shirt off then peeled his shorts down his legs. When he lay next to his sister again he was nude, his erection long and strong, pointed at the junction of her legs. She was watching him raptly as he took her thong and pulled it down, she lifted her legs and kicked free of the tiny garment then reached for him. He rose up and over her, she splayed her legs then with hands on his hips pulled him into place.

The end of his boner slid down then up the slit between her thighs, he stroked her several times, building pressure, building lust. He licked his hand to coat it with saliva then wet the end of his erection. She reached between them, held him lightly with five fingers then guided him to her entrance. When she felt the thick round head slip into her she moved her hand. He pressed into his sister until his nuts mashed against her cunt. She hooked her ankles over the back of his knees and flexed her hips up, claiming as much of him as she could then looked up into his eyes and said softly, “Yes, you can fuck me.”

He rolled his hips, thrusting, not yet believing that his sister had just offered herself to him without hesitation, without foreplay, without hours of seduction. She was watching him as he fucked her, her eyes bright with some emotion he didn’t recognize. She wasn’t flopping and gasping, wailing or moaning like his girlfriend did but he could tell she was enjoying what they were doing. As their bodies meshed and bounced she was heating up, her pussy softened with warmth and lust, she put her hands around his neck, intertwined her fingers and locked her eyes on his.

The pair coupled for several minutes, she didn’t feel the need to cause him to take new positions, to take his time, to seduce her or give her an orgasm. She knew from experience that the first time a boy screwed her it wouldn’t be a long, highly erotic union so she was ready and willing to let her brother finish without her own climax. She felt him sliding in and out of her cunt, she savored the feel of his stomach rubbing hers, she enjoyed watching his face as his passion mounted. She sensed her brother was near the end of her mission so she licked her lips, put her mouth next to his ear and offered quietly, “You don’t have to pull out.”

His eyes rolled up white, his body went rigid for a moment then he wrapped her ass with his hands and slammed into her until his balls crushed. She could feel him convulsing, her cunt got hotter, wetter as he came. He whimpered soft sounds of raptus as he finished fucking his sister.

She let go of his neck and pushed him over until he was lying beside her, he was panting with sexual exertion. Her mission was complete, she smiled at him “Feel better now?”

He rolled his eyes to her, “Wow, what the hell just happened?”

She laughed lightly, “You don’t know, am I your first?” She rolled off the bed then put her night gown back on. She tucked the thong under his pillow saying “Keep it, you can use it as inspiration because if you win tomorrow, you may not be able to sleep tomorrow night either,” her voice dropped to a soft, husky invitation, “and I’ll have to give you more ----- hot chocolate.”

“Just like that, fuck and run?”

“Yeah,” she said matter of factually, “mom won’t sleep forever so I better go back.” She blew her brother a silent kiss then left him alone, happy with what she had done for him.

He fell back on the bed, onto a cold wet spot of cum that had dripped from her before she got up. His cock was still stiff, his mind full of his sister but he quickly drifted into a much needed sleep. As his eyes fluttered shut he the last thing he saw was the clock: 1:33 AM.

She couldn’t sleep, her mind was busy, reliving the last half hour. She gave her brother her body, let him screw her so he could relax and sleep. He needed rest for the tournament and she did what she could to help him unwind. Even though she didn’t have an orgasm she enjoyed letting him between her legs. She hadn’t lied when she told him he turned her on the year before and every once in a while since then she got tingles if the mood and situation were just right and he was near. She rolled her head to look at her mother sleeping in the next bed and smiled. The woman would be shocked to her very core if she knew her daughter had seduced her older brother just to mellow him out. At 2:17 by the beside clock the girl got up and went back to the other bedroom, to her brother, she wanted to make sure he was finally asleep.

He was lying face up on top of the blankets, his nude body illuminated by the weak glow from the city below. She stood next to the bed and studied him, after a quick inventory of him from face to toes she concentrated on the part of him that turned her on. His legs were slightly spread giving her an unhindered view of his balls which rested softly at the junction of his thighs. She shivered delightfully as she judged them to be larger than any of the four boys who had screwed her in the last two years. His prick was long and still half swollen with youth and energy, even while he slept it looked as if it could rise to fuck a girl in seconds. Her stomach tightened with sexual tension, she could feel her pussy warm and soften. She had to leave because if she didn’t she would get back on the bed with him for a second round of sex. He needed his rest. Back in her own room she quietly massaged her tits and fingered her body until she released the built up pressure. After licking the residue of her orgasm and his cum from her fingers she eased into a peaceful rest.

A tournament match is decided by who gets the most points in three periods of wrestling. Or by pinning the opponent. Her brother was facing the state champion who had pinned his last six opponents in less than a minute. The two were evenly matched in weight and height but the champ outclassed her brother in experience. From the time the referee dropped his hand to start the match to the time her brother was on his back under the opposition could not be measured as more than an eye-blink. She was surprised and dismayed that the boy could manhandle her brother so easily. He was arched off the back of his head to keep his shoulders off the mat. All of a sudden he let his body go limp which caused the other to lose a vital hold. In less than a second the champion was on his back, his knees pressed to his chest by the challenger who held them tight in the elbow of his arm. His head was twisted to the side, he groped in vain for a hold on this opponent as his shoulders were forced to the mat. The referee counted two seconds and the match was called. She exploded with joy that her brother had pinned the champ just 21 seconds into the first period.

He was done for the day, the tournament would last until that evening but he would not meet his next opponent until the next day. After watching the next wrestler he would meet, the mother, brother and sister went for dinner then returned to the hotel.

“I’m going to take a bath” their mother announced about 8 that evening. She left her two children in the common room watching television to get ready for bed, it was the first time the two had been alone since they fucked the night before.

As the bathroom door closed the brother looked at the sister, his eyes full of questions and hope, “I won” he said to her.

She smiled softly and without hesitation replied “I promised.”

Her eyes were locked on his, radiant with warmth when he held his hand to her then led her to the bedroom. She pulled her panties down and kicked them off her foot, aiming for his head. He caught them easily in mid-flight then put them under his nose, her fragrance caused his cock to swell. He caressed his mouth with the soft cotton, still warm from her body as she backed up to the bed then with hands on the mattress she pushed up and back until she was propped against a stack of pillows. He climbed onto the bed then got into position on his knees between her legs. She her hands went to his belt and zipper to free his erection while he opened shirt buttons.

When his pants and shorts were at his knees his sister wrapped tender fingers around his arousal, smiled into his eyes then reminded him, “Mom won’t be in there all night.”

He pulled her up by the hands then urged her to roll to her stomach over the pillows. When she was face down, her butt raised by the pillows he lifted her skirt, rose up over then dipped the end of his solid cock between her outspread legs. She was wet, warm and inviting so the large swollen head of his erection slipped easily into her again. He pushed gently into the tight young cunt until his balls pressed firmly against her body. She murmured her approval for the tender approach then rolled her back causing him to slip part way out then back in.

She had been anticipating her brother the whole day and without hesitation let him fuck her again. The sexual tension in her loins had gained strength over the day so by the time took her, she was already to the point of boiling. It took only three or four minutes of supreme enjoyment for her body to cramp as she gave in to the ecstasy of sex. She peaked quickly, passionately, but strained to keep the soft cries of rapture from alerting their mother in the next room.

He paused, ceased moving until her legs quit shaking then resumed fucking her. He stroked her four times then pulled away and went to his back. She lifted from the bed then laid on him. He pulled her skirt up until his erection pressed against her cunt then she adjusted until he slipped into her again. He fucked her, she fucked him and together they felt the awesome intensity of new, uninhibited sex. The sister was the first to climax, a series of convulsions that shook her, him and the bed. The feel of his sister in the throes of rapture set his balls in motion, he surged repeatedly, filling her pussy while she came.

They were normal brother and sister sitting in the hotel common room when their mother joined them again. The girl left to bathe away the reminder of her brother’s orgasm while he and his mother continued to watch TV. As she rested luxuriously in the warm bubble bath and sponged his discharge from her thighs. she did not worry about letting him cum inside her, four months earlier she had used a fake ID at the Health Clinic to get protection. She resolved to tell him later so he wouldn’t worry about impregnating her. Her loins shivered with a thrill when she anticipated how her brother would react to that.

The lights were out, the family in their respective beds. Again he couldn’t sleep, this time it was his sister that kept his mind churning, his cock hard. Twice she had freely given herself, to help keep his stress under control. He wanted to fuck her again. He wanted to get her to bed then spend the night seducing her, screwing her. While pulling easily on his cock he glanced at the clock; 11:46 PM. He got out of bed then with his hard member leading the way he cautiously stepped from his room to the other bedroom. Hoping against hope their mother was asleep he opened the door. His sister was in the near bed so he moved to it and looked down on her. She sensed his approach and rolled her head to look up at him; he held a hand out. She quickly checked their parent who was sleeping soundly then took her brother’s hand. Her heart was slamming with anticipation as he led her from her room to his.

He pulled her to him, holding her close, she put her arms around him, they were face to face, stomach to stomach, groin to groin. His cock firmed up even more, she pressed the junction of her thighs against it. He didn’t know if she would or not but he bent his face to her and put his lips on hers. She was not repulsed to kiss her brother so in moments the siblings were making out like new lovers. As their mouths mated their hands were busy pulling sleepwear off. In moments the two were nude and the sensation of skin caressing skin set them both on fire. He broke the heated embrace then urged her to the bed. She sat on the edge and laid back, he dropped to his knees, pushed her legs apart then leaned in to kiss the warm tender folds of her sex.

He licked the moisture off the length of her cunt, she moaned softly. He probed into the slit with his tongue, she vibrated as she gasped. When he formed an open mouth vacuum on her she gripped his hair and began to roll her hips. Only once had another boy put his head between her legs and it was a quick, unexciting experiment. Her brother was turning her on in a way she had never felt before.

He kissed, licked and suckled until she was teetering on the brink of rapture. When he sensed she was ready he put two fingers into her cunt then pushed them deep as he tickled her clit with the end of his tongue. Her entire body stiffened for a moment then she began to quake. She slapped a hand over her mouth to muffle the cries that escaped her each time she cramped. He lifted his head from her body but kept a steady rhythm of finger fucking while she writhed on the bed.

She slowly pulled herself up to lie completely on the bed, ensuring he had room to lie with her. As her climax waned, as her breathing slowed, she smiled softly. “I never felt that before, god that was hot!”

He was studying her breasts, only the second time he’d seen them bared. He bent to kiss a nipple and she put an arm around him, pulling him closer. In moments he was working her up for another heated encounter, his cock was so swollen with the need to fuck her it was beginning to ache. She put a hand under his chin then lifted his head to kiss him. As their mouths melded she pulled on his shoulder, urging him over her.

She spread her legs wide, he dipped his hips and put the head of his erection where she wanted it. He was not being soft and tender this time, the urgency in his balls drove him to savage her, to take her without gentleness and she reacted to the sensual assault by encouraging him, “Fuck me. Fuck me hard, I want this, I’ll do anything you want. Oh, sweet damn this feels good!”

He pushed up on his arms so the only connection to his sister was his cock in her. He looked down on the girl and felt a wash of concern, even though he didn’t the first two times he screwed her he asked, “Should I pull out?”

She smiled up at him, pleased that he worried for her, she reached between them then encircled his erection with her fingers and said “Cum.” His balls clenched, his cock convulsed in her fingers then he surged seven times into the depths of his sister’s womb.

Both were sated, both exhausted. They lie side by side, face up, she was awed at the erotic feelings and passions her brother had unleashed from her, he was reveling in the afterglow of some the hottest sex he had ever enjoyed. Gradually reason and caution returned to the bedroom and they prepared to part. She kissed him tenderly then moved until she lay between his splayed legs, toying with his cock, “Hey,” he looked down at her, “if you win the trophy tomorrow, I’ll give you another trophy, one you will never forget.”

“What’s that?”

She focused on his eyes then kissed the end of his prick, “Guess.”

His cock twitched, “If I lose?”

“You’ll be a loser. Why would I want to mess around a loser?” she teased impishly then got off the bed knowing she had just given him the motivation to win the wrestling title.

The trophy went to a display shelf in their home, his picture and biography joined the past stars and heroes in the main hall at school. Brother and sister returned to their normal relationship, her last promise to him in the hotel became a promise unkept. He knew he would enjoy a blow from his sister but she had already given enough of herself, he was satisfied with what they had done. He only once made a hopeful suggestion to her, she gently declined. He had his girlfriend, she her steady, so normalcy resumed.

On the Friday night, 15 days after his victory, the siblings were at a birthday party for their grandmother. The time and distance from home meant they would not be with their friends, it was an all evening fete for their mother’s mother, a family affair. After dinner the adults, grandparents, parents, aunts and uncle were loudly discussing a variety of topics, the confusing din drove the next generation from the room. Their three cousins settled down at a game console, the brother and sister escaped to the back yard. The warm night air was refreshing, the quiet relaxing.

They were sitting side by side on the lawn lamenting the absence of their friends when the sister put a hand on his shoulder then pulled him to his back. As he was looking at the stars she rose up then sat on his lower legs, her hands went to his belt. In the short time it took her to unbuckle it then pull his zipper to it’s stop he grew a solid erection. He lifted his ass while she pulled his jeans and shorts down until his arousal was fully exposed. She gripped the shaft then bent to him and licked the tip of his cock. Her eyes looked up at him, she smiled then pulled him into her mouth, over her tongue. Her mouth was hot, soft and wet, she stroked his cock with a hand while nursing it gently. He laid back on the grass and went completely mellow while his sister performed.

She used her lips and tongue to build the pressure in his balls which she held tenderly, feeling them grow hard with lust and cum. His erection began to cramp, she knew he was trying to stall, to delay the inevitable but she was ready. She gripped him firmly then sucked a vacuum on his cock. He shook, groaned then flooded his sister’s mouth with his emission. Her cheeks swelled as he filled her then when the time was right she gulped once and swallowed.

She lay on him, his hard cock was lodged in her cleavage, her head on his chest, she could hear his heart thudding. He put a hand to her head then stroked her hair while his body quieted. He didn’t see the smile of accomplishment his sister wore, she had kept her promise.


She scrambled off him, he pulled up and closed his pants. The brother and sister were sitting calmly side by side again when their father found them, the party was over, it was time to leave. As they walked to the car she took his hand then whispered another promise into his ear. A promise that would take the night long to fulfill.

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