The abused policewoman (xxx,police,woman,uniform,group sex)

The abused policewoman

The ability to exercise power because of position does not necessarily prepare a man mentally or morally to exercise power rightly. This is a major problem in all of the uniformed services -- policemen can be crooks and rapists and have the same low morals of the common gutter rat. And the individual can't know this until it is too late.

Policemen have the same sexual drives of other men. In fact, from the nature of an officer's job, it may be expected that he will be even more virile than the average man. He is conditioned to violence and action. And it would not be untoward to expect his approach to sex to reflect his approach to the rest of his activities.

So it is, as the main character of this novel discovers. Only she learns in a most unhappy way. When a cop goes bad, thinking himself above the laws he enforces, his evilness is many times that of the average citizen who always must fear retribution from the police.

In this book, Policewoman Carol Davis discovers that it is not the crook on the street she must fear the most, but the seed of lust in her too-male fellow officers who see a blue skirt as just another female vagina to rape and abuse.

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Carol Davis stepped out of her car and paused to straighten her mini-skirt over her long, shapely thighs. As she bent forward she caught sight of herself in the car window. For an instant she looked at the clean line of her high cheek bones and her pert, straight nose. She didn't have such a bad face, she admitted to herself, especially when it was framed by her shoulder-length dark hair.

The beautiful young woman was so engrossed in her self appraisal that she didn't hear the man behind her. The sudden touch of a hand patting and squeezing her firm buttocks shocked her into immobility. Carol felt her blood growing warm and a strange, sick sort of arousal began in her as a confident male voice rumbled in her ear.

"Hey, chick, don't waste your time getting pretty for the cops. Those pigs in there don't appreciate somebody like you. Why don't you and I go someplace and have a drink?"

Carol's heart was fluttering under a full, firm breast, she hated herself for the nervous panic that always hit her at times like this! The brunette's hand shook as it dipped into her handbag and came back with her wallet, she quickly flipped it open to the shiny new badge pinned there.

"Bug off creep. I'm one of those pigs and I may just drag you in, if you don't get your filthy hands off of me!"

For the first time, Carol turned to face the man. He was big and looked strong, but his face seemed pasty and sick under his tan. A weak smile on his face, he backed off, his hands held out in front as if to protect himself from her. Carol almost laughed at the man as she waited until he was off the police parking lot. Then she tucked her wallet back in her purse and walked away, hoping that he couldn't see her knees shaking as the residue of her fear and weird excitement shook in her.

Inside the station house, the beautiful brunette stared straight ahead of her, ignoring the leering stare the desk sergeant gave her. She almost felt his eyes roving over her high breasts, down her gently rounded belly to her long legs. A small shudder of disgust mixed with excitement flashed through her. It wasn't fair for him to look at her like that, especially this morning!

Carol paused before the bulletin board, her eyes examined the notices, but she really wasn't paying any attention. Her mind was on Don, her ex-husband. It had been eight months! She wasn't a person who lived for sex, but it had been eight months! The lovely young woman felt the faint buzzing of arousal between her thighs when she remembered that hard, male hand on her bottom. She shook her head angrily, she had to stop thinking about filthy things like that!

"Davis, come over here for a minute."

Carol turned to see Sergeant Miller standing in his office doorway. The young policewoman didn't want to talk to him. There was something creepy about the tall, lanky officer, but he was her immediate superior and there was no way that she could avoid the sergeant since she worked for him.

As she moved closer, Carol saw Miller's little, slategray eyes boldly staring at her lush, rounded body and the only thing she could do was grit her teeth and pretend that she didn't notice.

"You wanted to talk to me, Sergeant?" Carol asked stiffly as she stopped a few feet away from him. The man let a faint smile crease his lean, tanned face before he nodded.

"You have an interview with Lieutenant Bixby in forty-five minutes, he'll have you called."

Carol nodded stiffly, she was expecting that.

"Some of the vice boys brought in some flicks last night, why don't you go in and watch, they're showing them in the ready room."

The young woman saw the mean smile on Sergeant Miller's fare and knew that he was laughing at her.

"I... I don't think that would interest me, Sergeant," she said. Carol could hear the nervous quiver in her own voice and was sure he could hear it as well. "That sort of... thing doesn't interest me," she added lamely and saw his amusement growing, she damned herself for blushing as she felt the hot flush staining her cheeks.

"What's the matter, Davis, does the sight of hard cock make you feel all sick and shaky inside?"

Carol flinched as Miller's words struck her and hit the mark!

"Why don't you go in there and prove that you're one of the boys, honey? You know the other officers don't have much of an opinion of women cops. You're going to have to prove that you aren't the prissy little girl that you act like. Go in there and learn something useful!"

Before the beautiful brunette could even think of an answer, the tall police sergeant turned away and went into his office, leaving her staring after him.

Don't go in there, something whispered in the back of her mind. You don't have to watch that filth, he can't order you to do that. But there was something else. Miller had challenged her. He didn't think that she would dare go in the ready room and was laughing at her!

Carol's jaw set and she spun on her heel. She was being stubborn and she knew it. But if she was ever going to be accepted here she was going to have to prove to everyone that she could take it.

The ready room was dark, the blinds had been pulled tight, the cigarette and cigar smoke was so thick that she couldn't stifle her cough as she slipped into an empty seat. Carol noticed several heads turn toward her and heard a low whisper ripple around the room. Carol felt her blush beginning, but her embarrassment died in the moment that she focused on the images that were flickering on the white-washed wall!

For a long moment, the lovely young woman felt the blood draining from her face as she watched the shadow of a pretty little girl laying naked on a bed as a huge man stood over her. The man was naked as well and a large, thick erection jutted out from his body like a pole! Carol tried to swallow, but her throat just wouldn't work as she watched the man catch the girl by her long blond hair and pull her into a sitting position on the rumpled bed. The young girl smiled up at the man, his hand was still gripping her head and was pulling her face closer and closer to the thick tip of the organ. The camera suddenly went into close-up and Carol found herself staring at his thick, pulpy glans. The focus was so sharp that she could see a drop of fluid ooze out of the little slit and drip down, but the drop was caught by a pink, flicking tongue!

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, my God!" Carol heard the agonized moan in her mind, but she grimly kept her jaw set tight, refusing to allow the sound out of her throat. The beautiful brunette felt that strange, sick feeling flutter to life as she watched the girl on the screen smilingly move forward and envelop the mushroom shaped head with her red lips. Carol felt her fingers digging into the wooden arms of her chair and despite the fact that the film was silent, she could hear an urgent voice in her ear.

Please, Carol, it's all right, I can tell you want to do it so go on, suck it! Suddenly Carol imagined herself back with Don. She could even remember her ex-husband's fingers pressing against the back of her neck as her own face was being pushed against the swollen crown of his penis. Baby, you've just got to shake away from these uptight feelings about sex, it's putting a crimp in our whole marriage, I can't go on with this 'missionary only' crap!

The young policewoman shuddered and forced her spinning mind away from that painful scene, but when she focused on the picture again she felt her will begin to waver. The pretty blond was avidly sucking and licking at the monster prick that was crammed into her mouth. The man's hand was around the girl's neck, guiding her, setting the pace he wanted, as her head bobbed back and forth on his shiny stalk. Carol could see the girl's saliva dripping on his hairy balls and she wanted to scream.

Carol shifted uneasily on the chair and was shocked and ashamed to feel the thick moisture of her arousal seeping out of the tight folds of her vulva and wetting the crotch of her panties! The beautiful brunette felt the slow rise of passion flowing through her body, felt her nipples grow hard and rub against her bra. She shook her head violently. She couldn't be aroused just watching a filthy thing like this. She'd never done that for Don, no matter how often he tried to get her to, and she couldn't be excited by watching some slut do it for another man. There was nothing here that excited her! Despite her fierce denials, Carol felt the lips of her sex parting, swelling with blood and something inside of her ached for the feel of a thick, pulsating cock, like the one on the wall!

Carol was trying to wrench her attention away from the awful act she was watching when she felt a hand fall on top of one thigh! The beautiful brunette jerked her head around to stare at a handsome young policeman. She thought his name was Brown. The officer sat still, looking straight ahead, but his hand was creeping steadily up her leg and under her skirt! The young woman started to slap his hand away, but the tips of his fingers found the silky fabric of her panties and pressed hard against them, she gasped and her entire body jerked as the flood of pleasure numbed her and left her incapable of defending herself!

Carol sat rigid in the chair, the seconds passed and felt like years as the policeman's fingers pressed and tapped against the swollen, puffy outline of her damp vulva, setting up an awful, inviting rhythm, making her shiver and forcing her to bite her lip to keep from moaning and crying out. Finally, she managed to gain enough self-control to speak to him. Her voice was low and strained as she whispered to the young man beside her.

"Pl... please don't... I don't want you to..." Her whisper faded as the action on the wall became more frenzied. The pretty blond's face was tense and contorted as she sucked and pulled at the man's prick with her wet, bubbling lips. Suddenly she jerked her head back and held her mouth open as jet after thick jet of his semen blasted out and shot all over her face, in her mouth, in her hair!

For an instant, Carol stared in horror at the scene. She felt herself waver and knew that she was near an orgasm herself, but a sense of horror and fear welled up in her and she managed to tear her body out of the chair and away from the hand and blunder out of the room. As she ran, she could hear the coarse male laughter as it followed her down the hall.

There was only one place that she could go! Carol felt her thighs shaking, felt her nervous system protesting the sudden halt of the delicious touching and rubbing that the man had given her, but she forced herself to walk to the women's room. Once she was inside, she slipped into a booth and leaned against the wall. She felt like screaming, felt like crying and running away to hide.

"Stop it, you're behaving like a silly girl," the brunette told herself, but it didn't help. She could still feel the awful demands of her body. The touching had gone too far and it wouldn't be denied now. "Ohhhhh, this is so dirty," Carol moaned to herself as her hands clawed at her skirt, pulling it up over her waist. She was ashamed of herself as her hand dipped inside her tight panties and a rigid forefinger found the wet, slippery opening of her pussy.

I shouldn't do this. It's wrong. I never did it as a girl, why do I need it now? The questions and the accusations swirled around in Carol's confused mind, but that didn't stop her finger. She found the hard bump of her clitoris and flicked lightly at it, just the way that Officer Brown had done and the effect was almost as electric!

"Huuunnnngggg, ooooooo it's sooo goooood," the beautiful woman sighed and she imagined the fat, hard penis that she'd watched as it slipped between the wet, slick lips of her vulva and speared deep into her, filling her, making her feel whole and alive!

"Agggghhhhhhh, I... aiiiiiiieeeee!!!" She couldn't help it, wave after wave of pleasure assaulted her until her mind spun and she had to let at least one thin wail of passion leak out of her as her climax tore at the very core of her being!

When the beautiful brunette stepped out of the restroom she knew that she looked cool and calm. Her hair was combed, her makeup was on straight and her face was expressionless. But that was only a front, only a mask to hide the terrible turmoil and confusion that still whirled about in her brain. As she walked, she shivered inwardly as a spasm of her orgasm whipped through her, making her legs feel wobbly and unsure.

"Hey, Davis, where have you been? The boss wants to see you." Without turning to the officer at the desk, Carol nodded as calmly as she could and headed for the back of the station, she stopped before a frosted glass door and took a second to gain more control, then she knocked firmly.

"Sit down, Officer Davis," the man behind the desk said without looking up. In his hand he held a letter and from the color of the stationary she knew that it was hers. When he did look up, the young woman was surprised to see that Lieutenant Bixby's eyes were a deep, dark blue. They made his rugged face seem almost handsome.

"I have your letter here requesting reassignment, it follows the form, but I don't exactly understand why you want to change. Would you mind explaining that?"

Carol felt herself tremble but she forced herself to stay calm as she nodded. "Lieutenant, I didn't sweat it out to get through the academy only to be assigned to school traffic. I don't feel that being in charge of the crossing guards is the proper work for an able bodied officer."

Bixby didn't say anything at first. He simply stared at her. Carol couldn't read anything in his cold, expressionless face. "I'm sorry that you don't feel that the job isn't as exciting or as glamorous as you'd like, Miss Davis, but it is important and being a new officer I'd like you to prove your worth before I assign you to tracking down bank robbers and solving our murders for us."

Carol heard the bite of sarcasm in the man's voice, but she didn't dare respond. He was her superior officer and she had to sit and take it.

Bixby got out of his chair and moved around to sit on the edge of his desk. The brunette could see his eyes roaming over her, just like every other man, and her anger began to smolder. He grinned at her and sat very close, close enough to reach out and touch her if he wanted to.

"Look, honey, I'm not all that keen on lady cops and you'll just have to work where I want you to work until I get used to the idea of having you around and find something more interesting for you to do. Your request for reassignment is denied. I want you to go out today with Sergeant Miller. He'll show you the posts and introduce you to the guards."

From where he was sitting, Carol realized, Lieutenant Bixby could see down the front of her blouse and she flushed and resisted the urge to clutch at the open vee of her blouse. She glanced nervously around and realized that she could see his penis begin to stiffen and rise under his slacks. The beautiful brunette stared at the outline of the man's sex organ and felt that awful tingling begin again. She remembered the man in the film and how big and thick his cock was and caught herself wondering how the lieutenant would measure up to him?

"Yes, sir, I'll go with Sergeant Miller. Thank you for seeing me," Carol finally murmured as she got up and moved to the door. Lieutenant Bixby still sat on the edge of his desk grinning at her as she left.


"Well Davis, one more stop and that'll be it for your first shift." Sergeant Miller's voice broke in on Carol's thoughts and she jumped a little. He noticed it and chuckled. "What's the matter, were you thinking about that movie you saw this morning?"

Carol clenched her fists and angrily shook her head. "No! Of course I wasn't, things like that don't bother me!" The young woman was lying and she could see that Miller knew it. He grinned at her and shook his head, his eyes were hidden from her by the mirrorized glasses that he wore.

"I don't know about that, Officer Davis. Some of the boys seemed to think that you got a bit heated during the blow-job scene. They thought that they could hear you huffing and panting all around the room and they're trained observers, they're usually right."

There was no way that she could answer him and Carol knew it, so she simply lapsed into injured silence and concentrated on looking out the window. Miller drove in silence to the last stop.

"This is Mrs. Abels. Doris Abels, meet Miss Davis, she's going to be the officer in charge from now on."

Carol smiled at the short, blonde woman who stood beside the car. The older woman smiled back and waved her red warning paddle at Carol in a friendly, mock salute.

"Well hello, I'm glad to see that they've found someone who will really take over, glad to see you!" Mrs. Abels' smile was warm and Carol found herself liking the woman immediately Sergeant Miller got back in the car and waited as he had at the other stops, letting Carol handle the meeting her own way.

"Thank you, Mrs. Abels, I hope that we can work well together, since you've been a guard for three years, I'm sure that you know more about all of this than I do. I'd appreciate your help."

The blonde smiled and put her hand on Carol's arm in an impulsive gesture, her light blue eyes twinkled. "Oh relax, for heaven's sake, and call me Doris. Mrs. Abels always reminds me of my mother-in-law!"

The rest of the conversation was standard, but Carol felt a warm friendly feeling for the small woman by the time she slipped back into the car beside Miller. "Well, that's the last one," she said as she checked the list of traffic guards.

Carol was so interested in remembering the names and faces that went with each street corner that she didn't notice the direction that Sergeant Miller took until the car stopped.

"Why have we stopped here?" The young brunette stared around her and was stunned to see that they were parked in a small opening in the trees at the back side of the park. "What's happening here?"

Miller turned to her and that faint, mocking smile slipped into place again. "This is a hide-out that the night squad uses when they want to catch a nap." He looked around and grinned again. "It's a nice, private place isn't it? The only cars that use this road are police cars. Keeps things nice."

Carol nervously shifted in the seat, she could almost read what the lean man wanted by the way that he licked his thin lips as he stared at her and she felt her blind, unreasoning fear building up inside of her belly, stirring up small eddies of excitement that moved along her nerve endings.

"Why... why did you bring me here, Sergeant...? I thought we were headed back to the station house."

Miller chuckled and took off his hat and loosened his tie, the glasses were still in place, but Carol was sure that he was staring at her, running his dirty eyes over her body!

"Officer Brown is a good buddy of mine, he told me that you were... excited during the movie and said that you left before he could help you out. He asked me to make sure that you didn't go to bed all tense and uptight tonight." Miller said it so calmly, so matter of fact, that Carol was stunned, she stared at him with wide eyes and slowly shook her head.

Miller ignored the negative movement and reached to take her hand. Carol saw his hand approaching hers, but she couldn't pull away. She shivered as his cool flesh descended on hers. The pretty brunette felt his muscles tighten and she was drawn across the slick seat cover of the car until she was just inches from him. "You... you can't make me do this with you... you know you can't," she whispered. She saw the reflection of her frightened face in his glasses and was shocked at how passive and meek she looked.

"Oh honey, I'm not forcing you to do anything," the tall man said softly. His free hand slipped up and cupped her right breast, his forearm pressing her back against the seat as he did. "I think that you need a good fuck, honey, and I'm just the boy to give it to you." Carol tried to make a sound of protest but he cut her off. "When you were assigned to us I checked you out. You've been divorced for six months and you've been separated for eight and no matter how hard I looked I couldn't find another man. As far as I can tell, you haven't been speared in at least eight months! I'll bet that cunt of yours is screaming for meat, isn't it?"

His low voice seemed to bore deep unto her and pluck at her nerves and her brain. Carol couldn't think clearly. His fingers worked and squeezed at her firm breast and his words tormented her with the terrible, demeaning truth!

"Tell me that this doesn't feel good, baby. Tell me that you want me to let go of your nice, big titty." He was being harsh and crude with her and Carol ached to scream and hit at him. She wanted to make him stop taunting her like this, but she couldn't make a sound. She felt weak and speechless as his one hand mauled her breast and the other began to slip her skirt up her thighs.

"Lift your ass, honey," Sergeant Miller tugged impatiently at her skirt and Carol wanted to resist. But even as she tried to make herself push out the fear she felt, the muscles in her thighs were flexing and, her rounded body rose clear of the seat long enough for his hands to pull her skirt over her hips and hook his thumbs in the elastic band of her panties. Carol looked down at herself just in time to see her pale blue underwear being pulled down over her shaking thighs. She stared at the thick bush of her pubic curls framed by her garter belt and her stockings as if she'd never seen her own naked pussy before.

The beautiful brunette sank back on the seat. She was going to try one more time to stop what was happening, but the man didn't give her a chance. A thick, hard fingertip wormed its way through her tangled pubic hair and parted the plump lips of her damp labia. The fingertip didn't stop until it found the watering throat of her vagina and stabbed deep into her!

Carol was going to protest, but when her mouth opened she was amazed and humiliated by the animal sounding groan that tore free of her throat. "Auuuuugggggg!!! Ohhhhhhhh please!!!" She wasn't even sure what she was begging for, but Sergeant Miller seemed to know.

She felt his fingers popping open the buttons of her blouse and lay limp as he jerked it off. She offered no resistance when he pushed her forward and jerked the clasp of her bra free. When he pulled the limp cups away from her tits she moaned as his rough hands pulled and twisted at her dark red nipples until they stood out hard and long like tiny thumbs. The hand slipped back between her splayed thighs and Carol whimpered as one finger dug deep into her flesh and his thumb found her clitoris and strummed hard against it, making the long sleek muscles of her thighs jerk and flex.

"Well, baby, don't just sit there groaning, get to work." Sergeant Miller's muttered order confused her and Carol managed to turn her head and stare at him in utter confusion. The lean officer just shook his head and reached for her hand with his. Carol watched in silence as he deliberately put her open palm down over the outline of his erect penis and pressed. The beautiful young woman felt the hard organ roll under her palm and even through the thick fabric of his uniform pants she could feel the heat of his body!

"But... I don't want..." Carol's whimper died in her mouth as she stared at her fingers in amazement. They were working on their own, she hadn't made any decision but they were fumbling with his belt, then when that was open, they tugged at the zipper that kept his hard prick from her. His uniform trousers were open and Carol's fingers dove into the opening in his shorts. Sergeant Miller's prick was totally erect and she had a little trouble pulling it free, but suddenly there it was! Her eager fingers curled around the fat stem and she squeezed.

"Ohhhh it... looks so big," the beautiful woman whispered as she stared at the wedgeshaped crown, at the white, vein-wreathed shaft that grew up out of her tight fist. It had always embarrassed Carol to touch Don. Whenever he'd put her hand on his cock she'd been nervous and what little desire she felt would turn to disgust. But this was different somehow. She stared at the drops of lube that rolled down the satiny flesh of the glans and watched as it dripped down over her fingers. "What do you want me to do," Carol asked, she felt empty inside, she had no will to resist him and there was no use in pretending that she had.

Before he answered her, the tall sergeant let his fingers spin and twirl inside the tight grip of her vagina, Carol gasped and her body twisted under the lash of pleasure that washed over her!

"Pump my cock, honey. Get old Jake all hot and ready for this creamy cunt of yours!!!"

In an instant, Carol's hand was jerking up and down the thick column of flesh, she loved the feel of his hard gristle and could almost imagine what it would feel like slipping into her yearning body. She'd never felt like this in her life. She was afraid and that fear seemed to act as a special spice that made everything she was doing feel good and exciting! Carol was suddenly struck by a strange thing, she was sitting almost totally naked with a man, willingly masturbating him, and she'd just now learned his first name!

Feeling like a vile, obscene slut, Carol allowed her hips to move in small circles as she responded to the expert touch of the fingers that teased and tormented her until she couldn't tell right from wrong any more.

"Hop up here, kid, hurry!" When he jerked at her and tugged at her arm, Carol didn't react quick enough, she was whimpering in protest of the loss of his finger when his hand slapped flat against her unprotected bottom. The beautiful brunette uttered a short little wail and hurried, letting him guide her until she sat facing him, her thighs stretched wide across his. The young woman stared down at the heavy stalk that lay pressed against his belly and moaned in anticipation as he pushed her up with one hand and pulled his thick cock upright with the other.

She didn't need to be told, Carol's beating heart was in her throat as she shifted her pelvis forward, aiming her wet sex at the pulpy tip that glowed a dull red beneath her. As she began to lower herself to meet the fat invader below her, a crazy thought flitted into her head, Jake Miller still wore his sunglasses and she was upset because she wanted to see his eyes.

"Unnnngggggg, ooooooo it... hurts," Carol groaned as the thick cap of his cock wedged into the tight confines of her vagina. He was so much larger than Don, she didn't know that a penis could feel like this! "Ohhhhhh please, don't hurt me," she whispered but Carol wasn't surprised when the hands on her hips pressed down and she felt her body expanding inside as she slid down the oiled pole that speared into her soft, yielding belly!

"Ooooooooo Christ, but you're tight," Jake moaned in her ear.

Carol shivered and couldn't stop the quick jerking motion of her pelvis as his wet lips searched blindly across her burning breast, then found a hard, rubbery nipple. He sucked and chewed lightly at the nub of flesh at the same time that he pushed down again and the beautiful girl whined as the last of his thick root filled her. She felt his hard testicles rolling under her velvety buttocks and began to rub and brush against them like a common whore, trying to make it nice for the man who was taking her, using her.

That's it, a tiny voice called out in the confusion of her mind. He's taking me. This is rape, I don't have any choice. That wasn't the real truth, Carol knew that. But as she bumped and ground her vibrating body against his, she found it hard to sort out all the pieces. It... it wasn't rape because she hadn't made a single move to stop him. He hadn't threatened her in any way, yet she was still afraid of him, she didn't really know how this had happened, but it was happening and that was all that really mattered!

"Hunnnngg... Hooooo, ohhhhh... it feels so good," Carol whispered in the lean man's ear. His arms were around her, holding her tight against him as his long, thick cock slammed up into her again and again. He was pressing her hips forward, holding her so that the hard base of his prick was mashed tight against her clitoris, sending skyrockets of sensual pleasure bursting in her mind.

"Yeah, honey, that's the way," Jake panted, tearing his mouth away from her wet nipple. "You're on it now. Fuck, chick, make that tight snatch of yours chew my cock off at the root!!!" One of his hands slid down her jerking, arching spine and Carol squealed as she felt his fingers pinching and mauling at her firm buttocks. The little darts of pain spurred her on and she rammed her body down on him again and again, until they were both groaning!

His fingers parted her cheeks and Carol's mouth fell open in sick amazement as a finger wet itself in their mingled juices, then began to work its way into the tight, puckered opening of her anus!

"Oooooooooo, don't do that. No one has ever touched me there, it's... nasty..." Carol whimpered. But Jake ignored her just as she knew he would and she groaned as she felt the finger pop past the clinched ring of her sphincter muscle.

A thick, strange sensation flooded her and it mingled with the pleasure that already bubbled in her veins. Her dark hair whipped around her face and her head jerked in irregular, spastic circles as she wailed and bucked!

"Ohhh, God, it's so wrong," the brunette whimpered and sighed. Her body, tortured by the double penetration, began to vibrate and jerk uncontrollably. "Whhhhooooooo that's so nasty!!!"

"Work for it, bitch," Jake snarled in her ear. Carol heard the tension in his tone and felt his body stiffen. "Work that nice ass off for it now!" The sergeant sank his teeth into the tender flesh of her breast and Carol gasped with pain. She felt his thick prick swell and then the hot flow of his cum began to bathe her dry and greedy vagina. The lovely brunette felt his cock greased by his own sperm slip faster, easier in her, and she couldn't hold back another second, she had to respond to him!!!

"Nuuuuuunnnggggg!!! Ooooiiiiieee!!!" Like wild bolts of lightning, the waves of her orgasm tore at her, Carol felt herself rising and spinning, she moaned and screamed as her release left her insane and babbling as she sat pinned to the man by his spurting cock, it was her axis, her whole world!

"Hey, welcome to the force, honey. I think you and I can set us up a nice working relationship," Sergeant Miller said as he pulled up beside her car in the lot. "Anyway, you know all that it takes to keep the sergeant happy, don't you?"

His laughter still stung in the ears of the young brunette as she leaned wearily against her car and stared after him with dull, unbelieving eyes.


Carol sat in her car for a long time and stared at the front door of the station house. "Come on, baby, move your ass," Sergeant Miller's voice rang in her ears and she remembered how she'd moaned and sighed as she raised and lowered her eager body over his thick spear. Even now she could feel the way that it had spread her, opened her as it's blunt tip moved up and down the tight glove of her vagina. The beautiful brunette hadn't slept all night. Twice during the long morning hours she'd decided to send in her resignation that morning, but each time her pride came battling back to stop her.

"I will not let them chase me out, I won't!" How many times had she said that during the night? Carol shook her head tiredly, she just couldn't make up her mind to go in. Every time that she was ready she'd hear Miller's demands and feel his punishing staff slam into her and she would be limp and disoriented again.

"Damn you, Miller," the young woman muttered, "you caught me in a weak moment last night, but that was last night and I'll shove back if you try it again!" The sound of her voice reassured her, but Carol knew deep down that she couldn't resist if he wanted to do that to her again. She just couldn't!

Aggghhhh, honey, you're as tight as a little girl, lift your legs. Bits and snatches of what Miller had said and done to her last night kept wiggling in, confusing her. Carol looked at her watch and realized that she was almost late. A sudden burst of defiance brought her back again. "Goddamn all of you. I'll show you. You can't put me on the run, no matter how hard you try!"

Before she could think again, Carol was out of the car and stepping quickly toward the door. Each step that she took made the beautiful girl feel better, stronger. Things were going to be just fine, she could handle them!

"Check me out with a black and white," Carol snapped, but then she saw that it was Officer Brown behind the desk and her knees began to shake as she remembered the smooth climb of his hand up her stockinged thigh and the flames began to smoulder between her thighs.

Brown looked up in surprise at her agressive stance.

"Well? Come on pretty boy, give me the keys and let me go or I'll tell Miller and he might just spank you for being a naughty, lazy boy!"

The handsome man blushed and Carol felt better. She fought against the sweet feel of arousal as he wrote her name on a check list and handed over the keys. Carol paused and felt daring and brave. "What's your problem, Brown? Do you have to take every woman to Daddy Miller for the stamp of approval before you can get a share?"

Carol strode out, a great feeling carried her through the door and into the squad lot. The vision of the pretty young man staring at her in obvious embarrassment did wonders for her battered self respect.

It wasn't until she had the car on the street that Carol's feeling of triumph began to crumble around the edges. So I managed to shoot down, one of the little people. I could never do that with Miller or the lieutenant, they'd chop me down!

Carol found herself thinking of the tall, rumpled looking Watch-Commander and her thoughts made the beautiful woman squirm on the seat. She thought of the way that his big prick had strained against his fly when he stared at her and that sparked memories of the slick, maddening movements of another man's thick stem inside her body. In seconds the hungry flames in her damp pussy were roaring and licking at her tight sheath again!

Things were going well, Carol had managed to force her mind back to business and she was rolling right along. So far, everyone was in their place and ready. Carol had made her first stops and found everyone on duty. The fifth name on her list was Jim Phillips. For a moment, the lovely young brunette's mind drew a blank. Then she remembered him, a tall, shifty looking teen-ager.

For a moment, Carol thought of how the boy's hooded eyes worked back and forth over her body when they met yesterday. The boy had been trying to sneak quick peeks at her without her knowing what he was doing. That was another thing about the guard situation that bothered her. Some of the guards were students themselves, boys from the high school who were let off for an extra hour in the afternoon to help. She wished that all her guards were adults, but realized that she was lucky to get the boys.

Driving slowly, Carol drifted up against the curb and let the motor die, her dark eyes were on the tall, slender boy as he led a group of children across the street. He did that well enough and she knew that she really didn't have anything to complain about, but that uneasy, nervous feeling at the back of her neck came back whenever she thought about Jimmy Phillips and his hungry eyes.

As he walked back across the street, the boy noticed her. Carol saw his sleepy-eyed smile cross his face and braced herself as he walked toward her. Despite her best intentions she found herself staring at the tight crotch of the boy's jeans, searching for the lump of his penis!

"Good morning, boss, making the rounds?"

Carol was vaguely upset by the boy's casual self assurance. He stood close to the car, then bent down, resting his arm against hers on the frame.

For a few moments, Carol couldn't move. Jimmy wore a short sleeved shirt and the feel of his warm flesh against hers held her paralyzed. Then the pretty young policewoman caught the direction of his glance and jerked her arm away to cover her breasts as they began to tingle and grow more firm under her bra, the pressure of her arm only made the situation feel worse and she gripped at the wheel as she fought to keep the filthy thoughts out of her mind.

"Yes... Jim I'm... just checking, I do it twice a day." Carol felt foolish and awkward as she stammered and mumbled. He knew what her schedule was as well as she did!

"Yeah, that's right, you come around in the afternoon too. If I'm done by then, you could give me a ride back. You wouldn't mind that, would you Miss Davis?" There was a strange, purring sound in his voice and Carol felt a warm glowing in her belly in response to the sound. She squeezed her thighs together as the warmth rekindled the fires in her belly.

"Ohhh... I... no I suppose it would be all right, Jim... if I come by at that time," Carol said breathlessly. She felt embarrassed and trapped as she fidgeted behind the wheel. A small group of children arrived at the corner and the lovely brunette pointed at them, glad for the chance to change the subject.

"I think you'd best get back to your job, Jimmy," Carol said, in the strongest business first voice she could manage. The boy glanced at the children and nodded. He turned back to her and gave her another disturbing smile before he stood up. Carol couldn't stop her eyes and she found herself staring intently at the long outline of his penis before he stepped away.

Carol's hand shook slightly as she turned the key and the engine came to life. She was angry with herself as she pulled away from the curb. Jimmy heard the car and waved at her as she passed. Despite her anger and shame, she found herself waving back.

By the time that she got to the last stop, Carol had managed to gain control of herself again. Mrs. Abels was on the far side of the street, talking to a teenaged boy. For a long moment Carol stared at the two, Doris Abels was standing very close to the boy and there was something about the way that the small blonde had her hand on his shoulder that upset the beautiful policewoman.

At last the boy nodded and walked away. Doris stood staring after him for a moment, then she turned and headed for the car.

"Hi, how's your first day going?" Doris smiled and slipped into the car beside her. Carol couldn't think of anything witty or clever so she simply shrugged and smiled. Doris nodded and patted her hand. Carol was a bit surprised at the woman's familiarity but she seemed so natural and real that Carol couldn't be offended.

"I know, dear, believe me. It's hard going when you're on a new job," the small woman said. "But this is a good job for you, just think of all the side benefits you can cash in on."

Carol stared at Doris. She didn't have the faintest idea what she meant. "I... I don't understand, Mrs. Abels, what 'side benefits'?" The little woman cocked her head in Carol's direction and a sly grin crossed her face.

"Oh my dear, of course you understand. Look, let's be friends, okay?" Carol had a funny feeling in her belly, but she nodded just the same. "All right, I'm talking about all the young studs we can meet on a job like this. Now I do fine, but with your looks and the way that you get around, you should be able to find enough hard young cock to keep you busy day and night!"

"Mrs. Abels! Are you saying that I would... with these boys?" Carol felt her face burn as a vivid blush covered it, she would have tried to get out of the car but Doris caught her hand and held her tight, forcing her to listen.

"Whoa honey, don't be shocked," the pert little woman said. Carol thought she could hear amusement in the voice and was angry. "Well darling," Doris purred, inching a bit closer as she spoke. "If you're not making it with at least one of these kids now, you will be! Now stop acting like that and be honest with me."

Carol wanted to pull away, but she felt an evil, eager curiosity about what Doris would say next, so she sat very still and waited.

Doris caught the change in Carol's attitude and relaxed her grip on the younger woman's wrist. "That's better, now you listen to me, and don't interrupt." The older woman's brittle blue eyes flicked over her as another grin curved her lips. "When I was your age I was uptight, Carol, just the way you seem to be now. I had all those dirty little fantasies that embarrassed the hell out of me and I tried to pretend that they weren't there and drove myself batty doing it."

Doris settled back a bit and her eyes looked dreamy and far away. "I was half out of my mind back then, I'd go around in a constant state of arousal and hated myself for it. I tried to be content with my husband, but it was hard. Then, one lonely afternoon I invited our paper boy in for a Coke and before I knew it, that little stud was on top of me and reaming me out with a very man-sized cock!!!"

Carol knew that she was staring, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the blonde's face as she continued with her lewd story. "After that afternoon I was in heaven, dear. I was nice to my husband, I sang and whistled as I took care of the house because I knew that no matter how tense and jittery I got I'd have a nice stiff prick in me before nightfall! Then I met some other boys, through my paperboy, and pretty soon my mornings were filled too!"

The little woman turned and stared boldly at Carol, her eyes were direct and prying into her. "Am I embarrassing you, dear?" Before Carol could answer, Doris went on. "If I am, I'm sorry, but I think its something you should hear. Since that afternoon I've had a ball my dear. I've never been tense or upset, I've been with some of the most enchanting boys you've ever seen and if you haven't spent a lazy afternoon giving some lovely young kid his first blow job you don't know what you're missing!"

"I've never heard anything so... awful in my whole life!" Carol was shocked by the harsh tone of her voice, but it didn't bother Doris.

"Darling, that's exactly what I would have said back then, but can't you see what I'm trying to tell you?"

Carol shook her head in bewilderment.

"Boys are wonderful, managable lovers, girl. They stay hard forever and they can go on and on! Believe me, you need someone like that, I can hear your dainty little pussy snapping from over here!"

The beautiful brunette stiffened, her hands gripped the wheel so tight that her fingers ached. "That's not true," Carol managed to whisper, but even as she said it she could feel the tiny muscles in her love sheath pulling tight and feel the moisture seeping out.

Doris Abels grinned and nodded again, a pink tongue darted out and licked at her lips, leaving them wet and shiny. "I know just the boy for you to practice with. You know him, Jimmy Phillips?"

Carol stared at the pretty little woman in guilty surprise. She shuddered and had to force herself to be still. Doris saw the reaction and inched closer, her voice dropped to a husky whisper.

"Sure you know him. I can see it written on your face. He's just the boy for you, he has a lovely long prick that can drive you mad as it worms around in you. Relax and just let it happen."

Doris' voice was so low that Carol had to focus directly on her lips to make sure that she was hearing everything, there was something hypnotic about watching those sensuous lips as she formed the words. Carol felt her moral fences falling with each passing second.

"Just think of what it would feel like dear, just imagine laying on a nice wide bed and letting him spread your legs and slip up until you can feel that fat, hard knob rubbing against your clit!"

The filthy image was so real that Carol heard herself moan and felt her thighs straining against her skirt as they tried to part. Doris smiled and patted her hand as she went on.

"Jimmy's a devil, dear. He'll hold it just at the start until you beg him to do it. There's something so hot and bitchy about having to beg to be fucked, it makes me wet just thinking about it!"

The obscene words burned in her brain and Carol sighed unhappily as she felt fresh drops of her juices squirt out and wet the swelling folds of her labia.

"Oooo, darling, I can tell it turns you on too," the little blonde whispered. Out of the corner of her eye, Carol could see Doris squirming on the seat and knew that the motion of her bottom was making her sex rub and pinch inside her panties.

"Baby, you need what I'm talking about. I can tell because you're just the way I was when I was your age. Cut loose, dear, you'll be so happy that you did. Just imagine a hard young prick in you right now and keep on thinking about it."

Carol made a whimpering sound and fought against the impulse to pull her skirt up and jam a finger into herself! She didn't really want to masturbate, but she had to find some relief!!!

"Ohhhh... there he is," Doris cooed and Carol looked up to see the boy that the older woman had been talking to earlier standing on the corner. "Honey, I've got to go, that's my target for the morning. We're going to drive up into the park and I'm going to teach him how good it is to put his fat young dong in my tight little ass!!!"

Carol stared at the little blonde, she felt the horror and the filthy excitement squirming in her as the full impact of what she'd said hung in the air between them. Doris wiggled back to the door and slipped out, pausing only long enough to say one last tormenting thing. "Like they used to say in that commercial, try it, you'll like it!"

Long after Doris and the boy had left, Carol sat staring vacantly ahead. Inside her shapely body a war was being fought. Lust and need battered and slammed against her moral barricades and they were falling away. Beaten, Carol let one hand slip away from the wheel and crept up under her short skirt. "Ohhhh, I'm all wet," she murmured as a finger forced inside her panties and found her slippery groove. Her clitoris was hard and ready. "Oooo noooo, she's wrong, so wrong," Carol whimpered as her mind manufactured one lewd moment after another. She couldn't stop the sharp, pelvic jerks of her hips as she imagined a firm young cock slipping into her, but she couldn't see the boy's face. It wasn't Jimmy, but she couldn't tell who it was.

"Agggh, so hard," Carol whimpered, "go on... unnngg!!! Ahhh!!!" The young brunette's body jerked as her orgasm turned the frothing lube of her sex to steam!!! "Aaaiiiieee!!!"


Hands shaking badly, Carol daubed and pressed at the slippery mess between her thighs with a wadded tissue. Each time that she pressed against her still erect clitoris, the beautiful young woman shivered as sharp after-shocks of her orgasm rattled her and told her that the awful lust inside wanted more!!!

Carol had to use both hands on the wheel as she drove away from the shady corner. She was ashamed and frightened by what she'd done. What if she'd been seen? What would have happened if someone had walked past and caught her doing a filthy thing like that?

She didn't really know where she was going. She drove mechanically while her mind worked on what was happening between Doris and that boy. She imagined the fat crown of a cock forcing into a tight little anus and became so excited that she accidently bit her tongue!

It wasn't until she'd turned the corner and saw the boy walking down the sidewalk that she realized that she was back on her route and that the boy was one of her guards.

When the black and white pulled alongside of him the handsome boy looked startled and a bit nervous, until he saw Carol behind the wheel. Then he smiled and walked toward her.

Carol's brain was working feverishly, trying to match a name to the dark haired boy's face, then it came to her. "Hello, Terry, how did your shift go?"

"Fine, Miss Davis, I was just headed home, no trouble at all today." When he smiled at her, Carol saw his white, even teeth and remembered his last name -- White, that was it, Terry White! Then his words sank in and she was puzzled.

"Home? I thought you went to school young man, why are you going home at this time of the morning?"

Terry grinned again, making Carol's heated groin tighten. "Oh I'm a senior, Miss Davis. I don't have classes every period. Today I don't have to be there until this afternoon." As he spoke, Carol saw the handsome boy's dark eyes dart down to her legs and she flushed when she realized how high her skirt had ridden up her legs and how much thigh there was for him to see. But it was strange, she usually resented being stared at. But this boy's gaze pleased her, made her feel warm and womanly.

Carol was amazed when she heard her voice echoing in her ears. She didn't even know that she was going to speak until she heard it! "Well, hop in, I'll give you a lift," she said and felt a tiny chill of excitement working in her belly as he instantly opened the door and sat beside her.

Terry gave her directions and Carol started the car; even as she pulled away she was aware of the boy's sideways glances and the smouldering sensation between her thighs got worse! Doris' words bubbled and seethed in her brain as she drove: "... just imagine a hard young prick in you right now..." Turning her head slightly, Carol caught Terry's face in profile and she suddenly realized that he was the boy in her fantasy. His face fit the body that she'd daydreamed about when she played with herself!

"I... I don't have anything to do for a while, myself." Carol felt clumsy and awkward. She was ashamed of the dirty thoughts that were tormenting her, but she couldn't make herself stop. "Would you like to drive somewhere and... talk?"

"Sure, that'd be great," Terry answered quickly. Carol nodded and drove on. She'd never been so bold in her life and she didn't know what to say or do next!

"There's a road on your right. It goes up to that stand of trees on the hill," Terry said. His voice sounded so strange that Carol had to look at him to see what was wrong. Terry's eyes flicked away from her body as she turned, but Carol knew he'd been staring at her again and she couldn't miss seeing the distinct lump growing behind his fly.

They didn't speak as she drove up the shady street. At the top, Carol saw a faint trail going around the trees and followed it. When the nervous brunette stopped, she could see that they were completely out of sight of the street.

Terry turned a bit on the seat, letting his arm drop down as he tried to cover his growing erection. "There used to be an old house up here, but they tore it down," the boy mumbled as he tried not to stare at her.

Carol didn't respond right away. She felt the excitement flowing through her and a sudden reckless feeling came over her. "It's a lovely place, Terry," she said softly. "Do you bring your girlfriends up here?" She tried to make the question sound like a joke, but even then she saw Terry flush and knew that she'd scored a bulls-eye. "Uhhhhh... sometimes, Miss Davis... I guess it wasn't such a good idea. We can take off if you want." Carol saw the confusion and the embarrassment on his face and she suddenly felt calm and poised. He was just a boy, there was nothing to fear from a boy.

"It's all right, Terry. I know you didn't mean anything by bringing me up here," Carol said in a soft voice. She turned toward him, allowing her legs to part a bit, giving him a better view of her long, rounded thighs.

Just seeing the boy's confusion made Carol more confident. She heard a voice in her mind arguing against what she was doing, but she refused to listen and brushed it aside.

"It's all right if you want to stare at me, Terry," Carol said. Her heart was hammering inside of her and she felt dizzy and lightheaded.

The boy looked startled and then embarrassed and jerked his eyes away from her thighs. Carol saw the hot flush cover his face, saw his ears turning red and felt sorry for him. Acting on human sympathy, the beautiful woman reached out and held the boys hand as she spoke to him.

"I'm sorry, Terry... I really didn't mean to make you feel bad like this." The boy still didn't turn back to her and she felt the small seed of panic growing in her chest; she was losing him! "I... meant what I said, dear... it's all right if you want to look at me."

Slowly the handsome boy's head turned and his dark eyes searched hers. Carol tried to smile, but the effort failed and she felt naked and helpless before him.

"I... I'm sorry, Miss Davis, I guess I was staring at you... but I just couldn't help it. You're so... pretty that I..." His voice trailed off and he looked so miserable and embarrassed that Carol felt warm and protective toward him.

"It's all right, Terry," the beautiful woman murmured as she tugged gently at his hand. A new, stronger hunger was worming inside of her and Carol was amazed at how good it made her feel. There was no hesitation, no shame and no fear in her. For the first time in her entire life the beautiful young woman felt no restrictions holding her back, no barriers between herself and what she wanted.

"Thank you, dear. I'm glad that you think I'm pretty, it makes me feel good to know that." She let her fingers trail across the back of the boy's hand and marveled at her boldness. She'd never felt so cool, so confident with a man in her life. But then Terry wasn't a man, he was just a boy and she could handle a boy.

Terry turned back to face her. His ears and cheeks were still red but Carol sensed a new confidence in him, also. "I think you're the prettiest woman I've ever met, Miss Davis, honest!" The boy responded to the tug she gave his wrist and moved toward her. Carol couldn't wait any longer and she moved to meet him in the middle of the seat. His arm pressed against her firm breasts and she made a tiny sound in her throat as she wet her panties with her juices.

"My, you are... excited aren't you," the young woman murmured as she allowed her greedy eyes to drift over his groin, over the straining tent that his hard prick was making behind his fly.

Terry followed the direction of her gaze and would have covered his embarrassing erection with his hand if she hadn't stopped him. "No, Terry, it's... nice to know that looking at me makes you feel like that. I understand." When the boy's worried eyes crossed with hers, Carol couldn't stand the tension and looked away. She felt weak and vulnerable. She couldn't stand it if he said or did anything gross now. Things were going as fast as she could stand it and she hoped that he would be calm and let her lead the way.

The boy must have received her tortured brain waves, because he didn't make a sound, didn't attempt to touch her at all, he just sat there, staring at her with his deep, chocolate brown eyes.

"Terry... sometimes I feel so lonely... can I count on you to be my friend?" Carol didn't dare look at his face, instead she stared intently at the enticing bulge in his trousers. "I need someone that I can trust, someone that I can... be honest with."

"I... you can count on me, Miss Davis," Terry whispered.

Carol could hear the sincerity in his voice and the last of her reservations stretched and finally snapped, leaving her emotionally naked in front of the handsome boy.

"You have to understand that I could... get in trouble, lose my job, if anyone found out about you and I... being friends," she said, still skirting the outright truth. "Do you understand what I mean?"

Before the beautiful boy could say a word, Carol moved. Her hand fell away from his wrist and landed directly on top of the taut fabric of his jeans. She could feel his cock twitch and jerk as she pressed against it and the motion sent tremors of ugly, animal desire up and down her spine.

"Oh, Jesus, Miss Davis!" Terry's agonized groan stabbed deep into Carol's senses and she could almost feel his terrible, urgent need. When the boy pressed down on her hand, forcing her fingers up against the hard gristle of his cock, she made no attempt to pull away, she let him guide her, show her how her touch made him shiver and groan.

"Terry, please, do you understand what would happen if anyone ever found out about this?" Carol felt a sudden surge of panic. The situation was getting out of hand and she tried to pull away, but it had already gone too far. Terry held her hand pressed against his quivering erection and with his free hand he pulled her even closer to him. Carol tried to struggle, but she felt weak and unable to free herself from him.

"I won't tell anyone, Miss Davis. Honest, I won't tell," the handsome boy whispered to her, his lips brushing her neck and her sensitive ear as he did. Something snapped inside of her and Carol felt the last threads of her common sense falling away from her. She stopped struggling and began to stroke and massage at the straining bulge in his tight jeans.

Terry let go of her hand and fumbled with his zipper. At first it wouldn't unlock and Carol found herself whimpering with frustration as she tried to help. There was a soft, rasping sound and the front of his jeans fell open.

"Ohhhhhhh, Terry," the beautiful brunette breathed as his rigid stalk snapped free of the restraint and into her waiting palm. "Darling, don't you ever wear underwear?" Terry didn't speak. The only sound that escaped him was the low moan that he made as her eager thumb and forefinger tightened around his turgid shaft and began to jerk up and down. Carol's eyes were glued to the bulbous red cap and the slit at the top that wept sticky tears of his lubricant. For some strange reason, she found herself thinking about that filthy movie she'd seen and of the blonde girl sucking and nibbling at that man's bloated prong. The beautiful young woman was repelled by the thought of oral sex but even so, she couldn't keep herself from thinking about it!

Terry groaned again and his hips began to jerk as Carol lovingly masturbated him. For the first time in her life she felt no shame or guilt as she played with the boy's excited prick. Doing a thing like this for Don had sickened her. There had been a guilty, shamed excitement about touching Sergeant Miller like this, but now the feel of Terry's hard rammer rubbing against her palm pleased her and made her feel good!

The beautiful young woman fondled the boy's silky prong as she whispered to him, "Ooooo, Terry, you have such a beautiful prick! I love touching you." The boy caught her unspoken invitation and without a word, his hands began to move on her. One shaking hand slid down to her thigh and shyly began to move up the silky fabric of her stocking. When he felt no resistance, Terry's other hand boldly slipped up under a breast and squeezed firmly. Carol was shocked by the powerful jolt of pleasure that his firm grip produced in her and squealed softly. For an instant the young brunette stiffened out of habit, but then she sighed happily and let her lush body sag up against his palm. As she pressed the firm mound of her flesh against the boy, she moved her thighs further apart so that he could slip his other hand up under her skirt.

"Oh, darling," Carol whispered, trying to hurry the hand that was creeping so slowly up her quivering thigh, "Please, Terry, touch me there! Ohhhh, I want you to do that for me. Please, honey!"

Terry was so awkward and unsure of himself that Carol thought that she'd go mad if he didn't hurry! Using her free hand, the sighing, wiggling woman unbuttoned her own blouse and pushed his warm fingers inside the overflowing cup of her bra. She felt the fingers brushing against a hard, tingling nipple and groaned happily.

The other hand had reached the swollen outline of her vulva and the lovely woman couldn't stop the obscene, demanding movements of her hips as she ground her sex against his hand, forcing the boy to rub and tease her throbbing clitoris.

"Agggghhhh God, it's so wrong, darling," Carol moaned as she frantically jerked at his hard young cock. "It's wrong, but I can't help myself. Undress, darling. Hurry and take off all your clothes!!!"

Terry made a low, growling sound in his throat as he nodded and began to tear at the buttons of his shirt.

Ooooo, I'm burning up, Carol moaned to herself as she tossed her blouse aside then unhooked her straining bra. This is insane, I'll be finished if we get caught. Everything that I've ever wanted and worked for will be ruined if we get caught. But she saw Terry's dark, burning eyes devouring her naked breasts and the sensous pleasure that his gaze gave her blotted out any other thought that tried to make itself heard in her whirling brain.

It was hard to undress in the cramped front seat, but the naked boy who knelt before her spurred her on. Carol felt the deep muscular contractions in her wet, tight sheath and the sensation fanned alive the flames of a new and animal lust that drove her on! She managed to tug her wet panties down her thighs and off one foot. Her skirt was rolled up over her shaking belly as she lay back, parting her shapely thighs for him, inviting him to take her!

Without ever taking her eyes from Terry's thick, upright stalk, Carol opened her arms as she whispered to him. "Ohh come, sweetheart. Slip up here and I'll show you how. Please, Terry I've got to feel you inside of me, I can't wait any longer!"

The boy fell forward on her, almost knocking the breath from her as he began to make frenzied coital movements before he even touched her. Carol felt his firm meat slapping and rubbing against her soft belly, leaving wet tracks on her flesh with his leaking glans. She moaned happily as she clutched and whispered at him.

"Wait, oooooo, darling, wait. You're not in me yet! Aggghhh!!! That's lovely, darling, but let me show you first." At last she managed to get him stopped. Her fist gripped the slippery penis firmly as she forced it down between the drooling folds of her cunt. She shuddered as the pulpy tip mashed against her pulsating clitoris than lodged in the elastic throat of her vagina.

Terry felt the solid, sucking grip of her sheath and snorted. He shook free of her hugging grip and lunged forward. "Unnnngggg!!! Oh my God!!! Ohhh, Terry," Carol screamed in a thin, breathless voice as his probe slipped into her to the hilt, stretching her, forcing her to accept all of him in one painful, lovely stroke!!!

"Jesus, I never knew, I never knew it would feel like this," Terry groaned as instinct guided him. He pulled back a little then rammed forward again, making Carol's stocking clad thighs jerk upward with the impact. Carol's cloudy eyes focused for a moment on her limp panties that flapped from one elevated foot and she was vaguely troubled when she realized that she'd been so greedy for him that she hadn't stopped long enough to take her shoes off!

"Go slow, darling," the beautiful woman groaned, her long fingers dug into Terry's firm, muscular buttocks. "Don't go so fast, you'll cum too soon. Make it last, sweet boy, make it last forever!" But Carol couldn't stop him, the handsome boy was groaning and sobbing over her as his man-sized cock thrust and battered at her upturned vulva. Carol felt beaten and broken by the delicious pole of flesh that pinned her to the seat, that dominated her completely!

"Unnnnggggggg... ohhhhhh yesssssss!!!" Carol's strangled cry echoed around them, she squirmed and lifted, helping him work his fat dong in and out, the hard, hairy root scrubbed at her clitoris and she was amazed to realize that she was about to cum herself. "Ahhhhhhnnnnnggg... Ooooooo... Aiiiiieeeee!!!"

Her bucking, screaming climax was too much for the groaning boy, Carol felt Terry's rigid cock swell inside of her then burst, sending hot gysers of cum into her. She shuddered and moaned as the sobbing boy emptied the contents of his virgin testicles into her frothing, grinding cunt. She groaned a

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