The Love Boat: Isaac And The Lady (MF, wife-cheat, intr, oral, anal, sitcom- parody)

The Love Boat: Isaac And The Lady

"Love... Exciting and new Come aboard... We're expecting
you And love... Life's sweetest reward Let it flow... It
floats back to you The Love Boat... Soon will be making
another run The Love Boat... Promises something for
everyone Set a course for adventure your mind on a new
romance And love... Won't hurt anymore It's an open
smile On a friendly shore It's love... Welcome abroad,
it's love!"

Isaac whistled as he wiped down the counter. He was
happy. Why wouldn't he be? He had the best job in the
world. He worked on a cruise ship. He wasn't the
captain. He wasn't the cruise director. He wasn't the
purser. He wasn't the doctor. Nope. Isaac was the
bartender. Best job in the world. Look around him.

Beautiful women everywhere. Not to mention most were in
bikinis. Isaac got PAID to check out these hot ladies.
And he had his way with more than his fair share of
them. It didn't hurt that he was good-looking and had
over ten inches of prime Grade A cock in his trousers.

Yup. Best job in the world. Isaac smiled and brushed his
thick, black mustache. Right now he had his eye on a
sophisticated looking lady heading to the bar right now.
She was F-I-N-E from head to toe. She had all of the
best; her hair was done in the latest style, her tall,
lean [but busty] figure was encased in the perfect dress
was clung to her figure, matching high heels and purse
completed the ensemble. Isaac grinned.

When she sat down at the bar he asked, "What can I get
you, beautiful?

She gave Isaac a wan smile and ordered a strong drink.
He made it for her. She took a sip and sighed. "This is
the best I've ever had," she complimented.

Isaac gave her a wide smile. "Only the best for a lovely
lady like yourself."

She looked embarrassed but pleased. She finished her
drink and ordered another. And then another. Soon she
was feeling very relaxed.

Isaac leaned against the bar. "So why is a gorgeous lady
like you so blue?"

Her eyes went wide, surprised that he had noticed. Then
her shoulders ragged forward, both hands wrapped around
her drink. "I'm married but not happily married," she
admitted. "Sure, my husband gives me everything.
Everything except..." she leaned forward, Isaac leaned
forward, too, and whispered, "sex."

She sighed and took another sip of her drink. "He hardly
noticed me, never pays me any compliments, I just don't
feel loved."

Isaac put his hand on hers. "If I was married to the
most amazing lady in the world, I'd make sure she knew
how much I loved her, how sexy she was, and I'd give her
so much hot sex she'd be sore in the morning."

She giggled when he said that. She also shifted on the
bar stool. That's how he knew he had her. When a woman's
pussy was wet and ready, she always shifted like that on
her bar stool.

"Would you like me to walk you back to your room?" Isaac

She smiled and nodded.

"Hey, Charlie, I'm going to accompany this wonderful
lady back to her room."

"No problem, Isaac. I got things covered here."

Isaac came out from behind the bar and offered her his
arm. She put her arm through it and led her out onto the
deck. "How about we go to your room?" she whispered.

He grinned. "Certainly." He lead her to his quarters,
opened the door for her and let her go in first. Isaac
followed her in.

Once he locked the door they were all over each other.
His hands were all over her huge breasts and large but
firm butt. Her hands were all over his own butt and the
large bulge in the front of his trousers. Soon they were
out of their clothes and marveling over each other's
body. Isaac ogled her trim figure, her natural and still
high, firm DD breasts, her tone thighs and thick black
bush between them.

She loved his muscular physique, like Apollo Creed in
Rocky. When her eyes locked on his long, thick penis she
went, "MmMmmm..." She dropped to her knees and took it
into her hands and began to stroke his already hard
penis. Soon it was in her mouth and Isaac moaned. She
swirled her tongue around the head as her mouth
descended down his length.

Her mouth slid effortless up and down his penis. Isaac
didn't know if she used to practice on daddy growing up,
used to be a porn star, or screwed the gardener, all he
cared about was this lady knew how to give head. It only
took her another five minutes to have him spurting down
her throat. She was pleased to see he was still rock

She stood up, they kissed a few moments, then she pulled
Isaac down on the bed on top of her. She spread her legs
and guided his large penis into her hairy opening. She
gasped as it entered and filled her. Not wasting any
time, Isaac began to pump in and out of her hot, wet
vagina hard. Within I minute she began to orgasm loudly.
She clung to him as he made her body do things it'd
never done before.

She lost track of how many times she came before he
dumped his load into her hungry hole some forty-five
minutes later. Isaac slid out of her and laid on the bed
beside her, both covered in sweat. Her eyes went to his
glistening penis, just beginning to lose its hardness.

She slid down the bed and took his penis back into her
mouth. She sucked it until it regained its hardness.
Climbing off the bed, butt swaying, she went to her
purse and opened it. Pulling out a tube, she squirted
some of the contents onto her fingers. Reaching behind,
she fingered it into her anus, moaning.

After a minute or so she withdrew her fingers and
squirted more of the stuff on her hand. Going back to
the bed, she straddled Isaac and stroked the goofy stuff
into his penis. When she was satisfied she'd done it
long enough, she mounted him and eased her butt hole
down around his penis. He moaned, placing his hands on
her hips. She forced herself down onto him until he was
fully in her.

She slowly began to ride him, eyes closed and groaning.
Her groans grew louder as she rode him harder, her huge
breasts bouncing on her chest. Then she screamed as she
came hard, her most intense orgasm ever. Isaac reached
up and cupped her breasts as she rode his penis faster,
orgasming often.

She was gasping and moaning, thrashing and writhing on
his penis. She was beyond the point of exhaustion when
he blew his load up into her thirty minutes later. She
collapsed on top of him and slid off of his messy penis,
rolling onto the bed next to him. Isaac could see his
sperm oozing out of her rectum and grinned.

Yup, he had the best job ever...

Keys: MF wife-cheat intr oral anal sitcom- parody

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