The Birthday Present, part Two - sex story

The Birthday Present, part Two

The next morning I had Swimmer fix me breakfast, and I told her about my
plans for the upcoming week. We would stay in and play on the weekend,
but I would have to go to class during the week. Swimmer was permitted
to attend lectures, but only if it did not conflict with my
requirements. At night she would sleep with me in my bed, if we got
around to sleeping. Swimmer listened attentively, and asked me about
disciplining her.

"What will happen if I do something wrong, sir?"

"That will depend on what you do. You’ll probably be spanked, but if
it’s really bad, I might move up to a belt, or maybe even a crop. Or, I
might think of something else, if you deserve a special punishment."

"And what actions are wrong, sir?"

I thought about it. "If you fail to do what I say immediately, if you
question my actions, if you talk back. There may be other occasions. I
don’t want to make rigid rules right now. You’d just find some way to
get around them."

I finished my breakfast and took the plate to the sink. Swimmer went to
wash it, but I stopped her and told her that I wanted a blowjob.
Without a word, she dropped to her knees and undid my pants. Pulling my
cock out, she began to stroke it until it became somewhat firm. She
placed it in her mouth and began to suck gently as she rubbed the
underside of the head with her tongue. She pushed her head down, taking
about four inches of me into her mouth, then drew her head back,
creating a suction. I didn’t last long from this, and I came with a
rush into her mouth. Swimmer swallowed my come and continued to suck,
making sure to get any come that didn’t come out in the first few shots.
It felt wonderful, and when she finally tucked me back inside my pants,
I was still very firm.

The first thing I did after breakfast was to go with Swimmer to her
place to pick up her clothes. She stood by and watched as I went
through her drawers and closet, pulling out pieces of clothing that I
thought would look sexy on her. I wanted to get more than a week’s
worth of clothes: She would definitely need a change on hand if
anything got torn or stained. Unfortunately, Swimmer didn’t have
anything that was overtly sexy: There were lots of short shorts and
cotton underwear, but no miniskirts or lingerie. I selected what I
could find, and then we drove to the mall to get the remainder of what
we needed.

We stopped by Victoria’s Secret first, and bought a selection of teddies
and panties that I felt would suit her well. I wanted to have Swimmer
model them for me, but when I tried to go into the changing room with
her, the saleslady gave me a dark look. I kept myself in check, and
decided that I would have a private modeling session later.

Our next stop was at Hot Topic, but we only ended up buying a couple of
spandex miniskirts there. As Swimmer’s master, I felt obliged to pay
half the bill, and everything I saw there looked overpriced. I knew of
a place that sold sexier outfits at a better price, and stocked more
accessories, too. It was this store, The Fox’s Den, that we went to
last. The Fox’s Den was an adult clothing and novelty store located
just over the town line, and it was there that Monica and I did our
shopping for our own sex life. Much to my delight, The manager there
had no problems with Swimmer modeling his minidresses in the store.
Every time she came out of the changing room in a new outfit, the men
who huddled around the movie racks would try to ogle her up when she
wasn’t looking. Swimmer knew this, and by the time she came out in her
third dress her face was flushed red, and her hard nipples were outlined
by the thin black material.

I chose two of the dresses, then took her over to the leather goods
display. The window also included other necessities for the
discriminating libertine. These items could not be modeled by Swimmer,
but we were allowed to examine some of them under the eye of the
manager. I selected a pair of leather cuffs with a quick-release strap
and an inverted strap-on dildo. "No nipple clamps?" Swimmer asked. I
shook my head. "You’ll borrow Monica’s." Swimmer looked unsure of
herself. "I’ll—I mean, may I buy my own set by myself? I may need them
after the week is up." How could I refuse? She selected a pair of
vice-type clamps, and we left with our purchases.

We returned to my apartment, and I had Swimmer model her new dresses for
me. I put on some dance music as she changed, and when she came out of
the room she did a sexy dance in each article of clothing. Each time
she would come up to me, and I would run my hand up her thigh and under
her skirt, checking to see what she was wearing underneath. Sometimes
she wore her new lingerie, sometimes she wore her bikini panties, and
sometimes she wore nothing at all. It depended on the outer dress,

When she was done with the show, I beckoned her over and took her on the
couch, being careful to remove her new clothes. I almost entered her,
but decided that would be saved for tonight, amid more comfortable
surroundings. Instead, I had her give me another incredible blowjob,
then told her to sit still as I ate her out. She was dripping wet and
musky, having been in an almost constant state of arousal since that
morning. When she came, it was a powerful shudder of relief.

Swimmer may have planned her time out beforehand, but I hadn’t, and I
had work to do. I decided to recuperate by going to some office to do
some research. As I would be gone most of the afternoon, I gave Swimmer
the option of returning to her dorm, or staying at my place to tidy it
up. To be honest, I actually needed a maid right then more than I
needed a slave. She said she would stay at my apartment, and asked when
I would be back so she could prepare dinner. Impressed, I told her I’d
be back at seven, and left to do work.

When I got to my office, I saw that most of my desk was covered by a
huge flowergram. A small note was attached to the bouquet: "Dear Jeff:
I’m so sorry I couldn’t be here for your birthday. I hid two of your
presents behind the desk before I left, and another one should arrive
tomorrow. I can’t wait to see you again. Love Monica." I looked
behind my desk and discovered two gift-wrapped boxes. Inside one was a
framed photo of Monica and I at a formal dance, looking very beautiful
and very much in love. The other present was a book that I had been
interested in, intending to wait until it came out in paperback: "The
Demon-Haunted World", by Carl Sagan. I smiled to myself. Monica hated
to feel inconsiderate, and she was going way out of her way to make sure
I wouldn’t hate her. I thought about Swimmer, and wondered if I could
find someone to be a similar gift back to Monica, if I ever had to go
away for a while. Maybe Swimmer herself would do.

I put the flowergram and presents aside and set down to do my research
for the afternoon. By 6:00, I’d gotten what I needed done. I actually
could have finished by 4:00, if thoughts of Swimmer didn’t keep popping
into my head. Thinking about sex when you’re pouring through secondary
sources on the 1940’s labor movements is just not productive. I tucked
my flowers and presents under my arm and left.

I was expecting some sort of food, and a somewhat clean apartment when I
returned, but I was shocked when I walked through the door. Swimmer had
not just tidied, she’d stopped a bit short of actually renovating the
place. I could see her line of thinking just by looking at it. First,
she had taken all my papers that I had left strewn all over the floor,
stacked them into neat little piles, and placed the piles in nearby
corners or shelves, so that everything was within 10 feet of where I
left it, but a lot more organized. Once she’d done the papers, she
would have done some vacuuming. She’d finished with vacuuming, and
decided that my couch and chairs were all out of whack, so she’d next
moved all my furniture around so that it created a kind of closed
"conversation" space, with a trio of my milk crates serving as a central
coffee table. Having finished that, She’d gone around and actually
*dusted* my apartment. I didn’t have any furniture oil. She had to
have gotten it from the building attendants. Now I could hear her in
the kitchen, making what smelled like a chicken stew.

Swimmer heard me come in, and came walking out of the kitchenette.
"Sir, you’re home!" My jaw dropped. She was wearing a microdress from
The Fox’s Den. It was a one-piece unit of black lycra that was
stretched between her shoulders and her hips. There were two large
holes cut in the sides, exposing the sides of her midriff. She looked
like she should have been in a rock-and-roll video instead of my
kitchen. While I was staring, she said, "The food is still cooking, but
it will be ready in about 10 minutes. I’m sorry it’s stew, sir. I
didn’t know if I was allowed to go shopping for food."

"No, that’s all right. There’s no problem with that." I was still in a
state of shock. I started to walk away, but Swimmer stayed where she
was, looking at me. "You can go finish now, Swimmer." She turned and
walked back to her cooking.

I walked over to my bedroom and peeked in. My bed had been neatly made,
and all the clothes on my floor were gone, possibly into the wash.
Swimmer’s toys and restraints were lined up on the night table, ready
for use. I took a closer look, and saw some of Monica’s things mixed in
with Swimmer’s. She must have cleaned the closets as well to find
Monica’s bag. Monica had intentionally hidden her stash of toys under
several strata of my junk, reasoning that no normal person would look
there. Unfortunately for Monica’s plans, Swimmer was not a normal
person. Right now, she seemed more like June Cleaver crossed with
Pauline Reage.

I left my bag and presents in the bedroom and carried the flowers from
Monica into the kitchen. Even Swimmer had been unable to make my green
formica table any classier, but I could but the flowers in a glass of
water to make a nice centerpiece. Swimmer was taking the stew off the
stove, and saw me prepare the glass. "Where are those from, sir?" I
smiled and said "They came from Monica. She put them in my office,
along with some other presents." She stiffened a bit, but said nothing.
I looked at her. "Is something wrong, Swimmer?" She shook her head,
and carried the pot to the table.

The stew was surprisingly good. The chicken had come from an attempt of
mine to make drumsticks three days ago, but I had undercooked it, and it
had come out awful. Swimmer had put the flesh into the pot, along with
some diced potatoes, added some curry powder and bullion, and let the
mix boil until the chicken had completely cooked. I sat down to eat.
Swimmer poured the stew into my bowl, then stood by my side.

"Aren’t you going to sit down?" She looked at me. "I have permission
to eat with you?" "Of course. You made it. And why should I have you
eat somewhere else if it meant not looking at you in that dress?"
Swimmer blushed slightly as she opened a cupboard to get a bowl of her
own. When she came back to eat, she avoided eye contact with me, and
made sure that she always took less than what I had. I had played
dominance games before, but never had I met someone who seemed to want
to be so completely submissive. This was the first time I’d been
dominant over a complete stranger, and I realized how uncomfortable it
was making me. I didn’t know the first thing about what she liked, or
was comfortable with. She hadn’t rebelled yet, so I assumed that I was
still doing everything right.

Swimmer took a large slurp of her stew, and a glob of it fell on her
dress. Before she could do anything about it, I told her to let me take
care of it, and rubbed my napkin over the swell of her bodice. The food
was beginning to stain in, so I lowered my head and cleaned the food off
of her dress with my tongue. Swimmer started to move when I did this,
but I told her to sit still. She remained perfectly still, but was
breathing hard as I licked her breasts through the cheap cloth of her
dress. When I was finished, I toweled off her dress with my napkin,
going out of the way to run it across her hard nipples. I looked in her
eyes and said "You’re welcome, Swimmer." "Oh!" She had broken
character as I cleaned her off. "Thank you sir."

I may have been unfamiliar with what she wanted, but I knew enough to
let her wash the dishes after we finished. I retired to the living room
to search through my CD rack. I wanted Swimmer to give me a strip tease
in that dress, but I didn’t want the dance music I had played that
afternoon. I found just the thing: A Billy Idol compilation album.
When Swimmer came out from the kitchen, I put in the CD, then told her I
wanted her to do a strip tease for me. She looked a little uncertain on
how to start, but as the opening bass line of "White Wedding" came on,
she began to move with the music, and from there the rest came

She started off by dancing normally, like she might have done at the
frat party the previous night. She moved beyond that style pretty
quickly, making more sensual movements and sliding her hands up her
front to cup her breasts. She ran her hands over her body in ways I
hadn’t realized I wanted to do. She slid her hands from her breasts
down her sides, to the two holes in her dress. Swaying to the music,
she plunged her hands into the holes and down to her crotch. Her hands
were hidden, but I could see well enough that she was enjoying herself.
She danced like that for a while, then pulled her hands out of her
dress. I could see that some of her fingers were wet, and as she put
her hand to her lips, she began to pull up the hem of her dress. As she
flashed her panties at me, she stuck out her tongue and licked her
juices off her fingers. My cock ached when she did this, and I had to
adjust myself before I came in my pants.

She danced over to me, turned around, and sank to the floor, presenting
her zipper to me. I grabbed it and started to pull, but she stopped me,
and held my hand still. Then, as I held on to the zipper, she slowly
stood up, allowing the dress to unzip itself as her body pulled it up.
She danced away and stood with her back to me, her hands wrapped around
her body. She turned her head and looked into my eyes, then began to
slither her body to the music. As she danced, she started to pull the
dress off, exposing her strong back. When she turned around, the top of
the dress was bunched up around her breasts. Still dancing, she began
to let go of a little of the fabric at a time, until there was only a
scrap of clothing covering her nipples. She cupped her hands over her
breasts, then lifted the bottoms of her palms, so the dress completely
fell away from her top and left her bare breasts covered by her hands.

Swimmer flashed a grin as she saw the effect this dance had on me. My
dick was straining against my jeans, but I was afraid to touch it,
thinking that any new stimulus might set me off. She squeezed and
lifted her naked breasts, and opened her palms a bit to let me peek at
the nipples. With a final pinch, she pulled her hands completely away
from her breasts, and I watched them hang free in all their glory. She
lifted her arms above her head and danced a while longer, showing off
her top a little more before she got to her bottom.

The song ended, and she dropped her arms, waiting for the next one to
begin. I took the opportunity to unbutton my jeans to give my cock some
relief. The music started up again, and she grabbed the folds of cloth
that were bunched around her waist. She bent towards me and ground her
hips as she slowly pulled the dress down over her thighs. She stood up
and let the fabric fall to her feet. Dressed in only bright green
panties, she stepped out of the dress and kicked it aside. She spun
around a couple of times and adopted some sexy postures, then drew her
attention to the panties.

Kicking a leg up to rest her foot on a nearby chair, Swimmer showed me
that her panties were dark with moisture at the crotch. She traced a
finger up a thigh and sampled the dew that was collected there. She
licked her finger off, then removed her leg from the chair. Standing
straight, she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties, and
rolled the top half-inch of material down her body. She placed one hand
over her pussy, and the other hand on her behind, and rolled the panties
down a little more. She took her hand away, and I could see a tuft of
blonde pubic hair peeking out over the top. She continued to dance,
pausing now and again to roll down her panties, until she had rolled
them into a pair of loops around her legs and her bush was completely
exposed. At this point she turned around, grabbed the sides of her
panties, and bent over quickly, pulling them down her legs. She stepped
out of the panties and posed as the song finished, ending the

I clapped and stood up. "Thank you Swimmer. That was very sexy." She
smiled at me, breathing heavily from arousal and exertion. I took her
hand and put it on my bulge. "You see that you have made me very
horny." "Thank you, sir. I was hoping the dance would turn you on." I
put a hand to Swimmer’s chest, feeling her heart pound beneath her
breast. "Why don’t we go into the bedroom to relieve my tension?"

Swimmer followed me in. "Take off my pants, please." She got down on
her knees and pulled off the jeans as I fished in my drawer for a
condom. "I’m on the pill, sir." "I believe in double-dutch. And don’t
contradict me." "Sorry sir." I didn’t want any trouble from getting
some strange girl pregnant. Who would believe the situation?

I stepped out of my jeans and Swimmer pulled down my briefs as I rolled
the condom on. "You don’t want me to suck it first, sir?" "I’ve
already sampled your mouth, and it was very nice. Now I’d like to
sample your cunt. Up on the bed, please." Swimmer climbed up on the
bed and spread her legs as I tested to make sure she was wet enough to
begin. Her cleft was damp with dew, and I slid an experimental finger
slowly inside of her to test her inner walls. She was hot and slick,
and when I crooked my finger slightly, she clamped down on me as she
gasped aloud. I was ready to begin. I climbed on top of her, and
positioned myself at her lips. "Are you ready for me, Swimmer?" "Yes,
sir. Please put it in me."

I pushed forward, and she let me in, sliding over my penis like hot oil.
I started to fuck her slowly, and she clenched her vaginal muscles,
trying to keep me in when I pulled out. The lubrication from the condom
added to her slickness, and I started moving faster. Swimmer kept up
with me, fucking back when I plunged in and clamping down when I drew
out. I increased the pace, and she stopped trying to keep up. Instead,
she relaxed and gave herself over to the pleasure as I fucked her cunt.
She grew tighter, and let out a whine as she had a powerful orgasm. I
kept thrusting as best I could into her tight pussy, and soon I was on
the verge as well. "I’m about to come, Swimmer." She reached around me
and began to stroke my balls as I started my orgasm. As I went over the
edge, she squeezed gently, and I filled the condom with a yell as orgasm
overtook me. As I continued to spurt, I slowed down, until I was moving
gently inside of her with the full condom.

"Thank you, Swimmer." "Thank *you*, sir." I pulled out of her
carefully, then went to the bathroom and flushed the condom. I came
back to the bed and we drifted off to sleep, dreaming of what we would
do on Sunday.

To be continued…

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