The kennel club 2. - sex story

The kennel club 2.

Well, I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of my fantasy. If you'll remember, I
was in the process of being "initiated" into a rather special Kennel Club -
one devoted to having animals provide sexual satisfaction for women. I'd
had to sign an agreement to have sexual relations with every member of the
Club present who wanted to that night, man, woman, or animal. I'd been
thoroughly screwed by Hero, a Great Dane belonging to Keith, the president,
and his wife Janette in front of the entire group. There were about another
dozen dogs to look forward to this night along with the same number of men
and women. Now, I'll pick up where I left off.

Relaxing after the tremendous orgasm I've just had, several members of
the club gather 'round me. Some of the women ask me how I'm feeling, and I
just smile contentedly. Janette, Keith's wife, says, "Hero's really a good
fucker, isn't he?" "Yes", I answer, "probably the best I've ever had!"
Meantime, Marcie and Laurie have begun to caress my tits while Sam and Ron,
their husbands, begin to run their fingers up and down my inner thighs.
Their dogs Killer and Limey are looking on, too. Those fingers pinching my
stiffening nipples feel so good, and the ones running along my legs are
sure doing their work keeping my fires burning.

I look around the room, noting that not nearly as many people are
watching me now. Many of them are beginning to become involved with each
other or the other dogs. I hope that they'll save some for me. Janette
says, "Susan, you may not have sexual activities tonight any place other
than here in the center of this room. AND we want you to be as vocal as
possible about your feelings. We like to know that you're getting off OK."
I just nod as I feel Laurie licking on my left nipple. Marcie is still
massaging my other tit, and Ron has moved to my head while Sam is still
playing with my legs. Ron inserts his hard cock into my mouth and says,
"Suck, Sue, suck it good!" of course, I comply. Suddenly I feel another
rough tongue licking at my pussy lips. Lifting my head, I see that
Killer, Sam and Marcie's Doberman, has moved between my legs and is the one
doing the job. His tongue has a different texture than that of Hero. With
all the action going on, I'm beginning to burn with passion again. After a
few minutes, Killer moves to mount me, inserting his hard prick into my
bare cunt. He begins to pump furiously, but his pecker keeps slipping out.
Its so frustrating, because he just gets me going and then slips out and
pumps at empty air. Then he finds the spot again and slips back in for a
few more strokes. Marcie sees whats happening and abandons my tit to move
behind Killer and help hold him in place. There, thats MUCH better! Now I
can get into the rythmn of the fuck. The two guys move to my sides, Ron's
cock slipping from my mouth. Laurie moves out of the way, and I can see
the two guys masturbating. I hope that they will come all over my swollen
titties. Laurie, feeling left out for the moment, kneels over my head.
Her hairy bush is just inches from my mouth and I can see her pussy lips
moving from her arousal. She lowers herself slowly onto my waiting lips,
and my tongue moves hesitantly out to touch them. I've never eaten another
woman, so I wonder what she will taste like. Mmmmm, delicious! But I
can't see how the guys are doing (or even if they still are). Killer is
still humping my quaking quim and my hips are grinding back at him. My
tongue begins to move quicker on Laurie's pussy lips, stimulating her to
greater heights. She's now moaning in pleasure and I wonder if she
remembers I'm down here and need to breathe! Suddenly I feel hot cum
splatter all over my tits and belly. At almost the same instant, Killer's
knot slips inside my cunt lips. I quickly clamp down with my pussy muscles
to help hold him inside as he pumps his doggy cum all over my insides. My

own orgasm sweeps over me and I moan into Laurie's pussy. She rewards me
with lots of girl juices as she climaxes loudly. I feel warm hands begin
massaging my tits again, a bit rougher this time. Its the guys, rubbing
their cum into my skin. And Killer is still locked into my pussy. Marcie
and Laurie come around and help the guys wotk the cum into my now-softening
tits and nipples. They keep it up for about five minutes, till Killer's
knot shrinks enough to let him slip out of my pussy.

I realize that everyone in our group has had a climax except maybe
Marcie, who was helping keep Killer from slipping out of me. I ask her,
and she admits to not cumming but says not to worry, Limey, Ron and
Laurie's Old English Sheepdog will take care of her after I've recovered.
She wants to kneel over the edge of the platform we're on and get fucked in
the doggy position. After a few minutes, I ask if there's a bathroom where
I can clean up a bit before more action. They direct me to it and I go in
and clean the doggy cum off my pussy, legs and ass. But I don't wash the
cum off my chest. Remembering how good it felt being massaged in, I decide
to leave it. Rejoining the others in the living room, I grab a sandwich
off a pile on the table, along with a drink. I never knew getting fucked
was such HARD work!

Looking around I notice that one of the other women, (Barbara?) has
been tied with her back against the wall in a spread-eagle position. She's
naked, and thus all of her except her ass is available. I go over to her
and she smiles at me. "How's it going, Susan?" "I'm enjoying it," I
reply, "but I don't know if I can hold out till everyone's done with me."
"Well, don't worry about it. Most of the people here are able to guage
just about how much a woman can take. And of course, all us women have
gone through it ourselves when we joined. We kinda look out for the new
ones. But you may be pushed a little bit beyond what you're used to."
"Do you enjoy being bound like this?", I ask her. "Yes," Barbara answers,
"I do. This way I have no control over what happens to me. Most of the
dogs can't get to my cunt because of the position, but all of them except
the Cocker Spaniel over there can sure tongue me. With a little work, the
men can fuck me as I'm standing here though. And of course any of you can
get at my tits to bite, suck or pinch." "Sounds delicious," I respond.
I'll have to try it some time." "Do," she says, "but ask them to blindfold
you too. That way you don't know who's doing what. And it really
heightens your other senses as well. You FEEL everything!" I lean over
and lick each of her nipples and she tries to press her tits into my face.
But I back off, grab a blindfold from the nearby table, and place it over
her eyes. "Oh, thank you, Susan," she says.

As I move around the room, I see a redheaded woman lying on her back
being licked by a Collie. She's Linda, a friend of Carl. He has his cock
stuck deep in her throat, fucking her face. The Collie is licking
furiously and Linda has her feet wrapped over his back. Her hips are
bucking madly and she seems about to cum. "Come over here, Susan," calls a
blonde-haired couple from the platform in the middle of the room. There's
another couple there as well, and so is my boyfriend John. The blonde
haired couple introduce themselves as Peter and Pam and the other two as
Jack and Jill. "Can you believe that combination of names?", laughs Jack.
Pam suggests that I lie down on my stomach on the platform. Of course I
do so, wondering what they have in mind. I soon find out!

I feel my arms and legs being stretched out toward the corners of the
platform. Then a soft fastening goes around each wrist and ankle, and
these are in turn tied to ropes extending from each corner. I'm not pulled

so tightly that it hurts, but it does restrict my movements. I also feel a
leather strap placed across the small of my back, thus holding me down
there too. Soft warm hands begin massaging my extremities, relaxing my
muscles. I hadn't realized how tense they had become. Gradually they move
inward toward the trunk of my body and begin working on my buttocks and
shoulders; then down into my lower back. I'm somewhat surprised that
nothing sexual has happened. This back massage takes around half an hour
or so. I'm then released from my bonds, rolled over, and refastened.
Again the massage starts at my wrists and ankles and works inward. They do
avoid my pussy and tits though. I'm beginning to become aroused from the
LACK of sexual stimulation! How's that for a "turnaround" situation?
Anyway, this goes on for around half an hour on the front side too. In the
last several minutes they do play with my pussy and my nipples till I'm on
the edge of cumming; then they stop, leaving me frustrated and relaxed at
the same time! Hell of a situation to leave a girl in! They leave me
secured in this manner, telling me I'll probably be disturbed before long.
I drift off into a state of horny sleep.

Some time later I awake to feel a tongue on my pussy. Its the Cocker
Spaniel of Carl and Linda. He's smaller than any of the other dogs, but
Oh, what a job his tongue does. Its the softest one yet and not as long as
some of the others, but its lots faster. It flicks lightly over my clitty,
stimulating it madly, and I feel the first waves of orgasm sweeping over me
almost instantly. I cry out loudly, "I'm cumming! I'M CUMMING! AAAhhhh!
Soooooo good!" The spaniel takes a few more licks and then wanders away as
I come down from my high. But I wonder why he didn't fuck me. I still
want a cock in my pussy. A male voice whispers in my ear, "Hi, Susan. I'm
Vic. Had enough yet?" "Never enough," I whisper back. "Well, maybe I can
help you out then," he replies. He loosens the ropes holding me in
position and then pulls me lower on the platform till my ass is just barely
on the edge; then he refastens the ropes and strap so I can't move much.
He places a blindfold over my eyes and then kisses my nipples. "Enjoy!,"
he whispers, but nothing else happens for what seems like hours. I'm
almost asleep again when I feel another tongue on my pussy. Dog, man, or
woman? From the touch, I think its a man... but I'm not really sure. It
stimulates me knowingly, then suddenly leaves me high and dry (or should I
say, high and wet). Again I drift toward dreamland when I suddenly feel a
hot cock plunge balls deep in my wet pussy. From the indications, I think
its a man but I have no idea who it is. After several hard fast strokes,
he cums inside me. I still haven't had a climax... but almost immediately
I feel my cunt refilled. This time its one of the dogs! I can tell by the
hair and the heat. OH! It feels SOOOOO GOOD! Hard! Hot! Fast! I Cry
out, "Fuck me, boy! Fusk meeeee! Come on boy, fuck me harder! Faster!
Oh! AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! I'm cumming!" I can feel his doggy
cock flying in and out. He cums in my cunt at the same time I do. I'm
really feeling fantastic now, as he pulls out. Immediately I feel another
cock re-occupy the space just vacated. And this dog begins to move inside
me. I'm getting even hotter, and he fucks me faster. Before I can cum
again, he finishes, spraying my vaginal walls with about a gallon of cum,
it feels like. As soon as he pulls out, his cock is replaced by a soft
tongue. I can feel long hair brushing my legs and stomach, so I know it
must be one of the other women. But who? I don't know, but her tongue is
sure doing a job on my clitty. "I'm cumming again!" I scream. By now,
everyone must be awake. GOD! I'm just not naturally noisy in sex, but I
just can't help myself! Her tongue leaves me, and one of the men stuffs
the fattest cock I think I've ever felt inside me. Just a few strokes and
I'm cumming again. "AAIIYYEEII! Fuck Me! I wanna CUM now! Fuck mee
faster, harder!" He cums too, and slips off, to be immediately replaced by

another of the dogs. I still can't see which one, but it really doesn't
matter as long as I can cum some more. Three or four more take me in rapid
succession. I've never been fucked so much in my life! I feel like I'm
drowning in cum! Doggy cum! Man cum! More doggy cum! I've cum myself
more times than I thought humanly possible. The dog thats on me now is
fucking me harder and faster than any of the others. I can feel his cock
humping in and out, harder, faster. And because of the bonds, all I can do
is lie here and take it. I can't really even get my own hips moving
because of the strap across them. "Ooohh, Fuck me, doggy! Make me cum!"
This dog certainly knows what he's doing! "AAAIIIEEEE!!" I reach a
climax, and as I do, I feel his knot slip inside my clasping pussy. Soooo
good! He's cumming all over inside me! Hot doggy cum! And then he's
through, but still locked into my pussy. Someone removes the blindfold and
releases my arms. I raise them around the big mixed-breed dog thats still
locked into my pussy and hug him tightly. As I do, the onlookers applaud
me and congratulate me on taking on so many. How many was it? Six? Eight?
Ten? Who's counting when you're having fun! John curls up beside me,
kisses my lips, and says, "I love you, honey." I reach out and squeeze his
hand, then put my arm back around the dog still stuck in my cunt. I also
wrap my legs around his back to help keep him in. With my human lover
beside me, and my animal lover's cock still deep in my cunt, I drift off to
dreamland once again.

When I wake up again, its light outside. John and I are alone in the
room, on the platform where I've been fucked like never before. Even the
dog who was still stuck in my pussy when I went to sleep has slipped out
and away. I lie there quietly, thinking over the night's experience. I
know its been one of the most exciting times of my life,and I wonder if
anything could surpass it. But I look forward to many more sessions of the
Kennel Club, and especially to getting my own dog, and training him to fuck
and lick me just the way I like.

The door opens and our hosts, Chris and Jean, come in. "Glad to see
you're finally awake, sleepyhead!" Chris grins at me. "Come on and clean
up a bit; then we'll have some breakfast." I wake John, and we follow
Chris and Jean to a large bathroom with a shower, bidet, and a sunken tub
big enough for six. They lead me to the shower and we all take turns
washing each other. Jean shows me how to use the bidet to clean my cunt
and ass while the men watch; then we all adjourn to the sunken tub, which
is filled with steaming water. AAahh! Feels good. After a nice long
soak Jean goes to the kitchen, and soon returns with a light breakfast.
When we've finished they ask us if we want to leave, or join them by the
pool. We decide to hit the pool, and the cool water feels good to us.
Chris has been admiring my shaven slit and asks Jean what she thinks of it.
Jean replies that it looks sexy to her, and John asks if she'd like to be
shaved. After a bit of hesitation, Jean agrees. Chris asks John to do the
job for the first time but Jean protests, "I want you to do it, honey."
Chris says, "Well, I'm a bit nervous about it. I might cut you. Lets
compromise. I'll cut all the long hair off with a scissors, and John can
do the actual shaving." John says, "Sounds interesting. BUT I think Susan
should do the honors!" Jean shivers and says "OK. I'll go for that!" And
afterward, as a reward, King can fuck Susan again. Then if he'll go twice,
he can do me. That OK with you guys?" Chris and John agree, and Chris
goes off to get the scissors, razor, and shaving cream. Jean stretches out
on one of the lounge chairs near the enclosed pool and watches
apprehensively as Chris returns with the equipment. Chris asks her if she
still wants to go through with it, and Jean says yes. He tells her to
spread her legs and starts in with the scissors. Snip! Snip! Snip!

Before long, Jean's pubic hair is down to a quarter inch long or less.
Then Chris goes and gets a towel that he's had soaking in hot water. He
places it on her cunt area. After a minute or two, he replaces it with
another one. Jean's hips are beginning to move a bit as the heat from the
towels begins to penetrate her cunt, making her feel hot. Then he hands me
the shave cream and razor, saying "She's all yours. Be careful, now." I
put my hand under the towel and lightly stroke her pussy lips. "You're
going to enjoy your new look, Jean. Chris, bring a mirror so she can see
what she looks like when I'm done." I put some shave cream on my fingers,
remove the towel, and spread it around. It looks like whipped cream all
over her pretty pussy. Then with several long strokes, most of the hair is
removed. I tell Jean to hold very still now, as I'm going to shave the
vaginal lips. I grasp one lip firmly and stretch it tightly. Carefully I
remove all the hair on it, then remove the hair on the other one. While
I've been shaving her John has been kneading her 38C titties, but he slows
down his massage as I shave the lips. I wash off the last traces of
shaving cream and Jean asks to see the results. "Not just yet," I say.
"I've got to be sure we got them all." My tongue goes into her bare slit
as I check for any remaining hair the same way John does when he shaves me.
A little judicious licking turns up a few that I've missed as well as
turning up Jean's heat in the process. After removing those few hairs, we
show Jean her pussy in the mirror. "Ooohh, that looks neat", she says.
John pulls her back on the lounger and again begins massaging her tits. I
lean forward and resume my cunt-lapping. Jean is turning on all over,
moaning, hips wriggling. As she wraps her legs around my shoulders to help
hold me in place, I feel King mounting me doggy style from the back. I try
to angle my hips to give him a better angle but its not quite right. Chris
flops down a mattress beside us and suggests that Jean move onto it. Since
King isn't into me yet, we all break up and move to the mattress. Back
into position. Jean on her back, John at her head massaging her tits, me
kneeling between her legs, King mounting me from the rear, and Chris just
watching the spectacle! I feel King's hot doggy dick extended and sliding
up my leg. AAAHHH! This time he's got it! Straight into mu cunt! And as
he starts to fuck me, I tongue Jean's pussy lips and clit in time to my own
fucking. Since we're outdoors, we'll have to hold down the noise so we
don't disturb the neighbors. Won't be a problem for me - I've got my mouth
full of pussy which should muffle my noises. But what about Jean? I
remember her being very noisy every time she came last night. Glancing up,
I see the problem has been solved. John has his cock in her mouth and
she's avidly sucking him dry! Fuck! Slurp! Gobble! We go on and on.
King seems to be setting the pace. As he fucks faster or slower, I lick
Jean's pussy faster or slower. And she passes the action on to John's
cock. King is now really "pouring the coal to it" as he fucks me
incredibly hard and fast. I'm cumming like blazes, and I can feel Jean's
girl juices flowing into my mouth. I lick them all up and then relax as
King pulls his softening cock out of my pussy. Looking up I see that
John's cock is slipping out of Jean's mouth. He's cumming all over her
face, and she's licking up all she can get and smiling happily. Chris
says, "God, that was a sexy scene," and I notice his cock is still standing
straight up. "Want me to take care of that for you?", I ask. Jean
immediately chimes in, "I'll help you!" Giggling, we both go over and
begin sucking on his long hard prong. John comes over and begins playing
with both our pussies at the same time. Within a minute or two Chris
shoots his load, and Jean and I have a friendly fight over who'll get to
lick up the last drop.

We all relax for a while, and then John and I make our exit. On the
way home I tell him how happy he's made me, introducing me to the Kennel
Club. I know now, with this group of friends, that I'll never lack for
sexual fulfillment. I also ask him how soon we can go get a dog for me to
start training. He just looks at me and smiles!

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