The Fisherman (sex stories,69,porn,sex)

The Fisherman

It was early October and the woods were ablaze with autumn
color. As we walked around the lake, we could see the red, yellow, and
orange trees reflected in it's smooth surface. It was very quiet up
here on the mountainside. We hadn't seen another human being since
arriving four days earlier.

Linda and I both have rather stressful jobs, and were both
overdue for a peaceful, relaxing vacation. Our friends, Mitch and Sue,
had given us the loan of their cabin for the week.

The log cabin was located deep in the woods, in a small
clearing at the edge of the lake. It only had three rooms: a large
living area, a small kitchen, and a small bedroom. At one end of the
living area was a large stone fireplace, and, in the kitchen, a small,
pot-bellied stove. Since there was no electricity, we were required to
use the fireplace and kerosene lanterns for light. Water was supplied
by a nearby spring.

On the bank, in front of the cabin, was a small wooden pier
which extended about thirty feet into the water. To the right of the
pier, the surface of the water was completely hidden by cat-tails and
lily pads.

It was about one in the afternoon when we returned to the
cabin from our walk. The sun was shining brightly, and we were both a
little warm since we had dressed in jeans and flannel shirts before
leaving earlier in the morning.

Linda stopped at the pier and started to unbutton her shirt.
"I think I'll go for a swim and cool off a little. You going to join

"Yeah, but I want something to drink first. Do you want me to
bring back something for you?"

"Ummm, A diet Coke, I guess."

Linda was already in the water when I returned with the soft
drinks. When she saw me coming, she climbed onto the pier and started
walking toward me. Her naked body was glistening in the sunlight, and
she looked fantastic.

My wife is petite, about five feet tall, and has small breasts
and a small round butt. She works out at the health club religiously,
and , as a result, has the well toned body of a gymnast. Her wheat
colored hair is cut short, and her eyes are a deep blue. She has a
very light complexion with a smattering of freckles on her chest,
shoulders, and nose; otherwise her skin is totally unblemished. The
soft mound between her legs is completely devoid of hair. All of these
attributes, combined with her girlish voice, make her seem much
younger than her thirty-five years.

When she reached me, I handed her a can of pop and bent over
to kiss one of her tiny breasts. The cool autumn breeze blowing across
her nude, wet body had given her goose bumps. Her dark, pink nipples
were very puckered and were sticking out at least half an inch.

Jokingly, she pushed me away, took a sip of her Coke, then
walked to the end of the pier, swinging her hips seductively, and dove
into the water. When she resurfaced, she squealed and said, "Come on
in. The water's a little cool, but it feels great!"

I threw my clothes into a pile with hers and jumped in. We
swam and played around for a few minutes, then we both laid down on
the deck of the wooden pier to take a nap. The afternoon sun was warm
and relaxing, and it wasn't long before we both fell asleep.

When I awoke, about thirty minutes later, Linda was sitting
between my legs. She had a silly grin on her face and was gently
stroking my cock.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"You must of been having a good dream. Because when I woke up,
I saw this thing already standing at attention. What, or maybe I
should ask, who, were you dreaming about?"

I honestly didn't remember dreaming at all, but I lied and
said, "Oh, I was just thinking about watching another man make love to
you." This was one of our favorite fantasy situations and we had
talked about it on several occasions, although both of us realized
that we would probably never get the opportunity to make it a reality.

Grinning she said, "Oh really? Was I sucking his cock like
this?" Almost before the words were out of her mouth, she leaned
forward and began deep-throating my rigid shaft.

Linda liked the idea of having sex with another guy while I
watched almost as much I did, and I could tell she was starting to get
really turned on talking about it. She positioned herself on her hands
and knees above me so that I could lick her pussy while she sucked me.

We stayed in this position for a while, then Linda stood up,
turned so that she was facing me, and squatted over my dick. She slid
its head from one end of her moist slit to the other several times
before finally allowing me to enter her. With long, slow strokes, she
rode me, until we both came. Ahhhh, There's nothing like having sex in
the great outdoors.

We washed up in the lake, put our clothes back on and went up
to the cabin to prepare dinner.

I'd caught a couple of nice, big catfish early that morning
and was frying them in a skillet on top of the pot-bellied stove while
Linda put together a fresh salad.

Just as we were sitting down to eat, we saw a bright flash
through the window and heard a loud clap of thunder. The wind started
blowing hard; a storm was moving in fast.

The rain had started by the time we finished eating, so I
decided to bring in some more firewood before it got too wet to burn.
As I walked out the front door, I noticed a small, aluminum canoe
headed quickly toward the cabin. The man paddling it had evidently
been fishing in the area and gotten caught in the storm. He was
already soaked to the bone.

I turned and yelled to Linda, who was still in the kitchen,
"Why don't you put on a pot of coffee. It looks like we have company."

After the man got his canoe securely tied up, I waved at him
and yelled, "Come inside!"

When he reached the door, he was shivering from the cold rain,
and his teeth were chattering so hard he could hardly talk. About the
only thing we could learn was that his name was David. Linda
immediately brought him a large, warm towel and told him to go into
the bedroom and get out of his wet clothes.

He came out of the bedroom a few minutes later with the towel
around his waist, stood next to the fireplace, and started sipping a
cup of hot coffee. When he had warmed up enough to talk, he said, "I
really appreciate this you guys. As far a I know, there aren't any
other cabins within ten miles of here, and I couldn't think of
anywhere else to go. My car is way down at the other end of the lake,
about an hour and a half away by canoe."

"Don't worry about it. Glad we could help." replied my wife.

I noticed then that she was giving him the once over with her
eyes. He was about our age, about six feet tall, and had closely
cropped, curly black hair. His smooth, dark black skin accentuated the
well defined muscles of his stomach, chest, and arms. He reminded me a
little bit of the actor, Carl Weathers (In the Heat of the Night,
Apollo Creed in Rocky).

We stood next to the fireplace, talked about the storm and the
good fishing at this lake. When he had finished his coffee, Linda
suggested that he take his wet clothes into the kitchen and drape them
over the chairs, next to the stove, so they would dry out.

While he was in the other room, I smiled at my wife and said,
"Nice bod, huh? "

Blushing, she said, "Not bad."

"I saw you checking him out a little while ago. Why don't we
see if we can get him help us live out our fantasy?"

Hesitating only slightly she replied, "I g

uess. If the
opportunity comes up."

When David returned, he could tell we'd been talking about him
and asked, "Is anything wrong?"

Making sure that the opportunity did come up, I said, "No.
Linda was just telling me that she thought you were really a nice guy,
and that she was glad we could help you out." I hesitated a moment
then added, "She also thinks you've got a great bod!"

She shot me a dirty look, her face red with embarrassment, and
whispered, "Prick!"

David and I started to laugh.

"You know," said David, looking at my wife. "I think you have
a pretty nice bod yourself. I saw you guys on the dock today while I
was fishing. You put on a pretty good show."

Now she was really embarrassed. "You saw us?" she exclaimed.

Grinning he said, "Yeah, I was over in the weeds, not fifty
feet away while you two were going at it."

Since he had already seen us, and had evidently enjoyed it, I
decided to just be blunt and asked, "Would you mind putting on a show
with my wife so that I can watch?"

Smiling, David looked into Linda's eyes and said "If she's
willing, I'd be happy to."

With a lustful expression on her face, Linda nodded her head
yes, and started to unbutton her shirt. David moved to a spot about
three feet in front of her and let the towel drop to the floor. He
wasn't hard yet but we could both tell right away that he was very
well endowed.

I watched while my wife finished undressing in front of this
handsome stranger. Her eyes never left the rapidly swelling, black rod
between his legs.

As soon as she was nude, she knelt in front of him. She kissed
and licked his balls first, then started running her lips and tongue
up and down his rigid tool, until its shaft was glistening in the
firelight with her saliva and his pre-cum.

David was really enjoying her attentions, and getting hornier
by the second. He moaned softly, "Oh, that feels sooooo good."

Linda stopped licking long enough to ask, "Do you want me to
put it in my mouth and suck it?"

"Oh yeah baby, suck me!"

My wife opened her jaws as wide as she could, and started
working his big dick into her mouth. First the head disappeared, then,
inch by inch, the entire shaft. She sat there on her knees and didn't
move for almost a minute. Then she put on hand on his butt, cupped his
balls in the other, and slowly started bobbing her head up and down,
taking his full length into throat with each stroke.

David was nearing his first orgasm of the evening, so he put
his hands on either side of Linda's face, helping to guide his big
dick into her mouth, and he started moving his hips forward and
backward, faster and faster. When he was right on the verge of
cumming, my wife pulled her head back a few inches, wrapped both hands
around his pole, and started pumping for all she was worth. A huge
stream of hot, thick, white ejaculate exploded from the black cock in
front of her. She stuck out her tongue and caught as much as she
could, but most of it landed on her face, chest, and in her hair.

When he was finished, Linda glanced over at me and asked, "Are
you enjoying the show? Shall we continue?"

God, she looked sexy. Kneeling there in front this good
looking man, his cum dripping from her lips.

"Yes, I love it! Keep going." I shouted.

She stood up, walked over the couch and sat down. Looking him
squarely in the eye, she lifted her legs into the air, spread them
apart as far as she could and asked, "Would you like to eat my hot,
wet pussy, David?"

Without answering, he sat on the floor beside the couch and
started lapping noisily at my wife's pretty, shaved cunt. He found her
swollen clit and started to suck on it while sliding first one, then
two, of his long fingers into her hole. When her orgasm started,
Linda's toes curled up, her body tensed up, and she started to pant.
She put her feet on David's shoulders, lifted her butt off the couch,
and ground her cunt into his mouth as she came.

David stood up, held one of her ankles in each hand, and
spread her as far apart as he could. His big, black, cock was hard
again and pointing right at her gaping hole. He teased her with it,
running its head up and down her slit, until she couldn't stand it any
longer and yelled, "Put it in me. Please! Put it in me!!"

Still teasing, he asked, "Are you trying to say that you want
me to fuck you?"

"Yes! I want you to fuck me right now!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! Fuck me, damn it!! " she pleaded.

"OOOK, Here it comes."

He positioned the head of his massive tool at the opening to
my wife's drenched cunt, and with one long, smooth movement slid it in
until his balls were laying against her ass. When he hit bottom,
Linda's eyes rolled back into her head, she let out a loud gasp, and
moaned "Ohhhhhhh, shiiiiiiiiit!!!!!"

David started pumping his meat into my wife's vagina; he moved
slowly at first, using long, smooth, steady strokes, but soon his
tempo increased to the point where he was slamming it into her hard
and fast. With each stroke, his cock was coming completely out of her
pussy. His big sack was swinging forward and backward, slapping her
butt each time he bottomed out, and she was yelling, "Fuck me!, Fuck
me!, Fuck me!, Fuck me!"

Linda's orgasm started first and seemed to go on forever. She
was bucking so hard that I thought the couch was going to turn over.

David's orgasm wasn't far behind, and when Linda knew he was
about ready, she wrapped both of her legs around his waist, and pulled
him into her as deeply as she could, forcing him to dump his load deep
inside her.

They lay there entangled for a few minutes until their
breathing returned to normal. When David finally stood up , I saw a
river of his cum leak out of my wife's cunt; it ran down the crack of
her ass, and formed a long, white string as it dripped onto the floor.

Linda, still holding her legs wide, looked at me and said,
"Sloppy seconds anyone?"

She looked fantastic! I literally ran over to the couch and
buried my own cock in her dripping hole and screwed her for all I was

We all slept in the same bed that night, Linda in between
David and myself.

I was the first to awaken the next morning, so I tiptoed out
of the room and went into the kitchen to make some coffee. After I
filled the pot with water and grounds, and put it on the stove, I went
outside to use the outhouse.

When I came back in, I heard the bed squeaking, so went to the
bedroom door to watch. David was on his back, and Linda was on top of
him, doing deep knee bends on his rigid tool.

She saw me at the door and smiled.

"Mind if I join you?" I asked, then walked up behind my wife's
pretty butt and started to rub the head of my dick against her
puckered ass hole. I worked myself into her slowly, until she got used
to me, then started to pump in unison with David; as he came out, I
slid in, and vice versa.

It only took about three minutes before Linda's body started
to shake. She started squirming around, and squealing each time one of
us entered her.

Knowing she was about to erupt, David and I both buried our
hard cocks into our respective holes at the same time, and all three
of us came in one huge orgasm.

We bid David farewell a short time later. Although we never
saw him again, he left us with some very special memories that we'll
never forget.

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