Strip poker night (sex,poker,strip poker)

Strip poker night

Tegan and Brandon parted ways briefly to clean up and get dressed before reconvening in the kitchen to sit and have some tea. The conversation didn’t really address their earlier session, but they talked easily about nothing in particular. Brandon’s thoughts seems preoccupied by Yeung, but he didn’t seem concerned about their affair crossing any lines so much as he wondered how he’d actually go about dating someone. To Tegan Brandon seemed positively smitten with the girl and she felt happy for him, as long as he didn’t expect her to hop into bed with him right away. She suspected Brandon would be coming to her for advice rather than sex over the coming weeks and planned to be there for him in any capacity she was able. At the end of their talk once the tea was finished they rose from the table and chastely kissed each other on the cheek before Brandon went back to his room Tegan busied herself clearing up the kitchen to kill time until someone else came home. She was strangely nervous about speaking with Sam following last night’s exploits. Brandon seemed oblivious to anything untoward but she assumed this was partially his preoccupation with Yeung. Sam, she suspected might have queries about where she had been all night. At the very least he was probably extra horny.

Angus was the next one home and she greeted him warmly with a hug and a cheek kiss at the door which he returned but seemed perturbed as she eased past her and headed directly to his room. She was wondering whether to follow when he started speaking and she trailed behind to keep him in earshot.

“Ahm goin’ out o’ town.” He grumbled, seemingly frustrated as he started throwing items into his travel case “ah have a meeting that apparently ah cannae get out o’. But o’course Dave can.” He mimed spitting on the name. Tegan wasn’t sure who Dave was but contextually deduced that he was some guy at work that Angus didn’t like much.

“You’re leaving?” Tegan queried, confused by how disappointed she sounded even as she said it.

“Aye.” Angus stopped for a moment to take her firmly by the shoulder and address her directly “Ah’ll like be back tomorrow night, late.” His eyes scanned her slender form.

Tegan sat on the edge of Angus’ bed and watched. It felt strange to think of being apart from him even for a day or two, like she was going to miss him. A peculiar feeling she was going to have to take a little time to wrap her head around.

“So….” She began, breaking what she felt had suddenly become an awkward silence. “…have time for a quick one to tide you over? I’d hate for you to forget about me while you’re away.”

“If only I could fit yeh in my carry-on.” He paused to look at her petite slender frame and mused as if seriously considering it. “Ach lass, don’ tempt me. I have a cab waiting, I literally do nae have the time or ah risk missing my flight.” Snapping his fingers impatiently he scanned the room for something then haphazardly stuffed some socks and underpants and a spare tie on top of his clothes, then zipped the case up, grabbed a suit bag off the hanger in his open wardrobe, then with a quick peck on her cheek he bolted out the door.

Tegan felt deflated. After initially not liking his brutishness she had grown accustomed to the way he treated her and controlled her, and she felt a weird weight across her shoulders and tightness in her chest. Was this some kind of Stockholm syndrome? Did she genuinely like Angus or had he manipulated her into thinking she did? Maybe she was looking too far into it but she couldn’t explain away the gnawing tension that grew inside her when she watched him leave, despite knowing he was going to be gone for all of a day! He’d be back between her thighs before she even noticed he was gone! She balled her hands into fists and left Angus’ room, pacing out her irritating back and forth across the living room. Maybe she was just feeling antsy because for the next twenty four hours or so, Sam was going to have her all to himself – with Angus gone and Brandon pursuing a girlfriend, Sam would have no competition and her stomach flopped as she wondered what that might mean for her.


When Sam did arrive home she turned to greet him with a warm smile and rushed over to affectionately embrace him around the shoulders as he set down his bag by the door and pulled her close by the hips. She couldn’t help but notice he deliberately ground his crotch against her belly as he pulled her in and kissed her lightly on the lips, and she pressed against him, trying to drag out the kiss until Sam perhaps lost interest in any potentially awkward conversations. However, Sam broke off the kiss and gently pushed her back before picking up his bag and proceeding to his room.

“I’d love to fool around but I need to get myself and the house presentable, I’m having some company tonight.” Sam drawled.

“Guests? Here?” Tegan glanced around. The house was tidy – she’d seen to that in her free time during the day. She followed him to his room so they weren’t shouting their conversation across the house.

“Yeah, me and some buddies are getting together for a poker night.”

“Poker? Since when do you have poker nights?” Tegan lingered in the doorway of Sam’s room as he got undressed and grabbed his towel, headed for the bathroom to shower.

“Usually my mate Jayden hosts, but his place is being renovated. I told him we could use this place.” Sam stepped into the shower and turned the water on, his attention focused on adjusting the water temperature before he turned back to Tegan who had followed him across the hall. “I assumed that it wouldn’t be a big deal.”

“I guess it isn’t.” Tegan said, feeling disoriented. “Angus is out of town tonight.” She noted.

“He texted me.” Sam acknowledges as he turned on the shower and adjusted it before stepping under the water. “But I’d already cleared poker night with him and Brandon anyway.”

“Oh.” Tegan wondered why she didn’t get consulted. Didn’t she count as a member of the household anymore? “Is there anything we need to do to get organized?”

“Nah.” Sam said as he scrubbed himself “I’ve got a card table and some snacks and beer in my truck, I’ll get that all set up once I’m done here.”

“Oh. Well, I’ll go hang out in my room I guess.” Tegan said uncertainly.

“Well…” Sam interjected, a sly note in his voice. Tegan rolled her eyes. She knew there was going to be more to this. Maybe her short career as a sexual plaything had made her overly cynical but she doubted it.

“Well?” She urged. The sooner Sam revealed his scheme the sooner she could shoot him down. She might have let Angus drag her to a seedy sex shop glory hole but she wasn’t going to let Sam get away with inviting strangers into her home to become embroiled in their affair.

“I was hoping you might stick around. Maybe serve some drinks to the guys, be a little bit of eye candy?” Sam said, lewdly rubbing his cock as he lathered up his balls.

“Show them my ass, suck their dicks?” Tegan continued with vitriolic sarcasm, making Sam grimace. “I wasn’t born yesterday Sam. You think I haven’t seen enough pornos to know what happens when you mix one girl into a guy’s poker night?” She turned away from the door and started to go back to her room, wanting to be alone for a moment to cool off her frustration at Sam’s presumption.

“I bet you’d do it if Angus asked.” Sam called after her. Against her better judgment she turned and stalked back to the bathroom.

“…the fuck did you say?”

Sam took his time to answer, rinsing off the soap from his body and raking his fingers through his hair.

“You’d do it if Angus asked.” He repeated. “You get mad at me for pushing your boundaries but let Angus do what he wants.” Tegan felt her throat close in a panic. How much did he know? Surely Angus wouldn’t have spilled the beans.

“That’s not the same.” Tegan eventually responded.

“No?” Sam turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, grabbing his towel and drying himself off. “Angus tells you to wear a plug up your ass 24/7 and you do it. Angus creates a whole album of explicit photographs of you getting railed you say ‘thank you’. You say you want to keep this arrangement inside the house and you go off on a date with him all night, god knows where.” Sam gestured broadly, sweeping his arm in no particular direction and Tegan took a slow breath. Sam didn’t know about the sex shop – whatever he suspected, it was only that: suspicion.

“As I’ve said before, our deal is that in exchange for me not having to worry about my share of the bills and expenses, you guys get to fuck me as much as you want. Beyond that anything I do is my call.” Tegan said firmly.

Sam sighed and squeezed past her to return to his room where he hung up his towel and started to throw on some assorted clothing.

“I think you’re playing favourites.” Sam said with a shrug as he pulled on a t-shirt. The tight material clung to his slightly damp skin.

Tegan took a moment before responding. She had to concede that was true but she didn’t like it. It wasn’t her fault and Sam’s comment felt too much like an accusation.

“So what if I am? That doesn’t stop you from fucking me.”

“It does if you’re out all night.”

“Oh gee, sorry. That doesn’t make it ok for you to cook up some half-baked scheme where you bring strangers into the house expecting a piece of me.”

“They aren’t!” Sam exclaimed. “I swear, it’s actually just a poker game with the guys. We put in a few bucks for chips, play some hands over a few beers. I literally just thought it would be fun if you, I dunno, put on a cute outsit and brought us our drinks.”

“Do you expect me to believe that? Do you seriously believe that?” Tegan sighed.

“Honestly? That’s all I wanted from you. If, over the natural course of the evening things went a bit further, I would be ok with that – if you were.”

“So you admit you’re open to the possibility of more happening, you considered it.”

“If it happened organically.”

“You know how manipulative that sounds, right?”

“Look, poker night is going ahead anyway. What I said was true: we can’t use Jayden’s place, I volunteered mine. You can stay in your room all night if you want. But I’d appreciate it – as a personal favour – if you’d play along.”

“’A personal favour’? You say that like you’ve earned one somehow.”

“Then don’t do it. I’m not trying to make this a big thing, Tegan. I’m just asking you if you’ll serve some drinks, if that’s something you want.”

“Well I don’t,” Tegan said curtly “So I will see you later.”

With that she went into her room and closed the door, then bit her finger to keep from laughing aloud. Contrary to what she’d told Sam she intended to play her own game tonight, but it would be so much sweeter for Sam to have no idea what was coming. Partially she was driven by a need to prove to herself she remained in control of this situation. Her feelings when Angus abruptly announced his business trip bothered her and she was worried she had given over too much of herself to him. Secondly, she had racked her brains trying to think of a way to dominate Sam because she felt like he wouldn’t be as malleable as Brandon had been, he certainly was a lot harder to shame, something she seemed to be developing in equal measure. But now she felt like she had something, and this was her chance to put it into practice.


Tegan gave herself an hour, listening intently for the sounds outside her room as she heard Sam receive and greet his guests, then get settled in to their card game. She heard snatches of conversation, chatter, trash-talking. The words weren’t clear through her door but the tones were. Brandon had arrived home at some point and gone to his room. It seemed like the time was going to be now.

She opened the door and exited her room, strolling down the hallway. There was a brief glance in her direction followed by a double-take. Her body was mostly covered by a frilly French maid apron but under it she was wearing sheer white thigh high stockings, black stiletto heels, a pair of frilly white panties. On her head was a hat the matched the apron, and she had set her hair in a bun behind it. Other than the apron, she was topless, though she had ensured that the sash around the waist was cinched in tight to at least notionally preserve her modesty, the bodice part was wide enough to securely enclose her small chest. She lingered, posing in the hallway as Sam turned to face her, his eyebrows raised at the sight of her as she slowly prowled into the room and stood by the table, her hands demurely folded in front of her. Without waiting for any questions she scanned the group.

The four men were seated around a makeshift card table, which was actually just a tabletop that apparently fit over the top of their normal dining table but had space you hold the chips as well as places for drinks so they didn’t sit on the playing surface. Sam, on her far right, she knew. Across from him on her near left was a red-headed man she could only describe as chubby. He seemed young and his skin, similarly pale to hers, didn’t look like it had seen much sun – if he was a colleague of Sam’s, he hadn’t been working in construction long. To his left was an olive-skinned man with short curly hair and a large friendly smile. And across from him on her near right was, her heart somersaulting as she realized it, was Trevor.

Trevor from the gym down the street. Trevor the fitness and judo instructor. Trevor who she’d fucked on a pile of sweaty old gym mats after he saved her from some thugs harassing her in an alleyway. Trevor who was now in her home, knew where she lived. Tegan took a long moment to compose herself.

“Good evening, gents. I’m Violet.” Tegan offered the fake name she’d already given Trevor. She glanced at Sam and he raised his eyebrows again but said nothing. She wondered if that was a revealing mistake. What if Trevor had told Sam about his encounter with ‘Violet’ and Sam connected the dots? Well, too late to worry about that now. “I will be your server this evening. Can I freshen any of those drinks?”

The guys all asked for fresh beers, having been idling towards the bottom of their bottles, and she took the empties into the kitchen to recycle, wiggling her ass as she walked away, pretending not to care if they turned to watch her or not. As she opened the fridge and began to uncap a round of bottles, trying to match the various six packs in the fridge with the bottles she’d been given, she heard Sam excuse himself and follow her into the kitchen.

Tegan ignored him as she set the bottles on a small tray. It wasn’t a proper drink tray but she doubted anyone was going to care.

“What are you doing?” Sam asked, his voice a low whisper.

“What I want.” Tegan whispered in response.

“You’re going through with this?”

“Going through with what? Serving drinks?” Tegan challenged.

“I didn’t expect this.” He said, gesturing at her outfit.

“Is that a problem?” Tegan challenged again, balancing the tray of beers on one hand and cocking her hips. “Anyone might think you were jealous.”

“No.” Sam said softly, seemingly backing down.

“Good. Now allow me to proceed. On my own terms.” Tegan strutted out of the kitchen, one hand holding the tray aloft and the other on her hip, something she found helped her balance in high heels. She brought the tray down to the table and distributed the beers among the players as Sam retook his seat and introduced his friends, clockwise from his left.

“Violet… this is Trevor, Matthew, Jayden. Guys, this is Violet, a friend of mine.”

“Roommate, actually.” Tegan corrected. She was worried that the euphemism ‘friend’ might imply something else, like her being a prostitute. She would rather them know she lived here and was doing this for fun than think she was hired to be here. Though Sam sometimes forgets I’m also part of this household.” She added with a sly smirk. Sam looked like he was going to say something but Trevor interrupted.

“Violet.” Trevor offered his hand. “Nice to meet you. I think I’ve seen you around.”

“Oh?” Tegan played dumb as she took his hand which he gently shook in greeting.

“I work at the gym in the local village, I’d remember that bright red hair anywhere.” Trevor concluded smoothly, apparently happy to play along pretend their original encounter never happened.

“Oh, of course.” She smiled. “I don’t really go to the gym.”

“Well let me know if you change your mind, or ever want a judo lesson.” His eyes clearly indicated he definitely wanted to grapple with her again.

After a long pause Sam shuffled the cards noisily causing them both to pull their hands back, startled. Tegan stepped back with her tray, nodding graciously to the other two men as they settled into the next hand. Tegan wasn’t much of a poker player but she’d seen Texas hold’em tournaments on TV so the rules weren’t hard to follow. She occasionally stalked around the table to see what the guys had in their hands but as was the nature of Texas Hold ‘Em, they mostly kept their cards face down. She mostly watched them play, trying to guess who was going to win based on their facial expressions.

After a few more hands and a couple more beers Tegan felt the tension in the room was palpable. Sam seemed frustrated and his mood was keeping his friends subdued – something that confused her, since so far she’d given him exactly what he asked for, but apparently he didn’t like that she was taking her own initiative. After delivering the drinks and bringing a glass of wine for herself she pulled up a chair while Jayden shuffled for the next hand and squeezed in between Matthew and Trevor, who both immediately moved aside to make room.

“Mind if I join for a couple of hands? How about you deal me in?” she smiled across the table at Jayden, pushing her shoulders back and chest out as she settled into her seat.

“Sure th-“ Jayden started but Sam cut across him.

“There’s a hundred dollar buy in.” He said, sharply.

“Oh, ok.” Tegan was unphased. She dipped her fingers into one of the discreet pockets in her apron and carefully withdrew two fifty dollar notes. She had toyed with the idea of offering an article of clothing as her stake, but she wanted to draw this out as long as possible. Jayden glanced to Sam for confirmation as she set the notes down and when Sam didn’t object he took the notes and added them to the purse sitting next to the bank of chips and counted some out.

“The whites are ones, green are five, blue are ten, red are twenty. Black are fifty but with only a hundred from each of us in the pool we don’t really use them.” Hayden flashed another bright smile. He was doing his best to be friendly and charming in spite of Sam’s sour demeanour “Ante is two bucks.”

“Thanks.” Tegan returned his smile, warmly. She scanned the chip stacks to get an idea of how the men were faring. The stacks still seemed fairly even, with the pot having gone back and forth a few times while she was observing. Matthew might have been a little down, Jayden a little up, but the game was far from over. Jayden dealt each of them two cards then dealt the flop in the centre. Tegan threw in her ante and took a gulp of wine as she peeked at her cards. There was silence around the table and when a five dollar bet came to her she just called. Sam was still grumpy and moody which she attributed to her presence rather than anything to do with his hand, and everyone was betting quite conservatively.

Over the next few hands the chips started to move around. She won a small pot then had some small losses. She started to notice that the crankier Sam got the more aggressively he bet but this didn’t seem to reflect whether his cards were good or bad, almost as if he was simply betting at random. By the time she had started on her third glass of wine her chip count was running quite low and Jayden seemed to be well ahead of the others. Feigning subdued excitement she bet aggressively in the next round, faking a poor bluff which the others predictably called. A fairly large pot including the last of her chips went to Matthew, and Jayden jokingly accused him of cheating.

“You had that ace up your sleeve you son of a bitch!” he said in a mock aggressive tone.

“I’m wearing a t-shirt, dickhead.” Matthew responded in kind as he scooped the pile towards himself and started to organize them into piles.

Sam drained his beer and handed his bottle to Tegan across the table. His own chip stack was looking fairly depleted.

“Since you’re out of the game, would you mind?” His tone was even but firm. She wasn’t sure if he was challenging her or not and she feigned obliviousness, swaying a little in her seat as if drunker than she really was – petite though she may be, two generously poured glasses of wine was still only enough to give her the mildest of buzzes.

“Oh, I’m not done am I?” she batted her eyelashes “I don’t mind buying more chips.”

“No secondary buy ins. We don’t like the game to get too high stakes.” Sam said bluntly.

“It’s true.” Jayden agreed. “More than a hundred each can sometimes lead to arguments.”

“Oh, but I was just starting to have fun.” Tegan pouted. “What about a loan?”

“Also leads to disagreements, I’m afraid.” Jayden said sympathetically.

“I’ll give you fifty for your apron.” Matthew slid a few chips sideways at her. His was clearly trying to joke, but his tone betrayed the truth: he wanted to get her naked, but was too shy to say it openly, so he presented it as a joke to gauge her response.

Finally Tegan thought as she pretended to consider his offer. Jayden and Trevor leaned back in their chairs to wait and see how it played out. Sam scowled, but other than that there seemed to be no objection to this turn of events.

“Fifty for my whole apron? That seems a little light.” Tegan protested weakly. “I could give you my shoes for fifty.”

“Sure, but I’m not really interested in your shoes.” Matthew turned slightly in his seat, giving her a sly grin. His tone remained playful but there was no doubting his sincerity.

“A hundred. For the apron.” Tegan suggested.

“Seventy five.” Matthew countered. Tegan hesitated for a long moment and drained her glass.


A small cheer went up from the men at the table and Matthew slid across a few more chips to make up the balance as she untied the string at her waist and slowly peeled the apron away from her skin, handing it over to Matthew. The guys made no effort to hide their open ogling of her little tits and slowly hardening nipples, aside from Sam who left the table briefly to get himself another beer and sat down noisily when he returned.

“So what, is this a strip game now?” He grumbled.

“As far as she’s concerned it is.” Matthew laughed “So long as she keeps losing.”

“Ok, ok, you boys have had enough of a peek. I’m going to win that back from you soon enough.” Tegan folded an arm across her chest, hiding her nipples and pouring a fresh glass of wine with the other as Matthew dealt the next hand.

“You can try.” Matthew grinned.

The next few hands went better for Tegan. She won a few hands but lost a few as Sam rallied, getting most of his chips back. Matthew was way down, possibly distracted by fleeting glimpses at Tegan’s chest whenever she ‘forgot’ to cover it while Trevor and Jayden were ahead. Tegan hit another losing streak.

“I swear you guys are stacking the deck.” Tegan pouted as she finished her glass and pushed the last of her chips into the centre. She only had a face card with all the cards in the flop being low numbers so the odds of even making a pair with the remaining cards to be played were quite slim. The smart move would be to fold and hope for better luck on the next hand, but she wasn’t playing smartly. She was playing a risky game but losing was easy if you didn’t care who won, as long as she was picking her moments when Sam’s chips were down as well.

“We play a clean game here.” Jayden smiled, calling her bet as Matthew folded. “Though admittedly this game is more interesting than usual.”

Sam folded as well and Trevor called before revealing the turn and the river cards. As expected Tegan didn’t even make a pair. Both Jayden and Trevor made small straights but Trevor’s was higher. He raked in the chips and Tegan collected the cards to shuffle.

“You’re out. Again.” Sam grunted.

“So I am.” Tegan sighed, but Trevor stacked fifty dollars of chips in front of her.

“I’ll take those shoes.” He said simply.

“Another fifty for your socks.” Jayden added, putting a stack in front of her.

“I don’t know.” Tegan mused as she filled her wine glass again, emptying the bottle. “Then I’d only have my panties left.” She slurred a little on ‘panties’.

“Oh, we don’t mind.” Trevor chuckled.

“Oh, well if you say it’s ok.” Tegan drawled sarcastically as she pushed her chair back and stood up, balancing herself on the edge of the table. This was the first time she’d stood since losing her apron and the first time the guys really got a good look at her slender body and frilly panties, which were semi-transparent lace at the front. She had no doubt that they’d be able to make out the shadow of her pubic hair behind the material.

“Little help?” She raised one foot and placed it in Trevor’s lap, glancing over at Sam as Trevor undid the buckle holding it in place and gently slid it off her foot. Sam was observing placidly, apparently no longer bothering to express his irritation. Again, she wasn’t clear of the source if it, and assumed it had to be that she had taken the lead if giving him what he wanted, stripping him of the notional power he’d had had by manipulating her into this exact scenario, and he had no idea how far she was prepared to go. She lowered her foot to the floor and raised the other to let Trevor remove her other shoe, then she turned away from the table and made a show of bending slowly at the waist, showing off her small firm ass as she peeled off her socks. The lacy underwear only covered part of her cheeks, mostly disappearing into her crack. She turned back to the table and tossed her socks at Jayden as she sat back down and pulled her chair in and proceeded to shuffle the deck again.

“Are we playing or what?”

Another few hands went by. Tegan played conservatively through a few hands where Sam won and exploited opportunities where she knew she had a strong hand. Unexpectedly she lost a hand where she had bet big expecting to win and Matthew held most of the chips, followed by Sam. Trevor and Jayden were on the verge of tapping out, and she doubted Matthew wanted to pay for their clothes as much as he had her apron. On the next hand she bet aggressively and a small pot including the last of her chips went to Jayden. Expectedly all eyes turned to her as Sam started shuffling the deck for the next hand.

“What?” She pretended not to know what they were thinking.

“Are you still with us?” Jayden prompted. Tegan looked down at the empty table devin front of her then down at her panties.

“Oh, I don’t knooow.” She said teasingly, the three guests protesting. “How much?”

“I’ll give you fifty.” Trevor suggested. He had the smallest chip count and that would represent most of his chips. He must have either been very confident, or just really wanted her underwear.

“That’s less that what Matt gave me for my apron!” Tegan protested. Trevor shrugged, it was all he could spare.

“Seventy five” Jayden countered, fidgeting with his chips from his freshly won pot.

“One hundred.” Matthew topped smoothly, that probably only representing half his chip count, the highest and most comfortable bid. Tegan thought about it for a minute.

“Oh, what the hell.” She decided then stood up facing Matthew. She slowly eased her fingers into the sides of her underwear then slowly as she could began to slide them down, gradually exposing her fiery red curls and her tidy little slit before letting them fall to the floor. She stepped one foot out of them then lifted the other, giving Matt a private peek at her snatch as she offered her panties to him hanging from her toes. Matthew took her panties and added them to the apron folded in his lap.

“Thank you” he said softly as he counted a hundred dollars worth of chips in front of her.

“You’re welcome” Tegan responded coyly as she accepted the chips, flashing Matthew her best attempt at bedroom eyes.

“By my count,” Sam said abruptly, interrupting their moment “Violet has to not only win back four hundred dollars of chips, but also pay back loans of two hundred and seventy five dollars to get her clothes back. Is my math right?”

“That is my count also.” Jayden agreed.

“Quite the uphill battle for you, considering the night you’ve had so far.” Sam quipped.

“It’s not impossible.” Tegan said defensively.

“It’s not likely, either.” Sam said.

“Anything can happen.” Tegan concluded meaningfully as Sam began to deal.

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