Taking care of the older man (Fantasy, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Mature)

Taking care of the older man

Lisa had been working in Aged Care Facilities for over 7 years! She was now 57 years old and felt she was contributing towards the quality living of the older folk by giving them the best possible care. She had first become attracted to the work because she was doing something with a community spirit as well as earning money to help with the budget in the home. Lisa’s husband, worked shifts at his job so there were times when they didn’t see too much of each other.

Lisa was very easy to get along with and had a wonderful figure to go along with the good looks. She was reasonably tall, 5’7”, and kept herself in good shape. She had lovely coloured blond hair which she wore up in a bun at work. She was a natural brunette but the greying of time meant she kept her hair blonde.
Her legs were slim and long and she loved to show them off when she had the chance, but at the same time, she had to wear the uniform at work which consisted of dark blue nurses scrubs. Basically they were pants and a top which you had to pull over your head to get on and off.

She worked in a modern centre which looked after much more wealthy people. These people were used to plenty of home comforts and they also tended to be of a slightly younger age group than the previous groups. She was one of the older but better carers and she was very popular with both the men and the women. She became very friendly with all of the residents there and was on a first name bases with all of them.

One of the nicest men she looked after was John, he was about 70 years old and was one of the men she regularly looked after. He was more active than some of the others and was considered low care. He could basically shower and look after himself but some days he needed a hand.

John was one of her favourites. He was still a very handsome man, his wife had died years ago and he would always have a mischievous glint in his eye whenever they talked.
One afternoon Lisa met John in the garden where he was sitting under one of the lovely shady trees in the grounds of the home. He would often sit there. She walked over to him and sat down beside him.

John was as chatty as ever and soon they had a conversation going at full pace. He made a passing reference to women and beauty, and would often flirt openly with her as they talked. He would always mention how beautiful Lisa was.
“John, I think you’re still a very handsome man yourself, your wife was a lucky woman” Lisa said to him trying to deflect the conversation.

John was quick on the reply, grinned and said, “Lisa, I am not as old as a lot of people my age and I certainly know when I see a beautiful woman” he said patting the top of Lisa’s leg. “And even though I’m a little less mobile these days, I can still get it up”.

Lisa blushed, “Oh I’ve no doubt” she replied then added “Well John, I’ve things to do” and with that got up and headed off.

A few days went by, and it was work as usual, then one morning she was passing Johns room and noticed his door closed. This was odd so she knocked and walked in.

John was in bed with the bed covers half over himself and when the door had opened he hurriedly pulled them up.

“Oh I’m sorry John, I did knock”
“What are you doing in bed John, and half-dressed at that?”

“I was going to have a little sleep” he replied, “then this happened”.
Lisa walked toward the bed “Oh John what have you done”. Lisa thought she may need to change his bedding. She pulled back the blanket and looked down on a very erect cock.

“John you’re very naughty” she said as she pulled the blanket back over him.
John slipped his hand back under the blanket and began stroking himself as they talked. Lisa blushed, and in a hushed tone said “John you can’t do this while I’m in here”.

“You’re the reason I’m like this” he whispered back. “Close the door sweetheart”
“No I can’t” she hissed, “then the whole place might hear me” John hissed back smiling.

Lisa hurried over and closed the door and when she turned back John had pushed the bed covers down so she could see him stroking his cock.
She stood there watching. “Hurry up then” she said. “You can help if you like” came the reply.

“No, you’re doing fine” she said as her eyes fixated on his slow deliberate strokes. John had his shirt pulled up exposing his silver/grey chest hair which went all the way down across his flat stomach and joined with his untrimmed silver pubic hair. He was circumcised and had lubricated his shaft with KY gel. She watched as his hand ran effortlessly up and down his thick shaft.

Lisa’s body began to send blood to parts of her that hadn’t been stirred in a while.
She shifted uncomfortably as she stood and watched. John never took his eyes off her and watched her watching him.

“Lisa, I’d like you to do it for me” he whispered. “What, um no, no I can’t” she stammered.
“I’ll pay you” whispered back, “$100” he added.

Lisa paused for a few seconds, then tentatively stepped forward. John reached out and took her hand, guiding it to his cock. She wrapped her hand around his hardness and began to stoke up and down the length of his shaft, engulfing the bulbous head of his cock with each stroke. Pre cum began to appear from the tip of his cock.
John shuffled over and she sat on the bed beside him. His eyes were now closed and soft moans were coming from him.

She was surprised at how hard John was. Even her husband didn’t get this hard. But then again it had been ages since they had had sex anyway.
Lisa loved the feel texture of John in her hand. After several minutes of stroking him, he still hadn’t cum so she added some more KY gel to her hand and this time the extra lubrication soon had results.

John stiffened then grunted loudly. He suddenly shot a thick stream of cum up into the air. Lisa continued to stroke him and several more jets flew out but not as forcefully as the first. She now had semen all over her hand but continued to gently stroke him while his cock deflated.
John sighed and opened his eyes. Lisa smiled at him, raised her hand to her mouth and licked some of his cum from her fingers. John’s eyes went like dinner plates, but before he could say anything, she stood up and went into the bathroom to wash him from her hand.

Lisa emerged shortly after. “Well John, I’ll let you clean yourself up, and… I do believe you owe me $100.”
With that she opened the door and walked out.

That afternoon she saw him in the main dining room, John made sure no one was watching then walked past her and slipped two $50 notes into her pocket. “Buy something nice” he said in a low tone.
She looked at him and smiled. “I’d like that again he whispered into her ear”.
“We’ll see” was her reply.

The rest of the week was uneventful and she had been working in another part of the facility so she hadn’t seen John for a few days. The event hadn’t gone with thought. She had been thinking about what had happened had had decided that if he want to pay for a hand job then it suited her. After all it was over in 5mins and she was $100 better off. Can’t get that sort of money doing overtime.

Monday was the start of a new week and she had been rostered all week to the area where John was.
When she turned up on the floor he was delighted to see her and after breakfast in the main hall had been served he went back to his room.
The phone rang in the nurses’ station and it as Lisa’s supervisor. She said that John was asking after her and could she go and see what it was about.
Oh Lisa figured what this was about alright. She agreed and headed off to his room.
On arrived his door was again closed. She knocked and entered, closing the door behind her.

John was lying on his bed in his bathrobe. He looked at her and smiled. Lisa turned the lock on the room door. She took off her shoes because they were wet from earlier and left them by the door, then walked over and sat beside him. They chatted for a while and as they talked she slowly undid the tie on his robe and opened it up. He was already hard.
“John if we’re to do this I need to tidy you up” she said. “Whatever you want my dear” was the reply.

Lisa went into the bathroom and got his razer from the cabinet. She took some shaving gel from the sink and returned. ‘I’m going to trim you up a bit, ok”
“Ok” he replied.
“Just lie back for me John” she said, and with that he lay back and she began to trim his pubic area. She completely shaved his balls smooth and trimmed back his silvery pubic hair to a nice short length.
“There, much better” she said, admiring her handy work.
Lisa sat back on the bed, and took Johns cock in her hand. It was different this time. He was looking at her as she began stroking him and her body had once again began to send blood to places it shouldn’t be.

She was thinking to herself that he was still a very attractive man, and for some unknown reason she bent forward and kissed him. She sat bolt upright not knowing what had come over her.
“Oh I’m sorry John” she stammered out
“No need” was the reply.

“I’ve $1000 on the dresser over there”, he whispered.
“For what?” was her reply.

“For whatever”
“That’s a lot of hand jobs John” she said.
“Or….” He tapered off his reply
“Or what” she mused.
“Or you can do this in you bra and knickers for me” he added.

She stopped stroking him and closed his robe, “no way John, no, I’ll lose my job as it is if anyone finds out I’m even doing this.”

John sat up and took her hand. “I need this, I need you, you’re beautiful, no one will know, my wife’s been gone for so long”

Lisa thought for a minute. It was a lot of money, and her own husband hadn’t touched her in months. This fine older man just wanted to see her in her underwear. No one gets hurts, no harm done, and besides, he was closer to getting her than he realised.
John stood up and placed his hands on her shoulders. His robe had fallen open and she looked down admiring her earlier handiwork. His cock was a fine exhibit of manhood. He was very persuasive but she still was very reluctant, however it as a lot of money to just stand there in her underwear. She had realised too that she had become quite aroused by his offer.

“No John, no, I can’t, I’ll just play with your cock! O.K?” she said
“Ok” he replied.
Lisa reached down and took hold of Johns cock. She was starting to tremble and he could sense it. The game had changed and she felt she was losing control of it.

“Do you want to sit back down?” she asked.
“No I’m fine” he replied looking down at her.
She looked up at him and he leant forward and kissed her lightly on her lips.

John reached down to the band of her nurses pants and finding the tie, he undid it.

“No John” was the unconvincing whisper.

Her pants dropped to the floor revealing her apricot coloured lace knickers. She stepped clear of them

John gasped, “My god, you’re gorgeous”
Lisa remained quiet, thoughts rushing through her mind. She said nothing.
She then took him by surprise and whipped her arms up taking her top off and discarding it in the corner.

“There” she said.
Things were happening too fast. How did she get here from one $50 hand job last week, to standing in his room in only her bra and knickers today? Her mind was racing. Time seemed to stand still.

John turned her around and pushed her down onto the bed. He had a large furry cover on his bed which was both soft and warm.
Her head was now right at the level of his cock. He pushed his cock towards her mouth and she took him by both hands and guided it into her mouth. She sucked and gagged a bit before stopping and telling him this wasn’t working.

“Lisa can you lie down for me, I want to cum over your lovely breasts”
“Just close your eyes if you like and I’ll do the rest”

She felt uneasy but did as he asked. After all it was just a wank and she was getting $1000 this time for being in her bra and knickers.
She lay back on the bed, the covering enveloping her with softness and warmth. She forgot she was at work.

John stood over her for a minute but couldn’t cum as he masturbated. He paused and asked her to do it, so she took hold of him again.

John gazed over her beauty as she lay there on his bed in just her bra and knickers. She had her eyes closed as she run her hand up and down his hardness. He watched her chest rise and fall with each breath and noticed her hips began to squirm.

John cautiously moved his hand closer to her knickers. He tentatively placed a hand on her flat stomach, then slowly traced his fingers to the thin material which covered her pussy.
Nothing….she didn’t filch. He began to rub her through her knickers while looking at her for a response.
Lisa opened her eyes and said nothing.
John moved her knickers to one side exposing her smoothly shaved pussy and slipped a finger inside her. She was soaking. She wanted to tell him to stop, but she didn’t.

John ran his finger around inside her for a few minutes making sure she was wet in all the right places, then he climbed on the bed and hovered over her.
Lisa raised her arms up placing them around John’s neck, smiled at him then opened her legs. She pulled her knickers to one side exposing her wet and primed pussy.
She took his cock and rubbed it along her slit until she couldn’t stand it any longer. She placed him at the entrance of her hole, grabbed his arse and pulled him inside her. She gasped as the bulbous head of his cock pushed inside her, and she felt her pussy expand as his thick shaft followed behind.

She hadn’t had a cock inside her for so long and, my god, it felt so good she thought! John began long even stokes as he moved his cock back and forth inside her. With the help of her own fingers, she felt her orgasm building but wanted John to cum as well. She wrapped her legs around John’s arse and pulled him further into her, then whispered in his ear to cum inside her.
It was all he needed and with a loud grunt, John stiffened and shot a huge load of semen deep into Lisa’s married pussy.
She felt his cock pulsing and with the warm jetting sensation of him cumming, it was all she needed to bring her to a crashing orgasm. Waves of pleasure raked her body as her orgasm electrified every nerve.it was over very quickly but both lay there for a minute while their bodies returned to some sort of normality.
Lisa couldn’t get her head around what had happened – she was still feeling the effects of the orgasm. John’s cock began to soften and it slipped out of her allowing some semen to run from her pussy. She was now even wetter with the remaining semen still inside her.

She moved from under John and went into the bathroom to clean herself up and to get back into her uniform.
John was lying spent on his bed. She walked over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
She walked to the bedside table and put the $1000 in her pocket. John looked up at her….”See you Friday?” he asked.

“Hmmmm. We’ll see” Lisa replied. And with that, she rechecked herself in the mirror, unlocked the door and went back to work.

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