Spanking a Lucky Girl (spanking,gym,stories)

Spanking a Lucky Girl

It had been such a long time, maybe she'd been too good, maybe He had been too wrapped up in other things. Whatever the reasons, she was not looking forward to 12.30pm

That was the text on her phone, "My study, 12.30pm, Tomorrow Gym Kit."

She simply answered, "Yes Sir"

He could have asked her in person, but felt texting was more official.
A restless sleepless night, not because of her fear, but because she tried to think how she had disappointed her Master.
The same Master who loved, protected and looked out for her, today, yesterday and she hoped for all the days to come.

They had just floated over the past few weeks, her not earning, He not realizing that 2 maintenances and at least 3 spankings a week, had slipped by.
The 3 spankings, usually, because he could!
He could because she was His, he owned her, mind body and soul, and she gave willingly all 3.


As she tossed and turned she remembered coming in from the garden a few weeks ago, arms full of flowers and looking forward to displaying them, she saw her strap laid over the settee arm and knew it would be her displaying first.

She had laid the flowers on the kitchen counter and quickly returned to the lounge.
Her flimsy summer dress passed over her head in milli seconds and placed on the floor, placed not thrown, Sir was a stickler for tidiness.
Her pink lacy bra undone and freeing her perfectly formed breasts with nipples to attention.
She had no pants on, she had received a bedtime spanking the night before, and that was the rule, no knickers for 24 hours after a punishment.

She laid herself over the settee arm, the coldness of the leather sent a shock to her already pert nipples and her swelling clit.
Arms outstretched and legs apart, just enough to split her pussy lips.

Sir was reading His morning paper; he looked over the top at various stages of her preparation, he particularly loved the way her tits swayed when free of their enclosure, and the cute way her tiny nipples stood proud.

She laid for what seamed an age, but it is what Sir wanted, she was not restless, in fact to say she was not looking forward to it had turned into a "Can not wait for it"
She found herself rubbing her clit on the settee arm, ever so gently so as not to arouse Sirs attention.
She felt her wetness betray her as it seeped between her puffy lips, her eyes closed and her swaying.............................


The sudden burst of 5 lashes on her recently spanked pink bottom brought her down to earth.

Sir has seen her predicament and waited till she had begin to enter the state just before cumming, where her eyes tighten, her head moves, her bottom sways and her clit reaches the point of bursting.


The second set gave her the reality she desired.


Tears began to well in her eyes.


A sob or two escaping between her heavy breaths.


Sir was laying them on with his usual preciseness, from the back of her knees to her waist, no area was spared.

He stopped, laid the strap over her back and rubbed her bottom. His hand ran between her bum cheeks and touched her private places.

His finger entered the very bottom of her pussy lips, her leg instinctively opened wider and he probed her wetness.
He fingered her for his and her pleasure; she came at once, then again and again.

There's was not a relationship where she needed to ask to cum, it was a free emotion he encouraged.

The strap was lifted from her back and she felt her large vibrator inserted, she moved further forward so`s to make sure gravity kept it in.

Sir turned it to number 4.


Covering old ground again Sir hits on top of each previous welt.


She begins to drift, her mind was in all sorts of places.


He turned her vibe to 6, it was her transport mode as she finally entered the place all subs relish, in the distance she heard, "Last 5" and braced.


Sir laid the strap over her back, she was oblivious to his action, he turned the vibrator to 3 and left her to her own love and pain induced world.

She opened her eyes, the buzzing in her pussy was faint, her head was light, as she clenched her bottom she felt a sharp pain, the welts were bruising and tightening her skin, she let out an, "Owww"

Sir knew she was back with him, and she knew not to move.

"I think you will find the electrics ok now, it was just a loose wire causing the overhead fuses to cut off the power"

OMG, how long had the tradesman been in, she tried to close her legs a little but the large vibe prevented this.

"Thanks for your prompt attention, and sorry you had to witness her punishment"
"My pleasure, absolutely any time"

Sir saw him out and returned to the lounge and removed her vibrator..

"Kneel girl"

She at once arose from being draped over the arm and knelt, hands behind her head and tongue out.
Sir lowered His fly and placed his flaccid cock on her tongue, she took him in.
As it swelled in her mouth, her eyes looked up at him with love and thanks.

She pleasured Him and swallowed every drop of Him.

He withdrew and left her kneeling for a while, he returned and again placed his cock on her outstretched tongue.


The large clock in the hallway chimed the half hour, she knocked, "Enter", it was His 12.30 appointment.

She entered, her tight navy blue gym knickers taught across her bottom, and slightly damp between her legs.

Her bra less tits swaying with every step, her petite pointed nipples stretching her blouse.

She saw Sirs number 3 cane of his desk as He rose and began ubuckling His belt.

What a lucky, lucky girl!

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