Surrogate Father (slut,bj,cock,tits)

Surrogate Father

Since taking over as chief executive a few short months
ago, I had spent most of my time getting to know the
various employees at the various company locations and
easing their usual concerns about having a new boss and
management. With a few exceptions, I was very pleased
with the skill level and work ethic of the employees.

There was one manager that was exceptional. She was not
only very talented and a very hard worker, but an ex-
ceptionally beautiful blonde in her mid-thirties. Her
name was Laura, the sales manager. She was very ele-
gant, sophisticated, intelligent and business like, not
to mention very well built. When Laura walked into a
room, she carried an elegance that commanded people's

From the very first day I knew that I was going to need
to exercise self-discipline since beautiful, intelli-
gent women were my weakness. I found it very hard to
keep from getting intimately involved with them. And I
was going to be around Laura a lot, after all I was her
new boss--and she was going all out to impress me. "I
have got to be very careful, as sexual harassment would
be a nightmare and a major blemish on my career, " I
said to myself. "After all, I am happily married."

Laura is about 5'4", but in her 4" heels she stands
almost 5'8" and has legs that seem to go on forever.
She always wears the newest fashions in skirts and
usually dresses in silk blouses that never seem to be
able to hide her nice, large breasts. She always wears
hose on her long, lovely legs that accentuate her
curvaceous ass. She keeps her blonde hair up in a style
that is quite sexy and professional looking. Her lips
are very full and she always uses a bright red lipstick
that makes them seem forever wet, the kind that you
cannot look at without dreaming about them being wrap-
ped around your cock. Her fingernails are always
painted to match her lipstick.

Laura came to my office about twice a day to update me
about her department. She would always position a con-
ference chair in my office before sitting in it so that
I would be able to look up her fashionably short skirt
between her legs as she crossed her legs. After she
crossed her legs, I could usually look up under her
legs almost to her crotch; a position she would hold
as long as half an hour. She always had those long,
beautiful legs encased in sheer, nylon pantyhose-the
expensive kind that looks and feels like silk and costs
around $20 per pair.

She obviously delighted in the effect that this was
having on her poor boss, as I would attempt not to look
at her legs during the ensuing conversation. Often,
she would come over to my side of the desk to look over
a sales or financial report, leaning over enough that I
would get a view of her marvelous cleavage and breasts,
encased in beautiful lacy, bras. The whiff of perfume
that would emulate when she bent over was intoxicating
as hell! I caught her several times looking at my
crotch, obviously checking to see whether she was hav-
ing the intended effect!

Recently we were alone, seated at the table in the
conference room next to each other looking over the
quarterly report. Laura, as usual, had her legs crossed
with her skirt hiked up to just a few inches below her
crotch. This time, however, she had her foot directly
in front of me under the conference table, pumping her
leg, barely touching my leg with her high heel as it
went up and down! A little later, she slipped her shoe
off her foot enough that she could dangle the high heel
off her toes, all the while pumping her leg up and
down, still barely touching my leg!

This was the first time that I actually had seen
Laura's bare foot, or even a portion of them. I could
see that she had very beautiful feet with some of the
highest arches that I have ever seen! They were in-
credible! This was a severe test of my self-discipline!
And she knew it, periodically glancing down at my
crotch. This was her teasing game with me, and she
obviously delighted in it as it went on for about the
next nine months.

At the months went on, we got to know each other on a
more personal level. She and I were both on our second
marriage, both very dedicated to our respective rela-
tionships and not wanting to go through a second
divorce. She had never had children; unlike myself, the
father of four children from two marriages. Her husband
was the only son of a local wealthy, aristocratic
family and Laura only worked to save herself from
certain boredom as a housewife.

As we got to know each other, however, it became abun-
dantly clear that she wanted to have a baby before her
"biological clock ran out". Both her and her husband's
families were anxious for them to have a baby, which
would be the first grand child on both sides and the
only heir apparent for her husband's family.

One day, Laura even came out and asked me if I would
keep her job for her for a few months if she became
pregnant and had a child, a goal which apparently her
husband and her were diligently 'working' to obtain.
Even though I envied her husband for the task facing
him, I told her no problem since federal law required
it, but that it would be extremely hard to replace her
because of her abilities, intelligence and beautiful
legs! She chuckled, thanking me for the compliment
and being such a dear friend.

A few weeks later, Laura told me that she needed an
afternoon off the following week for a doctor's ap-
pointment. I exclaimed, "Aha, finally pregnant?" I
looked at Laura, but her eyes were tearful. She
explained that she still was not pregnant after three
years of trying and that her husband and mother-in-law
were blaming it on her! She and her husband were both
going in for extensive tests to determine what was
keeping her from getting pregnant.

A couple of weeks later, I was walking by Laura's of-
fice when I noticed that she was very upset and crying.
I went into her office, concerned that something hor-
rible had happened. She explained that the results
from the tests had come in and that she was fairly
"normal" but that her "egg count" was a little lower
than average but probably not an impediment to her
becoming pregnant.

Her husband, however, had an extremely low sperm count-
-probably due to a childhood illness. The chances of
her getting pregnant were not very good with her hus-
band's low fertility level. While she could probably
get pregnant in spite of her low egg count, it was not
likely with both of them having low fertility levels.
She was very upset and I suggested that she take the
rest of the day off to recover -- which she did.

The following week at our morning meeting, I was enjoy-
ing my usual leg show, looking up Laura's skirt. This
time however, my heart skipped a beat as her skirt rode
up her legs, revealing the welts and reinforced tops of
elegantly sheer nylon stockings attached to the straps
of a lacey garter belt. I caught a glimpse of her bare
thighs above the stocking tops and a glimpse of the
crotch of some absolutely gorgeous panties stretched
tight against the crease in her tight twat, which was
barely visible through the thin nylon material. I also
could see some of her blonde cunt hair sticking out on
both sides of her panty legs as she slowly crossed her

To top it all off, Laura was wearing high heel sandals
that showed off her lovely feet with their high arches
instead of her usual classic high heel pumps. Her toes,
painted with red polish to match her fingers, barely
showed through the reinforced toes of her beautiful
tan stockings. This was definitely the ultimate test of
my self-discipline as stockings and garter belts are my

"I need a very big favor," she said after sitting down,
"that I am very hesitant to talk to you about. But, you
and I have become very good friends and you have always
been very discreet about the personal parts of my life
that I have shared with you."

"You name it," I said, "you know that I will help you
however I can." and I meant it, she was a friend after
all these months, plus I enjoyed being around her.

"To be blunt about it, I want you to knock me up. I
know that you find me attractive, it's obvious from all
the teasing that I do to you that you want me. In fact,
we would probably be lovers were we both not married
and you know it", she stated, looking at me for a
reaction with her beautiful blue eyes. "I know that you
must be fertile," she chuckled, "after having four
children. And from what I have seen, you must be fairly
'well equipped', so you would have no problem getting
up to my womb," obviously referring to her observations
of my erections from her teasing leg shows.

"Let me get this straight," I stammered. "You want me
to get you pregnant?" This was exactly what I was hop-
ing that this favor would entail, screwing Laura's
brains out, sticking my cock up in between those beau-
tiful, shapely, scrumptious legs. And I was going to
get to knock her up to boot!

"Well, yes," she shyly said, looking at the floor.
After a hesitation of a few seconds, she looked up at
me to continue. "It occurred to me that this would be
a solution to the problem, and you have always told me
that a good manager is always a good problem solver.
After all, you and my husband have a lot of similar
mannerisms and physical traits so everyone would think
the baby is his. It would get my mother-in-law off my
back. If I don't get pregnant, it could cost me my

"Tell me," I asked, "is your husband going to know
about this or is that where the 'discreet' part comes

"Well, I see no reason for him to know. He'll just
think that the baby is his and everyone will be happy.
And as an extra added bonus, you and I will get to work
off this lust that we have built up for each other over
the past year. Wouldn't that be great? We can take care
of several problems at one time!"

"Laura," I asked, "just how would we pull this off
without anyone seeing us?" realizing that she probably
had already worked this out in her lovely head.

"Well, we need to go visit our Essex sales office,
after all, that's the only location that you have never
visited since you started with the company. It's about
150 miles away and if we left early and got done early,
we could get a motel room on the way back, and return
a little late. In fact, I envision that we will need to
make this a monthly visit that always occurs at my
'time of the month'--at least until I get pregnant! No
one will suspect a thing as long as we're discrete."

"And we would just do this until you get pregnant? What
if I want to keep enjoying you and your scrumptious
beauty later and I can't keep my hands off of you?"

"I've thought about that, too. It's really up to you,
but I am a realist and it is unlikely that we would
want to stop once we start going to bed together. As
long as we are discrete, I don't see any problem with
being your mistress at least monthly for as long as you
want, after all I want several kids and I do want you
so bad!"

I looked down at her fabulous legs and stocking tops,
drooling at the thought of getting between them. "So,
is this why you wore stockings today--to seduce me into
your little plan?" I asked.

"Of course," she exclaimed, "it's all part of my master
strategic plan named 'Operation Impregnate Laura'. And
you fell for it, hook, line and sinker! We need to
schedule our 'visit' for next Thursday, because that's
when I should be ovulating!"

"Okay," I said. "Go ahead and make the arrangements."


She got us a room at the Holiday Inn at an exit on the
interstate. It was only 10 a.m. and we had already done
our obligatory visit, which meant that I could probably
screw Laura for about eight hours before we would need
to get back. This was going to be great.

"I feel a little guilty about this," Laura said as we
entered the motel room that was to become our love
nest. "But, he and his family forced me into this!" she
said as she grabbed her little bag and headed to the
bathroom to freshen up.

After a few minutes, she came out. She was the loveli-
est sight I had ever beheld, knowing that I was going
to take her in a few minutes and that she was mine to
ravish in her beauty for the next several hours.

She turned to face me, and with a look of pure lust on
her face, she raised her arms and I pulled off her
dress. She removed her bra. Her breasts were large and
rounded as I delighted in seeing them in their entirety
for the first time after all these months. Just seeing
them was beginning to make me even more erect. My heart
was racing now and my dick was twitching as it stuck
straight out under my pants.

"I feel like I am on my honeymoon, getting to have the
man that I have wanted so much for so long," she said,
eyeing my erection.

It made me even harder to see her shapely legs in smoky
black stockings, pulled taunt by a pink garter belt,
with matching pink panties and high heel sandals. Her
pink, lacy garter belt contrasted against her back
nylon stocking encased legs beautifully. Her lacey,
feminine panties were pulled up over the straps so that
they could be removed without undoing the garters. I
noticed that the area of her panties that covered her
twat was wet and becoming transparent.

I moved over to her, taking her in my arms. Leaning
over, I placed my mouth over one swollen nipple and
inhaled, sucking hungrily on her breast. I heard her
inhale suddenly, deeply, then moan softly as she began
pressing her breast into my mouth.

As I sucked, I began unbuckling my trousers, dropping
them and my shorts around my knees. My cock sprang
free, bouncing up, fully erect. Pulling her closer to
me, I let my hands explore her body, her ass, her pussy
through the panties she wore, while she moaned under my
hand and mouth assault. Her slim, shapely legs were
exotic in their smoky black stockings with their re-
inforced heel and toe, her toes, painted with red nail
polish, barely showing through.

Finally, lust overcoming me, I yanked down her panties,
running my fingers along her warm, moist slit. My first
finger slid inside her, and she shuddered, trying to
pull my hand away, telling me to slow down.

I could only do this a few minutes before I could stand
it no longer. I led her to the bed and she lay back on
it, her thighs trembling, her eyes half-lidded, her
senses swooning with passionate need. I got on top of
her, forcing her legs apart with my knees parting her
willing thighs. My hard pole sticking straight down
toward her hot, ready trench, her flawless legs exotic
in their smoky black nylon covering, still wearing her
garter belt and high heel sandals as she spread her
legs wide open to surrender to me.

Suddenly her eyes snapped open as she realized that the
time was upon her, that I was actually going to fuck
her. "We really shouldn't being doing this, you know,
after all we're both married," she teased.

She looked down at my cock, positioned at her opening.
"Oh! Wow! That's incredible. It's huge, it's so beau-
tiful! Oh..." she said foggily, then more firmly,
"Please! Please! Put it in! Get me pregnant!! My eggs
are in my womb just waiting for you! Knock me up!!!! I
want to have your baby. I promise that I will always be
your mistress and your sperm receptacle if you want!
Please fuck me with your huge baby maker and fill my
womb with your cum!

Apparently Laura liked to talk dirty when she had sex;
that was fine with me, it just made it that much better
for me.

Grabbing her ass, I aimed my hardened cock and stabbed
it forward, toward her hot cave of love. "Yes!" she
said, then grunted loudly as the head of my cock
speared her slit, inched up her tight hole, fitting my
cock like a glove made especially for it.

She was so tight that I had to slow down so that I
would not hurt her. I slowly worked my babymaker back
and forth inside her tight cunt. Finally, she loosened
up some and became so wet I slid in all the way until
my balls were against her crotch, with her grunting the
whole way. She began to move, but I held her tight so
that I would not cum right away. "God, you're so nice
and big," she said. "I have never felt so taken by a
man before. Take me. Take me!"

Pulling out almost all the way, I slammed back into
her. Repeating the process, I felt her begin matching
her movements to mine, until she began moaning very
loud. Her lust overcoming any second thoughts she
might of had about having my baby, she began to grind
her ass down onto my cock with every thrust. I grasped
her large bouncing breasts and began to gently massage
them, tweaking the nipples. The tip of my cock began to
enter her cervix and her womb; it was like they were
sucking at the very tip, wanting my baby making fluid.

Her moans became louder, more animalistic, turning into
grunts. Within minutes, she was screaming in pleasure,
"Yes.... Yes! Oh, God, yes! Please take me!!! Make me
good!!! Fuck me!!! YES!!! Make me your bitch!!!" She
cried out as my rigid lance went up as far as possible
in her moist, secret cave of love. Her legs were spread
so far apart, I thought for certain that I was going to
split her wide open.

"I'm gonna fuck you silly, baby." I fired back, pound-
ing my cock into her cunt like a piston, holding her
against me with her melon tits. I could feel my orgasm
build, my cock swelling, getting even longer. Her womb
felt like a vacuum cleaner on the tip of my cock, suck-
ing at it, thirsting for my cum. I pushed it in as far
as I could, desperately trying to get up as far in her
womb as I could, as I felt her own orgasm thunder up
through her body. "YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!" she
cried, riding the sheer force of her orgasm. Her pussy
clenched tight around my rod, triggering my own orgasm.

Unable hold back any longer, my cock exploded within
her, spurting my huge wad way up inside her pulsating
cunt, shooting my sperm deep inside of her womb, her
cervix sucking at my cock.

She sighed and groaned, "OH! WOW! THAT WAS THE BIGGEST
ONE I HAVE EVER HAD! That was incredible, if we did
not make a baby that time, we never will! But, let's
do it a bunch more times any way for good measure!"

"You bet," I said. It was a tough job, but somebody has
to do it, I told myself. I could see that I was
definitely going to like this job! I smiled and

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