Ten Days in Another Town - sex story

Ten Days in Another Town

I was kicked awake by CJ, made to piss, shower and then led down the
corridor. I was still completely hairless with no sign of even stubble and I
wondered if the foam Rome had applied had permanent results. I also wondered
if the shower had removed Jenny's graffiti on my forehead.

CJ was dressed in a dark skirt, sheer hose and cream blouse. As usual, her
beautiful face and short blonde hair made appear like some warrior queen. As
I scuttled beside her, I glanced at her long legs in nylon and my cock
stirred. The pussy licking and teasing had left me constantly frustrated.

Inside the elevator, CJ punched the buttons and we started to rise. She
grinned down at me and slid her skirt up, revealing white lace panties in
sheer pantyhose. My cock throbbed mercilessly as CJ mimicked jerking off.
"Would you like me to give you a quick hand job?" she grinned.

I hadn't felt a hand on my cock for so long, so very long. "Please madam," I
begged. I knew she was just teasing me but I couldn't help myself.

She dropped her skirt and grinned down at my hard cock. "Got you hard again.
Good. I like see you crawl around with your little cock all hard." She
laughed as the doors opened and, blushing, I crawled after her.

This floor was more luxurious than the others, thick carpet, paintings on
the wall and thick drapes. CJ opened a door and led me into a luxury suite
with two soft sofas, walnut desk and gilt mirrors. I guessed bedrooms and
bathrooms were behind the two paneled doors that faced the floor to ceiling
windows with a terrace beyond.

CJ unclipped the chain from my nose ring and placed it on the desk. One of
the doors opened and, as I gasped in shock, Verity swept in, dressed in a
short black dress and hose with shiny high heels. Her mane of red hair was
swept back and was hanging on her bare shoulders while her gold ear rings
twinkled in the light. She was beautiful and she ignored me.

"Everything organised for tomorrow night?" she asked CJ who nodded.

"All organised."

"I want to make sure they're all there."

"I've personally spoken to everyone and," she smirked at me, "explained the
situation. They wouldn't miss it."

"Good. Thanks, CJ." CJ left and Verity sat on one of the sofas, legs crossed
while she examined me.

"My, my, Jerry," she smiled as she looked me up and down. "You've had some
changes." I blushed and hung my head. "I like the way your new name is
written on your head. Bit smudged, though. Might need it tattooed." I
blinked in horror and she smiled coldly at me. "Loved the video with you
fucking the shoe. I might put that on the internet. Have you learnt your

"Yes, Mistress," I lisped. "Puppy's learnt his lesson."

Verity burst into laughter and clapped her hands, her legs the centre of my
attention as she uncrossed and recrossed them. When she finally stopped
laughing, she stared at me coldly. "I despise you. You cheated on me after
all I had done for you." Verity toyed with the controller and I flinched. "
But, you know what really made me angry? I mean, I could have got over those
little flings of yours. But not this!"

She stood and walked to the desk where she retrieved a small book from her
purse. "I found this in your apartment, the start of your pathetic little
black book." I blinked in fear as she sat down and crossed those long legs
in sheer black nylon.

Verity gestured angrily at me with the book. "This made interesting reading.
The names of all your seven little sluts. And," she sneered, "it appears you
have your very own little rating system. I tried to figure it out. I found
one girl in this book, Judy, I think her name was with just one star. And
Tiffany with five stars and all the rest somewhere in between. Including
me!" She slammed the book down. "You gave me one and a half stars, you
little shit! And I'm the one that put up with your pathetic little cock!"

Verity sat back, arms folded and glared at me. "So, puppy, I'm not finished
with you yet. I always get the last word in business and I will in this.
This is personal!" I watched in horror as her finger pushed the controller.

"Agh!" I cried out in pain, trying to ride it out. Finally, it stopped.

She poured herself a cup of coffee and returned to the sofa. "Mmm, this
coffee is good. I guess you haven't had a cup for a while now," she
snickered. "You haven't had anything for a while." Verity uncrossed her legs
and left them slightly apart so I could stare into the dark void of her

"Come here, puppy," Verity said, smiling down at me as I crawled to her
feet, trying to stare up her skirt.

"Look," she said, sliding her skirt up. She was wearing pantyhose that were
designed to look like stockings with the crotch bare. Verity's pussy was
completely exposed, her puffy lips framed by the reddish pubic hairs.

"You haven't fucked for a while, have you?" she laughed.

"No, Mistress," I whispered, hypnotised by her glistening pussy.

"I think it will be a long time before you get to put that pathetic little
cock in any pussy. Maybe never. Show me your tongue." I poked my studded
tongue out for her inspection. "You never used to go down on me. That's
changed, I believe?"

"Yes Mistress," I pleaded. "Can puppy lick your beautiful pussy?"

"My puppy. Lick me, puppy. Lick your mistress," she ordered, a dreamy look
on her beautiful face.

I crouched between her legs and commenced my now familiar task as she moaned
softly above me. The nylon of her hose grazed my ears, her juices covered my
face as I used my tongue and the tongue studs to give her intense pleasure.
The sight, smell and sensual sounds of her pussy made my cock unbearably
hard and I desperately wanted to cum. Over the past days, the wrist bands
and the gold ring around my balls had trained me to keep my hands away from
my cock. Now, I considered exchanging the pain for just a few seconds of
feeling my hand around my straining cock.

I kept licking slowly as she lay back, legs wantonly splayed and sensual and
satisfied smile on her face as she watched me stroke her labia with my

"Not bad," she said. "I guess you'll get some food after all." Pushing me
away as she stood, Verity adjusted her skirt and sat down at her desk.
Ignoring me, she worked on some papers until Sammie arrived, dressed in
tight black pants and a floral blouse.

"Finished?" she asked and Verity nodded. She watched as Sammie connected the
nose chain and took me away, my ear bells tingling as I crawled out the

Sammie fed me and left me tied to the table in the big kitchen. Later,
Leonie and Sammie sat at the table, drinking coffee and ignoring me this
time, chatting about friends and lovers. Occasionally though , I would get a
glimpse of Leonie's panties and my constantly hard cock would throb.

Exercise filled the rest of the day and, at the end I was led back to the
bathroom where Sammie gave me an aerosol can with a long tube attached. The
tube enabled me to squirt the foam over my groin without moving my hands
close to that threatening gold ring. I took this to mean that my hair would
grow back sometime in the future.

After the shower, I was led back to Verity's room, shoved inside, the nose
chain removed and left alone. The main room was empty so I rested on my
knees and waited.

The door opened and Verity strode in, a pleased look on her face. "Follow
me," she snapped and I crawled after her into her bedroom. My eyes bulged as
she slowly stripped her clothes off and, naked, walked into the bathroom.

The shower ran and I heard Verity singing softly as I stared down at my hard
bald cock. Was she going to let me fuck her? I couldn't remember what
slipping my cock into a wet pussy felt like.

She emerged, naked, towelling her hair and I watched those magnificent
breasts jiggle with the movement. "Hard, puppy?" she taunted, grinning.

"Yes Mistress," I groaned. "Puppy is hard."

"Puppy is going to stay hard," she said and started pulling some lingerie
out of the closet as I watched helplessly, cock throbbing as she snapped a
red lace bra around her breasts.

A red lace garter belt was next and she sat on the bed to slide black
stockings up her legs. In the other room, I could hear the clink of cutlery
and crockery. "Sounds like the dinner table is ready," she grinned. Verity
smoothed the stockings, gave me a cold look and walked back into the

When she returned, her make up was completed, hair styled and she looked
beautiful as she sat on the edge of the bed, legs apart. Staring at her
pussy, I pleaded with my eyes for relief but she laughed and held out a pair
of scissors. "Trim my pussy hair, puppy. I have to look nice for my new
lover," she added slyly and I gasped in shock. "Don't cut me," she warned "
or I'll have your balls cut off."

Nervously, my cock throbbing, I trimmed her beautiful pussy. I used to boast
that I got a lot of pussy but now, I get even more, I just don't get to fuck
them. Her intimate perfume wafted around me as I bent close to trim the red
hairs around her puffy pussy lips.

"Stare at it, puppy," she whispered. "You used to be able to get that when
you wanted but you were a fool. Took me for a fool. Big mistake."

I was sweating when I finished, my cock jerking with my pulse as I prayed
for relief. Perhaps I could just rub my cock against her stockings, I
thought desperately but Verity suddenly stood up.

I watched as she stepped into a red dress and pull it up, her hands
adjusting the side zipper. Verity twirled around. "I think he'll like it."
She smiled sensuously. "And he'll get a big surprise when he puts his hand
up my dress, won't he, puppy."

She laughed at the miserable look on my face, gathered up her purse and
turned to the door. "We're having a cosy dinner right in the next room. You
wait here, puppy. You're in for quite a night." With that she left me and my
twitching cock alone in the bedroom. She had left the controller on the bed
head so I could not stand so I waited on my knees, wondering what
humiliation she had planned for me now.

Hours passed and I heard tinkling of glasses, constant mumble of
conversation and , sometimes, laughter with Verity's throaty laugh and a
deep rumble from her companion.

Music. And I imagined her dancing with some man, his hand wandering up that
short red dress to her cunt and my cock throbbed.

The door opened and Verity walked in, hand in hand with a young black man,
and picked up the controller. "Here he is," she said tipsily. "My little
puppy dog. Watch." She flicked the controller and I writhed in pain on the
floor, trying to ride out the waves of red tinged pain. With a click, the
pain subsided and, my balls aching, I scrambled to me knees again.

"Effective," the young man said. He was dressed in fawn slacks and a white,
open neck shirt.

"Yes," Verity said. "Very." And she leaned into his arms and kissed him. I
watched his hand move up her skirt and she parted her legs to give him entry
while her hand stroked a huge bulge in his slacks.

My cock was hard and I was thoroughly humiliated, demoted to a non-human in
her presence. Verity undid his shirt and slipped it off, his muscular black
chest revealed while he kicked his shoes off.

She moved near the bed and, slipped her dress off over her head as he looked
approvingly at her. "Beautiful," he rumbled in that deep voice.

"Puppy," she said, smiling at me. "This is Harvey. Harvey is your master and
can use the controller as well. You wouldn't like that, would you?"

"No Mistress," I said hurriedly. "Puppy wouldn't like that." My face blushed

"Can I have the controller?" Harvey asked, and I flinched as Verity passed
it to him.

"Do I have to use this?" he asked.

"No Master, " I pleaded.

"Undo my pants," he said and I hurriedly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his
fly and the pants fell away. As he stepped out of them, I stared at the
bulge in his white bikini shorts and Verity giggled.

"And those," he said and I pulled the bikini shorts down and his huge cock
uncurled and hung in front of my eyes.

"Puppy," Verity called and I turned to look her as she unclipped her bra,
her large breasts swinging free. "It's much bigger than yours, isn't it?"

I flushed and, involuntarily looked down at my cock. It was smaller and
thinner than the monster that hung in front of my face. "Yes, Mistress," I

"What?" she snapped.

"Yes Mistress. Master's cock is bigger than Puppy's." Humiliation swept over
me as they both laughed.

"Put your hand around it," she commanded. "Start jerking him off." Gingerly,
I slipped my hand around the tube of black flesh and started moving my hand
up and down. "Don't you wish you could do that to your own cock?" she

"Yes Mistress," I mumbled, frustrated and embarrassed as his cock stiffened.
It was, compared to mine, huge. This was the first cock I had felt in many
days as I couldn't even touch mine.

"Come here, darling." I started to turn until I realised she was talking to
Harvey and the idea of it, the two of them, hit me like a sledge-hammer in
the stomach. I felt sick.

They sat side by side on the bed and Verity beckoned me to kneel in front of
them as they kissed deeply, tongues seeking each other's hearts. As they
kissed I stared at the sight in front of my eyes. Harvey's huge hard cock
and Verity's swollen pussy, glistening with desire amongst the trimmed red
pussy hair. My cock ached.

Verity smiled coldly down at me, spreading her legs. "Lick me, puppy. Get me
wet for Harvey." Obediently, I leaned forward and licked and kissed her
pussy. She was all ready wet and my now expert studded tongue made her
juices run down her thighs as my ear bells tinkled.

Pushing me away, she leaned down and sucked Harvey's massive cock into her
red lips, her blue eyes staring at me as I watched in horror. Verity raised
her head and the massive black cock popped out of her mouth with an obscene
noise while she held it in her hand.

"Don't you wish this was yours, puppy," she said, her eyes heavy lidded in
lust. There was no need to answer, my own small cock was moving wildly as if
it had a mind of its own.

Verity laid back on the bed, her long red hair cascading down the pillow as
Harvey positioned himself between her long stocking covered legs. I was full
of swirling emotions as I watched him start to ease that massive cock into
her wet cunt. Jealousy, rage, hopelessness, all coursed through me as Verity
turned her head on the pillow and smiled at me.

"At last," she whispered. "A big cock."

"Just normal, baby," he said as he slid deep inside her.

"Not compared to that," she gasped, gesturing at me and I hung my head.
"Look at us, puppy," she hissed and I knew I was not going to be able to
avoid this obscene spectacle.

Harvey pushed in and out of her, finding a long slow rhythm as Verity, her
legs wrapped around him, began to moan. After a few moments, she hung her
arms around him, pulled him close as she moan louder. "God," she cried,
"this is wonderful. It's been so long. Fuck me! Fuck me!" Tears trickled
down my face as she screamed in ecstasy and finally came with a high shrill

"Oh baby," she smiled up at Harvey. "You know your stuff. Have you made it
yet?" she asked and he shook his head, smiling at her.

Verity pushed him back so he slipped out, his stiff wet cock waving
obscenely as she knelt on all fours. "Do me from behind, baby," she
whispered and Harvey positioned himself behind her. "Get closer, puppy," she
taunted. "I want you to see all of this."

Moving closer to the bed, I watched as his huge cock slipped into her gaping
pussy, her thighs slick with her juices and their sweat as he sawed in an
out. Verity moved her ass and sultrily smiled at me as, open mouthed, I
watched her being fucked by this young black man.

"I'm there, baby," he groaned.

"Come, baby," she crooned. "Pump it into me."

Harvey groaned, arced his back and quivered as he spurted his seed deep
inside her, collapsing on her back and holding her close as he finished.
They lay in silence, holding each other while I knelt, head bowed, at the
bed side.

His cock slipped out, wet with her juices and his cum, and lay like a fat
tired snake across his groin. Harvey stretched. "That's it, baby."

"I know, Harvey. That was nice."

"It's a long drive back to town."

"Take care."

He struggled into huis shorts and pants. "Where is the, you know...." he said

"Leonie will take care of it, Harvey."

He grinned as he pulled his shirt back on. "Call me when you get back to

"I will." Harvey left us alone and I realised he was a gigolo.

Verity smiled at me. "Top class act for so little money and no false
declarations of love. Clean too. I've seen the medical reports." She
stretched like a tigress, her large breasts moving and my eyes were drawn to
the wet thatch between her legs.

"Come on, puppy. Lick me," she said softly, staring at me.

Stunned, I leaned forward and tentatively began to lick her pussy and she
moaned with satisfaction. "You are really mine, aren't you," she whispered.
"Suck his cum from my cunt," she said coarsely and her juices started to

Broken, no longer a man, I knelt and licked the cum from my Mistress's black
lover from her pussy. I had no where else to go.
End Day Nine.

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