The Fetish Series (fetish,adult,18,porn star,parody)

The Fetish Series

Cheesy music pumped through the air, vibrating the walls of the small
apartment. Then, as the credits faded away, the boom chicka boom boom
of the theme music disappeared.


A beer can ricocheted off the wall, flew through the air, bounced off
a lampshade and smacked an unconscious man right between the eyes.

"Shit! Watch where you're throwing stuff, man."

"Shh, you'll wake Mary," replied Bob.

Bob chucked an empty pizza box into the corner and flicked the TV on
with a remote control. Two women embraced on the screen as they spoke
stilted dialogue and undressed. An extremely well endowed woman,
pressed her pillowy breasts together, pinched her nipples and smiled
at the camera.

"That slut? Who cares."

"Shut up! She is the best actress we can afford, and if she hears you
talking about her like that we will lose her like we did Melanie
Mammary. Or don't you remember her? You know the one who is making
all them guys over at Big Boob Studios rich?" said Jack.

Bob pressed the mute button, quieting down the passionate moans from
the lesbian couple on the 25-inch television screen.

"What you mean that Asian chick? The one who couldn't give a decent

"Yeah, well she had other assets," said Jack.

"I guess, but damn she used to be all teeth! What did she do get a
boob job?"

"Yep, this big!" Jack said. He stuffed his hands under his shirt like
they were exaggerated breasts to emphasize his point.

"Damn. Why do that they do that to perfectly good tits?"

"Money! Big tits sell, man. Where have you been? Speaking of which,
we need a hook, a theme, or something to get us back into the market.
These amateur flicks are fun to make, but we need an angle. Something
like that butt guy or even that tit guy."

"What you want to be called Buttman or Breastman? How about Nipple
Dude or something. Hey, how about Pussy Guy," blurted Bob.

"What? Freakin' A, grow up. What I mean is we need an angle,
something that will get us the big dough."

"Ok, like what? We have filmed just about everything that you can do
during sex. What else can we do?" asked Bob.

"That's it! You're a genius," ejaculated Jack.

"I am? Well yeah, I am, but what do you mean?" asked Bob.

"Don't you see it? We will do what has never been done and we will
become legends in the XXX biz!"

"Huh?" asked Bob, rubbing his head in confusion.

"Ok, here it is….write this down. We will call it the ultimate
fetish series, or something. We can think of the name later. We will
document everything sexual we can video. We will do every fetish from
latex to lactation,

from doggie style to bondage. Everything!"

"We will go where no man has gone before…" said Bob as he saluted the
television set.

"I like that, what is that from?" asked Jack.

"Star Trek, you schmuck."

"Wake up Mary. I think we need some inspiration….hehe," said Jack.

"Shit, yeah. You want me to video?" asked Bob.

A short, perfectly sculpted woman entered the room and stared at the
Bob and Jack. She brushed back her red hair from her face, allowing
the light to glint from her emerald green eyes. Mary came to LA to
become a star, instead she became the leading actress in the second
rate videos made by Bob N Jack Studios.

"God you two smell like a freakin' brewery. Take a shower or
something," said Mary as she buckled her short robe, which barely hid
the fact she was naked underneath.

"We are celebrating!" exclaimed Jack.

"Celebrating what?" she asked.

"Our future! I just had a revelation, an idea so profound that it
will rock the adult video world for years to come," said Jack.

"I helped!" interjected Bob.

"Yeah, well anyway. Mary we need your help, interested?"

"Tell me more," she said, licking her lips.

"All in good time, my precious." Jack stepped towards Mary,
unbuttoning his jeans. "But first, I need a little help with this,"
he said as he pointed down at his swollen member.

"I see." She knelt down on her knees and kissed the head of his cock.

"Shit, we ran out of film!" said Bob. "Hold on while I find some."

"Yeah, right!" Bob said as he shook his head in bewilderment.

"Mmm, fuck that," said Mary, before she took the entire length of his
prick into her mouth. Her small mouth bulging as the cock slid down
her throat.

"Shit! That feels good."

"Mmm, ssttt gddd, ttaa," said Mary as she slurped, up and down, his


"I said you taste good, too," she said.

"Oh, bend over, I want you from behind." Jack panted.

"You better not fuck my ass! I am still sore from last night. You're
revelation better not be another movie like 'Contact: The Anal Probe.'
I am still shitting KY."

"Uh, no. No anal," he said, grinning from ear to ear.

She bent over the sofa and displayed her ass to him. Her puckered
rose was red and sore, but her pussy was dripping with arousal. Her
nether lips parted for his rock hard rod, and together they rutted
like two wild beasts.

"Ok, I am ready," shouted Bob as he rounded the corner to the Living

"Ugh, oh shit yeah!" shouted Jack as his cum flew in spurts onto
Mary's round ass.

"Aww, man, I told you guys to wait!"

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