Sticky Knickers (fetish,knickers,sex)

Sticky Knickers

"You right there Hun?" I asked with a grin plastered over my face as I watched my wife delicately pluck at the material of her skirt as she pulled her knickers loose from between her cheeks.
"It's your fucking fault" she said, pointing the paring knife at me even as her cheeks grew red and she glanced around to make sure our two kids hadn't heard her swear, "I've been picking my knickers out of my bum all day!"

"How's that my fault?" I asked in genuine ignorance, and quickly added as I watched Wendy rummage around with her skirt once more, "I hope you were a little more circumspect at the office?"

"How's it your fault? You prick! Were you not the one begging me for a quickie this morning?" she whispered loudly, her cheeks growing an even deeper red.

I suddenly understood my role in this situation and fought to control the smile that was slowly spreading across my face as I remembered how our day had commenced.

I'd been laying alone in our bedroom, listening to Wendy get ready for work in the en-suite, contemplating a pleasant Saturday with just the kids while my wife filled in for a sick workmate. I could smell her scent on her pillow and her side of the mattress was still warm from her body when I placed a hand upon it.

It was one of those rare morning when both kids were still sleeping soundly and when Wendy walked quietly into the bedroom, the sheets had been swept aside and my cock was stiff and wagging between my fist.

Wendy had stopped short at the sight of my erect cock but giggled shyly as she glanced at her ever-present watch.

"Not a chance Romeo..I'm already late", she'd whispered as she placed some perfume upon her wrists but her voice had sounded genuinely sorry and her eyes kept darting back to my cock as I'd gently stroked it.

"The kids are still asleep" I'd crooned, "How often does that happen these days?"

Wendy had opened her mouth to speak but I'd hurried on.

"I'm already locked and loaded" I'd grinned as I'd nodded down towards my pulsing cock.

"It's a Saturday" I'd continued desperately, "The traffic will be much lighter than a weekday, you probably won't even be that late!"

"Besides" I'd said as I'd tugged at my cock with a little more force "I've done most of the work for you...this will be the ultimate quickie!"

"Can you even hear yourself" she'd snorted sarcastically "Do you really think that's a selling point? That if I agree to fuck you, you'll cum inside me so quickly that I won't even be very late?"

I'd felt my cheeks grow warm in embarrassment but I was saved from stuttering out a reply as Wendy had let out a frustrated sigh, turned to lock our bedroom door before lifting the hem of her skirt high enough to hook her thumbs under her knickers and draw them down her shapely legs.

Wendy had pulled her skirt even higher as she'd climbed onto me, straddling my thighs and taking my cock between her fingers, rubbing me gently.

I'd held my breath as she'd leaned forward and took my penis into her mouth, running her tongue wetly up and down it's shaft, ensuring I would slide easily into her dry, unlubricated pussy.

"Sorry Hun", she'd grinned as I'd moaned quietly while she continued to lube my cock, "But time is tight!"

Even as she'd delicately impaled herself upon my cock she was glancing at her wristwatch and when I tried to undo the buttons of her blouse, she'd slapped my trembling fingers away impatiently.
That said, she'd rode me with growing enthusiasm and when I'd cupped her breasts through the material of both her blouse and bra, not only did she allow my hands to remain but she'd smiled in what seemed to be genuine pleasure.

I could not see the time from my prone position but am somewhat ashamed to assume I came deep within my wife's cunt within a couple of minutes, probably a good thing under the circumstances I'd guessed.

Despite my rapid and no doubt obvious climax, Wendy had continued to ride my slowly softening cock for another couple of minutes and although she'd denied the fact afterward, her closed eyes and the hint of a shudder had me convinced she too had reached an orgasm despite the briefness of our fucking.

Wendy had rolled off of me within seconds of her "climax" and with a quick kiss, she had swept out of the room with her knickers and shoes in one hand as she'd smoothed her shirt and blouse with the other.

"You can take that shit-eating grin off your face" Wendy hissed as she placed the cutlery on the table next to me, "This morning coming back to you, is it?"

"Sorry Wen" I mumbled as she swept passed me and fought to keep the look on my face straight but I could feel my dick straining against my jeans as I pictured her sitting at her office, talking to workmates during breaks, dealing with her boss...all while my semen dripped slowly into her knickers, sticking the material to her vagina and bottom as it dried.

I didn't dare try my luck fucking my wife again that evening but my cock remained semi erect throughout the night and when the kids were in bed and my wife was taking a shower, I found her knickers in the hamper and by rubbing its sticky and stained crotch against my cock, I came even quicker than I had that morning.

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