Thanksgiving Vacation (MF- teens, youths, inc, oral)

Thanksgiving Vacation

It was a Wednesday. I was loading the van, dressing
warm, packing warm clothes, and I knew my nieces and
nephews would want to play outside but the only thing I
had on my mind was playing football in the snow.

It's kind of a get together tradition, rain, snow,
didn't matter, it was a friendly game while dinner was
cooking, tackle, no pads, guys from 10-50, usually a
great time.

"If this takes any longer we'll be getting there in time
for bed!" said my dad.

"She's on her phone in her room," I told my dad,
referring to my sister.

"Let's GO!" he yelled as he went in the house, my mom
was already in the van, rolling her eyes, probably
thinking about what are the neighbors thinking.

Sara came down the stairs, threw her bag in the back of
the van and jumped in, my dad locked the door as I
jumped in the back doors of the van, he got behind the
wheel "Now, do we have everything?" he asked to
everyone, "Yes!" we replied in perfect unison and we
were off on a 3 hour drive.

The trip was pretty tedious my most standards,
occasional bathroom break, snacks in case we needed, a
cooler with beer for my dad and my mom's nose in her
book for about the 1st hour, then sleeping.

My dad liked driving with the window open, so there was
always a cold breeze blowing through, and plenty of
blankets if you got cold and a pillow or 2 if you got
tired. I should have brought homework along, but forgot,
so I jumped in the back by the bench seat, so I could
stretch out if I got sleepy.

I must have dozed off because I was woke by Sara when we
stopped for gas, she was carrying a blanket and pillow
and looked like she was gonna nap, "How much longer?" I
asked her.

"Little over an hour," she replied as my parents got in,
started the van and continued our trip.

"Can I curl up here?" Sara asked as she sat next to me,
putting her head against my shoulder.

"I guess," I replied.

And with that she dropped her pillow, threw the blanket
on top of us and curled up. I looked at my mom, she was
looking at us, smiling and looked back to the road. Sara
got comfortable, putting her right hand on my stomach as
she leaned on my shoulder, feigning sleep. As we bounced
on down the road, I started thinking about football,
relaxing and watching TV, (no video games yet,) and yes,
eating a big turkey dinner.

I must have been in my own little world, Sara's hand had
slipped off my stomach and was now resting on my crotch,
I thought nothing of it since only a few weeks earlier I
had fucked her and her friends at the sleep over Sara
had had, and I'd taught her how I liked a blow job days

Well my subconscious must have thought of other things
because the ever so slight pressure of her hand on my
dick was causing it to get hard and in a uncomfortable
position! It was starting to hurt and I was unable to
straighten it out to make it stop hurting, I tried
shifting my weight, wiggling my ass with the bumps in
the road, nothing.

I reached for the top of my jeans to get under the waist
band and straighten it, when I heard Sara whisper, "I'll
get it."

And with that, from the outside of my jeans, she grabbed
my dick, in the middle of the shaft and pulled towards
the zipper. "Damn it," I growled at her, it hurt.

"Sorry," she whispered as she unzipped my jeans, wrapped
her hand around my dick, still in the boxers. "What are
you doing?" I asked her in a low tone so my parents
would not hear.

"Making sure you're not hurt or bleeding," she said.

"Fuck, you don't grab my dick and yank on it like that,"
I whispered.

"Soooorrry!" she said, slowly stroking my dick as I was
forgetting the pain I was in just seconds ago.

As I looked up at my parents in the front, to see if
they could see anything, Sara pushed my boxers down into
my pants, below my balls, and when she thought they
would stay that way, went back to stroking my dick to
full length.

I gotta admit, it felt better, getting it out like that,
and getting a hand job with my parents less than 5 feet
away. Without trying to make it obvious to anyone in the
van, I tried sliding down the seat, until I was just at
the edge and then slide back up, using the seat to pull
my pants down, so I could get the full feel of this.

Sara did nothing the 1st time, and they came down a
little, so I tried again, as I did it this time, Sara
slid her hand between my legs, back to my ass and pulled
them down just far enough to really stroke my dick, move
it around and play with my balls. She really knew what
she was doing, because she has never done this before to

She looked me in the eyes, smiled as her eyes shifted to
our parents and back to me. As I turned my head to look
up front, she let go of my dick, now just bobbing freely
under the blanket, looking like a tent pole when I
turned back, looked at Sara as she was fidgeting under
the blanket, thinking to myself, "Uh hey, finish what
you started!"

Then she looked back into my eyes with that mischievous
smile I've seen before, and grabbed my dick again, only
this time her hand was soaked!

"What did you do?" I whispered.

"I'm so fucking horny, I needed something in me, so I
put your fingers in," she whispered with a sly smile.

"Uhhhh, feels great!" I told her as she continued
stroking my dick with her pussy juice soaked hand.

"I know, finger me, now," she said, thinking she was in

"NOT NOW!" I told her, after all, even though mom was
asleep again, I didn't want to get caught having sex
with my sister, IN THE VAN, WHILE my dad was driving!

She kept stroking me, and I knew I was not going to last
much longer. Looking in my eyes, she knew I was close,
"Mmmm, getting harder, must be close to cumming," she
whispered with one of those, fuck me now looks.

"Uhhh, yea," I grunted as I tensed, I tried to hold out
as long as possible, trying to think of how I would
clean this up and not get noticed or caught. But she
just kept stroking, even picking up speed, gripping a
little harder, gently squeezing the head, sending
sensations up my back, as I tensed a little more, trying
my best to hold back.

"Uhhh, damn it, uhhh!" I groaned as she dove below the
blanket, putting my dick in her mouth as my head spun
towards to front, watching my parents with that pained
"fuck face" us guys will get just before cumming. As she
dove down on my dick, pushing her nose into my stomach,
swallowing my dick in her throat, with no gag reflex,
she grabbed my ass as I blew a load down her throat, all
the time watching to see if there was any reaction from
my parents.

As my orgasm subsided, my sister stuck out her tongue
and licked gently across my balls, with a sweet suction,
sucking every last drop out of my dick. And just as fast
as she had gone under that blanket, she was up, like
nothing even happened.

I was still watching the front seats as I quickly
grabbed my pants and pulled them up, not even caring
about my boxers, Still covered with the blanket. Sara
pulled up her underwear and pants, "Wha--?" was all I
could get out as she put her right hand over my mouth.

Her fingers smelled of that sweet musky smell of pussy,
and the finger that brushed my nose was still sticky
wet, and without even thinking, I grabbed her wrist and
put her fingers in my mouth, smelling the essence and
tasting her sweetness.

As I closed my eyes and she slowly pulled them out of my
mouth, my dad yelled, "We're here!" And with that my mom
sat up. Sara jumped towards the front seats to look out
the windows, turning back at me with a smile, "It's
snowing!" she said as my dad put it in park.

I tried fixing my boxers as Sara pushed me into the seat
as she moved past me, "Let me out, Dork!" she said,
making her way to the back door, she turned back to me,
smiled and that's when I saw a smear of my cum on her
sweater, near her shoulder.

"Bitch!" I said, pointing at her shoulder. She looked
down at it, wiped it off with her finger and put it in
her mouth, "Mmmmmmmm," she said with a smile and ran
into the house.

This was the start of our Thanksgiving vacation, that I
will never forget.

Keys: MF- teens youths inc oral

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