The kennel club - sex story

The kennel club

I'd like to tell you a little about one of my favorite fantasies. Like
a lot of other women, I've always secret thoughts about having sex with
animals. I can remember back in school, I'd get an itch between my legs
just watching a couple of dogs screwing in the street... and this was
before I ever knew what the feeling was. After I got a couple of years
older, I'd go home and masturbate whenever I'd happen to see them going at
it. I'd think about how good it would feel to have that big red doggy cock
pounding in and out of my creamy pussy.

Then I grew up a bit more, found out about boys, and eventually lost my
virginity (officially) in the back seat of a 1950 Oldsmobile. Well, the
exploration of a young girl's sexuallity from then on probably followed a
pretty normal pattern, learning about cock sucking, anal intercourse, and
other things. But I still never quite forgot that fantasy of getting doggy
fucked. I eventually got married and had a couple of kids. Still,
sometimes in bed with my husband I'd imagine that he was a large German
Shepard and I was a bitch in heat. This was particularly true when he'd
take me in the "doggy" position. Ooohhh, I'd get SO WET and eventually
cum like gangbusters! Especially when he'd fuck me hard and fast, just
like that dog in the streets with his gutter bitch.

I tried to bring the subject of us getting a dog "for the kids", but he
always said he preferred cats for house pets so thats what we always had.
I still had thoughts of getting doggy-fucked, however, but didn't have any
way to make it happen. Eventually we split after the kids had reached 17
or 18, but then I was living in an apartment and didn't have a place to keep
a dog. I still had hopes that one day it might happen, though I was
beginning to think it might not. After all, what was a woman in her
forties doing with ideas like this running around in her head?

Well, a couple of years later I met my current boyfriend and after a
year or so of a real good relationship we started exploring various
fantasies we both held. We played around with bondage & discipline, vari-
ous toys, a couple of group scenes, and the like. One night we were
watching some of his adult videos and he put one on (without telling me)
that involved women getting licked and fucked by dogs!!! I got so hot just
watching that I came twice just laying there with his arms around me! Then
I pushed my sopping pussy back onto his cock and brought myself off again
as soon as he penetrated me. My nipples were so hard and stiff they just
ached, and I asked him to pinch them HARD. OOOoohhhh, it felt sooooo good!
After he came (and I had another orgasm too), we talked about what had
turned me on so much. I finally confessed my secret desire to be fucked by
a dog, and he admitted that the thought of seeing a woman with a dog had
always turned him on as well. At last, I thought, I've found someone who

Well, we replayed that scene (and the tape) a number of times over the
next few months. He got to fucking me in the doggy position pretty
regularly, and we also watched on the streets when we were out to see if we
could spot a couple of dogs screwing. Whenever we'd happen to see a pair,
we'd stop the car and watch as he'd play with my pussy and tits. He'd say
things to me, like "Don't you wish you were that bitch?" or "How'd you like
to get doggy-fucked tonight?" Of course his words just helped to turn me
on more, and eventually we'd go home and screw our brains out. Sometimes I
couldn't wait and we'd find a deserted spot and screw right there! We were
still in a situation where we couldn't have our own dog, but we both had
decided that we'd try to arrange it so I could have my chance if possible.
The only other thing we decided was that he would be there to see me
getting it.

With some discreet inquiries, eventually we located a person who had a
trained dog AND who knew of another couple that was into doggy sex as well.
We corresponded with him for a bit and eventually decided to take a chance
and meet with him. We did so in a "neutral corner", a local lounge where
he lived. Pete introduced us to another swinging couple, not into animals
particularly, who were interested in watching if I didn't mind. After
getting acquainted over a couple of drinks and dinner, we decided we were
all compatible and comfortable enough with one another that we'd go meet
Pete's dog, Frodo, and see what happened from there. Frodo was an Old
English Sheepdog, and I liked him immediately. He kept pushing his snout
into my lap, trying to lick my pussy. Since I enjoy being eaten, I didn't
discourage him. However when he'd switch his attention to Maureen, the
other woman, she wasn't too enthused by the idea and would push him away.
I decided I just HAD to have my first experience with a dog that night.

We all adjourned to Pete's place for the action. Since Frodo was so
large and I was so inexperienced, Pete suggested that he have Frodo lie
down and I should climb on top and ride his cock. That way I could get
used to the differences and similiarities between man and doggy cock.
Well, I wasn't too sure about that idea but deferred to Pete's greater
experience. I stripped to the waist and climbed aboard Frodo's cock. It
was hotter than my boyfriend's, but about the same size. I began bouncing
up and down on his cock, and in just a minute or so he came in my pussy. I
could feel his cum spraying my insides, again hotter than a man's. After
he came, I felt him starting to collapse inside me. When his cock came
out, I sat up disappointed. I hadn't had a chance to come! Well, I got up
and sat down in a chair that someone moved up, feeling quite frustrated and
still horny as hell. I wished Maureen or a couple of the guys would at
least play with my tits and cunt to get me off. Frodo wandered over and
sniffed at my still-hot pussy. Then he reached out with his long hot
tongue and gave me a big lick. HEAVEN!! It felt soooo good. I scratched
his ears, and he began to lick me in earnest. No man had EVER felt quite
like that! The others noticed what was going on and gathered 'round. Pete
played with my pussy (between Frodo's licks), and Nick and my boyfriend
played with my tits and nipples. Maureen just watched enviously. Between
Pete's playing, the titty action, and Frodo's licking, I soon had a great
climax, and felt myself gushing all over Frodo's tongue. For some reason,
after I came, the scene seemed to fall apart and we each went our separate
ways. But we did agree to meet Pete again the next evening to be
introduced to the other couple he knew who were into doggy fucking.

After dinner the following night, Pete took us to meet Ted and Diana
and Bear, their German Shepard. We sat around a while over a drink and
talked about what we were going to do later. I said that I had never seen
a woman doggy-fucked in person, just on the videotapes, and mentioned how
disappointed I was about not getting a very active screwing last night.
Ted said that Bear could often go twice in a evening, so I might have a
chance to see him with Diana later. After a bit more discussion, I
wondered if I'd get more out of the experience if I watched first. I asked
John if he'd mind if Bear had Diana first instead of me. He agreed it
would be exciting to watch, so we moved to the basement room they had where
Bear was used to fucking Diana. Bear normally stayed in the next room, and
knew if he was let into the other one he was going to get something good!
As soon as we went into that room, he started getting excited. Diana made
sure we were all seated where we could get a good view. Ted told me to
feel free to move around if I liked so I could see what was happening.
Diana showed us the low table or bed, just the right height for Bear to
screw her (or another woman) on. She said that Bear was used to having her
on her back, in the "missionary position", since she could get off easier
that way. She also said that sometimes he could get into a "tie" with her

like that, but had never done so in the usual doggy position. Not knowing
what she was referring too, I asked what she meant by a tie. She explained
that a male dog has a large knot, or bulge, near the base of his cock,
meant to insure that his cock remained in the bitch's pussy long enough
that his semen had time to reach her eggs. If not for this mechanism, the
bitch would expell a majority of the semen and thus reduce the chance of
making her pregnant.

Diana asked if I was ready for her to bring in Bear from the next room
where he was waiting impatiently. I said "you bet!", and she went to get
him. She was gone for several minutes, so I asked Ted what was taking her
so long. He explained that Diana put tape around the dewclaws on the side
of his legs to reduce the chance of her getting scratched. Just then Diana
returned with Bear, and we could see that his long red cock was already
partly extended from its hairy sheath. She moved toward the low bed and
stripped off her skirt. Underneath she had on no panties, and we all got a
good look at her hairy bush. Bear sniffed at her pussy, and his cock
extended further. She patted her shoulders and Bear put his forepaws up on
them, his excited cock nearing Diana's box. She sank down onto the bed,
leaning back as his cock moved even closer. Pete moved in behind Bear to
help hold him in position if it became neccessary... but it wasn't! Bear
immediately moved up on Diana, penetrating her clasping cunt with one swift
movement. Almost immediately he began pumping. God! I'd never seen
anything so sexually exciting in my life! Bear must have pumped for almost
15 minutes, and Diana came at least twice that I saw. But he didn't get
into a tie with her. After he came out of her pussy, he licked her till
all the cum was gone from around it. Then he wandered off, back to his own
room. (By the way, I came just from watching!)

Well, a couple of hours later (after Bear had time to recover) it was
my turn! We went downstairs again and this time I was the one to strip to
the waist, removing my slacks and panties. Diana went out to get Bear and
brought him in. He seemed to want to fuck her again (guess he wasn't used
to having his choice of bitches) but was having obvious problems caused by
the fact that she still had her skirt on. She eventually got him to begin
to pay attention to me and he jumped up and pushed me down on the bed. But
he didn't mount me! I laid there a couple of minutes, hoping he'd return.
Ted and Diana kept trying to get him to come over and do SOMETHING! Well,
I decided to sit up. That did it! Bear came over, growled softly, and
pushed me right back down! Then he walked off again. So I decided again
to sit up. Repeat performance by Bear. This went on for 4 or 5 times and
I was really feeling frustrated. What did this gorgeous animal want??
Well, after several times, he finally began licking my pussy and then he
mounted me! Oh, what a thrill! I was finally getting what I had imagined
all those years. Bear inserted his hot red cock into my creaming pussy. I
came on the spot! WOW! What a feeling! Then he began pumping like crazy.
He'd pump madly for a minute, then slow down a bit, then pump again! I
felt like I'd never been fucked this way before. Eventually I felt
something even larger slamming against my pussy lips and clitoris as he
pumped. It was his "knot" that I'd heard about. Meanwhile, John was
verbally encouraging me to relax, go with the flow, and cum like I'd never
cum before! Suddenly I was climaxing like crazy, gushing pussy juice all
over Bear's big doggy cock, when I felt the knob slip inside my cunt lips.
Bear was shooting doggy cum all over my spasming pussy and my vaginal
muscles were grabbing at his cock. After a bit, he seemed to want to pull
out... but he couldn't! We were in a tie! His cock felt sooooo hot and
hard in my cunt, I didn't ever want to let it go! He was trapped there for
about 10 minutes or so, and my pussy had never felt so full. All I can say
is "MMmmm, MMmmm, Good!!" Later, John and I returned to our motel room and
discussed the night's activities. We were both still horny, and spent the
rest of the night screwing each other silly.

Well, the above is a fairly accurate account of what actually did
happen that weekend. Yes, I did get fucked by both dogs, and yes, I want
to do it again. But since then, I've developed another fantasy. Maybe
someday it will happen too. At least I hope so! My fantasy is joining a
Kennel Club. But as you can probably tell, not your ordinary kennel club.

John tells me one evening that we're going out... that he has a
surprise for me. To get ready, he shaves my pussy so that there's not a
hair on it anywhere. (By the way, my pussy actually is shaved. We like it
that way.) Then he has me wear a short skirt with no panties, my half-cup
bra (which leaves my nipples exposed), and a fairly sheer blouse. We go
out for a nice dinner and a few drinks. Needless to say, I'm getting a bit
horny by this time as he's been playing with my bare pussy or pinching my
nipples whenever he feels the urge. I know at least once the people at the
next table see him pinch my tits. When one of the women in the restaurant
goes to the ladies room, he tells me to go myself and to make sure she
knows that I'm not wearing any panties. After we both get back to our
tables, I see her telling her husband/boyfriend about my naked pussy. I
could have just DIED from embarrasment... but it is a turn-on as well!
Anyhow, after dinner, he asks me if I am game for something special and of
course I agree.

We go to a house where I have never been before, in a neighborhood I
don't know well. We are admitted by an attractive young lady named Jean,
who takes my coat and then stares admiringly at my erect nipples. She
takes me by the hand and leads me into the next room. There are at least a
dozen couples there, and most of them have dogs with them. Jean calls,
"Attention, everybody. This is Susan, our newest candidate for membership
in the Kennel Club." A round of applause is heard, and then I am
introduced to each person individually. One of the women present is
completely nude, though all the other people are fully dressed. When I
ask, Jean tells me not to worry about it; the reason will be made clear
later. I can already feel my pussy getting hot, and the coolness of no
panties (that I'm not used to) feels good. We share a few drinks, and
then I'm given a piece of paper. It looks like a membership application...
and it is, but with some rather special provisions. Keith, the president
of the club, explains that I should look it over, fill in my name in the
appropriate spots, and then sign it in front of the group if I still want
to join. The paper says:

Membership Application and Agreement

I, _____________________ do hereby apply to join THE KENNEL CLUB.
I do so of my own free will and am not being coerced or threatened
in any way to influence whether or not I join. I agree to the
following conditions:
1. I will read this application aloud to the entire membership
present tonight. I will do so entirely naked.
2. I join this club knowing that the purpose of the group is to
provide pleasure for the membership through sexual intercourse
with animals.
3. I will tonight have sex with every member present, male or
female, who wishes to have sex with me. I make no distinction
between human or animal.
4. At each meeting of the Club which I attend, I will be entirely
naked and at the sexual disposal of any or all members of the
Club, human or animal, and will continue to do so until another
new member has joined.
5. I will attend all Club meetings without fail, unless excused by
the president until another new member has joined. After that, I
may miss up to 50% of the meetings at my own discretion. Missing
a larger number is grounds for expulsion from the Club.
6. I will, within one year, acquire and train a male animal for
intercourse with women. Upon completion of his training I will
loan him to every woman in the club for her evaluation of my
training. I will then take their evaluations and further train
him in the areas found deficient. Only after fully training him
to their satisfaction will I be deemed a full member of the Club.

Signed & Dated

Well, I had to think about this for a bit - all of two seconds!! Just
as I pick up the pen, John says, "Susan, its your choice. Be sure!" I
look at him with a big smile, nod, and sign my name. The members applaud
again, and I am led to the center of the room where there is a low
platform. I am told my initiation is to begin then and there, so I should
remove my blouse. I do so, and various members make comments (mostly
favorable) about my tits and how nice they look "served on the half-shell."
But after a minute or so, I am instructed to remove the bra. Several
people feel the weight of my tits, and a couple of the women come forward
and lick my nipples. One of them removes my skirt and there are comments
about how smooth my pussy looks with no hair. (By the way, Laurie, the woman
I mentioned earlier who was nude, was not shaved.) The others retreat to
the chairs, which have been placed in a group around the platform and I am
gradually left alone in the center of the room, with all eyes upon me. I
am beginning to feel a bit embarrassed as now I am the only naked person in
the room. Even Laurie has put on some clothes. Suddenly, out of the
corner of my eye, I catch sight of probably the largest dog I've ever seen.
He bounds into the center of the circle and begins to sniff at my pussy. I
think, "Oh, no, not here, in front of all these people, for my first time
tonight. I'd hoped for some privacy to get used to this idea!" But that
was not to be! Keith says, "He likes it doggy style. Get on your hands
and knees." Hesitantly, I do as I am told. There in the middle of the
room, with everyone's eyes on me, I get on my hands and knees, feeling my
tits hanging down and my pussy lips opening and closing almost of their own
accord. Looking back between my legs, I can see the Dane's head coming
toward me, and his cock beginning to extend. He gives my cunt a sniff, and

Keith says, "Lick, Hero!" His tongue begins to work magic on my pussy.
Its rougher than any I've ever felt before, but within a lick or two it
begins to feel soooo good. And its so long! A little tongue action
against the clitty just makes me feel hotter. And it goes on and on! Hero
licks me for several minutes, and I'm getting close to cumming. Looking
back, I can see his cock fully exposed now, hard and throbbing. He acts
like he wants to mount me, but each time he tries Keith says "No, Hero.
Not yet, boy." God, how well trained this animal is! No matter how horny,
he won't do it to me without permission. Keith tells me to beg the group
to let Hero fuck me when I decide I want him. I'm having a hard time
saying no, but I hold off as long as I can. Finally, I can't stand it any
more and tell the group, "My god! I'm so hot and horny! Let him fuck me!
Let him make me cum! I want his doggy cock in my hot pussy!" The group,
however, decides to make me wait a bit more. A couple of them come up to
me and play with my nipples, stimulating them so that they get even harder.
After a minute or so, they go back to their places. "Please! Let him fuck
me! I want him!", I ask the group. Keith just grins and says "Hero!
Fuck!" Suddenly, I feel an incredible weight on my back and a pair of
strong forelegs grips my waist. I feel Hero hunching his hindquarters, and
an incredibly hot something sliding up my leg toward my pussy. I lean
forward, lowering my face to the floor to allow his cock a better angle.
My nipples drag along the small rug I'm kneeling on, stimulating me to even
greater excitment. I can feel Hero's hot doggy cock sliding into my cunt
now, and I push back toward it. He's rapidly hunching into me, and I can
feel his doggy balls slapping against me and his knot squashing my pussy
lips with every thrust. As he humps madly into my juicing pussy I can
feel my boobs bouncing on the floor, and I sure hope that knot will slip
inside my spasming pussy. Keith tells me to make lots of noise as I cum,
so that everyone will know when I do. Since I'm naturally fairly quiet,
this will be hard for me to do, but I keep encouraging Hero to fuck me
harder and faster. "Come on, boy! Fuck me! Fuck meeee! Make me come!
Come on, boy, do it some more! Oh, I'm almost there! Fuck, Hero, fuck me
hard! Come on, Hero! AAAAHHHHHHRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH! Oh, so good! Fuck
me!" I can feel all his doggy cum spraying my vaginal walls, so hot and
good. But his knot doesn't slip inside, and I can feel him beginning to
subside. After a minute or so, his cock slips out of my still spasming
pussy, and he dismounts. I slide to the floor, exhausted. This has been
the best doggy-fucking I've ever had. And I've still got to satisfy all
comers (or is that cummers?) tonight. At least a dozen more dogs, and the
same number of men and women! Its going to be a long night... but I'm
looking forward to it!

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