Taboo story of Tim - sex story

Taboo story of Tim

Mrs. Leveque passed the legal documents across her desk to
Tim Wilson. He smiled at the handsome woman and then placed
his signature upon several of the documents. Taking a
breather to calm his excitement, Tim looked up into the
powerful woman's eyes. Finally he stood and reached across
the mahogany desk, hand extended. She finally cracked a
smile and shook his.

"I never want to see you again. Correct Mr. Wilson?" Her
small hand was dry and very warm. Tim realized it trembled
only slightly and was tempted to enjoy this thirty-six
year-old woman before he left.

She looked older. "Of course Mrs. Leveque." She withdrew
her hand then picked up the sheath of papers to ensure the
younger man had completed them fully. This also effectively
allowed her to ignore his confident gaze.

Still standing, Tim admired the woman seated before him.
Remembering the sight of her as she thrashed under the
fulfilled fantasy of incest with her sister and her husband.
Who would have guessed this woman held such a passionate and
kinky desire - held so long as she grew up with the slightly
older sister - that lowered her upper crust breeding to that
of a common slut. Tim smiled he remembered the sight of the
gray haired woman sucking her own sisters tit, and then
later, the sisters younger husband's cock.

It had been so easy, thought Tim. While eating a early
brunch one Sunday morning at a outdoor cafe down by the
yacht club with Rob and while his friend chatted away about
the merits of married life - a discussion that truly bored
Tim - he browsed the minds of some of the female patrons.
Mrs. Leveque, a newly divorced, but a rich and powerful
woman sat eating brunch with her older sister. As the elder
Leveque, both ladies maiden name, told about her eldest
son's endeavours at his high school, the younger sister's
thoughts blatantly devoured her sisters body and face.

After all these years, Tim was not surprised in the least,
after discovering so many peoples hidden desires and
fantasies. It was probably the paradox of the outward
boredom of the rich handsome woman compared to her lecherous
inner thoughts that forced his actions. That and the
gray-haired sisters were both well-kept attractive upper
crust ladies. Tim wanted to see there outer demeanor
crumble in the face of promised sexual fantasies.

The rest was easy. Tim had introduced himself at the table,
after making a bet with Rob that he could score with the
"old broads", and then began to mentally manipulate the
older of the sisters. It was the younger sister who's
spirit he wanted to control - without his mental
suggestions. When the older lady had departed to the water
closet, Tim had dropped his pretense of being a gentleman
and then told Mrs. Leveque bluntly what he had to offer.
She was too surprised and outwardly disgusted by the younger
mans offer to fulfill her "incest fantasies" with her sister
that she hadn't been able to say anything when the older
woman returned. Before another word was said, the gray
haired elder sister reached over and placed a crumpled
garment into Tim's lap. It was the old woman's panties.
Smiling at Mrs. Leveque, he gave the used under garment to
her as a present and a suggestion for a "business proposal".

Husband and wife had grouped up on Mrs. Leveque, the same
woman that now read the documents slowly. They had been
especially gentle and slow. The older man didn't need any
encouragement when his wife had suggested a threesome with
herself and her younger sister. He had been all for it,
only the presence of the quiet man in the corner had
surprised him. But his sister-in-law had wished it. Tim had
enjoyed watching the older threesome, the elder tired
bodies, the almost identical sisters, the fanatical way Mrs.
Leveque enjoyed the three hours. She rushed to enjoy all
aspects of her sister, while only using the single average
sized cock to quell the urges that only the male member can

When it was over, Tim stood at the foot of the bed and
asked to be alone with Mrs. Leveque. She was exhausted and
spent, but had enough energy to pull a blanket over her pale
older body. The married couple left. The deal was simple,
that he could promise the use of her older sister for a
hefty financial sum. Money was nothing to the powerful
woman and she agreed even though it represented a generous
percentage of her families fortune which she had taken upon
herself to manage.

People would do almost anything for fantasy, or the promise
of fantasy. Only Tim didn't promise to fulfill a persons
fantasies, he delivered. "Would you have slept with me to
have your sister as your lover?"

Mrs. Leveque cringed at his question and looked like she was
attempting to control her normal response. Tim had seen her
at the most degrading and sexually enjoyable moment in her
life, it wasn't necessary to act the heiress with him. Yet,
his look embarrassed her, as only he knew her secret desires
and had seen her when she had enjoyed them. She looked up
at the younger man, then answered, "No Mr. Wilson, I would
not have slept with you."

Tim smiled, and after a quick confirmation - knew that she
didn't even believe herself, but was hoping he believed her.
So he queried her yet again, "Well, would you sleep with me
to get another taste of what you enjoyed last Sunday?"

She set down the papers and placed her palms flat on the
desk. "Are you reneging on our deal Mr. Wilson?" Mrs.
Leveque was negotiating deals long before Tim had started to
enjoy the ladies.

"Not at all. I was just wondering if you were willing to
let me fuck you in the ass", at that point Tim began to
browse her thoughts, "if I could ensure you would be able to
do the same to your sister?" He sat down on the edge of the
desk, looking past his shoulder at the frowning face of the
handsome woman.

She took a breath before she continued, "It sounds to me
that you are thinking of adding to our completed contract."
Her voice conveyed displeasure and disappointment.

Tim realized the middle-aged woman was scared to death of
loosing this chance he had offered her. To enjoy her own
sister indefinitely, as a lover and sexual partner. So
fearful of loosing another chance to fulfill her
long-standing fantasies that she was even contemplating
doing something that she felt was disgusting and dirty. Mrs.
Leveque had never had anal sex before, nor would she ever
consider it - except for this man and what he had to give in

"No, not at all." He let his eyes trail down to the swell
of her blouse before continuing. "Unless there is something
you wish in return?" Tim, of course, already knew that
there was - or he would never have followed along this line
of questioning. "Perhaps you would like to watch your sister
with her son?"

Her eyes shot at him, rage running through her. But that
quickly changed as she realized her feelings could not be
hidden from this "mind reader", or her thoughts. It was
something she had thought about, something that felt even
more nasty that the lesbian incest she had now experienced
the one time. "Yes, I would like to see that." It would be
no use disguising that fact.

"Perhaps you would even like to do more than watch?"

It was the second time he had seen the pale skinned woman
flush. The first was when her older sister's used panties
were placed before her in the restaurant and she realized
the outrageous words of the stranger were true. Her answer
to his question was to nod.

"In fact, I bet your cunt is getting wet while we sit here
talking about it?" He normally didn't use such direct
words, but for this prim and proper lady he felt malicious
pleasure in watching her winch at the debasing language he
used in her presence.

This time she became defensive and snapped back, "You know
it is. So what? We haven't agreed on anything yet!"

"No we haven't. But I can picture the juices of your wet
cunt sliding down to lube up the crack of your ass. Yup,"
he smacking his lips hungrily, "I can just imagine the sight
of your sloppy puckering asshole right now."

Mrs. Leveque squirmed in her seat and silently looked down
at her hands upon the desk top for a few silent moments.
Then she made her decision and stood up. "I know you could
make me want you - so why don't you?" She came about to
stand before him, her hands slowly gathering her loose
woolen skirt inch by inch up to her waist.

He smiled knowingly and then snickered, "Because its fun to
use your own desires against you." The skirt was about the
woman's waist, her old fashioned huge white panties
effectively covered everything. "You want to suck your
nephews cock after its been inside your sister so bad that
you are even going to let me fuck your virgin asshole." Mrs.
Leveque pushed her huge panties to her knees revealing the
pale skin and thick bush of her sex to the young mans eyes.
"In fact, I bet if I turned down that white ass of yours and
left, you would follow to beg me to fuck your asshole." She
turned away from him and gently lowered her torso forwards
onto her own desk. Her ass was raised high in the air
waiting for him. "Isn't that right Mrs. Leveque?"

She didn't answer but, let go of her skirt as it was bunched
about her waist, to reach around her ass and pull the pale
cheeks apart. Then she waited.

It wasn't the attractiveness of this woman's bottom that
excited Tim, but the fact that she was willing to bare
herself for the promise of her own pleasure. He felt it was
necessary for her to answer. "Well?"

"Yes, Mr. Wilson, you are right." She spoke softly, almost
as if hiding a secret.

"Right about what?" He was taunting her maliciously and
loved every second of it.

The older woman was intelligent and knew what was expected
from her. After a pause to reassure herself that his
pleasure was fleeting while her reward would give her
uncountable amount of pleasure. "Please fuck my asshole Mr.
Wilson!" There was a certain amount of desperation in that
voice - just the right amount to excite Tim.

That was enough for the horny young man, and jumped off the
edge of the desk and came about behind the old pale raised
ass. While he retrieved his hard cock from the confines of
his slacks, he saw that she was indeed excited. The juices
from her sex glistened thickly about the widened crack of
her buttocks, as well as a generous flow was running down
the inside of her thighs.

He replaced one of her hands prying a pale cheek away from
the other then instructed her, "Now finger yourself Mrs.
Leveque, loosen your asshole for me." No matter how many
times Tim played one of his games it never failed to excite
him immensely. That is precisely why he continues to do it.

One trembling finger reached around herself and fumbled for
her own puckered light brown anus. At first she simply
tried to ram herself with the digit, but as Tim knew she
would have to go slow. Thus giving him the pleasure of
watching her humiliate herself even when she wanted this
event to be complete as soon as possible.

The finger slowly entered into her tight rear hole.

Tim slowly stroked his hard cock while watching this woman
prepare herself for him. This was why he had played this
game with her, why he had used his energy for this woman's
incest fantasies. Mrs. Leveque was as much his slave as any
woman who subjoined to his mental powers. The first finger
was almost completely submerged inside the tight asshole.

"Would you enjoy that finger more if it was your sisters?"
He slapped his hard penis against her pale buttock causing
the older woman to grunt almost like an animal. "Maybe she
would loosen that tight hole up for her son to fuck?" The
high class woman moved another finger to the hole and now
tried to force two digits into herself. "You sister could
lick your slutty wet cunt while her own son enjoyed that
tight ass of yours."

It was obvious to both, that the words and degrading actions
taking place in the large office was producing a effect upon
the youngest Leveque sister. The older woman didn't care
for pretense any longer, the man waiting for her to loosen
her own anus probably knew her fantasies better than even
herself. She would do anything, spend any amount of money,
fuck anything or anyone to fulfill those fantasies. The one
moment Mr. Wilson had given her with her older sister had
only increased her desire for more, rather than sated her.

"Please yes!" The voice, this time, had the pleading nature
that Tim wanted to hear. "I want her", meaning her sister,
" to shove her tongue into my ass like this." She forced
both fingers deep, to the third knuckle within her asshole.
"I want to suck my nephews cock and feel his cum all over my
face." Her body was rocking wildly against her fingers,
much to Tim's enjoyment. "Then feel my sisters tongue lick
me clean. God for that I'll do anything!"

Tim knew she would. He reached over and pulled the woman's
fingers from her own backside. Then almost roughly he
lunged forward and sunk his cock into her loosened asshole.
The scream was loud and painful sounding. Yet, in a brief
second, she began to grunt in pleasure again and move her
body against his.

"After I cum inside you, you will be able to enjoy your
sister and her son any way you wish. Do you understand me
slut?" He moved his hips and began to fuck her hard.

"God yes! Yes!" Tim knew the woman had an orgasm right
then, more from the promise of her fantasy than his cock.
He was far from finished and knew he would torment her
asshole for a few more moments before pulling out to finish
within her mouth. The rich old woman would lower herself
and lick his cock clean before he left. He didn't need to
control her to know just how much she was willing to do for

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