The Fate Of Lovers (porn,sex,private,leaked)

The Fate Of Lovers

I lead the typical boring life of a stay at home mom.
My husband Tim got a big promotion at work that made it
possible for me to quit my job and become a simple
housewife and to be at home for our 10 year old son
Billy. We got married when we were both 20, I was a
virgin, and we had Billy 2 years later.

For a woman of 32 I think I look pretty damn good,
though my husband never really tells me that. I am 5'
5" and weigh about 120lbs. I think most of my weight is
in my tits. They are 36DD's and all me. They are heavy
but not saggy, with large light brown areolas and big
nipples that stick out an inch when they get hard. I
try to stay in shape by walking a lot and taking the
occasional aerobics class. When I wear my tight jeans
and a low cut top I get lots of looks at the store.

My days are spent getting my son and husband out the
door to go to school and work, cleaning house, maybe
working in the garden, then figuring out what to fix
for dinner. When I am really bored I turn on the
computer and check e-mail, go to some favorite shopping
sites and maybe search e-bay for antiques. One day I
got a spam e-mail that invited me to a website that had
erotic stories to read. I usually ignore e-mails like
that but this one looked harmless and I clicked on the

The site had thousands of stories depicting all kinds
of romantic and sexual interaction. Some grossed me out
but others seemed so real after reading them. I found
myself spending more and more of my time during the day
reading in my fantasy world.

One day when I went to the site there was a new link
they were advertising. It was a video chat room site
for consenting adults. Now this really got me curious.
I had tried a couple of text chatrooms but found them
boring. But a video room where you could see the other
chatters was intriguing. I decided to have a quick
peek. I had to register to use the site and pick a
screen name. I felt a little naughty and chose the name
"Hot Mama". I was able to log in and was amazed at how
many rooms there were and the number of chatters
online. I picked one at random and entered the room.

I had the option of turning my cam on or off. I chose
off. There were about a dozen cams on. Some were of
people just sitting there but others showed people in
various states of undress. A couple were females
showing their tits. The rest were guys and their cocks.
Some hard and some soft. I couldn't believe people
would show themselves like that, but after awhile I got
used to seeing naked flesh of others. I got some IM's
welcoming me to the room and requests to see my tits,
how old I was and where I lived. If they were rude I
closed the message. It was getting late so I shut down
the computer and went to make dinner.

The next day I found myself to be fidgety getting the
guys out the door. When I was alone I decided to take a
shower and when I got out I put on a big t-shirt and
some bikini panty's. I sat down at the computer and
went to the story website. I was about to go to the
stories when I saw the link to the chatroom. I decided
to just check it out again and I logged in.

I went back to the room I had been in before. I left
the cam off again and got a few welcome back messages.
They remembered me. I kept getting messages requesting
me to turn on my cam. I couldn't believe I was actually
considering this. What would I do, show them my tits? I
was proud of them but nobody had seen them in a long
time except my husband and my doctor. This was really
kind of exciting and my heart was beating fast. They
couldn't see my face so it would be anonymous.

With a trembling hand I reached for the mouse and
clicked on the icon turning my cam on. A new window
popped up and I saw someone from the neck down wearing
a t-shirt. It was me. This room also had voice chat and
I heard some pleads and requests for me to remove my
shirt and some messages asking the same thing. I had my
mic on and I whispered in a sexy low voice, "Do you
really want to see them boys?" More requests and more
pleadings. I had power in here.

I thought what the hell, nobody knows who I am, I'm
going to do it. I reached down with both hands and
slowly raised my t-shirt uncovering my big breasts as I
pulled it off. As they were revealed I heard some
comments of "Oh wow!" and "Man look at those huge

As my t-shirt came all the way off I stared at the
screen. Those were my tits totally exposed on there.
People were looking at them and they thought they were
great. I reached down and picked one up and moved it
closer to the cam so they could see more detail of my
nipple which was sticking out an inch. I let go of that
one and rubbed them both and pulled on my nipples. The
messages were firing off like crazy. More requests to
see more of me.

They wanted to see my pussy. I don't know if I was
ready for that. There was an overweight woman showing
hers. It was hairy and wet. I noticed a cam of a guy
that was just sitting there watching. He was in great
shaped with slender waist and tight six pack abs. He
had a long uncircumcised cock that was just lying
across his thigh. He hadn't typed anything to me and no
voice in the room either. I wasn't ready to go any
farther so I played with my tits some more and then
closed down the site.

When I woke up the next morning I kept thinking about
that guy in the chatroom. He looked really good and
that cock even when flaccid was huge. I had never seen
an uncircumcised one in person or on cam. When I was
alone I decided to take a bath. I washed my tits for
awhile making my nipples hard. I had shaved myself down
there on occasion and always kept it trimmed. I decided
I would shave myself smooth.

I lathered up and carefully removed all my hair. When I
got out of the bath I toweled off and even used a
powder puff on my freshly shaved pussy. I walked into
where the computer was still naked from my bath. I
turned it on and linked to the chatroom. I entered my
favorite room and my cam came on. There I was up on the
screen, my cam zoomed in on my big tits. Lots of
welcomes and nice tit comments.

There were about 8 others in various states of undress
and levels of playing with themselves. I looked around
and saw the guy with that cock. His screen name was
"Mr. Ed" and I could see why. I was sitting in my chair
in the nude. They kept asking to see my pussy and I
thought what the hell why not. I scooted my chair back
so they could see my whole torso. I could see my bald
pussy come into view on the screen and my heart started
pounding. I have extra long inner labia lips that look
like a butterfly when opened.

My clit is big and sensitive. And even after 10 years
of marriage and one kid I think my pussy is pretty
tight. I reached down and opened my self up on cam. I
could never see myself like this normally and I was
fascinated to watch my folds open up. There were more
requests to play with it. Stick you fingers in. Zoom in
more. I readjusted the cam so my pussy filled the

I started moving my long fingers through my lips
getting myself wet. I had my fingernails trimmed to a
medium length and the nails were painted a light beige.
I always liked how my fingers looked. As I continued to
rub myself I saw "Mr. Ed" start to stir. He reached
down and gave his cock a few tugs. I spread my lips and
inserted one finger inside me. He was stroking his
whole length now and I could see it getting bigger. Was
he watching me? It felt so good to have a finger in me
I inserted two. He was stroking it more now and it
looked really heavy. Somewhere between 10 and 12 inches
long, really fat and a huge glans. The head would peek
out now and then when he pulled the foreskin back. I
could also see something shiny. There was a metal ring
that went in him just under his cockhead and came back
out of his piss hole.

I later learned this was a Prince Albert piercing. He
had the most amazing cock and I kept looking at it as I
thrust my fingers in and out of my sloppy pussy. There
was very little voice chat going on now and few
messages. I think everyone was looking at me and him.
He stroked himself to full erection and picked up the
pace as I did. I did get the feeling he was waiting.
Waiting on me. He wanted me to get off before he did.
That had never happened to me before.

I moved my other hand down to reach my clit. It was
swollen and sensitive. I started rubbing it and then
tried to shove 3 fingers inside with my other hand.
This was a tight fit and took some effort. I was
fantasizing about what a big cock like his would feel
like. He was stroking now using both hands. I was close
and I knew he was too. I knew people were staring
dumbfounded at us. Suddenly I felt it start. The
explosion in my head and the spasms down below. I
removed my fingers and rubbed my clit like a crazy
woman. You could actually see my pussy opening
convulsing on cam.

I flooded my chair with my juices. I opened my eyes
just in time to see his cum shoot like a long rope from
the end of his cock. He stroke once more and another
long rope came out. Three, four, five times total. He
stroked a little more and some white globs oozed out. I
had never seen anything like it. So much cum.

Every thing was quiet for a moment then I was flooded
with messages and the voice chatter was going crazy.
They couldn't believe what they just saw. I was coming
down from my orgasm and was worn out. I managed to type
a private message to "Mr. Ed" that just said, "Thank
You." He typed back, "Your Welcome."

That evening my head was till filled with thoughts of
today's events. I had masturbated on cam with another
man. Was this considered cheating on my husband? I mean
what's the difference in masturbating to a picture of a
cock and a live one on cam? I decided to reaffirm
things with my husband and when we went to bed I
crawled in totally nude. I rubbed up against him and he
rolled over surprised. After a couple of squeezes to my
tits he reached into the nightstand drawer and got a
rubber and put it on.

I wasn't on the pill anymore because it made me sick
and unless he wanted to get a vasectomy he had to use a
rubber. He got on top of me and rutted for a while with
his average size cock and finished and rolled off. As
he went to the bathroom I lay there unsatisfied
thinking what it would be like with that huge cock in

The next day I went back to the chatroom. I was wearing
a robe. I wasn't sure if I wanted everyone else in
there to see me, I just wanted him to. I entered the
room and I saw that he was there waiting. As soon as we
were both there the room started buzzing in
anticipation of what we would do. I was unsure of this
and I think he sensed it. He sent me a private message.
It said, "Do you want to go to a private room?" I
didn't know they had those but at this point I would
follow this guy anywhere so I said, "Sure."

He said to locate his chat name when he left and gave
me the pass code to get in the private room. I did and
met him in a room where it was just us two. We had our
cams on and I was really nervous. It was one thing to
be naked in front of a room full of strangers. This was
way more intimate. He did everything to make me feel
relaxed. We made small talk and he never asked to see
me naked. We just typed messages and didn't show faces
because I was still nervous about being caught. This
felt like a date in high school.

Over the next few days I got to know more and more
about him. He was single, 25 and I told him about my
marriage and son, I wasn't going to lie about that
part. Almost as a natural part of our conversation we
would get naked and if it felt right bring ourselves to
mind-blowing orgasms. I kept telling myself it wasn't
possible but I knew I was falling for this guy. I think
I loved him. A couple of months later one day when we
were casually sitting naked on cam chatting he asked me
where I lived.

I was honest and told him the name of the suburb
outside a big city. He answered that he lived with an
hour or so of there. My heart skipped a beat. He asked
me if I would ever consider meeting him face to face. I
froze. What do I do? I needed time to think. I said I
had to go, avoiding an answer.

That night at dinner I looked at my husband. Ten years
had been invested in this marriage. He was a good
provider, but a nothing in bed. Did he love me? I think
so. Did I love him? Yes, but was it as a wife should
love her husband or more like a close friend? I was 32
I wasn't getting any younger. I had a chance to see if
I was where I wanted to be.

I made a decision that night. When I logged on the next
day I went right to our private room. He wasn't there
yet. He arrived soon after and before he could type
anything I told him that yes I would like to meet him.
I think I caught him by surprise because he was quiet
then typed, "Great when are you free?" I had thought
ahead and I knew my husband and son were going away for
the weekend in 2 weeks for a baseball tournament. I
gave him the dates and he said he would make plans. A
couple of days later I asked him about the plans.

He said we should meet at a nice restaurant that was in
a hotel at the airport. I felt that that was a pretty
out of the way place and said that would be fine. He
asked me how he would recognize me. I thought a minute
and said I would be wearing a navy blue silk dress and
that I was a brunette. I loved that dress, it fit my
form and showed off my big jugs. He set the meeting
time at 2 PM. The days leading up to our meeting were
more and more tense for me.

We chatted some but I was very distracted. Finally the
day came and knew this was real. That Saturday came and
I saw my husband and son off then went upstairs and
started to get ready. I showered and shaved so I was
baby smooth. I did my hair and makeup and then slipped
that blue dress on. It fit like a glove and I felt
great. I looked at my watch to time when I should
leave, I didn't want to be late.

Finally I drove off and headed to the airport. On the
way I kept thinking I was about to have an affair. I
was able to justify my actions somewhat by thinking I
could back out anytime without having done anything
wrong. Finally I reached the airport and found the
hotel. I parked outside the restaurant and waited.
Getting my nerve up, I thought about how nice this guys
was and even it he didn't have such a magnificent cock
I would still be lucky to know him. I got out of my car
and walked to the door.

When I got to the restaurant I told the hostess that I
was meeting someone. She said there were no single
guests there at this time so I told her to seat me at a
nice table for two. Even though it was early in the day
I ordered a glass of white wine to calm my nerves.
There were a couple of tables of businessmen and I got
a few glances and smiles from them. Suddenly I felt
someone walk up behind me. I braced myself. He walked
around and I looked up and saw... my brother. It was my
brother Brad, he was seven years younger then me which
put him at 25. He lived bout 35 miles north of the

I was shocked to see him and said, "Brad, what are you
doing here?"

He said, "Hi Sue, I was meeting someone for lunch

He had his own business and worked out of his house. I
figured he was waiting for a business meeting. He
asked, "What are you doing here?" I quickly made up
some lie, I would worry about my rendezvous later. "I
am meeting an old girlfriend of mine who if coming
through the airport on her way back to California." I
smiled when I said it hoping he would believe me. He
sighed and looked down for a moment. When he looked
back up he stared me right in the eyes and said, "No
Sue, that's not who you are meeting here today. You
came here to meet me."

I sat there dumbfounded and finally stammered. "Meet
you?" I then put two and two together and said, "Mr.
Ed?" and he nodded and said, "Hot Mama?"

It was him. He was the guy I had masturbated with
online. He was the guy I had dreamed about. He was the
guy I thought I had fallen in love with. My own

I put my hands over my face and started sobbing. He
reached out and touched my arm and said it would be OK.
I couldn't help it, I had wanted this so much, I had
wanted him to save me. He saw how upset I was and said,
"Look Sue I reserved a room here for tonight, why don't
we go up there so we can talk."

That made sense so I said, "OK" in between sobs. He led
me towards the elevator and up to his floor. We rode in
silence and walked that way down the hall to his room.
He opened the door and I saw it was a really nice
suite. He went to the mini-bar and got me a white wine
and fixed himself a scotch.

I sat on the bed drinking my wine and was just numb to
everything that just happened. He sat next to me and
put his arm around me. He told me everything was going
to be OK, but how could it be? I finished my wine and
set the glass down. He squeezed me closer and I laid my
head on his shoulder. This was my 25 year old brother
yet he was also the guy I was in love with, who I had
craved to make love to me.

This was so much to absorb and consider I didn't know
if I could do it. He was holding me tight and rubbing
my arm and back when he gently reached over and picked
my chin up raising my lips to his. He gave me a kiss on
the lips that felt so sweet. I snuggled closer and he
kissed me again this time I felt his tongue reach out
to taste my lips. I parted them and sucked his tongue
in my mouth. It turned into a passionate kiss one that
I wanted and needed. I kept wondering - where did my
brother get such a huge cock from.

I had to make sure it was his and I let my hand fall in
his lap. I moved my hand around until I found the huge
bulge running down his pant leg. I moved my hand up and
down it and he sighed into my mouth. I broke the kiss
and said, "It is you." He said, "Yes and I have found
you too."

As I was playing with his growing cock he slipped a
hand into my dress and cupped my heavy breast. He felt
the weight and then pinched the nipple. I was in
heaven. I broke our kiss and said, "Brad, I have to see
it, please." He didn't say a word he just stood up and
pulled me up in front of him. He undid most of the
buttons on my dress and it fell to the floor. I was
standing there in a black lace push up bra that was a
size too small and a black lace thong and black high
heels. He took one look and just said, "Beautiful."

As he was pulling his shirt over his head I reached
behind me and unclasped my bra. I let it slide off my
shoulders and when it did my heavy breasts were free.
When he got his shirt off he looked at them and reached
out to feel their weight and pinch the long nipples. As
he started to undo his belt I stopped him and said, "No
let me do that."

I knelt down and proceeded to unbuckle his belt, undo
his pants and pull them down. He was wearing boxer
briefs and I could see the big outline of his cock. I
reached up and pulled those down setting the monster
free. He stepped out of his clothes kicking them aside.
I was going to reach out and touch his cock when I
asked, "Can I touch it Brad?"

He said, "Please yes, touch it all you want."

I reached out with both hands and grasped his cock.
There was still a lot of it uncovered especially the
big head. I moved my hands up and down, my fingers not
beginning to reach all the way around. As I picked up
his heavy cock I raised the head to my lips. I gave it
a kiss and stuck my tongue out to lick it. It was too
big to fit very far in my mouth. I had to be careful of
the metal ring in it and my teeth. I asked him where he
got it and he said that a couple of old girlfriends ago
talked him into it. H

e said it gave him and anyone he was with a lot of
pleasure. After I sucked and licked his hard cock for
awhile he reached down and stood me up. He hugged me
close smashing my big tits against his chest. He looked
at me and asked if I felt OK. I said, "Yes Brad I feel
great. I want that big cock of yours inside me but I am
not sure it will fit. I don't want to disappoint you."
He said, "Honey you are beautiful and I love you, you
would never disappoint me. I will go slow and if it
hurts then just tell me and I will stop."

He led me around to the bed and I climbed up on it on
my back. He crawled up next to me and kissed me gently.
He paid attention to my breasts like my husband never
does. He sucked on my nipples until I couldn't take it.
He kneaded my big jugs sending shivers down me. He
slowly made his way kissing my belly as he approached
my pleasure center. He pulled my thong down and
revealed my wet bald pussy that begged for his touch.

My lips were swollen and hanging down. He moved down
lower and sucked each of them into his mouth. This was
driving me wild. I never got oral sex. He moved up to
my clit and sucked on it gently at first. It was so big
and swollen. He flicked his tongue on it as he sucked.
He then stuck two of his fingers up inside me. That
sent me over the edge and I started gushing. I spasmed
and clamped down hard on his fingers. As my orgasm
subsided he climbed back up to me and hugged me tight.
His large member pressing into my belly. He kissed me
letting me taste myself and asked, "Are you ready
baby?" I looked into his eyes and nodded. He moved over
me and got into position.

This is what I wanted, but did I? This was my internet
lover, the one I wanted to make love to more then any
other, yet he was my brother. Did that matter in the
grand scheme of things? It didn't matter in the animal
world. Brother fucked sister all the time. Why was that
bad here? I decided my need was greater then reason. I
spread my legs urging him on. He lined up his big head
and rubbed it up and down my slit lubricating it. I
felt his ring against my clit. He placed it at the
entrance to me and pressed forward.

Oh my God I couldn't believe how big he was. How did my
brother get such a big cock? He increased the pressure
and as his glans entered the tightness of my pussy
pealed his foreskin back. I felt the ring enter me. He
pressed his now naked glans farther into me. Stopping
for a moment to let me adjust he pulled out a little
then pressed forward. Any other guy would have just
tried to slam it home, he was making sure I was
adjusting to his size and enjoying it. Little by little
he was feeding more and more of his cock into me.
Stretching me in places I didn't know I had, he finally
hit bottom with his glans pressed up into my cervix.

I looked down and saw he was buried in me all the way,
a perfect fit. I looked up at him and smiled and he
knew it too. A minute or two to adjust and he started
the natural motion. Pull a little out, then push a
little in. In and out, a little more each time. I was
taking his entire length now and loving it.

He asked if I was OK and I just nodded unable to speak.
He was pumping me now, his arms underneath my ass
lifting my hips for a better angle. I was squeezing and
kneading my big tits. I couldn't believe how good this
felt. I was ruined forever for any other man. Only this
cock could satisfy me. I knew he was getting close as
was I. A thought flashed into my head. He didn't have a
rubber on. My husband always used rubbers. Not that
there was a rubber made that would fit his giant cock,
if my brother came in me I risked getting pregnant. He
was close I felt his glans swell up.

He was waiting for me though. Waiting for me to cum. I
wanted to feel him shoot in me like I had seen him do
on cam. I forgot about being unprotected and gave into
my climax. My vaginal walls spasmed on his cock and I
held on tight as I involuntarily hosed him down with my
spray. As soon as he felt my contractions he let loose
with his volley. Huge eruptions of cum directed into my
womb. I quit counting after 5. A massive amount.

My pussy was squeezing him, draining every ounce from
his long shaft. As our breathing slowed we just held on
to each other. I stroked his hair and kissed his cheek.
He whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I love
you so much I couldn't help myself." I hugged him tight
his great cock still implanted in me. I cooed to him. I
told him that it would be alright. That I loved him too
and I would never let him go.

We feel asleep in each others arms. In the early
evening we woke up. My ass was pressing against his
cock. I wiggled it a few times and felt his monster
start to grow. I got up on my hands and knees
presenting my ass to him. He got up behind me and
rubbed his big head at my wet entrance. This was
something I had only done a couple of times, doggie
style sex.

He lined up his big head with my entrance and pressed
forward. It went in a little easier this time and after
a few strokes he was buried balls deep in me. He
started to ram into me a little harder then before. I
was on my elbows and knees and my big tits were swaying
back and forth with each of his thrusts rubbing my
nipples on the sheets. I couldn't believe how good this
felt. The ring in the end of his cock was going back
and forth over my G-spot. I would have done anything he
asked me to.

He had claimed me as his.

As he picked up his pace I pressed my ass back trying
to get more of his huge cock in me. I am sure if
someone was in the room next door they heard our carnal
rutting. The ring did its thing in my pussy and I had
an explosive orgasm, crying out as I did. He thrust a
couple of more times then let loose another huge load
of cum deep within me. No thought of the consequences
crossed my mind. We showered together then put on some
robes that the hotel provided. He ordered some room
service and after we ate we spent the rest of the night
in each others arms, making sweet love then falling

I woke up the next morning before he did and quietly
went in the bathroom and cleaned up some and put the
blue dress I had worn here back on. It was late morning
and I tiptoed out and saw he was stirring. I walked
over to the bed and leaned down to give him a kiss and
whispered. "I have to go, Tim and Billy will be home

I didn't give him a chance to say anything I just
turned and left the room. As the door closed I heard
him call my name. I drove home in a state of confusion.
What had I just done? He made me feel more complete as
a woman then anyone else and I knew he loved me. He was
my brother, society said this couldn't be. I got home
and took a long bath making sure I cleaned away and
trace of him and our couplings. I got dressed and soon
my family came home and things were back to normal, or
were they.

About 3 weeks later I was making plans to go to a
family get together. It was some niece's birthday. Brad
usually didn't go to parties like this but I heard he
would be attending this one. I hadn't been online since
our meeting. I was just too nervous to talk about it.
If he was going to be at this party I knew we had to
talk. I had something I needed to tell him.

My husband, son and I arrived at the party. There were
lots of relatives there, lots of food and conversation.
I saw Brad standing in the corner talking to a cousin.
He saw me and smiled. I helped out in the kitchen and
as the party was winding down I found myself standing
alone on the back porch in deep thought. Brad saw me
and came out there. He stood next to me and put his arm
around me. I looked off into the distance and said,
"Brad I have something to tell you. I'm pregnant and
Tim's not the father, you are." He took a deep breath
and squeezed me tighter.

I said, "I was able to convince him that it's his. I
told him that maybe a rubber broke or something leaked
out." I turned toward him and looked him in the eyes. I
said, "Brad I love you. You are the love of my life. I
couldn't continue if I thought we couldn't be

He took me by the shoulders and said, "Sue I feel the
same way. I love you. I need you. I couldn't live
without you. We will find a way to be together, I
promise." He hugged me close and as far as anyone knew
that saw us it was a brother hugging his sister at the
family party.


As the weeks and months went by we continued to meet
both online and in person every chance we got. He made
sweet love to me with that big cock until I was too far
in my pregnancy. I gave birth to a baby boy and
insisted on naming him Bradley after his uncle. Some of
my family jokingly started calling him Brad Jr. Little
did they know they were right.

We continued our affair. Brad would come over to our
house more often. He loved the boys and would take them
out. A couple of years later fate stepped in and
redirected our lives. I was pregnant again. Tim had
chosen to have his vasectomy right after little Brad
was born. There was no way I could talk my way out of
this one. Our marriage was unfulfilled, and we both
knew it. When I told him I was pregnant I said I had
met a guy in an online chatroom and had a one night

That was partially true except it was many nights and
it was my brother. He asked for a divorce and I agreed.
After I had the baby he moved out. I got the house and
the kids. Of course to make ends meet I was going to
need some help. Uncle Brad moved in to help with the
bills and stuff around the house.

Of course he would also stuff his huge cock in me, his
sister, every chance he got. Our family accepted our
living situation, never suspecting a thing. I am really
surprised that nobody caught on because the two younger
boys looked exactly like Brad. I truly believe fate
brought us together as lovers.

Is it wrong? How could it be when it feels so right?

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Introduction to Dogging

My wife and I are both fairly sexual people compared to the average couple. We have always done a good job about keeping the spice in our bedroom and making sure sex never got boring. We are still a fairly young couple, both of us at the age of 30. M ..continue reading

An April Night

Synopsis: Monica confesses to her husband that she's always had desires for other women, desires that drive her crazy with wanting at times. He agrees that she should pursue these desires. The problem is, who will she pursue them with? Her desires mu ..continue reading


Max Benson nearly ran from the front door of the main laboratory complex, to the parking lot. He would have run, and shouted too, except that successful research scientists at Walton Instruments did not behave in such an indecorous fashion. The news ..continue reading

Can the mirror see the moment?

With a smile on her face nineteen year old Mia Nordberg pushed the door open. With some difficulty she managed to drag her three suitcases inside and the door closed. The hallway was not very warm but it was still much better that the cold autumn wea ..continue reading

Fuck in the car park

It seemed like just an average day at the time. In other words, about as appealing as dogshit on a cheese board. I was out performing my wifely duty and picking up some last-minute groceries for hubby’s evening repast. Well, I mean, wouldn’t you ..continue reading

Cathy, the pregnant wife

Joanne sat at her desk thinking about the fun, sex filed weekend she had just enjoyed. Her boyfriend of three years, Paul had convinced her to experiment with a third person in their already exciting sex life. She had never been with another woman be ..continue reading